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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 19, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening now, tornadoes tear through the midwest taking down trees as massive lightning bolts rip through the sky. this as tropical storm danny brews in the atlantic. it could strengthen to a hurricane. fed up. hillary clinton defiant facing questions once again about those e-mails she turned over to the fbi. >> did you wipe the server? what, like with a cloth or something? >> the democratic front-runner throwing up her hands in frustration. taking the stand, the young accuser in that elite prep school trial testifying about the fellow student who she says sexually assaulted her in a classroom as part of a sordid senior salute tradition. the defense firing back. the e-mails they say tell a completely different story. and breaking overnight home at last. rosie o'donnell reunited with
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her missing daughter grateful after a terrifying week long search. >> i'm so happy that she's been found, rosie. >> thank you very much. >> how they finally found her 17-year-old safe and sound on the jersey shore. >> good morning, america. a lot to get to this wednesday morning. you saw hillary clinton taking some questions on her e-mails. well, a new poll out this morning, new cnn poll shows those questions may be taking a toll -- you see it right there. she's now dropped below 50% for the first time. bernie sanders coming on strong and donald trump closing the gap as well. jon karl will be here with more on that. >> a lot to get to on the political front. >> but first we want to get right to the severe weather, tornadoes spotted tearing through the midwest and ginger is here with the very latest on that, good morning, ginger. >> at least four reported tornadoes from eastern iowa to this one, that's livingston,
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illinois, among the nearly 60 storm reports from the texas panhandle all the way to new england. >> i hope this thing is not coming at us. >> reporter: tornadoes tearing across northern illinois. >> tornado touching down. >> and eastern iowa. >> get in the basement. >> reporter: at wrigley field in chicago. >> all of a sudden it just opened up and poured. you couldn't get to the exit fast enough. >> reporter: tens of thousands of fans scrambling to take cover. a downpour at the cubs/tigers game. >> here comes the rain and it is really coming down. >> reporter: blinding rain in southeastern kansas and in omaha, lightning striking a tree too close. in missouri, 12 bolts illuminating the sky in less than 30 seconds and in charleston, south carolina, almost 4 inches of rain clogging streets swallowing underpasses. along that same cold front and low pressure system it will be the lower peninsula of michigan and half of the upper peninsula of michigan, traverse city,
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lansing, grand rapids, all in the wind path, the primary threat then we have to talk about tropical storm danny. give you perspective. there's south america. this thing with max sustained winds of 50 miles per hour moving north-northwest and looks like it will run into dry air before it gets to the eastern caribbean. we will follow it, of course. for now back to george and amy. >> thanks very much. the race for the white house, your voice, your vote and some tough questions for hillary clinton on the campaign trail. democratic front-runner defiant during a testy exchange about her e-mails as that brand-new poll shows the questions may be having a bite. jon karl joins us with all the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning there is yet another indication that hillary clinton is having trouble in the polls and also coming just as she grew visibly irritated when asked more questions about that private e-mail server. hillary clinton is literally throwing up her hands at questions about her private e-mail server. >> my personal e-mails are my personal business, right?
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so we went through a painstaking process, and turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work related. >> reporter: in a testy exchange in las vegas clinton was pressed on weather she had erased the server she kept at her chappaqua home, before turning it over to the fbi. >> we have turned over the server. they can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what's there or not there. but we turned over everything that was work related, every single thing. >> reporter: over the weekend in iowa, hillary attempted a joke about her deleted e-mail. >> you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. [ cheers and applause ] i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. [ laughter ] >> reporter: vegas she took another stab at humor. >> did you wipe the server?
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>> what with like a cloth or something. no. >> reporter: but serious questions remain. the fbi is investigating whether classified information in the former secretary of state's e-mails was mishandled and the tens of thousands of e-mails clinton admits deleting because she says they were personal. messages the fbi believes it may be able to recover. and in that new poll out this morning, george, 56% of voters say they believe that hillary did something wrong with her e-mails, yet, again, another indication that this is taking a toll on her campaign. >> yeah, it also shows her potential opponent is closing the gap including donald trump. >> reporter: first look at the democratic matchup. for the first time we see hillary clinton below 50% at 47%, bernie sanders rising 29%. joe biden, not even in the race at 14% and then there's the trump matchup. if you look at it now hillary clinton barely leads in a hypothetical matchup against donald trump, just six points
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there. only a month ago trump had a 16 -- i mean was 16 points behind hillary clinton. >> that is really remarkable. also, little vignette from the campaign trail. we saw marco rubio, the perils of trying to be a regular guy in yeah, so take a look at this. he tries to throw a pass to that little kid, hits him right on the head. in fairness to marco rubio, george, it was a pretty good pass but rubio later said the quarterback always gets the blame. >> always gets the blame. >> the kid was fine, by the way. the kid was fine. >> thank goodness. he took responsibility and is a pretty good football player. jon, thanks very much. now to a very frightening moment for passengers on board a u.s. airways flight. the jet slammed into the runway and scraped its tail during an aborted landing before coming in safely on its second try, and our aviation correspondent, david kerley, is covering the story now from washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. federal safety investigators are probing this incident very
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deeply and secured both black boxes, an incident that could have easily been a disaster. a us airways a321 slammed on to charlotte's runway this weekend while trying to land taking out landing lights, scraping the bottom of the tail. >> he bounced it, went around and he's the one that had tail strike damage. if he had a tail strike he might have dropped some pieces all the way down the runway. >> this could have come within feet of being a terrible aircraft mishap. >> reporter: surprisingly the pilots may not have been aware they struck the ground. they were hitting the power to go around and try to land again. >> it really felt like a rocket ship going back up after we hit the ground. it was scary. >> reporter: the problem wind shear a column of air moving down ward quickly which can develop swiftly and strongly making landing difficult. >> we had about a 20 knot wind shear loss at about, oh, about 10 feet above. >> it tells me this came as
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close as you possibly can to having a major catastrophe. he hit the ground, he hit the lights. he ran the tail along the ground before he was able to get airborne again. >> reporter: after that second landing, a safe landing the pilot was able to get outside the aircraft and see the damage, those black boxes should tell him how the wind hit the aircraft and what the pilots did to react. >> yeah. it came in hard and fast. thanks. the latest now on former subway spokesman jared fogle expected to plead guilty of charges of possessing child pornography. alex has more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. fagel arriving at the courthouse a short time ago. the u.s. attorney is expected to discuss this case a little later today. overnight abc news confirming jared the subway guy fogle is expected to plead guilty to charges related to a child porn investigation. subway quickly severing ties
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with fog le following the news saying, we no longer have a relationship with jared and have no further comment. the 37-year-old former pitchman avoiding cameras last month outside his home in indiana, as fbi and state police spent hours raiding his house, removing computers and other electronic devices taking it into this mobile forensics van parked into the driveway. >> how is he doing? >> i think he's going to do very well. >> reporter: at the time sources told abc news the investigation was launched after the director of fogle's charity, russell taylor, was arrested on child pornography charges. he has not entered a plea and fogle severed ties with him after his arrest and they say fogle was cooperating with police. >> in 1998 i weighed over 425 pounds. >> reporter: fogle becoming subway's pitchman and a household name 15 years ago after losing 245 pounds he credits to a diet of subway sandwiches and exercise. and we did reach out.
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at this point no comment from fogle or his attorney. george. >> okay, thanks very much. let's get today's other top stories from dan harris, starting with those devastating landslides. >> breaking news overnight. good morning, everybody. three men missing after they got swept up in a massive sea of logs and mud. 24 hours of heavy rain triggered three landslides in the coastal alaskan town of sitka. the force so powerful, they are all presumed dead and terrain is so unstable recovery efforts had to be called off and people are bracing for more slides. also breaking overnight. leaking gas leveled a motel 6 out of seattle. motel 6, reduced to rubble after a gas leak forced evacuation. officials say at least two guests remain unaccounted for at this hour. one gas company employee, critically injured, air lifted
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to the hospital. flames born in the early morning hours in the hotel west of seattle. emergency personnel raced to the scene. the motel's manager, credited for quick thinking for pulling an alarm after the leak, likely saving many lives. neal karlinsky, abc news, washington. thank you. this morning police in thailand released this sketch of their prime suspect, young, two other men seen in the video are suspects. and the shrine reopened this morning. talks between the league and tom brady broke down yesterday. now a judge will likely decide if the nfl acted improperly when it suspended brady for four games. overnight our colleagues at espn
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reporting that brady is open to accepting some form of suspension but only for failing to cooperate with the nfl rather than deflating game balls. general motors could soon become the first detroit automaker to sell cars in america that are made in china. gm is looking to import this car, the buick envision, compact crossover made at a plant in beijing. the auto workers union has already blasted the idea. check this out. next time you write a restaurant review on yelp, you can also weigh in about the government. the federal agencies from the tsa to the irs to the national park service are getting their own yelp pages. the government says the reviews that are posted will be taken seriously and will be used to improve service. get ready for a tsunami. finally, any time the "gma" chieftains let me fill in for amy there is a real risk i will finish the newscast with a cat video. this morning it's happening again. look at this baby who cannot contain herself every time mommy brings the cat over to the crib.
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check her out. she's in her little sleep sack laughing uncontrollably at the mere sight of the cat. the feline characteristically is entirely unmoved and in fact steps on the baby. i have an 8-month-old who is obsessed with our cats. our cats detest him because every time we bring them close to him he tries to rip their faces off. yeah. >> squeeze them. >> don't you think you ought to take his side in this? >> no, no. i'm taking the cat's side. >> good luck with that, dan. all right, thank you. now to that big news about the so-called female viagra. the fda approving the little pink pill for the very first time after previously rejecting it twice. "nightline" anchor juju chang has the latest. good morning juju. >> it's being billed as a major potential breakthrough for low libido. the illusive holy grail for female sexual dysfunction even though technically unisex, this newly approved drug is still very much shrouded in controversy. this morning, the fda making a
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big move approving a little pink pill that proponents say could revolutionize the sex lives of millions of women dubbed the female viagra, flibanserin which is marketed under the name addyi is specifically aimed at treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or low libido. which affects one in ten women. despite a vast array of drugs on the market that promote sexual arousal, addyi is the first for premenopausal women. it works different from viagra or cialis. which increases blood flow. according to the fda, this pill is designed to work on the brain blocking serotonin. evidence shows this chemical suppresses sexual desire. >> this is an enormous advance in women's health. of all of the sexual dysfunctions this is the by far the most common in every single age category and no options for women to offer up until now. >> not all doctors are promoting this pink pill.
7:15 am
some critics call it useless and unsafe with possible side effects like low blood pressure, nausea, dizziness and fainting spells. despite being rejected twice this past june ray number of women testified in front of a panel for the need of it. >> i had a wonderful, loving husband with no sexual feelings whatsoever. my marriage suffered greatly and so much so, that the conversation of divorce is on the table, stemming from my low sexual desire. >> that panel voting 18-6 in favor of addyi. now, the drug maker, says it will hit the market mid-october, but pills like viagra and scials are taken on demand which addyi, you need to take daily. its reported cost, $400 a month.
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that could drop to as low as 45 to 75 bucks a month but only if insurance will cover it and that's very much unclear. >> that could be a big controversy. >> thanks very much. and dr. jen ashton will answer more about this pill in the next hour. right now, we get to that big relief for rosie o'donnell. her 17-year-old daughter chelsea missing for a week was found safe on the jersey shore after o'donnell made a plea for help on social media. abc's mara schiavocampo here with the latest. good morning, mara. >> reporter: o'donnell telling police her daughter left unexpectedly without a cell phone and was in need of her medication. the worried mom also spreading news on twitter. hours after that public plea a welcome break in the investigation. this morning, rosie o'donnell grateful after her missing 17-year-old daughter chelsea was found following a week-long desperate search. >> i feel so happy. >> i'm glad she's been found. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: according to authorities, the missing teen was found with an unidentified male and also obtained a new cell phone police were not aware of but do not suspect criminal activity. >> chelsea was located at a new jersey shore point and was of sound mind and body, was lucid, did not have any injuries,
7:17 am
declined any medical attention. >> reporter: just hours before o'donnell announcing chelsea, the second oldest of her five adopted children had left home with her 6-month-old therapy dog on tuesday, august 11th and hasn't been seen since. the teen was missing. the comedian revealing chelsea like millions of people lives with mental illness and stopped taking her medication and is in need of medical attention. further worrying her family. children coping with mental illness a topic o'donnell opened up about during her time as co-host on "the view." >> we're dealing with some significant mental illness which is another horrible crisis in the united states. how do we treat mentally ill children? >> reporter: now the comedian is grateful her daughter is okay. >> what were her words when you told her? >> oh, thank goodness, oh, thank you very much. she was very appreciative and you could tell there was a sense
7:18 am
of relief. >> reporter: understandably relieved. now police picked chelsea up from the home she was staying in without incident and don't know what the relationship is with the male she was with but don't z think foul play was involved but simply a case of a runaway. amy, george? >> all right. mara. so happy she is home safe and sound. want to turn now to the strong storms in the south and ginger has the latest on that. >> some of the worst when you're sitting on the tarmac and say, okay, we have a ground delay and this is what you see out your window. you know it's not going to go well. you see lightning over and over. atlanta hartsfield. our friend who took the video eventually made it out because the storms did move on. from the southeast to a northeast. microburst, a possibility of a microburst. this man is 6'2". that is the tree root system that got knocked over. not the only tree, of course. we'll have so much more coming up but first the stormy cities.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. slower sunshine because of a bigger marine layer. that means more cooling and not so dramatic at last couple of days. patchy drizzle and cloudy nights with a summer pattern through the extended forecast. 60s at the coast into san francisco. 70s and the bay, barely 80 in the north bay and south bay and mid-to-upper 80s in the east bay. the seven-day outlook shows morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and steady we have a lot more coming up this morning including the latest on that former elite prep school student now facing sexual assault charges. his accuser takes the stand with emotional testimony.
7:20 am
>> do you see owen in the courtroom today? >> yes, i do. >> and an abc news exclusive. two men held hostage by that murder suspect who sparked a manhunt speaking out for the first time about their terrifying ordeal. how they made their escape just in time.
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7:25 am
recently shot and kill ed by police. the third suspect has been identified as 40-year-old richard haquez. let's get a look at the morning commute now. >> we go to the bay bridge toll plaza wra our mobile cam is backed up headed into pay the poll tolls. let's take a look at the backup behind our mobile 360 all the way into mcar thur maize. otherwise we have a car fire in [female announcer] if the most is the staying awake part, day
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good morning, checking out the forecast. we'll start with 55 in antioch to 64 in oakland and fremont. if you're going to the game, it's going to be bright. we're going to sweep l.a. hopefully. up to 69 wear that sunscreen. upper 60s along the coast. mid- to upper 70s around the by. near 80 inth south bay and north bay. my seven-day forecast, looks like morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, maybe
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7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, the midwest facing severe weather as tornadoes take down trees overnight. and right now ashley madison known as the dating website for cheaters facing a major cyberattack. a security breach that could affect millions. a troubling report out about head lice. new research shows a large number may have a gene mutation making them resistant to over-the-counter treatment. >> not news to the ears of many parents right before school starts. good morning, america. so much more to get to. remember the video we brought you just yesterday, the dad stirring up a storm online for the way he went after a home run ball with his daughter. some suggesting he should have been more careful. he's going to join us this morning for an exclusive, just ahead. >> he decided to do an interview
7:31 am
with us instead of talking to his wife. >> that's part of the process. reconciliation. >> all in preparation for him being on the cover of "good parenting" magazine. that's all coming up. but we're going to begin with the dramatic testimony in the elite prep school trial. the young woman who says she was the victim of sexual assault accused a fellow student. and gio benitez has the story. gio? >> reporter: george, good morning to you. it was a surprise testimony right at the start of the trial. the girl saying she tried to stop that encounter. this morning, day two of the trial that could shake one of america's most elite prep schools, taking the stand tuesday right at the start, the girl who says this young man, owen labrie, sexually assaulted her in an empty room in the science building at st. paul's school breaking down while identifying him in the courtroom. >> do you see owen in the courtroom today? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: we're not showing you her face and we're distorting her voice.
7:32 am
but prosecutors say she was just 15 when a then 18-year-old labrie first e-mailed her inviting her to that upstairs room which she declined. >> how did you go about saying no to that? >> i sent an e-mail back to him. >> reporter: but labrie's attorney reading some of the student's online exchanges to the jury as part of his defense offering evidence that prior to meeting, the young woman wrote to labrie to meet only if it's our little secret. then e-mails after the alleged rape. >> owen to her, you're a gem. in response to you're a gem, you're not too bad yourself. i also lost my earring up there. life is hard. yes, life is difficult. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. does this sound like texting where she was unwilling that night? >> reporter: both sides say the school has a culture of sex among some older male students. a tradition called the senior salute where graduating boys
7:33 am
would try to take the virginity of younger girls. >> there were students who believed that the defendant and some of his friends were competing to see who could slay the largest number of girls. >> reporter: labrie watching tuesday as the jurors visited the room where the alleged attack happened. he's pleaded not guilty and is expected to take the stand. the girl is now 16. she'll likely take the stand again today to finish her testimony. the school says these allegations are not emblematic of the students and faculty there. >> okay, gio, thanks. let's talk to dan abrams. probably two days of testimony from the girl and that's the whole case. >> they need her to be credible to the jury to even have a viable case at all. these jurors have to believe her but even if they do, they still have to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. and i think those text messages are going to be critical in this case.
7:34 am
>> the text messages. it's the messages that came after the incident. >> the ones that came before are not particularly relevant so she says let's keep this our little secret. to me that doesn't matter at all. the question is what happened afterwards. the text messages afterwards will be problematic for prosecutors no matter how you view it. no matter why she did it. those text messages could be the reasonable doubt that the defense needs. >> because that's all they need is reasonable doubt. it's possible they could believe she said no but also believe the text messages, would that be -- >> again, if the jurors think that this probably might have happened the way she says it, that's not good enough. this is one of those cases where the legal standard really matters. when you have to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and there's the possibility that the jurors will say, yeah, i think it probably happened that way but proof beyond a reasonable doubt, i'm not sure of that. that's where the prosecutors
7:35 am
could have trouble here with convincing these jurors beyond a reasonable doubt and, look, by the way, i don't think it matters if you've got 11 men and 3 -- >> no? >> if it was 11 men and 3 women, i would say the same thing. i'm much more concerned about who they are than their gender. you could have 11 women who would decide to judge another woman. who knows what they're like. much more important what their background is than their gender. >> okay. fascinating case. dan abrams, thanks very much. now we turn to an abc news exclusive this morning, and hearing for the first time from two young men held hostage by a gunman suspected of killing a dentist and wounding deputies in jawbone canyon before he was tracked down and killed after a massive manhunt. abc's kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: you're 19 years old and you're like this is how my life is going to end. >> that's exactly what i
7:36 am
thought. this lunatic is really going to kill me right now. 6 >> reporter: jonathan and keaton speaking out for the first time about their terrifying ordeal held hostage by benjamin peter ashley, the murder suspect who sparked a massive two-week manhunt. >> could have shot the gun a thousand times and no one would have heard it. >> reporter: they embarked on a hunting trip to this remote cabin east of bakersfield, california, but this trip taking a dramatic turn when they found themselves staring down ashley's shotgun barrel. >> what scared us the most was that it was a sawed off. >> reporter: he forced them into the cabin one by one. >> he said, bam, bam, bam. all you guys can be in heaven right now. >> reporter: he then started placing propane tanks all around the cabin. >> my thought was is he going to blow us up. >> reporter: they devised a man to escape telling ashley he could take their atv. will knowing the area sent him in a direction he knew would buy them time to run. once ashley left they bolted, no
7:37 am
food, no water, running for their lives. >> we had to dive off the side of the road into rocks -- just to roll over -- >> and it was a 15-mile hike. >> finally after three hours, kleier's father found them on the side of the road. >> i found them 15 miles from where it all started at the top of the ranch. >> reporter: the three men now realizing just how lucky they were. >> as of right now i'm a little jumpy, but -- and don't mess with me, but other than that, just grateful. >> very grateful. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, bakersfield, california. >> what an incredible escape there. >> harrowing story. >> thank you, kayna. time for another check of the weather and ginger. >> smoky sunsets have become the norm in the pacific northwest. this is from richland, washington. and it just -- it's that milky sky that often makes a pretty sunset but not that great in the sense of air quality. the red flag warning in colorado and wyoming and winds are about to pick up especially in washington state.
7:38 am
good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with temperatures close to average or a little bit below with the warmest inland east bay at 90 and coolest at san francisco at 68. the seven-day forecast shows gray mornings and patchy drizzle and sunny afternoons a >> all that weather brought to you by swiffer and here is that composite shot from chicago overnight. the lightning brilliant across there. it's beautiful. >> from a distance. >> not while it was happening. okay, ginger. thanks very much. and coming up, a warning about those beautiful aquariums. you may not know this but that coral inside could make you and your family sick. when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows, you can see the dust floating around. there's dog hair. pollen. more work. (doorbell) whoa! what's this?
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it is just it is just about 7:43 back with "gma on the lookout" and a new alert about home aquariums. the cdc now warning those
7:43 am
beautiful coral inside can release poison that could make you sick. abc's reena ninan has the latest. >> reporter: they're beautiful to look at but could there be a danger lurking beneath the surface in that aquarium at home. >> they can be dangerous, especially if you don't know the risk involved in keeping these corals. >> reporter: a new report from the cdc warning about palytoxin poisoning. after ten recent cases in alaska. >> palytoxin is a marine toxin found in a specific type of coral that is commonly sold to home aquariums. >> reporter: when the coral is cleaned, broken, or comes into contact with boiling water, experthes say it could release a dangerous poison into the air causing people to get sick with symptoms including fever, nausea, joint and muscle pain and difficulty breathing. >> the health care provider might not recognize it. there is no one test that can be performed.
7:44 am
in the emergency department or in the hospital. >> reporter: mario tango started feeling ill after removing a rock from his tank and boiling it in 2013. his wife and dogs, too. >> my wife was complaining her chest hurts and she was laboring breathing. i was laboring breathing. the dogs were laboring breathing and i knew something was up at that point, but i did not know what. >> there's no one antidote or reversal agent. if patients start feeling any of the symptoms, they should definitely see their doctor immediately. >> reporter: after a trip to the emergency room mario and his family recovered. the experience teaching tango even more about his beloved hobby. >> every animal in the world has its own defensive mechanism and coral has its own. what i learned is to handle carefully. i'll have the aquarium probably for the rest of my life. >> i rove it! >> reporter: what can you do to stay safe? >> treat all like they're toxic. don't take risks, wear gloves, and wash with anti-bacterial soap. >> reporter: you have to
7:45 am
remember coral is a live animal and one expert even calling it like a sea skunk that can poison the air if they feel threatened. treat it carefully and take basic precautions that can make a difference. amy, george? never heard that one before. >> standing in front of a huge aquarium over there. >> yes. >> it looks dangerous. >> and those fish are real. >> that's a lot of sea skunk over there. >> that's right. she is not touching the coral. coming up that dad that went for the home run ball is taking flack for tumbling over with his little daughter right there. we'll hear from him next on "gma." crisp garden vegetables... fresh local milk, real cream... and no artificial flavors. now you know why nothing else tastes like philadelphia® garden vegetable. rich, creamy, and delicious. now with even more crisp vegetables.
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now to that dad making headlines for this catch at a baseball game monday night. eli strickland spoke exclusively to abc. from our l.a. bureau just moments ago. eli strickland joins us. eli, good morning, and thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> i think it's fair to say millions of people have now watched you jump over that railing with your little girl in tow trying to nab that home run ball and i think a lot of those people were thinking what was that guy thinking? what was going through your mind when you did that? >> i've always wanted to catch a home run ball and so i was coming, it's coming, it's coming and i didn't have the foresight
7:50 am
to set my daughter down and so when it came to me i bobbled it and i reached down and i grabbed it. i had it in my glove and, you know, i knew i could hold on to my daughter and i thought i could get the ball at the same time and it just didn't work out that way. >> that was happening when you were experiencing it. what was it like watching you do that on video played back? >> to be honest it looks much worse than i think it was but it doesn't look good, i'll admit that. >> and to that point, what did your wife say? >> she didn't say much for a long time, you know, obviously she was mortified and, you know, moms and dads wired much differently. she was -- she's like, what are you doing? how could you possibly do this? so -- >> what did you say back to her? >> you know, i said obviously in hindsight i'd have set the baby
7:51 am
down but it all happens in three seconds. >> how is little penelope? >> she's good. if you see in the video she's sitting there munching popcorn and having the time of her life about two minutes after the fact. she's great. >> all right, well, we're glad everyone is okay. eli strickland, thank you so much for getting up and joining us this morning. >> you got it, thank you. >> we'll keep you updated if his wife starts talking to him again. >> it looked worse than it was. >> yeah. >> years of therapy. >> we'll be right back. (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore... (morpheus) after this, there is no turning back. (spock) history is replete with turning points.
7:52 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. crews are battling a slow-growing grass fire in east san jose. it's burning on heartland way. no homes are threatened. so far the fire burned 6 acres and is 70% contained. let's check out your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everybody. time to sweep l.a. 69 at 305. uv index is high. my seven-day forecast, minor cooling today and then low clouds and afternoon sunshine the rest of the week. good morning, everyone. we had an earlier accident at the bridge toll plaza.
7:57 am
that's been cleared to the shoulder. however, traffic is stacked up on 580 approaching the toll plaza. if you are headed towards the fairfield area westbound 80, we have an accident reported there. >> the news continues with good morning. am [female announcer] dsave up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.n, get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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♪ so wake me up when it's all over ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the latest on the little pink pill that could mean big changes for women. why popping it is no easy fix and how you know if you need it. dr. ashton answering all your questions. ♪ shut up and dance with me dancing is back and we're about to reveal who is headed into the ballroom for this blockbuster season. could val be champ again? will derek come back? the entire pro list this morning. this girl is on fire. ♪ in ft. lauderdale kelly clarkson like you've never heard her before. the superstar singer with brand-new covers. wait till you hear just what she's singing. ♪ i like to move it move it i like to move it move it ♪ and we're behind the wheel
8:01 am
with racing's biggest star, dale earnhardt jr. as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ i like to move it move it i like to move it move it ♪ and good morning. dale and sara right there, quite a spin from dale earnhardt jr. a lot more of that coming up in just a bit. >> sara, you were holding on for dear life. >> my dad told me to never get in cars with boys like that. sorry, dad. >> looking forward to that, sara. and coming up, we also have the latest on stress and how it could be affecting your kids as they head back to school. research revealing symptoms of stress can be exhibited by children as young as 5. you're seeing kids there outside our studio. we're going to tell you which of these activities is best for beating stress, also for helping your kids sleep at night. just saying. >> when in doubt, tire them out. now to dan harris for the morning rundown.
8:02 am
the big story this morning, story this morning the extreme weather across the midwest that ginger has been tracking for us. at least four terrors reported from iowa to northern illinois. storms in the chicago area leaving thousands of people there without power. last night's cubs game hit by a powerful storm. play was delayed more than two hours. more weather from ginger coming up. across the west, meanwhile, nearly a hundred wildfires burning stretching resources to the limit. officials in idaho say fire conditions haven't been as bad there in nearly a century. and we turn to hillary clinton clearly fed up with the constant questions about her e-mail and private server. clinton was defiant in las vegas saying her personal e-mails are her personal business. she insisted she turned everything over that was work related but the controversy may be taking a toll. in a new poll of democratic candidates, clinton has slipped below 50% for the first time. hackers have made good on a threat to expose millions of users of a dating website that caters to people looking for extramarital affairs. personal information stolen from has now popped
8:03 am
up online. more now from abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: the website ashley madison famous for encouraging its users to secretly cheat on their spouse -- >> life is short. have an affair. >> reporter: -- has been caught with its pants down this morning after a group calling itself the impact team dumped ten gigabytes of private customer information on the dark web. the dump reportedly includes 36 million e-mail addresses, 9.6 million transactions plus partial credit card information, street names and phone numbers. more than 15,000 of the e-mail addresses appear to originate from government and military servers, although there's been no verification. the hackers threatened to publish names and nude photos unless ashley madison and another site owned by avid life media are taken down. >> online extortion is easy to do in an anonymous fashion. it has a very high return and it has a very live risk. >> reporter: coming on the risk of other high-profile attacks
8:04 am
like those on sony pictures and target this appears to be motivated by ideological differences. they put out a statement saying "we have explained the fraud, deceit and stupidity of avid life media and their members. now, everyone gets to see their data." for "good morning america," t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. >> okay. thank you, t.j. with the new school year starting, a timely warning now about the spread of a mutant head lice. researchers say that head lice resistant to almost all over the counter treatments thriving now in 25 states and between 6 and 12 million kids infected every year and experts recommend switching to stronger prescription medications in these cases. finally, i'm doubling down on animal videos this morning. at 7:00 we did a cat. this time it's a goose out of canada. this one involves a man named andre who finds a
8:05 am
lost goose on a country road and decides to lead the goose to water and look at this. the goose flies alongside his truck for a long time. you can see it flapping in the rearview mirror and ends with the goose happenly floating in a local lake. a lot of very cynical people on youtube were pointing out that andre missed out on a free christmas dinner. >> oh. >> i know, it's very cynical. i don't support it myself. i'm just passing it along. >> a beautiful serene scene. >> yes, it was beautiful. absolutely. >> yeah. i like the way you think, very practical. >> that's very farm of me. >> let's go to sara in the social square. >> now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." more on the so-called female viagra, the little pink pill that could mean big changes for women. how you can help your kids beat stress as they head back to school. plus, our huge "dancing with the stars" reveal. which pros will hit the dance floor this season. all coming up live on "gma" here in times square. ♪ it's true "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium 24 hour available without a prescription. ♪ what i like about you you really know how to dance ♪ ♪ you went to school to learn now. ♪
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8:07 am
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yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. welcome back. and it's time now for our "heat index" and this morning's hot button. more on the fda approving so-called female viagra for the first time after previously rejecting it twice addressing the most common sexual dysfunction in women. experts calling it a huge advance, and dr. jen ashton joins us live from l.a. to break it all down for us. good morning, jen. >> good morning, amy. >> so why do you think it's taken so long for a drug like this to be approved? >> well, i think there are a lot of reasons. first of all, the female sexual cycle is way more complex than it is in men. there's not one problem for female sexual dysfunction, so, therefore, there won't be one treatment. i think also to get a drug through fda clearances, people probably have heard, it needs to
8:11 am
prove safety and efficacy over that of placebo, and i think that this is possibly another area that we're seeing gender inequality here. i mean viagra, drugs for erectile dysfunction have been available for almost 20 years. >> wow. >> why it's taken so long to get something for women is a big question. >> so, for women watching this, how do you know this drug could be for you? >> well, i think the first step is women have to talk to their doctors, their primary care doctors, their ob/gyns and therefore those doctors have to ask their patients about it. then we need to exclude medical causes that can contribute to low libido. this could be depression or a physical cause. you need to consider other forms of therapy like seeing a psychologist or sex therapist and ask yourself is this patient a candidate to take this drug safely? it can cause problems with blood pressure and it can interact
8:12 am
with alcohol and you have to make sure that the person you're prescribing it for can take it with minimum rick of side effects. >> speaking to that, what more needs to be known about this drug going forward? >> well, i think what i'm going to be looking for is obviously the safety and efficacy in patients who are taking it but it also needs to be formally studied in postmenopausal women and gay women. those two women were excluded from the clinical trial and they deserve attention and a good sex life also. >> and do you think the approval of this drug changes the discussion, the dialogue about women and sex in this country? >> absolutely. and, you know, i think if you take a step back from the specifics about this medication and the economic or financial aspects, the political or social aspects or the medical aspects, what we're doing is finally getting into a dialogue about female sexual health and the more we do that, the more we can talk about that in the context of overall health, and that's a very, very positive step in the right direction, and it's long overdue.
8:13 am
>> everybody wins, dr. jen. thank you so much, and you can tweet dr. ashton with your questions about this drug @drjashton. >> thank you, amy. next on our "heat index," the latest on our series stress rescue. this morning we focus on kids. research has shown that children's anxiety has increased over the past five decades and especially at this time when everyone is getting ready to go back to school. mara schiavocampo is here with more. >> reporter: nearly 80% of teachers say helping students deal with stress is one of their biggest concerns in the classroom. so, just what can parents do and what do they need to look out for? headaches, stomachaches, even trips to the emergency room. these are some of the symptoms of stress exhibited by kids as young as age 5. >> stress and anxiety is one of the biggest struggles that are children and youth are facing. >> reporter: michele kambolis is the author of "generation stressed."
8:14 am
she says she's seen a sed di uptick of stressed out kids peaking when they head back to school. >> the anticipation and not knowing what to expect, all of that anticipatory anxiety can really be upsetting to them. >> reporter: according to a study conducted over the course of five years by nationwide children's hospital, kids' trips to the emergency room for complaints regarding headaches jumped 31% in the fall. >> brody. >> reporter: 7-year-old hanna faustus of arlington, texas, knows all about school-related stress. >> i get headaches, i get the feeling that i'm going to throw up. >> reporter: hanna's mom carrie says the stress became more pronounced a few days before school started this year. >> the routine and the schedule and going back and the transition, that does produce some anxiety. >> reporter: while every kid is different, experts recommend trying these tips, encourage your kids to put down the ipad
8:15 am
and get up and exercise. use active listening, stay empathetic and repeat what your child says to ensure you understand them correctly and create a worry wall in your home where kids can add their worries to avoid internalizing stress. >> what really seems to help the most is just talking to her, reassuring her that we're here for her, we love her no matter what happens. >> when i get worried, i talk to my mom. >> reporter: now, every kid, of course, reacts differently to high-pressure situations, and the first step is to make sure that nobody is perfect and that they should tell the adults in their life when they're feeling a little overwhelmed. we all get overwhelmed. >> these kids are not overwhelmed right now. different kinds of exercise doesn't have to be super intensive. >> these brothers are demonstrating high intensity exercise but experts say this can actually raise
8:16 am
cortisol levels, the stress hormone, maybe not the best thing. these kids over here are playing a game. more moderate and lower their cortisol levels and release endorphins which makes you feel good and the best thing is you can play with them when they're having a good time right here. okay, thank you, mara. back inside to amy. thanks, george and mara. coming up next in our "heat index" a big "dancing with the stars" announcement revealing the pros who will take to the dance floor and abc's abbie boudreau has the latest. ♪ >> reporter: they're back. "gma" getting a sneak peek at some of this season's pro dancers. okay, let's go. my gosh. wow, leading up to "dancing with the stars" season 21, they're hitting the studio rehearsing the show's opening number for the first time. >> it's the first day of school. >> reporter: derek, witney, peta, val, artem, mark, allison, sharna and one big surprise. hi. >> hi. >> reporter: you're back. >> i am back! >> reporter: fan favorite karina smirnoff.
8:17 am
fans miss you. >> i couldn't tell them that i am coming back because i couldn't let the cat out of the bag, but the cat is here. >> the champion. >> reporter: defending champ val chmerkovskiy is also back. >> i want to do it again. >> reporter: val and castmate artem more than ready to meet their new celebrity partners. >> we're kind of known to be the heartthrobs of the show and we are sexy, seductive. >> reporter: if you don't say so yourself. >> if i may say so myself. but the truth is that i'm not going to shy away from the fact that i love my partners. every single partner i have i love them unconditionally. >> reporter: a closely guarded secret. >> they keep us in the dark more than everybody else. >> reporter: which celebrities will grace the ballroom? >> i do know one person but i can't tell you. >> i'll beat him up later and get it out of him. >> reporter: okay, text me. the dancers not shy about revealing their dream partners. >> zac efron. >> really? >> zac, you want to dance? let's go. >> i love it. >> i know that ryan gosling is a
8:18 am
dancer, so i mean a girl can hope. >> shakira. >> john stamos. >> john stamos. >> terry cruz. >> hugh jackman. >> reporter: i even got my own private dance lesson. >> i was going to teach you. >> reporter: val and artem teach me the salsa. am i the luckiest woman? for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> pretty darned lucky. >> that was pretty cool. >> yeah. the new "dancing with the stars" cast will be revealed on "gma" september 2nd. and we want to know which celebrity you would like to see on "dancing with the stars," so you can tweet us with the #socialsquare. let's go outside now to ginger. >> good morning, guys. look who we found. a 16th birthday over here and this is charlotte from maryland. your sign is awesome. it says, can i be your mini zee? absolutely. what do you want to say to everybody? >> good morning, america. >> i think she's got it. she's got it down. all right. let's go ahead and check the weather forecast. that low pressure system that did all the damage yesterday
8:19 am
with the tornadoes and the damaging winds, well, it's moving to the east. most of the state of michigan going to see the action today but heavy rains from just south of little rock and right there, charlotte, in eastern pennsylvania, along that cold front and behind it, way colder air. look at those temperatures, only in the 40s. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. slower sunshine because of a bigger marine layer. that means more cooling and not so dramatic at last couple of days. patchy drizzle and cloudy nights with a summer pattern through the extended forecast. 60s at the coast into san francisco. 70s and the bay, barely 80 in the north bay and south bay and mid-to-upper 80s in the east bay. the seven-day outlook shows morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and steady >> oh, how sweet was charlotte. i'm totally stealing her. all right. sara. >> thank you, ginger. we begin with the top trending story on our website
8:20 am
right now. country music star tim mcgraw teaming up with a new collaborator. now, it's not his wife this time but his daughter, gracie. the teenager recently joined her daddy on stage for a beautiful father/daughter duet in nashville singing the new song "here tonight." take a listen. ♪ there's something in the air ♪ there's something in the -- >> i mean, when you grow up in that family, you better have a set of pipes on you. 18-year-old gracie may be all grown up but clearly for mcgraw like all daddies, she'll always be his little girl. >> that is so sweet. >> how sweet. i love watching him sing with his wife. so thousand to get the little girl because they used to sing about gracie. >> not so little. >> 18. remind i'm getting older. three time grammy winner kelly clarkson has written loads of amazing love songs in her time, but last night on "jimmy kimmel live" she found a surprising new source of inspiration, tinder profiles. take a listen.
8:21 am
♪ i have a foot fetish and willing to pay for your pedi nails and worship your feet ♪ ♪ and worship your feet i got a foot fetish ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> didn't you do a piece on a foot fetish? >> i did. i did. i tried to squeeze that in. ♪ i'm at the westin in ft. lauderdale ♪ >> you saw it coming, ginger. >> better than reading it. >> the foot fetish was the only reason i didn't do tinder. i stuck with okcupid. and let's admit it kelly clarkson can sing anything but can you imagine singing about dating profiles? she would have a ball with mine. yeah. don't list your foot fetish, people. let's just start with that little tip. and sisters are doing it for themselves this morning with jennifer hudson said to be in talks to play aretha franklin in a movie about her life. the biopic -- dan, did i say that right? >> it's better than biopic which is the way you used to pronounce it. >> is being produced by one of
8:22 am
the guys from "straight outta compton" and will apparently focus on the queen of soul's rise to fame in the '60s and '70s. she's played a legend on screen before based on the supremes and it won her an oscar in "dreamgirls." a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t. the star retweeting fans messages of support overnight so let's keep our fingers crossed on this one. >> that would be amazing. >> look how great she looks. what a success story. >> absolutely. >> and it all started from reality tv. >> "american idol." >> kids, dream big. we got this. and a very important "pop news" investigation. this morning, dan -- george, you're going to love this one. >> you bringing this back? >> the man bun. yep, it's a big trend taking red carpets by storm. can it be pulled off in the real world? >> no. >> we asked abbie boudreau to cut through the hype with yahoo! editor in chief joe zee.
8:23 am
>> reporter: a rare-raising trend that's got tinseltown tied up in a bun. a man bun. >> you can see it in hollywood on actors like leonardo dicaprio, chris hemsworth, even david beckham. >> reporter: no longer just for girls, now guys are loving them too. >> i think a lot of women and girlfriends are like, i want my guy to be rocking a man bun because it's kind of cool and kind of hot. >> reporter: editor in chief of yahoo! style joe zee says it's a look most men can pull off. is there a way to mess it up? >> i think it's a very fine line. if it's too messy, it looks sloppy. >> reporter: in search of the perfect bun, meet j.d. hoping for that orlando bloom look, clint inspired by jake gyllenhaal's half bun and kurt channeling his inner jared leto. how long have you been growing it out? >> two years. my hair grows really slow. >> do you call it a man bun? >> guilty, yeah. >> we're seeing it everywhere. >> yes, you see it
8:24 am
on the streets, on the runways. >> reporter: master hairstylist lindsey adair transforming their long locks into modern buns. >> create the knot. there you are. >> reporter: at spoke & weal in west hollywood. what do you think? >> i think it's exactly what i was going for every time. >> reporter: but you'll need more than just the bun. >> he's got that facial hair going on. >> reporter: it's the whole look. >> maybe we'll just try a classic shirt like that and roll up the sleeves and all that. >> reporter: after a quick change, come on in. oh, wow. >> see. >> yes. >> and it all works. >> reporter: from everyday hipsters to hollywood trend setters. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> now, i'm not normally a fan but we do have one guy in the house right now who pulls it off adorably. yeah, the man bun. now, i'm a fan of his man bun. >> it depends on the man. >> where do you draw the line between man bun and ponytail? because that looks like a ponytail. >> when you let it out, the bun is tight. >> that's not very tight. >> that's tight. high and tight.
8:25 am
>> so glad you asked. >> sara will be back with dale earnhardt jr. in the next half hour.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. san jose police hope new surveillance video will help catch a murder suspect. . the footage shows three men moments before they killed 38-year-old man inside an office building last week. two of the suspects were recently shot and killed by police. the third was identified as a 40-year-old. investigators are still trying to figure out why he was targeted. an update on the morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. a tough drive across the san mateo bridge. you're looking at about 30 minutes from 880 towards 101. no reports yet from the chp. we'll check and see what the problem is there for our next time. here's the bay bridge backup considerably slow from the maize.
8:28 am
we have a new accident at 680 at 580. >> w [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part, sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save during mattress price wars. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:29 am
good morning, 57 in antioch. santa rosa at 58. if you're going to the game this afternoon, it's time to sweep l.a. 67 degrees, increasing sunshine, 69 by the end of the game.
8:30 am
as far as our highs today, 60s along the coast. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. the 90s are gone and may not hold on, sara. there she is taking a little bit of a spin with dale earnhardt jr. i think that's a real smile on her face. >> that's terrifying, george. >> they only had lap straps. it was a retro car. >> wow. we're going to find out about that spin in just a bit. >> yes. >>ing looking forward to that. also, we are backstage with super band, 5 seconds of summer, gearing up for our concert in central park just two days away. >> that is coming up but we're here with juju chang. she is back. a story about not letting anything get in the way of your goals. climbing mt. kilimanjaro is one of the toughest challenges you can take on even if you're in peak condition.
8:31 am
kara richardson whitely may have weighed 300 pounds, but that did not stop her from reaching the top. juju has her story. >> reporter: kara tried to climb kilimanjaro, not once, not twice, but three times and all while her weight yo-yo'd dramatically. and through it all, the triumphs but just as important shall the defeats. she said she realized the toughest peak she had to conquer was in her heart. climbing mt. kilimanjaro is brutal for anyone but when you weigh 300 pounds it can be next to impossible. >> it's like climbing it with someone on your back. >> reporter: kara's first trek up the mountain had been a triumph for the 32-year-old and lost 120 pounds and was eager to celebrate her success. >> everybody was focusing on how much weight i had lost and it was great. it was an amazing experience. my husband and i both summited together. >> reporter: a year later as a new mom, kara gained back more than half the weight she worked so hard to lose, and then she went back to the tallest mountain in africa. >> i was really in a dark place and i wanted to get myself out but, again, i didn't do the work that was necessary to end up on
8:32 am
top of the mountain again. >> reporter: she chronicled her personal battles in battles in "gorge: my journey up kilimanjaro at 300 pounds." gorge has a double meaning. >> sure. it's the low point between two mountains and also if you eat too much. >> reporter: it's a journey fraught with personal drama. as a 9-year-old she dealt with her parents' divorce by hiding in the pantry comforting herself with snacks. why do people binge when they do it so secretly? >> it's about not feeling. it's about -- binging is about swallowing your feelings really. i would binge in private because then i wouldn't have to feel the hard stuff or even the happy stuff. >> reporter: as a 12-year-old during a sexual assault, she said she offered her attacker something to eat, which ended the attack. you said food saved me in the book. >> yeah, yeah, and maybe it did. maybe food saved me for a short time but like a lot of bad habits or addictions, it became the thing that consumed me. >> reporter: kara finally realized instead of radical
8:33 am
weight loss, she needed smaller sustainable victories to keep her obsessive eating under control. in 2011 she set out to climb kilimanjaro for a third time. >> climbing up to 9,000 feet is not pleasant in a lot of ways. >> you didn't get any help from the guides who were betting against you. >> if we're going to -- >> did you place any money bets? you should. bet on me. bet on me. >> reporter: kara reached the top of kilimanjaro once again this time weighing 300 pounds but no longer weighted down. >> i felt tremendous gratitude for the journey that i had taken, and there was a knowing at that moment that i was the one who had to decide which baggage that i would continue to carry with me. i'm not talking about my backpack. you know, kara very candidly told me she still struggles with food addictions but quieter. and rather than huge dramatic
8:34 am
efforts like climbing mountains, she's enjoying bite-size victories and savoring the adventures of every day like being a mom. >> inspiring. >> great story. thank you, juju. >> thank you. >> well, it's a pretty good day at work when you get to ride shotgun with nascar champ dale earnhardt jr. that pleasure and thrill was all mine when dale took me for a spin at the famous bristol motor speedway. ♪ i like to move it move it i like to move it move it ♪ that's me doing doughnuts in a convertible with nascar megastar, dale earnhardt jr. i didn't know you could do that without snow. >> you didn't know you could do it without snow? >> i'm from iowa. we did them in parking lots. >> reporter: well, you're not in iowa anymore, sara. actually i was riding shotgun with dale jr. in bristol, tennessee, at the famed bristol motor speedway, the fastest half mile in the country. >> whoo! >> reporter: "gma" got an exclusive sneak peek as mountain dew was filming a new
8:35 am
virtual reality video featuring dale earnhardt. why did you do this? >> this is a 360 experience where a fan can basically be in the moment. you know, you can take a look around wearing the 360 goggles and take a look around and you're in the experience. >> reporter: the technology is cutting edge. they've already done virtual reality videos for skateboarding. >> ah, this is awesome. am i going snowboarding? that's me with the goggles on tearing down a mountain on a snowboard. we met up with dale jr. at a burger joint near the track in bristol where they were rigging the car. will russell is the head of production. what makes this different than something we just shoot for tv? >> the big thing is the 360 so you're seeing everything in one shot. so these are six action cameras in a cluster. >> reporter: okay. >> and the reason they're in a cluster is because they're equally spaced to capture this way, that way, up, down. >> there's nothing missing. >> nothing missing. >> reporter: that means when fans put on the goggles, it will be just like riding shot of
8:36 am
gun with dale jr.? how close do you get? like what's a great turn for you? are you literally like an inch away? or is that too close? >> no, sometimes. >> who would you want to see in a virtual reality world? >> what would i like to experience? >> yeah. >> i think it would be great to be in a huddle on the field of an nfl game. >> you hear that, peyton manning? this is better than a roller coaster. and if you're wondering what video games dale played, super mario brothers like everyone else and the dale jr. will debut at the bristol night race august 22nd. that was amazing. >> so, everyone gets to do what you did. >> well, virtually. their stomach won't be tossed. i had a rough time with that. >> you did well. >> thank you. >> you smiled through the whole thing. >> i hung in there in let's head over to ginger. >> yes, that was so much fun, sara. now we're going to have fun with "ask zee." our question comes from 10-year-old sam vanderveen. he's from michigan.
8:37 am
his mother tells us he writes down the forecast every morning and reports it to his family. here's sam. >> what does the color yellow mean on the radar? >> that is an awesome question, sam. and to answer it, let's look at our radar. now, keep in mind different radar displays use different color tables, so it might be different when you look online. but in general green represents light rain. yellow to orange is moderate rain and red is heavy. when you look at radar you're seeing reflectivity. it's a measure of energy returned by the atmosphere. yellow to orange, 35 to 40 dbz, that's what we call it. dbz is decibels of reflectivity. we can talk more online. if your child has a good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with temperatures close to average or a little bit below with the warmest inland east bay at 90 and coolest at san francisco at 68. the seven-day forecast shows gray mornings and patchy drizzle
8:38 am
and sunny afternoons and >> and all that weather brought to you by target. you guys get that, dbz. >> yeah, i love it, i love it. >> don't forget. >> my favorite segment of the day. now to our countdown to friday's huge concert just two days until 5 seconds of summer takes center stage in central park. we caught up with the guys backstage at their rock out with your socks out tour. take a look. >> right now come on the tour with us. we're going to show you around. ♪ she's got a heart though >> so, "gma," this is 5 seconds of summer's dressing room. ♪ >> 80 shows. >> this is what we live out of. this is, you know, for example, michael's apartment. ♪ yeah she's kind of hot >> reporter: in 70 cities. >> in this band we try to remain healthy, believe it or not. >> yep. >> so that's why we keep doritos and popcorn with us wherever we go.
8:39 am
♪ everyone was asking >> they played for over a million fans across four continents. ♪ and we're halfway there >> we do play guitars. >> reporter: and this friday they're bringing it to "gma." >> hey, thanks for coming with us backstage. >> we're still counting down the days to "gma" on friday. >> and don't forget -- >> all: good morning, america! >> you know, we're counting down too, guys. 5 seconds of summer in central park just two days away on "good morning america." coming up next, robin's interview with lily tomlin about her brand-new movie. stay with us.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
and we're back with lily tomblin. the actress just received her 22nd emmy nomination and now stars in the new film "grandma." robin sat down with her to talk about it. take a look. >> i'm doing my happy dance because i'm joined by actress lily tomlin, one of my all-time faves. she's had an incredible career, movie, theater, tv, just nominated for an emmy in the next netflix series "grace and frankie" and lighting up the big screen a new moved called "grandma." she plays not the typical grandma who will take on just about anybody. let's take a look. >> okay. >> i'm going to have to ask you to leave. >> when? when are you going to have to ask us?
8:43 am
>> i'm going to have to ask you to leave now. >> oh, you are asking us. >> yes, you're disturbing the customer. >> i'm a customer. do you know what a customer is? >> i know what a customer is. >> well, a customer is someone who pays for your service, so i am a customer. i mean, what other customers are we disturbing? oh, them. ozzie and harriet. >> that's humor. would you please give a good morning america welcome to lily tomlin. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> i know. >> thank you, thank you. >> i mean i hope that you're feeling the love here. this movie, it caught me off guard. it's funny and makes you think and the director said that he wrote it with you in mind. when you first read the script, did you hear your voice? >> yes, i liked the script enormously. sam elliott always says if it's not on the page, it's not on the stage, so we all just loved the script. it's just rich. >> yeah. what do you want people to feel when they watch this movie? >> first i want to hope they'll be entertained. i think there should be more
8:44 am
tolerant, more accepting of just -- or just feel more empathy with humanity. it's really about three women, their -- the generational pull between those three women. me, my daughter and her daughter. >> what is your involvement? >> i am her grandmother, and i'm your mother. >> yes, but what are you doing here? >> i'm going to be there because this is my granddaughter. >> i have been enjoying -- i can't wait for the next season of "grace and frankie," the netflix series. >> yeah. we've already finished our fourth episode, and we love it. people have responded so well to it. >> you back together with jane fonda. you two are just, hmm, on the screen together. how is it working with her? >> it's always fun. we're good friends and we've been friends since we were on "9 to 5" and never really expected to get back together again in a show and marta kauffman came to us and had the whole idea and presented it to us, and we loved it, and we went to work. >> we want to put a picture up
8:45 am
here of you and jane, and can you tell us what's going on here? >> what are we doing? >> i know. what are you doing? >> she called me and said, i'm going to go to sundance. i said, oh, good, i'll go too because "grandma" is going to be there. and we were probably -- i was probably late for a movie and i was probably running to catch her and the best part was the "l.a. times" wrote we were the thelma and louise of the sundance film festival because we were there for like 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 days and we saw 18 movies. we'd go to the manufactures. we're just showing -- every different bar every night and run into people and go to places where they made their own vodka. >> that's good living. >> it was a heady experience. >> like your character frankie, the hippie kind of free spirit kind of just in the moment. >> that's what i am. >> thank you for the example you have set in all aspects of your life and your career. >> thank you. >> truly do appreciate it. and "grandma," "grandma" opens
8:46 am
this friday. >> looking forward to seeing that. thanks to robin for that. and up next, a hamelted cheddarger, with crispy hash browns and an egg your way. now that's a burg... (explosion) (groans) you want that to go again sweetie? the thing burger. welcome to denny's. fantastic 4, only in theaters.
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is there someone in is there someone in your town who goes above and beyond, a parent, a teacher, a neighbor, anyone in your community who helps and inspires others? well, if the answer is yes, go to on yahoo! and let us know and we can help your whole town come out to thank them in an epic way live. this is going to be good. "gma" is going above and beyond. here with me now blaine lourd whose new memoir "born on the bayou" reveals how he went all the way from the bayou to the boardroom. the wealth management ceo painting a vivid picture of louisiana in the 1970s and his relationship with his father. blaine, thanks for being with us. it is an incredible, incredible read. i first want to say that and, second, you decided to write "born on the bayou" after what
8:49 am
you call a moment of clarity. tell me what happened. >> thanks for having me, amy. i -- you know, i always thought about a way to kind of honor my heritage, and then, you know, several years back i had a triple bypass. >> at 45? >> at 45. i had a subtle little symptom. i was at an lsu football game with my two sons. we were walking hand in hand. i got shortness of breath. i was with my brother-in-law. he looked at me and said, are you okay, and i was like, i'm not sure. the next day we flew home. i felt bad, and i called the doctor. it just so happened i coached his son on one of my youth sports teams, and he answered his phone. i told him about the symptom. he's like, i think you have something we should talk about. went in to see him. 24 hours later i was on an operating table. >> and at that moment, you know, anyone who's been through a major medical scare knows your
8:50 am
life changes, and you start reflecting and i know a lot of this book focuses on your father whose nickname was puffer. >> his nickname was puffer. >> he was an oil man who did well for himself in the 1970s and you went from living in a single bedroom home to a 16,000-square-foot mansion. how did that impact your life? >> you know, it's a great question. we -- you know, my brothers and i lived in a one bedroom, bunk beds, two bunk beds and one on the floor and then, you know, one day my dad caught this wave, you know, of oil prices that went up, and i like to say he was in the right place at the right time, and he was, and, you know, we rode that wave, and he rode it with us, and then, you know, as commodity prices went up, we picked up some mild consumer habits, joined the country club and life was great. >> life changed. and i should say, you and your brother are incredibly successful. you run one of the country's top
8:51 am
wealth management firms, and your brother brian is the co-chair of caa, and, yet, we hear so much about tiger parenting. you said that your parents were laissez-faire parents, not exactly what most would consider today a recipe for success, yet it worked for you. >> we had kind of very simple rules. make sure you're home before i leave in the morning. [ laughter ] >> you can have a beer at 10:00? >> you can have a beer at 10:00, just one. really they focused on manners and general literacy, and my dad was big on manners and big on the ten commandments and just big on honor. >> but you had to figure things out for yourself, which worked in your case. what do you want viewers or readers to take away from this book? >> you know, i'd like readers to understand that, you know, like you said, i went from being a young man to being a middle-aged
8:52 am
man overnight, and, you know, i think in life we spend a lot of time holding on to things and disappointments from our parents or our brothers and sisters and even our friends and, you know, this book is a 50-year relationship that i basically had with my dad, but it reminds us of how impermanent it all is and to love more than resent and love more than hate. >> important messages. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> blaine. "born on the bayou" is availab
8:53 am
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okay, america. is something in your life a hot mess, your wardrobe, that messy closet, that big party you were supposed to plan? do you need a boost in the right direction? who doesn't. we're looking to hit the road to give some viewers the surprise "gma" life makeover they deserve. so go now to on yahoo! and tell us about your mess and "gma's" hot mess express could be headed your way. >> "good morning america" is brought to you by yoplait original, for the smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. >> i just entertained amy by jumping the gun, right? jennifer aniston tomorrow. >> looking forward to that and we've got big
8:56 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. happening now, crews just contained a slow growing grass fire in east san jose. now they are keeping a look out for flare ups. the fire burned all night in rough terrain in heartland way. the fire blackened 6 acres. no homes were threatened. a little more moisture in the air. the humidity is up just a little bit. we're going to have mid- to upper 60s in the coast and into downtown san francisco. 70s throughout the bay and 80s inland. here's my seven-day forecast. a little cooler tomorrow. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine through the weekend. the san mateo bridge, a 17-minute drive between hayward and foster city. bumper to bumper there. a motorcycle down middle lanes causing delays there. and also a three-car accident
9:00 am
westbound 80. >> now it's time for "live w announcer: it's "live with kelly & michael." today, the one and only melissa mccarthy, and from "paper towns," actress cara delevingne. also, the stars of "the little couple," dr. jennifer arnold and bill klein. plus, rachel platten performs her huge hit, "fight song," all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [theme music playing] [cheering and applause] platten: ♪ this is my fight song... ♪ announcer: now, here are your emmy-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. [cheering and applause] platten: ♪ my power's turned on starting right now i'll be strong i'll play my fight song... ♪ [audience member whistles] kelly: ah! hi! hi, hi. you know...


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