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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is "abc 7 news." >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. the family of the woman shot and killed on pier 14 visited the scene of that tragic shooting just a few moments ago after taking the first step today toward suing various local and federal agencies. you can see kate steinle's mother, father and brother on the pier there. >> steinle was shot and killed in july by an undocumented immigrant who has been deported five times. her family wants to make sure this never happens again. >> vic lee live at pier 14 now. vic? >> reporter: larry, it was a sad and very touching moment when the steinle family walked on to pier 14 just a little while ago before this live shot. we noticed from a distance with
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respect, that steinle's mother liz sullivan quietly neiled down and touched some of the flowers still on the pier. the family says the legal action they filed today was to send a message to prevent something like this from happening to other families. they received a lot of expressions of sympathy but no one so forth has stepped forward to take responsibility or accountability for what happened to their daughter. >> as she fell she said, help me, dad. >> reporter: but jim steinle could do nothing to help her. she lay dying in her father's arms. >> we're here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure the pain that my mom and dad and i. >> reporter: they took legal action against those they
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believe should be held accountable for their daughter's death. first, sheriff ross mirskarimi who released the illegal immigrant charged with shooting steinle. >> who would let a felon loose on the streets where you people are now standing. >> reporter: he ordered his deputies not to notify i.c.e. on possible detainees. >> an order that made himself the king, judge and jury and somebody who directly violated federal law. >> reporter: the second claim gaines i.c.e., the agency that's enforced immigration laws. the family claims the agency knew about mirkarimi's policies and did nothing to retrieve sanchez. the third target, the federal bureau of land management. the gun sanchez used similar to this one was stolen from a parked car. >> if that weapon wasn't there,
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if it wasn't -- if it was secured properly, this wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: both the sheriff and bureau of land management could not respond to the legal action but extended their sympathies to the steinle family. i.c.e. did not respond by our deadline. vic lee, abc 7 news. firefighters are working to put out a grass fire burning in the oakland hills. it started between rochelle drive and kim berland heights drive. sky 7 hd shows how close it came to one home there. it now appears the flames are out and firefighters are just working on a few hot spots. san francisco the fire boat was put into action today to distinguish a small fire at pier 90. fire started behind huge grain silos just off the water. crews had to drench the water several times as smoke kept coming from the base of the
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pier. it started near a cement plant. that was the closing bell on wall street. and the first day of trading in september was anything but positive. the dow nosedived once again, 469 points to 16,058. the nasdaq closed down 140 points to 4636. the cause today was an overnight report showing manufacturing in china hit a three-year low. september has typically been the worst performing month for the dow historically. time to turn onnure to weather. spencer christian is outside with what we're facing on this september 1st. >> it's a beautiful day around the bay area, particularly uplifting and invigorating. sunny skies for the most part. few wisps of high clouds. a few patch of low clouds near the coast. we have fire concerns to our east. mainly in the central sierra or
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eastern slopes where red flag warning is in effect begining tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. and continuing until tomorrow evening at 9:00 p.m. we'll watch continues there dry and windy. a live view looking over san francisco and blue skies. 69 in san francisco. oakland 74, 78. san jose, morgan hill, 75, 64 at half moon bay. lovely view looking westward from emeryville camera. a few low clouds. 84 in santa rosa. napa, 73. 82 novato. 88 at livermore. as we look at a few wisps of high clouds from the the east bay hills cam perhap low clouds and high clouds. partly cloudy with some patches of fog early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny but cooler than average with highs from 64, 65 at the coast to low 80s in the warmest inland location. the holiday weekend forecast coming up.
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right now the bay area's largest city is considering relief for a problem everybody knows too well. skyrocketing rental prices. >> they are considering new rent control to get more in line with san francisco, oakland and many other bay area cities. chris ngyuen is live with the stfr. >> good afternoon. some say that rent control will hurt responsible landlords. others believe that change is necessary and that it's the responsible thing to do. as we look at some video, this was the scene moments ago inside city council chambers as members listened to feedback from the public. we heard from a number of residents who expressed their support for changes to the rent control law. landlords who own properties with three or more units built before 1979 cannot raise their rents more than 8% a year unless they get an exemption from the city. many community leaders believe it's too much given the cost of
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living has gone up roughly 3% each year since the mid-80s. they are looking for other protections for renters. landlords are concerned if you lower the allowable rent increase it would make it tougher to pay for the maintenance and operations costs which could then lead to run down properties. back here live there will be additional public hearings in the next two months. certainly not a done deal by any means. the goal is to have a plan in place that the city counsel can vote on some time in december. we'll have much more about this on the abc 7 news at 5:00. reporting live at city hall, i'm chris ngyuen, abc 7 news. today santa clara county released a video claiming it demonstrates the safety lapses of a contractor working on valley medical center. >> a warning, the video may be tough to watch for some viewers. know that the worker involved
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somehow managed to walk away. >> maybe you should step out for a minute. >> my goodness. >> an explosion of steam blasted worker joel herrera a year ago. he was able to stand up shortly after that. he since filed for workers' comp for neck and internal problems. they received the video yesterday from an anonymous source. coming up at 5:00, david louie talks with county officials about the video and how it's one more example of ongoing problems with charter construction. uc berkeley wants to make sure you're vaccinated against measles after a cal student was diagnosed with the disease. >> if you haven't been immunized, then you can -- students can come into the student health center and get a dose of the mmr vaccine and
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other people can go to their regular health care provider and get the vaccine. >> the patient took ac transit bus 25 a to ranch market in richmond. if you were near there and haven't been immunized, be sure to watch for symptoms. a manhunt north of chicago going on. three men are on the run suspected of shooting to death a police lieutenant in lake county, illinois. officials urged residents to stay indoors. local schools were shut down as well. the fallen lieutenant road for backup while chasing the three men. officers who arrived on scene found him dead. they believe killers stole his gun and police radio. investigators near san antonio, texas, are looking at cell phone video of a deadly police shooting that appears to show a suspect with his hands up when he was shot. brandi hitt tells us more. >> reporter: an abc affiliate
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airing this shocking video. a man appears to have his hands up is shot several times and killed by two sheriffs deputies in bexar county, texas. >> he put his hands in the air and they shot him twice. >> reporter: deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call. gill berlt flores shirtless running from the home after he may have injured a woman and child inside. the sheriff's office is now blasting ksat for airing this video. they are asking for calm and patience. >> what's in the video is a cause for concern. but it's important to let the investigation go through its course. >> reporter: this pole does block the view of one of flores' arms when he's shot. >> there's another video with a better angle and better view that is very clear. >> reporter: investigators are not releasing that second video. flores once convicted of
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aggravated robbery later died at the hospital. this case is now being spotlighted by top count too officials in texas as they discuss funding for police body cameras. >> this is a problem across the united states, not just here in bexar county. >> reporter: both deputies involved have been with the department more than ten years and are on administrative leave. it could be months before this case goes to a grand jury for review. a kentucky clerk is still refusing to marry same-sex couples. still ahead, what activists are hoping will finally persuade her to follow the new law of the land. going for the gold. a decision today on whether los angeles will make a bid for the 2024 summer olympic games. the investigation into an inmate's death continues. new at 4:30, a source tells abc 7 news what happened just moments before the death. we're checking our san jose traffic. 280 the right-hand side.
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the traffic heading away from us. that's 280 southbound. a little slower than the northbound traffic on the right. peeling off to 17 south toward
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los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> somber moments in virginia as one of the victims of the fatal shooting that happened on live tv was laid to rest. friends and family said good-bye to adam ward. the 27-year-old cameraman was killed along with reporter alison parker during a live report on roanoke tv station
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wdbj. friends refuse to focus on the violent way their life ended. >> the way he's been described as an adult was the way he was at a child. he was vivacious. he was helpful. he was kind. >> virginia tech, ward's alma mater, has started a scholarship in his honor. funeral arrangements for parker are still being made. a county clerk in kentucky must issue same-sex marriage licenses despite her own religious beliefs. stephanie ramos with more on that ruling and why this defiant clerk is still refusing to issue licenses. >> reporter: will she quit or will she approve same-sex marriage licenses. kim davis stopped issuing licenses the day the supreme court legalized gay marriage. she's doing so under god's authority. >>shy would not be officiating a wedding but certifying signat e
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signatures and information you'd probably give to the dmv. now the clerk and two of her assistan ancants are refusing te any marriage license. davis was ordered to issue the same-sex marriage license by a judge. the supreme court refused to take the case. she, however, is not budging. >> i've asked you all to leave. >> i pay your salary. i'm paying you to discriminate against me. >> she's not discriminating against homosexuals. she's refused to issue marriage licenses altogether. >> reporter: to issue a marriage license which conflicts with god's definition of marriage would violate my conscience. tuesday morning protesters greeted her outside and inside the courthouse. this couple tried to get a marriage license but were told no for a fourth time. >> wie're not leaving. >> a shouting match ensued with
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davis supporters from the back room. >> stand firm! stand furm. >> reporter: davis and her entire staff have been summoned to appear in court. the aclu says they don't want davis locked up but they want the judge to impose big fines so she'll be compelled to start issuing marriage licenses again to all couples. pope francis gave bishops the right to forgive women to had a contrite abortion. the church considers abortion a serious sin. it's seen as a way to welcome more women back into the church. pope francis held a virtual visit with americans. it was moderated by david muir. it will air on "20/20" friday atton:00 on abc 7.
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i'll be traveling to washington later this month for pope francis' visit. a landmark legal settlemec will overhaul the use of solitary confinement. the settlement caps the length of time prisoners can spend in isolation. it's expected to sharply reduce the number of inmates held to isolation units. they were often kept alone for more than 22 hours a day inside cells that sometimes have no windows. the olympic committee selected los angeles as a replacement candidate to host the 2024 games. it comes a month after boston dropped out of the running. los angeles officials are confident the city will make money hosting the games. no other summer venue has done that since l.a. hosted back in
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1984. >> especially with us having so many venues in place and having less expense than i think other places would have. i think this will run a surplus and this will be a financial positive for the city. >> today's announcement came after the l.a. city council voted unanimously to give mayor garcetti the power to strike agreements for the 2024 bid. los angeles will compete with rome, paris, hamberg, germany and budapest for the rights to host the games. several big announcements from the nfl regarding media day for super bowl 50. it will be held february 1st at the shark tank, the sap center in san jose. that was expected. they're no long ee eer calling media day but opening night. it will be moved to 5:00 in the afternoon so it can be broadcast nationwide in primetime. not only that but fans can pay
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30 bucks to sit in the stands and watch media members swarm the players and their coaches. save your 30 bucks. google introduced a new logo today. it debuted this morning on its home page. it is google's own creation. the colors are softer than they used to be. it bears a resemblance to google's new parent company alphabet. let's get a check of the forecast with senpencer christi. >> lovely ten minutes ago when i last talked to you, and it still is. mainly sunny skies. thin, wispy high clouds and few patches of low clouds near the coast. let's look at our august night now that we're into september. this was on average the warmest
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august -- the average overnight low is what i'm trying to say. the warmest ever for august in san francisco. there were 15 days of record high minimums, record high overnight low temperatures. six new records and nine ties of existing records. it's been warm nighttime period in this month of august. let's talk about more warmth on the surface waters of the pacific ocean. averaging six to seven degrees above average from hawaii to california to the gulf of alaska. we're calling this the warm blob. that's not even taking into effect el nino which is the warming of equatorial pacific waters, and that pattern continues to intensify as well. warm sea surface waters across the pacific. back to home. looking at the sky.
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these are our forecasts. foggy areas tomorrow morning. cooling trend wednesday through friday. we'll see warmer conditions for the labor day holiday weekend, including monday itself, labor day. water vapor satellite image. trough of cool air dropping down from the gulf of alaska. that's going to contribute to our cooldown over the next few days. we'll warm up for the weekend. lows tonight in the upper 50s to 60. areas of fog near the coast and inland. then tomorrow look for partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies by afternoon. low and mid-60s at the coast to low and mid-70s around the bay. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. three consecutive days wednesday through friday of high temperatures a few degrees below average. it will bounce back up to near average on saturday and sunday. highs reach around 90 inland.
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monday, labor day, low 90s. nice summer-like weather and tuesday we'll see highs dropping back to more moderate or average range. larry and ama? up next the adhd pill turned party drug now in the spotlight after two california high school students were hospitalized. just how easy is it to get adderall. and new after 4:30, ripped right from the headlines, donald trump putting a sensational san francisco crime front and center in a
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investigators in el dorado county looking at what caused two high school football players to be hospitalized. they found more evidence of drug sales at the school. >> a 17-year-old was arrested for selling adderall. the connection between the arrested teen and the two injured players hasn't been established but we decided to look at just how easy it is to
4:26 pm
buy adderall. >> dave mar quist has this story. >> reporter: talk to just about anybody in their mid-20s on down and they'll tell you this -- >> it's absolutely everywhere. >> parties, concerts. >> you can get it from anywhere. >> reporter: a study says nearly one-third of college students surveyed have used adderall and other prescription stimulants. >> yeah, i've tried it. i think most people have. >> reporter: a tech worker used it in college and said it's like steroids for your brain. >> able to focus and get through stuff. it's very tempting and unfair, too, because it gives people that are taking it an edge. >> reporter: children generally get it free or buy it from kids who have prescriptions. >> i've talked about kids who have prescribed adderall medications and they're not taking them. they're selling them. >> reporter: in high school it was often used recreationally and recall one friend who once took way too much.
4:27 pm
>> he bent a metal spoon in half and ran across the street. >> kids are getting it from other kids and using way more than a prescribed dose. >> reporter: that can be dangerous. >> it's in that same category as methamphetamine. just a lower dose. >> reporter: even in high school it's very available and very cheap. >> it's available like marijuana is available, in my opinion, from what i've seen. >> reporter: kids say there are plenty of youngsters who choose to stay away. >> i think it should only be used for if you really need it. >> i don't need it, and i don't want it. >> reporter: that was dave marcus reporting. >> investigators are still reviewing whether the football players had adderall in their system before they were hospitalized on friday night. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. up next, a gun regem beling an ak-47, bulletproof vest and social media message. the possible school attack they
4:28 pm
foiled thus afternoon. first, early morning fire in the south bay that's left more than a dozen homeless. an inmate dies inside the santa clara county jail. a source close to the investigation is revealing what
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc 7 news." >> here's are the headlines
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where you live. the family of kate steinle who was shot on san francisco's pier 14 in july returned to the scene of her tragic death this afternoon after filing wrongful death claims earlier today against the sheriff and federal authorities. kate's brother said at this point nobody as taken responsibility. pope francis is making it easier for women and dros seek forgiveness for abortion by allowing all priests to forgive it. laura athney will have reaction from people who live in the bay area. new developments in the construction delays at a san jose hospital. abc 7 news reporter david louie says this shows the explosion in the dispute with turner construction on a hospital project. that worker is okay. david will have a full report at 5:00. santa clara county officials are verifying what role if any, officers played in an inmate's death last month.
4:32 pm
melanie has the details. >> reporter: the coroner's report on this inmate is not out yet and there's a media hold on it. that office has been instructed not to speak to the press about it. corrections deputies that work here at the jail also fall underneath the sheriff's office. still a sheriff's office spokesperson says their investigation into this inmate's death is not a conflict of interest. community advocates are calling for a review of the inmate's death. >> being transparent about what happened doesn't harm anybody. just keeps everybody safe. >> reporter: their investigation is under way. >> i believe our detectives have the integrity so it does not become a confluct of interest. >> reporter: last thursday, pair modics produced the inmate dead inside the jail. he says a corrections deputy found the inmate during a
4:33 pm
wellness check. >> the inmate was nonresponsive. they went in and rendered medical aid. >> reporter: sergeant jenson says while one corrections deputy initially found the inmate, three are on leave. as part of their investigation, detectives are speaking to other inmates. a source familiar with the investigation tells abc 7 news during a cell search prior to the inmate's death, another inmate reported hearing the inmate who later died screaming and saying i'm sorry followed by silence. the deceased inmate's family has requested their relative's name not be released yet. the d.a.'s office did not comment on the investigation but a spokesperson said the d.a. office reviews inmate deaths once an investigation is complete. at that time the office makes a determination about criminal
4:34 pm
culpability. the red cross is helping a south bay family find a place to stay after a garage fire damaged their home. it broke out in east san jose around 5:15 this morning. 13 people have been displaced, including a 5-year-old boy. investigators believe the an electrical problem may have sparked the gwire. lena tran says her uncle woke her up when he noticed something was wrong. >> he was running around our house screaming. i smelled smoke and heard the smoke detector go off. i just immediately went and woke my sister up. i didn't grab anything at all. not even my cell phone. >> it's the second time in four years her family has been impacted by a fire. in 2011, some of their cars were destroyed in a fire outside that same house. police in fresno say they averted what might have been a
4:35 pm
school shooting after a student posted threats on instagram. they cancelled classes today because of the threat. police traced the post to a 15-year-old student. when police showed upat the boy's home they found an air soft gun, rifle and ammo. the student is undergoing an investigation. newly released e-mails from secretary clinton reveal personal and private details. will that impact her campaign. >> reporter: the hillary clinton e-mail saga continues. this being the largest e-mail release yet. 4,000 released overnight by the state department. more than 100 now marked classified. those pages are not public because of its sensitive content. the e-mails cover serious topics like details from a meeting with
4:36 pm
benjamin netanyahu. the pages show us a glimpse of a real person where clinton asked her aides for unique articles to read. she's pumped to get an ipad but needs a tutorial on how to use it. also notes from chelsea. she maintains she never used her personal server. these e-mails were not deemed classified when they were sent. the e-mail drama continues to dog clinton on the campaign trail. the latest polls have her slipping in personal favorability while her competition, bernie sanders, soars. on the republican side, a new republican front runner. >> i don't want to be a politician. >> dr. ben carson now tied with donald trump at 23% in iowa. the state that will hold the first caucuses. >> i want to save our nation. >> reporter: in third place, hp ceo carly fiorina.
4:37 pm
they haven't been formally involved in politics until now. >> the outsiders are drawing voters in. carson said the race to the white house is a marathon, not a sprint. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> donald trump's new jab at jeb bush reminiscent of an attack ad by bush's own father. >> y they broke the law, but it's not a felony. it's a -- it's an act of love. >> the video postod trump's instagram account targets bush on immigration and includes an image of the suspect in the kate steinle case. that ad is similar to the willy horton ad used by the george h.w. campaign. the jeb bush campaign said his
4:38 pm
immigration plan violates the constitution. coming up -- health insurance frustration. one company is refusing to pay for a bill and it's stranding an entire family in europe. the summer storm sweeping through the southwest and the cleanup under way today. i'm response e spencer chri. here's the look from the bay. the weather is just going to get nicer. i'll have the accuweather coming up. 4:38 is your time. not so nice on the skyway. looks brutal in both directions. trying to get to 101 southbound. on the left, trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge. not moving at all really in either direction. just going very slowly.
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crews are cleaning up after a monsoon damaged several homes and property around phoenix last night. the storms dumped more than an inch of rain in less than an hour causing flooding of homes and streets. wind gusts of up to 60 miles an hour knocked out power to some 70,000 customers. several planes were delayed at phoenix sky harbor where heavy rain there damaged the roof and leaked inside the terminal. no injuries or death were reported. time to check on our weather which is pretty lovely. >> mild. spencer christian? >> so mild and calm and going to remain that way into labor day weekend. live doppler 7 hd. another view of the calmness over the bay area. not so calm, the tropical
4:42 pm
pacific where we have three hurricanes going on right now. three powerful storms. first one a category 3 hurricane j himenez. and hurricane kilo far west of hawaii, a category 2. all three storms are expected to take tracks that will move them away from populated areas posing little or no threat to hawaii or other land areas. they'll continue to weaken. across the contiguous 48 states, sunny and hot. 90 from north to south and east to west. maybe a few thunderstorms. across california tomorrow, we do not expect stormy weather. we expect warm weather. chico, sacramento and fresno. high to upper 80s. 93 at yosemite. sacramento and chico is what i wanted to say. fresno low to mid-90s. palm springs a high of 103.
4:43 pm
here in the bay area tomorrow, calm, pleasant, cooler than average. hies under partly cloudy skies from 60s to low and mid-70s around the bay. upper 70s to low 80s in the inland locations. a little warmer weather which i guess is fitting for this season. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead -- is a cancer diagnosis now a smartphone swipe away? we'll tell you about this new app claiming it can help determine whether moles are cancerous. the family already hit by tragedy says they're stranded in europe because their health insurance company won't pay up. i'm 7 on your side a michael finney. if you've been on a flight recently, passengers are getting squeezed when it comes to those tiny seats. the government wants airlines to take action
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...insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea... ...diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration... ...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. cooper on too, concard, wine country and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> a three-month long nightmare continues for a couple from new jersey strangled in portugal. they've been caught between medical regulations, medical
4:47 pm
costs and visa stip pumgs. >> what was supposed to be a blissful babymoon has turned into a real life nightmare. the couple getting the all clear from their doctor to fly to portugal while she was 6 months pregnant. but just into their trip, she went into labor. the newborn sun did not survive. their daughter hayden weighing 1 pound, 8 ounces. >> we want to have a normal life like any other parent has with their newborn. >> now three muths later, finding themselves stranded. doctors say baby hayden is healthy enough to fly home but not on a commercial flight. she needs a medically equipped plane, something the insurance is refusing to pay for. >> their stance was, well, just sit in portugal and wait until she can fly commercially.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: they say we cannot comment on this case due to privacy laws adding members need to understand their benefits. but for the sprats, it's a race against the clock as their visa may only allow them to stay in the cannountry for a few more eks. should an airline have to tell you if they've booked you into a passenger seat that's smaller than normal? >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with more. >> do humans sit here? >> it's the way it's going. >> airlines are making more money these days by squeezing more seats on planes. more seats means more money. passengers complain of cramped conditions that don't really have a way to pick one airline seating against another. no convenient way. an advisory panel called on
4:49 pm
airlines to disclose seat sizes along with all fees and ticket prices before you purchase. consumers may be the winners as big box store best buy tries to hold off its online competition. an analysis of prices of 50 items at best buy and amazon found prices are virtually identical. the electronics retailer has successfully nair owoee nair ow the gap in pricing. workers rallied at the state captain demanding an end to wage theft. just in los angeles county, $1.4 billion in earned wages are not paid to workers. that measure that would crack down on the problem is making its way through the legislature. >> we're going to make this
4:50 pm
happen. it is time to stop wage theft. it is time to stop the injustice. it's time to stop the unfairness, and it should be illegal. let's make it happen. >> this bill would allow the state to put a lien on the property of employers illegally withholding wages. >> a lot of workers don't know their wages or they're undocumented so they don't fight over it. it's really needed. the federal trade commission is taking action against apps that claim they can diagnose whether a mole is cancerous. they accused them of making deceptive clamss regarding melanoma. they settled the lawsuits without admitting wrongdoing and agreed not to make deceptive claims in the future. >> shouldn't trust diagnosis of cancer to something looik an app that doesn't have data to back it up. >> the app instructed users to
4:51 pm
upload a photo of a suspicious mole. if the app returned to green, it claimed the risk was low. they claim they settled litigation was too costly and the ffc's claims. skyrocketing rents are all too familiar to bay area residents. housing activists finally celebrating a victory today. here's cheryl jennings with what's ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next, the decision by a san francisco judge that's throwing uber into an uncertain future. and 7 on your side finds out whether smaller suvs do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out.
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here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup. at 8:00, it's four back-to-back episodes of "fresh off the
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boat." then at 10:00, "extreme weight loss" and then abc news at 11. there's word that apple may be considering a move into proo producing its own original programming. they are looking to hire people for a production division that would go into operation next year. it would likely play on apple tv and rival other streaming services such as netflx and amazon prime. >> it's not clear whether this new division would produce tv shows, movies or both but a unit within apple has already entered discussions with hollywood executives. >> or if they'll do sports. another one bites the dust temporarily. a second housing project proposeded for the mission district at bryant and 18th street is on hold this afternoon. >> the developer has decided not to move forward seeking city approval. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is live with this one.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: there was a legal dust-up between the developer and property owners. the second project is being put on hold because of heated debate. opponents had just hit the beat on bryant and another proposed development they called the monster in the mission, the housing projects were protested. especially in the rapidly gentrifying mission district. the developer of the bryant street project was scheduled to go before the planning commission next week hoping for approval but has instead decided to put things on hold. >> the wiser course was just to press pause, take a deep breath and go back to the drawing board. see what we can do to bring a different project at a different time. >> reporter: it would have covered nearly an entire block. 47 of the apartments below market rate. crit ics say there's not enough
4:57 pm
affordable housing. it's a neighborhood that's plagued by evictions. >> if we continue to go down the road of building these luxury condos which is what the beast on bryant was propose, those exacerbate the problem and make displacement worse. >> reporter: the business and construction trades voted down the project earlier this year. >> a lot of our members live in the mission. latinos are the single largest component of our workforce. >> they are not throwing in the towel. >> our intntion is to come back with a better project that reflects the input of the community. >> reporter: in november, san francisco voters will vote on a temporary halt to market rate development in the mission. if that passes, this project and others would bes is spended for
4:58 pm
at least 18 method months whil city rethinks its housing policies. >> callrolyn, thank you. thank you for joining us at 4:00. they should have shut the job down immediately. >> building bombshell. a construction worker survives a massive explosion. >> how this blast is creating new shock waves. plus -- >> nobody has taken responsibility. the system failed our sister. >> reporter: an emotional outpouring from the family of a woman killed at pier 14. who they say is liable for her death. the controversial plan to keep people from being priced ot of the rental market. and optimism that the stock market would settle down just took a dive. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7
4:59 pm
news. >> incredible video of a south bay construction accident. santa clara county is turning up the pressure in a dispoot over a hospital project. i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us. we begin with dramatic cell phone video. santa clara county says it's one example why it's trying to fire the contractor from a major expansion project. david lee first tweeted out this shocking video. he joins us with more. >> reporter: the contractor is turner construction. for the past couple of days, santa clara county has been hammering away at the company for delays in building a 168-bed facility. today a new video that absolutely is astonishing. the video appeared mysteriously in their e-mail. they don't know the source but
5:00 pm
it shows an incident from almost one year ago as charter and a subcontractor were adding a new section of steam pipe. listen carefully as a co-worker grew alarmed. >> maybe step out for a minute. >> reporter: he tries to climb out of the underground vault. the hot steam was building up pressure. and then the worker was saved from being scalded. turner construction was the designer and builder of the steam pipe project. >> turner let us know they've been designing the system over again since this accident. >> reporter: the video is being used to discredit turner for a two-year delay in the hospital expansion. >> you can't finish the bed building until this section of the pipe is done. >> reporter: in a warning letter to turner, the county complained it's never received safety reports on the incident. turner said when tis


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