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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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technically speaking is a little over the threshold at which most people begin to feel a quake. if you were in the east bay or standing here at ground zero it woke you up. life was good and pleasantly predictable for a couple of dogs in almeida this morning until 6:49 anyway. their reaction typical of anyone who felt the 4.0 quake a little past dawn. here is how it looked inside a 7:11 in oakland. >> we thought it was like some kind of like explosion or something. >> reporter: the epicenter this oakland neighborhood imagine awakening with the earthquake happening directly below you. >> i am glad this isnderneath us. it is a really minor earthquake. >> gentle would be a relative term. >> we do consider it to be a possible source of a much larger
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earthquake. dr. burkeman measured the main shock and eight after shocks ranging between 1.4 and 2.4 all on the hayward fault which is statistically ten years overdue for a 7.0. the next quake is likely to do immense damage in a densely populated bay area. >> i notice i don't have any -- >> reporter: such a quake would make the 1989 seem mild by comparison. experts tell us this is not if but when. what we felt this morning is not it. >> we will see in a few days. >> you are laughing. >> that was uncomfortable laughing. >> reporter: from the east bay, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> shortly after the earthquake hit the bart station faced delays. if you have any pictures of quake or videos or pictures of damage where you live please share with us on social media
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using the hashtag abc 7 now and you might see it during our newscast. today's quake was not the big one but is a good reminder to be ready. we are encouraged to have emergency kits. stock items including battery operated radios and flashlights. a three day supply of food and water for everybody in the family and a manual can opener. guidelines for stocking your emergency kit and developing emergency plan for your family are posted for you at let's do that now. now to the heat. kids going back to school this week in the east bay are dealing with sweltering temperatures reaching into the triple digits. jonathan bloom is live at antioch high school where football practice is underway. >> reporter: it is really hot out here. i will tell you these kids are pretty lucky because they have a new stadium, a new weight room and most importantly a new field with water stations like this one at both ends.
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staying cool and hydrated is important for these teens and kids of all ages. the start of school means making new friends. on the playground no one is more popular than this big shady tree. >> did that friend make friends? >> new friends and old friends tend to go there frequently. >> reporter: under the tree stifling 96 degrees here in antioch. though all the cool kids aren't doing this. there are record lines at the water fountain in what is proving to be a teachable moment. >> the message we try to get is that we want them to play safely on hot days. we teach them about heat stroke. >> reporter: sometimes to play indoors. p.e classes normally on the playground. for now it is all about air conditioning and the district
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has backup plan for that. >> these you plug into the wall. air conditioning tends to fail when you need it. >> blowing outside air that may be 120 degrees on the roof. most systems are mounted on the roof. >> there is a whole fleet of these units just in case. >> i have had classrooms send thank you notes. >> they might get one from the principal. >> i am looking forward to going into the ac. >> in antioch, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. there you can see they enjoyed the water fountain and stay cool. sandhya patel joins us with a look at when the cool down is going to come. >> the cooling reached the coast and the bay. the highs so far we have one record for today. tied the old record set at 1993. pretty hot in antioch. 106. 104 in livermore.
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102 in concord. 98 in santa rosa. 77 in oakland. 72 san francisco. 91 in san jose. what is great is that some people are getting relief and it's because as you take a look at live doppler 7 hd we do have fog that has closed in along the coast and it will advance further bringing cooler weather to other parts of the bay area starting tomorrow. i will be back with a detailed look in the seven day forecast coming up. firefighting efforts got tougher when a fleet of tanker planes was grounded. cal fire provided this video showing one of the aircraft, a propeller failed while a plane was on the ground in southern california. that prompted officials to order safety checks of the 15 planes like it in cal fire's fleet. those planes are equipped to dump flame retardant. citizen soldiers and air men played a role.
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the pentagon revealed that more than 440 california national guard members have been activated to help, as well. california is one of ten western states dealing with a large number of very big wild fires. flames are moving quickly to the mountains north of los angeles. so far the warm fire has destroyed six vacant buildings. the fire has burned more than 300 acres since breaking out yesterday afternoon. it is 30% contained. closer to home cal fire lifted all evacuation orders linked to the jerusalem fire. expect full containment. that fire is 90% contained. the fire has destroyed nine homes, charred more than 25,000 acres. it broke out in the jerusalem valley area. the nearby rocky fire is now fully contained. moving on, san jose police shot at suspects three times in the last eight days bringing the number of officer-involved
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shootings to seven in a year. police encntered a man wanted in a homicide case. they opened fire and the bank by stander was almost shot, as well. david louie was live at the strip mall where it happened with the full story. >> reporter: the owner of a san jose laundromat here says that the bullet actually passed through his legs as police were shooting at their suspect. it was a very close call that police say they had very little choice. san jose police had information that a murder suspect was seen at the strip mall about 10:00 sunday night and they spotted him as soon as they arrived. armed with an arrest warrant officers told them to get on the ground. instead police say he pulled a gun. the officer shot and killed him. >> then i got scared. i close the door, i lock it. the second i locked the door i heard gun shots and it hit me on both legs. >> the owner of the laundromat says he was nearly hit by the
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gun fire. he says a bullet struck his glass door. the shattered glass cut both legs. he was lobbing up when shots were fired. police have not identify fd the dead suspect or the officers involved. the suspect is tied to a homicide last thursday night at an office building in north san jose. a man named christopher ren was found shot several times. the gun retrieved will undergo ballistics tests. this is san jose's seventh officer-involved shooting this year. police say this shooting was justified even as an innocent by stander was in the line of fire. >> they are looking at a person that is going to reach for a gun that already has a warrant for murder. so we know that this person isn't only capable but a committed murderer. >> the officer-involved shooting remains under investigation. in san jose, david louie, abc 7
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news. there is a new report that says the shots fired at the end of a stockton bank robbery last year were excessive. police fired 600 shots at a bank robbery that claimed the life of hostage misty sing. officers fired ten bullets that hit sing in the shootout. the report found some officers only fired weapons because other officers were shooting. a hit-and-run suspect is under arrest. the anonymous letter that may have led police right to his door. plus landlord versus tenant. the eviction hitting a university age researcher against her tenants most of whom are seniors. green job in the red. the promise to california voters that is apparently not being kept. michael finney looks at the backpacks that are best for your back. and -- the hit-and-run that left
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. abc 7 news was in berkeley today to see this gusher coming from the severed fire hydrant. a delivery truck driver backed over it by accident. the crash sent a 35 foot tower of water shooting near the clairemont hotel. >> my daughter heard a popping and screamed come look. we came outside and saw a ton of water flowing down. >> firefighters turned off the water this afternoon so work can begin to fix the hydrant. this car drove into a home. the accident broke a gas line on fair hills drive. the fire department said the
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driver lost control, hit a tree and then a garage. she suffered minor injuries. pg&e was on the scene and quickly made repairs. legal wrangling and eviction involving a land lady trying to remove older tenants. it is happened at stockton street in san francisco. the land lady's profession involves study of elderly and diseases. vic lee joins us with the story. >> reporter: the tenants and their new landlord have been closeted in private settlement conferences here at the courthouse all day. we have just learned that if they don't reach some kind of agreement by wednesday they will go to a jury trial. the act says landlords can evict tenants but only if they take their property off the rental market. new landlord says she will. the tenants don't agree. the court case has garnered the
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support of housing and senior citizen activists. >> i would use the word greed as far as what is her total reasoning for getting rid of us. >> reporter: he is 68 years old and blind in one eye. he has been a tenant at the apartment building for almost two decades. he says he fits the profile of the kind of seniors the new apartment owner studies. dr. hill's specialty is the research of the elderly and diseases that lead to their deaths. lawyer steve colier represents the tenants. >> the irony of researcher on aging evicting seniors from their long term homes. >> reporter: hill inherited the apartment building three years ago when her ailing aunt virginia died in her 90s. tenants say they treated her like family. theresa began caring for her when she broke her arm.
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>> i cooked for her especially the first four months. i brought her breakfast and dinner each day. >> reporter: now hill lives in southern california wants the remaining two tenants of the six-unit building out. >> she wants a place where people can visit her. the tenants are convinced she will rent the units or make them air b&bs. they left without commenting. vic lee, abc 7 news. tonight the palo alto city council is expected to approve $14.5 million to help buy a mobile home park. the mobile home park is the city's only one and the property owner wants to sell. 400 residents would be forced to move. the money combined with the same amount from santa clara county supervisors is designed to be enough to buy the property and preserve the park as source of
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affordable housing. the property would be managed by a nonprofit. a mother tipped off police to alleged role. the crash happened at saint francis road. police say the 16-year-old driver hit a man on a skateboard but told his mother he hit a deer. she didn't believe him and left a voice mail on the police line and arrested the boy this morning. oakland unified schools start classes in one week. the district needs to hire about 60 new qualified teachers as soon as possible. dozens of candidates showed up at a job fair. the next job fair is this wednesday afternoon starting at 1:00 at 11th and broadway in downtown oakland. >> down to the wire. san francisco but the school district was able to hire enough teachers in time for today's start of the school year.
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abc 7 news was there as the mayor and superintendent visited a classroom. >> it is that time of year, back to school and that means back to school shopping. >> consumer reports has backpack buying advice. >> there are like one million backpacks. >> when we were kids there were two. >> involves more than looking at favorite color or movie themes. today we offer help with that chore. for many students back to school happiness hinges on the backpack. >> i like to focus on the color, see how much space is in it, pockets to hold extra stuff. >> reporter: consumer reports say other attributes to consider to ensure comfort and prevent injury. >> the most important thing is fit. >> reporter: look for straps that are wide, padded and contoured. the top of the shoulder strap
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should sit one or two inches below the shoulders. you want the bottom of the pack to rest in the small of your back, never more than four inches below the waist line. >> if the backpack fits properly a good one will distribute the weight more evenly and take pressure off your back and shoulders. >> reporter: reflective trim can be important particularly if your child walks to school. consumer reports tested backpacks extensively lifting, lowering and tumbling them to check durability. if you are in a store and want an idea how well a bag is made, take a peek inside. >> if you see things like loose threads, sloppy stitching it's usually a sure sign that the bag wasn't made well. >> a little homework before you buy can help you ace this assignment. also check how heavy your child's backpack is when fully loaded. the american academy of pediatrics recommends no more
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than 10% to 20% of their body weight. tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 i will have back to school shopping tips that will save you money. >> you see kids with book bags too heavy. sandhya patel keeping an eye on the weather. >> the heat. >> it is around the coast and the bay. i know for kids in school already -- it's really rough especially at recess when it is so hot in the afternoon. it will get better. let me show you live doppler 7 hd for inland spots where it is still steamy this afternoon. live doppler 7 hd showing you the fog is right near the coast and will advance towards the bay as we head towards tomorrow. that means relief will start to push towards other areas. it is cooler no doubt about it. you will notice down 12 degrees in oakland. 18 degrees cooler in napa. 5 degrees in livermore. 8 in san jose. here is what is going to help us
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out. the fog is here and has dropped temperatures in some spots. san francisco 67. oakland at 73. 87 in san jose. 90 in morgan hill. live look from our emeryville camera a little hazy and you know there is a spare the air alert. 87 in santa rosa. napa 81. triple digits fairfield, concord, livermore. this is what many of you probably are wishing would reach your area. golden gate bridge foggy along the coast and the air quality will improve. when you take a look at this from our east bay hills camera air quality is obviously running poor today. it is moderate tomorrow and you look at the forecast here we go good to moderate. thursday, friday better air quality across the entire bay area. high pressure that has brought us at least the third day of records is starting to show some signs of weakness. there is a weak spot between the ridge and the heat restreets started today it will continue as we head towards the rest of
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the work week. livermore temperature trend average high of 89 degrees. tomorrow still above average. mid and latter part of the work week at average or a little bit below before numbers start to come back up again. tomorrow morning better sleeping weather. i know some of you hating the heat. i'm with you. if you don't have air conditioning it is hard to sleep at night. mid 50s to low 60s. fog around near the coast and the bay. when you get going for the commute tomorrow afternoon it will be a pleasant day not as warm as today. 93 in the south bay. 86 san jose. on the peninsula 84 in red wood city. 79 in san mateo. here mid to upper 60s. daly city 65 with a fog around. downtown san francisco 71. north bay 67. 86 santa rosa. 84 napa. san rafael. east bay low to mid 70s. inland spots you will be on the hot side still not in the triple digits.
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95 in livermore. 93 fairfield. 92 in concord. accuweather seven day forecast the heat will continue to ease up tomorrow and then it will be back to normal wednesday, mid 60s to low 90s. you notice we drop out of the 90s thursday through the weekend. 60s coast side. it will be great to have relief from the heat. >> thank you. coming up, harnessing the power of the sun. >>
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san francisco police believe newly released video might unlock the mystery of who shot and killed two people. investigators released this surveillance footage today. you can see two vehicles, an infinity sedan and a black dodge ram pickup. police believe people in the pickup are persons of interest. a stray bullet killed maria sosa
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as she stood in front of her home. the clean energy jobs act fallen short of expectations set in 2012. proposition 39 raised taxes to pay for energy efficient construction praurojects. supporters said the program would create 11,000 jobs each year and lead to $550 million in clean energy spending. last year it was responsible for 1,700 jobs less than $280 million in new clean energy spending. project sun roof in the san francisco bay area, fresno and boston to help put solar panels on just about everything. the new tool uses google earth high resolution mapping data to determine whether putting solar panels makes sense.
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it looks at weather patterns. and generates potential and how many panels could save on those power bills. you might see something new. cal trans provided this animation showing electric signs going up. daytime testing begins this week on some of the signs. designers call it smart corridor program designed to guide drivers away from stalls, accidents and slow downs and they will go online for real later this year. a new benefit to dreinking coffee. researchers found colon cancer patients have a greater survival rate than noncoffee drinking counter part. those who drank four or more cups a day were 42% less likely to is the cancer return.
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it only takes a few beats to name this tune. ♪ >> coming up, where stevie wonder popped up today
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why the problem hasn't been easy to fix. san jose's president heading for a new beginning in afghanistan. and a new stadium for the raiders all coming up in half an hour at 6:00. downtown washington, d.c. got a blast of motown thanks to one of the all-time greats. ♪ >> that's stevie wonder. he did a popup show today. >> hundreds of people gathered to hear the music legend go through a handful of classics including superstition. stevie did quick shows in philadelphia and new york today to promote his tour this fall. >> you will have to hit the road to check it out. the closest to the bay area is oklahoma city. if he pops up here we will have to see. >> i would love to see that. >> world news tonight is coming
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up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, michael finney, all of us we appreciate your time hope to see you again in half an hour. >> bye-bye. breaking news tonight. the heat wave hits the east. a tornado outside denver. also the fire emergency. you can see the frames of the homes burning to the ground. the teams battling multiple wildfires at this hour. and now wrapping homes in foil. our team's there. one camera, the fire retardant coating the lens. the earthquake hitting san francisco along a major fault line tonight. >> we are having an earthquake. terror in the streets this evening. the deadly explosion in bangkok. hitting their own version of times square. the death toll growing. donald trump and his new plan. our reporter asking trump about his idea to send 11 million undocumented immigrants and their children home.


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