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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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simply better. with live, breaking news. >> gunfire at a bart station in oakland. >> tonight a man is wounded, service is halted and investigators are piecing together exactly what happened tonight. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. now the latest from lilian kim who is live on the scene. lilian? >> dan, there is a line of police cars out here. as for the officers they are up on the platform. that's where the shooting happened earlier this evening. a video posted captured the moments after the gunfire broke out. it shows a man on the ground. one bart police officer appears to be checking on the man's condition while the second officer stands there watching. it all started when he confronted the man on the platform. it escalated to the point where the officers began
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fighting with him. the officers then tased him when it appears he was reaching for his waist band and that's when his gun went off. it appears to be a self-inflicted injury that now has the man in critical condition where he is undergoing surgery. >> was he shot trying to grab his gun from his waist band? was it accidental? >> the information was he shot himself grabbing the weapon out of the waist band. motive, we don't know the motive. but that's what we have is that he shot himself. >> does it appear to be accidental? >> i can't say that. he was resisting violently, so i can't make the leap of why he pulled the trigger on himself. >> the officers were wearing body cameras which will be reviewed later. the district attorney will beacon ducting an investigation. the west oakland station will remain closed for the rest of the night. passengers can take ac transit to 12th street. lilian kim, abc7 news.
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>> thank you very much. as the story continues to develop and unfold count on abc7 news for more updates on this fuse cast and abc7 news bay area. the arrest of a former high school teacher has parents and students in lafayette in shock tonight. especially because of the alleged crime. possession of child pornography. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live where the man taught for 25 years. alan? >> after police released the information late this afternoon word spread quickly on social media throughout the high school community. some even found out in the middle of the after school activities. >> i was on a break and looked down at my phone and that popped up. >> she found out taking a break during an after school tennis match. >> one of my friends screen shotted a website that said one of our former teachers had been arrested. >> 66-year-old marshall
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pfeiffer, a teacher who retired in june, was arrested for possession of child pornography. police would not say exactly how pfeiffer was caught, only that a task force of roll police departments searched pfeiffer's walnut creek home and arrested him around 7:00 this morning. >> you like to think it is not going to happen in your community. >> he received high ratings on the website rate my one student wrote, he's awesome. definitely my favorite teacher i had. >> our experience was great. they have been great. they can be a great teacher and have issued. >> the district says it has no information to suggest there are any student victims at the school or illegal activity within the district. alan wang abc7 news. >> a business owner faces accusations of sexually assaulting april aspiring model in downtown san jose. police arrested roger francisco on friday.
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francisco runs bay area fashion week. that event is scheduled for later this month. an 18-year-old man claims francisco touched him inappropriately when he went to the suspect's office on west santa clara street. he was interviewing for a modeling job. palo alto police released a suspected it flasher. a woman said he followed her up side and she drove off. when she stopped on the street the man knocked on the window and flashed her. another woman reported being flashed last week. >> san jose's housing affordability crisis has yet another face. tennants in rent controlled apartments. they are asked to prevent eviction and forced move because of cost. katie is live in san jose to explain the next move. katie? >> the city council agreed to review the rent controlled ordinance that was adopted in
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1979. as we heard tonight it is not currently looking for many people. today even young children worry about losing their home. >> thank you. >> a young david zamora shared his fear with the city council. >> since the rentals are way too high, i might have leave san he say. san jose to go to a different school and a different home. >> it is a reality shared by one of his classmates. >> right now they are struggling to find another house. >> some 43,000 units are currently rent controlled that is 35 beers of the -- 35% of the stock. even below market value many can't afford the 8% rent increases that the landlords can impose. >> i live in a hotel i can barely afford to pay. >> increases in evictions without explanation. 500 reported last year. >> i want to make sure that renters know why they are being evicted. >> landlords say there has to
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be a balance. if they can't afford the bills the unit will suffer. >> it will stop maintaining the building. >> it can't be carried by existing rent control units. >> obviously we need more housing. it is simple economics 101. more housing to meet the demand. >> the city staff expects to have recommendations by january. abc7 news. >> santa clara county released a video saying it demonstrates the problem of a construction contractor working on valley medical center. a warning of the the video may be hard to watch, but know the man did walk away. >> maybe you should step out for a minute. that explosion of steam hit a
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year ago at the site in san jose. he survived, but has since filed for workers comp. they received the video anonymously. the county threatened to fire turner construction which is doing an expansion fit of the hospital. turner is two years behind schedule and the site isn't safe. they blamed the county mismanagement for issues. a woman from the sacramento area is sharing her story of survival. lost, alone, badly injured while hiking in the sierra national forest. she said her biggest regret is leaving her hiking group. brian johnson has details tonight. >> after spending nine days alone in the sierra national forest, she doesn't want to do interviews or have her picture taken. family members say she is a rye vet person and wants to focus on recovery. in a statement she released she remembers the moment she was found by search and rescue teams. she said it was a miracle and
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i was emotional. >> she said she felt so loved and thankful that they found her and she didn't give up hope. >> it was nearly two weeks ago she was separated from her sierra club group and then fell off a cliff. because she landed on her feet she broke her left leg and right ankle and hurt her back. she couldn't stand and she was starting to run low on water. >> she knew she did have a water filter with her and she heard water below her. she decided to crawl down to the water. >> once she got there she filtered and drank a new liter of water every day. meanwhile she heard search helicopters overhead. she whistled for rescuers on friday, but they didn't hear her. she tried again on saturday and she was finally found. >> we were hoping she would be recovered if she had past. but she was strong so we hoped
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she was out there. >> harwood said i greatly appreciate the rescuers who found me and did not give up hope. thank you to family, friend, co-workers and the sierra club. i am doing okay and would like to concentrate on my recovery. >> that's incredited believe a. up next, the case of animal cruelty on the paw -- peninsula. >> and working mom whoas. why pregnancy announcements are met with congratulations and criticism. >> opie the cat. why he is credited with saving a little boy's life. >> i am sandhya patel. a fall-like system will continue today's cooling trend. i'll let you know how much more the temperatures will drop as we get closer to the holiday weekend. >> thanks, sandhya. >> first a look at "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, dan and ama. look what we did in the name of entertainment.
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. all of the bay area. this is abc7 news. >> they filed legal papers aiming to hold the sheriff and other officials accountable for her shooting death. this afternoon they visited peer14 pausing near flowers left at the shot where she was shot. they released the suspected it killer and even though federal immigration officials wanted sanchez held. >> who in their right mind would let a felon loose on the
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streets where you people are in our standings. >> they filed claims against ice and the bureau of land management. he was killed with a gun like this one stolen from a blm agent's car. they couldn't comment on the claim. >> a man in sunnyvale is accused of dragging a dog by the leash so harshly it was knocked on conscious. they found 34-year-old manuel with injured and unconscious dog. the dog was checked out by the vet and taken to the humane society. he was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. >> meyers' announcement that she is expected twins has triggered congratulations and criticism. she said she will take limited time off and a move some say sets the wrong example for working moms. lilian kim has the story. >> yahoo! ceo marissa meyer made the announcement on her tumbler page that she is
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pregnant with identical twin girls. she said she will be approaching her pregnancy and delivery as she did with her son three years ago. that she will, quote, take limited time away and working throughout. a move many say sends wrong -- sends a wrong message to employees and the working world. >> it doesn't matter if you are not working well and tired. you need to work through it and be tough. >> it would be nice if she could take time off and set a good example for women in the united states. >> it comes at a time when other silicon valley companies offering six months maternity leave and netflix a full year. while it is clear she won't be taking advantage of her own company's policy, others hope others are not discoveraged from do -- disurge cked from doing so. >> if it is a clear policy, it shouldn't really bother anybody. >> others are questioning if this is an issue at all, and to one would talk about it if
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meyer was a man. >> it is congratulationses and do what is best for your family and the business. >> not one right answer. if she wants to take a little while and that's all she feels she needs and that's what is best for her, that's what she should do. >> she is due if december. on to the weather forecast as we hit midweek and where did the summer go? >> it is september now and sandhya patel tells us how we are starting off the month. >> dan and ama we are starting off on a cooler note. the temperatures fell a few degrees. down 15 degrees. we will keep the month going. live doppler 7hd is showing limited fog out there. temperatures are if the 60ss. look at half moon bay. have you fallen to 55 degrees. it is running cooler to neat. cooler tonight. concord at 29 and southwest at 29 and fairfield, this will help push the fog along. we
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are not expecting a repeat of last month and that is san francisco had 15 days of record high minimums. it was warmer than normal. 60 records and nine tied. part of the explanation is the warm water and the warm blob off the pacific. it has been warmer than average off the coastline and all the way up toward the coast of the pacific northwest. unrelated and keeping an eye on el nino, it is strengthening and it could play a role in our upcoming winter rain. i'll keep you posted on that. right now what you need to know tomorrow morning. this is what some areas will wake up to, san francisco in the fog and high clouds for your morning commute. cooling trend through friday and a warmer pattern for your labor day weekend plans. what is bringing you the cooler weather? this area of low pressure will reinforce the drop in the temperatures we saw today.
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it will sink southward and as it does it will continue to take those temperatures into an area that is going to be cooler than average. today we were where we should be. it is not the case with this low-pressure system. the good thing about the low is it is bringing moisture to washington and oregon. that's a good thing. temperatures are starting out cooler than what we have seen in days past. keep this to mind if you are taking your kids off to school. temperatures range from the mid50s around santa rosa and half moon bay and the low 60s in places like oakland and concord. this is the time of morning where you may need an extra layer and a light sweater and jacket. it will be mild and breezy, but cooler. it is not what you expect to see in the middle of summer. 79 in napa and 81 in santa rosa.
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68 in san francisco and lingering cloud cover and 66 in half moon bay. temperatures wul fall a few more -- temperatures will fall. 80 for the warmest inland valleys. 64 on the coast. the temperatures come back up again on sunday and labor day. we have warmth for you, summer warmth. low 70s to low 90s for the outdoor holiday weekend plans. >> thank you, sandhya. an update on the nation's tiniest panda. >> how this little hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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ago. >> your everything. >> sky 7hd shows massive delays. >> coos the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. >> abc7. >> abc7. >> choose abc7 news. >> this cat named opie used one of its nine lives saving human lives in pennsylvania. a stray bullet went through a window and couch and the cat. it ricocheted in a room and stopped in a pillow inches from a 3-year-old boy. opie's owner refused to have her put to sleep and she will have some muscle damage from the bullet. >> oh my goodness. you are seeing new video from washington's national zoo. it is showing the new panda cup there. this is only the second time the mother has left since giving birth. the male cub is doing well. >> that will be a big panda. >> he will grow big enough to
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eat us. right now he is so cute. >> thanks. larry is here with sports. >> closest thing there is to a guaranteed win. the dodgers the their own guar
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brought to you by xfinity. >> good evening. what do you do when the savior can't save you? that's after madison bumgarner was out paced by greinke. the giants are five and a half out of first. zach greinke facing mad bum on the hill. duffy makes a diving stab to end the inning keeping it score less in the second.
11:29 pm
the duff man has been great all year long. score less into the third when adrian gonzalez does it again and opposite field. 1-0 l.a. still 1-0 in the seventh. caught looking on a pitch that was clearly off the plate. doesn't like the call. jake peavy is yaping at the home umpire. he is toesed and bruce bochy, you are gone as well. peterson from palo alto with six hits all of august and now september 1st and that is gone. base hit and greinke allows one run and wins his 15th. dodgers hold on to one and it is kershaw tomorrow. the national champion cal women's team who caught the
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ceremonial tiers pitch. don't fall for this. putting sun throw better seeds. sunflower seeds. bottom of the first and high, deep and aloha. 430 feet of aloha there. cody martin had a 1-0 lead. making his first major league start. martin went three innings and went five runs. we will show you good a's stuff. it was a diving stop. the a's fall 6 of-2 -- 6-2. curious is talented, but he is not serious enough. the racket is flying. i know it is hotted and humid. you don't see that very often. is that mine? this you do see regularly. taking his frustration out after hitting it to the net he
11:31 pm
fought back to win the third set and then ran out of gas. 6-1 in the fourth. they are gonna announce the whole cast of "dancing with the stars" soon. i think the rutgers football team should make a cameo. the winner getting ice cream. big number 99 going magic mike here and he will thrust for ice cream apparently. and he does the worm at 295 pounds. >> that's impressive. >> ice cream for you, mike wilkins. i don't know if he can play. abc7 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and our
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thanks for watching. >> on jimmy >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, salma hayek. from "mr. robot", rami malek. and music from atlas genius with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: hi there.


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