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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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agent's car. the family also suing federal immigration, ice. since the shooting death of kate steinle, francisco lopez sanchez has become the face on the national debate on illegal immigration. ross mirkarimi's refusal to enact with ice has fuelled the debate. one thing remains the same. the embattled sheriff has not changed his position with ice one bit. mark nico is a sheriff's office attorney. >> holding someone on ice is unlawful. >> reporter: mirkarimi continues his mayor ed lee in this letter to
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mirkarimi two weeks after the murder urged him to rescind his policy of not even notifying ice. the sheriff's policy is that casual note ficks violate the due process law. >> if we're not honoring the ice hold was out the back door saying pick someone up, that is in contrast to what the intent is. >> reporter: other county sheriffs agreed to notify ice when inmates are planning for possible deportation. san mateo's policy changed after steinle's death. once an illegal immigrant is booked into county jail there, deputies will notify ice. >> then, we'll send the release date for that person. if they're in custody. and it's up to ice to come, pick up that person. >> reporter: we have learned the steinle family will be filing it's lawsuit tomorrow against
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sheriff ross mirkarimi and others, holding them accountable for kate steinle's murder. >> vic, thank you. a police chase throughout the fruitvale station this afternoon. the chase started when officers received a call about a home burglary in progress at seminary avenue. the suspect ran from the car after parking at the bart station. officers found him hiding behind other cars and a witness was brought to help identify that suspect. caught on camera tonight, an altercation between a bicyclist and driver in the marina district friday night during critical mass. police say their hands are tied because no one filed a complaint. abc7 news reporter lyann
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lyanne melendez has the details. >> reporter: according to california law, no victim, no crime. >> woo! >> reporter: it was peaceful until a group of cyclists started to ride against traffic. a scene in this video, one cyclist gets upset that the driver of a zip car tries to inch forward. before long, others surround the car. with nowhere to go, the driver tries to back up and go around them, that is when things get woi worse. >> reporter: one smashes his bike against the car. zip car issued a statement saying with any incident of this kind, the well being of anyone involved is our top concern. supervisor mark farrell represents the marina district. >> we're looking into it,
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working with the police department to make sure we gather as much information as we can. and talk about appropriate steps to move forward. >> reporter: neither the driver nor zip car filed a complaint, meaning police can't move forward with the investigation. other groups did not want to comment, but acknowledged that bicyclists must go with the flow and ride in the same direction as traffic. since june, captain don stanford of the park station has been working with both drivers and bicyclists, practicing mutual respect. >> we don't get anywhere yelling at each other. we have to be able to come together and have to be able to talk and collaborate together. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc7 news. a teenager has admitted to setting a fire that did a million dollar in damage to two adjoining schools in los gatos. authorities say a 17-year-old
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and friends went to smoke marijuana. no one had any. they decided to set a card board box on fire to stay warm. the teenager placed smoldering ashes in a trash can and the resulting fire spread to the gym and buildings. this was the built. classes were cancelled today at both schools. officials have not yet announced whether chass will resume tomorrow. a former secret service agent pleaded guilty to stealing nearry a million dollars on the job. sean bridges pleaded guilty to money laundering and obstruction of business. it happened while investigating silk road, a website that allows transactions over the internet. he admitted to cashing 20,000 bit coins which he cashed for $820,000. singer chris brown is being sued for a shooting in a concert. video shows the nightclub.
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five people were hit. a 22-year-old was shot in the foot claiming permanent injury and emotional trauma accusing the ren yu of being oversold and not providing enough security. the state fined pg and e for not beefing up security in a substation that has been attacked and burglarized. the california public utilities commission says pg and e has not done enough to keep the metcalfe station secure. in august of last year, someone broke into the substation and stole $40,000 worth of equipment. santa clara county is threatening to lock out the contractor responsible for a multi million dollar construction project at valley medical center, claiming delays are costing tens of millions of dollars. david louie is live in san jose.
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david? >> reporter: the finger pointing is going in both directions. the contractor says the county is to blame for delays. the new building is supposed to be open two years ago. if you go inside, you'll see it's far from complete. it's hard to imagine this facility being ready in three weeks but the county is blaming turner construction for multiple delays. executives are threatening to lock out the contractor in a week. >> you make a choice of doing damage to the county and to the patient in the hospital. and by not completing this project. i think it's inexcusable. >> reporter: the county estimates it's losing $36 million a year in revenues. levis stadium offered financial incentives to speed up construction. >> turner, the general
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contractor there holds many of its subcontractors and our project, we believe got neglected while they're trying to get an additional premium for levis. >> reporter: it's an allegation turner construction denies and fired back the county shuffled project leaders creating a frustrating situation ever. the county is threatening to hire another contractor to finish the work. >> what we're not going to do, you know, is dupe the staff and public. we think the way to do this is as we tried to do this morning sit down with the county, with mr. smith and others and figure out a path forward. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. a san francisco task force rolled out its first attempt to track human trafficking, identifying 291 survivors of
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human trafficking. 78% of them had been involved with sex trafficking. others used as labors. 79% were under age 25, half of those under 18. mayor ed lee calls it a landmark report. southwest airlines passengers shaken by a collision at oakland international airport alerted crews that something was wrong. the jet departing for orange county clipped the wing of another plane. we're live at oakland international airport with those eye witnesses accounts. katie? >> . >> reporter: the wing clip accident is similar to one that happened in southern california two months ago. of the 300 daily flights flying out of, and into oakland international airport, southwest makes up two thirds of those flights. so, they have a safety record, and this type of incident is
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incredibly rare. delayed flights are nothing new but the reason these passengers found themselves at the counter is a bit unsettling. >> passengers are telling us we've been hit. and that a piece of plane was missing. >> nobody wants to fly like this with only part of the wing. >> reporter: passengers snapped photos of a snapped wing tip. >> we're backing up just about ten seconds from the gate. and jolts. >> reporter: southwest flight 2674 tried to depart around 10:30 for a trip to orange county. >> we looked and saw the wing tip on the right side coming up. >> reporter: southwest released few details but says the planes are out of service and undergoing maintenance checks. a spokesperson would in the answer questions.
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>> we had to flag down a flight attendant and say that is not supposed to look like that. >> reporter: in june, a similar collision happened in burbank between two southwest jets, involving the wing lifts. it increases the swing span by about five feet. oakland officials say the extra few feet should not be a factor in the collision. in oakland, abc7 news. still ahead tonight on abc7 news at 6:00 a new culprit in the mishap that closed a peninsula freeway. a project on hold, and they may have to close it again, too. hundreds of prisoners on death row. only 13 executions does the long wait at san quentin make the death penalty un-constitutional in california?
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a tax support scam uses an audio warning and pop ups to get
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a federal appeals court began a review of the california death penalty. not whether it's fair to put someone to death but fair to make them wait so long to die. reporter carlos grant in los angeles has the story from pasadena. >> 746 people on california's death row. waiting for the execution.
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it's a long wait. >> the average time from start to finish in state courts exceeds 20 years. >>. >> reporter: michael lawrence argued the death penalty is un-constitutional because of delays. a federal judge ruled last year the system is dysfunctional and results in unpredictable delays. since reinstated in 1978, 900 people have been sentenced to death. 13 have been executed. >> we have a huge influx of cases into the system. we won't find that system to give them lawyers. >> reporter: this case involves earnest dwyane jones, convicted of rape and murder in 1995. the state says the review is long because that is what the law requires. >> california insists on a thorough review of every capitol conviction and sentence but those facts do not establish that the system is arbitrary or
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produces random results. >> reporter: today, the judges question whether it should be at the federal level in the first place. the state feels the issue needs to go to the california supreme court. >> everybody knows that there is a problem with california death penalty, but there are procedures and the state is arguing, and having the courts decide the issue. >> reporter: now both sides are waiting for the courts to decide. people here figure it will take several weeks. reporting from pasadena, abc7 news. the investigation into a construction accident that downed power lines and closed highway 101 continues tonight. the lines fell after a tower was clipped. the freeway closed friday night and last night for repairs. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana is live from burlingame into what happened. sergio? >> reporter: once the work was done here by pg and e this
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morning and highway 101 reopened pg and e cleared out, installing those poles and restrung the cables. you may notice that this work site now is empty. that is because the whole project is now on pause for that investigation. there is a large scrape on the back of this excavator. investigators are piecing together what led up to that collision. >> we want to find out the time line of what happened leading up to the accident. we're working with pg and e to determine what all we had to change because of the accident. >> reporter: engineers are figuring out if they have to make adjustments to the bridge project so crews can work around the poles set up this weekend. the operator has not been identified and the subcontractor has not replied to several
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requests for comment. they have been investigated twice for minor safety issues but only had to pay one $225 penalty. now, the project is on hold for the ongoing investigation and assessment of the damages and delays. >> pg and e is going to have to total up their damages to their property, and there will possibly be other people filing claims for lost time, lost business. >> reporter: pg and e wrapped up their work here today but those new poles are just a temporary fix. >> we're going to have to come back here in the coming months and construct a new metal tower. >> reporter: when they do build the new tower there is a chance highway 101 may be shut down again but that may not happen until the project is completed, scheduled for 2017. in burlingame, abc7 news. nerve wracking moments in oakland after a report of a baby trapped in a car. police responded by smashing the
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window of the car on 22 street and martin luther king way. they realize the baby was a life like doll. that looks so real. >> yes. that will fool you. >> yes. absolutely. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. spencer christian is here. >> it's september tomorrow. >> where has the time gone? we've got lovely late-summer weather right now. sunny skies across the bay area. you can hardly find a cloud. this view from our sutro tower camera looking towards the golden gate, there is a hint of light and low clouds coming in through the golden gate now. 66 in san francisco. 71 across the bay this oakland. 77 in san jose. 64 at half moon bay. here is the view perfect our east bay hills camera looking
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towards mount diablo. it's 85 in santa rosa. napa, 76. fairfield, 87. livermore, 85. here is the view looking along the bay bridge downtown san francisco. and these are our forecast features. mild to warm, cooler weather settling in mid week. continuing into about the end of the week and weekend getting a warm up going into labor day. here is a water vapor satellite image showing a trough in the jet stream. there is cooler air in the area on its way to bring us a cool down. here is our animation, by wednesday, thursday, highs dropping below average. friday we start to rebound a little bit. sunday, will be warm and summer like again. patches of low clouds and fog developing at the coast moving out across the bay. low temperatures into upper 50s. some warmer inland locations
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will probably not see temperatures dropping below 60 degrees. tomorrow, will be sunny skies and mild to warm in the south bay. highs from upper 70s to about mid-80s in morgan hill and gilroy. 79 in san jose. 78 in redwood city. palo alto and mountain view. mild on the coast. but that is very, very mild. mid to upper 60s generally. in the north bay, we'll see mid to upper 60s to inland valleys. on the east bay, highs reaching 74 degrees at oakland. about 75 up at hercules. 79 castro valley. inland east bay into mid to upper 80s. and 87 in antioch. here is the accu-weather forecast. a drop down to low 80s.
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and inland areas warming up again heading into the weekend. by sunday, monday, high temperatures in the low 90s inland. >> warriors home game will be on the road. >> yes. what they've got planned for the south bay. stay
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from the white house. it has been selling cars in china since last year, china prohibits foreign auto makers from manufacturing cars there unless there is a chinese partner. ford and general motors has partners but tesla does not. according to "wall street journal" they want president obama to raise the issue when he meets with chinese president at the white house next month. >> residents on lombard street now have help in patrolling the crooked section. their job is to help keep tourists safe from cars while taking pictures. >> they're walking backwards down the street they're going to be there to shepherd that process. >> reporter: they're also there to deter crime. they won't carry weapons.
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the crooked part of lombard street has seen an increase in break ins. if you're a golden state warriors fan you won't have to drive so far to see them next month. the warriors announced they'll play their opening game in san jose. the game against toronto is more than a month away. first 10,000 fans will get a bobbel head of steph curry wearing a sharks jersey. >> those look cool. there is more still to come. a surprise audience with the pope. california catholics didn't know they'll be speaking with the pontiff themselves. president obama arriving on a trip to alaska and catching heat tonight for what he's done there. and michael finney will show us a new computer scam that pops up on the screen
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today, hundreds of people
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got face time with pope francis, he live streamed a feed to take questions from people in texas, and los angeles. bob hays has more on the virtual papal visit. >> reporter: he is a man referred by half a billion people. meaning the odds of an average joe talking with the pope are as mom c mom -- astronomical. >> today was very shocking. >> reporter: this was an exclusive virtual audience set up by abc news. the pontiff taking questions and listening to stories from people in chicago, texas and los angeles. it's a precursor to the up coming visit to the states in september. >> he can't go everywhere he wanted to go. three cities were selected where he can reach out to people. >> reporter: 100 people backed
6:31 pm
the arts center near downtown l.a. to be part of the virtual audience with the pope, including single mom rosemary and her two daughters. >> just humble. gentle. nice, kind. i always wanted to speak to the pope. there i was, just standing and talking to the pope. >> reporter: most people had in idea they'd be taking part in the conversation with the pope. the event was secret until the last minute. 19-year-old marcus couldn't believe it he found himself tossing a question to the pontiff. >> reporter: do you ever think you'd talk to the pope? >> of course not. >> reporter: the pope's visit will include stops at the white house, congress and united nations but this morning's visit was about the citizens. pope francis speaking through a translator. >> you can see more of the visit moderated by world news tonight
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and a special edition of 2020 called pope francis and the people friday night at ten. and travel to washington, d.c. to cover the pope on september 27th. president obama is now in alaska where he will be the first sitting president to travel north of the arctic circle. the president landed in anchorage today. everyone was talking about his decision to rename mount mckinley. alaskans love this decision and republicans but politicians and president mckinley's home state of not happy about it. >> i like the fact we have had a peak named after him. now they've done that, i want to be sure we're working to find another appropriate part of the park to be named after president mckinley of the great state of ohio. >> the mountin was named after mckinley after his
6:33 pm
assassination. president obama will be in alaska focusing on combatting climate change. a suspected murderer plans to plead not guilty to charges he ambushed a sheriff's deputy in texas a crime that could bring the death penalty. prosecutors believe he fired 15 shots and this while he was filling a gas tank friday night. the sheriff called it a cold blooded execution. a federal judge could rule as early as tomorrow on tom brady's suspension if the deflat gate scandal. roger goodell suspended brady four games.
6:34 pm
brady is accused of using under inflated footballs. donald trump is no longer on top of the g.o.p. field. ben carson now tied with trump. scott walker tops the field, iowa caucuses are still five months away but will be the first test of the organizations. third behind carson and trump is carly fiorina. criminals are using new scare tackics these days to get access to your money. >> reporter: this is a new twist on the new microsoft tech support fraud. scammers called victims on the phone, now, they're using pop up windows and voice alerts to try to fool victims into believing they're legit.
6:35 pm
andrea hahn was browsing facebook when a voice shouted from her computer. >> reporter: it kept repeating the wording. a pop up box gave a number to call. >> i was nervous. oh, no. what happened? my computer got infected. >> reporter: she called the number. a man said he was from microsoft. >> they took control of the computer. >> reporter: the man said he needed access to all of her computers. they might be infected, too. she called her husband. >> he said hang up, it's a scam. >> reporter: which she did, but not before the man disabled everything on the scheme. >> they're scamming you.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: this security expert at symantech says the crooks cause a problem so you they have to fix it. >> once allowing access to your computer it's open season. >> i was concerned he had personal information. >> . >> reporter: her husband figured out how to undo the damage. he contacted 7 on your side, and now, we called that number again. >> do you need remote access? >> reporter: the man on the phone says yes. greg keeps asking questions. the man estimates cost to remove the supposed virus but warns it could be more. >> i did say $400 if there are multiple devices. especially apple devices. >> reporter: she's glad all's well in the end. >> it was a huge relief. my husband was able to fix the
6:37 pm
computer. >> reporter: so how do they put a pop up? they buy ad space for infect a website with weak security. microsoft says it will never prompt you to call a 800 number. now, see my reports online go to and click on the sections tab, select 7 on your side. >> okay. these aren't bracelets but fixing broken ribs. >> ♪ hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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have you ever suffered a cracked rib? it's incredibly painful. >> yes. tonight a new procedure for treating a cracked rib that can result in faster healing as well. >> reporter: after gliding on his bike, dave's ride came to an abrupt and painful end. >> i hit a curb and went over. it didn't feel good.
6:41 pm
>> . >> reporter: dave was rushed to regional medical center. the doctor suggested a new treatment approach known as rib plating. >> they go on the outside of the rib. >> expose the fracture. >> reporter: he says the standard procedure has been to let the ribs heal by themselves but says the breaks can cause excruciating pain. requiring pain relievers so powerful they put their breathing at risk. the plating provided screws. the doctor says once fixed into place, the level of discomfort drops dramatically. >> if you can immobilize the rib with a plate, pain goes away. >> reporter: since it's so new, insurance coverage can be a case by case basis. he believes any cost is offset
6:42 pm
by faster recovery times. >> people are out of the hospital in 2 or 3 days. >> reporter: as for dave? he says his ribs have recovered and he's are ready to hit the road again. >> i'd like to ride across the u.s. sometime. >> the plates are generally recommended where bones don't line up well because of the breaks. up next,
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a restaurant opened in san francisco today that is anything but ordinary. far from a swanky new dinner spot, it's a new type of fast food. >> what do you think of this line? >> long. but i'm going to wait in it. >> reporter: the name rhymes with pizza. but that is the only thing in common. >> reporter: you swipe your
6:46 pm
credit card before you order. >> it knows your history. >> there are no casheers, no wait staff. >> reporter: do you wait ordering from a person? >> no. >> you don't have to worry about people giving you a look for customizing your order. no judgment. >> there are human beings back there. there are. >> reporter: your food arrives like this. >> she wasn't around last time it was served in a glass cubby. >> it's a high tech version of the auto mat. >> reporter: you're left with a ditch way to run a fast food restaurant where ipads are more than eye candy, but part of a business plan.
6:47 pm
>> it is served like this. >> it allows us to be more efficient, that means aoer price point. >> the concept of technological description of jobs is real. >> reporter: the head of tech scale university says new jobs will emerge. >> turning humans on to more human activities. >> reporter: like eatsa's concierge. they may need a help. >> great. >> let's take a look at the forecast. >> weather is pretty good, too. we have sunny skies across the bay area right now. low clouds and fog flowing locally. to the tropical pacific, we've got hurricane ignacio.
6:48 pm
both, i'm happy to say are expected to move away from populated areas. there may be rain over hawaii. let's get back to closer to home here across the state of california. highs from 60s on the coast to low 80s and here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures bouncing back in time for labor day weekend. >> looking good. >> perfect. >> we've got to talk sports. >> that is right. larry is up. >> hey, guys. quite a story. it's serena williams looking for the calendar slam. first steps towards the goal tonight in new york.
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today, raiders ended their experiment with trent richardson. he was an outstanding college running back in alabama but was
6:52 pm
a bust there, running for three tds last year. five carries for 19 yards yesterday. just the sudden quickness or explosiveness. this is what i hike about the new look raiders. they looked decent yesterday, but were not pleased with the way they'd finished or gave up points. the one positive is amari cooper. four catches yesterday but showed me he understands how to run defenses. >> i like my teammates. everybody is hungry and likes to win. >> we're taking good steps. you know? and that way,
6:53 pm
huge bunch of times. >> and lawson was hoping to a corner stone tackel for the silver and black. >> that sucks man. i love him, you know, as a man. i hope everything goes well with him. so he's going to do a great job. >> he just had too much to overcome. 49ers decided they can use a poster spot for someone else. the final major of the year in tennis, u.s. open with round grand slam.
6:54 pm
she had a strange opening match. now pachenko dealing with a left ankle injury. tough on ser reena. a lot of sitting around. and 27 minutes later, serena moves on. sister convenient tuesday had a chance to close it out in the second set. holding on in this match improving to 17-0. we have a huge upset on the men's side.
6:55 pm
he came to losing to champions. he's been dealing with a hip injury. and some days you just don't have it. that is abc7 sports report. a's and angels tonight. three game series. that is probably the key at the end of the year. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, polish police seal off an area after new evidence of a nazi ghost train. we'll have the latest on this remarkable mystery at 9:00. >> then, at abc7 news at loik don't be alarmed if you spot a helicopter flying low across the bay area, we'll tell you about the homeland security project
6:56 pm
that is putting a sensor in the skies. >> coming up tonight on abc7, stay with us for abc news at 11:00. >> after the news there is jimmy k kimmel live. the abc7 news app is now available for apple watch. use it for breaking news. it's a free down load. just search for abc7 news bay area. >> easy to get and use. >> thanks for joining us for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- a high school english teacher from alexandria, virginia... a fifth grade teacher from queens, new york... and a high school math teacher from tabor, iowa... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. ladies and gentlemen, welcome. for the next two weeks we are back in class, sort of. but this time, we are doing the testing on the teachers. colin, erin, and martha, welcome aboard and good luck. here we go. this is the first of our quarter-final matches. and these are the categories you have to deal with... notice the "c" in quotation marks. followed by...
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and then... and... martha, you get to start. i'd like "c" you at the movies, please, for $200. erin. what is "city slickers"? you got it and you're on the board. "c" you at the movies for $400, please. martha. what is "cleopatra"? yes, that's the movie. could i have "c" you at the movies for $600, please. colin. what is "cool hand luke"? good. uh, "c" you at the movies for $800.


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