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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> an outbreak of legionairs disease. >> inmates lining up outside today to use the restrooms because the outbreak has forced water to the prison to be cut off. >> wayne freedman is live with just how many people may be sick here. >> good afternoon. that number we don't know. less than an hour ago a third inmate left the prison in an ambulance. a third inmate in 24 hours. we have one confirmed case. we have 30 suspected cases. you saw that video from this morning after they shut off the
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water as a precaution. let's look again. you are looking at anything but normal yard activity for inmates after an outbreak prison authorities turned off the plumbing and brought in port opotties creating long lines in places. >> you have enough in there? >> i believe we have enough. >> for how many inmates? >> about 2,000 are utilizing the port apotties. >> one for every 200 men. san quinton confirmed after testing an inmate. now roughly two dozen inmates have the severe flu-like symptoms which include headaches, chills, fever, shortness of breath and nausea. the source of the outbreak is unknown but it comes through bacteria in water. inside this means no showering for inmates. it means no inmate transfers to
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or from other prisons. it means no visitors possibly through the weekend and means more correctional officers on duty to escort inmates seeking relief. >> what is the average wait for a restroom at this point? >> i think it is pretty fluid. >> reporter: for now inmates are drinking bottled water. karen works inside as a supervisor in the food preparation unit. >> i look at it this way. things happen. things happen and you have to take care of yourself. you will do what they ask you to do. >> that would mean not drinking or even touching the water. at san quinton prison, wayne wayne freedman. >> according to the centers for disease control symptoms resemble pneumonia and can include cough, shortness of breath, high fever and headaches. >> the cdc says people get sick
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by breathing in mist or vapor. it is effectively treated with antibiotics. >> it doesn't seem very common there has been several cases including outbreaks and an illinois veterans homes. two deaths in canada are blamed on the illness. >> the heat is holding on. here is a live picture from walnut creek where temperatures are in the 90s. >> moving to san francisco and golden gate bridge temperatures a bit cooler because the fog has rolled in. spencer christian is here with our accuweather update. >> we had a couple of factors at work in this heat that has lasted longer than we thought. there was no significant cooling overnight. we started the day on a warm note. that ridge of high pressure, that high air mass slow to retreat. we have mainly sunny skies. a few clouds are around. a few high clouds and highs so far not quite so high as
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yesterday. some inland areas very warm. 101 at livermore. 100 at fairfield. 104 at gilroy. 99 is the high so far at concord. lots of upper 80s around the bay. notice the coast and areas near the coast were quite warm. here is your 24-hour temperature change. san francisco one degree warmer than this hour yesterday but three degrees cooler than this time yesterday. one degree cooler in concord and fairfield. you can see a mixed bag in terms of temperature changes. we are all going to feel a change pretty soon. here comes our change factor as you look at the satellite and radar composite. moving our direction and will bring more than just a cool down. it may bring rain drops. i will give you a closer look at the forecast for tomorrow in just a few minutes. >> thank you so much. the two people accused of shooting a tourist in a busy neighborhood in san francisco
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this week have been charged with attempted murder. police say the two men shot the victim tuesday as he was trying to get his stolen camera back near the crook udpart of the street. authorities arrested the suspects after a long case. the victim is expected to make a full recovery. san jose police continue to search for the man they believe is responsible for a hit-and-run collision that left one woman dead. >> abc 7 news reporter spoke to the victim's family and is live in san jose with the story. >> reporter: family members tell us that laura reyes loved being around kids so much she was actually in the process of becoming a family child care provider but sadly she will never get that chance. if you take a look behind me you can see the small memorial across the street where reyes was struck. some of her family returned to the scene this afternoon to pay their respects. heartbreak is really the only way to describe how she is feeling. >> she wasn't only my mother.
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she was like a sister to me. >> reporter: her mother, 46-year-old laura reyes was killed yesterday morning by a hit-and-run driver. based on evidence at the scene it appeared the suspect left the roadway, hit reyes on the sidewalk and sped off ditching the car a few blocks away. a homeowner may have captured the suspect with a surveillance camera. at the request of police we have covered the man's face. in this video you can see him walking across the drive way. san jose police are working all leads trying to track down the driver. >> why did you do it, man? why did you take my mom away? >> said she loved living life to the fullest, a fun loving woman with a big embracing smile. angel and his family can't comprehend how the driver could be such a cold hearted person. >> he did that to my mom he can do it to somebody else.
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heartless. >> reporter: daughter alina hopes a lesson can be learned from this tragedy. >> cherish your mom and be with her as much as you can every second, every minute, every hour and as much as you want. >> reporter: a family wanting this community to know how much they love their mom. in san jose, abc 7 news. more than a dozen scientists performed a necropsy on a dead whale. the whale about 52 feet long was found earlier this week. one thing the scientists are looking for is evidence of blunt force trauma. witnesses say they saw that whale hauled in on the bow of a ship. robbin williams died one yer ago this month but issues over his estate remain. attorneys for widow and children faced off in court today.
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>> no doubt there are sufficient assets to cover what relatively are more modest expenses in the property. >> the trustees are disappointed that the trust assets are being consumed by a fight that robin clearly didn't want. he set up this trust with the intent that this would never be in court and never be in public. >> susan williams is asking for some late husband's personal items including clothing and trying to prevent children from acquiring some bicycles in the collection. talks are expected to continue with private mediation scheduled for next week. a former new hampshire prep school senior accused of raping a freshman girl was found not guilty. the jury did convict him of misdemeanor sex charges. he claimed the girl consented.
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prosecutors say it was part of senior salute where seniors try to have sex with under classmen. he still faces up to seven years in prison. for the first time today we are hearing from the sole survivor of the deadly virginia shooting that claimed the lives of a tv reporter and photographer. >> elizabeth herr has the story. >> reporter: the visible traces still haunting a virginia community now gone. new wooden planking is up as businesses there are reopening there today. for the first time an eyewitness account of the deadly early on air shooting from the sole survivor of the attack, vicki gardner talking to her husband who spoke to abc news. >> surgeon told me that a couple of centimeters and she wouldn't be walking. >> reporter: she would be interviewed by alison parker and
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adam ward when all three were caught off guard and gunned down by a former station reporter. >> did he get a feeling about who was the target? >> well, alison was the initial target. >> reporter: she told her husband alison was shot first and then ward. >> he shot three times at my wife. she was trying to dodge everything. he missed twice and then she dove to the ground. >> reporter: the shooter, vester flanagan tried to keep shooting but the gun didn't work. search warrants revealing more evidence of an elaborate plan. in the get away car police found a pistol, flanagan later shot and killed himself while on the run from troopers. as for vicki, she is still in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.
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abc news, roanoke, virginia. still ahead on abc 7 news here at 4:00, former president bush returns to new orleans ten years after hurricane katrina. how he is addressing the low point of his administration. and the kitchen is closed at some popular caves. and the brand new parkway has been open just over a month. new at 4:30 who says part of the roadway is just too dangerous. at 4:11 we are checking your south bay san jose commute. southbound is backed up but northbound looking great. 880 seems to be flowing in both directions over the top. we are back after a quick break.
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one of the priciest homes sold in california has a new owner. this estate known as loxly hall just sold for $47.5 million smashing price records. this morning was over the 9,200 square foot mansion designed by julia morgan. it has jaw dropping views of san francisco, golden gate bridge. the home built in 1895 includes an elevator, four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a poolhouse, rose garden and wine cellar. starbucks began closing the first of its laboulange
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restaurants. the north beach area sold the last croissant. starbucks began offering its baked goods at coffee shops. fans came in this afternoon for one last taste. >> it's been my daily habit to come here for ice coffee in the afternoon. this is the last one available so i was able to grab it and get my last ice coffee. >> past and present employees posed for one last picture together. the closures of the other 21 restaurants will continue through september. riders should expect to see more and newer buses next month. the second phase begins on september 26th. 37 new vehicles will roll out. some of them will be added to routes like mission 14, 14 s. muni has added 116 new buses
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during phase one of the upgrade. twitter announced new company wide goals to encourage diversity. officials say they are holding themselves accountable to reach goals by 2016. first twitter wants to hire more women to make up 35% of the work force, increase percentage of female imagimanagers and 25%. for under represented minorities twitter plans to increase overall representation to 11%, increase amount in leadership to 6% and in tech roles to 9%. the dow's roller coaster week started with a huge plunge and then a comeback. things dipped back down today. stocks are lower after the federal reserve said an interest rate hike is on the table. the dow closed down 11 points to
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1,60 16,6 16,643. former president george w. bush returned to new orleans today for a somber memorial marking ten years since hurricane katrina. >> his administration was heavily criticized during the crisis for slow response. >> marcy gonzalez is live in new orleans with the story. >> reporter: there is still work left to do here but today so many are just proudly focusing on the progress that has been made here over the past decade. ♪ the vibrant soul, ten years after hurricane katrina flooded 80% of this city and displaced more than a million people along
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the gulf coast there is a new $14.5 billion levee system, homes being rebuilt and people are still returning to reclaim the city they love. there are also wounds that haven't healed. >> it's just horrible. >> reporter: including memories of the more than 1,800 lives lost and the slow emergency response. >> we forget how all levels of government left us abandoned here. >> when i think back and i say how did they do that to us? >> reporter: today met by a small group of protesters former president george w. bush returned here reflecting on the recovery and focusing on the future. >> the darkness from a decade ago has lifted. the crescent city has
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and best days lie ahead. >> reporter: tomorrow commemorations continue with a visit from former president bill clinton. >> thank you very much. time to turn to our weather and the fog. >> spencer christian is outside with a look at the forecast for the next few days. >> it was a bit warmer in some spots today than we anticipated. the cooling is late to arrive. here is live doppler 7 hd. a few high clouds over the inland areas and over the bay and the low clouds are pushing from the coast. we do have fire concerns across the entire state but we have a red flag warning for high fire danger from reno southward and then eastward. the red flag warning into effect tomorrow morning and lasts until 6:00 tomorrow evening. gusts up to 70 miles per hour.
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here is the view closer to home looking northward you can see low clouds beginning to push through and high clouds getting more numerous. 74 in san francisco after a high of 87 earlier today. 81 in oakland. 94 at san jose. morgan hill 99. 68 at half moon bay. you can see coastal clouds beginning to advance. 91 in santa rosa. 90 in napa. 98 fairfield. 100 degrees at livermore. here is the view of the fog at the golden gate. these are forecast features. clouds arrive tonight. chance of showers in the north bay in the morning hours. we expect mainly light showers if they materialize and cooler pattern this weekend and continues into next week. here is our satellite and radar composite image. you can see the ridge of high pressure slow to weaken, slow to depart and that is why the cool air is slow to arrive but it is on its way. cooler changes are about to arrive. we start 5:00 this afternoon,
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clouds thicken overnight. front sweeps in and may have drizzle or light showers in the north bay early in the day and then cooler breeze arrives behind the front. lows on the mild side mainly low to mid 60s. tomorrow look for partly cloudy skies. south bay highs from upper 70s to upper 80s to near 80 on the peninsula up to 72 in downtown san francisco. north bay around 80 degrees. east bay mid to upper 70s and inland east bay low to mid 80s. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. once it cools down tomorrow it will remain relatively cool pattern through early next week and then cooler into mid week and late week next week so we have lovely weather ahead and there is the chance of showers tomorrow morning. don't say i didn't warn you. >> we will not. up next the big donation to help turn artistic ideas into
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reality. >> a hero's home coming. a sacramento national guardsman who helped stop terr
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an east palo alto group is $20,000 richer today. >> this morning partnered with disney and abc 7 news to present the be inspired community grant. the grant is given to organizations that improve their community through public service and outreach programs. since the group was founded 15 years ago it helped thousands of teenagers and young adults discover their love of the arts. >> music and arts. >> it doesn't have to be perfect. what we want is the idea. >> founded in 2001 the mural music and arts project has helped thousands of young individuals transform artistic
4:25 pm
ideas into reality. >> getting better as an artist. using different tools and aspects of helping you out. i know i got better since i have been there. i don't know where i would be in terms of my music. >> reporter: mentors encourage communication, imagination and collaborative mind sets. >> a space for them to create, to be validated for their ideas and who they are. and to really learn their history and make a statement. >> from east palo alto to san francisco artists have installed nearly 150 murals and produced 90 original songs. for harmony moses being a part has turned this once shy girl into a performer. >> i didn't make new friends like that. when i became a part they kind of brought out the other side of me. >> for some the program is more than just music, art and mentorship. it's about family. >> my mother recently passed
4:26 pm
and -- i don't want to cry. but they were there for us so much. community, partnership, everything that you think about, that's what they have been to me. >> thanks to the abc be inspired community grant you can expect today's youth to paint a brighter future. >> that's great. >> great it is. for more information you can find the link on our website at >> be sure to check that out. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. five days in the wilderness with just swim suits and t shirts. the women who found themselves in the own version of survivor. florida prepares for what could be its first direct hurricane hit in a decade. a problem, why some vets say a road that hasn't been open two months is just too dangerous.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. checking the headlines where you live today. one inmate is recovering in the hospital after being diagnosed with lesionairres disease. all water at the prison was shut off yesterday and will remain off until officials can find the
4:30 pm
cause of the exposure. wayne freedman says the water truck is bringing in thousands of gallons of water to the prison. wayne will have a live update at 5:00. the main post office in richmond is closed for maintenance after officials discovered mold inside. laura anthony will tell us when that post office is expected to reopen. a san francisco veterans group is concerned the new presidio parkway is putting them and others at risk. abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins us live with the story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: well, this is what we are talking about. the veterans academy and to my left the new on and off ramps. no traffic controls only the sign that says this is a cross walk. for them it is dangerous.
4:31 pm
robert web is an army veteran who is sight impaired and lives at the veterans academy along with about 100 others, many of them senior citizens and disabled just like him. right across the street, gerard road and a new cross walk. web avoids it at all costs. >> it took a while for me to cross because people weren't generous in letting me across. >> reporter: when cal trans expanded doyle drive it created a new on and off ramp just off gerard road. the street went from a sleepy two lane road to four lanes and with that came lots of traffic, fast traffic. there is no stop sign or signal, not even a speed limit sign. navy veteran is also sight impaired. >> it is like a dodge ball. they think this is extension of
4:32 pm
the freeway. >> reporter: so to catch his bus web and other vets walk uphill where gerard dead ends. it is grueling for people with physical disabilities. the property manager showed us a mock up video of the original plan which had traffic signals in both directions. >> they took them out of the plan. >> why? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: a veterans support group has tried for months to get traffic controls installed but to no avail. >> well, the trust finally called us this afternoon and they said they have passed along the concerns over the cross walk to cal trans and the people who are in charge of the doyle drive project. cal trans did not return our calls. vic lee, abc 7 news. police chief will soon be the police chief in emeryville.
4:33 pm
chief jennifer tajada, her last day there is on monday. she starts in memoryville september 15th she will cut her commute in half. scott pollack will serve as interim chief until a permanent replacement is found. a hero's welcome for a man who thwarted a gunman's rampage. he spoke with good morning america about what he did and how he is dealing with life now in the spot light. abc news reporter brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: welcoming home a hero. the 22 year old surrounded by officers saluting him for subduing an armed terror suspect on a paris-bound train. >> it was unreal. i was so grateful for everybody that showed up. >> reporter: in this exclusive
4:34 pm
interview the army national guardsman says when he and his two childhood friends saw a man appear with an ak-47 his first reaction was just trying not to die. >> i immediately recognized what was happening and i just thought there is no way. there is no way this is happening right now. and then we just acted. i didn't have another conscious thought for the next two minutes. >> reporter: spencer stone who under went surgery to re-attach his thumb is still undergoing treatment in europe. a 23-year-old college student was honored in their hometown of sacramento wednesday. >> i think all of us felt an incredible sense of pride. >> reporter: the men have become international icons receiving france's highest medal from the french president and president obama reached out to commend and congratulate them for their courage and quick action. all three humbled. >> kind of overwhelming for me. i didn't expect this to happen. >> reporter: the big mystery what these heroes will do next.
4:35 pm
here in the u.s. they are up for the soldiers and airmans medals. it is not known if saddler will be honored with an award. >> anthony saddler is getting help paying for college because sacramento state established a scholarship fund going to help pay for tuition, books and other expenses. school officials say the fund was set up in response to numerous requests for people who wanted to recognize saddler's courage. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton steps into a hairy situation. first tropical storm erika batters the caribbean and the u.s. coast line could be next. we see clouds thickening in the bay area sky up above and at the coast. i will have the accuweather forecast for what is coming our way next in just a moment. let's take a look live outside on this friday at 4:35.
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i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at puerto rico felt the effects of tropical storm erika. heavy rain being blamed for this rollover accident. the storm knocked out power to more than 200,000 people on the island and toppled trees but no
4:39 pm
reports of casualties. we are getting the first look at the moment erika slammed into domenica. mudslides destroyed dozens of homes across the country. the storm is being blamed for at least four deaths and 20 people are still missing. florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency just in case. even though forecasters don't expect erika to reach hurricane status they want everyone to be prepared just in dace. >> make sure every member of your family is ready, your parents, children, grandchildren. do you have a plan? are there any special needs that you have? if you are going to need a shelter know where your shelters are. >> a lotf people across the state are heeding instructions to pick up supplies and be ready while areas in western florida are still drying out from record
4:40 pm
setting rain earlier this month. south florida is in desperate need of rain. that section of the state is experiencing severe or extreme drought. >> for more on erika we want to turn to spencer christian. >> he is here with the accuweather update. >> let's go right to live doppler 7 hd. we will move from local weather which is powerful where tropical storm erika is plowing towards the island of hispaniol a. it is expected to take a path right over cuba and right up along the west coast of florida by tuesday of next week and then moving over northward and inland by wednesday. weakening to a tropical low. this storm can produce flooding rains and some wind damage, as well. it is good that populated areas are preparing for possible battering from the storm. across the state of california look for sunny and warm conditions in most locations
4:41 pm
especially interior part of the state. highs up to about 85. 91 at yosemite. 94 at fresno and a high 112 at palm springs. even the southern california coast will be warm. highs at 89. los angeles at 84. we are going to have a cool down here in the bay area. no more triple digits and probably no more 90s in our inland areas. look for some lingering clouds near the coast. we will see mild conditions with highs up to about 70 degrees at half moon bay. upper 70s around the bay. there is a chance of morning showers as a cold front is going to bring us the cooler air sweeps through. north bay has best chance of picking up light showers but could fall just about anywhere although not expected widespread nor expected to be very heavy. >> thanks a lot. still ahead here at 4:00, new details on the panda tragedy at the national zoo and the good news for the surviving cub still
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this is abc 7 news. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton is insisting this afternoon she is the democratic party's standard bear. she spoke at the committee meeting in minneapolis. she brought up the topic of her hair. >> so i do kind of know what donald is going through. and if anyone wonders if mine is real, here is the answer. the hair is real, the color isn't. >> clinton also slammed donald trump saying it's ridiculous that he says that he can do a better job on women's health issues than she can. donald trump is beating his fellow republicans in the polls.
4:46 pm
in one san francisco neighborhood people are taking a whack at his image. >> all in fun. >> reporter: black suit, signature red tie and combed over hair, one look and you know it is donald trump. >> it's a back lash to like the controversy he's brewing. >> i think it is great. >> reporter: trump, a gop presidential candidate has been making a big splash in the political scene garnering supporters and a lot of vocal haters. >> i didn't think that the immigration thing would take on a life like it has. >> reporter: says trump's statements have been deeply offensive to hard working immigrants like herself. in fact, we had a hard time finding any trump supporters in the mission district where his papier-mache twin is on display. >> i don't know. >> you want to shred it to pieces? >> yes. >> discount city says they are
4:47 pm
selling better than expected, up to 30 a day. orders have been put in place to stock up. >> it's just laughing stock for the country. it's ridiculous that he is given a platform to say what he is saying. >> reporter: they are selling for $14 to $20 depending on the size you get, small or large. the whacking stick is an additional $3. there are still a few up for grabs. in san francisco abc 7 news. donald trump would probably appreciate that. the ceo is out of ashley madison. announced today that he resigned in mutual agreement with the company. this two weeks after hackers posted stolen files on the internet disclosing personal information on ashley madison subscribers. >> we are learning more about
4:48 pm
why a panda cub died shortly after birth. veterinarians consider most likely cause of death pneumonia as the result of inhaling food by accident. the smithsonian did have positive news to share. >> i can tell you about the surviving cub. the panda cub is male and his father -- >> the two cubs were born saturday night. zoo officials are saddened by the death of the first cub but are hopeful the surviving one continues to do well. >> new data out today talks about the dangers of texting while walking. researchers say there has been a dramatic rise in the number of injuries caused by pedestrians on their phones. good morning america's t.j. homes explains how easy the habit can be to put you in harm's way. >> watch as this guy walked into a wall while he is fixated on his cell phone. other than damaged pride he walked away unharmed.
4:49 pm
in a new study researchers estimate more than 1,500 serious injuries from texting pedestrians or petextrians in 2010 more than doubled. >> everybody is so addicted to technology. >> hitting the streets to see it for ourselves and in no time we see plenty of pedestrians buried in their phones. i am with good morning america. people are walking and texting. >> i think i have pretty good peripheral vision. >> reporter: you didn't see a car. >> i will give you that. >> reporter: you might think you have mastered the art of texting and walking. >> we can't make split second decisions we need to make in traffic if focused on our phones. >> reporter: she says she was texting while carrying her 3-month-old daughter when she fell. >> right as i was pressing send i stepped off the curb. >> reporter: luckily her daughter was not hurt but she was on crutches for weeks. >> ever since then i have not
4:50 pm
texted and walked not once. >> reporter: putting together this test and obstacle course for part of their study to show how hard it is to concentrate on anything else when you are on your phone. just navigate over the yard stick while texting. >> i'm ready to go when you are. >> reporter: took me nine seconds without distractions but 16 seconds while sending a simple text. watch what happens when i go through it again this time writing a text that requires thinking. >> what did you have for dinner? >> i haven't texted anything. >> and then when i try to pick up the pace. a simple test showing how easy it is to be tripped up. and better here than out there. >> i am going to be so much more aware of this. >> according to the stony brook university study pedestrians using their cell phones while walking are 61% more likely to
4:51 pm
veer off course. >> so easy to do. >> i have done it. >> world champion sprinter bolt is doing fine after being tripped up. >> he laughed it off today while speaking by phone. >> you are very talented. are you thinking of gymnastics, as well? that was very graceful. >> you have to be multi talented. >> you reunited with the cameraman and shook his hand after the crash. what did he say? was he embarrassed? >> he just kept saying he was sorry, sorry. accidents happen. it is just one of those things. >> bolt says he is a little sore but he will be fine. overall it was a good week for him. >> it sure was. he won gold in 200 meters and the 100 meters earlier in the championship.
4:52 pm
so he did just fine. the most amazing part is who gets up like that? >> it was a quick roll. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. >> i just said to laura, you know we have to be grandmothers. we are going to have grand kids. >> the two bay area women who found themselves in their own version of survivor. >> here is cheryl with what is ahead at 5:00. >> thank you so much. coming up next from iphones to i-military how to draft apple to protect soldiers. the campaign to bring professional football to the town of carson ramps up. dan and i join you for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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two east bay women have an incredible survival story to tell after being lost in the
4:56 pm
wilderness with barely anything to wear for five days. they were rescued. allen wong spoke about the experience they are lucky to have lived through. >> for five days 57-year-old laura sherman of oakland and 56-year-old denise diaz wandered through thorny brush. >> it's really changed my perspective on everything because we could have died. >> reporter: the two friends were driving up highway 108 to coyote springs on friday when they read about a beautiful lake along the immigrant trail so they turned off the road for a quick day trip. >> we went without preparing and didn't tell anybody we were going there. we didn't have a map. >> reporter: they had two bottles of water, granola and a towel, only wearing swim suits and t shirts when the trail began to fade. they were lost. >> i just said to laura we have to be grandmothers. we are going to have grand kids. this is going to happen. we are not going to die now.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: after two days of wandering in the heat they ran out of water. >> i read if you drink youruren that is what you have to do. >> we did that and we sucked on grass. ate huckleberries. >> reporter: on the fifth day they spotted two cowboys tending to their herd. >> i was so excited. it was incredible. >> reporter: a sheriff's chopper plucked them out of the wilderness and the ordeal was over. the women took this photo after they flew back to civilization. >> they are so fortunate. if you were a bit grumpy cat would be forgotten fear no longer, waxed grumpy cat will be deuced at madame
4:58 pm
tussaud's. on that note thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with dan and cheryl. as of right now we will not be sending elsewhere. >> where did it come from and how inmates are dealing with water being shut off. why the main post office in richmond is shut down as people are being turned away. the pool man, what he is accused of doing in berkeley that has parents on edge. >> and a first for san francisco police using this drug to save an addict. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. big changes for your weekend. temperatures not the only thing falling. we may see rain drops. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. turning off the tap to
4:59 pm
prevent the spread of potentially deadly disease. >> lock the place down. inmates don't normally have access to showers. >> thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. one inmate is diagnosed. dozens of others are being tested right now. there are bottled water and portable toilets for now. it's a closed water system there so at this point there is no risk to the rest of the county. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. the water comes from tanks. the water in the tanks comes from marin county. we have one confirmed case just one. there are 30 others with symptoms they are checking. three inmates at this point in the last 24 hours have left through those gates for outside treatment. 200 port opotties. this the yard after the california department of corrections turned off all
5:00 pm
running water in response to a case of legionairres disease. >> i think it is pretty fluid. >> as are the problems inside no running water for most of today. no access to showers, no outside visits through the weekend, no inmate transfers to or from california's other state institutions. the 31 inmates reporting symptoms come from all parts of the prison. it spreads through bacteria in water. today the prison hired an unnamed contractor to look for the source. meanwhile it ordered bottled water and tanks filled with 7,000 gallons for other uses. karen works inside prison walls as supervisor for food preparation unit. >> things happen. you know? things happen and you have to take care of yourself. you will do what they


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