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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪ live, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning to you. 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday. we thank you so much for being here. here. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> nice to see both of you. let's take a look at your day planner. what we're looking at. our temperatures are running in the 50s. you can see the lack of fog at the golden gate bridge. it could be a late surge, so we'll keep an eye on that. by noon, mid 60s on the coast. back to mid 60s at 7:00. we'll be in the 70s elsewhere,
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but upper 70s to mid 80s by 4:00. let's find out about that commute. how's it going? >> as we take a look, that is where our focus is, because as janet oh has been reporting, there is a woman who the coast guard is now searching for an accident occurred and someone jumped over the side into the water. so, of course, there are going to be law enforcement on the scene, and so we do have one lane blocked. right now, traffic is so light that we don't see any delays as a result. i'm going to take you right over to eastbound side of highway 84, right near university avenue, where from the highway you can actually see a field that's burning. but the rest of the drive, it looks clear here. we're going to be speaking with the fire department to see if there's anything actually burning there. a quick look at the san mateo bridge. moving along at top speeds. >> it's 5:01 now. that breaking news that you just mentioned, the woman who may have jumped off the bay bridge and into the water, search continues now. abc 7 news reporter janet oh is
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live on the new span near oaklan oakland. >> reporter: they are actively searching for this woman who jumped into the water two hours ago. we just saw the coast guard going by. they've been circling around this area for quite some time. officials say the woman jumped over a guardrail like this one here and plunged 70 feet down into the water. video taken a short while ago shows officials out on the bridge deck looking for this person. coordinating efforts, of course, on how best to go about their search. the coast guard has launched a helicopter. boats are now down in the water as well as they are going around with their flashing lights, looking for any signs of life. chp says the jump was survivable, but the concern is hypothermia could set in. the water is reportedly around 50 degrees right now. now, this all started as a single car crash at 2:00 this morning when chp arrived.
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there was one person at the crash site and two women walking along the bike path. when officers tried to approach the women, that's when they say one of them jumped over the guardrail for an unknown reason. reporting live here in oakland, janet oh, abc 7 news. >> janet, thank you. happening now in contra costa county, a water main break sent gallons of water gushing into the streets this morning. you're looking at new video of the scene. it's a tough site to see in the bay area, especially during this drought. several yards and at least one garage have been flooded. more than two dozen people are without water right crew s continued to battle another fire. the jerusalem fire has forced evacuations from the road and morgan valley road intersection, all the way east to napa county. the areas near the southern tip of the much larger rocky fire. the jerusalem fire, though, has now grown to 14,000 acres and is just 5% contained.
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at least 50 structures are threatened with more than 1,600 firefighters working to contain it. just about 5:04 now. two alameda county sheriff's deputies are recovering this morning after an explosion at a home where they found a body. deputies were serving an eviction notice in west oakland yesterday morning when the house exploded. this is youtube video showing the intense flames. investigators trace the blast to natural gas. deputies eventually entered the home and discovered the body of a 45-year-old man. they also found signs of booby traps. investigators haven't ruled out the possibility the explosion was intentional. the deputies were not seriously hurt. family, friends, and supporters of a man who died in the jail will hold a rally and vigil this morning in downtown oakland. officials say mario martinez suffered an asthma attack inside his cell. jail guards allegedly ignored screams for help from nearby inmates and did not call for emergency medical support. ms
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martinez died that day. his death has triggered a call for justice. the rally and vigil began at 7:00 p.m. an nfl executive says the city of oakland has not presented a viable plan to keep the raiders in oakland. yesterday, team owners met in chicago to listen to relocation plans for los angeles. league officials say the project to build a $1.7 billion stadium in carson for the raiders and chargers to share is making progress. former niners executive current policy is leading that effort, and claims the raiders and chargers are committed to moving. >> it works for california, and it certainly works for the l.a. market, and now it works for the two teams that are playing in the most dilapidated and terrible stadiums in the league. the raiders and chargers are committed to l.a. and they've spent a lot of money. a lot of money. >> no decision was made at the owner's meeting. the next round of owners meetings are scheduled for october. also in san jose, tempers are
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flaring again over pension reform. the city attorney is trying to back out of a deal over measure b, but the city tells abc 7 news that's not true. neither side has released details of the agreement that would end the court challenge to the voter approved measure which requires police and firefighters to pay more toward their pensions. the former capitalist who lost a high-profile discrimination lawsuit is appealing a court order. ellen pao is appealing the decision. claiming it denied her promotions and ignored her complaints. she lost a trial but sparked a diversity debate. she recently resigned as ceo of reddit. jeb bush is scheduled to return to the bay area. he'll be attending a fundraiser in san francisco. tickets cost about $2700. this is the former florida governor's second stop in the bay area in a month.
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it's 5:06 now. let's turn things over to mike nicco. >> good morning. we're cooler inland especially. lafayette, san ramon, dublin, antioch, 57 degrees. danville at 58. pleasant hill 59. we've got walnut creek and livermore at 60. pittsburgh, you're at 63. blackhawk, 54 degrees right now. we have that same temperature in navarro. coming into san francisco or san carlos, 59. same thing in san jose. heyward about 58. oakland 56. you can see those late arriving clouds on our east bay hills camera. and because they're late arriving, they're going to go away pretty quickly today. a whole lot of sunshine. coast and san francisco about 64 to 70. around the bay, 69 to 79. it won't be quite as breezy as it was yesterday afternoon. keeping an eye on sfo, it's partly cloudy on the peninsula right now. fingers crossed that we don't have any flight arrival delays. we'll have about the same
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temperatures tomorrow. look at the building warmth friday and saturday. 70s at the coast. 80s and 90s around the bay. there's more of that coming up sunday. i'll have that coming up in the seven-day forecast. here's an update. >> what i am going to do is continue to update you on the eastern span of the bay bridge heading in the eastbound direction where a woman has possibly jumped over the side into the water. so we do have emergency crews on the scene and it is an active scene. so right now, though, traffic is light and we had possibly one lane blocked. doesn't really seem to be affecting anything. right now, most of the traffic, of course, is in the westbound direction. those are your taillights as they head in towards treasure island. now i'm going to take you to east palo alto, where we have report of a field on fire. right near university avenue. and we do see just a little bit of traffic volume that's building in the westbound direction, but other than that, you're in pretty good shape. drive time traffic, i-80, back to the east bay.
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280 in the south bay, northbound 101 to cupertino jt 11 minutes. that is 101 near 880 as you head up to the airport, clear. more of us are complaining about airlines. the morning report is next. and kim kardashian in trouble with the government this morning. it has to do with a message she posted for her fans on social media. plus, the move in congress that could have the north bay's smart rail system coming up short. >> abc 7 news now shows us from our exploratorium camera a picture of the bay. smooth as glass. and the bay bridge, where you know there's a search going on near the eastern span there. near the eastern span there. we will have more n
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covering san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> happy wednesday to you. just a couple of days away from the weekend. a live look from our twin peaks camera towards beautiful downtown san francisco. maybe some flashing lights there. the woman who may have jumped into the waters. we'll have more on that coming up. three carjacking suspects are off the streets in san jose. officers working a perimeter monday near east ridge mall where police spotted the suspect. they're connected to a carjacking six miles away near the blossom hill station.
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as officers moved in, the suspects tried to carjack two more drivers, but they were unsuccessful. the suspects fired shots as they ran. no one was hurt and police arrested two men immediately and a third hours later. the north bay's smart train may lose its funding to extend service. a u.s. senate committee drastically cut a program that would have funded the program. officials are still hopeful that some sort of deal westbound reached. in 2008, voters approved a sales tax with a promise the train would run from clover dale where riders could catch a ferry to san francisco. thieves have hit an oakland non-profit that works to help young people build leadership skills. this is a picture of the stolen van. it's a 1999 blue ford. the van was taken between last friday night and saturday morning outside his offices on oakland's santa clara avenue. the van takes students to their
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after school program. they have leadership camps as well as mentoring programs. federal agents have busted an illegal driver's license scheme in california, a dmv employee and trucking school have each pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery and identity fraud. more employees may well be involved. court records show the employees changed computer records to falsely show drivers' past written and behind-the-wheel tests. two other dmv employees in salinas and sacramento and two other trucking school operators face similar charges. you know san francisco has an incredible food scene, right? this morning, the city has new culinary honors. >> bon appetit magazine has declared san francisco the best food city in the country. restaurant critic andrew nolton says a brand-new regional cuisine is coming to life. >> yacht club, the progress, and state provisions number one
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leading the way. he even says rival new york city hasn't had much of a century food-wise. ouch! right? >> you're like our resident food critic, so i defer to you on things like that. >> thank you very much. you give me too much credit. mac and cheese for my kids. that's the level of my food these day. >> fast-food here. >> even our food trucks are gourmet. >> oh, yeah. >> nice. >> speaking of trucks or buses or things that haul things. back to school. >> i know. a lot of kids started yesterday, some today. it's that time of year. >> yes. >> all right, south san francisco unified school district. which covers south san francisco, daley city. kids will need a light jacket. by the time they head home, sunshine and 72 at 3:00. have fun your first day. i'm just going to leave it at that. it is pretty clear this morning. we do have some clouds
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developing. so we'll call it mostly sunny and mild the next two days. our forecast highlights -- i'm thinking above average highs, friday through at least monday with triple digit heat inland saturday and sunday. so you weekend warriors, be careful. drink plenty of water. live doppler 7 hd, quiet this morning. no drizzle around. look on the left side of your screen. that's where that area of low pressure is spinning. that's where any showers are going to be. that low is retro grading. it's moving to the west. and because of that, we'll see more sunshine today. maybe a couple of degrees warmer minimal. you'll barely even notice it, especially up in the north bay, where it will be brighter today. santa cruz, 76. low to mid 80s for the rest of the south bay. almost total sunshine on the peninsula today will be near 80. redwood city southward, low to mid 70s your immediate neighbors. 68, half-moon bay the warm spot. sunset 66, a little more sunshine today. near 70 downtown. if you're heading to the north
5:17 am
bay, we'll have 80 at san rafael. napa 82. those are the warm spots. the cool spot at about 76. along the east bayshore, richmond 72. oakland 75. 79 in castro valley. san ramon 81. one last stop going to the game, you'll need the sunglasses and the sunscreen. temperatures in the upper 60s with a light westerly breeze. here's my seven-day forecast. tomorrow's going to be a lot like today. temperatures back to average friday. and then you can see the mid to upper 70s at the coast this weekend. some 90s around the bay and 100s inland. temperatures will slowly taper monday and tuesday. have a good day. what are you working on, leyla? >> i am working on this view from emeryville. most of the traffic is in the westbound direction. we've got plenty of taillights there as they head away from the east bay towards san francisco. so we the lights haven't been turned on just yet, but volume is building as you head into the city. speaking of, which we also have
5:18 am
some construction, if you're leaving daly city. we'll have a lane or two that are going to be taken away until further notice. so there is no hard time when all lanes will be reopened. so if your travels do take you away, you might start to see a slowdown. let's move to the golden gate bridge. traffic looking beautiful. we did have the truck making its way to the marin side, so try to stay on the far right-hand side of the roadway. >> thank you, leyla. it's 5:18. more of us are complaining about airlines. >> this morning report. >> airline complaints taking off. they're up 20% in the first half of the year. >> that's partially because spirit airlines, known for the annoying add-on fees, contributed to its complaint data. the top complaints, cancellation and flight delays. >> the median price of a home is just under $230,000, up more
5:19 am
than 8% from last year. >> but if you're looking around northern california, silicon valley, be warned, the median price there soared to $980,000. and kim kardashian has been forced to take down her social media post promoting a morning sickness drug. she is a paid spokesperson for the drug. >> the fda says the posts are false and misleading because they failed to mention the risks and side effects. kim kardashian has 80 million followers online. >> and that's america's money. straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> also, the walk on the wild side that landed this daredevil in the record books again. and as you get your day into gear, keep on top of weather and traffic with abc 7 news now. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. search still continuing here for a person who may have jumped or a person who may have jumped or fallen into the
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good morning, everyone. 5:21. a live look towards san francisco where a search continues in the waters near the eastern span of the bay bridge, where a person may have jumped or fallen. we'll tell you more in moments. and whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, seven things to know before you go. the search is on for a woman believed to have jumped off the bay bridge into the water this morning. several boats are in the water looking for the woman. fire and police are all helping. janet oh will have a live report janet oh will have a live report in just a few minutes at >> 680, southbound side moving along just fine. we are starting off on a light note. a whole lot of sunshine and dry weather, mild temperatures at least today and tomorrow. look at that. san jose is just one of the many areas that's going to see
5:23 am
temperatures above average throughout the weekend. i'll have a detail for your neighborhood coming up. a seven-hour standoff in morgan hill is finally over. the man was arrested around midnight after holding officers at bay most of the night at a home near manor court and delmonte avenue. it all started when authorities went to check on a report that a wanted felon was at the home. >> evacuations continue j jerusalem fire. the fire has grown to 14,000 acres. it's just 5% contained this morning. an nfl executive says so far, oakland has not given the league a viable plan to keep the raiders in the bay area. owners met in chicago yesterday to listen to relocation plans from the team to move to los angeles. league officials say plans to build a $1.7 billion stadium in carson to be shared by the raiders and chargers is moving along. number seven, a statistical oddity. for the first time in baseball
5:24 am
history, all 15 home teams won on the same day including the giants, who beat the astros in convincing fashion. the odds of every home team winning on a full major league schedule are one in 32,758. three businesses in san jose with questionable behavior had their liquor licenses suspended. our media partner reports the dragonfly lounge, union avenue, and motif lounge are no longer licensed to sell liquor. at least not until an investigation is over. agents with the state department of alcohol beverage control say violations serving alcohol and poor kitchen maintenance. >> flying high again. a turkey vulture found poisoned last week in marin county is back in the wild. it was exposed to a drug commonly used by veterinarians to euthanize livestock.
5:25 am
they say the turkey vulture made a full recovery. the massive bird with a six-foot wingspan flew back to freedom yesterday. >> it's not a bird or a plane, but a death defying stunt man high above the ground. check it out. nik wallenda completed the longest walk in his career monday night. he covered almost 1,600 feet on a wire suspended above the wisconsin state fair. the wire was ten stories above the ground. wallenda holds nine guinness world records already. >> famous tight rope walking family. an archaeologist says he may have found evidence that the former queen of egypt is secretly buried inside king tut's tomb. >> the remains have never been found, while king tut's were located in 1922. now nicolas reed says new tests show there may be a portal leading from tut's he says he could be wrong, but
5:26 am
if he's right, those prospects are staggering. king tut's tomb is the most intact egyptian tomb ever discovered. now this next story is the stuff nightmares are made of. >> check out what experts are calling a massive communal spider web. >> it was created by thousands of spiders living in the tree. officials say an overabundance of flying food is likely. neither the spiders nor the web pose a threat to people living in the area. unless we're talking about your psyche. >> oh! >> yeah. >> leyla's grossed out over there. >> the abc 7 morning news continues without the gross spider stuff with the bay's top stories. >> including temporary relief for san jose residents fighting to keep their homes. the move that's buying them more time as the housing market competition heats up. >> how about a live look outside? this is the embarcadero in san francisco. francisco. our way to kee
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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. it's 5:29 on this wednesday. middle of the week already. thank you so much for being here. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. first up, let's get you a midweek look at the weather forecast. >> you siee a little bit of a crescent moon. we're starting a little cooler. 78 inland. definitely want to have something to protect your eyes and your skin from that strong sunshine. a little warmer today. especially up in the north bay with a little more sunshine. 84 inland by 4:00. 64 at the coast by 7:00, to 78 inland. check of your morning commute.
5:30 am
here's leyla. >> we do have confirmation that there is a fire that's burpi ib off of highway 84. we're taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic heavy. the metering lights -- i believe they are probably on by now. so i will get confirmation for you in my next report. as you can see, traffic is stacked and packed, as they say, coming away from the east bay, so do pack your patience along with everything else. as we move to solano county, right near marsh view, it looks like the vehicle was traveling at a very high rate of speed, they spun out and now they're in the center divider. not blocking my lanes. mostly green conditions, which means you are at posted speeds. >> thank you very much. 5:30 now. more on that breaking news that leyla just mentioned. the search for a person who may have jumped off the bay bridge and into the water. janet oh is live near the bridge. janet? >> reporter: good morning, eric.
5:31 am
we wanted to give you a closer vantage point. we're here down by the water. you may be able to make out the coast guard behind us. they're there on their boats with the flashing lights here on the water, searching for this woman who jumped over a guardrail along the bay bridge. about two and a half hours ago. chp just confirmed with us that they believe the person who jumped over is a driver who was originally involved in a single car accident earlier this morning. and we just heard from the coast guard that they believe the woman could be near the san francisco waterfront. fire crews are searching that area as well as buena island. this started out of a single car crash at 2:00 this morning on the eastern span of the bay bridge. three people were in that car at the time. and when chp officer tried to approach them, they say that's when the woman jumped over into the water. they're not really sure why she did that. they're still investigating all of this right now. let's also show you the video of the coast guard, if you can take
5:32 am
that video of the coast guard flying above in their continued efforts to search toward this woman, who jumped apparently 70 feet down below into the water. chp says that is a survivable jump, but they are, of course, concerned that hypothermia could set in because the water is definitely really cold right now. reporting live in oakland, janet oh, abc 7 news. >> we'll continue to follow up. thank you. breaking overnight, seven people were injured when a u.s. army helicopter made what officials are calling a hard landing in japan. the chopper went down on a chip near the island of okinawa. as you can see, it's badly damaged. no word what caused the hard landing or the extent of their injury. officials say the crew was conducting a local training mission. back here, happening now, bay area kids are starting a new school year while the districts are scrambling to hire teachers. abc 7 news reporter matt kellar is live in san jose with thousands of kids returning this morning, and this is a bay area wide problem. >> reporter: wryeah, and all
5:33 am
across california. stude students in the san jose unified school district will head back, including the willow glen elementary school. it is welcoming 200 new teachers to the classrooms, but that's not enough, at least according to a spokesperson with san jose unified. still need to hire about 12 more teachers. this happened in most california districts as a result of years of layoffs during the recession years and now retirement from the baby boomer generation. san jose unified said the district was a lot more aggressive this year, recruiting first year teachers, touting its salary and benefits package. but with the increased cost of living in the bay area, it can be tough convincing teachers to stay in the area. >> the average san jose unified teacher has about 15 years of experience, and their salary comes out to about 75,000. their entire benefits package is about 25,000, and 15,000 of that, it's their health benefits package.
5:34 am
>> i was really shocked by the prices of rent because i've never lived in san jose. so i was really surprised. coming from florida, where everything is affordable, i was surprised. >> add to the demand the number of those entering teacher preparation programs in california dropped by more than 55% from 2008 to 2012. the shortage officials say will take years to meet the demand, especially for math and science. reporting live in san jose, matt kellar, abc 7 news. developing news. new mandatory evacuations in lake county as two large fires have nearly confirmed. sky 7 hd was above the jerusalem fire as it tore through the dry brush in lake county. it's grown to 14,000 acres and it's just 15 -- actually, make that 5% contained. more than 1,600 firefighters are on the scene and at least 50 structures are threatened. many residents have left. others are ready to go at a moment's notice. >> we've been bulldozing dirt
5:35 am
patches and we love living here, but it is -- it can be very frightening, it can be very stressful. >> the fire appears to be moving east. firefighters said many more homes will be in danger if it shifts west. this morning, thousands of san jose residents who faced losing their homes have a temporary reprieve. the san jose city council passed a six-month moratorium last night that stalls the sale and development of mobile home parks. the city has 59 mobile home parks, including winchester ranch, a retirement community. residents there have been notified of the owner's intent to sell. >> there are economic forces at work that obviously look at this land as valuable land for development in higher density. >> at some point in time, you retire and then you die. but they want to close the parks. i don't know what we're supposed to do. supposed to die someplace else. >> city staff will present the official six-month moratorium in two weeks. it still needs to pass a second
5:36 am
vote by the council. san jose police are one step closer to being able to fly a drone. the city council has agreed to a one-year pilot program, which still needs approval from the faa. the drone will be used for only two situations, when the bomb squad is called out or when there's an active shooter situation. it cannot be used for surveillance or data gathering on the general public. this morning, sam liccardo will announce a plan he hopes will bring more middle income jobs to his city. the mayor will be joined by representatives from bloom energy, and pg&e to announce an initiative that provides incentives and partnerships to manufacturers. manufacturing accounts for 17% of san jose's job base. the plan will be announced in a 10:00 a.m. news conference on san ignacio avenue. a warning has been issued in pacifica after a coyote charged at a man and his dog. it happened yesterday morning at the lands' end apartments. the man was on a walk with his
5:37 am
dog when a coyote emerged from the bushes and attacked them or charged at them. california fish & wildlife said such aggressive behavior from a coyote is a concern, but there's nothing they can do unless the animal injures somebody. >> i think most of the time, you're not going to have a problem. i think in a situation like this, this particular coyote is really not afraid of people, so just watch out. >> fish & wildlife says because coyotes are not protected in any way, property owners are allowed to hire a company to trap and euthanize the animals. >> new this morning, san francisco based uber's plan for worldwide expansion has hit another legal bump. five drivers were arrested in hong kong yesterday for operating without the proper permit or insurance. undercover officers used the app to call the drivers, and then took them into custody when they arrived. two officers were also raided and three staff members detained. in recent months, uber has met resistance from regulators and traditional taxi business worldwide. >> we're just hours away now from one of the best shows in
5:38 am
the solar system. experts say tonight's moonless, dark sky will offer the perfect backdrop for the dazzling persied meteor shower. each piece that burns up gives off a beautiful flash of light. primetime viewing is set to get under way around 1:00 a.m. perfect timing for us. >> perfect timing for mike to wake up early and see it, but he won't. >> it's kind of hard not to notice those. the sky will be mainly clear with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s at 1:00. let's talk about the fire really quick. temperatures even cooler than last hour. good news. the winds will stay in the ten to 15 miles per hour range, but
5:39 am
they'll stay in that range much longer. they may ramp up just a little bit. back here at home, 72 to 82. the breezes will taper today. that that 82 will be up in the north bay. 65 at the coast to about 70 in downtown san francisco. and strong sunshine inland will push us around 81 to around 88 in the east bay. here's a look. you can see the moon up there. and the lack of cloud cover this morning from our room cam. pretty steady tomorrow. temperatures warming back to average friday. and then it gets excessively hot saturday. that will last into sunday. i'll let you know if it lasts into monday and tuesday. any hot stuff? >> right now, as we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. southbound side of 680 at marsh view road, this is where a car was traveling a high rate of speed, spun out and now it's
5:40 am
blocking a lane. you do need to make it up to the k cordelia interchange. heading right back over to east palo alto, we do have confirmation that a field is burning. possibly causing that 101 still clear. >> leyla, thank you very much. it's 5:40 now. next, the race against time for a bay area toddler. >> how you can help a boy suffering from a rare disease. also ahead, the choice that students applying to uc schools will now have in defying their gender identity. >> and you're looking live. it is a gorgeous sunrise in the making in the bay area, as we start to see the sun's first glows there. we'll keep weather and traffic we'll keep weather and traffic up for you during the
5:41 am
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this is abc 7 news. >> take a look at the damage a monsoon caused at an airport to southeast of phoenix, arizona. you can see high winds flipped several small planes and tore through buildings at chandler airport. gusts were clocked in as high as 52 miles per hour. widespread damage has been
5:44 am
reported. at one point, as many as 10,000 people were without power. >> the search is on for a bone marrow donor who could save the life of a 14-month-old boy from sonoma. jack yankee has a rare auto immune disorder, which means a simple cold could be deadly. everything in his home must be sterilized. officials say the key to jack's cure is a bone marrow transplant. potential donors found out it's as easy as swabbing their cheek. >> if it will save a life, i don't really care what it is, i'll do it. >> only 30 people in the world have this disease. if you want to become a potential donor, you could have a cheek swab test kit mailed to you. for more information, go to our website, the u.s. olympic committee's board of directors is set to meet to talk about a los angeles bid for the 2024 summer games. according to the "san francisco chronicle," l.a. is making its bid without san francisco. mayor ed lee doesn't want to make any financial commitments. boston dropped out after being
5:45 am
selected as the u.s. entry for the 2024 games. los angeles expects the games to generate $150 million of revenue. no final decisions are expected today. some members of the golden state warriors are trying for a spot on the u.s. olympic basketball team. steph curry, klay thompson, harrison barnes and draymond green are taking part in three days of workouts to select the olympic team for next summer. who wouldn't want them on the team? >> absolutely. the defending nba champs and you turn them away? i don't think so. time for a check on our weather forecast. our all-star. >> thank you very much. hope you're feeling better. >> great day for baseball as well. got another game. giants after a great win last night. >> temperatures in the upper 60s. a whole lot of sunshine. a lot of moms, especially the kindergarten moms may be crying a little bit in antioch as they a little bit in antioch as they send their kids off to school.
5:46 am
these are the days when you lose your sweatshirt because you have to wear it in the morning and you forget where you put it in the afternoon hours. it is chilly up north. american canyon 50. the same thing in mill valley. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. san francisco, half-moon bay, along with san jose, 59. cupertino, only 55 degrees. good morning, san ramon. brentwood, 61. you can see a raggedness of the clouds this morning. the reason why, just don't have much in the way of winds. that's going to bring us brighter conditions today and still comfortable highs. it will be cool tonight and mild tomorrow. and then the heat is on. here's a look at the lack of wind. only fairfield at 18 is something you have to contend something you have to contend with this morning. the warmer spots in the mid 80
5:47 am
sunset not far behind, 66. a lot more sunshine across the north bay. we'll start at 76 in vallejo. napa at 82. once you head to the east, we're in the mid 80s. tonight's going to be comfortable once again. the pattern holds steady tomorrow. and then it gets warmer friday. those are temperatures just back to average. it's the 70s at the coast.
5:48 am
100s inland that are going to get you saturday and sunday. >> traffic is starting to fill in just a bit. i'm going to take you right back over to where the slowing is over to where the slowing is pretty extensive now. speeds are slow indeed. we're down to the teens. 13 miles per hour as you head away from kcordelia. i-80 still remaining clear. that might be the better way to go. we're taking you right back into menlo park. we saw a tweet saying you should avoid the area. the number three lane is currently blocked. you can see some slowing the
5:49 am
east side. >> students across the bay area head back to school. abc 7 news is saluting the crossing guards where you live. >> this man has been an oakland resident since 1973 and retired from the federal government. every school day, he is stationed on 35th avenue at 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. the kids from laurel element, the american indian school and skyline high school get to school safe ly. we would love to meet the crossing guard where you live. send us a picture usin using #abc7newsnow. and be sure to include their name and the school they cover. helping you know which college is best for your kid. how technology is playing a role in your choice for higher education. first, the battle of the wiggle is over for now. why san francisco bicyclists are claiming victory this morn. and target in trouble again. the t-shirt design it's accused
5:50 am
of ripping off now. and you can keep tabs on weather and traffic throughout the commercial break with abc 7 the commercial break with abc 7 news now, looking at the
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back. google may have run into a complication with the name for its new holding company. the name alphabet is already trademarked. it's a subsidiary of bmw that provides fleet services to corporations. bmw says it doesn't plan to sell. google announced on monday that it will focus just on maps, e-mail, youtube, and the google search engine. it will become just one entity under parent company alphabet alongside several other entities
5:53 am
formerly under google such as google x and nest. students applying to the university of california campus can now choose between two, but six gender identities. the extra choices will help them have a better sense of the student population and the resources and services needed on each campus. starting this fall, students applying to schools can choose between male, female, transmale, transfemale, gender queer, gender nonconforming, and different identity. the san francisco police department's crackdown on cyclists who don't make complete stops at stop signs is over. according to the san francisco examiner, captain john sanford conceded to bicyclists demands last night and promised to work with them to come up with a better solution for increased traffic safety. cyclists criticized sanford for diverting resources from ticketing dangerous drivers. a citizens petition against the crackdown received more than 16,000 signatures. santa clara county supervisors are proving ahead with an effort to secure state
5:54 am
funding to replace the main jail in san jose. the jail was build in the 1950s and has leaking pipes and mold. the supervisors want to tear it down and build a new one at a cost of nearly a quarter billion dollars. the county will apply for state funds that will pay for about 1/3 of that cost. in just a few hours, the u.s. coast guard cutter straton is scheduled to return home in alameda after nearly four months at sea. during its 114-day mission, they captured two semisubmersible vessels in the pacific. they seized 33 tons of cocaine worth more than one billion dollars. the straton is set to arrive at 9:00 a.m., where the crew will be reunited with their families. >> a lot of history. >> it does. >> a billion dollars? >> a billion dollars. >> oh, wow. good morning, everybody. let's talk baseball. astros and giants.
5:55 am
warming up to around 70, maybe 68 when the winds start to kick up towards the end of the game. in the sunshine, it will feel ten to 15 degrees warmer. 81 in tahoe. and look what's happening to hilda, the tropical storm. it is getting sheered apart. the flooding rains and rough surf coming to the big island in the next 24 to 36 hours. >> finally this accident is clearing. southbound side of 680 at marsh view road. you see traffic dissipating a little bit. the backup grew right up to the cordelia interchange. as we slide over to highway 4, most of the slowing confined to antioch. you're going to head from highway 4 along
5:56 am
it's 5:55. target is once again discontinuing a t-shirt after a boston company accused the retail giant of copying one of its designs. take a look. see what you think. the one on the left is made by a store called sully's in boston. the one on the right is the one sold at target. both are green with the words green monster on them, referring to the high left field wall at fenway park, home of the red sox. the boston retailer says he's been selling the trademark shirt for nine years before a similar version suddenly appeared at target. you may recall back in may, target pulled the t-shirt with an american flag off shelves after an oregon mom accused target of copying her designs. a new law in california is designed to make sure students never face the ordeal a girl and her mom experienced. governor jerry brown signed sb-200 into law yesterday, it allows children of live-in nannys to go to school in the district where the parents worked and reside.ies to go to district where the parents worked and reside. her daughter was kicked out of a
5:57 am
local elementary school when the district said she didn't meet residency requirements. critics say that information was dug up by a private detective using questionable tactics. the public outcry forced the district to readmit the girl. new at 6:00, potential health problems ready to hurt your kids. why this generation faces new challenges doctors and parents have not seen before. and the mom makes waves for breast-feeding her friend's child. her side of the story on the decision stirring up the controversy this morning. and you can keep tabs on and you can keep tabs on weather and traffi
5:58 am
and you can keep tabs on weather and traffi my theory is pretty simple. happiness, before cleanliness. gooey. flaky. happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh wisome nourishing productsr hair can weigh hair ♪ dove oxygen moisture is different. it provides light-weight oxygen fused moisture for the nourishment you need and the volume you want. so you can enjoy nourishment with 95% more volume. dove oxygen moisture. live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. breaking news. the search in the waters underneath the bay bridge. what happened moments before a woman ended up over the edge and the search for her right now. >> a growing challenge in the fight against a massive wildfire. what we're learning about the
6:00 am
jerusalem fire as more evacuations are under way. >> and a roadblock stands in the way of mass transit in the north bay. >> good morning. it's 6:00 on this wednesday. a lovely day. what we see is leyla practicing ballet. she'll have to explain herself. >> i'm eric thomas. mike nicco joins us now with the forecast. >> i'll practice weather for the next 20 seconds. good morning, everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. lack of cloud cover, but also lack of fog. the bay is calmer and so are the winds. we're looking at 64 to 62. maybe a few clouds at the coast. 66 to 78 there. 4:00, 68 to 84. >> l


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