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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> tonight a wildfire is spreading rapidly in northern california. >> it is touch and go tonight for nearby residents worried about the approaching flames. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. happening in lake county, a wildfire has scorched at least 450 acres just north of the town of upper lake. >> new video shows trees turning into giant match sticks off elk mountain. the fire started this afternoon and quickly took off. >> strong winds are coming from the north and it could help firefighters. >> it helped firefighters get a handle on the insurance dnt. on the incident. we experienced extreme burn conditions over the evening hours. >> crystal mendoza shared this
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file of the fire. it is 20% contained, and the red cross is helping residents who need a place to stay. new details in the case of a man accused of terrorizing women across the bay area. it was a case that was initially called on hoax. court documents are outlining crimes muller is suspected of committing years earlier. >> suspected it kidnapper and the home invasion robber appeared in a dublin courtroom today. his attorney says the cell phone police found in a dublin home invasion scene was not properly searched. >> if you are going to search something, you have to make the search clean. >> police called 9-1-1 and then traced the number to muller's parents. investigators say they are not worried about the attorney's legal maneuver. >> the cell phone break
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connected muller to the dublin invasion and lead them to a mountain of additional evidence including the kidnapping of denise huskins. >> fbi say he asked multiple victims to log into their e-mail and pull up personal cell phone contacts and other identifying information that is important for cyber hacking. in a soich warrant request they outlined in detail palo alto and mountain view attacks dating back to 2009. we reported on the connection in july. >> he has been a suspect in the palo alto case. >> in two of the cases the intruder drugged the victimses with nyquil and threatened rape. one victim attended an event at harvard university organized by matt muller. at the time they didn't have enough evidence to prosecute muller, although he has been their only suspect. they are hoping evidence from the new cases may fill the
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gaps in theirs. abc7 news. >> bart police want a union city man to face attempted murder charges after they say he shot himself during a confrontation on the west oakland bart station. cory powell is on the ground while two bart officers attended to him. the shooting happened after the officers told him to put out his cigarette. he gave a false name and threatened to jump in front of a train. officers tased him and they say he shot himself in the stomach as he tried to retrieve a gun from his waste band. he is now in critical condition. he was on probation for burglary and armed robbery. san jose police say they captured this man at a business on lundy avenue. police say surveillance video shows aguero and two others terrorizing christopher len before killing him. police killed the other man,
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matthew castillo and richard jaquez last month. the quick thinking of three young girls helped arrest a south san francisco man after harassing and following them. he was involved in two separate incidents. in the first encounter he asked two girls p if they would go to a hotel. he grabbed a girl by the arm, but she got away. a utah man faces charges accused of a crime. this surveillance video shows vaps and another person using black and red spray paint to deface the memorial ?ie. there will not be a ban on short-term rentals. they decided instead to form a committee to look into the issue further.
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he was considering a ban on air b and b and similar companies after receiving complaint of noise and parking. a new hearing is set for october 21st. every time a large ship sails in and out of the bay, the pilots made an average of $450,000 each. and now they are asking the state regulators for a wave that would up their pay to a half million dollars. sergio is live at the embarcadero with more. sergio? >> ama, those bar pilots say they haven't had a rate hike in 10 years and the cost of doing business has gone up a bit since then. but the companies that pay those pilots say they are already the highest paid pilots on the west coast. >> the labor dispute cut into everyone involved. they spear the large ships
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into the bay. >> we do well. when shipping is weak we get hurt. >> he says the brief oakland port shutdown is one of the reasons they were asking for a rate hike. >> but they say the bar pilots are the highest paid in the west coast for working only two weeks out of each month. >> they have a good job. each one of those moves is important. we are willing to pay them well. that does president mean we will get -- that doesn't mean we will get a bump in pay. >> according to the shipping association the average pay per pilot was more than $4 five,000 five,000 -- $450,000 a year. it is more than seattle, los angeles and long beach. and they say the san francisco bar pilots have got nearly every rate hike thisy asked for in 2006. in 2007 when it slammed into the bay bridge it came under close scrutiny. according to the shipping association they expect the pilots to actually make more money with the existing
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rates. >> each ship is based on their size. as the ships get larger and they will keep getting larger they will get paid more. >> a rate hike has to be approved by the state legislature. a vote on the hike is expected early next week. abc7 news. >> happening tomorrow morning cal trans will test a system to keep traffic moving on interstate 80. you may have already noticed the signs between the bay and the bridges. each lane has a sensor that the drivers information. a green arrow means traffic is flowing. it means they can change lanes because of a crash or a stall. and suggested driving speeds based on 2* positions. the goal is to improve safety and traffic flow. >> they are only getting realtime traffic information. the driving conditions are being managed in the system. >> tomorrow's test is from 10:30 until 11:00 a.m. in berkeley.
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more signs will be activated later this year. >> still ahead a sanctuary is overwhelmed by a problem on bay area beaches. >> a growing number are starving. what could be be inned that problem. what could be behind that problem. >> and a motorcycle club comes to the rescue of a central california boy bullied at school. >> and later this beluga whale is part of what some say is the best stunt they have seen in awhile. >> i am sandhya patel. stunning tonight and cooler than average tomorrow. i will let you know what is coming on the holiday beak end. holiday weekend. >> thanks, dan and ama. here is a sample of tonight's show free. >> no hook. no back.
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all of the bay area. this is abc7 news. >> an alarming number of dead or dying sea birds are washing up on bay area beaches and bird rescue centers say they are being inundated with a particular species. alan wang traveled to the head lands where many are washing up. >> holly recently found 20 dead sea birds along rodeo beach. she also found one alive flapping in the surf. >> and it was obviously disabled and unable to fend for itself. i did take it to wild care. >> that bird and many others were transferred to the international bird rescue center in fairfield.
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>> we are getting generally between five and 15 a day. >> interest fall bird rescue normally receives about 10 a year. right now they have 45 recouperating here. >> you can feel that he has no muscle at all. >> most are young like this baby rescued on tuesday. it is being fed a slur reof fish formula to help gain weight. the international bird rescue says the fish are diving deeper because of the warming water temperatures. >> if those fish are a little lower, then we will see lots of dead and dying babies on the beach. >> if you find a sea bird in distress, they recommend you throw a towel over it and then wrap it up. gently place it in a well ventilated box. >> you can take it to a rescue center or call your local animal control. in the north bay, alan wang, abc7 news. a harbor pour pus in
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nap dash -- dash porpouise has died. the carcass will be tested to try to determine a cause of death. it may have been suffering from algae toxicity. >> and a reminder for labor day weekend. there are no bart trains from 12:01 on saturday morning until late monday night. bart will make repairs inside the trans bay tube during that time. bus service will run between the 19th street station in oakland and the trans bay terminal in san francisco. but as you can imagine, you should expect delays. a 12-year-old merced boy who didn't want to go to school because he was being bullied got a very special escort this week. members of the sons of thunder christian motorcycle club stepped in to help alex. alex's grandmother put out a post saying he was beat up and he didn't want to go back to
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school. a family friend organized a biker's escort. one of the bikers said it was a moment he will never forget. >> he got uh hold of me and it was a death grip. then he eased up on it. i knew it was the highlight of his year if not his life. >> they wanted alex to know he is not alone and all of his classmates cheered as alex arrived at school. that's fantastic. with any luck he will not be bullied anymore and those kids have learned a lesson. >> well, sandhya has the forecast in a moment. what a beautiful day for baseball. and at the a's game the fans got a fun surprise. >> ♪ and the home of the brave the national anthem. he had practice singing at
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oracle arena and a number of other events. unfortunately the a's lost 9-4. of course, larry will have sports later. >> gave it their best shot. it was an absolutely stunning day out at the coliseum for baseball. it was beautiful. >> cool though into september. sandhya has the latest. >> it was definitely a gorgeous day, dan and ama, but cool by september standards for oakland only 72 degrees this afternoon. a lot of people are enjoying it, but i want to show you the wayneing gibbous. a few clouds and just enough break to see the moon rising over the bay. it is absolutely beautiful. as you look at live doppler 7hd we have limited low cloudiness and the temperatures are in the 60s except in half moon bay where it is 59 along with novato. from our emeryville camera you can see all the way across the bay. fog is not an issue.
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below normal through friday. we are looking at a normal pattern with beach weather for your labor day plans. an exploratorium camera gives you a glimpse of your morning. we will see some clouds and some clear skies and here is what everyone will notice. today was cooler than average. tomorrow we are repeating it again. santa rosa 80 degrees. it is 4 degrees below normal. same thing for san rafael at 76. san francisco is a little below normal. redwood city, san jose, 6 to 7 degrees cooler than average. i am not hearing too pain complaints. i just hear a request for rain. here is where the showers will stay in the pacific northwest. area of low pressure is what is responsible for the cooler than average conditions today. it continues through friday. we'll call it mild. the inland areas and even around the bay, here is what we will happen as we hit the weekend. things are going to change. we will see the temperatures
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come up on saturday, 70s, 80s, sunday we bring in some 90s in our inland spots. by monday, labor day, midto even upper 90s inland. get ready to hit the beach or the pool. we will start out on the cool side and we will see low cloud cover around the coast and the bay. make sure you bundle up when you leave home or have an extra layer. you may need it. then for the afternoon we are looking for a pleasant day below average. 81 degrees. 80 in livermore. 75 san jose. 72 san mateo. napa 77. 76 in san rafael. 66 in half moon bay. just like today it is going to be another breezy afternoon for your thursday and even your friday. look at those temperatures. accu-weather seven-day forecast showing an 18-degree spread from coast to inland tomorrow. this is unusual. we are used to the summer
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microclimates. we won't see them return until the second half of the holiday weekend. low 70s to upper 80s. sunday and monday is the mid-nineties inland and mid70s at the beaches. the last weekend of summer is one of the weekends where you have to take your plans outside. as you both know, we often get our offshore flow, warm, october weather at the coast. we'll wait for that. >> thank you, sandhya. just ahead, the bird that ran uh foul of the law and caught bay area commuters by surprise. >> how the chase ended. >> it happens where you live. >> construction equipment. >> struck a large electrical power. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> berkeley. >> san jose. >> san francisco. >> your story. >> 7 on your side is saving you money. >> this investigation started with a tip. >> i am with channel seven. will you talk to me? >> your everything. >> red flag warning in affect for the bay area. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for
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and if you love someone with celiac, or gluten sensitivity, you can too. a friendly beluga whale photo bombed a governor during a news conference. he seemed determined to steal the limelight the way he was known for visiting. >> traffic was foul on the bay bridge. i didn't write it. there was a run away chicken. the viewer tweeted this photo standing right in the middle -- pick a lane, buddy. the word is at the oakland animal services shelter in good health. it doesn't have a name yet, and they are taking suggestions along with applications to adopt it.
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i like nugget. >> put a fast track on the thing. >> they are already doing a name contest. >> drumstick? >> let's do the giants as well. there is pure frustration. the skipper gives the heave-ho. the playoffs hopes
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three one-run games. at dodger stadium, a lone giant fan in a sea of blue. the second inning for the giants pitched seven strong innings. when he boots it justin turner scores from first. kershaw dominant most of the actual. buster posey and you will all get nothing and like. it he threw 132 pitches. pagan driving in tomlinson. that lasted a milisecond. chase utley, the guy the giants tried to acquire homers. gefg them a two-run lead. giants threatening in the 9th. two on and kershaw
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drops it. a's came back from a 4-0 early deaf tau sit. he muscles up a two-run jack. they closed it within four-3. this was one of the rare days when sonny gray did not have it. hey, hey, hey, it is albert, pujols. career number 550 as the angels roll 9-4. former 49ers owner may take his rightful place in the pro-football hall of fame. he has been named as a finalist by the contributors committee. they won five super bowls and had to give up the team after a scare in louisiana. expected de d to get the call in the hall in february. a funny seen at the u.s. open. smashing the racket to smither reins and the crowd loved it so she went to give it some more.
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she lost 6-2 and 6-1. u.s. open super fan got the moment of a lifetime after beating andreas. it turned into an episode of dance party here. go know vac. go novak. down on the court and the star is born. abc7 sports is brought to you by xfinity. >> thanks, larry.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. wednesday. we appreciate your time as always. >> sandhya patel and larry beil and all of us here. thank you for joining us. right now on jimmy kimmle
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bobcat goldly. >> see you tomorrow. dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- amanda peet, bobcat goldthwait, and music from chris young. with cleto and the cletones. and now, that reminds me, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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