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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 11, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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developing news an urgent warning from police in alameda because of this man. take a close look at this surveillance. that man broke into a home and sexually assaulted a girl in her bed. he is accused of a series of break ins. let's get to janet oh with the latest. >> reporter: alameda police are out canvassing neighborhoods and going door to door trying to
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gather as much as information thaz they can. this is in top of increasing proe patrols to try to catch the serulase serulate burglar. this man seen in this video image is said to be responsible for six different break ins in alameda in the past two months. the cameras caught the suspect as he tried to force his way into a room at the roadway inn motel in june. >> obviously, no place is completely safe. people have to be very, very careful. >> reporter: the suspect is said to be around 18 years or older, about 150 pounds with curly hair on top. and short sides. police say in all cases, the burglar is making his way in through unlocked windows. the most recent break in happened on sunday. the suspect entered a bedroom and sexually assaulted a teen while she was sleep. >> on each of the cases we're taking evidence from the cases, whether it be fingerprints,
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witness, physical evidence, and we're processing all that evidence. >> reporter: residents have been told to take extra precautions. >> i lock all my doors and window, just common sense stuff. >> reporter: they're partnering with as many organizations as they can to do that. >> contacting businesses, working with city entities like the housing authority, the school district, anybody that might know who this young man is. >> reporter: police just told us about a seventh break in that could be tied to the same guy. they say in this particular case, the suspect broke into a home when the homeowner was not there and stole a car. the car was later found abandoned nearby. reporting live from alameda, janet oh. santa cruz police are
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investigating whether a teen is connected to a shooting threat. aj gonzalez assaulted and murdered madyson middleton. that phrase, matched a comment by a person who claimed responsibility for a shooting threat at santa cruz high school in november. that's according to the santa cruz sentinel. police are aware of the language similarities, right now their focus is on completing the homicide investigation. a public memorial for her will take place ag 23rd at 3:00 p.m. in santa cruz. big changes starting today on san francisco's main downtown thorough fare. most drivers will not be able to make turns on market street. to eliminate traffic related fatalities. melanie, how's it going?
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>> reporter: well, i tell you, this traffic control officer that you see right here was not out here this morning. i'm not so sure this new restriction would be holding up here. drivers are thoroughly confused. any of them that have been trying to turn on to market are getting rerouted and being asked to turn here. i tell you, had it not been frp the traffic officer, people wouldn't know what's going on out here today. >> that way. >> reporter: try as they might, and boy, did some drivers try. turning on to market between 3rd and 8th is no longer allowed. remember, new restrictions are in effect. >> they changed the rules, i didn't realize. >> reporter: despite news stories and new signs, lots of drivers are still in the dark. where are you going? >> i don't know anymore. >> reporter: cyclists are hoping they'll see the light. >> i've been hit by turning cars a couple blocks up. >> reporter: the new
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restrictions are part of the city's plan which aims to end traffic deaths. >> it's a good move. >> reporter: taxies, bicycles, buses and some trucks are exempt from the restriction. ride share companies like uber and lift are not. >> it's not like you can't drive a car on market street, you can't turn. >> reporter: if you forget, traffic officers are here to remind you. at least in the meantime. and that is what this traffic officer has been doing all morning long. a lot of drivers say they goent what's going on. your gps navigation may not reflect the new restrictions. that will not be an excuse to get out of a fine. that fine is $238. reporting live in san francisco. melanie woodrow. >> good to know, thank you. happening now, san francisco officials are announcing new plans to protect cable car conductors from being injured by
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intaentive drivers. it involves to citing drivers who don't yield. two recent incidents included two cable car workers hurt. abc 7 news is outside the marina supermarket in san leand row this morning while crews were demolishing a building. the fire broke out early yesterday morning and spread to three other businesses including a medical supply store, cafe and a nail shop. the jerusalem fire burning in lake county has exploded to 12,000 acres, deoubling. it is zero% contained. 50 structures are threatened by the fire. mandatory evacuation orders remain in jerusalem valley. firefighters say that jerusalem
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fire could merge with the nearby rocky fire and create a giant fire. conditions on the fire lines have been so tough for crews. it's go to meteorologist to see what they can expect. >> crews running from one fire to another. good morning, this is the footprint from last night. this is the jerusalem fire at 5,000 acres. it's up to 12,000, and it's more than doubled. winds are calmer, about 10 miles per hour. temperature, 74. humidity dropping, 45%. 70 thousand and 12,000 acres comes out to 120 something square miles. here is your forecast winds. they will pick up this afternoon, not in that 20 to 25 mile per hour range we had yesterday. a little bit of a break there. all right. thank you so much. a new effort water meter thefts are costing the city of santa clara thousands of dollars. thefts amount to $40,000 in the past few weeks.
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apparently the thieves are stealing the meters for the copper wires inside. the thefts come as calfire is reporting thousands of dollars of water thefts. crews began locking up fire hydrants to prevent unauthorized use. a new effort to crack down on child pornography online, a group announced today that facebook, twitter, google will be the first companies to use what's called a hash list to find and remove child abuse images online. a hash is a string of code that can surge as a digital fingerprint of an image. it will allow companies to remove images quickly and keep them from being shared. the san jose city council is expected to approve a one year pilot program to allow police to use an unmanned drone. the department would use the drone in two key roles, to assist the bomb squad and help officers in the case of an
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active shooter or other high danger situation. the public has been allowed to weigh in at several meetings, which focused on concerns about vairns and privacy. the program needs to have the approval of the faa before the drone could launch in 2017. happening now, we have some very special guests joining here at abc 7. this morning i had the great pleasure of meeting local non-profit organizations doing great work in the bay area. they're here as our guests for a free work shop. our parent company, disney is joining forces with the tap root foundation. the goal is to connect non-profits with professionals who are offering their expertise for free. including marketing and technical assistance. today's session is called powered by pro bono. >> being professionals for marketing, hr, it, a lot of that capacity building help that non-profits need but don't have a lot of access to. >> if you'd like to learn more
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about the tap root foundation police go to our website. there you will find the link on how you can get involved. still ahead, a shocking revelation about air traffic controllers on the job overnight. just ahead, the study just released showing many controllers are too sleepy to be effective. what the government is doing to combat fatigue. two of music's hitmakers team up for a new spin on an old son
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one year ago, today, the world last robin willuliams. he died by suicide. the 63-year-old had suffered from depression for years. last month state officials renowned the waldo tunnel the robin williams tunnel. now to an alarming government study about air safety that was kept a secret for years. air traffic controllers are having trouble staying away on the job. stephanie ramos has the story. >> reporter: a study of air traffic controllers kept hidden for several years reveals that many controllers are having trouble staying awalk on the job. putting lives at risk. in kentucky, 49 people were killed in this crash. 2011, safety investigators decided to focus on controller fatigue.
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>> we have air traffic controllers working very, very hard to be 100% perfect 100% of the time. and cumulate fatigue is a big problem. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. similar problems with air traffickers asleep and jet liners landing without guidance. >> tower is apparently not manned. nobody is answering. going to expect to go in. >> reporter: according to the report on fatigue conducted by nasa. controllers reported an alarming lack of sleep. three quarters of more than three thousand surveys said their schedule led to chronic fatigue in in 2012 the faa said it implengmented a schedule on fatigue. nfl team owners are meeting in chicago right now. on the agenda, the raiders, new stadium. the raiders and sh san diego chargers have announced plans to
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built a joint stadium. they are also continuing talks with alameda county and the city of oakland about a new stadium. league officials stress they will not vote on any stadium plans. owners plan to hear about projected costs and financing plans and that's about it for now. we have the forecast. >> you notice the drizzle this morning? >> i did. >> measurable drizzle . a heat wave son the way. i'll tell you who is going to reach 100. hurricane is drilling down on hilo. a paragliding pastor in trouble with the lay. a southern california man is responding after he was accused of flying over a prison. listen to the pop star duet, now burning up the internet. ♪
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breaking news out of san francisco international airport. united flight 1583 has been towed back to a back after a mechanical problem. one passenger on board described it as an explosion in one of the engines. the airport will not elaborate on the specifics of the problem. united has not returned our calls. flight 1583 was bound for newark. apparently did not leave the sfo runway. nobody was injured. that's the important part. we believe the passengers will be rebooked on other flights. on a lighter note sort of, los angeles is known for car chases right a sheriff's helicopter chased down a
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paraglider after he passed over a prison. he said he didn't mean to do any harm. >> i took off going flying i guess they thought i was dropping drugs off to el chapo at the prison. >> well, once on the ground, the 67-year-old was detained and questioned. then deputies realized he was a local pastor who just had a passion for flying. no harm, no foul. sorry. >> oops. >> wrong direction. >> i like that. direction has a lot to do with our weather, which way the winds are blowing. they're blowing on shore. they'll be cool. come this weekend everybody's going to get a little bit warmer. have any outdoor activity? do it while it's comfortable. san jose, the further south the warmer you'll be getting. we'll be mild, sun south, it's going to be comfy at night all
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week. that's going to be the key. when the weekend hits, so does the warmth and it reaches our beaches. this is the way it looks from our roof cam. you can see on the palm trees swaying, the flags all pointing to the east and some left over marine layer clouds. because the ocean water is so much milder than normal, even with the sea breeze, even places that are affected, your colors are going to be about the same. here's a look at the winds. 13 at sfo. conco concord, they will pick up from the west. same timeframe as yesterday, 2:00 to 11:00. it's going to be a little choppy and brisk during that time. here's a look at some of the smoke that's from our two fires up to the north. and you can see the high clouds
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that are going to take over the north and central bay and along the coast. the further south the more sunshine you'll get. midto upper 70s with san hohay 78. stubberness of the clouds will keep us in the mid 60s. north bay valleys the winds come into pet alima at 75. look at the finger of cloudiness that reaches over the berkeley, 69 for you. l omeland, 73. inland, the san ramon valley, lower 80s. this is where the 100s are possibly headed this weekend. going to game? it will be cool. first pitch at 7:16.
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we'll see increasing clouds and 60 degrees. did you sleep well? it was nice to have the windows open. 52 at santa rosa. tropical storm watch in effect for hawaii. watch as hurricane hilda which is starting to weaken. notice the sheering taking place. it's down to 75 miles per hour. as we head from tuesday, wednesday into thursday morning it's going to go across the big island and skirt the other ones to the south. flooding will be an issue as well as high surf. my accuweather seven-day forecast we jump two to four degrees tomorrow. look at friday, saturday, sunday and monday. 90s, 100. 90s around the bay. even 70s to 80 near the coast. al. thank you. l two of the music industries hit makers teamed up to make a duet.
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♪ i want to want you ♪ if you want me, girl you've got me ♪ >> bopping on the set. that's country music star luke bryan teaming up for a rendition of want to want me. they did this using the sing karaoke app and posted the video on youtube. bryan is going to be performing at levi stadium august 29th. we don't want to miss it. all right. still ahead, simplicity in a box. meet the easily amused dog who will not let go on his favorite new toy.
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coming on abc 7 news at 4:00. somebody in the bay area is suddenly a million dollars richer. the scratcher sold is worth seven figures. the local store cashing in big. babies can be messy. which high chairs are easy to clean and safe? the answer from 7 on your side. some dogs like squeaky toys others prefer a bone. this pup you are about to meet likes boxes. >> this way. come on.
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>> ouch. wrong direction. come on. all right. the little elish bulldog is refusing to drop his favorite toy. the owners says boxes are his things. he picked it up and wouldn't drop it . >> sorry i was laughing i don't think he got hurt. >> thanks for joining us.
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