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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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they tried to detain him but he took off, they say, and they chased him down city streets. they say this is in line with the oakland department's pursuit policy. they were going 40, maybe 50 miles an hour. when they got near 27 and mlk, he collided with another car. he got out and then tried to carjack someone else. the officer picks it up from there. >> we do know based on the information right now that the suspect was still armed with a firearm when confronted. when the officers confronted the suspects, the suspects still had the firearm, and we do know that officers did discharge their weapons striking the suspect. >> reporter: and the officers -- the police officers say that they are wearing those body cameras, so they do have that footage that they'll be
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reviewing as well as surveillance video from other people. there were several witnesses in the area. they tell us this is the third officer involved shooting this year. again, a 23-year-old man dead. he died at the hospital after being shot after he showed officers a firearm here in west oakland. live in west oakland, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> carolyn, thanks very much. and now to the arrest of a teenager police say assault add girl and robbed as many as ten homes. locations of those reported robberies, most of them happened in the city's west end. that's where abc 7 news report er katie joins us. >> reporter: there were surveillance cameras at one of the locations where a prowler broke in. it's that surveillance footage shown on our air and thecanvassd that helped lead to the arrest.
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all the victims were women and there were no stolen items taken from the moment, so it was just targeted to women and no thefts occurred to the burglary/break-ins. they're not releasing his name because he's a minor. he turned himself in possibly because of the mounting pressure of his picture being out there. sexual assault of a minor and two counts of burglary. that may be just the beginning. they're working to connect him with a string of seven burglaries in the city's west end. police say the teen fled the home before physically contacting any of the female residents in the earlier cases but the seventh incident involved the sexual assault of a young girl, and she is the youngest of the victims. people who noknow the suspect ss he attends island school. >> he's always quiet with -- i don't know if it was his
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girlfriend or not. i was shocked. you don't know who to trust, who to call your friend and everything. >> because, like i said, the victims are all females. he perhaps might have been watching them, learning their patterns, knowing when they were home, if they were home alone. >> reporter: the recent burglaries spanned from this spring up to the past sunday, but police say they may connect this young man to earlier incidents as well. they are investigating an auto theft that happened near one of the break-in locations and they are matching fingerprints take frep that auto theft to their teenaged suspects but, again, to reiterate there were no eitems taken from any of these homes that were burglarized. live in alameda, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. an investigation is under way at the new folsom state prison after a deadly inmate riot. one prisoner was stabbed to death. five others suffered stab wounds
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when a large fight broke out in one of the general population yards. no staff was injured. officers used pepper spray and at least two warning shots in an effort to stop the fighting. the investigation tonight focuses on the weapons used by inmates. >> the exact makeup of the weapons are being investigated right now and processed into evidence. mostly they're manufactured by inmates. >> california state prison sacramento calls folsom prison as a maximum security prison that houses about 2,300 inmates. it is just adjacent to folsom state prison. a man arrested with the theft of two cameras from bay area news crews in san francisco. this happened at pier 14 last month. michael jones was arrested at a motel 6. they say he pistol-whipped a kntv cameraman and threw him to the ground. the photographer tried to interve intervene. they say jones took the cameras and jumped into a waiting black
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bmw 7 series with two men inside. police identified a possible suspect car last week after the incident and monitored that car this whole time. >> michael jones to be a san francisco gang member whose gang has been engaging in or we believe engaging in robberies ut owe burglaries and other crimes. >> the news crew was attacked while following up on the murder of kate steinle. monday's massive fire in san leandro destroyed a grocery store. investigators say it was intentionally set based on how quickly it spread. it took crews nearly four hours to control it. four other nearby businesses were damaged. one of california's most wanted fugitives is in jail. the 43-year-old was arrested yesterday in ohio. it happened as federal agents shut down a large marijuana
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growing operation in canton. police say they have a large number of drugs including methamphetamines. authorities had been searching for him for more than three years. she's wanted on a variety of charges including burglary and car theft. people in the contra costa county area of alamo had flooding of housing nearby. laura anthony is live with the story. laura? >> reporter: quite a scene this morning. they say it's a scene that's becoming increasingly common around the east bay as their system ages. it was an early morning gusher that came from a 10-inch water main that burst underneath busy danville boulevard. >> water down our drain.
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we were thinking it was raining. >> when the crews got out here there was damage to the homes and a ten inch line from 1931 burst. >> reporter: rose, the pet pig, did everything she could to get away from the rising waters by clipg onto her bed. >> i thought pigs liked slop. >> they do and they don't. usually they like to be nice and clean. >> reporter: this was the culprit. a cast iron pipe, one that was clearly corroded and installed in 1931. >> typically pipes break because of age, corrosion or ground movement. >> reporter: they are doing this type of repair all along 800 to 1,000 times per year.
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laura anthony abc 7 news. >> the certificate for a woman who jumped or fell 70 feet off the bay bridge has moved from water to land. chp officers determined the woman survived the plunge along the eastern span after a truck driver reported picking up a soaking wet woman near the to plaza and dropping her off this the east bay. they confirm the woman was driving a car stolen out of los angeles. it hit a guardrail about 2:30 in the afternoon. she and two other women left that crash and started walking eastbound on the bridge's bike path. the woman went into the water when an office er approached them. >> we believe it's the driver jumped over the rails and the officer was about 50 yards away she began to slip and fall. >> the u.s. coast guard found the woman's i.d. in the search for her in the bay. they are now checking the address.
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former president jimmy carter announced he has cancer that has spread throughout his body. mayor ed lee tweet this had picture of president carter in san francisco two weeks ago today at a book signing here. carter says the recent surgery to remove a small mass on his liver reveals the cancer. he will undergo treatment at a hospital in atlanta. carter is 90 years old and served as president after being elected to a single term in 1976. "world news" will have much more on this story at 5:30 right after this newscast. at least 13 people died today in china during a massive chemical explosion and fire. that blast jolted the warehouse for logistics company in the port area of the city near beijing. you see the smoldering aftermath. one witness captured the explosion on camera. at least 250 people were hurt, a series of small explosions occurred prior to that massive fireball. the flames burned for hours.
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the explosion caused extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure. abc 7 news talked with a professor from santa clara university who has been monitoring the situation. >> if this explosion had occurred in a residential area you would have had thousands of deaths. china is a densely populated area. it is a city of 15 million people. >> investigators are trying to find the cause of that blast. >> incredible video. there is much more ahead this wednesday evening. coming up, kids go back to school while construction crews go back to work. why these two groups are not supposed to be side-by-side. >> bad news for beavers in the east bay. they are dying. what scientists are ruling out. forget made in america. the new push to have things made in san jose. twitter says good-bye to 140 characters but only for messages. and the airline about to start weighing passengers. we'll tell you which ones. >> what?
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for days crews have been working feverishly to finish construction projects in south san francisco before the school year starts. they almost made it. classes start today. lee and melendez is live with the story. close. >> reporter: almost, dan. they were working seven days a week. it's amazing how much progress was made and how much was completed. this and two other projects are still behind schedule causing the school district a lot of money.
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>> you're going to go down this path. >> reporter: students were greeted by teachers and one or two construction workers. >> i didn't think it would be ready. >> reporter: while the construction project is supposed to be completed by next year, the school had to find space elsewhere for those students. the contractor says those classrooms will be ready in about a week, and that's not all. >> i was a little surprised to see that but it's really not affecting them at all. >> reporter: the play structure is yet to be constructed. there were electrical boxes and gates yet to be put up.
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there were roofing materials that didn't arrive on time. the district has used up all the funds from the $162 million bond for school improvements and ran out. they needed to complete projects because of increased cost. >> anyone who has been around knows those things can happen. >> reporter: the pta is asking parents to be flexible. >> we have a lot of resources for you on back to school including the best shopping deals and healthy lunch ideas your kids will actually like, and that's the key. >> pushing for a plan to bring more middle income jobs to his city. the mayor announced the initiative that provides incentives and partnerships to manufacturers who expand operations. the manufacturing accounts for
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18% of san jose's job base. >> manufacturing can be a great pathway to expand for a lot of folks who do not have college or advanced degrees to get the middle skills jobs and the pathway to the middle class. >> representatives were on hand for the day's announcement. san jose has committed $200,000 to the industrial building to accelerate permit approvals to new businesses. twitter's 140 character limit is going away, at least for the private messages that you send. the san francisco-based company announced today that it will allow messages now of up to 10,000 characters in its mobile app, desktop app, and the web. officials say it will make it easier for businesses to conduct consumer service -- customer service over direct messaging so look for longer direct messages.
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hundreds of employees of a san francisco startup may not be out of work after all. the company called zirtual plans to resume off racials after being purchased after the new year. they suddenly laid off 400 employees via e-mail. in consumer news tonight, airlines are asking passengers to weigh in before they fly. >> can you imagine? advertisers targeting minority children and why some are concerned. all of that in consumer news. michael finney is here. let's start with a safety recall first. the massive air bag recall. a website to help consumers. parts maker says a plan to introduce air bag to encourage customers to get their cars fixed. it's all part of get the word out for highway safety. you may remember that at least
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eight people have been killed and more than 100 injured worldwide by the air bags that can fire shrapnel at drivers or passengers. you may also recall that more than 33 million cars have been recalled. a new study finds minority kids are being targeted by advertisers pitching unhealthy foods. the study for food policy and obesity found that black and hispanic children were disproportionately targeted for food high in calories, sugar, salt, and fat. the study also found out healthier foods were less likely to be marketed to minority children. among 22 companies looked at that sell healthy products, only two -- two targeted hispanics and blacks. public health experts have long cited a link. next, could this be a trend? yeah, you're laughing. uzbekistan airlines plans to make its customers weigh in
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before they fly. the company says the average weight of passengers carrying canned luggage. the weight will not affect the price. they say passengers' weight will be kept confidential. and it's not the first airline to weigh passengers. samoa air kicked off the controversial policy in 2013. if there's a buck to be made. >> i would feel pressure to fast. thanks, michael. >> gracious. we're laughing about this. we're not going there. no. i don't want to be weighed. i will weigh in on the weather. how is that? dan and cheryl, it's going to be fantastic tomorrow. today was a chamber of commerce day. temperatures 77 to 80. we'll talk about what's going on right now. skies absolutely clear across
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the bay area, so limited low cloudiness we did have earlier today long gone. fire danger is going to remain high for parts of california. a red flag warning begins tomorrow afternoon. runs until thursday night at 11:00 p.m. and covers not just the eastern portion of the state but the central sierra including tahoe. so if you are traveling there, keep that in mind it will get windy. a beautiful view of the sun shining. 72 degrees in san francisco. it is 76 in oakland. 79 san jose. currently 82 in morgan hill. and here is a view from the south bay. blue skies over san jose right now. low 80s for santa rosa, novato. 83 in livermore. one other live picture and you're seeing clear skies but some patches of low clouds will be returning in the overnight hours. mild to warm tomorrow heating up this upcoming weekend for any outdoor plans you have. satellite radar showing you what's keeping our temperatures in check. the low is still spinning offshore and that's why we're
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not seeing the heat. the low-pressure system will finally start to kick on out of here and as it lifts out late tomorrow, high pressure will come in. this is what's going to bring us our summer sizzle. it returns as we head into saturday. that low-pressure system will kick up the winds in the sierra and raising the fire danger as we head to tomorrow. just keep that in mind. livermore's temperature trend 89 degrees. tomorrow you'll fall a little bit below, about normal for friday and then look what happens saturday, sunday. triple digits showing up. temperatures will taper as we head to next week. the latest on tropical storm hilda. it is falling apart. it has weakened considerably and is quickly picking up speed. there is concern for the big island where tropical storm watch and a flash flood watch are up as we head towards thursday afternoon, evening, some heavy rain is expected. could see 6 to 12 inches, mud slides. the surf will be pretty big. you will notice that system quickly falls apart and still remains well south of the main
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island chain. so not a direct hit. could see some impacts as we head to the next few days. tomorrow morning temperatures in the low 50s to low 60s. we will have some low clouds around tomorrow afternoon. it's a nice day. 80 san jose. 86 gilroy. 78 in sunnyvale. redwood city, 70 degrees in half moon bay. a mild day in downtown san francisco, 73 degrees. 67 daly city. low 80s for santa rosa, napa, east bay, 75 in oakland. 74 berkeley. head inland, no hot weather yet. accuweather seven-day forecast, the triple digits showing up saturday/sunday inland. we'll get out of the triple digits next week. cheryl and dan, yeah, getting steamy. >> thank you so much. researchers at uc-berkeley are calling this octopus a gentleman. we'll explain why.
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trying to figure out why
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young beavers are dying in a creek. three of four baby beavers have unexpectedly died. a fourth was found floating in the water. they haven't found anything out of the ordinary. veterinarians have ruled out the drought. a social octopus and how it eats its prey. they say they have never seen anything like this. it reaches out and taps its prey on the shoulder. and startles it into its arms. they have been known to live in groups of 40 off the coast of nicaragua and panama. >> excuse me. scientists climbed 50 trees in national parks and equipped them with monitoring devices.
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they are gathering data on water levels. scientists can determine which trees are stressed and which are surviving despite these harsh drought conditions. increasing the water supply. the $100,000 contract was approved to explore the usefulness of water pumped from the river. in the south bay san jose, eligible homeowners can get a $500 discounted package with drought resistant plants and landscape materials. all right, coming up here next, steph curry's new shoes. >> why they are generating a lot of buzz today on social media.
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i'm ama daetz. coming up new at 6:00, another movement to split california in two. tonight the areas that would become part of the state of jefferson. and? >> it's a shame they stole that memory from our family. >> from 7 on your side, the bay area family left stranded by a major airline not once but twice and then did nothing to get them home. it's all coming up in half an hour at 6:00. all right, ama, thank you. >> we'll take a look at steph curry's newest shoes from under armour. this is the first look we're seeing of the curry 2 kicks. >> the nba mvp wore them during
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mini camp. they're expected to cost more than $120. >> the new look is creating a buzz on social media. many folks quoting that viral means what are those? it was started by a berkeley resident unknown brand of shoes. one person says she doesn't like them and prefers nike and now maybe even adidas. >> the team will open its season against pelicans and christmas day finals rematch against the cavaliers. >> now you can find a full schedule on our website at there's more proof his backcourt mate klay thompson is one of the best shooters on the planet. >> in an instagram post you can see him draining it while riding a bicycle. even so -- >> pretty good. >> we'll get your video up in just a minute.
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he did it, too. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. we have several breaking stories tonight. the deadly explosions. two massive blasts in china, the mushroom cloud glowing in the sky, the walls crashing in. several dead, hundreds reportedly injured. our bob woodruff standing by in china tonight. also breaking, former president jimmy carter just revealing he has cancer. his message late today. the police officer fired tonight after shooting and killing this unarmed football star. the officer now claiming tonight the police chief acted too quickly in firing him. tom brady's last chance to get that suspension lifted, today the quarterback coming face-to-face with the nfl commissioner. and tonight the judge revealing which way he might be leaning. and could she be the biggest great white shark ever captured on video?


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