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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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where that insy kent ended but police are saying it began at 69th and international boulevard. he was driving that white car and tried to stop him, but they chased him through the city streets with speeds up to 50 miles per hour. they say their helicopter was helping them keep tabs on that 24-year-old. near 27th and mlk, his car collided with a motorist. he got out, and started to run. authorities say he tried to car jack another motorist and that he had a gun. >> when the suspect was attempting that car jacking, officers noticed the suspect was in possession of a firearm. when officer as approached, the suspect took off, running. what we do know is that there was a confrontation between the officers and the suspect. the suspect was still armed when
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the officer discharged their firearms. >> reporter: police are not saying how many shots were fired or how many officers were involved but no officers were injured. they say the suspect's gun has been recovered here at the scene. he was taken to the hospital where he did die. oakland police wear body cameras, so they're going to be reviewing the footage, as well as surveillance video from nearby buildings. officer watson says this is the third officer-involved shooting so far this year. she says the homicide, internal affairs and the district attorney's office are all investigating. we'll have more details of the police department plans to hold a news conference later this evening so we'll have more tonight on abc7 news. live in west oakland, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> thank you. an arrest has been made for
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two thefts of bay area news crews. the robberies happened as the reporters were following up on the death of kate steinle last month. cornell bernard is live with the developments. cornell? >> reporter: we're learning the suspect is a known gang member. the robbery and assault happened on the embarcadero as local news crews including abc7 were reporting the shooting death of kate steinle july 2nd. the moment was captured when two armed robbers pistol whipped a cammaman and took two cameras from news crews from two stations. police arrested michael anthony jones, charging him with assault and grand theft. they say he drove the bmw get away car. >> san francisco police officers set up a surveillance on that vehicle, knowing the registered owner, michael jones, to be a san francisco gang member whose
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gang has been engaging in, or we believe engaging in robberies, auto burglaries and other crimes in san francisco. and perhaps across the bay, as well. >> reporter: he says jones was on felony probation on a prior arrest. two suspects remain at large tonight. police following leads to find them. the stolen cameras have not yet been recovered. live on the embarcadero, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. abc7 news is learning about a deadly riot at the new folsom state prison near sacramento where a prisoner was stabbed to death. he is one of the san quentin six, a group involved in a escape attempt in 1971 that left six people dead, including a judge. prison officials say 70 inmates were involved in the afternoon sprite. no prison staff members were
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hurt. officers used pepper spray and two warning shots but are still not saying what started it. a transgender prison inmate has been demanding a sex change operation was released on parole today. freed from a men's prison east of sacramento. she committed her crime in southern california, she will be living in san francisco. her release today likely ends her attempt to have the state pay for her gender reasignment. she was supposed to present her argument tomorrow. the hearing has been cancelled but the court is taking the appeal under consideration. a 17-year-old teenager has been arrested in connection with a string of home invasions. one involved a sexual assault of a young girl. here is a map of the crimes in the west end. police say surveillance pictures were key to the arrest. >> reporter: dan, as a prowler tried to break into the roadway
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inn behind me, clear pictures were reported and people who know the teen recognized him immediately. it was likely under that pressure that he turned himself in to police last night. let me show you photos of a 17-year-old alameda boy police say is the suspect. they're not naming him, because he's a minor, but he is facing two counts of burglary and sexual assault charges. but those are just the first cases to be turned over to the district attorney. investigators think they can connect the teen to seven recent burglaries and maybe more. the most-recent attack on sunday, the prowler sexual assaulted a young girl, the youngest of all victims. police say there is a pattern to all of these hot-prowl cases. >> the suspect cut the screen on the open, unsecured window. it's been the link to these. >> i found out, i was like he's a sweet boy. he never used to be aggressive
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or anything. i was shocked. like wow. that was really him. once i seen the picture i knew who it was. i was like, that's him. >> reporter: the burglaries took place, this recent stretch started in june, up to this sunday. but police say they may connect the scene to earlier incidents as well. police are investigating an auto theft that occurred near one of the break ins. they're trying to match the fingerprints back to the teen-aged suspect. there is more work to be done but a sense of relief in this community. rif in alameda, abc7 news. >> katie, thank you. a former fremont schoolteacher wanted for more than a decade has been caught. he was arrested today in los angeles by the fbi. he was charged in 2001 with multiple counts of child molestation. at that time he was working as a
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schoolteacher in fremont. he'll be transferred to alameda county. now, a move to the rapidly spreading jerusalem fire in lake county. 1700 firefighters were hoping to contain the fire. but hoped that the windy conditions were similar to yesterday. so far, the fire burned 16,500 acres and only 6% contained. the fire is burning away from a majority of the homes but it needs to burn in areas that are very thick, dry and easily burning sim already conditions to what the rocky fire had been burning just a couple weeks ago. >> the fire burned up to the edge of the already-burned part of the rocky fire. it's now 88% contained. today was back to school for some bay area students, maybe a child of yours. not all of the schools are
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ready. abc7 news was at willow glenn elementary school where the school district was still scrambling to hire teachers. san jose unified says there are still 12 positions to fill this week. in south san francisco, students at one school are having to cope with some unfinished classrooms. abc7 news education reporter leanne melendez is live with the efforts to complete the project. leanne, just so close. >> reporter: they kept their promise, dan. you know, the south san francisco unified school district told and assured parents that classes would start today. they did, but with minor inconveniences, and a larger than anticipated price tag. the start of the school year is always a little confusing at berry elementary, parents and students were trying to navigate through some of the construction still going on.
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>> it would be nice if everything was complete. >> reporter: the construction project is supposed to be completed by next year, the classrooms were meant to be done weeks ago. today, four fifth grade classrooms were still being worked on. >> they've got alternate rooms to use for the next weeks. >> they're just going to finalize construction that has to pave the roadways and open it up to the streets. then, finish off the high brarry. and multi purpose room and all that. >> there were missing vents exposed electrical boxes, gates had yet to be put up, and some of the paving concretes have not been poured. the group says part of the delay were due to roofing materials that did not arrive in time.
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the district used up all of the funds for school improvements and ran out. it moved $10 million from the general fund to complete projects because of increased costs. >> the kids are adaptable. it's not ideal, but we'll get through the next couple months. >> reporter: the pta is asking parents to be flexible. in south san francisco, abc7 news. all right, still ahead here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00 another movement to split california in two. we're going to know what areas could become part of the state of jefferson. a coast guard crew returns to the area after a billion dollar drug bust. the contraband dropped off along the way. i'm spencer christian. get ready for hot times this weekend, weather wise, that is. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. an airline doesn't fly the family, then won't refund the cost of the
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the idea of splitting california in two states, north and south isn't going away. supporters are trying to drum up support, one county at a time. >> reporter: steve clinger raised the state of jefferson flag to remind those attending this meeting what the founding fathers wanted for america. >> i got my son and grandkids, it's for them. >> reporter: it's something that hasn't been done since the civil war, when west virginia split
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from virginia. in the original conflict between north and south. at this point, organizers see the new state of jefferson forming from the 20 northern-most counties in california. >> now, one senator for 11 counties when l.a. has 11 senators for one county. >> reporter: the el dorado county supervisors are the latest to hear the pitch for the 51 state. opponents are getting a chance to weigh in. a group called keep it california says splitting up makes no sense because the counties receive more benefits than paying out in taxes. the state of jefferson would like support in all 20 counties it is not necessary. the decision would have to come from the state capitol. you know, where the south greatly outnumbers the north. >> do you think this has a
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chance of succeeding? >> i do. absolutely. >> reporter: they plan to take their fight to sacramento in january. they say they won't give up until this flag is flying up there. in placerville, george warren, abc7 news. >> we'll see. it is back home at last for crew members of the coast guard cutter stratton, after two massive cocaine seizures. family and loved one stood by, waiting for the ship to dock. agents confiscated 74,000 pounds of cocaine over the past few months. >> it's very surprising, you know? very fortunate to be part of that group. hopefully they'll keep it going. >> this the cocaine was taken off the ship on monday in san diego. officials estimate it's worth more than $1 billion.
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a group of oakland residents want a seat for the coliseum city city project. in it, they asked for a community benefit agreement to make sure oakland residents aren't left out of the project. >> we want good work at this, we want to make sure the coliseum city workers retain their jobs and make sure the people who live there are not pushed out. >> the coliseum city project is far from a done deal. the developer must present a plan by august 21st. east bay mud is promising to pay homeowners for clean up and repairs after a water main break in alamo. you can see the break sent thousands of gallons gushing down danville boulevard. just a mess. a pet pig named rose ran inside
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to seek higher ground on a couch. >> yes. she can swim a little bit, thank god. i was worried but i knew she can handle herself. >> and she could. a ten inch pipe kor they replaced. >> now, it's time to check on the weather and boy, it is nice. the weekend is going to bring us some hot weather. here is a look at live doppler seven hd. sunny skies, hardly a low cloud to be found anywhere. we continue to have fire concerns, red flag warnings for this area in red. extreme northeastern portions of california into southern oregon and western nevada from
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2:00 p.m. tomorrow to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. here in the bay area we don't expect to have the conditions in our immediate vicinity there. that prompted this red flag warning. we've got clear skies now, clear skies along the coast as a matter of fact. it's 70 degrees in san francisco. 75 in oakland. 78 in mountain view and san jose. 79 in morgan hill. 79 in half moon bay. here is a live view from mount tam looking through the bay. napa, 81. 77 in novato. concorde, 83. and here is the view from our emeryville camera, looking at clear western sky. some areas of low clouds developing overnight. won't be very wide spread. mild to warm tomorrow and will start heating up friday. the weekend is going to be a scorcher. satellite image shows this upper
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level low producing showers off shore as well. following the forecast here, overnight tonight and into tomorrow, that low is going to lift well to our north and move inland. it will have no significant affect on the weather. what will happen here is that summer sizzle will return into much of california, including the bay area. for the week ahead, we'll use livermore as indicator of the high temperature trend. temperatures mid to upper 80s but saturday and sunday, highs above 100 degrees and that will mostly be the only spot hitting triple digits over the weekend. and temperatures moderating a little bit later in the week. overnight, look for some areas of low clouds but mainly clear skies in our inland locations. lows will be in the upper 50s tonight and tomorrow's highs range from mid and upper 60s on the coast. to mid and upper 70s around the bay to mid-80s inland.
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here comes the heat on friday, look for low to mid-90s inland on friday. up to about 102 in inland spots saturday. up to 104 sunday. we'll see upper 70s on the coast over the weekend and temperatures start to gradually taper off next week. >> 104? >> going to be hot. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> are you one of the people who ends up with hours of video you don't know what to do with? >> coming up,
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a dramatic turn around on wall street, the dow jones dropped like a rock. investors apparently shrugged off china's deevaluation of its currency. >> albiba's sales fell short and stock fell more than 6% today and hit a record low. macy's didn't do so well, reporting a 26% drop in profits due to the west coast port problems this year and weak spending among tourists. they're hoping to sell more stuff in china on alibaba.
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sam locado announced an incentive for manufacturers who expand in san jose, saying it expands opportunities for those without college degrees. >> there is nothing more engaged about trying to broaden opportunities for so many folk who's are still struggling in our valley. manufacturing accounts for 18% of the job base. the city committed $200,000 to retro fit vacant industrial buildings and provide accelerated permit to new businesses. two state agencies today kicked off drought relief efforts, the california energy commission requiring new shower heads. it doesn't go into affect for three years. the state water board is offering $100 to replace 60,000
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toilets with more efficient models and $2 per square foot to replace your lawn. you can alie on abc7 >> there is more still to come here on abc7 news. just ahead a condition report on former president jimmy carter and reaction to the news that he has cancer from the white house. a massive city rocked by an earthquake in china. and a local family gets trapped in the middle of a
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updating our coverage now to former president jimmy carter. carter says he will seek treatment for cancer. carter revealed today during a recent liver surgery he learned the disease spread throughout his body. he was elected in 1976 and age 90 is the second oldest living u.s. president behind the first president bush. he has remained active in philanthropic work.
6:29 pm
here he is seen in a picture with ed lee. president obama tweeted well wishes for carter saying jimmy you're as resilient as they come and along with the rest of america, we're rooting for you. overseas now. explosions rocked one of china's largest ports. the cause is unknown. it is the city of 7 million people near beijing. the number of deaths and injuries is growing tonight. here is abc7 news reporter david louie. >> reporter: this is the dramatic scene residents saw as the sound of a large explosion prompted them to peer out of their window but the initial blast was followed 30 seconds later by a powerful one. seconds later, sound waves smashed out windows and knocked out smart phones and walls collapsed. chinese state media said the explosions occurred in a dangerous goods warehouse operated about by a major
6:30 pm
logistics company. the port 80 miles of beijing is china's personal port in the north. this professor says the impact will depend on its proximity to nearby facilities. >> we know it's in a warehouse district. hopefully it's a little bit away from the port itself and the good thing is that because it's a warehouse district it does not mean residential areas. otherwise, fatalities would be much more significant. >> it is a city of 15 million people, the explosions turned neighborhoods into a metal scrap yard. vehicles were charred by the flames from our huge fireball. residents are roaming the streets in what they're wearing when rocked out of bed. the explosion shook the ground
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and was compared to a 2.9 richter scale earthquake. still no agreement on new england patriots quarterback tom brady's punishment in that deflate gate scandal. brady left court without an answer as he fights to have his four-game suspension thrown out. the judge had tough questions for brady like why he destroyed his cell phone during the investigation. >> the judge was clear nothing could be righted to what he was saying but it was hard not to come away with a message that the league better soften up and engage in talks or be prepared to face the consequences. >> a public hearing will begin on wednesday and if upheld, brady will be on the side lines until october 18th. >> the head of the epa take a
6:32 pm
look at the toxic spill in colorado. 3 million gallons of acid mine flood spilled into the river and endangering the drinking water in four states. >> reporter: the head of the environmental protection agency took a trip to colorado to see the toxic river mess up close. >> no agency could be more upset about the incident happening, more dedicated in terms of doing our job and getting this right. >> reporter: a clean up crew accidentally triggered a rupture, releasing 3 million gallons of water. the toxins, turning water orange made it's way into new mexico, utah, and grand canyon. colorado's governor says the water appears for returning to precontamination levels officials plan to block
6:33 pm
recreational aspects of the river until next monday. >> it's been devastating. this is the biggest single catastrophic event i've ever had in my administration. >> reporter: the epa says the water is moving too fast for it to pose a health threat, however, residents are still concerned. >> it makes the public scared you know? it makes our business turn away. >> reporter: biologists say fish are doing better than expected. >> we saw one fish out of 108 that died. >> reporter: the epa says heavy metals will likely be diluted however, the river will need to be monitor forward years still to come. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. american airlines and u.s. airways merged but reservations systems are not entirely integrated yet. >> one family got caught in the middle. michael finney is here to tell us how it ruined their vacation.
6:34 pm
>> tough, tough story this, young family was out thousands of dollars because of an american airlines snafu. that is when 7 on your side got involved. robin and ashley were excited to vacation in the caribbean this summer to celebrate ashley's mom's 60th birthday with the family. they bought six tickets on american airlines for themselves and their four children, traveling on u.s. air and american, which have merged but are still operating as separate carriers. when they got to the gate in oakland, though -- >> they tried to scan my ticket and my daughters' tickets and it wasn't valid. >> the family stood on stand by and watched, the gate shut. >> they admitted they weren't able to get us on. the airline offered to rebook
6:35 pm
them out of sfo. >> they gave us tickets from san francisco and then tickets to go from phoenix to miami and tickets to go from miami to turks and caicos. >> they were able to board the flight to phoenix but had a ten hour layover. >> the little, two little ones were crying the whole way through as we went through security. >> they got to the gate in phoenix, the agent had them step aside. the gate closed on them, again. now, it was 3:00 a.m. >> we'd been waiting, traveling for 20 hours we had four small children. each day we're losing money on the vacation. >> reporter: the airline told them there were no other options besides stand byes several days later. at this point, they just asked for a flight home. >> they couldn't get us home. >> so they rented a car and
6:36 pm
drove home. >> my mom was in tears that we weren't going to make it. i was in tears as well. >> it's a shame they stole that memory from our family. >> they asked american airlines to reimburse their expenses. >> we thought we'd hear back in a reasonable amount of time. we didn't. >> they got an e mail from american airlines saying they couldn't do anything for them. that is when the mullens called 7 on your side and we called american airlines. >> the next day, american airlines admitted that they had made an error, giving us a valid ticket that they'd reimburse the money we lost on the airline tickets. >> american airlines says october 17th, we'll ship to one system and transition all flights to american flights. this cutover will eliminate odds of this happening in the future as we'll be on one system.
6:37 pm
airline refused to reimburse mullens for prepaid hotel and car so they're out $10,000. to see my reports online go to abc >> that is ht of money. >> yes. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. what do you do with the hours of video you've
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it isn't often that a hit and run accident gives birth to a silicon valley start up. >> that is what happened. a berkeley entrepreneur was hit while riding his bike and caught it on video. >> reporter: bruno gregory doesn't usually record his bike rides. capturing this is luck. a driver knocked him and a friend to the ground and sped off. >> it was great. we got the plate number off the driver and showed this to the officers and in 20 minutes the police got the guy. >> reporter: it made him want to record his rides but with hours of this in between. >> now, you never have time to go home and watch that.
6:41 pm
so just like getting lots of good moments, lost forever you know? in our computer. >> he created grava. >> it means records in port portugese. on the charger it sends exciting shots to the cloud to highlight a reel. >> it does it for you. >> there are lots of action cameras grava has a major competitor. industry watchers say how well it competes with this may have everything to do with how well it replaces this. it's just go pro or nothing so grava has to show it can do something go pro can't. >> saying go pro solved one problem but created another.
6:42 pm
tv editors will spend time doing this, most surfers or skiers won't. >> if the videos are great, people are going to share them and say i didn't have to do work to do this, grava did it for me. >> it's set to ship early next year. >> stay with us. coming up next a bay area girl who has been breaking
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one mother's message to increase adults and children with disabilities turned into an international movement. chris nguyen has more on how organizers are trying to change the face of beauty. >> reporter: at this shoe company, the newest model is certainly melting hearts. >> she's such a natural. you see her image in our catalogs and she just looks like she was born for us. >> chorus locum was born with down's syndrome, featured in
6:46 pm
this school's back to school ad campaign for livvie and luka. >> she's had an ability to engage with people. people are captivated by her. >> reporter: this catalog is celebrating diversity and taking social media by storm. >> i said cora you're trending and you're incredible. >> reporter: the owners were inspired by a organization called changing the face of beauty, which aims to get special needs children placed into traditional media. >> it's beautiful to be able to collaborate with an organization that holds the same values as we do. >> reporter: the nonprofit was started by a chicago mother whose daughter also has down's syndrome. she decided to do something, encouraging companies to change the way they market. since then, 100 companies pledged to include children of
6:47 pm
all abilities in their advertising. >> if having her picture changes people's minds, that is a good, you know, move in the right direction. >> reporter: a young girl breaking barriers one image at a time. >> we have a number of back to school resources including best shopping meals and healthy lunch ideas your kids might like. you'll find it on abc7 let's turn to the weather forecast one last time and update that for you. >> yes. here we are, mid week with mild weather and live doppler 7 hd shows sunny skies. and tropical storm hilda is continuing to weaken as it approaches the big island of hawaii. winds now 45 miles per hour, it will waken tomorrow. the big island is under a
6:48 pm
tropical storm watch. the storm is likely to stay south of the other islands and pose no threat to them. statewide, nice, and toasty here in the bay area, high temperatures mild range from 60s to near 70s on the coast. mid and upper 70s around the bay. mid-80s there. a delight in the sky tonight, the perseid meteor shower looking to the northeastern sky between 11:00 p.m. and dawn. here is the accu-weather forecast. we do have hot weather coming our way inland over the weekend. look for highs above 100 degrees inland locations on saturday and sunday. >> it's hot. >> yes. it is. >> thank you, spencer. >> on to all kinds of sports to talk about. baseball. >> right. >> yes. and chris heston throwing a great game this afternoon and one pitch got him into trouble. there it is.
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i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e.
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when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. a hamelted cheddarger, with crispy hash browns and an egg your way. now that's a burg... (explosion) (groans) you want that to go again sweetie? the thing burger. welcome to denny's. fantastic 4, only in theaters. good evening, never throwing a complete game in the major leagues but today, his first
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game was a no hitter for the mariners against orioles. hirakuma looking to throw a no hitter. david laurel and that is out number one. look at the woman's reaction. she's like i've got to get away, he made the catch. completing the first career complete game and no hitter. 3-0, seattle the final. and they're all happy. chris heston threw a no hitter for the giants in june. one mistake proved costly against the astros. on a fun day at the ballpark, sunny, and warm out there. scott belton, six scores, help in the third.
6:53 pm
carlos carrea juggling and this is one of them, he knew it. his 15th of the season, and laurie and the offense did nothing. three back of l.a. with nationals starting tomorrow. a's facing a red hot blue jays who came and won nine in a row. a three-run shot in the upper deck there. then, in the second now a 3-2 game. josh donaldson having a great game. why did they trade him? justin smoke, the definition of smoke right here. a seven-run second inning for the three-run bomb right there. they've won ten straight.
6:54 pm
collin kaepernick said the report about aldon banging into his car were wrong and 49ers did not even have practice the day. >> people that do report that and jumped on that band wagon, just to get internet clicks and get attention to their website or reports. it really is embarrassing that people do that. just 24 hours after being released by the jets, impali has been picked up by rix ryan with the buffalo bills. the san jose sabre cats died
6:55 pm
the report with a 17-1 season, new preparing for a match up with the portland thunder, just 5 and 13 this year. head coach darren arvette says his sabre cats will not overlook their opponent s. >> did a good job with the right mind set. every day they come here, they're focused and give what they have, every day. >> we're going for this opportunity all year. it's exciting and now, the real season starts. >> nba, 2015-2016 schedule announced today. warriors will raise their nba championship banner in the season opener against pelicans october 27th. the match will take place on christmas day. warriors have 25 national games, five against the clippers thunder, lakers and spurs. we're going to love that. >> yes. >> abc7 sports, that christmas
6:56 pm
day dame between lebron and steph that, is a 2:00 p.m. tippoff. it's christmas with the curries. >> yes. >> get right to the coliseum at 2:00. >> thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00, the pilot says it was coming right at him. the drone that came dangerously close to a life flight helicopter, at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 a suspected molester on the run for 14 years is in custody. federal agents tracked him down. in prime time tonight we have the middle, the goldbergs, modern family, blackish and celebrity wife swap followed by abc7 news at 11:00. good line up tonight. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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