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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 1, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, summer scorcher. a late season monsoon and powerful wind gusts leave tens of thousands without power. the big rig flipped on its side. flash flooding turning streets and highways into rivers. those oppressive temperatures blanketing the east. a heat wave in september. breaking overnight, thousands of new pages of hillary clinton's private messages released. her critics calling it a national security scandal. what her e-mails are revealing about her work and her family this morning. >> thank you, thank you. gridiron mystery. two high school football players on the same team collapse after a game, rushed to the hospital with brain injuries. one in critical condition. the investigation right now. people's pope makes history. a major announcement from the vatican this morning and abc news exclusively there for the first ever virtual papal audience. the incredible moment from one young woman.
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>> may i ask of you to sing a song for me? >> david muir and the pope's excitement about his historic first visit to the u.s. only on "gma" this morning. and good morning, america. what a moment at the vatican. abc news there exclusively for an historic global event. the pope getting ready for his first ever visit to the u.s. and making some big news this morning on the issue of abortion. we're going to get to that ahead. >> big announcement coming up there. but first, we want to get to the extreme weather, making it a steamy start to september. the east coast set to bake in above normal 90-degree heat and in the southwest, more rain, powerful wind. ginger zee covering it all. good morning to you, ginger. >> good morning. strong monsoon storms taking trees down, putting them on top of cars. and it sounded like this in phoenix. >> oh, my god. oh, my god.
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oh, my god. >> up to an inch and a half of rain. there were water rescues and it wasn't just there. pockets of flash flooding and power outages, 65,000 in phoenix. to this in brownsville, texas, 4 to even 6 inches of rain, especially north of the city. a lot of the drains couldn't handle it. and charleston, south carolina, had their fifth wettest day on record. finally that heat, lara, you were just talking about it. heat pushing to the east up into minnesota. some places enduring 10 to 15-degree above average temperatures. and it's going to stay through the midweek. george? >> okay, ginger, thanks. we turn to the hillary clinton e-mails released overnight. more than 7,000 pages. the largest release yet from her time as secretary of state. they've been a thorn in her side throughout the campaign and martha raddatz and our team in washington pored through them all night long. and martha, a real mix of policy, politics, and some personal stuff. >> reporter: there certainly are, george. the e-mails include thoughts from her daughter chelsea, to her choice of tv shows, to the
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most serious issues confronting clinton while secretary of state. overnight, those 7,000 pages of e-mails from clinton's private server released. 125 now deemed classified. including details from a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu now heavily redacted. a clinton aide aware at the time of the sensitivities, happy to talk secure at your convenience, he writes. but then adding the highlights are as follows. those details now blanked out. it appears even employees of the state department's computer help desk were confused by clinton's use of the private server. they had no idea it was you. just some random address, so they e-mailed. her aide, huma abedin, replies to clinton. many of the other e-mails more mundane but providing insight into the person behind the office. details from her daughter, chelsea, about a trip to
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her excitement over and ipad, asking, do you think you can teach me to use it on the flight to kiev next week? disdain for government shutdowns during snow days in the nation's capital. i guess i will work from home again but think this is silly. even the need to know when two popular television shows air, can you give me times for two tv shows, "parks and recreation" and "the good wife." so far only 25% of the e-mails have been released. the state department is aiming to have them all out by january 2016. clinton has said repeatedly that none of the e-mails she exchanged were marked classified. but clearly officials now think that some information being discussed over her private e-mail server at the time contains information that certainly should be. and there are many more e-mails yet to come. george? >> that provides more fodder for critics. okay, martha, thanks very much. we turn to the republicans and this morning donald trump has some company at the top of the polls. a new poll shows dr. ben carson
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surging to a first place tie with trump in iowa. let's go to jon karl for more. you have carly fiorina in third. not a professional politician in the bunch. >> reporter: that's right, george. in all of american history, we have never elected a president who didn't have either political or military experience. but now republican voters seem to be saying, if you have government experience, you need not apply. could there be a new republican front-runner? out in iowa there is. or at least co-front-runner. dr. ben carson is now tied with donald trump with 23% in the state that will vote first. coming in third, former hp ceo carly fiorina at 10%. what do all three have in common? none of them have served a single day in political office. >> i don't want to be a politician. >> reporter: the crowded republican field is jam-packed with political experience, nine governors, five senators, but republican voters seem to be saying they just don't care about all that. they want an outsider.
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>> they want to get re-elected. and i want to save our nation. >> reporter: dr. carson has an inspiring personal story. he climbed out of the depths of poverty in inner city detroit to become one of the world's most highly regarded brain surgeons. >> when i take someone to the operating room i'm operating on the thing that makes them who they are. the skin doesn't make them who they are. the hair doesn't make them who they are. and it's time for us to move beyond that. >> reporter: carson is staunchly anti-abortion. he has said obama care is the worst thing since slavery. earlier this year, he apologized for saying people go into prison straight and come out gay. 81% of iowa voters say they have a favorable view of carson, only 6%, george, said unfavorable. that makes him by far the most well-liked politician. now politician candidate in the race. >> just an incredible year already. okay, jon karl, thanks very much. all right, george. turning now to a deadly police shooting. a texas man gunned down by officers responding to a
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domestic dispute. the incident, caught on camera. and in the video, the victim appears to be raising his hands right before he's shot. the officers have been placed on administrative leave. we want to warn you, the video may be difficult to watch. abc's matt gutman is in houston with the story. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lara. for one college student, it was impossible not the watch. he thought he was filming something that was a routine arrest. instead, he captured a grisly and controversial shooting. caught on tape, two sheriff's deputies in san antonio opening fire on a man who appears to have his hands up. the cell phone video taken by a college student michael thomas who sold it to abc affiliate ksat. >> he put his hands in the air. they shot him twice. >> reporter: although one of his hands is obscured by a pole, 41-year-old gilbert flores appears to have both hands raised when multiple shots are fired. >> he just shot that guy, bro.
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>> reporter: he collapses to the ground. for the next three minutes officers leave him there. not appearing to render first aid. he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. the bexar sheriff's blasting ksat, saying it should not have released the unedited video. saying itself received threats and as a result, it's unethical and sad. the incident began when officers responded to a domestic disturbance call on friday. you see a shirtless flores running out of the home seeming to evade a pair of deputies which the sheriff's office says had been on the job for more than ten years. police say flores may have injured an 18-month-old girl and a woman inside the home. >> what's in the video is a cause for concern. but it's important to let the investigation go through its course so that we can assure a thorough and complete review of all that occurred. >> reporter: the district attorney's office investigating. thanking the young man who captured the footage. >> i was watching. i was kind of wondering what was going on. but i couldn't figure this out. it's been going on in the world different type of shootings with
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cops and different things like that. so i was like, maybe i can catch something on my camera. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office is telling us there is a second video of that shooting. it's not yet been released. we have also learned the justice department is monitoring the sheriff's office investigation of the shooting. george? >> certainly will. okay, matt, thanks very much. we have new developments in the case of that young woman shot and killed in san francisco earlier this summer by an illegal immigrant. a man who had already been deported five times. this morning, kate steinle's parents are filing a lawsuit against the sheriff and federal officials. pierre thomas has the latest from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. a still grieving family is planning to file suit claiming that the government failed on every level from the city to the federal. and that a young woman is dead because of it. >> it's just a roller coaster of emotions. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with abc station kgo overnight, the family of kate steinle says they're seeking
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justice as they struggle to cope with their pain. steinle was killed on july 1st as she walked with her family on a san francisco pier by francisco sanchez, a mexican immigrant previously deported from the u.s. five times, after he had been released by city officials. among those expected to be named in the upcoming lawsuit, u.s. bureau of land management, the gun used by sanchez stolen from the car of one of that agency's investigators. also expected to be named in the suit, u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. as well as san francisco's sheriff ross mirkarimi, who released sanchez from his jail in april despite a request from immigration officials he be turned over. steinle's family blames those who allowed sanchez to walk free in the first place. >> we don't need them here, not violent felons. >> reporter: her father testified on capitol hill in july calling for stronger immigration laws. >> the u.s. has suffered a self-inflicted wound in the murder of our daughter by the hand of a person that should have never been on the streets of this country. >> reporter: the family hoping to honor their daughter by
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protecting others. the family says everyone is to blame. and it's clear they will not tolerate government officials pointing the finger at each other. they blame them all. george? >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. now to amy with today's other top stories. got good news for travelers this weekend. >> that's right. gas prices are dropping as millions of americans prepare to hit the road for labor day weekend. prices could be the lowest in 11 years. they dropped an average of 13 cents in just the last week. aaa predicting the number of people traveling this weekend will be the most since 2008. a developing story in kentucky. a county clerk is refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. clerk kim davis says her faith forbids her from issuing the licenses. a judge could not hold her in contempt, which could mean jail time. well, today a jury in kansas begins considering whether to sentence a white supremacist to death for murdering three people at jewish sites in that state. jurors convicted frazier glenn
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miller on monday. he later gave them a nazi salute. he had confessed to the shootings but claimed he was defending the white race. back here in this country, police in arizona are investigating four highway shootings in e recent days, raising concern that a serial sniper could be on the loose there. bullets hit the sides of cars and windshields on interstate 10. no one was hurt. a college party got out of control in massachusetts when a girl was pushed off the roof of a garage as she was dancing. she landed on some people and is okay. another student was arrested and now faces several charges. well, a judge could rule as early as today in the tom brady deflategate saga. both sides failed to reach a settlement before monday's hearing. brady is hoping his suspension will be overturned. and finally, you never know what you're going to see here in new york city. case in point, a guy riding the subway when suddenly, boom. he does the perfect split and
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actually, for new york, he got quite a reaction there. >> people looked. >> but those people, they're like, whatevs. the limber man is logan paul, showing off his surprising flexibility around the city. >> that looks so painful. >> and it isn't a stretch to say that logan is side-splitting funny. >> it's the way he finishes. >> yeah. >> hey, look what i can do. >> it's the way he doesn't flinch when he hits bottom. >> yeah. >> i know. >> practice makes perfect. >> not his first rodeo. >> no. no. well said, jesse. >> thank you. >> okay, thank you, amy. we will turn to that big news from the vatican this morning. pope francis announcing that he is allowing all priests to absolve and forgive all women who have had abortions in this jubilee year for the catholic church. it comes after that unprecedented event at the vatican. david muir with the pope as he connects with americans in three cities ahead of his trip to the u.s. that remarkable event in just 30 seconds. with the pope as he connects with americans in three cities ahead of his trip to the
7:14 am
u.s. that remarkable event in just 30 seconds. >> turn on the lights. >> okay. >> alexa, tell me the news. >> nasa is confirming the discovery of a planet which is the closest match yet to earth. it has just -- >> alexa, do aliens exist? >> there is no proof that alien life exists, but the universe is very big. now for that historic event with the pope. let's get straight to david muir in rome. good morning, david. >> reporter: george, good morning from just outside the vatican here. as you know we witnessed something truly historic here in the last 24 hours on the eve of pope francis' visit to the united states. we were allowed inside the vatican here for an hour with pope francis, where he greeted us as he prepares for his trip to america. he told me he's ready. he did have a couple of messages he wanted delivered to the american people before his historic visit. we quietly wait outside this
7:15 am
door. inside the closed walls of the vatican. we're not far from the pope's residence, a simple building where he lives with other priests, famous for choosing to forego the grand papal apartment. we're told in a moment the doors will open. the pope will emerge. instead the door opens. they wave me inside. the pope asking for a moment to meet before the cameras. then our walk to the room where he knows we're about to connect him with hundreds of americans across the country. a virtual papal audience. a conversation with them. we tell him there are many families, many young people in american who will follow his american trip on television. and as we head into the room, a smile. surprised at the scope of the crew. he knows our cameras are in three cities he won't be able to visit. a school in chicago. in los angeles. and a church in mcallen, texas, on the u.s.-mexico border. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: we tell him we are
7:16 am
honored to be here and we begin. we are curious if you have a message before your visit to the united states. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: he tells us a big greeting to the catholic community and the united states and to everyone, all of the citizens of the u.s. and when 19-year-old marcus from los angeles asks why his trip to the u.s. is so important -- >> it's a great honor to meet you. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: he says, for me, it is very important to meet with you all. the citizens of the u.s. who have your history, culture, virtues, joy, sadness, your problems like everyone else. there were many questions and stories of adversity and survival. valerie, 17 from chicago, who has struggled with a rare skin disorder her whole life. she sought music to survive the bullying. and after the tears in front of the pope, an unexpected request from pope francis. that request in english.
7:17 am
>> valerie, i would like to hear you singing. may i ask of you to sing a song for me? >> reporter: we were all unsure if she would sing. >> be courageous. [ applause ] [ singing in spanish ] [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. it's very kind of you. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the pope talking to single mothers. to students. even surprising an american nun. tackling issues, immigration, abortion, education. we have never seen anything quite like it from a pope.
7:18 am
but this pope, after all, is already breaking the mold. and george, it truly was an extraordinary moment with valerie and so many of the other americans who gathered for the pope but in that moment alone, it was surprising for two reasons, first he spoke english to her when he asked her to sing a song for me. and to see the smile on his face and to hear him speak english. he did it a number of times. this is clearly a pope who is preparing for his visit to america. >> a lot of americans preparing for him, as well. remarkable stuff there and that young woman, so courageous, can't wait to meet her in the next hour. as well. >> yes, we will meet her coming up on "gma." >> and you can see a lot more on "world news" from inside the vatican. and a special edition of "20/20" this friday at 10:00 eastern. so much more ahead this morning including a deadly confrontation between two neighbors. the jury deciding whether a former school security guard is guilty of murder or killed his neighbor in self-defense. also coming up, an abc news exclusive. a husband and wife's miraculous survival story, their plane crashing in the everglades the two fighting to get out alive. >> i was shocked at being inside a fireball.
7:19 am
>> how his quick thinking saved their lives. he's now speaking out from his hospital bed. it's an interview you will only see on "gma." also ahead that football mystery. two teenage players hospitalized with brain injuries. one in critical condition. the investigation under way right now. and caught on camera. drivers racing by as kids tried to board a school bus. a big safety warning for you this morning.
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♪ you got a masterpiece...yeah ♪ we start with fresh milk from us dairy farms so you can make something amazing kraft natural cheese ♪ back on "gma" and an active pacific ocean. and our eyes on ignacio. still 200 to 300 miles from hawaii. high surf warning, 12 to 18-foot waves. just ahead, that high school football mystery.
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two students collapsing after the game. we'll be back after this from our abc stations. good morning, i'm eric thomas. developing news from uc berkeley where a health warning has been given after a cal student tested positive for measles and could expose others to it. he or she was active on campus last week. the unidentified student also rode ac transit bus line 25 on the afternoon of august 24th. the campus and city officials are warning anyone who has not been vaccinated for measles to do so immediately to prevent being infected. the family of san francisco murder victim kate steinle has filed a legal claim against the people they believe are responsible for her death. they are against the federal immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. and the u.s. bureau of land management. also the san francisco sheriff. the accused killer, francisco
7:25 am
sanchez, was deported from the u.s. five times. now here's leyla. >> 360 barreling down westbound 80. we're approaching university avenue where we're starting to slow down just a little bit. the east shore freeway is going to take you about 13 minutes to head away from the split up to the macarthur maze. the san ma day owe bridge, there's an incident between 880 and 101. >> when we back, the bay area forecast.
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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good morning. thanks for sticking around. let me show you what's going on. east bay hills camera, the marine layer is back and so is this cooling effect. let's take a look at our temperatures. we're running in the upper 50s to low 60s in most areas. oakland 63. we've got 52 in santa rosa for our extremes. we're going to have temperatures in the mid to upper 60s at the game tonight and cooler weather through thursday. eric. >> mike, thanks a lot. coming up on
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and good morning, america. right now a sizzling start to september. the east hit with a heat wave. temperatures expected to be well above average for the third straight day. also breaking news from the vatican. pope francis announcing women who have had abortions can be welcomed back into the church. they can be absolved during the jubilee year which begins in december. and the airline executive and his wife who survived the plane crash in the everglades. they're speaking out this morning about those dramatic moments. good morning, america. 7:30, what an incredible story that is. the couple on the way to visit their daughter, the husband was at the controls. boy, did his training kick in. the former military pilot's quick thinking saving their lives. and we will hear from them coming up on "gma." >> he really knew what he was doing. that's coming up. we begin with a neighbor-to-neighbor feud that turned deadly. a former tennessee school security guard on trial for killing his neighbor. he claims self-defense.
7:31 am
his fate in the hands of the jury and reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: a frightened father protecting his children or a menacing neighbor ending a longtime feud with four gunshots. >> kevin waggoner says he took video to prove his innocence. none of the video was running that night to prove his innocence. you know why, ladies and gentlemen? because he's not innocent. >> reporter: this morning a jury is deciding whether former school security guard kevin waggoner is guilty of second degree murder for killing neighbor michael woodby. >> come on! bring your [ bleep ] out here. >> reporter: the jury seeing nearly 180 hours of footage from the three-year feud between the two. both neighbors documenting their claims of threats and harassment by the other. >> come on back over here. [ bleep ] step on this side [ bleep ]. >> this is someone who told you, who told kevin, that he was going to get that boy and on september 16th, that's exactly
7:32 am
what he tried to do. >> reporter: waggoner testified that in september 2013, a drunken woodby approached him and his son, kolton, hitting kolton over the head with a fence post. waggoner then firing his gun at woodby four times, claiming self-defense. >> i just didn't know what else to do. i didn't have a choice. >> reporter: but woodby's widow tells a different story, saying waggoner was the real threat. >> you don't talk to my children. you don't videotape them every time you get off the school bus. >> come over here with my kids? videotaping children. >> reporter: and prosecutors playing audio of waggoner allegedly threatening woodby, recorded just months before the incident. >> this is 100% within his control now, not to die from me. >> reporter: waggoner faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> okay, let's talk to dan abrams about this right now. you know, dan, usually the defendant's testimony is so
7:33 am
critical. but in this case, he's got a big problem. >> that's right. his testimony is certainly important, meaning if the jury doesn't believe him, he's in big trouble. but even if they do, even if he seems credible, the defense has to address the physical evidence in this case. they've got real issues about where the shell casings were found, where the stick that he said was used to attack him was found. because prosecutors say it was found on the other side of the street and that the way they believe that the bullets were fired was from above, not someone who was defending themselves but someone who was shooting someone. and prosecutors believe he may have even been turned away when they fired. so all this is really important in the context of the testimony. >> waggoner's behavior after the killing reported to be pretty callous. how does that factor in? >> i think it's horrible for him when the jury is thinking about, do we believe him? because you have evidence here, he admits it, that he's sitting on a police scanner waiting to
7:34 am
confirm that he hears doa, meaning dead on arrival. is that what someone who has acted in self-defense does? the widow talks about how he mocked her right after her husband had been killed. he was even mocking their children. that's not the sort of thing that's helpful with the jury when you're asking the jury to accept my story, believe my account, even though there's troubling physical evidence. >> tennessee, one of these stand your ground states. a person has the right to defend themselves in their home. how does that play into this? >> they have the right to defend themselves even outside their home without retreating, right? but i don't know that it's going to be the key issue. this is a self-defense case. here the question is, was it reasonable for him to use the actions that he did because he believed that he was in imminent danger of either death or serious bodily injury? and that's the legal standard. >> okay. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> all right. all right, george to that mystery at a california high school. two football players rushed to the hospital after a game. both with brain injuries. one of them in critical condition. but there are questions this morning about how it happened. abc's kayna whitworth joins us now with the story.
7:35 am
kayna, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of questions. lara, good morning to you. and while school officials comb through game footage the sheriff's office is now involved saying they are investigating what happened both on and off the field. this morning, california police and school officials trying to solve the mystery of what caused two high school football players to both be hospitalized with sudden brain injuries after a routine game. >> thorough investigation is under way to ascertain exactly what happened including a review of game footage. and other off-field factors. >> reporter: nick brown and justin schwartz had just finished playing friday night when teammates and spectators noticed something wrong. >> he just wasn't looking right. it looks like he was exhausted. >> reporter: within minutes the two teens losing consciousness and collapsing both rushed to local hospitals. schwartz treated for a concussion and nerve injury before being released saturday. but brown, still hospitalized in
7:36 am
critical condition, after undergoing emergency brain surgery friday night. his family telling abc news, he suffered a high-impact blow to the head that caused a subdural brain bleed. >> if a blow to the head is traumatic enough, it can cause blood. and that blood can collect and cause layers in the head. >> reporter: authorities now investigating whether reports of drug use among players particularly the prescription drug adderall, used to treat adhd, may have played a role. >> the rumor we heard about was adderall. that would be the primary focus. >> reporter: officials arresting a 17-year-old fellow student monday for allegedly selling the drug to classmates. though they say so far they have not connected the suspect to the injuries that brown and schwartz suffered. and as authorities search for answers, the teens' classmates simply hoping for their recovery. >> it's scary because it's like you don't expect that to happen but when it really does it's like -- it hits you. >> reporter: a neurologist we spoke to said there's no clear relationship between adderall
7:37 am
and developing blood around your brain after a hit. but this investigation continues. and george and lara, we want to pass along to you that nick's family is saying he is responding to some stimuli. >> that is some good news. okay, kayna, thanks very much. coming up, caught on camera, take a look at these close calls as kids try to board the school bus. the alarming new research showing instances like this are on the rise and new ways towns are trying to stop these drivers in their tracks. ♪ and you and me. ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ and you for me. ♪ so happy together! now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ discover lots of ways to earn points fast and join for free at ♪ ♪
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we are back now with a wakeup call for parents about school bus safety. new studies show a startling number of automobile drivers just ignore the rules when driving near school buses, putting children's lives at risk. abc's gio benitez has more on that from the bronx. gio, good morning. >> reporter: lara, good morning. school buses have these flashing stop signs that just come out. but for some reason, tens of thousands of drivers just keep
7:42 am
going. and no doubt the videos are scary. watch as this suv in washington state nearly hits three girls about to board a bus. you can see the girls step out but jump back as the suv crosses just inches from them. the terrifying near-miss was captured by a school bus camera. in this video from west virginia, a school bus stops, puts out the stop arm, and not one, but two cars race by. the bus driver honks. and as the boy starts to cross, a third car nearly hits him. [ horn honking ] newly released numbers showing that in just one day, maryland bus drivers reported that vehicles illegally passed them 2,796 times. and 83 of those times they were passed on the right side, where children get on and off the bus. >> think about it. if the children are waiting at their stop, getting ready to get on the bus, cars are disregarding the red lights and driving down the right side.
7:43 am
that is just a major safety issue. >> reporter: it's not just maryland. 26 states counted illegal passings on the right. and while participation varied state by state, all reported troubling numbers. and these violations can be deadly. according to the national association of state directors of pupil transportation services, on average ten students are killed per year by drivers illegally passing school buses. >> i think folks particularly that time of day in the morning are trying to get somewhere and just aren't paying the sort of attention they should. >> reporter: in most states when drivers see the stop sign, by law they must stop on both sides of the school bus within 25 feet of the stop sign. one bus manufacturer ic bus installing additional strobe lights on buses, a customization that other school districts can request. and a pilot program in north carolina installing extended stop signs like this one which is six feet across hoping to
7:44 am
prevent scary misses. and this morning, a possible solution. take a look. we put a camera under that stop sign. this is law in 11 states, where authorities will catch you on camera if you don't stop for that bus. it'll record your license plates both on the front and the back of your car so you'll be getting a ticket in the mail, lara. >> all right, gio, thanks. let's hope it works. coming up on "gma," an abc news exclusive. a husband and wife's incredible survival story. what they did when their plane went down that saved their lives. a number. auto insurance policy has but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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7:48 am
we are back now with that florida couple who survived a fiery plane crash in the everglades thanks to the husband's quick thinking. this morning they're speaking out about their terrifying ordeal. david wright has the abc news exclusive. >> reporter: this morning, a survival story straight out of the movies. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> we have an airplane that's going down currently in coral springs near the sawgrass highway. >> how many souls are on board? >> two souls on board. >> reporter: husband and wife ken and sonia mckenzie were flying off to see their daughter in virginia when their single-engine plane experienced mechanical issues. >> as soon as we landed, there
7:49 am
were flames and he reached back for me. and we clambered over the rocks. >> i was shocked at being inside a fireball. >> reporter: he's a former pilot for the canadian military. the former chief operating officer for spirit airlines. he now works for airbus. and he knew just what to do. >> his actions, totally heroic. >> reporter: holding his wife's hand every step of the way. >> and he said get into the canal. >> we found ourselves in the canal, which is good because we were in a lot of pain, and sonia said, don't you think there's alligators in here? >> reporter: luckily, no, not at that moment. >> it is a miracle he's here. >> reporter: the doctors say mckenzie, who spoke with us from his hospital bed, was badly burned but will make a full recovery. sonia told us she has a solo flying lesson scheduled for next week and she does plan to be there. despite the crash that had her husband celebrating his 53rd birthday in the hospital. >> the only thing that i keep reflecting upon is what would have happened had i not gotten sonia out. that's the piece i keep going over and over in my head. it's -- >> reporter: it's a birthday
7:50 am
this family will never forget. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> they are dedicated flyers. >> wow. absolutely. so glad they're okay. >> mm-hmm. when we come back at the top of the hour, the latest on the pope's surprise message affecting so many women. and the teen who sang for him. we're going to talk to her live just ahead. [ singing in spanish ] here's a great "improve this" tip from lowe's. all it takes is a little tape to help you put up a perfectly even shelf. just measure the distance between the holes. place it on the wall. in go the screws. and there you go. a perfect shelf. go to on yahoo! to see more. ere you go. a perfect shelf. go to on yahoo! to see more. pick small. if you need , if you need more, go with extra large-- a whopping 12 gigs for $80 a month plus $20 per phone. pick a size. change it up anytime.
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7:54 am
to make it through the cape verde islands. look at some of the damage there. you can see the wind blown -- these are islands that don't get a ton of rain. so to have an actual hurricane come on through can be very disruptive. now it has died out, fred is the name. going to keep dying as it goes to the atlantic. ahead on "gma," the 12-year-old girl who helped police nab a burglar breaking into her home. and all this weather bro now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better. ♪ ♪
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good morning, i'm eric thomas. first up, a check of the weather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much. good morning, everybody. you can see the hazy sunshine on sutro tower. we'll have temperatures a little bit cooler today. 60s along the coast, 70s and the bay, even into the south bay and 80s in the north bay and east bay. it only gets cooler the next couple of days and the winds will be even faster. but look at the holiday weekend. summer is back. mike, you see how traffic is here at the golden gate bridge. that's because of an accident, we've got lanes blocked and possible injuries involved. southbound highway 101, 7 miles per hour is your top speed so you've looking at heavy delays right through sausalito. coming up on "good morning america" how to make thousands selling your clothes without leaving your house. that's next on "good morning america."
7:57 am
we'll have another news update from about a half hour.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> a terrifying moment for a 12-year-old girl as a home invader tries to break down the door. >> i'm upstairs in the closet and trying to hide and i don't know what to do. >> how she helped police nab the suspect right away. ♪ the best day of my life and the pope with a huge headline this morning for women. what the vatican's announcement means and more from that moving moment from the pope when he told an american teenager -- >> be courageous. >> the delight and surprise as she sang. we'll talk to her live this morning. ♪ never been in love before secret cash stash. could money be hiding in your closet? >> last month i had $18,000 in sales. >> how you can turn your old clothes into big bucks. becky worley shows you how.
8:01 am
♪ beauty in the world all that and miss america and the contenders vying for her crown live as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] how's that for a lineup in times square this morning? miss america, all the contestants competing for the crown this year, all here this morning right here in times square. >> 53 beautiful ladies with us live. and also coming up this morning, so many apps, so many people using apps to monitor their health. how well do they really work? the ftc is cracking down now. and we have an eye-opening investigation on this coming up. >> amy's heartbeat is going up because she had to get over to the desk for the morning rundown. has that now. >> good morning, guys. the big story this morning a surprise message from -- about abortion from pope francis as he prepares for his visit to america. the pope says he will allow priests to absolve women who have had abortions if women ask for forgiveness during the
8:02 am
upcoming holy year. until now abortion was considered a grave sin and forgiveness typically could be granted only by a top diocese official. the pope says he is well aware of the pressure that leads women to make that decision. new worries on wall street. the dow plunging more than 300 points in early trading today. investors concerned about a manufacturing slowdown in china. tens of thousands of people have lost power after a storm brought flooding rains and 65-mile-per-hour winds to the phoenix area. stranding drivers, the storm even damaged a terminal at the airport. delaying flights there. well, the state department has released another 7,000 pages of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. among them are 125 e-mails now deemed classified. they are heavily redacted. clinton's campaign insists she never used her personal server for e-mails that were considered classified at the time. well, a quick-thinking
8:03 am
12-year-old helped police catch a man would tried to break into her house and her neighbor's while she was home alone. she used her phone to capture this video of the man as he went house to house in a massachusetts neighborhood trying to break in. he was tugging on her door when she called 911. she stayed calm, hiding in the closet while giving police a precise description of the suspect. >> what is your emergency? >> i'm upstairs in the closet and i'm trying to hide. and i don't know what to do. he's wearing a red auburn t-shirt and he's wearing a hat and has a rag in his back pocket. he's like trying to get in everywhere. >> i'd say she knew exactly what to do. police arrested the suspect a short time later. one of the most powerful ceos in america has announced she's pregnant with twins. yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer says she's planning to take only a quote limited amount of time off from work. she was scrutinized for taking just two weeks off when her son was born.
8:04 am
critics claiming she was setting unrealistic goals for women. finally, just two little ones monkeying around. take a look. this little boy, his name is isaiah making friends with a 2-year-old gorilla. look at that at the columbus zoo. didn't take long for them to start a game of peekaboo. they carried on like that, back and forth, back and forth, for five minutes until they finally just got tired. you see anything like that when you were there? >> no, i wish i had. >> lara was just there with her kids. >> everybody, go to the columbus zoo. it is the greatest and jack hanna, of course, a member of our "gma" family. but that was adorable. >> a fun playdate. coming up, a lot more of the teen who dazzled the pope, singing for him. [ singing in spanish ] >> also opening up about her struggles with bullying, standing by now. and joins us live in just a minute. ♪ things you never, never knew before. ♪ ♪ like "i" before "e", except after "c". ♪
8:05 am
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8:10 am
in just a moment. but first, let's go to tom llamas who was in the room. it was a remarkable moment, tom? >> reporter: it was an amazing moment. the only advice i gave this young woman before we started our conversation with pope francis was be yourself. she's petite as you could see, soft-spoken and was very nervous. but you never really know what's inside someone until you see a moment like this. >> valerie, may i ask of you to sing a song for me? >> reporter: 17-year-old valerie herrera could not believe it, pope francis asking her to sing for him just speaking to his holiness, emotional enough for this teenager. >> you got this. >> be courageous. [ applause ] >> reporter: just sing a couple bars. >> okay. >> reporter: it didn't happen right away. but then she raised the mike up and magic. [ singing in spanish ]
8:11 am
>> reporter: the pope, and her classmates, erupting in cheers. i was with valerie at that moment. she and her classmates at chicago's cristo rey high school selected by the vatican to be part of this virtual audience with news, valerie selected by us for her courage in overcoming a skin disorder called vitiligo. >> i was picked on. i was bullied. because how i looked like. >> reporter: valerie turned to music which gave her confidence. >> music has always been something i was able to use to escape all the bullying and everything that was going around me. >> reporter: valerie asking the pope what he wants from the youth of america. pope francis telling her but also using what happened inside the chapel as an example. he asked for courage. the pope saying, it was difficult for you to take that first step to sing for me. you were excited. you didn't know what to do. but you were courageous and you
8:12 am
took the first step and you sang very beautifully. keep singing. you sing beautifully. now, the kids in that chapel were so amazing. her classmates did not stop cheering afterwards. hugs and so happy to be part of that virtual audience with the pope. from his reaction, i think his holiness could feel their energy. >> and right now, valerie herrera joins us from chicago. are you still over the moon? >> good morning. >> so how did it feel to have the pope ask you to sing? >> well, i didn't expect it to happen, so it -- so it just happened and so i really couldn't say no. [ laughter ] >> very good answer, valerie. i want to ask you about the song that you chose. >> yes. >> i'm sorry, valerie. this is lara. i just wanted to ask you about
8:13 am
the song you chose. it's called "by you, mary." does it have a special meaning to you? >> yeah, so since i was in the choir with my mom, since i was like a really little girl, it was one of the first songs that -- well, my mom taught me. and so it was just like the first song and kind of popped in my head and so it was just like i guess one that just stuck with me through my childhood and everything. >> valerie, i know that you paused. you hesitated before you started singing. and the pope said to you, pope francis said, be courageous. where did you find that courage? how were you courageous? did you say anything to yourself? what went through your mind at that moment? >> well, so at first i had like no clue how to start it off. i couldn't remember the first words. but then i looked back to my mom
8:14 am
because she was sitting in the crowd and i was like, okay, she's here. and i can do it. and then, so, it's like, i guess she -- just looking at her gave me the courage. >> valerie, when did you find out that you were going to get to talk to the pope and what was going through your mind when you found out? >> well, i found out that same morning like 40 minutes before, i think. >> wow. >> so, yeah, they just told me to be there early because there was going to be a meeting and they wanted me to be there to ask questions and so i was like, okay, no big deal. but then they told me, oh, you're going to be talking to the pope. and i was like, what? really? i just -- i thought they were joking. but then, i guess it was the real deal. >> the real deal, all right. you were so honest in saying that singing has been sort of an escape for you from dealing with things like bullying.
8:15 am
now i want to know the reaction from your classmates now that you got to sing for the pope. >> yeah, so everyone just told me -- well, the classmates that were there that they knew, they would send me messages or they'd just text me and say, oh, my gosh, you did beautifully. you did such a great job and it was like, we're so proud of you. i knew you could do it and so it was just a really good experience. >> well, they were absolutely right. you did beautifully, congratulations, valerie. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> and, of course, there's going to be much more with the pope on "world news" and special edition of "20/20" friday at 10:00 eastern. >> a life-changing moment. >> that's great. >> and for so many who were able to hear pope francis. coming up next, "gma investigates." medical apps that claim they can help you analyze symptoms. the ftc is now taking action concerned about some of the claims being made. and abc's mara schiavocampo has more.
8:16 am
>> reporter: worried about a suspicious mole after your exposure to sun this summer? it turns out there's an app for that. >> i thought, oh, my gosh, well i'm going to try this. >> reporter: julie gave mole detective a shot. the app told users to upload a photo along with other information to help see if you might have a suspicious mole. then if the app returned a green light it claimed melanoma risk was low, red was high. julie's husband died of melanoma so her family is on high alert for the disease. she says she tried the app on her daughter lily's arm. >> it came back red. >> reporter: but a visit to the dermatologist showed lily was fine. she says mole detective gave her a false positive. >> i just became very concerned about this app being available on the market. >> reporter: so was the federal trade commission. it recently sued the marketers of mole detective and another app called melapp, accusing them
8:17 am
of making deceptive claims regarding melanoma detection. both companies settled the suit without admitting wrongdoing and agreed not to make deceptive claims in the future. >> we were not given evidence showing that those apps were accurate in any way. >> reporter: with thousands of medical apps on the market and new ones popping up all the time, the ftc says it's keeping a close eye on this market. dermatologist laura ferris of the university of pittsburgh medical center conducted a study on the accuracy of several apps for melanoma detection. >> thee of these apps were automated. they gave back an answer right away. >> reporter: the best one missed 30% of melanomas, the worst one missed 93%. while the apps say they're for educational purposes only, ferris is concerned customers could rely on that. >> you shouldn't trust diagnosis of cancer to something like an app that doesn't have data to back it up. >> reporter: as for mole detective, its representatives told "gma investigates" that the company settled because litigation was too costly and the ftc's claims were unfounded. the marketer for melapp could
8:18 am
not be reached for comment. both apps included disclaimers advising users to see a physician for any concerns and for regular checkups. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to mara for that. and both the mole detective and melapp are no longer available. if you have a mole that you're uncertain about or you have a family member that has had melanoma, you should absolutely have your skin checked once a year by a physician. >> yes. very good advice. all right, turning now to our series calling it the secret cash stash and this morning we're revealing how to make quick and easy money online. our becky worley met with one mom who learned how to make thousands a month by shopping her closet. becky, do explain. >> reporter: good morning, lara. i will. we've all got something that we could sell online. but what if you could use your phone and an app to turn that stuff into a full-fledged business? shawna is a stay-at-home mom
8:19 am
making a killing on used clothing. >> last month i had $18,000 in sales. >> reporter: $18,000 in sales? >> yeah. >> reporter: how big is your closet? she finds cute items at local consignment stores, garage sales, evand loads it on to poshmark. apps like this offer a social way to buy and sell. followers favorite your closet and comment on your shoes, your dresses, they even attend virtual purse parties. >> you know the worth of your item. you can convey that to your customers and say, this is how it fits. this is what i wear it with. >> reporter: shawna isn't alone. on tradez, this woman made 150 grand last year. this woman, 117,000. on threadflip this woman made 56,000. the online consignment industry is growing fast. poshmark users upload $2 million of items every day from their phones. that works out to an entire
8:20 am
department store of clothing being listed and sold each week, all in one app. so how can you become a power seller? tip one, you have to be social. >> just text right back and forth and it just really makes the sales a lot easier. >> reporter: next she says she's a brand. >> i think i'm selling stuff that i actually would wear. >> reporter: she thinks of herself as a boho boutique and her followers come to her looking for that particular style. for this stay-at-home mom, finding the balance between family and financial security is all about fashion and her phone. >> some really good tips there and becky worley has more for us so let's talk about selling stuff online. some are better at it than others. i tried to do it with not a lot of success. what do we need to know? >> you have to think of yourself as the brand. >> i love that line because you want to buy stuff and sell stuff that you actually believe in. you don't want to be all over the map. >> and emotionally connect. how you take the photo is like staging the front door of your store.
8:21 am
this is our don't. janky. dry cleaner's hanger. it's hanging flat. you can't see this. now over here is our do. you have a form, a model form or a mannequin. these can be pretty inexpensive. 50 bucks and see the shape of the dress and its style. may not be selling the hat and necklace wit, but it conveys the emotion of your brand. >> would you ever want to pose in the clothes yourself? or no? >> generally no. because it detracts from what you're doing there. >> all right. that's good advice. you were saying -- i asked you about backgrounds. you said it's really important not to be too flat. or too busy. >> busy, grand,ma's curtains back here, no go. you can't even see the pattern. now you've got over here against something that's really neutral. and you can see the lighting. this is front lighting. you can do that really easily. either by bringing a lighting in. >> boy, this is like a whole "cosmo" shoot going on here. >> i'm telling you, you're the brand, babe. you're the brand. >> be the brand, people. make some money. she made a lot of money. >> she did. >> great tips and enabled her to stay at home and have more time with her family.
8:22 am
>> that's right. >> becky worley, we love it. it's the "secret cash stash." more from you but outside to ginger. >> good morning. such a lovely crowd on this warm and muggy morning in new york city. we want to check in in texas. look what happened. brownsville, texas, had close to a half foot of rain. flash flooding. sure, lots of pictures like that and that low pressure system is moving north. houston about to get it, all that moisture pooling on in. 93 for shreveport and an air quality alert in case anybody has asthma problems down through . hello, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. new month, new pattern. cool breezes coming in today bringing us a gray sky and patchy drizzle the next couple of nights but summer will make one last stand during the holiday weekend. we'll have 60s along the coast, 70s around the bay into the south bay and 80s inland. tonight you can see the cloud cover more extensive but still mild, mid-50s to around 60
8:23 am
degrees. my accuweather seven-day forecast, coolest tomorrow and thursday. a >> everybody, i can't wait till you get out here. because a quick look. we've got so many gorgeous women. some taking a break from the heels. i totally get it. i'll be in for "pop" in a moment. >> come on in, ginger. we have a good "pop news" ahead. it was an awesome monday. u.s. open tennis. it was a little strange but at least tennis got going and monday did mark the start of the u.s. open. and boy, oh, boy, was it ever a star-studded event. singer josh groban headlining the opening ceremony. celebrities like alec baldwin, anna wintour, martha stewart, amanda seyfried. and many more arriving at the billie jean king tennis center to take in the action. tons of action on the court. serena and venus williams, novak djokovic all aced their first rounds and the tournament sure to serve up more where that came from. and we actually got some tennis news of our own right here this
8:24 am
morning. our very own lara is getting inducted onto the board of the international tennis hall of fame this evening. [ applause ] >> wow. >> all right. >> i think it's just because i really love the sport and i will be a good sort of spokesperson and cheerleader for it. it has nothing to do with my ability. >> it's going to be a lot of fun for you. >> it will. i really do love this sport. it's so great for kids. and so, thank you. and more to come on that. >> are you a serve and volleyer or a baseline player? >> a serve and volleyer. get there and crush. >> drop shots on the way. >> absolutely. whatever it takes. >> i respect your game, lara. well, we're closing in on the end of the summer. for "pitch perfect" star anna kendrick, that means time for a little closet recalibration in a live tweeting edition. she documented her experience with the #organizingday. tweeting this, for example, quick question, why are h&m hangers the best? both shirt and pant. can i buy them? she also tweeted later why do you have a blue pixie-cut wig? because it was $25 and i had $25. >> i understand that.
8:25 am
>> no easy task. a few hours in she mentioned that stray bobby pins were, in fact, her everest. >> hard to pick up. >> i have that same problem. >> george, me too. it gets you every time and the blue wigs also. george, you know what i'm saying? why did we spend that 25 bucks? >> he participated and then you pushed it too far. >> reel it back in. reel it back in. very good. well, guys, it's officially september. and so many kids now heading back to school. in addition to math and spelling, there's the all-important subject of school lunch. the website decided to put americans to the test trying lunches from around the world. >> oh, man. >> oh, wow. >> that is not on my list today. bye-bye. you're off my list. >> do i have to? >> yeah. >> i have to, great. it's the real story of my life.
8:26 am
>> a bunch of carrots filled with raisins. no, thank you. >> really have to expand your palate early. these kids got the chance to do that. they were getting a chance to try lunches from sweden, france, kenya. >> it is good -- >> interestingly enough, the ones they like the most, kenya and afghanistan. >> really? >> wow. >> that's interesting. >> it is very, very interesting. >> thank you, jesse. >> guys, it is my pleasure. >> it is our pleasure. coming up we have some extreme engagement photos. new way couples are showing their love. miss america, all of this year's contestants going for the crown. they are all with us live. something tells me jesse will be outside in moments. ♪ so much beauty in the world
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. let's check out your forecast to start with meteorologist mike nicco. in the south bay police are investigating a homicide in east san jose. officers found a man suffering from a stab wound around 10:00 last night. he died at the scene. the victim's name will be released once family is notified. police have made no arrests. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. trafficwise, how's the commute? >> look at the golden gate bridge, traffic back to normal as you head out of marin into san francisco. you can see more of a flood of cars as they leave the north bay heading into san francisco. we had an earlier crash near waldo tunnel that has cleared. there's a brand new accident near broadway on the northbound side of 101. good things are worth waiting for so wait ju
8:28 am
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he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. we're back. thanks for sticking around. let's start with the current conditions, most of us in our low to mid-60s. a few 50s hanging around in the north bay valleys like novato 59, santa rosa 57. going to the game this evening, 7:05 first pitch, 67, dropping down to 63. we'll start with sunshine, end up with a lot of cloud cover. we'll stretch from 67 at half moon bay to about 87 in antioch. not nearly as warm as yesterday.
8:30 am
in fact day two of september and day three, wednesday, thursday, will be our coolest and breeziest, but i do h welcome back to "gma." we are here with miss america and the 52 women vying for the crown this year. big day here on "gma." >> so good to see you all. >> i know you. i was there last year when you were crowned. i was there. so nice to see you again. can't wait to talk to all of you ladies. improve this! and this morning how to get the most out of super small spaces in your home. simple things like this. what does this molding mean to you? i will explain coming up, george. >> that's a good tease. right now we've seen these over-the-top proposals for weddings and now there's a new twist, couples going all out for their engagement photo shoots with all kinds of unique and creative portraits. here's reena ninan with the story we first saw in "the new york post." ♪
8:31 am
>> reporter: first comes love, then comes -- killer zombies? "the walking dead" lurching into this exploding modern love trend grabbing engagement photos that put the focus on a couple's interests, whatever they may be. instead of the traditional romantic snaps you might be used to. >> anything from zombie engagement shoots if you are a "walking dead" fan or incorporating "star trek" into your photos or incorporating where you had your first date, how you met. >> reporter: like movie fanatic alec wells and katherine kanipe. >> woo! >> reporter: they followed up their viral halloween theme proposal video with an epic back to the future engagement shoot. >> let's go. >> reporter: recreating the iconic film's movie poster down to the smallest detail. >> the proposal was done in the style of katherine's favorite
8:32 am
movie so why not do our engagement photo in the style of my favorite movie, "back to the future." >> reporter: couples drawing inspiration from everywhere not just hollywood. one featuring twinkies and take-out. another showcasing competing interests and don't forget the social media factor, the more eye catching the photos, the more likes online. >> it's the age of social media. facebook, twitter, instagram, you want to showcase that you're fun and playful and have a personality so this is a great way to do that. >> reporter: as for alec an katherine they're already brainstorming for that upcoming wedding shots. >> it only seems appropriate that for our wedding we finish this off with some sort of epic conclusion. >> it's a lot of pressure, though. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> and thanks to reena for that. now we are joined by a new couple to she's how it's done. charlotte lot gorski and mike bielecki from new york. you'll do the photo shoot. when did you get engaged. >> on december 21st with i is
8:33 am
mike's birthday. >> and the wedding? >> july 2nd, 2016. >> so you have a little bit of time to prepare. what is that appeals to you about the idea of an extreme photo. >> we're planning on only being engaged once so wanted a fun and unique experience to celebrate. >> for me i just kind of go with the flow. all things wedding, i don't want her to be mad with me. >> there is an honest man right. this is your idea. you love it and he's going, okay. you're ready. we have all 52 contestants this year and miss america for your photo. you guys ready to get it done? >> we're excited. >> let's get it done. let's get some practice now. okay, so you guys ready to make it happen on three, three, two, one. cheese. >> all right. that is perfect. played along wit. fantastic.
8:34 am
thank you. that was great. now we'll go over to lara. >> that is fantastic. thank you, george. switching gears, time to yahoo! your day with one of the first things many men notice about women, their eyes. for a dramatic look, the more mascara the better some say and abc's mara schiavocampo gets a lesson in taking mascara to the max. ♪ yahoo >> reporter: it's the key to making your eyelashes pop perfectly and stay curled for the long haul. a sultry stare perfected by hollywood a-lister like kerry washington. why is mascara important? >> it's so important because as we get older our lashes fade away and when it comes to paddington i say go for the blackest of black and for women that love a lot of lashes, layer a couple formulas of mascara up to four coats. >> reporter: bobbi brown editor in chief of "yahoo beauty" is taking us back to basics. >> start with the curl ler.
8:35 am
gently clamp and hold it and just lift your hand a little bit. see at the very tip there's always a little bit extra, take it off. that's how you get spikes. never apply it to the top only apply it underneath. what you want to do is get every little lash, i'm separating it as i'm applying it. the first coat is really just enough to add definition. now i will do the second coat and then if you want to add another formula, you can do that. this is a formula that is more thickening than lengthening but don't be afraid of three coats because they're not clumpy. the bigger brush will make your lashes look thicker and the smaller brushes will make sure it gets every little lash and you let it dry and then just use the small wand for the bottom. you don't want too much and then last when the lashes are almost done, you gently bend it up and hold it and voila, instant curl. >> wow, that works fantastic. >> really simple. >> reporter: the perfect tips to keep you turning heads with a truly long lash and voluminous
8:36 am
gaze. open those eyes right up. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> mascara 101. thank you, mara. out to ginger. >> oh, so many great signs and so many great faces out here. i wanted to show you this sign. the ladies are excited to be here from texas. thank you for coming. all right. so let's get to some forecast for you. how about the pacific northwest? we have not been able to talk about you since the weekend. this cold front going to be a whole lot less damaging and certainly going to bring showers and it will feel chilly even with the rain. all right. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. it's going to be breezy today and a little cooler with some clouds at the coast. my accuweather seven-day forecast, coolest tomorrow and thursday but much warmer for the holiday weekend. >> and all that weather brought to you by volkswagen. i have a sash.
8:37 am
i just have to get it right. >> it's backwards. >> i'm not made for this. okay. >> it's okay. >> it says good morning, america. looking good and we are here with all 52 women who want to be the next miss america. they are representing the 50 states, washington, d.c. and puerto rico. among them two valedictorian, eight national honor society members and 30 dean's listers and have the reigning miss america here with us, kira kazantsev and you said it rips with expansive. >> it does. >> what's the most important part of your reign. >> a year of service and the most rewarding parts come from that service aspect so serving as a national goodwill ambassador for children's miracle hospitals and love shouldn't hurt, protecting women against domestic violence and partnered with an organization here in new york and we've created a campaign that says put your nail in it and raising awareness about domestic
8:38 am
violence and traveled abroad with the uso and vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and visited our troops abroad. it's been a wonderful year? quite a year and i'm sure it's bittersweet as it comes to an end but when the crown comes off what are you most excited about getting back to regular life. >> nap time. i'm going to sleep for awhile. i'm in a different city every two days and travel 20,000 miles a month and excited to have my own schedule and do things for kira and go back on that next chapter of my life. bittersweet. >> these women behind you are vying to wear that crown this year. what advice could you give them that you wish someone had given you last year. >> i know the crown will be in excellent hands no matter what happens but, you know, even just in life it's important to remember tomorrow is another day. no matter the challenges that you have today you will be able to make it through the day and make it through tomorrow. that's what i've always kept in mind and helped me get through my year as miss america. as challenging as it is it is the most wonderful experience in
8:39 am
life. >> exactly. very good advicement so we've heard a lot of beauty secrets that miss america contestants may or may not use. some of them are true. some of them are false. we're calling them myth america. >> myth america. >> so we're going to break the myths in the miss america contest. we're going to throw out something that we've heard about miss america beauty tricks. tell us if it's true or false and ginger and i will start with questions. >> i've heard this a lot. i'm curious. to get the perfect smile you have to carry around vaseline? >> true or false? >> i would say false. >> i see a true. >> one true. one true? >> majority rules. >> since i was 5 years old in dance competition and theater productions we always use vasselin. it's sitting in my hotel room right now ready for miss america. >> we got one. >> all right. >> speaking of -- wd-40 which
8:40 am
some use to clean bicycle chains can also be used to keep evening gowns from straying or sticking. true or false? >> false. >> you don't want that on your evening gown. at least i don't. we don't want to mess it up with that. >> wow. should we do one more? okay. quick i, spray glue is used to keep your swimsuit bottoms in place? >> true. >> no. >> stop it all from riding up. keep it all in place. >> i like this one. sometimes they wash their hair up to three times a day before the big night, true or false? >> false. >> you want it to have some stuff in there so you can get that tease going. >> lots of hair spray. thank you all and best of luck to all of you. the miss america 2016 will be on sunday, september 13th on abc. kira, thanks for representing. wonderful miss america. >> coming up next year, we have solutions for super small spaces from your close ♪
8:41 am
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♪ ooh-la-la a very special new edition of improve this! sponsored by lowe's and try to maximize the potential of small spaces with "gma's" super small space solutions, joinings diy, i spy diy jenni radosevich and start with a question from a viewer
8:44 am
and this one comes from dee in virginia. take a look. >> hi, i'm dee hutchison from sterling, virginia, my question is about the workspace. since my husband keeps his computer in our bedroom to do work and the kids use it for homework, how is it possible to keep a workspace without keeping the desk. >> yeah, that's a good one, dee. thanks for asking. we do have a savvy solution for you. shall we reveal it? boys, step away. so don't cut corners. it's a corner office. jenni, tell us how you did it. >> i love finding spaces that you're not using in your apartment or house. this corner is perfect and instead of having a bulky desk we just mounted a floating shelf right there and that's a great place to put your computer and kind of set up a little area and then i always say when you have a small space go vertical. >> look up. >> we included more floating shelves right here and those are so easy to do. >> you can make them or also buy
8:45 am
them at places like lowe's. they sell floating shells, "l" bracket and i love what you did with cork board. those are not fabric but cork board. you can cut them into any shape you want. >> want to add a pop of color or pattern to pull it together. cut it, wrap it in fabric and put flew on it and stick it to your walls. these are command hooks and great for dorm rooms. you can pull them off. they don't damage the walls? these are literally baskets with wire on them and then suddenly you have what would be put in your drawers, a desk, you have a spot for that, as well. >> all right. so we do have another viewer question. this one comes from london in utah, take a look. >> hey, good morning, america. my name is bernie, i'm from provo, uta. i want to know how to maximize my space so i can fit my doughnut shirt in my closet. >> all right. so let's hear what jenni came
8:46 am
up. boys, take it away. >> all right. so tell me how you did this. >> i love adding industrial touches so this is just -- this is just a pipe we got from lowe's and you can mount it on the wall, so simple and hang your favorite clothes right there. >> and cut it to the size of the corner and they'll cut it for you. >> perfect for anyone who doesn't have a closet. stack a couple and show off your doughnut t-shirts. >> exactly, london. we have this for you. we also made these. these are sort of cute honeycomb baskets along the same idea as the basket we hung on the wall and we have instructions for you guys on how to make them online. really cool and also some other tips on our website and i love this idea. you can buy this molding from stores. i always think of it around the top. you can bring it down and this is great because then you can get your shoes often the floor and mine are always in a pile so this way you can show them off and look amazing. >> jenni, i always love your tips. hopefully you will too. find out more about these
8:47 am
projects by going to our website, on yahoo! and jenni, where can people find your tips. >> all on >> coming up rising country star cam performing live next. ♪ been wandering all night ♪ "gma's" woman: when a student understands a concept for the first time. man: when the students get it. man: their eyes get big, the lightbulb pops on. woman: "i got it, i think i got it!" they light up. it's like magic. woman: this is not just a job. woman: the rewards i get are... priceless. man: we help kids grow, and that's part of the rush of teaching. narrator: the california teachers association.
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about to meet nashville's next breakout star. her name is cam. her new album is called "welcome to cam country." this is her television debut, first time on "gma." please welcome cam with "burning house." ♪ ♪ ♪ i had a dream about a burning
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tight in this burning house ♪ ♪ i see you at a party and you look the same i could take you back but people don't ever change ♪ ♪ i wish that we could go back in time and i'd be the one you thought you'd find ♪ ♪ love isn't all that it seems i did you wrong i'll stay here with you until this dream is gone ♪ ♪ i've been sleepwalking been wandering all night trying to take what's lost and broken and make it right ♪ ♪ i've been sleepwalking too
8:52 am
close to the fire but it's the only place that i can hold you tight in this burning house ♪ ♪ the flames are getting bigger now in this burning house ♪ ♪ i can hold on to you somehow in this burning house ♪ ♪ oh and i don't wanna wake up in this burning house ♪ ♪ i've been sleepwalking been wandering all night trying to take what's lost and broken and make it right ♪ ♪ i've been sleepwalking too close to the fire but it's the only place that i can hold you
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tight in this burning house ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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8:56 am
congratulation, charlotte and mike, a moment they will never forget. love that moment. >> posing with all the miss america contestants. hey, everybody, have a great tuesday. >> whoo-hoo! yeah. all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience.
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. let's check out your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. kind of cool, mike. >> definitely cooler than yesterday. good morning action everybody. and the start of the new month means the start of a new weather pattern that will bring us 60s along the coast, 70s around the bay into the south bay and 80s across the north bay and inland east bay. if you're going to the game this evening, not too bad. we'll start at 67 and drop down to 63. we'll keep falling into the mid-50s to low 60s tonight with cloud cover and even patchy drizzle near the coast. my accuweather seven-day forecast, a little breezy this afternoon but faster breezes tomorrow and thursday. it's going to be summer warm for the weekend. in san jose we've got a multiple vehicle crash blocking lanes northbound side of 680 right at berryessa road and we've got slowing to show for it. you can see the delays as you pull in the northbound direction coming away from 280. 101 also a bit of a jam. if you can, use 880 as an
9:00 am
alternate route.quick look righn mateo bridge and it is announcer: it's "live with kelly & michael"! today from "ant-man," actor michael douglas. and ryan seacrest reveals some secrets you don't want to miss. plus world cup soccer star carli lloyd is here. and your chance to win a luxurious caribbean vacation. but you have to tune in to win. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now here are your emmy-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. [music playing] [cheering and applause]


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