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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. first at 4:00, three santa clara deputies find themselves on the other side of the law today. they have been arrested for the death of an inmate found dead in the santa clara county jail last week. we learned in the last two hours he died from internal bleeding due to blunt force trauma. >> the correctional deputies arrested today are matthew ferris, gerald lubrun and rafael rodriguez. david joins us with more. >> reporter: the sheriff's office here has been under tremendous pressure for its silence over the past week, ever since tyrie was found dead in his cell in the main county jail, so key facts finally have come out in a news conference
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held a short time ago. even the fbi has been invited in to make sure the sheriff's department has done a fair and thorough investigation. it was rare to see sheriff smith grow emotional as she extended her sympathy to the family of the inmate who died in the jail last thursday morning. the county coroner was here too to announce that the 31-year-old sustained multiple blunt force trauma and bled to death in his single occupancy cell on the sixth floor of the main jail. the sheriff's office was silent for a week until they revealed two deputies were arrested at their homes this morning. rodriguez surrendered later. >> each was booked, fingerprinted and photographed at the very same jail where they're accused of taking the life of an inmate they swore to protect. >> reporter: tyrie was discovered unresponsive. he was naked and covered in feces on the floor of his jail. >> those deputies were the only people, including staff and
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inmates, who last had contact with mr. tyrie prior to the man down radio transmission. >> reporter: the attorney representing the family is grateful for the sheriff's office investigation and arrest but says michael was the victim of a serious problem. >> michael had struggled many years with mental illness, so this gives, you know, great pause and great opportunity for us to think about how we as a system treat mentally ill people. >> reporter: the president of the naacp in san jose hopes better mental health care results from the death. >> we would really push for more mental health facilities inside and more mental health training for each officer that would work on that floor. >> reporter: this case now goes to the district attorney's office to decide what charges may be filed. the sheriff's office is asking for three felony charges, specifically homicide, conspiracy and assault under the color of authority. the earliest the three deputy sheriffs can appear in court is next tuesday.
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we are live in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has been digging into the background of the three corrections deputies who are now under arrest. she's learned one of them, matthew ferris, was on the wrong side of the law once before. coming up at 5:00, we'll finding out what melanie has uncovered. the elk fire in lake county has grown to 670 acres today. the fire started yesterday afternoon just before 3:00 off elk mountain and mt. dinger road. no evacuations are planned for tonight. residents who were evacuated last night are able to return home. the fire is 25% contained. just a terrible accident this morning in pacheco when a car hit four people, a mother and her three children. >> it happened near 2nd avenue and shadowwood drive just after 7:00 this morning. the injured kids were airlifted to children's hospital oakland. >> reporter: residents rushed outside just after 7:00 this morning when they heard the
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crash. outside they found a mother and her three kids had been hit by a car. >> the kid was lying face down motionless. pretty scary. there was a lot of blood. >> reporter: shanecar was asked to translate for the spanish-speaking mother who was on the ground and didn't appear to move her legs. >> she just kept saying the car came and boom. that's all she said say. the cops are trying to determine if the kids were walking behind her, in front of her, but the stroller was upside down. she was pushing a baby obviously. >> reporter: emergency crews decided to take two of the children by helicopter to children's hospital because their injuries appeared life-threatening. the other child and the mother were taken to another hospital with minor injuries. residents say speeding is an issue on this street but they also point out a vision problem this time of day. >> the sun was pretty low and when you cross -- right now this
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lady possibly cannot see much when you're against the sun. i guess that's what happened. >> reporter: a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old were brought here to children children's. we're being told they are not suffering life-threatening injuries. the 8-year-old and the mother were taken to another hospital and are expected to be okay. the driver was going about 15 miles per hour, was driving into the sun and had just turned on the windshield wipers to clear off condensation when he hit the family. it is take two for b.a.r.t.'s transbay tube closure. they will halt train service saturday, sunday and monday so workers can do rail work. they will offer shuttle buses across the bridge but once you get into san francisco, getting around this time could be trickier because muni will close down king and 4th street near the caltrain station for work on the central subway. riders on the t-3rd line will need to switch to the n line to continue downtown.
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you can counting on abc 7 news as b.a.r.t. gets ready to close down the transbay tube. we set up a special page on our website on how to get around this weekend. just go to it's time for a check on our weather with spencer christian. >> it's another stunningly beautiful day. we have mainly blue sky, a light little breeze coming off coastline there and cooler than average temperatures. here's live doppler 7 hd. let's move other to the central sierra where we still have fire concerns. red flag warning is in effect tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. from lake tahoe southward and then eastward. back here in the bay area this is how it looks looking over san francisco. it's currently 66 in san francisco, oakland 68. mid-70s at mountain view. san jose, morgan hill at 64, half moon bay. a few clouds over sfo but skies are mainly blue. it's 80 in santa a, low to
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mid-70s at napa and novato and upper 70s at concord and livermore. here's our first forecast. mainly clear and breezy conditions this evening. pretty much the same thing tomorrow morning. bright skies, a little cool in the inland valleys. tomorrow afternoon cooler than average but under mainly sunny skies highs from low to mid-60s at the coast to almost 80 inland. a big warmup is coming our way and i'll show you that in just a moment. five deputy clerks in a kentucky county have agreed to issue marriage licenses after a judge jailed the county clerk who refused to do so. >> crowds gathered outside the kentucky court where this morning a u.s. district judge told rowan county clerk kim davis she would be jailed until he complied with the order to start issuing those licenses. same-sex couples applauded the decision. >> the judge did his job by following the law. >> davis has argued her christian faith should exempt
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her from signing marriage licenses. despite her refusal the clerk's office will issue licenses starting tomorrow. a legal victory for patriots tom brady. a federal judge overturned the san mateo native's four-game suspension stemming from deflategate. >> the nfl appealed today's decision. here's more details from new york city. >> reporter: it's one more victory for tom brady, who can now start the season at quarterback for the new england patriots after a judge overturned his four-game suspension. there's no determination whether brady actually tampered with footballs used in the afc title game back in january. rather, the judge took aim at the way the nfl handled the controversy. >> the process itself was so deficient in so many ways that he needed to overturn it. he needed to vacate that decision. >> reporter: the court found brady was never given proper notice about what he was being accused of and what the consequences might be, a violation of rights so basic, judge richard berman said nfl commissioner roger goodell maybe said to have dispensed his own
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brand of industrial justice. the nfl said it would appeal but would not seek a stay of the judge's ruling, leaving brady free to play a week from tonight when the patriots open their season against pittsburgh. >> i'm a little surprised but there's nothing we can do about it. we just have to be prepared to play against tom and the crew up there in new england. >> reporter: in new england, patriots fans rejoiced. >> i was confident from the beginning that he didn't do anything. >> reporter: and the patriots reacted to the decision with a simple tweet, showing a photo of brady pumping his fist. okay, so what's your take on this? >> you have to put this in perspective. this wasn't just like a routine loss. if you put it in football terms, this is the equivalent of 45-0 brady over goodell and the commissioner and the nfl. you've got to point out that judge berman didn't rule on whether brady conspired to deflate the footballs, he ruled that the process used by the commissioner was unfair and
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there was nothing independent about the so-called independent investigation, essentially the judge said this whole thing was a sham the way they set it up to rule against him. >> but is goodell in jeopardy of losing his job? >> it's going to be interesting to see. i don't think any time soon. nfl owners care about one thing, cash -- >> i was going to say money. >> money. and on his watch, team values have exploded. basically under goodell every team is now worth about a billion dollars. if you like cash, roger goodell has done a fabulous job for you. the one thing that nobody can really figure out that has not been addressed is why roger goodell would push so hard to crush the poster boy for the nfl. tom brady is squeaky clean, he's one of the best players in history. he's so popular, you don't see him in off-the-field trouble or anything. he's like a model, he's married to a supermodel. what company goes out of its way to destroy its most popular product? you don't say mcdonald's say you
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know those big macs, you don't want to eat that. soak so coca-cola doesn't suspend coke sales. nobody would do this. it makes no sense. and so going forward now, what's going to happen the next time roger goodell tries to suspend anybody? it's going to be a sprint to the courthouse steps. >> right. >> this really puts everything into question in terms of what his real powers are. they're going to have to set up some independent board to rule on these suspensions, because nobody is going to want to follow what he has to say at this point. >> and our abc 7 viewers are actually sounding off about this and tom brady on our facebook page. we've received hundreds of comments both supportive and critical. we do want to know what you think so go to one other sports item today, tim lincecum is probably throwing his last pitch as a member of the giants. the team announced this afternoon that timmy underwent surgery on his left hip.
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he'll be out for the rest of the season. he hasn't pitched for a while, he's been on the disabled list since june 28th and then we learned about this hip injury. timmy is 31 years old. he'll be a free agent after this season and there's no way the giants are likely to re-sign him so his days as a giant are effectively over. well, we've got circles, triangles and stick figures telling boys and girls to use different restrooms at school. still ahead at 4:00, the new sign of the times on a san francisco campus. and the hottest ticket in the country, a bay area congresswoman is giving her constituents a chance to see pope francis in washington, d.c. and new at 4:30, a smoother commute for drivers and a notorious bay area traffic
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you know those stick figure signs showing which bathrooms are for boys and which ones are for girls? they can be found at almost every school in the country. one san francisco school some of them are now gone and in their place are new signs for gender neutral bathrooms. abc 7 news education reporter lyanne melendez is live to explain. >> reporter: do you know that the white house has a gender neutral restroom and many schools and private companies have them also but mira loma wants all bathrooms converted. these first graders never have to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom, there are two. last year there was one bathroom
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for the boys and another for the girls. today both are gender neutral. >> we changed the signs, we change the way we teach our students that we don't have boys and girls rest rooms, we have rest rooms. >> some of the bathrooms in the common areas have also been changed. now instead of having two stalls inside, there is only one and it's neutral. the changes came about after a few parents told school officials their children were not gender specific. >> they told us that they have children that are on the gender spectrum, which means they may have been born biologically with one gender but they identified with a different gender and that they weren't comfortable going to the bathroom. >> reporter: kevin gogan is the director of safety and wellness for the school district. he says students identify their gender even before they start kindergarten. >> children identify aspects of themselves as early as six months. >> reporter: the school says when parents were presented with the new idea, they had plenty of questions. >> so there are absolutely parents with questions.
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more about the logistics than anything else. i haven't heard a single parent say that they didn't like this or it was unnecessary. >> reporter: so far the changes have been made in the kindergarten and first grade classrooms. the second and third graders will eventually see their bathrooms become gender neutral, an easy task because they too have bathrooms in the classroom. the challenge will be for students in fourth and fifth grades who don't. the school is working on ways to accommodate everyone. now, the school was already in the middle of a retrofitting project, so they spent very little to make these changes. now, transforming the fourth and fifth grade bathrooms will be more of a financial challenge for them. now, we could eventually see this at every school in the school district. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. residents facing eviction on yerba buena island are asking for the city to reverse course and stop a planned displacement
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from their homes. abc 7 news was at city hall this morning as those who would be pushed out by the condos, hotel and ferry terminal voiced their frustration. >> so i'm asking all of san francisco to step up and say no to a fantasy luxury island built by luxury developers. >> the city owns the land it's planning to redevelop. the roughly 100 residents who would be displaced have been offered relocation packages. the pressure is mounting on twitter's board of directors to name a new permanent ceo. the company's stock has slipped 22% in the last three months with several executives leaving the firm. twitter's board is meeting today and plans to discuss the results from the search so far. sources close to the board say interim leader and co-founder jack dorsey is the leading internal candidate. pope francis addresses a joint session of congress this month and representative jackie
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spear wants a few constituents to experience it. spear is giving away 50 tickets to watch the pope's address from the west lawn of the capitol on september 24th. the tickets will be given away in a lottery and only available to those who live in spears' district. and speaking of pope francis' visit, i will be traveling to washington, d.c., to bring you coverage. the pontiff will father. we are heading into a nice holiday weekend. it should be warm and spencer christian is outside with the latest on the forecast that a lot of people are interested in. >> if you like warm weather for a three-day holiday weekend, this is the weekend for you, although you wouldn't know that by today's weather. here's live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies all across the bay
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area and we'll maintain that sunny pattern through the weekend and into next week and see quite a warmup over the weekend. looking at the golden gate bridge where skies are blue and traffic is sailing. these are our forecast features. we'll have below average temperatures again tomorrow but a warmer pattern begins on saturday and the warming will peak perfectly on labor day. now, satellite/radar composite image shows a pool of cooler air that's bringing us a fall-like system bringing us a fall-like pattern. even as that low drops southward and produces a little rain in the northernmost part of california, the bay area will remain dry and breezy. the rain will not make it this far south. as we go into the holiday weekend, here's the warmup we can expect. on saturday look for inland highs to get into the low to mid-80s. we'll see upper 70s around the bay. on sunday a bit warmer, some 90s inland, some upper 80s around the bay and monday, labor day, some upper 90s in the warmest inland spots. mid-80s around the bay and mid-70s on the coast. that is quite a warmup.
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tonight mainly clear skies. maybe a few patches of light, low clouds near the coast from half moon bay southward. low temperatures will be mainly in the upper 50s. then tomorrow mainly sunny, breezy in some spots, especially near the coast and the bay. in the south bay we'll see highs ranging from low to mid-70s for the most part, 73 at san jose. 72 at redwood city, 73 palo alto, mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco will reach a high of 67 tomorrow with breezy conditions. up in the north bay valleys, look for highs in the mid to upper 70s from napa, sonoma up to santa rosa. checking out the east bay highs, 71 in oakland, 72 at newark, 73 fremont. the inland east bay will round out mainly in the upper 70s. 77 at concord and livermore, 78 fairfield, 79 at antioch. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. there's your warming for the weekend. couldn't be better timing. monday, labor day, we'll see highs in the mid to upper 90s,
4:22 pm
inland upper 80s, mid-70s around the coast and it will remain warm the rest of the week. we'll see temperatures gradually taper off but it's a warm span from saturday through next thursday. >> thank you so much, spencer. up next, forget the race for the white house in 2016, it's all about campaign 2020 at one southern california building. and new after 4:30, the vicious crash that caused this ca
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get interest-free financing until 2019 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it's never too early to start thinking about the next decade. take a look at this sign sitting atop the historic vertigo building in downtown los angeles. someone appears to be starting kanye west's presidential campaign quite early. west claimed that he run for president in 2020 at the mtv video awards on sunday. >> i'm not sure america is ready for first lady kim kardashian.
4:25 pm
with the academy awards next year. >> the show's producers announced today there will be two hosts instead of the traditional one. the last duo to hit the stage was anne hathaway and james franco in 2011. they get mixed reviews at best. >> you're being kind. >> yeah, i know. >> speculation is already building about a possible team. now, this could be good, teeny fay and amy poehler. they're at the top of the list if you've going to put two people out there, that's probably thumbs up. there's a lot to do across the bay area this labor day weekend. >> here's leyla gulen with some ideas to explore where you live. >> folks looking to soak up the last days of summer should head to the monterey county fair. this year's theme, farm fresh fun and celebrates one of california's most important industries, agriculture. the fair runs through labor day. meanwhile, the last blast of summer is being captured at the 45th annual millbrae art and wine festival. this year the pulsating rhythm of the big easy comes to the bay area. enjoy live music, food and wine
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during the mardi gras inspired party. and finallying the percussive beat of brazil will be in berkeley this sunday. brazilian day, come dressed in the traditional attire. for more information about these and -- events where you live go to ours website, abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. may the fourth be with you. star wars frenzy is about to hit toy stores here in the bay area and across the country. plus how this new smart sign could make for a smoother commute for drivers in a well-known bay area traffic trouble spot. and the face of heartache. today a 3-year-old boy trying to escape to a better life is becoming a symbol of the
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news making headlines where you live today as we approach 4:30, tlooep santa clara county correctional deputies have been arrested for murder in the death of an inmate at the county jail, matthew farris, jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez are in custody for the death of 31-year-old michael tyree. melanie woodrow was at the news conference and she tweets the sheriff said this violent
4:30 pm
cowardly act is not indicative of our values. melanie will have a full report coming up at 5:00. the preliminary hearing for francisco sanchez, who's accused of fatally shooting kate steinle on san francisco's pier 14 continues today. abc 7 news reporter vic lee says the prosecutor hopes to bolster her case amid the accidental firing defense. if you commute on interstate 80 you may have seen new signs going up over the busiest parts of the freeway. these are no ordinary road signs. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom live right now by one of those signs in emeryville with more. jonathan? >> reporter: well, you know right now they're pretty much just big black rectangles. when caltrans switches them on, they think they'll ease traffic jamtz before they ever start. you'll see them from the carquinez bridge all the way to the bay bridge, but the really big ones like this around richmond and berkeley. this morning caltrans gave drivers and reporters a little
4:31 pm
preview. 270,000 drivers a day brave this stretch of i-80 and ask any one of them. >> what is that commute like? >> miserable. >> once again the city is backed up all the way to the freeway. once you get to the faerreeway, it's backed up all the way. >> reporter: caltrans knows it's dangerous. >> there are twice as many accidents here on 80 as on a comparable corridors in southern california. >> reporter: big problems call for big solutions, so later this year caltrans will activate these digital road signs. >> the most extensive system of its kind in the entire state of california. >> reporter: during a brief test, engineers showed us how the signs will look when everything is normal and when there's trouble heed. indicators warn drivers to move over miles ahead of an accident. >> we anticipate about a 10% reduction in travel times and also about at least a 10% reduction in secondary accidents. >> reporter: still, some drivers take matters into their own hands. >> i try to take some shortcuts.
4:32 pm
they never seem to work, though. >> i will sometimes get off at ashby avenue or pal street if it's not moving. >> have you ever tried to take that shortcut when you get off the freeway and go down san pablo? >> oh, yes. what's that like? miserable. >> reporter: caltrans has a fix for that too. the same computers that run the signs can extend the green lights on san pablo and route drivers back on the freeway once they pass the accident. drivers are hopeful, though they know it won't solve the real problem. >> there's too many people and too many cars. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc evan news. police this afternoon are looking into a crash in fremont that nearly split a car in half. look at that. sky 7 hd was over the scene this morning where police say a woman was driving north when she hit a tree and light post just before the intersection at thornton avenue. authorities say she suffered major injuries. a construction worker died and two others are in the hospital after a wall collapsed
4:33 pm
today in brooklyn. police a say cinder block wall fell on the workers at a building under demolition this morning. the 19-year-old worker died shortly after an ambulance rushed him to the hospital. the other two workers are in stable condition. two marines are still in the hospital this afternoon after that helicopter accident that killed one marine and injured nearly a dozen others. it happened last night at camp lejeune in north carolina. the chinook helicopter was on a training exercise. a group of 20 marines were practicing exiting a helicopter by ropes when the chopper had to make a hard landing. a dangerous exercise prepares marines to enter and exit areas where helicopter landings would be difficult or perhaps impossible. french authorities are now confirming that part of an aircraft wing discovered on an island in the indian ocean in july does belong to malaysia airlines flight 370. the paris prosecutor's office says it was able to use a serial number to link the six-foot long fragment to the missing plane.
4:34 pm
the boeing 777 vanished on march the 8th of last year with all 239 people on board. the wing flap was discovered by a crew cleaning the beach on reunion island, a french territory just off the southern tip of africa. now to the growing humanitarian kroisz in europe. thousands of refugees are facing uncertainty as they try to escape the war-torn middle east and africa and enter western europe. now a 3-year-old boy is becoming the face of the heartache. we do want to warn you this story contains images some viewers might find disturbing. here's abc news reporter molly hunter. >> reporter: these refugees have crossed the halfway point, but here in serbia face sweltering heat with miles to go on foot. >> a never-ending stream of people coming over that macedonia border. we are on the serbian side here and the people just keep coming. we've been here about an hour and thousands of people have passed us. after serbia, they head to hungary, where trouble awaits. a dangerous barbed wire fence.
4:35 pm
a train station overwhelmed, trains taking refugees to camps. listen as they chant today, no camps. they want to move on before money runs out and get to western europe, to safety. before hungary and serbia, many krausds through macedonia. before that a harrowing journey on the high seas, but not everyone makes it that far. 2300 people have died on the water this year. earlier this week, at least 12 more. including iem, his corpse washed ashore. his father survived in agony. he says he's started steering the boat but it flipped in the waves. as he gathered his children in his arms, but they were already dead. >> it has to be the wake-up call for the whole world. >> reporter: but activists say no one is waking up fast enough. germany has said they expect to welcome 800,000 refugees this year alone. by comparison the u.k. has let in fewer than 300.
4:36 pm
but tonight in serbia, they have come too far to give up now, just 600 miles to germany. desperation and hope keeps them going. molly hunter, abc news in southern serbia. back in the u.s., los angeles mayor eric garcetti not wasting any time in his effort to win the 2024 summer olympic games for his city. garcetti and a contingent of local and u.s. olympic officials have traveled to switzerland today to meet with the head of the international olympic committee. this trip comes only two days after l.a. was chosen as the u.s. candidate. los angeles has hosted the games twice, in 1932 and 1984. four sisters, $200,000 of debt. coming up, how they managed to eliminate all of their bills in just two years. but first, not the type of commute that you would see here in the bay area. what the thousands of farmers take over a freeway today. i'm spencer christian. from our east bay hills camera we're looking at blue skies and pleasantly cool conditions but
4:37 pm
we'll have quite a weekend warmup. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment. checking our traffic, this is through san rafael. 101 southbound on your right-hand side. traffic is moving, decent amount of cars on the road but it's moving both directions. again, 101 southbound toward the city of san francisco on you
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. thousands of tractors on the highway. the wild sight was farmers in paris today protesting plunging
4:40 pm
food prices. they're demanding more help from the government. in response, france's prime minister added an emergency aid package and promised a year-long moratorium on debt repayment for the struggling farmers. if you went outside early this morning, you probably thought it's getting cold already here. >> yeah. >> maybe only for a day or so, right, spencer? >> it was a little bit cool in the early morningç hours. it will be again tomorrow morning but warmed up fairly nicely in the afternoon. here's live doppler 7 hd. we have sunny skies all across the bay area right now as you no doubt know, but let's take a look at the tropical pacific. pacific waters have been so much warmer than average. they are fueling the development of tropical systems. we've got tropical storm kevin, hurricane jimena, typhoon kilo but we are now tracking tropical storm kevin and the computer models are showing it going in all kinds of directions. we don't know where this thing is headed. by tuesday morning it could cross over a couple of points of
4:41 pm
baja, california, or moved directly north up toward the southernmost part of california or veering harmlessly out to sea so we'll have to wait for the mauls models to get in agreement. tomorrow mainly sunny and hot and steamy and humid. across the state of california we'll see a little shower activity in the northern part of the state. here in the bay area we'll see cooler than average conditions once again. breezy at the coast, highs ranging from 60s at the coast to low 70s around the bay to upper 70s in the warmest inland areas. a big warmup will come our way for labor day weekend just in time for the holiday weekend. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, donald trump finally reveals whether he will sign the gop's loyalty pledge. and sisters who made getting out of debt a family affair. their tips to wiping out $200,000 worth of bills. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. pg&e wants to raise your
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decision today as to whether he would sign the republican loyalty pledge. >> i have signed the pledge. >> and that move means that trump will back the gop's 2016 nominee for president, even if it's not him, and will skip a potential third-party bid as an independent. this decision comes just weeks after the billionaire refused to make such a promise in the campaign's first debate. he was the only candidate on stage not to make the commitment. gop leaders believe any third-party bid by an established republican could destroy the party's efforts to take back the white house. jeb bush is firing back at trump over controversial new comments made by the outspoken businessman. trump blasted bush for speaking spanish. he told a conservative website yesterday that bush is, quote, a nice man, but he should really set the example by speaking english while in the united states. bush fired back today on "good morning america" saying trump is trying to insult his way into the presidency. >> this is a diverse country.
4:46 pm
we should celebrate that diversity and embrace a set of shared values. mr. trump doesn't believe in those shared values. he wants to tear us down. he doesn't believe in tolerance. he doesn't believe in the things that have created the greatness of this country. >> bush routinely speaks spanish when he's on the campaign trail and he happens to be married to a mexican american woman. the obama administration says it wants to end discrimination of transgender people throughout the health care system. they are part of a much broader proposal released by the department of health and human services. the proposal clarifies that gender identity is covered under the affordable care act's ban against sex discrimination. imagine finding yourself $200,000 in debt. that was the case for four texas sisters but in just two years they managed to wipe it all clean. >> so how did they do it? as becky worley shows us, it was a team effort. >> reporter: the sisters from dallas, texas, had always been close. four young women four years apart but with one big problem
4:47 pm
they were all confronting. >> it was a bit embarrassing to admit that i have so much debt and i can't make a dent in it. in my case i had to stop making payments because i couldn't keep up. >> reporter: they had a combined income of $106,000 a year. between student loans, car payments and credit cards, their combined debt had ballooned to $182,000. insurmountable they feared. but then these sisters came up with a novel concept. band together and attack it as a team. >> their loan became our loan. it was no longer your debt, it was our debt. >> reporter: and now they're sharing their secrets. first step, move in together. all four sisters rented a house and became roommates, a savings of $400 a month. another secret, they direct deposited their paychecks to a joint account. >> we're going to pass out some allowance. >> reporter: and held sister meetings where they handed out an allowance of $75 each every two weeks for spending money.
4:48 pm
the plan, credit cards paid off first, student loans last, and within a month credit cards were paid in full. would you believe that within six months, all of their car loans were paid off too. a savings of $844.86 a month. just getting started. another cost-cutting tip, they combined car insurance policies, saving $191 a month or $2,292 a year. they also cut out cable tv, saving $174 a month or $2,088 a year. now, $75 every two weeks isn't a lot of money so how did they get by? when they did go out, they shared entrees. shopping for clothes, well, that was done at thrift stores. incredibly, 18 months after they started, all four student loans were paid in full. >> there's no way we would have gotten done with our payments within the next ten, 15 years. >> and definitely no way we
4:49 pm
would have done it in 18 months. >> reporter: $182,000 in debt vanished in 18 months by sheer discipline, sacrifice and a plan that could work for you too. becky worley, abc news, new york. >> wow. well, you could soon be paying more for gas and electricity. >> pg&e is asking the state for permission to raise your rates. 7 on your side's michael finney has that story. >> reporter: consumer advocates are ticked off. >> how about people? regular people don't like it either. >> reporter: who wants to pay more, right? pg&e wants permission to raise rates again. the rate hike would add about $4 per month to the average pg&e bill. the company says it needs the revenue for upgrade technology and gas lines. consumer advocates say $4 would be a big hit for many rate payers and they say pg&e has mishandled funds in the past. the utility has come under fire for shoddy maintenance, blamed for the fatal gas line explosion
4:50 pm
in san bruno five years ago. if approved by the cpuc, the rates, however, would not go into effect until 2017. a warning about an app that allows children to hide photos on their smartphones has gone viral. the district attorney in blount county, alabama, posted this video of herself talking about the private photo app. now, there's a bunch of those, but the warning has attracted 1.4 million views in two days. the reason this is really gaining some grounds, i think, because the app looks like a calculator. it tricks consumers and parents. but when you punch in a code it can reveal a hidden photo album. casey tells parents if they see the app to demand the code from their children. where do you shop more, online or at a big box store? a study by the university of michigan may surprise you. economists found online shopping grew tenfold from 2000 to 2013. quite a leap, but sales grew
4:51 pm
even more at warehouse stores like costco and sam's club. costco sales alone grew by $50 billion during that time period. amazon sales rose by $38 billion. even though it seems everybody is shopping online, researchers say online sales account for, get this, less than 8% of all of our buying. >> wow. >> did they count ama in that? i think it's going to be higher. she's in there. >> you're so cruel to me. all right. >> was i wrong? am i not correct about this? >> i'm not saying that. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next, the force is about to hit bay area toy stores. >> yeah, where you can get your hands on the new star wars toys about to hit shelves. and now here's dan ashley in the newsroom with what's ahead at 5:00. hi, guys. coming up next at 5:00, a five-year legal saga is over. the massive fines tonight for the tech titans of silicon valley. and the south bay is trying to do what no one else has been able to. the unprecedented effort
4:52 pm
underway in the fight for a living wage. we'll explain the plan. those stories and a lot more when cheryl jennings and i see [female announcer] through labosave up to $400 onin's beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2019 on tempur-pedic.
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tonight in primetime here on abc 7, we have the "shark tank" spin-off, "beyond the tank." stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. now, the new "star wars" movie isn't out until december but there's a lot of anticipation building. tonight is a big night for devotees of luke skywalker at crew. >> at midnight a new batch of star wars toys go on sale. wayne friedman is live where they'll be open late and maybe very busy tonight. wayne. >> reporter: well, we're thinking they're going to be very busy. the lines have not materialized yet, but we're told that the lines will be here. not only in san francisco at the disney store but over my shoulder here at this target, which will stay open tonight until 2:00 a.m. all to meet the demand for new star wars toys.
4:56 pm
dear parents, as the force is going to hit tomorrow, on a friday, it is best that we prewarn you on this thursday. >> calling it a toy doesn't do it justice. >> reporter: if you've been watching a youtube feed or television around the globe, you may have already seen these star wars items unwrapped and oogled over in multiple earthly languages. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: at the san francisco disney store, however, they remain under lock and key until midnight. same at this target. >> it's all the new stuff. >> reporter: but not on hait street where a store called super seven will have eight boxes for sale beginning tomorrow, though not even luke martinez, who manages the place, knows the prices yet. >> that keeps me from selling it and keeps me from any markup. i know how much i paid for it but don't know how much it will be on the floor for in many
4:57 pm
tomorrow. >> all this is the master of the universe classic line. >> reporter: and a never-ending procession of devotees like kevin garcia awaiting the new memorabilia and craving the old. >> i think it made me happy when i was a little kid watching, that's what gets me going. >> reporter: some of these from a previous generation and previous movies are now worth three figures. go figure that. >> it's worth more because there's a finite amounti. they're not making any more. >> reporter: true, hence the hoopla. in any language, may the sales force be with you. from san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> i think wayne has got his eye on a little chuy there. lucas films is owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7. >> thank you so much for joining
4:58 pm
us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> thank you. breaking news in sacramento. shots fired by a college campus. we'll have the latest information available. plus -- >> the disappointment and disgust that i feel cannot be overstated. >> the death of an inmate, three deputies arrested for his murder. what the family is telling abc 7 news. no longer separating the boys from the girls. tonight the new plan for kindergarteners at a bay area school. and strike up the band. the musicians suited up and ready to march to inspire bay area students. ♪ breaking news out of sacramento tonight. police say one person has died after being shot near the sacramento city college campus. >> this is a live picture right now of the campus. it is on lockdown. sacramento police say two other men have also been shot and are
4:59 pm
in the hospital right now. the shooting happened near the baseball field. >> officers are looking for the suspect near freeport boulevard and sutterville road. the campus is not far from the sacramento zoo. campus police are asking people to stay away from that area tonight. as you look at the maps, it gives you a better sense of the area we're talking about, which is again near sacramento city college campus. one person is dead. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. now to our other top story. a law enforcement bombshell in the south bay. three deputies at the jail arrested for murder. >> each accused murderer was booked, fingerprinted and photographed at the santa clara county main jail, the very same jail where they're accused of taking the life of an inmate they swore to protect. >> authorities today identified the inmate who died under the watch of three jail guards. the santa clara county sheriff says 31-year-old michael tyree was beaten to death. abc 7 news reporter david louie
5:00 pm
broke the news of tyree's cause of death on twitter this afternoon. melanie woodrow joins us now from the jail live with more on those accused deputies. melanie. >> reporter: yeah, according to court documents that were available to us today, these three correctional deputies had not faced similar charges previously, but at least one of them had been in trouble with the law. tonight abc 7 news has learned of new allegations of abuse inside this jail. correctional deputies, 27-year-old rafael rodriguez, 28-year-old jereh lubrin and 27-year-old matthew farris face murder, conspiracy and assault under the color of authority charges in connection with the death of 31-year-old santa clara county inmate michael tyree. tyree died from internal bleeding due to blunt force trauma. >> this violent cowardly life that took mr. tyree's life is not indicative of the values that we expect and honor wit


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