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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it's something always lurking in the back of one's mind. >> instead of protecting most people kaiser researchers found the drug has been 100% effective. the patients have been taking it since the drug was approved in 2012. the findings appear online in the clinical infectious diseases advanced access. >> we have over 600 patients using the medication and no new hiv infections. >> patients are tested every three months for hiv and monitored for possible side effects. those include gay and bisexual men as well as heterosexuals. >> what is really exciting about hiv prevention in 2015 is that we have options. we have several tools that we can use. >> reporter: this study suggests that hiv is very close to being managed like any other chronic disease such as diabetes or asthma. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a man accused in kidnapping initially thought to be a hoax
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could get off on a technicality. the case against matthew muller may hinge on his cell phone left behind at an earlier home invasion. investigators searched the found and that led them to muller and the evidence allegedly connecting him to a kidnapping. lawyers say investigators searched the home without a warrant. if the judge agrees both cases could get dismissed. a second san francisco police officer is under investigation in a sexual assault case. officials say jason lie raped a woman at san francisco general. the search warrant says lie had drinks with her and could not remember if they had sex. police say the victim said he raped her. the second officer is accused with interfering in the investigation by tipping lie off as to what was happening. the third and only remaining
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suspect wanted for a murder in san jose is now in jail. police announced they arrested for the murder of christopher wren showing two armed men terrorizing the victim before police say they killed him. police shot and killed the other two suspects in two separate incidents last month. a series of home burglaries on the peninsula including affluent communities. security cameras got the whole thing and tonight police want your help identifying these people. vic lee is live tonight with the story. >> reporter: we have talked to a lot of residents of the peninsula. they didn't want to be on camera because they are nervous. either they have been a victim of a property crime or they know a neighbor who has. in the meantime police are warning them to be careful. >> hi, i'm here with your safety
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tip. >> reporter: san mateo police released this video on youtube last week to warn of the increasing property crimes. yesterday shortly after 12:00 noon two burglars broke a large window. the home security camera recorded the intruders running through the house ransacking several rooms. police told us they stole expensive jewelry among other items. san mateo county has experienced a rise in home burglaries. this woman who lives in bay wood, another well to do community says two of her neighbors were burglarized a couple of weeks ago. >> turns out as the police were coming to this house they got another call four blocks down. and that woman was home. so we're all on the lookout. >> reporter: so now she takes no chances of becoming a victim herself. >> lights on, cars, more lights in the yard.
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obviously, we use our alarm 24/7. and i think a lot of people in the neighborhood are now getting cameras. >> reporter: police sergeant believes that there are more criminals on the streets because of prison realignment and recently approved ballot measures. >> the reform and put more and more people who would have done time and had some consequence in prison to put them on the street. we have seen a spike. >> if you have seen these two intruders from the home burglary please contact police. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> state lawmakers are trying to close a loop hole by passing a sweeping ban on the sale of elephant ivory. expanded the ban so nobody can buy or sell anywhere in the state. the ban goes into effect july 1 of next year. the state senate approved legislation to get police agencies across the state to
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adopt effective controls for officers wearing body cameras. lawmakers say the bill is the first step to achieve uniformity. the bill heads to the assembly. and lawmakers approved a bill making it a felony to use date rape drugs with the intent to commit sexual assault. the crime became a misdemeanor. court documents examined by abc 7 news reveal details the sheriff's office is not releasing about the death of an inmate at the santa clara county jail. the incident has resulted in three suspensions so far. abc 7 news reporter david louie waded through the court files and is live with the latest from the jail. >> reporter: we now know the name of the 31-year-old white inmate who died here last week. his name is michael james tyree, a transient who lived for a while in florida. a judge ordered him to leave the jail and go into a mental health care facility but he never made it. court records indicate he was to
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be transferred to an adult residential crisis facility operated by momentum for mental health. three correctional officers all deputy sheriffs were suspended after the 31-year-old inmate was found unresponsive in his cell early thursday morning. efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. court files say he was arrested several times in the past couple of years in san jose. he was picked up once with needles and syringes. in the spring he was found in possession of a stolen laptop computer taken at a local library and was arrested for possession of methamphetamine while loitering. his name appears in the notice of death in court files. a court officer confirms search
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warrants were issued as the investigation focuses on the three suspended correctional officers. the warrants will be made public in ten days. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. a new problem in the effort to build coliseum city, the development plan that includes a new stadium for the raiders. our media partner reports the raiders rejected that plan back in april claiming it violated their terms and conditions for a deal. the report says developer knew his plan was a non-starter with the team but kept pitching it. andy dolech says the push is a quote waste of time and did not respond for request for comment. former san francisco 49ers owner is a finalist for the 2016 pro football hall of fame. the niners won five super bowls during his 23 seasons with the niners. despite the success the 68 year
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old isn't considered a lock. he pleaded guilty to failing to report an extortion attempt while trying to acquire a river boat gambling license. he was suspended by the nfl and lost control of the team. he has been estranged from the team ever since. a run away chicken that snarled a bay bridge commute is adjusting to life at an animal shelter this afternoon. abc 7 news viewer tweeted this picture of the chicken in the middle of traffic trying to cross the road. here he is at the animal services shelter. no word on how it ended up in the middle of traffic. the shelter is accepting name suggestions and the chicken is up for adoption. >> most likely he will go to rescue or be adopted to someone who has land and has other birds that are willing to take care of him. the outcome for our wild life is very, very good here. >> and it appears the chicken is already on twitter. a little while ago it tweeted
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sure take the chicken to the animal shelter. i don't like how that cat is looking at me. >> all of this would be avoided if we put a fast track thing on the chicken. the fake baby syndrome. this week's rescue of a baby in a car turned out to be child's play. the highway patrol has serious warnings. potty patrol. why san francisco is guarding its public toilets. what does billy joel and green day have in common? both have fans that may have trouble getting to their concerts this weekend. google goes back to school. and what happened after an airline offered flights for one
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this is slow and go traffic. a live picture of san jose heading southbound. you can see it is just so congested there. it's just part of a pattern around the bay area. roads are becoming so much more congested and drivers are resorting to traffic measures including using dummies just to shave a few minutes off the commute. is it really worth it? >> reporter: yes, some people are taking drastic measures and getting creative when it comes to using the car pool lanes. if you look behind me a look at more traffic as we head into san jose. this is highway 101. law enforcement officials say they are aware of the issue and are looking out for those who are breaking the law. with summer vacation basically over the california highway patrol says soon to be fall season is when drivers start seeing more congestion. >> once you start having to
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break the rules and try to cheat then other things start to come into effect. >> reporter: the other day oakland police responded to a report. upon locating the baby they broke open the window to find it was a fake baby. more people are using these types of dolls to get into the fast lane. we went on to ebay and found these dummies can fetch hundreds of dollars. the chp warns drivers they are trained to spot things out of the ordinary. >> we have officers in perfect location and position to be able to take enforcement actions and be a deterrent so people are aware we are paying attention to it. >> reporter: takes 680 from concord almost every day. >> it is exhausting. it takes me sometimes 2 1/2 hours to get home. and it really just wears on you. >> she can't believe why others would go to such great lengths to violate the rules. >> it is frustrating to see people flying by in the car pool
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lanes without another person in the car and without a sticker, just doing it because they think they are not going to get caught. >> reporter: car pool violation fines start at nearly $350. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> listen to this. san francisco is spending $1 million a year just to keep an eye on the city's public toilets. about two dozen workers have been hired to make sure restrooms are not used for drug use or prostitution. violators are reported to police. the city says normal use of the public toilets has increased since this program started. the trans bay 2 closure means it will be difficult to get across the bay. the shut down will begin saturday morning until monday night. east bay fans of billy joel may have trouble getting to his
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concert. it's already sold out and in oakland green day is being honored at the coliseum before saturday night's as game and there are green day themed fireworks. if you don't drive the way across the bay is via ferry or shuttle buses. making a right turn on market street in san francisco will earn you a ticket. a new ordinance makes it illegal to make a u turn on market between third and eighth street. the idea is to improve pedestrian safety. the rules do not apply to bikes, buses or taxis. if you went shopping with a credit or debit card last friday you should check your accounts. >> you may have been overcharged. michael finney is here with that. >> another case of a computer hiccup. customers at a variety of retail stores may have been charged two or three times for a single
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transaction. its system was running slowly on august 28. customers waiting for transactions to go through may have swiped their cards more than once. some charges went through multiple times. ncr did not say how many customers are affected. you should check your account. if you love streaming video but can't stand the interruptions with ads hulu has a new option, commercial free video streaming for $12 per month. that is $4 more than the basic $8 fee that comes with advertisement. ad free option hopes to bring in new subscribers who only pay for services with no interruptions. air fare price wars have gone wild. frontier airlines nearly crashed internet when began offering fares for a dollar.
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last minute flights to major usas however there are catches. you have to pay a $15 fee for each ticket and more fees for carry on bags. the other catch, you have to book by midnight tonight and the website is jammed. we got this sorry message when we tried to log on to the frontier website this afternoon. apparently the entire 7 on your side staff is not going to new york for $14. >> we are stuck here. >> too good to be true. sony has unveiled a new smart phone it claims is the highest quality in the world. the premium features 5.5 inch 4 k ultrahi definition resolution screen. sony acknowledged there are still very limited numbers of videos available so it might be tough to see what the phone can do. the company has not announced a
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release date. a new iphone is expected to be unveiled one week from today. the biggest new feature that analysts expect on the phone is force touch. that is a right click feature for touch sensitive screens. the new phones are expected to be a little thicker to accommodate that technology. >> getting stuff done in google docs is getting easier. a series of features including voice typing allows users to dictate text into a document. it is available in 40 different languages. google says voice typing is aimed at helping students with school projects. they did not have this when we were kids. meteorologist sandhya patel outside. >> gorgeous outside today. i was at the coliseum in oakland today. a beautiful day for baseball. >> it was a beautiful day for baseball. it is lovely right now. it is a little bit windy and i am watching clouds. let me show you live doppler 7
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hd. we will take a look at what is going on. a few clouds along the coast. most of you enjoying the sun. we have a red flag warning until 7:00 tonight due to gusty winds and low humidity. lake wind advisory also up until 9:00 p.m. tonight. so the same system is bringing us cooler weather prompting the red flag warning. it is gusty. fairfield 35 miles per hour on shore winds mountain view to 20. hang on tight. here is a bouncy camera as you can see low clouds are there. mid 60s around san francisco. half moon bay 66 degrees. our highs so far mid 60s to low 80s. from our south beach camera here is a beautiful view. temperatures mainly in the 70s from napa to concord. santa rosa 80 degrees and another lovely live picture. this will be quite gray later on tonight as winds will push low
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clouds along. warmer pattern this weekend and beach weather for your labor day plans. here is a look at satellite and radar. what is bringing us cooler weather? it's a trough that is dropping into the pacific northwest bringing them much needed showers, cleaner air. as you know wild fires have been burning so they certainly need this pattern. for us as the trough continues to deepen we are going to notice that the temperatures remain cooler than average right on through your friday. we call it mild for inland communities. it is the kind of temperatures you expect to see in october for places like livermore and san jose but as you know october can also bring very warm weather to the coast line. speaking of warmth we have a warming trend that will begin on saturday with 90s inland. sunday will go to low to mid 90s inland. it will be beautiful weather to hit the coast and on labor day certainly beach weather with temperatures actually reach up into the mid to upper 90s.
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lows tomorrow morning cooler one. better sleeping weather. oakland 60 degrees. san francisco this morning had a record high minimum again. 61 degrees that tied its previous record setback in 1941. we will see quite a bit of low cloudiness along the coast and the bay when you get going tomorrow morning and the kids as they head off to school might need a jacket or a sweater especially at the bus stop. 68 in san francisco. 66 half moon bay. 80 in santa rosa. oakland 72 degrees. 79 in concord. 80 in livermore. san jose, palo alto, santa cruz all mid 70s. it will still be breezy. mild inland. we look at the accuweather seven day forecast because it does include your holiday weekend. thursday, friday mid 60s to low 80s. so below average for this time of year. the warmup starts on saturday with low 70s to low 90s. beach weather on sunday and even on monday which is labor day.
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mid 70s to mid 90s. the last weekend of summer is going to be on the warm side as it should be. any outdoor activity should be just fine. as you head back to work and the kids head back to school temperatures slowly start to slip a few degrees. >> beginning to feel a little like fall. >> it is indeed. fall is about three weeks away. up next life in afghanistan with the taliban as a neighbor. and at 5:30. >> the manhunt armed and dangerous three suspects, officer ambushed and killed. families told to lock their doors. and the teacher face-to-face with a student holding a gun saying he was going to kill. what she did next. hope to see you shortly. and new technology for the doctor's office. the calstudents making medical history with their
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a judge and set a trial date for the man accused of killing sierra lamar three years after the teenager went missing. toreswill go on trial. investigators found lamar's hair and dna inside the car. lamar disappeared while walking to her school bus stop. her body has never been found. authorities in afghanistan say a taliban fighter turned the gun on his own group members killing 14 suspected militants and then gunman surrendered to police and the taliban continues to be a dangerous group. the photographer i worked with earlier this year is in california visiting his brother and came to see me today. with me during my interview.
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a california charity helping afghan farmers. told me the attacks are affecting businesses and journalists. >> now it's quite difficult to cover the stories without security. >> we go on the streets and stay for 15 or 10 minutes. >> it's worse now? >> it's worse because at the moment there is kidnapping cases, too many explosions. >> that danger is not stopping. he has a big family there and they are committed to their country's future. >> i know you were glad to be reunited. >> without guards and guns. >> doing such great work. stay with us. a look inside the world war ii surrender ceremony. eyewitness account. >> you will hear from a bay area man there on the deck of the uss miz.
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. i'm ama daetz. coming up new at 6:00, what we are learning about last night's shooting on the bart platform ipoakland and the alarming increase on attacks on police. we haven't had significant rain in months so why are some preparing for floods. and a package gets lost in the mail. how 7 on your side helps them cash in all coming up at 6:00. today is the 70th
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anniversary of v.j. day. >> this shows the japanese foreign minister signing. the ceremony took place in tokyo bay aboard the uss missouri. a bay area plan played an unexpected role in the ceremony. >> he was a lieutenant on the missouri since it was selected a few days before cummings was rushed into action. >> the only place to find an appropriate table was in the mess hall. >> couldn't find a table because all the wooden type of material was gone. we had hundreds of those to serve our sailors. >> wow. that table is now in a museum. >> cummings says many sailors did not see the surrender ceremony. they were too eager to get back home. what a witness to history if you did get to see. >> that's going to do it for us.
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i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. we hope to see you again in half an hour. tonight, the urgent manhunt widening, the officer ambushed and killed and just now the audio. you will hear the officer's final call. three suspects armed and dangerous, families told to stay indoors. seven schools closed. the war of words tonight, is donald trump telling jeb bush to stop speaking spanish. and vice-president joe biden speaking late today. will he take on hillary clinton? the school scare, the student pulling out a gun, face-to-face with his teacher, saying he was going to kill. and now we learn of the teacher's instincts that saved so many. the image of the tiny boy going global tonight, the urgent crises, thousands trying to reach safety. our chief foreign correspondent is there. and the worker warned to get out and the blast that followed. how he survived and the case now being fought tonight.


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