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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 3, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> abc7 news at 11 starts now with breaking news. >> break news, three santa clara correctional deputies charged with a stunning crime, the death of an inmate at the county jail a week ago. that for joining us. >> matt is at the reporter's office and has more on the story. matt? >> yes i am told the sheriff, the santa clara sheriff, will hold a press conference in the next hour to discuss the arrest of three correctional deputies. this about a week after a man was found dead inside his jail cell. the three charges of the
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correctional deputies are homicide, conspiracy and assault under the color of authority. a force identifies the correction a.m. -- correctional deputies with two arrested at home and one turned himself in. this is a week after 31-year-old mike tyree was found dead at his cell. a source familiar with the investigation told abc7 that michael tyree was screaming saying "i am sorry," and then silence. he suffered serious internal injuries consistent with being hit with a firm object and is described in courts as a transient and arrested for having drug paraphernalia and was awaiting to be transported to a crisis facility operated by san jose-based momentum for mental health but a bed was not available at that time. jail documents show a court date is set for september 8. the case pose to the district
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attorney. >> later to come on abc7 with matt. congressman mike honda said he did nothing wrong as the ethics committee is releasing a report on a congressional investigation involving his 2014 re-election campaign with the issue being whether a staffer offered prospective donors prime seats at a state department dinner in early 2013. his staff mistakes have been addressed by retraining. he maintains the constituents will forgive him as he reseeks a new term. >> car hit four peoples, a her and her three children, injuring all, at 2nd avenue after 7:00 this morning. our reporter joins us from children's hospital in oakland with an update. amy? >> yes, a three-year-old and a one-year-old were brought to the hospital when emergency crews were on the scene they were so
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worried of their head injuries they had them airlifted to the hospital but they do not have life-threatening injuries. >> residents on 2nd street rushed outside after 7:00 a.m. when they hear the crash. they found the mother and three children hit by a car. >> the kid was face down motionless. it was scary. a lot of blood. >> a translation was asked for the spanish speaking mother who could not move her legs. >> she kept saying the car came, the car came, that is all she could say. the cops are trying to determine if the kids were walking behind or front of her but she was pushing the baby, obviously. >> crews decided to take to children by helicopter to children's hospital because their injuries appeared light thrift being. the other child and mother were
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taken to another hospital with minor injuries. speeding is an issue on this street but they point out this a vision problem at this time of day. >> the sun was low at this point and when you cross, right new, this lady possibly cannot see much when you are against the sun. that is what happened. c.h.p. is now saying that the driver was going 15 miles per hour, was driving right into the sun and had just turned on his windshield wipers to cher off the windshield and that made him not see the family. the other child is eight and was taken to the hospital along with the mother but they are expected to be okay. >> thank you. fremont police are looking into the cause of a herrible accident in that city. a witness told abc7 that a woman was driving north on the parkway and she hit a tree and light post just before the
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intersection at thornton. you can see the car was nearly split in half. the witness said the woman appeared to be in bad shape but no official word open her condition. police closed the street for several hours to investigate. >> caltrain's board is awaying two san mateo sheriff deputies and a security guard for their heroic efforts after patrolling the redwood city california strain station when he prevented a suicide attempt. the deputies made headline after they saved the driver of a stalled car from an oncoming train. local dignitaries including united states representative jackie speier and others are attending the event. >> happening now, caltran is testing a new system to keep traffic moving on interstate 880. we were in berkeley as the new signs were testified for the first time. the signs have censors giving drivers important information, a green air oh meaning traffic is flowing. they tell drivers when to change lanes because of a crash or slow
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conditions. >> coalition of civic leaders is launching an e to raise the minimum wage across silicon valley, and san jose mayor liccardo will be joined pit mayors of campbell and palo alto and cupertino and a representative from the city of santa clara in the effort. that is called the largest collective effort in silicon valley to raise wages and backers of the plan point to the gap between the wealthy and work class as a rope it goes up. >> crews are working to maintain a wildfire in lake county on the not side of clear lake near the town of upper lake with firefighters were able to hold to 450 acres overnight. it is 20 percent contained. higher humidity overnight helped the crews to called in extra help from around the state. evacuations were ordered yesterday but they were lifted a short time later. >> developing news from north carolina where the military said that a marine has died and 11 were injured when a helicopter made a heartlanding at camp
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lejeune. this tragedy means there have been five aircraft-related crashes this year killing 18 marines the helicopter accident happened at the base at 9:00 last night. the chinook helicopter was on a training exercise with two marines hospitalized in stable condition. the others were treated and released. >> an army soldier in montana is lucky to be alive after a midair mishap. take a look at this photo, a special operations soldier was in the middle of a jump and his leg was tangled in the line and he plummeted to the ground but incredibly he did survive. an army spokesman said he was rushed to a local hospital and is being cared for away the clock. >> chilling picture. >> some developing news in kentucky a federal judge has ordered a defiant county clerk to go to jail after she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. this united states a district judge told the county clerk kim
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davis she would be jailed until she combined with his order. she argued her christian faith should exempt her from signing marriage licenses. the judge also said that deputy clerks if her office who do not issue licenses could also receive fines or go to jail ought nfl plans to appeal a ruling that overturns tom brady's working suspense, and a federal judge erased the suspension and opened the door for him to play in the opener for the patriots. he said he was aware that patriots under underinflated footballs in january but brady has denied the allegations. >> giants fans, tim lincecum may have thrown his last pitch at a member of the giants. the general manager announcing this morning that the right hander suffered a set back recentry while rehabilitating his hip and back injuries and will be out for the soap on the
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disabled list since june 28 after taking a line drive off the forearm and will be a free agent after this season. >> it appears those in high school may need to do more studying with concerns over s.a.t. scores and why many americans may not be ready for check on graduate dangerous. >> star wars fever is take over the nation with just announced toys and when fans can got their hands on them in the bay area. >> a look outside from emeryville camera looking cross the bay. it is blue. it is beautiful. meteorologist mike nicco has the
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>> freeway authorities confirm part of an aircraft wing discovered on an island in the india ocean belongs to flight 370. they used a serial number to link the part to the missing airplane. the boeing 007 vanished in march last year with 239 people on board. >> disappointing findings on california students with less than half of them are ready for college based on s.a.t. scores as a measure and the average score from california students is down nearly 30 percent in the last decade. nationally, test scores have reached a 10-year low. >> happening today east bay students get an upgrade to school lunches with the unified school district rolling out more nutritious meals with a focus on
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fresh produce from a grant by the government helping kitchens to install new equipment serving 2.5 million student meals each year in the bay area. >> and tonight, force friday is a worldwide happening and you can get newest toys from the force awake bees collection. everyone is wanting that. janet o has that story. >> force friday has begun in some parts of the world where fans are lining up to get the toys. in the united states, the retailer open at midnight. >> thousands wanted the star wars unboxing live stream on youtube. >> toys are based on the newest star wars movie, the force awakens, out in december. each city opened a new toy for the first time, and they
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fighter going to one lucky man in another city. the 15 city worldwide eventened in san -- event ended in san francisco this morning. the falcon. >> it has captured the hearts of so many as seen on "good morning america" today. >> you can open up with a lot of details and a lot of figures. >> in less than 24 hours, you can get your hands on them, too, in the united states. >> my inner child is freaking out right now. >> i am sure that is happening for a lot of folks. clothes. books. clothing. costumes and more all are on sale tonight including disney stores and target and some wal-mart locations. >> we know the force is always
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with this give, meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, from the top of the news broadcast center, where i am feeling the force of wind, the winds 6 change making it feel like fall but i an going to put some warm weather in the weekend forecast and just how far behind are we in the rainfall? i will show you a map to give you an idea how much we need to make up. >> labor day sale you should avoid for a better deal later in the year. >> explore where you live and how you can soak up the last day of the summer right here in the
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> if you are looking for a bargain on labor day weekend you may want to avoid barbecues because the best sale of the grills will be in two weeks when we go into fall, and other sales to avoid is fall clothing with the deepest discounts in november. televisions and electronics and kids' stories are the cheapest on black friday and holiday airfare, the best deals are early october. >> so glad you told me. >> i will wait a couple of months. >> what kind of clothes would you need tomorrow or tomorrow? meteorologist mike nicco? >> that is a great question. transition opening from the cooler nights to the warm and sunny fall-like afternoons and you could go through a couple of wardrobe changes. maybe even been diva-like if you like. as far as our wet weather or lack thereof, since 2011, the
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color coat on the left and look where san francisco all the way to lake tahoe, we are down a year to a year and a half of rainfall. that is how much we need to make up the deficit. around los angeles, more than 2" so it could be worse, but most of our reservoirs are up where we are in the 1-1.5" rain so we need that but we cannot make it up in one year. here is a look at what will what today. grab the sunglasses. it is bryce. hold on to the hats and steering wheel across the bridges today because the winds are going to be gusty. if you like to sleep with the windows you may need an extra blanket with 40s possible inland valleys and, still, looking hot in the afternoon. today, the big story besides the winds and the cooler air mass is bringing 2-3 degree
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the breezes have picked up again, in oakland, hayward, concord, and fairfield and nine in novato and napa but the bay bridge, san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridges will see the greatest turbulence from the wind. that is why you have small craft advisory. it will go through 9:00 starting now. the winds at 5:00, in double digits but santa rosa and overnight they will relax. look how they pick up again and faster tomorrow at 15-20 miles per hour and blowing sand if you are near our peoples. mid-to-upper 70s in the south bay today with milpitas and santa clara and san jose at 75 and a new hoodie? wear it tonight, 66 at 7:00, at levi stadium dropping down to secretary by the end of the game. low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula today, and mid-60s along the coast and touch upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, and 74 vallejo to 80 in santa rosa as
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you video across the north bay and 71 in richmond and berkeley and oakland at 72 and 75 in fremont and upper 70s to low 80s in our inland east bay neighborhood the tonight, you could see the low 50s around santa rose and napa and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50s and not much cloud cover. tomorrow, winds are fastest, the temperatures are coolest and we rebound on saturday back to average. sunday, mop, into tuesday, 70s at coast, 80 around the bay and 90 inland. it can change rapidly this time of the year and it will when we get to the weekend. enjoy the fall-like flavor. >> music streaming at pandora is topping a new list of apps creating the most revenue worldwide. accord to analytic company pandora brought in more money than any other app and it is free to download and use but it offers a paid service, call and messaging app lines came in second and followed by dating app and apple's pay to ask, and
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spotify. >> there is a lot to do across the bay area this labor day weekend and here is leyla gulen with the ideas for where you live. >> folks looking to sock up the nice day of summer should head to the monterey county fair for farm fresh fun, celebrating agriculture. the fair runs law labor day. >> the last gasp of summer is captured at millbrae art and wine festival. enjoy live music, food, and wine during the mardi gras inspired party. the beat of brazil can be it -- felt in berkeley to celebrate rio de janeiro so dress in traditional white attire for food and more. for more information go to
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>> listen to this, the bay area nature of said he knows what is important when disaster strikes why it is family first and
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>> coming up at 4:00, a new study on attention deficit
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hyperactivity disorder and who is detect this in children were earlier than doctors. turning your lawn over to a row pot. "7 on your side" reveals how well they cut your grass. >> bay area man who calls the central valley home escaped an apartment fire with with his kit when everyone was safe he went back in. >> i wanted my ribs, because i put the ribs open at 3:00 in the morning. >> he knows what is important. family. then the ribs. he grew up in west oakland and talked to a photojournalist about rib rescue. he was saying he was barbecuing the ribs and he noticed a fair next door and went back in. weapon the family was safe, we are so impressed, the ribs look perfect not even smoky or burned, just the right amount. and he is hold them for the camera.
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this guy really had his priorities straight. now i want to try the ribs. >> that will do it for us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> a look at a beautiful day, make it a great one.
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>> yeah! aah! aah! [cheers and applause] [laughs] thank you, everybody. i'm terry crews. welcome to millionaire, including all of you out there who watch my other show brooklyn nine-nine. [cheers and applause] today's first contestant once dined with the queen of england. she's hoping to leave today with the title [british accent] "duchess of millionaire." from new york city, please welcome julie kling. [laughs] yeah. how are you darling? yes. how are you? so nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> please. please make yourself at home. >> thank you, sir. >> [normal voice] oh, that was horrible. how did you get a chance


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