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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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driver speed down the freeway at over 100 miles per hour southbound we we to get away from the sheriff deputies. we hear the driver took several exits before getting back on the freeway. each time, finally, you can see the driver hit the median of 101 two miles south of the sonoma marin line. officers with guns drawn got the driver out. it is not known what initiated the chase. >> three south bay corrections officers are in jail themselves this morning charged with murder in the beating death of a mentally impaired inmate. cornell barnard has the latest. >> disappointment and disgust cannot be overstated. >> laurie smith was emotional announcing the arrest of her
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three deputies, farris and three deputies, farris and lubrin and rodriguez, >> they were to do a routine search of the cell, but he bled to death after expensing trauma, he was naked in the cell covering in feces. >> the attorney representing the family of michael. >> michael struggled many years with mental i willness. in reality, he was incustody as a result of criminal acts allegedly occurring that really were a result of mental illness. >> the three deputies were the
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only ones on video the night that tyree died. video evidence is not released. a neighbor lives next door to the house where the deputy lubrin grew up said he was good and cannot believe he was charged with murder. >> the three deputies are charged with suspicious of murder, assault under color of authority and conspiracy. they could be arraigned on tuesday. in san jose for abc7 news. >> a san francisco judge refused to throw owe the confession made by kate steinle's accused killer, as the preliminary hearing continues for francisco sanchez after a tourist testified taking cell phone pictures after hearing gun shot showing francisco sanchez walking away from pier 14. an expert testified the bullet ricocheted before hitting kate steinle. a decision is due whether francisco sanchez be tried and if so on charges of murder or
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manslaughter. >> miss believe a verbal dispute escalated into gunfire leashing a student dead and another person seriously wounded at sacramento city college. a man opened fire in a campus parking lot at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. he ran off. he is still on the loose. police urged students and staff to take cover inside campus building. >> they said to go to the reports and we could leave. they did not tell us what was going on. we had to stay there for 45 minutes to an hour. we were stuck. >> officials lifted the campus wide lockdown and canceled evening classes. >> premise are looking for two home burglaries who stepped over the line from lars my to cruelty the look at this man, they tricked a family dog into eating glass. here is the latest. >> two burglars were captured on surveillance video about to break into a fremont home on
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august 25 around 9 pock a.m. and the homeowner who wants to be identified only as george, said the camera was shooting 30 second clips every five minutes and it missed the burglar smashing the sliding glass door and doing the unthinkable. >> what they did was throw dog feet and dog treats into the glass as a way to silencing the dog. >> the black lab was pleading from her mouth and the water bowl was red and george rushed her to a veterinarian thing she ate glass. >> probably the dog was lucky and got in there as labs do and ate the first treat or two and cut his mouth and backed off and did not take any more. >> veterinarian thinks she may is passed a few pieces and george thinks he knows why the burglars smashed the sliding glass door. >> opening the door would set off the alarm. >> police say they have seen an upstick in this method of burglary since the beginning of summer. now, george has decided to pay
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for the upgrade that senses broken windows and police want to charge the suspects with more than just burglary. they are facing animal cruelty charges. in fremont for alan wang for abc7 news. >> it is 4:35. condemned inmates at san quentin receive visitors this weekend another sign that the prison is getting back to normal after an outbreak of league air's disease and can resume taking showers starting today. the outbreak began august 27. more than 100 inmates got sick and water had to be shut off to the prison. league air's disease is a severe form of pneumonia spread by steam, mist or moisture. >> a bill blocking pg&e from getting a tax break on $1.6 billion fine could be reconsidered next week. the state regulators imposed record setting penalty after the deadly 2010 gas explosion in san bruno. according to the
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chronicle" stopped them great writing east the fine which would save the utility $115 million. lawmakers may vote again before they adjourn on september 11. >> california drivers could soon have to pay a new fee to help fix our crumbling roads. the governor brown is roping $65 a year user fee when you register and there would be increases in the state's diesel and gas taxes tied to inflation. the plan would generate $3.6 billion a year to spend on roads because this is a tax increase involved, he would need two-thirds support of the legislature. >> all three hero whose took down a gunman on a french train now are home in sacramento. >> spencer stone landed to a cheering crowd at the air force base with a few hugs after
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stopping a terror on a train last month. sacramento will have a parade for all three men on september 11. >> it is 4:37. we have the weekend forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. it has been cool. we will make a u-turn? >> and quickly. starting tomorrow. today, check out our temperatures, we are running 52 in west portal, waking up in ocean beach, 56 and crissy field, downtown, bayview, mission district, heading into the sunny side and look at all 56 degrees. ferry building is 58 and financial district is 57 degrees. look at the 40's we talked about, american canyon, petaluma, healdsburg, 46, 47, 49 in, we have palo alto at 48, and santa clara at 52 degrees and saratoga at 50. pleasanton is 52. san leandro at 57. a west wind at eight and it
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sounds breezies but they will pick up this afternoon, with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s inland and mid-to-upper 60s along the coast and behind this area you could see the bay temperatures which will be in the low-to-mid 70s. we will look at walnut creek where it is 59 degree right new. we will have temperatures spending tomorrow back to average and look at this, we are in the my 70s along the coast for holiday weekend and upper 80s to midnight away the bay and inland and i let you know if that will last in the seven-day outlook. >> i will take you to tracy where we have a severe traffic alert, on 205, you can see slowing in the westbound directions, the right lane is closed for emergency repairs because of an early accident so we do have lanes blocked off causing delays from i-5 making the merge and when you are beyond that you can see the traffic is light, still, and it is friday so hopefully we will maintain a lighter traffic day
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especially ahead of the holiday but do expect traffic to be heavy as folks head out of town for the labor day holiday this afternoon. as you head along the altamont pass beyond vasco you will see the speeds pick up and then the slowing is closer to the dublin interchange with areas of construction. drive time traffic 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin, through the north bay is clear and the santa cruz mountains no delays. this weekend starting tomorrow but, really, tomorrow, the end of service for bart because they will shut the transbay tube down for the weekend re-opening on tuesday at 5:00 a.m. eric thomas and kristen sze? >> today is the day star wars fans have been waiting for. merchandise tied to the release of star fathers the force awake bees went open sale at 12:01 a.m. a.m. >> five, four, three, two,
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>> clouds of fans poured into the disney store in san francisco to shop for the new toys with the first thousand fans receiving a free fan poster and first 100 who made a purchase got a free commemorative pin, the biggest star wars fans in the galaxy. >> huge. want they will since i was little, my parents, their first date was seeing "star wars," in the 70s. they raised he and my sister and brother on it. >> today has been called "first friday," the global event was kickoff with 18 hour live stream on the youtube channel. it hits theaters december 18. it is owned by disney the parent company of abc7. amy hollyfield is at the mall with a report open "force friday," and a mad dash for
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merchandise. all coming up in 30 minutes. >> next, disruption from above police launched an investigation after a drone crash landing interrupts play at the united states open. >> putting the spotlight on safety climbing, the captivating message a group is sending by eliminating something you have never seen before. >> friday morning at the bay bridge toll plaza early and bridge toll plaza early and traffic is light.
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, the funeral for the illinois police officer killed after he ran after three suspects is held on monday. he was killed on tuesday in a chicago suburb with the gun recovered at scene. the accept for the suspects
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continues. officers say they have obtained surveillance video from a homeowner's security system. he told investigators it shows three men near the scene of shooting. >> a texas deputy shot as he gassed up the vehicle will be buried this morning. darren goforth was gunned down on friday night. the prosecutors say the 30-year-old shannon miles carried out unprovoked attack. they have not established a motive but under next law they do not need one. miles has not entered a plea. he will be arraigned next month. >> same-sex couples in kentucky are expected to be issued marriage licenses by deputy clerks. the county clerk who believes gay marriage is a sin is in jail for refusing to follow the judge's order. >> standing her ground, now sitting in jail is tub tuck clerk kim davis refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sense couples testifying in court "my conscience will not
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allow me." you can not do your job, resign. >> she was elected and could resign but has denied gay couples marriage licenses although marriage is a right nation wide. the aclu filed the motion asking she pay a fine but the judge took it further sending her to jail. >> she has been ordered to stay there until she is willing to change her mind, or willing to change her conscience about what that belief s ought governor in kentucky said that all citizens this will be able to get married today and most of the deputy clerks are promising to follow the law. the only hold out is davis' >> yosemite's half dome was transformed into art. this is video from the american safe climbing association. august 29a group climbers installed 39 solar powered
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lanterns an art piece entitled "half dome bolted light." the red lights were placed on the bolts and anchors and white lights were on the rest. the art installation was taken down after five hours. >> an investigation is underway with a drove at the united states open. a drone flew into the stadium that happened during a match, no spectators were in the immediate area of the crash. there were no injuries. new york city police responded to the incident. it is not clear who was operating the drone. >> raining drones at the united states open. some people were not happy about that. >> everyone watching serena williams, though. >> how about a check on the weather forecast? >> watch the big warming trend this weekend as we say goodbye to summer. almanac, highlighting livermore, the wine country showing a significant drop from 88 at going to 82, 56 open low side,
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to 53 a lot more due on the cars and the grass when you head out in the morning and our warmest is 115, and cool of the is frosty at 35, and quarter imof rain. a look at the golden gate bridge hoes we are dealing with winds at eight miles per hour. and 60 degree temperature this morning. it will be sunny, cool, and picking breezy. we started out with faster breezes yesterday and we are starting slower this morning but we will end up faster this afternoon and evening. that will keep us clear tonight and bring in the cooler morning with more 40s inland tomorrow morning when you step outside to get the cup of coffee or walk the dog, above average highs on sunday, all the way through the end of the seven-day forecast which is thursday. notice the winds are quiet but concord at 13 and fairly at 16, but, the entire bay and coast is going to be choppy this afternoon great 2:00 until 11 o'clock this evening. if you have one of the smaller crafts you like to take out,
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know that it is going to be more dangerous for you so we have the small craft advisory. check out the temperatures, aboutin' or 82 is the average high in san jose and 73 today. same in santa clara and milpitas, los gatos, morgan hill at 87 and if you are going to santa cruz, 73 and sunshine, and only 68 in millbrae and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula, and mid-60s along the coast and mostly sunny sky and upper 60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito with total sunshine and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valley and santa rosa was 77 and vallejo was cool at 72 and along the east bay shore low 70s for the most part and castro valley and fremont we could hit mid-70s and temperatures in the 40s and 50s this morning warming original into the mid-to-upper 70s inland east bay neighborhood. it will be chilly at the game, 66 at 7:00, dropping down to about 62 degrees but have a nice hoodie.
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here is a look at the "7 on your forecast seven, warmer tomorrow and six degree jump on sunday. continuing through thursday. >> 29 bart trains are on time and do not forget the transbay tube closes early, early, early saturday morning. at the end of business tenths that is when the last train will run so be prepared. that is not the only big project. here is a look right now at the san mateo bridge it is looking clear. that current road condition but i warn you of what suspect has been around at&t park, tomorrow, billy joel is in concert so expect heavy traffic in the area, but, not only that, friday through tuesday, labor day holiday, 4th and king is closed and the project central subway protect so check with caltrain to see where you need to go to get on your ride.
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>> 4:49. rumors swirl over a surprise from apple during a big event planned for next week at the civic auditorium in san francisco. >> here is the tech bytes. >> super sized inpad online tech reports say apple is planning to unveil a 12.9" tablet at next week's event and is more than 3" bigger than the current ipad. >> good news if you want to google your latest ailment with hundreds of health conditions being added, 900, to make it easier to find information on an illness. one in 20 google searches is health related. >> samsung wants to you get a if night's sheep with the new sleep center tracker, sliding under the mattress and monitoring all aspects of sleep including how long it takes to fall asleep and how much time you spend in a deep sleep. are you sure we want did know the details?
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>> i don't think so because up next is recording your dreams. >> those are the tech bytes. >> it is now 4:45. grab the french croissants now that you can because of a new round of closures. >> custody battle over chip the chicken and the effort to find the owner as the chick be flew into the bay bridge into the bay bridge stay tuned.
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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>> if you look for a chocolate croissant you have one more day because locations will be shutting down today, including russian hill neighborhoods and in palo alto and danville. the closures are a week after the first of 123 stores in
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california went dark, starbucks awared the san francisco bakery chain three years ago for $100 million and decided to close them say they were not a if guilty for the long term growth of the coffee giant. >> it is the weekend but a local day weekend. mike? >> what will you be doing? going to millbrae? the art and wine festival starting off at 65 at 10:00 and language out if the low-to-mid 70s and a strong sunshine and back to 71 when we close shop at 5:00, and we will have temperatures at 3-5 degrees warmer than that on sunday. if you like greek, head to the greek festival where you can see 79 today, and mid-to-upper 80s for sunday and monday and if you are traveling away, it will be cool in lake tahoe and 67 and two degrees tonight and mid-70s in san diego and los angeles. safe travels. >> some greek food, cheese and spinach sounds good right now.
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>> we do not have slowing with the exception of slowing eastbound, but i will find out what that is. if you are headed along i-80 clear from hercules past the hoffman split and into the emeryville area. here is a look at drive time traffic if you make it westbound on highway i-80, 4 to the maze it is 16 minutes and clear across the bay bridge and no problems in the north bay. >> thank you very much. a custody battle this morning over the famous bay bridge chick were. oakland animal shelter workers are calling the change "chip," a tribute to c.h.p. officers would rescued it from the rush hour. three claim to own the bird but they have not been able to produce a picture of picture i.d. to prove it. >> football fans will be treated to the most well-known college marching bans this weekend, and abc was at kennedy high school
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in richmond as the tiger marching band performed for a large crowd. the louisiana musicians will play their signature high energy show during half time at saturday's cal rambling state game at memorial stadium. can't wait to see this stuff. >> and those bonds are quite something. pope francis addresses augments session of congress and representative jackie speier want as five her constituents to experience it. she is giving away 50 tickets do watch the address from the west lawn of the capitol on september 24. the tickets are given away if a lottery available only to those would live in her district we have more information on our website at >> ama daetz will travel to washington, dc, to bring you coverage of pope francis visit and will canonize a priest on september 23 who established the missions in california. >> at 5:00 a.m., a deadly turn
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of events in an east bay lake with bystanders trying to save the life of a swimmer in distress. >> an apple festival does not have a key ingredient because of the drought and thieves. >> we leave you with abc7 news and a picture of the eastern span of the bay bridge moving along without any problems. we have more news and weather and traffic on the other side of the break.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 5:00 a.m. on friday morning and we thank you for the company as we head spat holiday weekend. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> we will look at the weather for the holiday weekend with meteorologist mike nicco here. >> we start with live doppler hd. mice to see you on this friday morning. it is clear. but for half moon bay, down toward santa cruz where we have the clouds. look at this not a cloud to be found, less of a breeze on the bay this morning as we look from the exploritorium and cooler when you step outside. 64 to 74, with deep blue skies and the breezes will pick up this afternoon at 64 at the coast and 78 inland and in the evening, take a light jacket or


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