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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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your best line of defense. >> san jose is serious about represent control and the measure going before the city council that will keep more people in their homes without breaking the bank. >> thanks for join us on the 1st day of september at 6:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. and mike? >> it feels more like fog. good morning, everyone, the reason why, the clouds are develop loan the peninsula and pushing across the bay as the patch layer is pack. but it is not a strong marine layer and we hardly see clouds over the bay waters as we look from the exploritorium winds from the west at 12 for the ferry ride. 62 in the 12 hour day planner, and by noon, clouds are back at the cost and sticky there more than yesterday in the mid-60s to upper 70's inland and by the afternoon, were more comfort out there, 66 to 84 and enjoy the evening, 64 to 76. here is leyla. >> we are starting with a quick
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look at mass transit, bart has 44 trains running on time with no delays on muni or v.t.a. and the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights itemed on 30 minutes ago and traffic is packed. 17 minutes gots you between the east bay and san francisco. we have a rapid if you crash in solano, southbound 680 passing 80 a four car accident with lanes blocked and possible injuries involved. some spectator slowing in the northbound direction conducting northbound direction conducting at the cordelia a fire with den people displaced because of the fire, and matt keller will bring us a report if a few minutes. the fire is close to 101 and not far from san jose airport at 87 and 101. we will keep you informed of the fire in san jose.
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>> we are set to learn more about a family's fight for justice after their daughter was gunned down on san francisco's pier 14, indicate kay's family filed claim laying the ground work for what could become a lawsuit. janet o is in the newsroom where more. >> the did the of kate steinle has made national headlines and the family is taking this a step further announcing they are filing a claim against those they say are responsible for their daughter's death. her mother said the family wants to honor their daughter and protect other potential victims by taking hell action. kate steinle was shot and killed at pier 14 two months ago. her accused killer, francisco sanchez, has pleaded not guilty to the crime. francisco sanchez is a mexican immigrant deported from the united states favor times. several agencies named in the claim include i.c.e. and blm and san francisco sheriff mirkarimi would led sanchez out of jail
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despite claims frommic he -- from i.c.e. that he be released to them. >> her father testified on capitol hill in july for stronger immigration laws. the sheriff said they cannot comment on the poe trillion litigation but a spokesperson said the sheriff continues to extend his deepest sympathy to the kate steinle family for their loss. >> rent control and affordable housing are hot topic at the city council meet egg considering a plan to previous up san jose's represents criminal law including eviction protections. according to officials republicans have shot up 54 percent in five years. the average apartment in san jose is $2,200. an increase of $800 since 2010. the median income has only increased by 11 percent.
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not keeping up. >> owner of a palo alto mobile home park rejected an offer to buy the site which hoped to preserve the mobile home park as a source of affordable housing. a letter filed yesterday by the owners said the decision to turn down the offer was influenced by a lawsuit filed by the redepths association -- residents association of the mobile home park. >> police are investigating a homicide in east san jose. officers found a man suffering from a stab wound in the area of story and center roads last night at 10:00. he died at scene. the victim's name will be released when the family is notified. there have been no arrests made. >> after experiences years of lower crime rates richmond is seeing an increase in murder, robbery and shootings with homicides doubling up to 12 compared to the same time last
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area. our media partners also report that robberies are up 21 percent, shootings up 17 percent. police blame the spike at transfer of nonviolent criminals from state prison to local jails. >> owners of a nudist resort will be in court after being charged with stealing water from their neighbors in the middle of a drought much the couple is accused of darting water from a creek to a nudist resort they owned for three months. the creek is managed by the regional open space reserve that manages 60,000 acres of open space preserves. >> a health warning is given after a cal student tested positive for measles. the student was placed in isolation. he or she was active on campus last week. the unidentified student was riding the a.c. transit bus line on august 24.
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anyone who was not vaccinated for measles should do so now to prevent being infected. amy hollyfield is on campus with student reaction in next half hour. >> berkeley's library director has stepped down, jeff scott submittedded resignation after rallies and protesters over the policy of weeding out books deemed "outdated," from the collection. a sent for a new director is compatible with what the community wanted is launched. >> oakland is moving forward with a new plan for downtown development and hers are looking to overhaul the area bounded by interstate 980 to the west, 27 to the north and the oakland estuary to the southeast. the san francisco business times reports that changes could range from small to more substantial changes like moving curbs or re-doing sidewalks. the ideas will be ironed out
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over the next year with the goal of approving the plan in 2017. a bay area business group is calling on caltran to open a third westbound lane on the bridge in the afternoon with the eastbound lane needing to be open as soon as possible to alleviate commuter traffic. officials say opening the third lane would involve an environmental study which could take some time. a pill introduced by the assemblyman will push caltran to on the lane by the end of the month. >> new service in san rafael at 1081 anderson drive define the golden gate transit administration and comcast. according to the marin independent journal the terminal has parking for 256 vehicles and will be staffed 365 days a rear. if i look for rides from the north bay to sfo, the first bus leave at 3:55 a.m. and every half hour until 10:50 p.m.
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the old location closed at midnight. >> thousands are without power in phoenix after monsoon storms rolled through. gusts were clock at 70 miles per hour. the storms caused flash blood asking long delays at phoenix sky harbor airport and damaged the roof of a terminal. officials say crews were forked to 400 calls over two hours for vanned drivers, car crashes and downed power lines. >> can we just get a legal deficit the rain here? >> anyway, we do have cooler continues this morning. mike? >> trying to even out the heat but not the precipitation. enjoy, at look at what is going on east bay, hayward 59 at union city and fremont at 58, and berkeley at 59, along with orinda and castro valley at 56, and san leandro, waking up to 61, and alameda and el sobrante at 62 and oakland at 63. we have nearly 60 degree temperature on the peninsula
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down to san jose and pleasanton at 56. this is how it looks from the east bay hills camera, mount diabolo looking quite peaceful this morning, our weather will be breezy this morning and the heat will taper at 80 to 89 inland, fastest freezes along the coast in san francisco and 65 to 72 and around the bay, 71 to 80 into the south >> we have an accident here southbound 680 at i-80 causing delays, involving four vehicles, and possibly one lane is blocked at this time, so, red is an indication of where we have stopped traffic as you can see in the northbound direction we have spectator slowing and further to the south a brand new accident that is blocking both lanes involving a motorcycle so it 10 bit of a busy drive define the cordelia interchange and benicia. now, the bart closures for the weekend, the labor day holiday, bart will not be providing
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transbay service between the east bay and the embarcadero station, during the three day labor day weekend, so it is all to peoplity california maintenance with a bus bridge between the 19th street station in downtown oakland and the temporary terminal in san francisco, with west oakland bart station closed. >> now a new opening for travelers in time for labor day weekend. weekend. >> starting today, a company said you can sleep on boats and it is cheaper than a hotel room and has 35,000 boats listed in 143 countries. >> and you can have more information on sleep aboard and how to residents a room. >> sounds exciting. >> adventurous. >> a marathon game ends with a tough loss for the giants.
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>> what turned the table in favor of the dodgers. >> the jaw dropping stunt that turned a man from a tourist in new york city into the nonattraction. >> a first look now pictures from the breaking news scene the fire in san jose. we told you about this a few minutes ago the garage of home damned but the flames appear to be out fear center road. ten people have been displaced. matt keller is at the scene matt keller is at the scene gathering more
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we are following breaking news in san jose, abc7 reporter matt keller is at scene of a fire. what is going on? >> we are at center road and firefighters are overhauling the garage fire that took place here this morning and it started at 5:15 and firefighters were able to knock it down about half an hour later at 5:45. they were able to limit the flames from spreading into the house so they had a firewall that separated the two units in the back where ten people lived from the same family, including
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a child. they were able to get out all safely including three dogs, as well. firefighters right new are working on making sure there are no hotspots in the garage. the read recent is beginning to take care of the family and make sure all of their needs are taken care of. firefighters will be here on the scene pore at least a couple more hours as they make sure there are no more flames or smoldering spots inside the garage where you can see the garage is damaged and inside. no cars inside the garage and it does not appear that way from here and the cars are on the drive appear to be unharms, as well, and firefighters are crediting a firewall between the units where sleeping. an uncle woke up and got everyone up and out of the house. that is the good news in nokomis drive in east san jose. everyone is out of the house, no one is injured and the fire is out. >> a federal judge could rule by today on new england quarterback
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tom brady's suspension in the deflate-gate scandal. the san mateo native was if a new york courtroom yesterday for a meeting with the judge along with nfl commissioner. he has suspended brady for four games but the n players association wantedded the -- wants thissing toed out. >> a man shot votes of himself doing the split to get funny reaction. most ignored hill. he is a rising star on social media with eight million followers on vine and 500,000 on twitter. wow. >> mike, let moves see you do that. >> sure. >> it is fought just how he does it but he jumps into it. >> yeah, y,
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can do them. >> i am sore from rug three miles yesterday. >> no delays. the cloud cover is holding off right now. we will look at what is going on in san jose. it is dark. using this as a background for breezy and cooler september start the next two nights are gray with patchy drizzle and weekend sunshine and sunning warmth and hot this weekend. any drizzle we have over the next three hours that moves through the help of the morning rush hour is near the peninsula coast. without live today should be cooler than yesterday with upper 70s, sunnyvale and my speed and santa clara and san jose and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s and santa cruz at 76, and millbrae is 72, the cool spot, and mid-to-upper 70s from san mateo, south to mountain view and los altos, and mid-to-upper 60s along the coast and nearly 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and 76
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if vallejo and mid-80s in san rafael, petaluma, to 84 in santa rosa, along the east bay shore, richmond at 71. castro valley at 79. through the down lynn grade you can see the mid-to-upper 80s written land east bay neighborhood with pittsburg and livermore at 86 at game this evening it is cooler than last night at 67 dropping to 63 degrees with increasing clouds at the cove. the lows and the cloud cover are more expensive with the green show how isolated the drizzle will be along the coast, and mid-50s to low 60, another nice night of sleeping. the cold front is inducing the sea breeze and we will get in the bowl of cold air and the trough will slowly sink down our coast and hang around through friday so look what it does to
6:19 am
my seven-day forecast, breezy continues wednesday and thursday, and faster breezes and cool of the conditions by friday, we start to taper a little bit with the breezes, saturday we are still right at average and look at sunday and monday as we ride out the holiday weekend, 70s at the coast and 80's around the bay and 90s inland, why are you and 90s inland, why are you doing the splits do show me up? >> we do have traffic that is limping along unfortunately into the cordelia entrepreneur, the crash involving four vehicles has cleared at 36 miles per hour the top speed away from fairfield. as we take you further to the south we are dealing where a point crash southbound 680 you can see slow traffic behind it and it looks like they are getting that cleared to the shoulder. moving into san jose this drive is nice moving along without any problems and heading northbound on 280, 880 in the back ground as you need to make it away from highway 101 to keep family, the
6:20 am
driver is going to take you approximately 20 minutes. on the golden gate bridge, puffy clouds and haze and nothing that is going to impede the visibility through the we we robin williams tunnel, through san francisco, right now, northbound traffic is not a problem. >> i cannot open my eyes because i don't want to see the video so sad a heartbreaker for the giants, facing off against the dodgers in los angeles. the dodgers were behind 3-1 until gonzalez scored three runs in the 6th and it lasted 14 innings, yes, 14 innings before gonzalez hit bases loaded single to deep left and the fine -- final was 5-4. it is the largest lead for the dodgers over us since the all-star break. >> bay area city tackling rent control and where residents feel control and where residents feel the hikes are teach of a
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>> the abc news app on the go, on your schedule, news that lives where you live. >> 6:24, a camera plan shot and killed if virginia by a suspect would grew up in oakland will be laid to rest today for adam ward would was killed along with reporter, allison parker, last week when a former worker at station opened fire on live television. vicki gardner being interviewed was seriously injured. the suspect, vester lee flanagan, a graduate of san francisco state university, killed himself as bars closed in. >> now a check with a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, amy. >> good tuesday morning. next on "good morning america," an unprecedented event at the vatican, world news tonight anchor david muir sits down with pope francis connecting with americans in three united states cities ahead of trip to the states later this month. david joins us from rome and the
6:25 am
young woman who sang for the pipe, -- pope joins us. >> speak of the visit, ama daetz will visit to washington, dc, do prius coverage, and there will be a canonization of a father who established the california mission. >> nancy pelosi is hoping san francisco students get their school year off to a running start visiting monroe elementary school to celebrate the kindergarten to college savings program that automatically open as $50 savings account for every kindergarten student in san francisco public schools. the most recent numbers released in the fall show this are 18,000 students with saving accounts that can be used to pay for college. >> tom hanks said he hear as high school's request to appear at homecoming loud and clear and tweeted "gear up for homecoming i am working on something for the festivities," thanks.
6:26 am
>> students started a campaign to get the act report to appear at the october 9 event, and they want it to be if a "league of their own," and invited the star to a real live appearance. >> next at 6:0, new information on a violent confront station in san francisco with a move that police recentry made to catch the culprit. >> ways to keep kids safe on buses. >> berkeley student is in isolation and other students have been warned. we will tell you why, ahead. stay tuned.
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talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:29. as we show. >> look at bay bridge, eastern span, folks driving through okay, i guess the bay bridge
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toll plaza is...we will not draw conclusions. i am eric thomas. >> never can tell in the bay area. >> i am kristen sze. we can tell about the weather because we have meteorologist mike nicco. >> nice to see you on this tuesday morning. look at this, visibility is unlimited on live doppler hd. we do have a few clouds rolling in and a ragged marine layer and west wind at 13 miles per hour at the golden gate bridge, and most of us in the my 50s to low 60s through 7:00. we will see sun but breeze will pick up holding us to the my 70s through none and mid-60s at the coast and mid 70s around the bay and mid-80s at hurricane 4, so, hopefully you will not need to pay money to pay comfortable today. >> we are taking mole 3 it is on road through castro valley, and you can see traffic is here on westbound 580 is clear and there is a bart station if we turn 360 around, eastbound traffic, not
6:31 am
really, we can see the cars behind us and moving nicely, and walnut creek southbound 680 is looking a bit slower at this hour and right now ill take you at least 14 minutes from he 4 to the 24 junction. speaking of which, mobile 360 we had an early fire eastbound highway 24, that is put out with no delays westbound remark looking great out of lafayette to orinda. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news in east san jose where a fire has displaced ten people. matt keller is at scene. >> i got an update from the fire captain and he said this fire appears to be accidental and possibly electrical. the flames damaged this garage. they were called at 5:15 and they saw flames shooting from the roof of the garage. this is a first wall protecting the garage from the units where the ten people live in the back, two units there.
6:32 am
ten family members were able to get out safely on their own and they had three dogs able to escape safely, as well. as far as a firefighters are doing now they are doing overhaul, spraying it with water to make sure they have all of hotspots out. the garage is going uninhabitable. it is a total loss. it is too damaged inside. as far as the back two units, it is the possible the people would live here could move back if at some point. as far as the ten people go, they are on the sidewalk situating for red cross to arrive. they will get help. fires are talking with them. they will be taken care of and everyone is okay. they were able to escape this morning. we are following developing news from uc berkeley of a health warning, a cal student with measles and a z may have
6:33 am
infected other people, too, and amy hollyfield is in berkeley with the search on for anyone who may have been exposed. >> the student is in isolation and he have not identified the student so other students do not know if they had class with this person but officials are trying to track the person's step to figure out would has been exposed to the measles. the patient was riding an a.c. transit because and last campus august 24 on monday. at 3:30 in the afternoon the student took 25a and the virus can linger in the air for two hours so quite a number on that date, ahelp corks have been exposed. ask it will be five more delays before the measles were detected so the number of people exposed could be high and it is still in question. those who are vaccinated, though, say they do feel protected. >> i feel safe i have gotten the vehicle seep but a lot of people have not, and some cannot be,
6:34 am
like kids, babies, who are going do be more susceptible to that. >> now officials are encouraging students here who are not vaccinated for get the vaccination and they are also telling students and anyone in the berkeley area or east bay if you do feel any symptoms contacts your medical provider right away. if you are concern about symptoms here is what you need to know they appear seven to-18 daze after being exposed. you could feel very tired, and are runny nose and you get spots in your mouth and a rash all over. >> los altos police are investigating a crash that sent a pedestrian to the hospital before 9:00 lat night on eastbound el camino the pedestrian is expected to survive. the driver stayed at the scene
6:35 am
and is cooperating. >> classes resume this morning at two schools in los gatos after a fire caused $1 million in damage. >> we are on the scene yesterday morning, a 17-year-old now has admitted to setting a fire, and investigators say a group of tens went to smoke marijuana near loma prieta elementary and the english school and no one had positive so they set a cardboard box on fire to stay warm, the fire sparked from the smoldering ashes and though word if they will be charged amount. >> new details in a violent confrontation define bicyclists and a driver during critical mass in san francisco. >> you are not going anywhere. you are not going anywhere. >> no! >> video posted on youtube shows the bicyclist hitting a zip card with a u-box, and san francisco police have assigned an investigator to lack into the incident on marina boulevard. they will work with zipcar to
6:36 am
locate the driver and bicyclist. >> a county clerk in kentucky has refused to issue marriage licenses the day the supreme court localized gay marriage. she said gay marriage is a violation of her religious beliefs and asked the supreme court to block the lower court from ordering her to issue licenses. yesterday, the supreme court denied the request and turned to work but refused to issue marriage licenses saying she was under god's authority and faces fine and jail time. >> important in fact for parents with children who just headed back-to-school tip on keeping them safe on the school bus. >> fine out why t-mobile is tracking down some of their customers. >> as we go to break we have a picture of traffic on 680 through walnut creek. through walnut creek. stay
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>> back at 6:39 on tuesday, september 1st and look at what to expect in san francisco, all warm as the rest of the cool is getting cooler. in the afternoon, 56 to 65, 48 and 101 or the extremes and .21", and we have had up to". 67 at 7:05 and dropping to 63
6:40 am
and increasing clouds at the cove. clouds are increasing purpose mid-to-upper 70s around san diego and los angeles, low-to-mid 90's through the central valley, 93 in yosemite. in the pack, you can see major hurricane, following right behind ignacio which is falling apart as it heads north of hawaii and the next system will be even less remote than ignacio with high surf the next 24 to 46 hours and they will be okay. leyla? >> near berkeley, westbound 588, it is pleasant. you can see not too much traffic even in the eastbound direction. where it not so pleasant, though, at highway where with a four-cash crash westbound railroad avenue away from 160 with delays before you get to 160 as you continue through an toxic, pittsburg, you name it, it is packed.
6:41 am
next, to head between antioch into concord it will take you now 45 minutes at westbound 80 albany to the maze is eight minutes and southbound fremont to shows is 18 minutes and 280 northbound in the south bay is 14 minutes. >>:41, alarming results from a study this morning, drivers are not paying attention to the red flashing lights and stop signs on school buses and their inattention is putting children's lives at risk, where 2,700 incidents where drivers do not observe red gnashing lights and stop signs and 83 times, drivers passed on right side where children are get on-and-off the buses. >> concern wait at the stop. though are getting ready to get on the bus. cars are disregarding the red lights and drive on the ride side, a major safety issue. >> "good morning america" is covering the story with a full report including what school
6:42 am
districts are doing. >> a if you development following the deadly san francisco pier 14 shooting with action kate steinle's family plans to take against several lolling and federal agencies. >> what is california's healthiest city? the city that tops the list and the facters that made it number one. >> first, abc7 showing you the view from the east bay hills camera to the sunrise in the east and a gorgeous picture it is, with the sun glowing and is, with the sun glowing and giving off the light.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the parents of the bay kelly renee gissendaner killed in the pier 14 are holding a news conference today to announce they are taking steps against san francisco and the federal government. >> janet o is in the newsroom with the details. janet? >> the news conference is set to take place in about four hours. kate steinle's family say they will file a claim against those they say are response edge for their daughter's death much the move comes two months after she was murdered on pier 14. accused killer, francisco sanchez pleaded not guilty, he is a mexican immigrant deported give times from the united
6:46 am
states. the kate steinle family is filing a claim against the federal immigration and customs enforcement, united states bureau of land management, you may recall the gun francisco sanchez allegedly used was stolen from a blm agent's car. san francisco sheriff mirkarimi has been named in the claim for releasing francisco sanchez from jail despite claims to be town over to i.c.e. >> it is too late for us. that ship has sailed. we went it for future people. we want it for future possible victims. we have to put an end to it. >> her father testified on capitol hill in july calling for stronger immigration laws. a spokesman for sheriff mirkarimi said the sheriff cannot comment but adds he continues to extend his deepest sympathy to the kate steinle for
6:47 am
theirless. >> trading is under way on wall street and the dow is falling. >> we are at the nasdaq with more in our morning money report. we have seen this movie before. >> we have. we have volatility going on, not so bad as last week down 2 sent points and we have been down 350, and china, the main reason with manufacturing there slowing down in china with the numbers overnight showing a global sell off on worries of china and how the economy is doing and how it could slow down. it is a beautiful day for bono who can add billionaire to list of accomplishments, edging out beats paul mccar third as the world's richest pop star and now has made more money off face book than ever in the music industry. "los angeles times" said amazon is testing what it calls farmers market direct a program partnership with fresh nation that conducts farmer and vendors with consumers and is advertised
6:48 am
as delivering baskets fresh produce hours after being harvested and is differented now in southern california. and in california, one of the leftest states in the nation with healthy behaviors with 10 percent only smoke, and have markets and medical care are highly abscessible to residents. this is according to wall street, 24/7. that is the news from wall street. >> another roller coaster ride on the dow. >> more buying opportunity. >> exactly. >> optimistic. >> my numbers are going down but they will go back up. now, what is beginning open, burlingame going back to school under increasing clouds and 60 this morning, so make sure the this morning, so make sure the kids have a nice-sized
6:49 am
we are clear in san jose, with a backdrop talking about what will happen with my forecast. in month. new pattern. not is warp. more clouds. drizzle. tonight and tomorrow. the holiday warming trend is still on its way. it will reach out to the coast. from 55 at campbell and cupertino and los altos hills and saratoga is 53 and los gatos is 54 and san jose at 59 and same this newark and danville and lafayette and brentwood at 58 and low-to-mid 60s around most of pay sure line and san pablo at 62 and san carlos 60 and same in novato and the winds are light but the air is faster at 20 miles per hour and the winds will pick up speed at lunch getting around double
6:50 am
digits and faster during the evening hours around 10-20 miles per hour. our cloud cover is not so extensive this morning. compared to the next couple morningings but it will cling to the coast more than it did year. it should be back to coast between sock and 11 o'clock and the weapons are blowing ashore so it will be cooler where you live in south bay and upper 70's around sunny veil and santa clara and milpitas and mid-to-upper 70s most of the peninsula and millbrae is cooler at 72 and mid-to-upper 60s loop the coast and daly city and pacifica around 65 and flirting with 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 80s through the north bay valley and vallejo is at 76 and richmond is 71 and other mid-to-upper 70s and not too bad inland 83 at men and pleasanton, and 89 degrees. my seven-day forecast shows a bolt of cold air will sit open top of us wednesday and thursday
6:51 am
the two days where the data of wind, which will taper and warming friday and into saturday and look at the heats sunday and holiday monday, 70s at the coast, and 80s away the bay and 90s inland. summer is not over even though it is september. >> as long as it is not "spare the air" day, we can have a barbecue for labor day. good morning, everyone, we are head through oakland, and transferring from westbound highway 24 to westbound 580 and traffic here is smooth although i am starting to see brake lights ahead so it look like the closer we get do the maze the slower it will be. in other parts of the bay area i want to show you what is happening with the accident four cars are involved and it is jam packed as you head between 160 up to railroad avenue and it clears through pittsburg and then you are back on the brakes through bay point and the transbay tube closure is happening and it is never too early to think ahead and it will be closed saturday and sunday and monday for the labor day weekend so just make sure a bus
6:52 am
bridge although that is in place is going to be packed across the bay bridge so plan ahead. >> we are back with seven things do know before you go. >> first it is abc news now with weather and traffic during the commercial break including a look at the bay bridge toll look at the bay bridge toll plaza and back in 90
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>> whether you are just joining us or head outdoor seven things to know, breaking news in east san jose, the red cross is helping a family displace bid a garage fire broking out on the area here, with family members saying their uncle woke up and got everyone out. >> the family of kate steinle has filed claims against people and armies they believe are responsible for her death. she was shot to delegates on pier 14 back in july and her family is filing claims against i.c.e. and the failure roar -- the bureau of of land management and sheriff mirkarimi. >> a cal student tested for for measles and could have exposed others. the student was isolated over the weekend but was on the uc berkeley campus and on public transportation last weak. the campus and officials are
6:55 am
warning anyone not vaccinated to do so immediately. >> san jose's represents control law is up for debate with leaders considering changes after officials say rental properties have skyrocketed 54 percent in five years and the city council will consider lowering how much landlords can increase the rent each year. >> thousands are people are without power in phoenix after monsoon storms rolled through, causing flash flooding, local officials say that crews responding to more than 400 calls over for two hours for stranded cars, drivers, car crashes and downed power lines. >> it is back. the marine layer and the cooling effects of rolling through the east bay hills right now will take our temperatures back to average if not below at 70s in cam, and peninsula and east bay around 78 and south bay at 80, and mid-to-upper 80s inland east bay and north bay. >> at every turn there is a ton of traffic, southbound 680, it will take you 189 minutes between highway 4 and 24 and
6:56 am
before you get there along highway 4th crash has cleared and here is a look at 21 minutes between 880 and foster city. >> thank you, laying, and you, too, michael. and you, too? >> we continue on-line and twitter and face back and all mobile devices. >> see you in 25 minutes with >> see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and
6:57 am
by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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good morning, america. new overnight, summer scorcher. a late season monsoon and powerful wind gusts leave tens of thousands without power. the big rig flipped on its side. flash flooding turning streets and highways into rivers. those oppressive temperatures blanketing the east. a heat wave in september. breaking overnight, thousands of new pages of hillary clinton's private messages released. her critics calling it a national security scandal. what her e-mails are revealing about her work and her family this morning. >> thank you, thank you. gridiron mystery. two high school football players on the same team collapse after a game, rushed to the hospital with brain injuries. one in critical condition. the investigation right now. people's pope makes history. a major announcement from the vatican this morning and abc news exclusively there for the first ever virtual papal audience. the incredible moment from one young woman.


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