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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. ferguson erupting. [ gunfire ] shots fired in a parking lot during a police press conference. a teenager in critical condition, reportedly shot after firing on police. the latest from a city once again reaching a boiling point. also new this morning, the donald on the attack. the republican presidential front-runner fighting back after the comments about one of the debate mon raters, refusing to apologize. >> they're common statements. only a deviant would think of what people said. >> his rivals piling on this morning. will this be the tipping point for trump? state of emergency. millions of gallons of toxic water unleashed in colorado. flowing into the river right now, transforming the water into
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this yellow sludge. the river closed. people warned to get out of the way as a toxic brew heads towards a popular vacation resort. out of control. a freak storm trapping a brother and sister parasailing. the rope snapping in midair. horrifying beachgoers. how they walked away from this vacation nightmare. and we do say good morning, america, on this monday morning. good to have david in for george this morning. >> great to have you back from vacation, the radiant robin this morning. >> i feel like i should say aloha, america. it's great to be back. but the news does go on. the situation in ferguson overnight. at first, the peaceful protests there. and then, it turned violent overnight. people out, of course, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death. and, robin, really disturbing scenes in that city. one teenager in critical condition after he opened fire on police. >> kendis gibson is there for us this morning.
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good morning, kendis. >> reporter: good morning. what a wild scene overnight. starting with a gun battle involving two groups, up to 60 shots fired in less than 45 seconds. ending back there, where you see the police officers. one man gunned down. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: overnight, gunshots erupting, marking the anniversary of the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. [ gunfire ] tense moments of chaos and confusion, ending with a black teenager, tyrone harris, shot by police. after they say he opened fire on them. tony ricin posting this video to twitter. of what appears to behars i on the ground with an officer standing above him. >> back up. back up! >> reporter: the gunshots first heard last night between what were rival groups not part of the protests. ferguson's police chief speaking with the media nearby when the shots begin. >> chief? >> reporter: within seconds,
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everyone running for cover. police said harris fled the scene and opened fire on a police suv containing four detectives. the detectives then left their vehicle and according to authority, harris continued shooting at them with a stolen, 9 >> mark: semi automatic weapon. all four detectives firing back. this morning, authorities reading for peace. >> listen, there's a lot of emotions. i get it. this is something different. we can't sustain this as a community as we move forward. we have other indivials out there who are armed right now. they're part of this group. we need the public's help. we can't do it by ourselves. we have to have the community out here, helping us, working with us, to identify this and to make this stop. >> reporter: this comes as authorities in dallas are investigating a police shooting of an unarmed black teen at this dealership. new surveillance video showing 19-year-old christian taylor climbing over a barricade. jumping on the windshield of gray mustang before driving his car into the showroom. >> there's a black male, blonde
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hair. blue t-shirt, wearing black shoes -- >> reporter: rookie officer brad miller and his training officer respond to the scene. offcamera an alleged confrontation ensuing. >> shots fired. >> reporter: the rookie officer miller, firing four rounds. the other officer using his taser. st. louis police saying this morning they made four arrests overnight. three officers suffered minor injuries. today the protesters say is a day of civil disobedience here in ferguson. david? >> kendis gibson, thank you. now to donald trump on the defensive this morning. not backing down after his comments about one of the moderators at the big debate. some rival candidates looking to take advantage. tom llamas is covering the campaign. every step of the way. he's with us this morning. hey, tom? >> reporter: good morning. donald trump set to do something he hasn't done yet. introduce policy positions. principals and supposely
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specific details on immigration reform and job creation but first, a few other issues to deal with. this morning, donald trump marching on. trying to move beyond his fight with foxnews and stay at the top of the polls. >> honestly, megyn, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. >> reporter: over the weekend, a spat with megyn kelly turning crass. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: the republican front-runner not apologizing but clarifying his statements to george on "this week." >> i was referring to nose, ears, they're common statements. only a deviant would think of what people said. >> reporter: on friday, before the comments, kelly said she treated all the candidates fairly. >> he felt attacked. it wasn't an attack. it was fair question. >> reporter: she hasn't spoken about his statements. but now his fellow candidates piling on. governor jeb bush condemning tru trump's words at a conservative
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gathering in atlanta which disinvited trump after the comments. >> do we want to insult 53% of all voters? >> reporter: and carly fiorina tweeting, mr. trump, there is no excuse. trump tweeting back and going for the jugular. i just realized if you listen to carly fiorina for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache. she has zero chance. the new war of words within the party coming amid a shakeup in team trump. the billionaire candidate says on saturday he fired senior adviser roger stone for being a publicity hound. stone saying he quit. >> the campaign has been diverted from the big picture issues. wrt now to show you trump's popularity has not taken a hit. he's in michigan tomorrow. organizers are expecting a standing room only crowd of about 2,000. vip tickets sold at $125 a piece and are already sold out. >> i want to bring in jonathan karl this morning. he's tracking all of this and covering the president as well.
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there's talk that this will be the controversy that gives trump a hit. but, you know, it's hard to tell. >> well, david, you know, the demise of donald trump has already been predicted several times in this campaign. when he insulted immigrants. from mexico, when he insulted john mccain. now, the honest answer is, there is no reliable polling yet. we don't know the impact of this latest controversy. but the trump campaign is going to try to pivot away from all of this controversy. as you heard tom mention, he'll put out his papers. immigration and trade will be the first issue. i'm told this is this week. in addition to that stop in michigan, he'll travel to iowa and new hampshire and try to look more like a traditional candidate. >> he famously raised his hand not promising he wouldn't run as a independent if he didn't get the nomination. but there's growing pressure within the party, that he not run as an independent? >> there sure is. i have news on this. i talked to a senior adviser who tells me he may be changing his position on this.
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trump is seriously considering going ahead and making that pledge that he refused to make at the beginning of that debate, promising that he will not run as an independent candidate. david, the real leverage the rnc has? the republican party could potentially ban him from future debates if he doesn't take that pledge. >> jon karl on martha's vineyard. enjoy the day out there. it looks pretty nice out there. we'll move on to extreme weather hitting millions of americans. torrential downpours. damaging wind. flash flooding. ginger keeping an eye on it all. >> i've got the pictures. over the weekend, so many pictures coming in. this one grabbed our attention from elk creek, nebraska. this was at night. the tornado illuminated by lightning. blinding rain and ferocious winds in south dakota. gusts exceeding 90 miles per hour. driving drivers off the road.
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hurling a trailer on its side. a similar scene in nebraska. winds up to 60 miles per hour. in illinois, that bolt too close. and overnight in missouri, damaging wind clawing apart several buildings. in the tampa bay area, another soaker. nearly a foot of rain falling in just eight days. out west in arizona, monsoon storms blowing up over the horizon. flash floods dominating the roads below. when it subsided, an obstacle course for drivers. the flash flood watch is on again for new mexico. north eastern parts. flash flood warnings go through southern missouri this morning. the storms still hanging out there. a pocket, a bull's eye. new mexico into texas, two-plus inches. another one along the east coast. a wet monday night into tuesday for so many folks. much more coming up.
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now to the environmental disaster in colorado. the governor declaring a state of emergency there after 3 million gallons of toxic water was accidentally released into the river. the yellow sludge making its way to new mexico and threatening lake powell on the utah/new mexico border. abc's clayton sandell has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning, parts of colorado under a state of emergency. after epa workers accidently released $3 million cgallons of toxic water into a river. more than a 100-mile stretch of pristine river transformed by this yellow sludge after an epa cleanup crew released tainted water stored inside an abandoned mine. >> it's scary. it's dangerous. >> reporter: officials have closed the river. warning people to avoid contact with the tainted water athat, at its peak, was found to have 300 times the normal level of arsenic and 3500 times the normal it level of lead.
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this morning, the waste pouring into the river at 550 gallons per minute. headed for the grand canyon and lake powell. vacationers warned not to eat, drink, fish, or swim in the water until further notice. the plume reaching new mexico. where the governor got a first-hand look at the damage. >> the magnitude is -- you can't describe it. it was like when i flew over the fires. and, you see something that -- your mind is not ready or adjusted to see. >> reporter: the epa says the plume should dissipate as it moves downstream. the potential long-term impacts are still a mystery. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> just incredible pictures. clayton, thank you. we turn to the major air scares over the weekend. emergencies on three flights. two airplanes losing cabin pressure. one pummeled by hail.
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wadly damaged. david kerley has more. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. three planes. one hit by weather. two with reports of depressurization. a wild ride for passengers. fortunately, all three planes landed safely. not once, but twice, jetliners apparently losing cabin pressure and descending. >> had a pressurization problem. descending to one zero thousand. >> reporter: passengers hoping to get to las vegas from detroit make an unexpected landing in omaha saturday. >> delta, 1917, just verify, you're not declaring an emergency. >> reporter: no one injured. the cause not known. then, on sunday, over indianapolis, a chicago-bound united express jet suffering a mechanical issue rapidly descending. >> maybe a little scary. the first time you put on an oxygen mask. there may be a fairly steep descent. while the pilots get the airplane down to 10,000 feet. >> reporter: this, after that
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remarkable damage to a delta a-32 jetliner. look what it did to this it windshield? >> we are having hard time here. >> reporter: so bad on a flight from boston to salt lake city, the radar in the nose cone taken out. the pilots can barely see. >> our forward windshields have significant damage. >> reporter: the pilots engage auto landing, letting the computer put the aircraft on the ground in denver. >> i didn't realize that we were in as much danger as we were until we got on the ground and actually saw the damage to the plane. then i realized we were lucky to be alive. >> reporter: that depressurization issue on the plane that landed in indianapolis, three passengers complained of inner ear issues. they were cleared at the airport. >> david, thank you. >> that can be frightening when that happens. right to amy with the other top stories. including shots fired outside a u.s. consulate. >> that's right. the detailses just coming in. two people opened fire outside the u.s. consulate in istanbul, turkey. police fired back. they say one of the attackers, a
7:14 am
woman with ties to a leftist group has been captured. that group is becamed for a suicide attack back in 2013 on a u.s. embassy. today's violence was one day after u.s. fighter jets arrived in turkey for air strikes against isis in neighboring syria. back here in this country, more evacuations in the west as new wildfires erupted. as many as 1,000 homes threatened in northern arizona. with more than 6,000 acres burning this morning and more homes have been evacuated in northern california after a new fire broke out there on sunday. a 21-year-old forest service firefighter was killed after he was struck by a tree. a dramatic explosion in michigan. police say a car was rear-ended and crashed into this home's gas meter. look at that. setting off that blass there. first responders rescued the family inside moments before the explosion. the driver who caused the crash is still on the run. and terrifying moments for this brother and sister parasailing when a storm blew in and snapped the line attaching
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them to that boat. look rat at that, sending them flying out of the control. you can see the line snap and then the wind carried them away. it happened in europe. onlookers were screaming in panic. when the wind died down, the two landed amazingly in some bushes and were not seriously injured. well, a tough day at the ballpark for the new york yankees. not only did they lose. but a fan throwing a blue jays home run ball back on to the field and it hit outfielder brett gardner in the back of the head. he laughed it off saying, i've got a hard head, so it's all good. and finally, fyi. lol is o-u-t. people who are hip and cool no longer use lol when responding to quips online. a shocking new survey found ha ha is now the number one way to show amusement. or using a smiling face emoji.
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in third place, hehe, or don't know which one it is. omg, i used lol yesterday. >> i think, are you really laughing out loud? >> i am when i write it. >> unless you're really laughing out loud, go with the he he. >> i like amy's hey hey. >> hey hey hey. we're moving on now. you're going to remember where you were when you got the news yesterday. this morning, we're going to celebrate the life of a legend and dear friend to many of us. nfl hall-of-famer, broadcasting great frank gifford passed away over the weekend. a beloved member of the abc family. part of the ground braking "monday night football." our chris connelly has a look at his remarkable life. >> reporter: as a football player in the '50s and '60s with the new york giants. >> frank gifford flying around
7:17 am
the end. >> reporter: a broadcaster with abc's "monday night football." >> we have great players. >> reporter: even as a part of a high profile celebrity couple. frank gifford had star quality and chris ma associated with leading men in the movies but it was football that made him famous. >> i was out of the order because i was from california, my nose wasn't broken. i had all my teeth. i paid a price on the football field. >> reporter: he won a championship in 1956. he retired in 1964 and became a broadcaster. while doing guest hosting for "good morning america." gifford would meet his future wife. the vivacious kathie lee johnson. >> he's so likeable. you can't help but like him so much as a person. >> reporter: she survives him along with five children and five grandchildren. "gma's" own michael strahan honoring a fellow pro football hall-of-famer. >> if you're a football fan, a giants fan, you remember him for all the great things he did on
7:18 am
the field and you remember him from tv, that's great, too. i just hope people remember that we lost a good man and a good person. >> reporter: frank gifford died at his home on sunday at the age of 84. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> michael said it so well. a good man and a good person. and we all have our memories of him and i had the privilege of off working with him for a time at abc sports along with jim mckay. you talk about a gentleman. so charming. he was a neighbor of yours. >> he was. a beautiful person. >> this is an incredible photo of him in "the daily news." there's so many wonderful photos him during his time. >> we're thinking of kathie lee and the kids. >> children and grandchildren. >> my heart to kathie lee and all of his kids. a wonderful man. >> truly was. >> another check of the weather? horrible fire conditions. you have to see this video. the red flag warnings are up. through montana this morning. i want to get a look at the
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local forecast. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. we are going to be sunny and breezy this afternoon. temperatures are a legal by low average with the summer taking a break until the weekend when it will be warm anymore. the cost is socked in with clouds and mid-to-upper 60s in san francisco. low-to-mid 70s for bay shore and upper 70s in the south bay and a few 80s in the north bay and all 80's inland. my seven-day outlook, it will not
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much more ahead this morning. we have an abc news exclusive with the family of the race car driver killed by nascar's tony stewart. they've unleashed a new lawsuit and new allegations this morning. >> the man who is supposed to be the best driver in the world revs his engine and runs over and kills him. >> we'll have details on that and much more. it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep.
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damaged two businesses. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. easy are dents nearby report hearing an explosion in the middle of the night. traffic won't let up this morning. we're taking mobile 360 on one of the lighter rights on highway 101 near broadway checking out your drive through burlington on the northbound side. but i want to take you to this crash. it's a sig alert. southbound side of 680. bumper to
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i'm abc 7 meteorologist mike knee kof. santa rosa, nevada, napa, 54 to 62, 62 in concord and live moore. we're going to be breezy back to the gk from 2:00 to 11:00 this evening. going to be a little choppy. temperatures are going to remain below average through thursday and look at the summer heat everywhere, even at the coast this weekend. >> coming up on gma,
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good morning, america. right now, the police are investigating after violence erupted in ferguson, missouri, overnight. sending people running for cover. one teenager in critical condition after he allegedly opened fire on police. four people under arrest. three officers injured. a key ruling in the so-called "slender man case" today. a wisconsin judge will decide if those two teenage girls accused of trying to kill their own friend should be tried or charged as adults or transferred to adult court. and kelly rutherford, accused of kidnapping. she's defying a court order. you'll hear from her. she'll speak out in the 8:00 hour. >> it's been a long battle for her. >> as we say good morning america, on this monday. who you gonna call? is "ghostbusters" with big news
7:31 am
this morning. the original fan favorite bill murray joining the reboot of "ghostbusters," alongside melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig, and others. i mean, come on, you can't beat that cast. >> i know we're not supposed to say "lol," but come on. lara will have the details ahead. we begin this half hour with new trouble for nascar champion tony stewart. he's now facing a wrongful death lawsuit after hitting fellow driver, kevin ward jr. on the track one year ago. this morning we're hearing exclusive bye from ward's lawyer. >> reporter: good morning, robin. sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the fateful race, footage of the tragedy already scrutinized in a grand jury investigation. kevin ward's family wants a jury to look again and find stewart at fault. it was a harrowing moment.
7:32 am
kevin ward's car crashing into a wall after colliding with tony stewart's car. ward steps out onto the track. pointing at stewart. other drivers swerving out of the way but stewart's car striking and killing him. >> oh, he hit him! >> reporter: this morning, one year afterward's death, the family filing a wrongful death suit against stewart. saying stewart breached his duty to operate his vehicle in a reasonable, safe manner by wantonly, willfully, and recklessly driving his vehicle. gunning his engine while under a caution. overnight, the family's attorney speaking exclusively to abc news. >> a caution flag was up. four other drivers missed kevin ward. yet, the man who is supposedly the best driver in the world revs his engine and runs over and kills him. >> reporter: last year, a grand jury deciding not to file
7:33 am
criminal charges against stewart. authorities saying a toxicology report showed ward's judgment may have been impaired due to marijuana found in his system. >> this has been one of the toughest tragedies i have ever had to deal with. >> reporter: the ward family's attorney saying their investigation tells a different story. >> we have done some great digging and found some incredible eyewitnesses who have given us statements. >> reporter: on sunday, stewart returning to the watkins glen track for the first time since the accident. >> he was just trying to focus on his race car. >> reporter: but that's little solace for ward's family. >> they've maintained a healthy sense of the need for accountability and responsibility. >> reporter: well, stewart's camp has no comment. legal experts say if a jury finds that he was negligent and was even partially at fault for ward's death, they could award damages. the amount would be based on
7:34 am
ward's expected future earnings. david? now to tourists on edge in yellowstone national park after a bear attacked and killed a man who works at the park. authorities think they might have captured the grizzly now. abc's kayna whitworth reports. >> reporter: this morning, a new lead as authorities at yellowstone national park hunt for a killer grizzly bear. >> we did catch a female adult bear. we're in the process of doing testing with the bear and make sure that we've in fact captured the right bear. >> reporter: that female bear officials say might be responsible for mauling to death an experienced montana hiker who worked with the park's urgent care clinics. >> he has defensive wounds on his forearms. which means he was alive when he encounters the bear. >> reporter: the deadly attack happening here in a popular off-trail area in one of america's most beloved national parks. this morning, the elephant back loop trail now closed until further notice. according to the national parks service, anywhere from 674 to
7:35 am
839 grizzlies live in yellowstone. and while attacks are rare, they are a concern for the more than 3 million park visitors every year. >> keep going! >> reporter: in may, this encounter caught on camera. a black bear and her cubs charging at a group of sightseers. >> go, go, go! >> reporter: and in june, this grizzly getting way too close for comfort just outside the park. >> there's a bear on my car. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: park officials believe at least one cub was involved. they're focusing the search on the immediate area where the body was found cached by the bears. a tactic they say is used to preserve their food. officials say, they find out if that bear is responsible, they will be forced to euthanize it. in the meantime, rangers are urging caution for all hikers. telling them to wear bells like this to make noise when they hike.
7:36 am
protect their food and have bear spray. this is something we know the victim didn't have. >> all right, kayna, thank you. an urgent search for a man missing after a kayak accident. inside the kayak was the daughter of annie lennox and her boyfriend. she was saved. authorities still looking for the boyfriend and abc's gio benitez has that story. >> reporter: this morning, what started as a kayaking trip on new york's scenic hudson river now turning into a desperate search. >> respond for report of an overturned canoe. two subjects in the water yelling for help. >> reporter: those kayakers well known. tali lennox, daughter of annie lennox, and her boyfriend, ian jones. >> a female subject may have been rescued by another boat. male subject missing. >> reporter: 22-year-old lennox safe this morning. picked up by a passing boat, but 32-year-old jones is still missing. >> we're looking into all possibilities. alcohol may have played a role. >> reporter: the couple's tandem kayak capsizing on their trip
7:37 am
along the hudson river. lennox and jones reportedly not wearing lifejackets. once in the waters, separated after 15 minutes by the strong currents. more than 50 law enforcement officers searching that river ever since. jones, a photographer and model. lennox, a model turned artist. tali often seen on the red carpet supporting her mom. this morning, police don't suspect any foul play, saying it's simply a terrible accident in the river. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> so heartbreaking to hear. now to ginger. you have incredible video. the typhoon in taiwan. >> now we're up dating it. we were covering it all last week. that typhoon done with. at least 20 people killed. look at this video, within typhoons, the same thing as a hurricane, just called different things in different parts of the country. you do have tornadoes. look how quickly it comes on
7:38 am
that car, pushes it and it goes off to the side, going off into the distance. incredible pictures. incredible heat in the deep south. dallas has had five days of 100-plus degrees. two more until wednesday. you still have a heat advisory. the heat index this afternoon. 107 in little rock >> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco on this monday, we will be chess to average look the coast 61 to 69 in san francisco and the rest of us below average from 70s around the bay to a few 80s inland and my seven-day forecast, check out the summer >> all that weather brought to you by the all-new honda pilot. a quick time lapse of the nebraska tornado, too. just wanted to showcase that. we get them here, too. back-to-school time. back to school already. >> no. >> no. >> they already went back to school in hawaii. couldn't believe it. felt so bad on the beach. >> as you were paddling. >> horrible. coming up, "gma" is on the money. helping you save hundreds on your back-to-school shopping.
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hidden deals you can get just by walking into the store and the secret deals you can get that save you big. >> oh, that's going to make them feel better. did you see this? how billionaire elon musk pulled off his wing-walking stunt. incredible. come on back.
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back now on "gma," with "on the money." this morning, how to save big on school supplies. overall, americans are expected to spend a staggering $68 billion this year alone. linsey davis helped one family slash their bill by hundreds. >> reporter: it's that time of year again. >> light blue? here. >> reporter: that means hitting the stores. >> should we get it? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> reporter: with those back-to-school lists. >> lunchbox. pencils. >> reporter: every year, this
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family of four spends more than $1500 on getting ready for school. >> with two kids, i'm spending twice as much as i had in the past. >> and you're going to have three kids. >> and with a third on the way, i feel like i'm more budget conscious. >> reporter: enter lindsay powers. editorial director of yahoo! parenting, armed with easy ways to save. first, did you know there are apps like ibotta or ebates that pay you to shop? just search for your store and cash back. >> 2% cash back. it's activated. you can combine it with what is already on sale. >> reporter: next up, an oldie but goodie. sign up for mailing lists. those lists often give exclusive sales only to subscribers. this l.l. bean listing alerted them to it a sale on backpacks and lunch boxes they were already going to buy anyway.
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>> your total is $103. at 25% off, that will take the total down the about 75 bucks. >> that's great. >> reporter: if you're shopping online, check sites like retail me not or shopular for savings like this 25% off on staples. >> all school supplies. it's over $160. we've added this coupon. it's dropped down to $140. >> reporter: those same apps alerting you to in-store deals. using the gps on your phone to find you savings as soon as you walk in. >> you ready to go shopping? thumbs up? >> reporter: after ringing it all up? >> your total is $400.98. >> i have a 35% off code. >> awesome. >> you saved $163. your total is $240. >> saving this family over $250. over 15% of their back-to-school budget. another great way to save? more than a dozen states hold tax-free days just for back-to-school shopping.
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7:50 am
crazy stuff. elon musk, the man behind tesla he didn't make his money playing it safe, that's for sure. check this out from reena ninan. >> reporter: over the weekend, billionaire elon musk living life on the edge. of a flying plane. the businessman worth $13.2 billion, posting this video and photo of his death defying stunt to instagram writing, went for a nice wing walk. what could possibly go wrong? hurtling through the air at 130 miles per hour. just a normal day for musk, who has been compared to "ironman." >> genius billionaire play boy. >> reporter: the south african canadian american business magnate who made a fortune it creating paypal and
7:51 am
spacex. the south african canadian american business magnate. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: building rockets to take man to outer space. no stranger to extreme sports. dabbling in kiteboarding. this stunt may be his boldest yet. his model wife right by his side. not afraid of soaring to new heights. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> better him than us. >> go for it. when we come back, the latest on the day's big headlines. the secret drink that can help you beat stress eating. what's in it? coming up "gma's" "slam, bam, glam" brought to you by almay. we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep. (vo) change your sleep. change your life.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. firefighters are on the scene of a massive two alarm house fire in oakland. you can see how high the flames stretched into the sky. the flames started at 4:30 this morning near hamilton. crews knocked it down quickly. no reports of any injuries. >> let's check out your morning forecast. >> check out our temperatures, 65 at the coast, 86 inland. my accuweather 7-day forecast below average until the heat returns on thursday. 580, up to first street, we've got delays coming away
7:57 am
from livermore avenue. southbound side of 680 major backups from a sig alert earlier. >> you can stay
7:58 am
7:59 am
i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and kelly rutherford speaks out. >> from the beginning, i said i would fight for my children. >> she's taking her custody battle into her own hands. speaking out exclusively to "gma." battle that bulge. the real reason you stress-eat. the secret drink that could help you beat it. ♪ ghostbusters who you gonna call? guess who's back? the original "ghostbuster" making a star turn in the reboot that everyone is talking about. and two of hollywood's hottest men, henry cavill and armie hammer here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> what were you saying, amy?
8:01 am
>> i said, good morning. >> good morning, america. >> henry and armie. okay. there are our models getting made over right now. we're sharing their beauty tips just ahead. it's part of our new "slam bam gam" -- thank you, ma'am? >> that's what i thought you were going to say. >> somebody's been on vacation. >> yeah. and a store making headlines. target, finally on target. a huge change they're making. all because of one mom who called them out for separating toys by gender. so we're going to get into that as we continue this morning. >> as we see amy scurry over there. >> i was giving her time. >> we're going to turn to amy with the morning rundown. >> i appreciate that. i was able to catch my breath. good morning to you. the big story. violence, chaos and looting in ferguson, missouri, one year after the police shooting of michael brown sparked so much outrage across the country. overnight, shots rang out, forcing officers and protesters to duck for cover. a teenager is in critical
8:02 am
condition. kendis gibson is in ferguson with the latest. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: amy, good morning. protesters calling for a day of civil disobedience. that's the last thing police want to hear after last night's violence. it was a wild and chaotic scene that started with a gun battle involving two groups. up to 60 shots fired in less than 45 seconds. the gunfire could be heard all throughout the city of ferguson. sent people scrambling for cover. one suspect ran from the scene and was followed by four ferguson detectives to the back of that building there, where you see officers still standing by. he exchanged gunfire with the police officers and was injured. today, many are hoping will be a peaceful day around these parts. amy? >> all right, kendis. thank you for that update. meanwhile, the fbi is investigating the death of another unarmed black teen. shot by police, this time it happened this 19-year-old
8:03 am
college football player, christian taylor was seen on surveillance video shattering the windshield of a car at a dealership in arlington. he drove his car through the glass of the show room. he was shot by a rookie officer. during an altercation. turning now to politics. hillary clinton is unveiling a plan today to make college more affordable. the ten-year, $350 billion plan is aimed at reducing the cost of four-year public schools making community college tuition free and cutting interest rates for student loans. in exchange, states will receive federal funding. and no apologies this morning from donald trump. standing by his comments about megyn kelly. he claims when he said blood coming out of her wherever he meant her nose and ears, not to imply she was hormonal. meanwhile, facing more pressure from party officials, trump is now considering making a pledge not to run as a third party candidate. and the epa is now saying a toxic spill from a river in southern colorado is now far larger than previously thought.
8:04 am
3 million gallons of wastewater from a gold mine spilling there into the river. colorado has declared a state of emergency. and officials are accusing the epa of waiting to notify the authorities. people are being told to stay out of the water. in medical news, a new debate in the battle over obesity. coca-cola is now teaming up with scientists playing down sugar's role in obesity. instead, they say americans' lack of exercise is the main cause of the obesity epidemic. "the new york times" is reporting coke is funding some of that new research as the company is trying to turn around flat soda sales. and a wild stunt in hollywood. a man climbing this crane in protest against sea world then lighting off fireworks. the stunt man is known as steve-o, who starred in the "jackass" movies. he was arrested when he came down from that crane. and finally, it doesn't make any sense, and lord only knows the length kids will go to to
8:05 am
put out a good twitter video a high school player in missouri decided to use his nose instead of his finger to hold the ball for a field goal. if this is a trust exercise, he passes with flying colors. whatever the motivation, the nose hold worked. and that field goal was good. >> no. >> it was? >> i wondered because of the words you were emphasizing. >> nose. you got it, right? you had to wait for it. it was worth it. >> it's always worth the wait with you. always. lara in the social square. we're going to punt it to you. >> thank you, david. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." the famous actress now accused of kidnapping. kelly rutherford speaking out on "gma." target's big move. ditching gender labels. what it could mean for you and your family. and some diet secrets for you. we're going to reveal them. how this drink could help end your stress eating. and heading outside right now. why? henry cavill and armie hammer, both with us live, on "good morning america."
8:06 am
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i to the acidity in any never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee, and it was a real easy switch to make. time for the "heat index." something we have been talking about. it's a hot button. that major development. kelly rutherford's bitter custody battle. accused of kidnapping by her ex-husband defying a court order to send their kids back to him. she's speaking out to abc news exclusively. first, linsey davis with the story. >> reporter: "gossip girl" star kelly rutherford's most grueling role yet is playing off
8:11 am
offscreen. >> my first priority is to protect my children. their safety is my priority. >> reporter: lawyers for her ex-husband accusing her of abduction, as she defies a court order to send her kids back to their father in monaco. >> i'm a mother first. from the beginning, i said i would fight for my children. i think most parents would. >> reporter: back in june, her six-year, in and out of court personal drama got a bit of a reprieve when a monaco court ruled the kids should spend several weeks of summer vacation with rutherford before returning to her ex-husband. german businessman daniel giersch. >> children need the love of both parents. but they also need the love of a present parent. someone that's there. i think they need both of us. >> reporter: she's reunited with them in june. when they returned from europe where they had been since 2012. on thursday, she failed to send them back. giersch has filed for sole custody.
8:12 am
in a monaco court. >> it's hard for the kids and i. it's been kind of cruel in a way. um, because -- you know, we just want to see each other and be together. they're very young. >> reporter: his lawyers e-mailing rutherford on sunday saying, this children were to have been returned by august 7th. and demanding that she confirm she'll have them on a plane to france tonight and returned to their father. >> it put me as a parent in an odd place, right? because if nobody is taking jurisdiction, how do you put your children on a plane to a foreign country not knowing what is going to happen? >> reporter: when she filed for divorce in 2009, she and giersch were supposed to share custody. but when giersch's u.s. visa was revoked, a judge ruled they should live in monaco with their father temporarily. >> "temporary" means they come back to their own country. so, what kelly's doing is really respecting what the court said in 2012.
8:13 am
they're american citizens. they have a right to live in their own country. >> reporter: rutherford says right before they were supposed to go back to monaco, her son and daughter told her alarming things that made her worry about their safety if she were to send them back. she would not say just what those alarming things were. her ex-husband's lawyers say as early as today, they plan to file paperwork to compel the children's return to their father in monaco. robin? >> okay, lindsay, here now, abc's chief legal analyst, dan abrams. we have been talking about this for the last few years. how about kelly's latest move? >> wow. this is a risky move by kelly rutherford. why? you can understand her position. that a california court, the same california court that sent her kids to europe is now saying, you know what? we don't have jurisdiction. meaning we can't enforce the things we required him to do. so, she's saying, if they're not going to force him to do all of the things they said he was supposed to do, because they're
8:14 am
saying, that's not our case anymore, why should she abide by it either. new york scout saying they don't have jurisdiction, a federal court saying they don't have jurisdiction. her position is, who is supposed to be telling me that the kids are supposed to be in europe any way? on the other hand, the risk is that the monaco court will step in and say we want our order enforced. it ends up in the hands of the state department. and that's going to be the big question. >> this is where this has gotten so messy with the court system, how mon koerks the u.s. -- again, no u.s. court jurisdiction? >> correct. >> none. >> i blame the california court for this. we should have been able to foresee this when the california court issued this ruling at the outset. saying, oh, let's send these kids temporarily. don't worry, they're u.s. citizens. they're going to stay u.s. citizens. it's just for awhile until he gets his visa. of course that's not what happened. the kids have been in monaco for years. kelly rutherford's position is
8:15 am
okay, when does that end? if the courts are saying we don't have jurisdiction here, then her position is these are u.s. citizens. the presumption should be they stay here. the danger is that the monaco court gets upset, which it probably will. that they then go to the u.s. government and say, you have to enforce our order. >> what are the chances that the u.s. state department will get involved? >> i think they have to get involved. look, i called for them awhile ago to get involved back when they were in monaco, i said they should bring the kids back. i think they have to get involved. make an incredibly hard decision. it's a tough, tough to know what the state department will do. i think they should do the right thing, which, in my view, is to leave u.s. citizen kids in the united states. we'll see what happens. i think it's a good thing that the state department is finally being forced to address this as opposed to everyone wants to say, this isn't our problem. this is not our problem. >> and the children are now 8 and 6. they know what's going on.
8:16 am
>> they have a sense of what's going on. it's time to get it resolved. this is a bold move. >> hopefully, it will get resolved. all right. thank you, dan. >> incredible. send the kids away temporarily. >> heartbreaking. >> need a resolution. >> thinking about kelly and the kids. also this morning, changing its ways at target. the retailing giant saying it will no longer use signs referring to a specific gender, like girls toys or boys toys. all thanks to one mom. and the power of social media. here's abc's reena ninan. >> reporter: this morning, target taking an unprecedented step towards gender neutrality. after social media backlash. their goal, defy gender stereotypes within the aisles. in a statement to abc news, the retail giant says they're working to phase-out gender-based signage to try to strike a better balance. >> target is a trend-setter.
8:17 am
it's a huge retailer. certainly popular with young people. >> reporter: the game-changing conversation kicked off with a mom of three, abi, who tweeted this photo from inside her local target store showing a sign for building sets and a separate sign for girls' building sets. the caption reading, don't do this, target. that picture retweeted nearly 3,000 times. >> as my kids got old enough to notice there is a distinction, my boys didn't want to go down the girlie aisles, we would have conversations. it's okay for kids to play with any toys they want to. >> reporter: target vowing to change with the times by revamping signage, in their toys as well as home entertainment areas. saying, in the kids' bedding area, signs will no longer feature suctions for boys or girls, just kids. in toy aisles, they'll remove reference to gender, including the use of pink, blue, yellow, or green paper on the back walls of our shelves. >> retailers have a great opportunity here.
8:18 am
they're opening up a world of possibility for these kids. >> reporter: this isn't the first time retailers have ditched gender retastory yo typ. in 2012, a 13-year-old urged easy bake ovens to move to a more neutral product. speaking of gender neutral, this truck pillow i got a few months ago in the boys bedding section. i picked up from target. that's not going to be the case anymore. they're saying the change will happen over the next few months. >> it's great. >> really cool. >> legos among them. >> thank you, reena. >> a cute pillow. that's adorable. >> i can get you one, too, robin. for your office. >> love that. >> thank you, reena. this morning, we're launching a brand-new series to help you lose weight, live longer, and feel better. we're calling it "diet wars." all week long, dr. jen ashton will help us tackle the subjects that are aferkting you most from a medical and it nutritional
8:19 am
perspective. first, something we all battle. stress and weight. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: in the battle of the bulge, sometimes willpower can wilt. the culprit? it could be stress. in a recent study published in the journal "neuron," people who had even moderate stress were more likely to choose foods that tasted good over the healthier options, compared to the non--stressed group. the reason? stress changed brain chemistry to make self-control harder. >> when people are under stress, their body wants to have glucose. why? that's the brain's preferred source of energy. you can get it in many ways. usually the fastest, cheapest, convenient way is cake, soda, cookies. >> reporter: two years ago, candice weighed 190 pounds. >> i was tired of feeling that way. i was having ulcers, heartburn every night. >> reporter: the 31-year-old started eating healthy and working out. but candice, getting over a
8:20 am
recent break up and looking for a new apartment, says stress has been her biggest obstacle in reaching her goal weight. though she's lost 40 pounds, she wants to lose 7 more. >> when i'm stressed, i definitely have the urge to reach to all my old vices. it's a struggle to try to stay on track. >> reporter: what is the best weapon to beat your brain's wiring? >> i say plan, plan, plan, and then plan some more. if you're going to be going to work, pack your lunch. pack your snack. so you have what you need at the ready. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> that looks good. mara, thank you. here with us, dr. jen ashton. in front of a large brain on the floor. you're going to show us how stress is fueling obesity rates. >> when people say stress is all in your head, it actually is. all of this starts in the brain. i'm going to show you what i mean. you take stress, this can be short-term stress. it triggers a massive hormonal release all over the body. these are the key players.
8:21 am
remember these. insulin, cortisol. leptin, ghrelin, dopamine. all working all over the body. strong effects on the metabolism. in the short term this is a good thing. the problem is when the stress becomes chronic. that's not good. you get a signal disruption. all of these pathways are affected. it makes us crave more. it makes us eat more. guess what that does to our body? >> fat storage. makes us store more fat. >> do we eat more poorly? >> no one craves a big bag of carrots or broccoli. unfortunately, when we're stressed, we go for what is called highly palatable foods. look at the animation. >> yep, those are all the things i love. >> that tends to be what we reach for. foods that are high in fat, salt, sugar, calories. they work all over the body. they work in the brain and they cause an increase in abdominal fat which is the most dangerous.
8:22 am
>> you have a secret weapon. >> we have to deal with stress or it will deal with us. diet, exercise, meditation. i do them all because i'm very stressed. we want something we can use as medicine. lavender. mix it up in some lemonade. let it soak for a week. in your refrigerator, then take blueberry, great antioxidants, muddle them up, add honey if you need it and you get a nice stress-busting drink. >> okay. reach for that instead of the burger. >> yes, exactly. >> dr. jen will take your questions throughout the morning. tweet her @drjashton. i'm going to try it. let's head out to ginger. >> give it a try, but i know we have ice cream coming up. it will be tough. good morning, julia. from charleston, south carolina. let's start with what will happen in new york city. you can kind of feel it coming. storms overnight tonight into tomorrow. mid-atlantic into the northeast. again, it starts after dinner time in the mid-atlantic. later here. much cooler behind it. little rock, so hot for so many
8:23 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. we are going to be sunny and breezy this afternoon. temperatures are a legal by low average with the summer taking a break until the weekend when it will be warm anymore. the cost is socked in with clouds and mid-to-upper 60s in san francisco. low-to-mid 70s for bay shore and upper 70s in the south bay and a few 80s in the north bay and all 80's inland. my seven-day outlook, it will not >> i just got to show off some of the crowd. i love it in the summer. how y'all girls doing? doing well? where are you from? >> apple valley, minnesota. >> she's very specific. we have to get in for "pop news." lara? >> thank you so much, ginger. robin, will you repeat what you just said? >> we were saying, namaste. i said, now we must go to "pop news." >> we begin on this monday morning, we're so happy you're back. and we're so happy about this.
8:24 am
you hear the song. we thought an all-female reboot of "ghostbusters" was great. but now news, it gets even better. confirmed. bill murray has agreed to join melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig, leslie jones, kate mckinnon, dan aykroyd in the reboot of the '80s comedy classics. murray will not play peter venkman. he will not be wearing that proton pack. he'll stand in the way of the ladies in this rendition. it's especially exciting though, because murray has previously said on more than one occasion, no. every time the idea of a third installment was pitched. for the original cast. he's been supportive of the women's edition. he didn't want to get involved in another edition with the men. the "ghostbusters" reboot is shooting in boston right now. set to spook its way into theaters in july of 2016. he ain't afraid of no girls.
8:25 am
>> i love how we say reboot. >> reboot, yeah. >> it is. >> i want to know, who gets his proton pack? >> well, i think the raiddies are pro tone pack wearing. >> word is dan aykroyd will play a taxi driver who comes into the mix with kristen wiig. >> la, la, la, la, la. stop. >> here's how it ends. >> no, no. >> one more thing. >> tmi. >> now, this is a yard sale i would not miss. i would definitely brake for, i should say. legendary fashion designer betsey johnson hosted a gargantuan garage sale over the weekend. i'm so sad i missed it. she put 10,000 articles of clothing from her personal collection for sale on her front lawn in east hampton. my homeland. the punk rock designer is moving to malibu to be closer to her own daughter. selling her own design, remember one of a kind runway pieces.
8:26 am
over 50 years in the fashion industry. she admitted she's a bit of a hoarder. she says, if i lived to be 1,000 years, i couldn't wear everything. depending on the sales receipts, she may continue her sale on labor day weekend. does anybody have a room i can borrow? >> can anyone drive up? >> yes. >> that's incredible. >> that is the great thing about a yard sale. unfortunately i was so profuse in my love for the "ghost busters," pod three has to wait until tomorrow. it was a really good one? can't we squeeze it in? no? no? >> that was a nice try. asking on live tv. that's a new one. >> it's called guilt. >> yeah. >> to the control room. we have to go. >> that is worth coming back for. henry's here. armie's here. >> i didn't notice those gorgeous men. "man from u.n.c.l.e." we'll talk about it. is
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. we have breaking news. firefighters remain on the scene of a large early morning fire and crews are also dealing with a water main break a block away. the fire at the marina supermarket broke out early this morning and damaged two businesses. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. residents nearby report hearing an explosion in middle of the night. let's check on your morning commute. >> all right. kristen, in the eastbound direction of 580 up to the altamont pass, we have the sig alert. it's involving a big rig that's wedged up against one of the sound walls and it appears it's slightly teetering. they're trying to prevent a tipover. but we've delays as a result.
8:28 am
westbound traffic full coming out of the altamont pass.
8:29 am
thanks for sticking around. our temperature are off the morning lows. still in the 50s for the south bay. you can see the marine layer and the below average temperatures it's going to bring us today ffr most neighborhoods, two to six degrees below average.
8:30 am
the sea breeze is going to make it tough for the firefighters in the jerusalem fire, gusting up [ cheers and applause ] what a wonderful crowd. we have on this monday morning. here joining us in times square. a lot of fun ahead in the next half hour. >> if ever i had a problem with confidence, today might be the day. armie hammer and henry cavill are here. we're going to hear from them just ahead. we have no idea what you were talking about. >> you were talking? >> exactly. good point. >> no, no, no, no. >> a lot to look at here on "gma." and listen to. and learn. because it's our slam bam glam series? >> thank you, ma'am. >> the producers really went all-out on that one. >> you're getting them this morning. >> i love our producers.
8:31 am
they call it slam bam glam. this morning, we teamed up with almay on their summer bus tour. one mom thought she was spending the afternoon at the ohio state fair with her family. our beauty team had other plans in mind. >> ah-ha. >> reporter: the ohio state fair site of food, fun. what better place to send our dream team for an ambush makeover. we sent gretta monahan, hair stylist to the stars ted gibson and almay makeup artist mickey williams to the fair. after taking in some deep-friday goodies. >> tastes good. >> reporter: and saying hello to the sheep. >> wherever i go, i find somebody's hair to do. >> we're looking for makeover conditioneds today. >> are you seeing what i'm seeing? >> reporter: 30-year-old colby
8:32 am
murphy. a wife and brand-new mom. >> we're looking for someone in the mood for makeover. >> daddy, you take the baby. >> come with us. >> reporter: for colby, news she was getting makeover was music to her ears. >> we tried to have a baby for years and years. we had her. and my focus is on her. i'm ready to focus on me a little bit. i should not be crying. >> reporter: within minutes, our dream team had a plan. for fed, all about helping her embrace change. >> i think that every single woman in america should change her hair going short can be really liberating. >> reporter: for greta, about donning the summer's hottest look. the romper. >> you can wear it with high heels, flats, skimmers. a very versatile trepd that a loft of women can wear. >> reporter: for mickey, all about almay's all-american look.
8:33 am
>> don't be afraid of color. >> reporter: and an hour after the makeover began, time for the reveal. here's a look at colby's before shot. and take a look at her after. check out kol boo's reaction. zbloe, my god. that's insane. i came to the state fair to get french fries. coming away with an amazing makeover. >> she looks fantastic. thank you, team. and we're joined by makeup artist extraordinary mickey williams. fresh off the bus where colby was transformed. she's here to show you how to get your own style 180. the daytime look first. what advise could you give our viewers? >> make it easy. this is kim. we took a natural eye shadow. a neutral palette. it accentuated her natural eye
8:34 am
color. in the neutral shades for everyday wear. i say skip the eye liner in the day. just use a shadow. we haloed it. i kept it soft. it will wear all day. couldn't be easier to figure out. >> it has a green tone to it. can women wear that? i feel like the blues and greens can be trucky. do you have advice? >> they have created the palettes to work with your color. everything is the transparent sheer. >> if you have blue eyes, somewhat the palette? >> anything from a bronze. i say there are no rules. you can wear from a bronze to a blue even. >> brown eyes? >> play with blues. any kind of gold. anything like that. they kind of create the three-step process for you. >> makes it simple. day to night advice. >> nighttime. right here. tiffany's beautiful. i wanted to show, we gave her a
8:35 am
great smoky eye. we used how people can use the crayon liner. they get comfortable. i say go over that with a really nice liquid liner. it gives a defined eye. it helps people terrified of drawing the line. >> it has to be smooth. >> if you go with the crayon liner first, it will give you the blueprint to draw the perfect gorgeous line. >> i love it. >> at the end, if you're overdone, pair it with a neutral lip. almay came out with a butter-kissed lip balm. >> i love that look. thank you so much to our sponsor, almay. and mickey. check out our website for more tipping from our beauty team. let's go to amy.
8:36 am
story corps has been collecting the largest library of human voices ever. giving americans a chance to record a conversation with a loved one. those are archived for future generations at the library on congress. we'll join ted, npr, and facing history in partnering with storycorps in their most ambitious project ever. they've recorded over 100,000 people. >> how did you meet dad? >> oh, my goodness. i can't believe i'm telling you this. >> i did a loft bad things. >> reporter: ordinary people living ordinary lives choosing to share stories with loved ones. >> it's the opposite of reality tv. nobody comes to get rich or famous. it's an act of generosity and love. it's about listening to someone and letting them know how much they matter to you. >> reporter: the son with
8:37 am
aspergers asking his mom if he was the son she wanted. >> did i meet your expectations? >> you've exceeded them. >> reporter: barack obama lending his voice and sharing memories of a childhood without a father. >> as i get older, i start thinking about -- >> you learn right and wrong on your own terms. >> reporter: this fall, we'll join storycorps in what we're calling the great thanksgiving listen. we'll invite high schoolers to record an interview with a grandparent or another elder. >> it's important to know where we came from. to connect with the people who matter to us. >> you don't need to find a booth to do this. they recently released an app that allows you to record on your cell phone. to learn more, go to our website,
8:38 am
on yahoo!. let's go to ginger. it's time for ask zee. we tell you up with of the kids' questions. 9-year-old callie green. from st. john's, michigan. >> hi, ginger. how many tornadoes does america have in one year? >> great question. average number of tornadoes in the u.s. is around 1,000. we put together video. you'll see some from last year. 2014, the least number of tornadoes we have had since the '80s. it was slow. look at this. that's the number on tornado on average per state. a lot of time, people in new york say, oh, we never get tornadoes. gnat that's not true. parents, you can submit the questions using the hash tag
8:39 am
>> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco on this monday, we will be chess to average look the coast 61 to 69 in san francisco and the rest of us below average from 70s around the bay to a few 80s inland and my seven-day forecast, check out the summer heat >> all that weather brought to you by nationwide insurance. should we do deserts. >> are you ready to yahoo! your day? counting down america's favorite desserts. >> and our friends have done a survey to find out. joining us with the results, editor in chief of yahoo! food, kerry diamond. how are you? >> good morning. >> we have to do this. what were the top desserts? >> all right. number five, we have fruit. number four, pie. number three, cookies. number two, cake. and -- >> and now i know you have the
8:40 am
number one. >> ginger, share it with us. >> this is serious. >> ice cream! we all scream for ice cream. i know you didn't just do this survey. you found out the top five ice cream flavors. >> number five. robin will be happy. mint chocolate chip. then number four, my favorite. cookie dough. three, vanilla. two, cookies and cream. number one? chocolate. >> oh. >> very serious. >> an oldie but a goody. >> thank you. >> a lot more ahead. "the man from u.n.c.l.e.'s armie ♪ we invented low fares.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
you better watch out, james bond. there are new agents in town in "the man from uncle." henry cavill and armie hammer play two cold war era spies ho are forced to work together. >> from three xs and two of them at once. >> i would recommend turning before you hit that wall.
8:44 am
>> the last thing i need is your help. ♪ >> you're not going to make it. >> just shut the -- and watch me work. ♪ >> oh. henry and armie. you're watching the clip. what were you talking about? you were looking at it and pointing at it. what was it? >> where do we look? >> i thought it was something in-depth. >> psychoanalyzing? >> no. welcome. great to have you back. i thoroughly, as i told you, enjoyed it. it's witty. it's stylish. it's everything. i can remember "the man from u.n.c.l.e." >> i don't believe you. >> see this is why elizabeth loves you.
8:45 am
you go from being, you hate his kargt and then you have to work together. which is more fun? >> well, i mean, our characters are so different and when they are -- when they first meet, they're opposites. at the end of the movie, they're still opposites. but they learned they have to get along. it's been enormous fun. it's never boring. we can hate each other and like each other the same time. >> it's never boring with guy ritchie. >> true. >> there was a stunt that went awry. >> with the boat? >> when you went underwater. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. i guess it is part of the same scene. nothing really went that awry. it was a long, hard day of filming. at one point, i had to be -- >> wait a minute. >> rescued bay diver.
8:46 am
>> there's a scene i get henry from underwater. it's a 25-foot swim. he's on the bottom of the pool. on action, the driver swims away. takes the regulator. the first time i go down there i grab him. >> i have a cinder block tied to my foot. >> i start swimming up, and there's no way i'm going make it. i'm dragging a what, 230-pound man. i realize i'm never going to make it. so i just bail on armie. >> you -- >> he dropped me. >> i bailed on him. >> he got to the surface. i was like, i couldn't hold my breath. >> he said, i'm sorry. i couldn't get the cinder block off my foot. >> he didn't remember. no hard feelings. you nail the russian accent. i understand you were watching somebody on youtube. >> that's one of the biggest
8:47 am
resources as an actor is youtube. you can find anything. i just watched a lot of videos of sort of -- >> boris. >> one of the videos. he's a massage guy. he has a rich, russian accent. and these hilarious online videos that are hypnotizing to watch. >> oh, well. >> you'll have to check that out. >> you never know. >> self-massage. >> superman. i know you saw the guy here with the -- >> spotted. >> i mean, your size, you go up and down. you said it wreaks havoc on your wardrobe. >> it gets expense pich you have to have a superman-size wardrobe and then a not so superman-size wardrobe. >> what do you want people to get? >> it's an homage but a reboot.
8:48 am
people that remember it can remember it. people that have snefr seen "the man from u.n.c.l.e." they don't need context. >> i was watching with somebody who did not know "the man from u.n.c.l.e." and they enjoyed it as much as i did. armie. henry. thank you so much. my best to elizabeth. harper is george's daughter's name, too. "the man from u.n.c.l.e." up next,
8:49 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. starting to see the sun. let's talk to meteorologist mike any ko about the weather. >> temperatures are going to drop again today just like yesterday. east bay in the mid 80s, we'll be in the upper 70s and 80s in the bay. half moon bay, mid to upper 60s. these are going to run anywhere from two to six degrees below average. i have bad news for the firefighters. look at the winds gusting up to 25 miles an hour during the afternoon and evening hours. we're going to be below average until it gets hot this weekend. we have a sig alert for the next couple of hours. that's where we have the big rig teetering. they have to off-load some of
9:00 am
the fuel. and a motorcycle crash in the clearing stages >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the film, "the man from u.n.c.l.e.," henry cavill. and michael learns a few new moves as we kick off "live"'s "summer school week." plus, recording artist ciara performs and takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] now, here are michael strahan and ciara! [cheers and applause] ♪


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