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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 29, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, deputy ambushed, sprayed with bullets at a gas station. >> in what appears to be an unprovoked, execution-style killing. >> what set the gunman off? the suspect caught on camera speeding away in this red truck. police on the manhunt overnight. tracking erika. at least 20 are dead as the tropical storm roars over the caribbean. florida's in a state of emergency right now preparing for a hit. we're there as residents stock up on supplies. where is she headed next? split verdict. >> guilty. >> former prep school student owen labrie breaking down in court at the jury's decision,
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convicted on some charges, but cleared of the most serious ones. nancy grace breaks it all down for us this morning. and "uptown girls." ♪ uptown girls she's been living in her uptown world ♪ >> amy schumer and jennifer lawrence dancing on top of billy joel's piano. their surprise concert appearance that brought roars from the crowd. ♪ i'm in love with an uptown girl ♪ and good morning, america. dan, as you can see, is taking some well-deserved time off with his beautiful wife and adorable little boy. it is great to have tom llamas next to me this morning. >> great to be here. >> welcome. >> thank you so much. so much news to get to overnight. we start with that texas sheriff's deputy gunned down in uniform, shots ringing out at this gas station in the houston suburbs.
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the deputy filling up his patrol car at the time apparently targeted, but at this point it's unclear why. the suspect, you see him there, caught on camera in this surveillance picture at the station before speeding away in a truck. >> and that fallen officer, darren goforth, was a ten-year veteran of the force. his department saying their hearts are broken, and abc's ryan owens joins us now with more. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, paula. police are confident they've got their man this morning, but as of right now they are only calling him a person of interest. we all know police work is dangerous, but all this deputy was doing was filling up his car, and he still wasn't safe. 47-year-old sheriff's deputy darren goforth never saw it coming. the married father of two was in uniform filling up his marked patrol car at a gas station outside houston when detectives say this man walked up to him and started shooting. >> in what appears to be an unprovoked, execution-style killing.
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>> reporter: police say the suspect approached deputy goforth from behind and fired multiple shots even after he was down on the ground. >> the deputy then fell to the ground and the suspect then continued over to him and shot the deputy again multiple times as he laid on the ground. >> reporter: witnesses calling 911 launching a massive manhunt. >> the car just took off down the street, and just -- so, me and a bunch of other people called 911. >> reporter: those witnesses along with surveillance video from the gas station leading to his capture and arrest overnight. this morning, police are not identifying him or his motive. >> i have been in law enforcement 45 years. i don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly. >> reporter: police unions and other backers of the blue have been warning that a string of recent officer-involved shootings and the protests that followed have made an already dangerous job that much more. in just the last week, two police officers have been killed right next door in the state of
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louisiana. the district attorney wasting no time this morning calling this ambush an act of cowardice and brutality, the likes he's never seen. it will be hard to imagine this will not soon be a death penalty case. we are talking about the state of texas. tom. >> and, again, that deputy leaves behind a wife and two children. so sad. ryan, thank you. now to erika, the storm on a path this morning for florida. a state of emergency declared there after wreaking havoc across the caribbean. at least 20 dead, more missing and feared dead. look at those pictures. abc news senior meteorologist rob marciano is tracking the storm for us from miami beach. rob, good morning. >> good morning, tom. it has been nearly ten years since a hurricane hit florida. and that streak may very well remain intact when this is all said and done, but nevertheless floridians have been anxiously watching as erika carves its way across the caribbean. this morning tropical storm erika leaving behind a path of destruction killing at least 20
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people on the mountainous caribbean island of dominica and cutting power to thousands in puerto rico. as the storm heads to the united states, emergency crews in florida bracing for impact. residents rushing to stores clearing shelves and packing vehicles tight. >> one, two -- >> one, two, three. my goodness. that's a lot of water. >> reporter: waiting for hours to fill up gas tanks and packing away what might be in the storm's path. here in miami, there's a lot of new buildings with a lot of glass, so residents are being told to clear patio furniture because this could easily become a projectile during a storm. nearly ten years since florida's last hurricane, wilma, and while this storm has weakened some, the governor calling for residents to be on alert. >> make sure you're taking the time to really understand the impact of this. >> reporter: the impact, as hurricane expert max mayfield stresses, will be the amount of rainfall. >> and this is not a very strong system windwise, but there certainly is a lot of rain out here. if it were to track further
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south over cuba, it'll have a very difficult time doing that. >> that man has seen a lot of storms come this way, that's for sure, and rainfall especially on the west coast of florida is going to be an issue through the middle part of this week. let's talk about where this thing is. it is off the coast of cuba to the southeast of it and really hammering haiti and the dominican republic with heavy rain, life-threatening mudslides probably ongoing throughout the day today. wind shear is what this thing is up against along with topgraphy, mountains that are thousands of feet high, so likely will continue to make its way across cuba even though tropical storm warnings up for that. once in the florida strait might just be just a tropical depression likely to strengthen a little but probably not past hurricane status and look at that, the cone has shifted further to the west so miami probably just seeing some rain. speaking of rain, here's the forecast for florida. miami will actually take any rainfall it can get. a bit of a drought here and those are the computer models that continue to move it off to the west. locally 10 inches of rain across
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parts of the islands but the west coast of florida, tampa, we awe saul that dramatic flooding, paula, last month, so they are going to be susceptible to flooding as we go through tuesday, wednesday, even thursday of this week. back to you. >> all right, i know folks in florida are still on edge. rob, we'll check in with you a little bit later in the show. thank you. and now we do have new information this morning about those tragic murders that happened on live television in virginia. vester flanagan fired 17 shots that killed a reporter and photographer, and now we're getting a look inside his dark, dingy, bare-bones apartment and we're hearing about his erratic and sometimes threatening behavior from his former bosses. abc's mary bruce joins us from roanoke this morning. hi, mary. >> reporter: hey, paula, good morning. as this community comes together to mourn these two young lives, this morning we're getting a clearer picture of their killer. this morning, new chilling details about the popular, young man from oakland, california, who grew to become an angry, cold-blooded killer.
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those who knew vester lee flanagan say he was one of the cool kids, junior prom prince, a former model. his old head shots found tacked on the fridge in his apartment showing a young man full of ambition. >> live in henry county, bryce williams. >> reporter: as he bounced from one small tv market to another, former colleagues say there were no signs of trouble. but when flanagan overheard some at his tallahassee, florida, station joking about him being gay, he appeared to snap. >> it started spiraling in, so it really became a problem with him. >> reporter: he began lashing out berating co-workers over slight comments and eventually was fired. after years away from television when flanagan reappeared in roanoke, virginia, it was with a new name, bryce williams, but apparently the same hostilities. the man who hired him at the time was unaware of his turbulent past. >> you know, the way human resources rules work in our modern society, there's not a whole lot you can delve into in their personal past unless they are going to offer it. >> reporter: but it wasn't long before the trouble began.
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>> there started to be conflicts between he and his co-workers. it was one after another. >> reporter: while she was just an intern at the time, flanagan accused alison parker of making racist comments. he claimed the photographers were conspiring against him, and he singled out adam ward. in early 2013 he was fired, escorted from the station by police, an incident filmed by ward. on his way out, he made an ominous threat. >> he slammed his fist down on the table and threw a wooden cross at me and said, you're going to need these. >> reporter: that rage boiling over wednesday when flanagan shot and killed his two former colleagues. now, as you can see, the tributes here continue to pour in. friends and family will gather to celebrate adam ward's life on monday ahead of a memorial service on tuesday. alison parker will be remembered in a private ceremony. tom. >> those two journalists so loved in that community, okay, mary, thank you so much. turning now to politics and hillary clinton responding this morning to an abc news exclusive about e-mails regarding bill
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clinton's push to make questionable speeches for big paychecks. mrs. clinton defending the state department's vetting process, and on the republican side, donald trump taking shots at the clinton camp. here's abc's devin dwyer. >> reporter: it's an e-mail headache that hillary clinton can't cure. >> look, i have said repeatedly that i did not send nor receive classified material. >> reporter: mrs. clinton now being forced to defend e-mails on behalf of her husband, bill, who sought government approval while she was secretary of state for lucrative speeches tied to questionable countries. >> he did neither of those speeches. >> reporter: as mrs. clinton heads back to the hamptons for vacation, some democrats are quietly considering other candidates. >> the energy, the excitement and the momentum is with our campaign right now. >> reporter: at a meeting of top democrats, activists who want vice president joe biden in the 2016 race distribute these ridin' with biden candy bars. >> he's the original authentic candidate. i think folks are really craving that.
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>> reporter: republicans craving donald trump turning out in droves overnight at a bash in massachusetts. protesters outside, $100 dinners inside, but the republican front-runner insisting it's not a fund-raiser. >> hi, everybody. everybody is offering me money, and i don't want it, so i'm turning down millions of dollars and no interest. >> reporter: there was even a cake version of trump's famous hat and plenty of swipes at hillary clinton including this personal attack on her close aide, huma abedin. >> she's married to anthony weiner, who's a perv. >> reporter: now, the clinton campaign delivered a rare direct response to trump overnight saying he crossed a line calling him disgraceful. but as we've seen before, no apologies from trump. paula. >> and yet his numbers are better than ever. devin dwyer, thank you. and we move now to the ten-year anniversary of hurricane katrina. on august 29th, 2005, katrina slammed into new orleans. the vicious storm left parts of that city under water and now ten years later, some neighborhoods of the crescent
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city are still rebuilding, however, others are back, and they are better than ever. abc's bob woodruff is there with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, paula. there will be a street parade throughout this entire city. it's really just a reminder of what happened ten years ago and a celebration of how this city has recovered. ten years ago, hurricane katrina complely ripping through the gulf. new orleans was right in its path with wind and then water bursting through the levees, first burying the ninth ward. from the helicopters up above to the streets below, the city was changed. today, new orleans is back. the economy now is booming. katrina is considered the single most catastrophic natural disaster in u.s. history, $135 billion in damage, more than 1800 dead. the city was just not prepared. although about half of new
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orleans people left the city in its wake, today more than 90of its population is back. ten years ago in the darkness of the superdome, i could never forget that 10-year-old girl erica harris. so, are you getting water and food or anything like that? >> i'm not drinking that water. that water is hot. >> reporter: within days she fled with her mother to houston and never returned. >> how badly do you want to get out of here? >> bad. >> reporter: this week we found her. can you believe we traced you down? after living through foster care and family tragedies, today she is thriving in houston, an honor student in college, a volunteer in haiti, planning to become a minister. >> i can help so many other people in ways that others can't because of what i've gone through and had to experience and had to overcome. >> reporter: now, three u.s. presidents are participating in this celebration of resilience. now, presidents obama and bush have already spoken. all of this will culminate with bill clinton speaking tonight at
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a big rally at the city's basketball arena. paul la, tom. >> bob, it's all about those stories like erica's, thank you. you hear about her story, the city rising from the ashes, her, and just look at the story that she's now able and the platform that she has, as well. >> yeah, in many ways new orleans is better than it was before katrina. there's less people, but they'll tell you there's more restaurants, and watching bob's reporting, i just remember i was in biloxi, biloxi was devastated and right after the storm hit, everyone kept saying, oh sh, new orleans missed the bullet, new orleans missed the bullet, and then the levees broke and game over. glad to hear the stories and see the changes. >> one of those moments you're never going to forget and the country won't, as well. we turn over to ron with the other stories we're tracking overnight including a tragedy at an air show. another tragedy. >> yeah, that's right, paula. upstate new york not far from new york city a pilot killed practicing aerial stunts. onlookers horrified as the small single engine plane stalled and then crashed while performing a corkscrew stunt at stewart airport 20, 30 miles north of here.
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some witnesses said they saw the tail section come apart midair while the plane went into a freefall. the pilot was practicing and the show will go on as scheduled. nsa's bulk collection of telephone records of hundreds of millions of americans has been given the green light to go on, at least for now. friday reversing a lower court ruling saying it was illegal because it violates the constitutional's ban on unreasonable searches. the program is set to expire at the end of november this year under legislation congress passed earlier this summer to replace it. and the white north carolina police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man will not face a second trial. prosecutors have asked for all charges against randall kerrick to be dismissed, this after the officer's voluntary manslaughter trial ended with a hung jury. kerrick was accused of using excessive force when he fired 12 shots at jonathan ferrell striking him 10 times. and breaking overnight,
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overseas an egyptian court has sentenced three al jazeera reporters to three years in prison. human rights lawyer amal clooney represents one of the journalists, was on hand for that decision. she has called on the egyptian president to issue a pardon. the canadian and australian reporters and the egyptian producer were convicted of spreading false news and aiding the banned islamist muslim brotherhood. the trial was widely criticized by human rights activists. also new overnight, an arrest in that deadly shrine bombing in bangkok, thailand. officials say they have arrested a foreign national in connection to the blast that occurred nearly two weeks ago on august 17th. the arrest comes after surveillance footage, you see there, shows a man leaving a backpack at the site of the bombing. investigators say they found bomb materials in the suspect's apartment. the bombing killed 20 people including several tourists. and in southern california, an auto mechanic says he was menaced by a roaming or rather this roaming mountain lion. hank barkafeld is his name. he was opening his shop in
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palmdale just outside of l.a. when the cougar allegedly lunged at him, allegedly knocking him to the ground, but he said the big cat then took off without doing any serious damage to him and then called animal control. they showed up, tranquilized the 75-pound mountain lion, and they say they released him in the wild. >> allegedly? >> good. >> yeah, we may never see that mountain lion again. >> no, ron. >> who knows. we'll keep an eye on that. finally, in preseason football, an awesome end zone celebration by the tiniest fans watching off the field. now, check this out. it happened right after this touchdown by new england patriots tight end scott chandler making a catch there at friday's game against the carolina panthers. his three daughters were up late in their pjs watching the game on tv. check them out. they saw their dad's catch and then broke into an all-out dance party. >> yes! yes! >> look at the little one. she's like -- she has no idea what's going on. >> she knows it's good. >> hey, she's got her slippers on and a binkie in her mouth. she's good to go.
7:18 am
>> elmo slippers, all right. >> those keeping score at home like our friend dan harris, the patriotss won, 17-16. >> unbridaled enthusiasm. >> the little dance those girls did is what i'm feeling right now. we have a big announcement here at "gma." we made some of our own news this week. paula faris, our dear paula has been named one of the co-hosts of "the view." take a look. >> start with some whoopi. >> welcome to "the view," y'all. >> add a splash of candace and spice it up with michelle and sprinkle in some paula and make it sizzle with raven. >> i am so excited. >> and look who's back. >> hello. >> oh, you're going to love this "view." >> and, yes, we look good. >> the new season starts september 8th on abc. >> now, i need to reassure everyone paula is going nowhere. >> ever. >> she's a superwoman and supermom and working all week long but not leave you on the weekends or us, more importantly, but we are so proud that she's going to be joining such an amazing group of women. >> are you going to cry? >> no. >> oh.
7:19 am
>> i cried a little bit earlier. i felt like it was a pinch me moment. thank you, thank you so much. >> applause. >> big high-five. >> yeah. >> i'm so excited. you look to some of those faces and names, some extraordinary women and i can't believe that i get to sit next to them. it's almost as humbling as it is to sit beside you. here's some behind the scenes of our promo shoot. that's raven-symone. we have differing views but we all agree that we can challenge one another respectfully and i'm not going anywhere. this is us at dinner with the girls, but i'm not going anywhere. they found a way to scientifically -- what we thought was scientifically and anatomically impossible, i'm going to be in two places at once. >> i'm not giving up the name to her fans. >> i'll still be here on the weekends. i'll be taking some days off here and there. >> no, you won't. you haven't heard? >> are you my agent who said, no, i won't get any -- >> seven days a week. wow! >> you know, i will say as long as the hours are going
7:20 am
to be, there's no one that works harder in television than rob marciano. rob, you work seven days a week just about 24 hours -- >> stop it, paula. >> no, you really do. you are such a hard worker and do such a great job. >> he's all right. >> thank you, paula. congratulations, paula, and, by the way, we're so proud of you and so excited for your new role. by the way, the view here in miami beach is pretty spectacular. we're watching and waiting for erika, but it looks like it'll just bring some rain here. another storm that we're watching across the pacific northwest is a very october-like storm that's going to bring substantial winds, especially to the oregon and washington coastlines and i think we're going to see some trees down, some power outages. there will be some much-needed rain but the wind is going to be an issue east of the cascades where the rain isn't going to get and because of that we got red flag warnings, and seattle, portland, eugene, oregon, you'll take any rainfall. meanwhile, should be a nice day across the northeast and a storm across the center part of the country.
7:21 am
>> as we remember hurricane katrina ten years ago, it was nearly that when it first made landfall here across the coastline of south florida, and floridians certainly thankful that erika will not shape up to be another katrina. we'll have more weather in the next half an hour. paula and tom, back to you. >> all right, but we will keep our eye on that. rob, thanks so much. coming up on "gma," a split verdict in the prep school rape trial. owen labrie breaks down as he hears the jury's decision that could send him to prison. nancy grace here to explain it all. race car driver tony stewart
7:22 am
fighting back against that wrongful death suit stemming from the fatal collision that killed a fellow driver. how he's defending himself. and the piano man as well as his piano gets a surprise visit from two hot hollywood news up ahead in "pop news." >> "pop news," people! "good morning america" is brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less. ♪ with an uptown girl
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7:31 am
at an elite prep school accused of sexually assaulting a freshman girl. owen labrie breaking down in court. you see him there when the jury read it. the jury convicting him felony and four other misdemeanors. >> this morning we're hearing reaction from the girl's family following that decision. abc's gio benitez has been following this trial from the very beginning. he joins us now from concord, new hampshire. good morning, gio. >> reporter: paula and tom, good morning to you. at the center of this all, a sordid school tradition and two teenagers whose lives have been forever changed. >> so say you all members of the jury? >> all: yes. >> reporter: this morning a mixed verdict leaves both sides with mixed feelings. 19-year-old owen labrie breaking down as he's convicted of lesser sex charges with a minor, a 15-year-old girl. but when it came to the most serious felony rape charges -- >> not guilty. >> reporter: -- an acquittal, charges that could have put him in prison for 60 years.
7:32 am
his accuser now 16. >> i was raped. >> reporter: the jury of nine men and three women not entirely buying her story that he had sex with her against her will. still, the jury also didn't buy labrie's story that they did not have sex at all finding him guilty of three misdemeanor sexual assault charges, child endangerment and guilty of one felony, luring the girl by a computer. his defense attorney disappointed. what does this verdict tell you? >> they chose that they concluded that these were two teenagers getting together for a consensual encounter. >> reporter: this case offering a snapshot of a troubling student tradition at st. paul's school called the senior salute. graduating students using the last few days at the school to spend time with younger students, sometimes intimately. >> by the defendant's own words, older students take great pride in taking the virginity of younger students. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the girl's family saying the prep school betrayed them. >> we trusted the school to
7:33 am
protect her, and it failed us. >> reporter: and labrie could spend up to 11 years behind bars or none at all. that is entirely up to the judge. he'll be sentenced in october. he may have to register as a sex offender for life, paula. >> all right, gio, thank you. and joining us now to break down exactly what this verdict means is nancy grace, host of "nancy grace" on hln. nancy, thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> first and foremost, the verdict seems to indicate that the jurors thought the pair had sex, but it wasn't rape. in your opinion, did they get it right? >> well, i think that they were given the task, a very difficult task, much like king solomon, and they had to make sense of a very confusing situation, and what they did is split the baby. i don't think they bought either story totally. they did not believe owen labrie, that no sex had happened, and they did not fully believe her that it was not consensual.
7:34 am
i get it. so by splitting the baby, the worst thing labrie has to worry about is the one felony, which requires him to register as a sex offender. that's the one charge that the defense is arguing against. i predict the judge will let labrie stay out on an appeal bond, which means even after you're convicted, you can stay out of jail until that felony is appealed. >> okay, let's get more into the sentencing. we just heard gio say there's no minimum -- there is a maximum of 11 years, but because of a nuance in new hampshire, the judge is going to determine the sentencing, so could labrie walk off without doing prison time? >> absolutely, and if you look background, he's known as an independent thinker, which can be good and bad. i think it's very possible that labrie could walk free on straight probation. most of these offenses, four of the five that he's been
7:35 am
convicted on, are misdemeanors, which is a max of 12 months but easily probatable. there's just only one that could land labrie behind bars and that is the felony offense, and i think that they're going to appeal that, and he'll walk on probation. i really do think that. >> one more question for you, nancy. what kind of precedent in your mind does this set for victims of sexual abuse? >> you know what, that's a double-edged sword, and i'll tell you the way i'm taking it as a crime victim myself and having represented many, many rape victims including date rape victims, don't take this as a blow because somebody believed her, somebody took this to a grand jury, to a jury of 12, the jury convicted, and he is now convicted under the law. somebody listened, and somebody believed her and fought for her, and that is my message today. rape victims, you must report
7:36 am
it, and you must believe. >> so tough to hear this case. you know, it doesn't feel like there are really any winners in this case but, nancy, thank you for your candor this morning and joining us on "good morning america." >> thank you. >> tom. >> such a tough case and, you know, any way you look at it, it's two kids. >> two kids. >> two kids and a lot of conversations about teens and sex. turning to weather, rob, check back with him on miami beach. hey, rob. >> good morning, tom, you know, it's been ten years since this state has seen a hurricane landfall. that streak likely to continue, but south florida has really seen a huge buildup in the last ten years so this area just lined with condos and high-rise hotels, and can you blame them when you have this? going to be a nice day here, maybe some thunderstorms in the afternoon. paradise, if you will. speaking of paradise, let's go to hawaii where they're watching their own issue, which is hurricane ignacio. winds of 90 miles an hour and forecast to strengthen unlike erika.
7:37 am
and at this point it should pass to the north of those islands but very, very close to that cone, but this is one of eight storms in the central pacific that has been threatening hawaii, and we'll have to watch that carefully here over the next several days. hawaii has had a streak of potential threats the past couple of months with this hurricane season. watching this storm, not a strong cold front but enough to cause some thunderstorms and, boy, it really rained in iowa yesterday,p to 9 inches in some spots. indianapolis, getting thunderstorms, as well as detroit, but the northeast should hold on to another day of a nice trend. won't be a warming trend but mid-80s in new york city and upper 80s in washington, d.c. you will take that.
7:38 am
>> this weathercast is brought to you by famous footwear. a lot of flip-flops, but i got my waders just in case. i think we're going to see some heavy rain here as erika makes its way towards us. paula, tom, back to you. >> yeah, rob, i was going to say, that beach looks great right now. >> it does. it looks beautiful. take a dip. all right. coming up on "good morning america," scar driver tony stewart, what he says happened the night he struck and killed fellow racer kevin ward. >> sara, what's going on with you? >> well, like always, you guys, you can see what we do behind the scenes on periscope. >> you're on. you're on right now. oh, my gosh. you're dancing. that is way more than dan does, that was action. >> so, i raised the bar. >> you just raised the bar. you guy can see everything we do on periscope. click in and watch us behind the scenes. there's a lot of trouble to be had. >> oh, and ron is dancing? >> yes. >> i was waving, waving. >> there's been a lot of dancing on periscope. >> okay.
7:39 am
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7:42 am
a spotlight this morning on a spotlight this morning on a fatal racing accident. nascar star tony stewart striking fellow driver kevin ward who had gotten out of his car and was walking on the dirt track. >> ward's parents recently filed a civil suit, and stewart is now
7:43 am
responding insisting that he never saw ward jr. on the track prior to fatally hitting him. for the first time this morning we're hearing what nascar driver tony stewart says happened the night that he struck and killed fellow racer kevin ward jr. >> oh, he hit him. >> reporter: in new court documents filed friday, stewart's attorney says his client was not aware that anyone had exited their vehicle and did not see ward jr. or anyone else walking on foot on the track until just prior to contact. those documents filed in response to a civil suit from ward's parents who say stewart should be held responsible for their son's death despite a grand jury clearing the nascar superstar of any criminal wrongdoing. >> you feel like tony stewart killed your son and got away with it. >> yes, i do. >> yes. most definitely. >> reporter: in his response, stewart's attorney arguing that ward's death was caused by his own decision to exit his vehicle
7:44 am
and stressing that the 20-year-old driver was under the influence of marijuana at the time. the attorney for ward's family responding overnight in a statement to abc news writing, "the callous comments are sad. the race was under a caution flag. stewart revved his engine and ran over the young man five other drivers had missed." >> we want him accountable. that wasn't done criminally. the civil suit is the only action we have left. >> it really is, and, you know, the family's attorney says they have new testimony. they have new evidence, and when they go back to the track that night, it was under a caution, the racers were told to go high or go low, and tony did the opposite according to the family, and they said five other drivers were able to miss their son, but we're talking the best driver in the world couldn't, so your heart goes out to them but this is definitely a tough place for both parties. >> and the engine revving is scary, as well. >> something the family says the
7:45 am
grand jury never heard. >> we'll have to see what happens. coming up on "good morning america," does how you eat your pizza reveal your personality? we're serving up the details ahead in "pop news." >> sara wants gluten-free pizza. >> no, paula. and now we can paint our way to perfection without nicks, peels, chips, or regrets. so with buckets out brushes loaded-get in there. let color flow from room to beckoning room. be a maker. be bold. and paint on. hgtvhome by sherwin williams, now available at lowe's. time for a new routine.eartburn flare-ups? try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn.
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how did it become absent-mindedly to snacking? eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food.
7:48 am
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7:49 am
movie "trainwreck." the two sending the crowd into a frenzy, and it was quite a performance. i want to be bffs with them. >> i do too but i don't think their circle is big enough. >> i hope they watch here in the morning. >> maybe they want to be bffs with us. >> do we dance on pianos? >> no. not yet. >> we need to raise our game, paula faris. >> we do. let's go. >> and what do you mean? it's the question beliebers and celebs like ariana grand and miley cyrus have been asking all month in the epic countdown to justin's new song and we finally have an answer. the superstar breaking back into the music biz with a bang. the video wracking up over 1.5 million views and justin will be at mtv's video music awards tomorrow night. it's been three years, three years. >> so, what is he 16 now? >> 12 1/2. no, he's getting up there. i think he was -- >> he's a new bieber, right? he's like -- >> i think he's -- he's reinventing himself. >> he totally is reinventing himself and trying to act like a grown-up. >> we believe it here. >> good for him. >> he's matured. >> that's good, tom. we'll see. we'll see. and this next story is a
7:50 am
cheesy one, but seriously, eat up, everyone. this morning we are asking the question, how do you eat your pizza? new behavioral research reveals how you approach the pie says a lot about your personality. let's see what everyone does here. okay. if you fold it, which paula is doing and while thomas llamas, you are adventurous. >> never fold. >> new york pizza, you have to fold it. >> and bore easily and are a risk taker. >> this is boring, sara. >> if you take the crust first, which who does that? responsib spontaneous -- i've never seen this. >> pizza hut stuffed crust. >> if you use a fork and knife which i do, you are considered warm and friendly, thank you. if you bite it like ron, you like predictable results, ron. >> that's what it means? >> that's all. that's all -- >> i have no idea what that is supposed to mean. >> it just means you're predictable which is not a compliment. >> no, that's not what it means. >> can i just say though -- >> yes, it is. >> i like -- >> are you guys fighting? >> yes, seriously. this is really awkward. >> you don't want -- >> and your attack on me.
7:51 am
>> okay, you need to look behind the curtains, you don't know what's going to happen. >> i'm new here and this is awkward. >> this is really -- >> can i just say, though, chicago-style pizza, if you have the right kind of chicago style, you cannot pick it up. you have to use a fork and knife. >> oh, yeah. >> too big. >> there are two conversations going on here. >> no one is listening to us. >> nobody is listening to us. okay. we'll be right back. >> what did you mean by that? >> what i meant, ron, you don't want predictability. >> okay, i get you. >> you want something that's unpredictable and adventurous. >> sara is angry. my psoriatic arthritis i'm caused joint pain.o golfer. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. "good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart, inspired by pets. >> tom llamas, are you going to come back tomorrow? we're going to have pizza. >> i am. it was so much fun. i mean, the fight between ron and sara was a little awkward. it was a little scary.
7:56 am
>> are you coming back? oh, come on. >> you mess with me. it's a must that i mess with you. >> it's because i got mad at you and you never upset the godfather. >> oh, my gosh. i promise they won't be fighting tomorrow, i promise. >> they like each other. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. ise. >> they like each other. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. good morning. oakland police are investigating the shooting that injured at least three people overnight. officers found this and the driver's side window riddled with bullet hose on 880.
7:57 am
four people were in the car, two shot and another injured by broken glass. the shooting victims a male and female are hospitalized in stable condition. police have not found out a motive nor do they have suspects in custody. >> a big traffic headache. >> we've been tracking 101 closure between burlingame. terrific is causing massive delays. one of the folks submitted a picture here where you can see it's been a complete stand still. you see 101 closed northbound. they are just single filing off at that anza boulevard exit. heavy from san bruno and we had more folks sending in pictures and showing us how horrible it has been in the area avoid it if you can. this is what you're running into right now. 280 and 380.
7:58 am
that is going to get jammed. caltrans and b.a.r.t. your best bet. >> we've been tracking light rain showers through the north bay santa rosa. light rain. a chance of showers continue through the morning hours and with increased cloud cover, visibility down to 3/4 mile in half moon bay. temperatures right now in the 60s the with the low clouds. we will be closer to normal. >> up next, much more on the freeway shutdown on the peninsula. what caused the huge traffic headache? >> a community fights to keep a sexual predator out of their neighborhood. hear from the people who will be calling him neighbor. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself.
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♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love. hershey's is mine,
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yours, our chocolate spreads. breaking news on the peninsula. a ups truck driver and eight other cars trapped by a downed power line on top of their vehicles on u.s. highway 101 in burlingame. thousands of others drivers were stuck for hours after the freeway was shut down. the chp says highway 101 will be closed until approximately 5:00 this evening. officials say a crane hit a transmission tower that


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