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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 17, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a 4.0 magnitude earthquake rattled people out of the their beds this morning. you can see the shaking at 6:49 on the seismograph. u.s. geological survey said it hit on the hayward fault line centered in oakland. thanks for join joining us. >> it was enough to bring the morning routine to a brief standstill. eric thomas is at the epicenter in oakland where the earthquake is still the talk of the town. eric? >> standing open top of the
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epicenter five kilometers difference. it is down there but you know what it did, on or side with much shaking next to holy name school. it was felt all over. you can see customers inside a 7-eleven on thornhill in oakland are reacting to the shaking caused inside the store. they stopped. they look around. they see if anything is falling. nothing did. there were jittery moments. >> there was one customer and everything started shaking so everyone was nervous. >> i came around with the cart and and i noticed the people in the store were coming out with their hands up and become up and i thought, it was a robbery. then they said, no, we had an earthquake. >> we were asleep. it jolted us awake. it was no more than four seconds
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but it was strong. that meant it was under us. >> i have always --. >> this woman live as couple hundred yards from the schools and she was on top of the epicenter and should have felt the shaking but in other earthquakes things have fallen off the walls. she is right on top of the earthquake and nothing falls off. it does paul and that shows you how an earthquake can be, just changeable the earthquake can be. >> thanks. >> always the possibility if we look over the range of earthquakes that have happened in california. roughly 5 percent to 10 percent are followed by bigger earthquakes the next week or so. it is possible this could lead to a bigger earthquake but the livelihood is low. >> so far this morning there have been seven aftershocks with the biggest 2.4 magnitude earthquake and the hayward is
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the most likely location of the next big earthquake but today's earthquake is preliminary not a precursor. the shaking intensity was greater than expected for 4.0 earthquake but shallow, only three miles below the surface. we told you of the aftershocks. now to janet o in piedmont. >> there is a mix of excitement, shock and fear. people here in piedmont say this is the second rumbling they felt following the 4.0 earthquake that struck in fremont. now, this. people say it was strong enough to wake them up out of bed but not strong enough to cause any damage. >> mother nature's alarm clock went off with a bang at 6:49. >> it felt like a truck hit the house. >> however, neighbors realized it was a 4.0 earthquake that
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struck near piedmont felt throughout the bay along the hayward fault line. >> it was lud. -- it was loud. >> the only person undisdisturbed what the six-year-old ruben. but everyone else include his mom --. >> it got us out of bed earlier than we wanted. >> some things were toppled over. >> things felt out of the medicine can't. it was scary but it was over fast. >> follow by a few quick aftershocks. it was over and things were back to normal. mulberry grocery was not so busy as normal. the manager saiding in fell off the shelves. the city has been working with neighbors to be earthquake prepared. today drives that mission. >> biggerrers are few and far between and we want to make sure our residents are prepared when the big one happens. >> it was the discussion this morning in the bedroom.
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we have to get our stuff together. >> as you mentioned, a lost after shocks felt after that, half a dozen reported. the strongest was the 2.4 magnitude earthquake you mentioned. >> the earthquake is a year after the 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit napa. monday is the anniversary of the earthquake along the west napa full, the fault line which had never been mapped. dozens of buildings were damaged causing over $300 million in damage. a ceremony is held at veteran's memorial park in napa to mark the anniversary. >> california emergency management is aging people to be ready for any time of natural disaster. we are automatic numbered to have emergency kits stocked with items including battery operated radios, flashlights, extra batteries, these day supply of food and water for everyone in the family and a manual can
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opener. there are guidelines for stocking your pantry and your family on >> take a photo or video of any news you see using # abc7now. we will show it on air or >> we are talking about the heat. >> temperatures are soaring again today. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at what was in store for the afternoon. another "spare the air" day. >> it is. you can see how hazy it is over san jose. temperatures are from nine to 13 degrees warmer than average. it is our inland east bay neighborhoods that are the warmest today as we top triple digits again. it is not the smoky mountains but the east bay hills looking very sturdy. the air quality is fine. it could potentially be poor. the north bay and the santa clara valley. all of us are under a "spare the air" day. >> thank you, mike. >> san jose business owners
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recovering from minor injuries when a bullet came fly through the window during a fatal officer involved shooting. katie is outside police headquarters with the story and the investigation. katie? >> yes, kristen, most of what we learned comes from theship owner and eyewitness. police are waiting until 12:30 news conference to provide updates. that man would witnessed the shooting has a very close call to temperature people about. >> if the bullet went higher it would hit me. >> the san jose laundromat owner was in the line of fire as officers killed a man. >> he heard yelling. our a loud voice. i heard it. but i did not know where it came from. >> he say it started after 10:00 when he stepped outside the business on center road between capitol expressway and southside drive. >> i saw the guy's back holding the pistol in his hands.
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>> lee ducked inside and locked the door. >> i heard, bang, bang. two times. then five seconds later, another bang. [ inaudible ] my leg was pleading so bad last night. >> san jose police say two officers fired, killing the man who police are simply calling a suspect in an investigation. lee called 9-1-1 for help. >> tell the police not to shoot into my store because there are four people indent people inside the store. >> lee was at the police station for questioning after being treated because he was wearing shorts. >> investigators have not identified the man shot and killed last night. both san jose police department and the district attorney are investigating the two officers involved, they are on paid leave. my colleague will be at the press yen -- conference at 12:30
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with the update. >> the california highway patrol believes the driver was drunk and speeding when he love control of the car and crashed and a citicy the three passengers. the fiery wreck happened around 10:00 last night. the c.h.p. said the driver crossed the center divide, sideswiped a car and went off the road. the car caught fire. the driver climbed out but the passengers all died at the scene. investigators are trying to put it together. >> there are turns and twists here but this portion of the road appeared straight. as far as what happened with the camaro coming into the other lane...i am not sure what happened. >> the driver suffered major injuries and is being treated at john muir medical center in walnut creek. >> 170 firefighters are tackling a fast-moving brushfire that destroyed half a dozen structures north of lot an. the warm fire has burned 300
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acres of heavy brush northeast of castaic lake. there break out yesterday afternoon and crews already have it 30 percent contained. in northern california, all evacuation orders have been lifted linked to the jerusalem fire. crews will real full containment later today. right now the fire is 90 percent contained. flames have charred 25,000 acres and destroyed nine homes. it protect out in the judgment july valley area august 9. the rocky fire is fully contained. >> an elementary school that was on the brink of close has re-opened n2011 we reported the measure to rebuild coronado school in richmond. it was on the chopping block to be closed. the bond requires the school district to rebuild the school. the district kept its promise and students report to the first day of school. >> donald trump is taking a break from the campaign trail with the reason for being in
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court this morning. >> san francisco based car sharing company uber is looking at the philippines, the next international
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in word open who carried out the act. >> the republican presidential contender donald trump is still going strong and is at the top of the field after stealing the show at the iowa state fair this weekend. the poll was taken after the first debate. it shows the billionaire far ahead of the rest of the candidates and ben carson and ted cruz are surging. jeb bush and scott walker falling back as he lies out a specific plan to put him in the spotlight: immigration. >> keep the families together. we have to help coot families together. >> but --. >> what if they have no place to go? >> this we have to go we will work with them. >> donald trump will spend $1 billion on his campaign if that is what it takes to win and he will take a break from the campaign trail today because he had to report for jury duty. >> advisor for joe biden are push him to decide by october whether he is going to run for president. he is consideration all options
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including the toll it would take on his family. he lost his son beau to brain cancer this year. >> uber could operate in the philippines. a spokesman has said there is a nationwide framework and operatorsing in august 21 for approval or drivers could be arrested. >> not a system ride share company has registered to operate at san jose airport. the city council adopt add pilot program that takes effect september 1 allow ride sharing pickups but requires drivers to register with the city, agree to be finger printed, obtain business license and meet age and mileage requirements. drivers say the rules are a burden and too costly. >> water rates in palo alto could go up again. the city council members will hear a proposal to increase rates by up to 4 percent.
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this comes on the heels of last in's 8 percent increase. also up for discussion is the activation of a 20 percent drought surcharge in response to the mandatory water restrictions imposed by the state. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the heat wave. >> a lost records year. we will look at this weather window from sutro tower, you see the fog is back. we are seeing signs that the heat is easing. i will let you know where it is today and when it gets to your neighborhood. >> thank you, mike, new clues about the fog we see over the bay area and how asia could affect our air quality. >> the reason your kids could suffer from my grains as they
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a new study said wind push polluted air from china to the western united states put together by researchers from united states universities finding that ozone concentrations over china increased by 7 percent between 2005 and 2010 and the pollution has reached western united states the way the currents go the volume of ozone causing questions has impacted the progress of the united states has made with ozone. we have a different reason for the fog and haze. >> a last fires we have had so that is why we have the haze. >> we did not tack about the trinity fires last week because we were so focused on the jerusalem and rocky fire but we
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will look at what is going on outside right now. we have a wind shift that is starting to develop and you can see it has brought mainly clear sky to the peninsula this morning as we look at sfo and ill is going to be smoky today and hot but not so hot as yesterday. at least if most neighbors, not is many records, cooling air will spread for all of our neighbors by wednesday and we may be able to turn off the air conditioning, with cleaner air through the weekend. here is the finger of fog in the sea breeze that is developing that will take the record high out of the play for san francisco and we are 14 degrees cooler now than 24 hours ago and ten at half moon bay and inland areas, livermore is three, and already san jose is not feeling the effect, yet, at 82. but we are in the low-to-mid 90 in livermore and san ramon. only 67 in san francisco. and 60 in half moon bay. now a look at visibility, this is not haze. this is smoke.
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it is not fog. the visibility is down to four miles in hayward and check out the light and variable wind only faster at sfo at 12 miles per hour. and a little swirl in the atmosphere is cool looking and you want to note that there are more clouds at the coast as we see the marine layer. low-to-mid 90s for the south bay today and mill peed at 83 and san jose at 93 and 95 in lows a dose and redwood city 92 and 83 in mill play. well hit the low 70s possibly a lot of upper 60s along the coast now and mid-70s around drowning to a few upper 70s sausalito and south san francisco, low-to-mid 90s through the north bay valley but vallejo at 89 and loan the east bay more we will hit the low 80s around hercules and richmond and berkeley and mid-80's like oakland at 85 and inland, san ramon may hold back 98 and everyone else is charging right up to triple digits and breaking through in antioch and
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brentwood. we will see more marine layer influence tonight and more clouds in the north bay and an the bay and cooler and mid-50s to low 60s. here is my seven we seven, notice the 100s are gone after today. but we still in the my 90 inland, low 80s an the bay and upper 60 at the coast and by wednesday, that is when everyone is feeling seasonal temperatures and we will get into a typical summertime pattern with afternoon sunshine and 60s at the coast and 70s around the bay and 80's inland. >> if your child complains about lakes you are not alone. a study shows more kids wipe up in emergency complaining of headaches when school starts. the ropes range from change in stress to eating habits done by the nation's wide children's hospital with tension and migraine headaches the most common. >> the first medical team in the
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area is using a robot to perform lung surgery on a cancer patient making the surgery less invasive which decreases postoperative pain and recovering time. ahead, the light are side of this morning's earthquake the tongue and cheek ways some are ring to the rumbling on social
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>> coming up, the nfl player criticized and praised for parenting techniques and why he took away his son's participation trophies. >> landlord versus tenant, the addition of sitting researcher against her tenants, mostly seniors. >> after ther, many began tweeting that they felt the shaking. others took to social media to make light of the situation. and this capping said "locked into my earthquake and saw this." >> and this one is a marshmellow man from "ghostbusters," that was me, out for a swim, earthquake. a joke of how it is just meteorologist mike nicco snoring but i won't make that joke. >> michael is the pro, so calm
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when it happened. >> it was a 4.0.
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