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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 26, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a horrifying story that continues to develop in the shooting death of a virginia tv reporter and photographer while they were in the middle of a broadcast. the suspected gunman has ties to the bay area. thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am shirt generation. the man is 41-year-old vester lee flanagan who tried to kill himself after a police chase.
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he was a former co-worker of the photographer and reporter. audit station where he previously work described him as "difficult to work with." wdbj said involve involve watched the news before he approached the former cheeks armed with a gun. he turned the gun on himself and moments ago was confirmed dead. we want to warn you that some of the video you are about to see is very disturbing. >> the morning crew covered a story on tourism in virginia this morning and out of nowhere a gunman walked up and opened fire. you can hear several gunshots during the interview. allison parker, a reporter and adam ward, a photographer, for wdbj were shot and killed. the general manager went on air to speak about the devastate tragedy. we are in shock. all there is in our building is hugging and crying and
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consoling. many members of our star are very close to alley son and adam and everyone knew them. they were loved. they were positive people. >> 59 time of shooting they were interviewing a gift from the chamber of commerce who was slots and southfield. she recovering at a local hospital and out of surgery. we are learning more about the suspect, vester lee flanagan who went by the name brace williams on air. he was a reporter until he was fired from the station. on twitter williams post add motive claiming allison made racist comments and that adam filed a complaint with h.r. after working only one shift together. the f.b.i. and a.t.f. have gypped the sight investigation and the small community rocked especially the wdjb family who saw the shooting unfold in front of their eyes. >> abc received a fax from someone named bryce williams between last night and this morning.
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it was a lengthy 23-page document that new is in the hands of authorities. >> to give you perspective it happened with the shooter confronted by police 200 miles away on interstate 66 between washington, dc, and middleton, virginia, police swarmed the area and you can see dozens of police vehicles were on the scene and many are still there several hours after the shooting. >> parker just turned 24 years old. her fiance said they were in love and had plans to get married and just moved in together. the photographer, adam ward was engaged to a morning producer at the same station. involve involve has deep root -- involve involve has deep -- vester lee flanagan has deep roots in the area.
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vester lee flanagan or bryce williams, has local or california connections that is why we are here at san francisco state where the administration is confirm he graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism in 1995. that is all the university would say this morning. that he does attend and did graduate. no one we have spoken with seems to remember him or know of him but that what not be surprising it was 20 years ago. while in school he worked for channel 5 from 1993 to 1995 as an intern and then as an assistant on the assignment desk and he calls the duties as "pitching stories." before that, vester lee flanagan graduated from skyline high school in oakland and the district confirmed he graduated from there in 1991. san francisco state, skyline high school, as to the work history, after leave the bay area he moved around, general assignment record next to next, for several months in 1995 and
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not in any job for very long, two years reporting in savannah, georgia, another year in tallahassee, florida and he work for bang america as a fraud investigators and we have not pinned down where that job was but he returned to california in august of 2001 and pg&e said he spent a year with them as a customer service representative. then, in 2002, from 2002 to 2004 he went back to reporting greenville, south carolina, and his longest job was from 2004 to 2012 back in sacramento, a seven year time at a company called ndg interactive. finally, in 2012, the journalism bug bit him again and he went to wdbg as a multimedia journalist who shoots and adds story and left in 2013 and great that
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point there is no other history until what we saw this morning and that is all we know of the local connections of this young man. he did attend san francisco state university and he graduated in 1995 and i am sure as the day goes only with the local connections we will be learning more about him. but what is the latest at san francisco state for abc7 news. >> thank you, wayne. the governor of virginia was on air in the middle of a live radio interview when notified of the shooting. >> this is a herrible tragedy for virginia, all these families are impacted. what we need to do is make sure there are no more tragedies and do it in a manner peacefully, the suspect is arrested. >> the governor said that the deadly shooting is an issue he has talked about, stricter gun laws and gun control is trend on twitter and he said tougher back ground checks should be made a
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priority. wdbj has an excerpt from a report an allison packer and adam ward. >> allison was smart and ambitious and cad dam -- adam would go the extra mile to get the job done. they worked together each morning. i wanted to go through a study to see if high job impacts how i snooze. adam and i work the same early morning shift but have completely different sleep schedules. >> colleagues say both parker and ward came to work with smile on their faces in spite of their early morning shifts. >> as the story continues to develop, stay with abc7 for your complete coverage on air and online with several new crews would being the story and you can follow us on twitter@atthistime. also, on-line at >> dramatic rescue by the coast guard after five hour ordeal. a woman and her two dogs were
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trapped on a cliff after falling. the rescue was caught on video. matt keller joins joins us from daly city. >> the park department is fencing the if ensure that firefighters cut through so they could get to the victim down below on the cliff. the cliff is about 300' from the beach. everyone made it out alive, the people and the pets. >> a walk on the dangerous side in daly city, a 27-year-old man, a 54-year-old woman and two dogs were walking after midnight on the treacherous trails south of the beach when they all tumbled down. the man rolled all the way to the bottom and was bang up but walked out called for help. he was taken to the hospital. firefighters got to the woman trapped 100' up. her two pit bulls were there but acted too aggressive so the call went to the coast guard. thank you was an initial flyover
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after 5:00 a.m. to assess the situation. the wind pushed the rescue attempt back by an hour and a half and at 6:45 they swooped in. sky 7 captured the action on the morning news. the rescue swimmer was lowered to the woman. he put neither a sling connected to 9 harness. they held on as they were lifted up and went back to the coast guard station. she was taken home by the police in good condition. the woman, however, was concerned about her dogs. one was injured after the fall. the other was trapped on the cliff. animal control captured them both a long dangerous morning ends. no man, woman or pet left behind. >> silt good to see a successful rescue. >> there is no word on the dog's conditions were i contacted the peninsula humane society and he have in record of the dogs being checked in so it is possible the
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two pets are now in the care of their owner. >> a san francisco visitor is recovering after he was shot in the arm during a robbery on russian hill. police and local leaders will hold a news conference on the attack. the victim is a thai airman released from the hospital last night. police say the victim was trying to get his camera back from two men who grabbed it as he walked near the crooked part of lombard street. the suspects led him into oakland before they were caught. >> a routine traffic shop duringed and a big drug bust this is what the officers found in the vehicle yesterday afternoon after stopping a driver for speeding. the sealed bags of marijuana weighed 220 pounds. the driver faces charges of possess and transportation of marijuana for sale. >> watching today of a positive
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-- popular type of turkey bacon from kraft. >> back-to-school for kids in hayward and why dads were encouraged to walk their children to class today. meteorologist mike nicco is next with the
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>> a judge formally sentenced james health. s to life in prison without the
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possibility of parole for killing 12 people in the movie theater shooting in colorado and sentenced him to 3,200 additional years for attempted murder and explosive conviction after the jury in the trial split on whether holmes should receive the death penalty that would require a unanimous jury verdict. >> and kraft is recalling two million pounds of turkey bacon products that could spoil before the "best when used" dateful the problem was discovered by the department 6 agriculture during an investigation into spoil spoil-related complaints. the line number is rs19. they were shipped nation bide. some bay area students got a special escort to school and some were embarrassed because it was their dad but the administrators say it is good for the students. >> walking into middle school on the first day is already loaded with emotion.
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having dear old dad walk you in can add to an already self conscious morning. >> embarrassment. i have to walk myself in but we are. >> the dads were encouraged to be here at the middle school today, the hayward unified school district invited them to take their kids to school as part of a national program called "million father march." >> they does research and it shows if a father is more involved in the child's educational life, the child does better academically. >> program was just the punish some dads needed. >> my wife came back from registration said they were doing this and it is new for me, the first for me so i kind enjoying it. it is pretty nice. >> it has motivated dads to take support beyond the first day. >> one of the schools created a program called dogs, dads of great students and that grew
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each month and they help out at the school and do things so it was spawned from the million march. we want had to come out of the program. >> students may is said necessity did not need their fathers, dads knew deep down they made a difference. >> a little embarrassing but i can get over it. >> for the dad whose could not be here today, educators say, don't worry, there is plenty to do during the school year. check on your child's homework and stay in touch with the teener of the. >> look like a beautiful day out there. >> it is that time of year and kids are going back-to-school. >> good morning for the news broadcast center and we can already feel it is warmer than yesterday but it is a nice breeze and the breeze is going away one more day is warmer conditions before a chance of drizzle rolling into the forecast. >> thank you. a new offering at target that will make
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>> it is going to be gorgeous for kids going back-to-school. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the temperatures. >> it is beautiful outside right now with a ton of sunshine. we are going to get to the seven-day forecast forecast when we come up in a second but you can see it gets warmer before the temperature really starts to taper over the weekend when it is breezy outside. here is a look at san jose and you can see we have sunshine here and temperatures actually are above average today, the my 80s and now we are looking at sutro tower and you can see it is hazy with more moisture in the air, a little more pollution
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but not a "spare the air" day. we will have high clouds and warm hazy sunshine. stars and milder the next few nights as the high pressure suppresses the marine layer and drizzle on saturday morning as we bring in the cooler air mass. fairfield is only 16 and sfo is den and half moon bay is 12. everyone else is light and variable but because of the lack of wind, we do have hazy conditions especially around hayward at four mile visibility in san carlos at six miles per hour. on the satellite you can see the cloud cover erasing along the coast and it look like that is where we will have the clouds this afternoon. we have a progressive pattern with high and a low this close to each other and this strong so we go from one extreme to the other. down in southern california, in the high desert, it look like we have flooding storms that are possible today as the monsoon moisture is going to stay too far to the east for us to get any benefit out of it and we
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will have high clouds and warmer weather today and tomorrow before the pool of cool air starts to roll in. how about low-to-mid 80s? and 86 in san jose and 96 in gilroy. on the peninsula, low-to-mid 80s, san mateo, all the way south to mountain view and los altoses and 87 in millbrae, and half moon bay with sunshine at 71 to 67 in daly city and colma and 68 at sunset and low-to-mid 70s for downtown, south san francisco and sausalito and high clouds and sunshine and 79 to vallejo low-to-mid 80s elsewhere crew the north bay and the clouds keep bodega bay at 67 and mid-to-upper 70's for a lot the east bay shoreline and oakland at 77, a few low 80s in castro valley and the low-to-mid 90s inland. if you are used the air conditioning yesterday you will use it this afternoon. the cubs are hot and the giants need get hot: 67 at 7:15
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dropping down to 64 degrees. the best chance for a shower is on friday night into saturday it will be from mendocino and lake county north but notice our temperatures in the dramatic drop as it becomes breezy saturday into sunday it will be 10- or 15-degrees cooler than our high temperatures tomorrow which will be our warmest day in the forecast. enjoy the warm sunshine while it is here. >> thank you, mike. good news for discount shoppers would like wine. we target is moving to serve wine in some of the stores according to the business journal they have applied to serve alcohol at a new store opening this career in chicago. it would be the first to serve wine on site although many target stores currently sell battles of wine that are sealed. in word when they will expand that to other stores. >> it could happen. >> making a wedding day memorable is the goal of all
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brides and the reason these two lovebirds took a dive into the waters off the coast of florida to say
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happen when you do not wear them correctly. >> a report four years in the making sun veiled, failed solar companies solyndra and the revelations of how it really got half a billion in taxpayer money. >> a wedding is memorable for the couple t tie the nat -- knot but one couple made it special at g great depths to mark the 50th anniversary of the christ of the deep statue off the florida coast which was submersed in august 25 of 1965 off of key largo and became a symbol of the coral reef state park the first underwater preserve in north america. >> with a mask
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>> thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow.
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