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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. tonight, the lanes that are backed up. it's not too bad but it could be a rough week to get in and out of san francisco. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm ama dietz. >> the intersection of fourth is closed already. >> kate, are people ready? >> reporter: dan, ama, people seem ready to take it in stride. they're used to this kind of thing, of course. this intersection closed about an hour ago, and you will get an idea of how it looks. a lot of crews and heavy equipment. one lanes heading towards 280.
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it's worth noting the on/off ramps are closed. it will not necessarily make driving here that easy, but adding to that, the bart 2 will also shut down. monday to friday commuters are not giving much thought to the trans bay 2 closure, but some people have to work this holiday weekend. >> i'm still thinking about it, probably i will work from home. but i have to come to the office but probably i will get in over -- >> one office helped to e-mail car pools. >> they e-mailed specifically to see who they could ride with. >> driving may not be the best option. traffic is expected to be heavy on the san mateo, golden gate and bay bridges. you don't need to avoid the bart altogether, if you're going to the a's game you will see more frequent train service. if have you to go to the city to
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go to work or a concert you can rely on the transportation. >> the concert is billy joel. the ball park ferry is already sold out. the intersection at fourth and king is closed for central work. >> usually when there is a game it's hard to walk in. >> i'm hoping it will not be too bad but it will probably cause some issues. but maybe with less people in the city it will not be as bad. >> that is a decent bet for sunday and monday, but 50,000 fans will certainly impact your saturday. now, you can download our free abc news app to get the latest information on the closure of the trans bay 2, and enable push alert for the moment they reopen. and it was bizarre at the san francisco ocean beach today. a kite surf was dragged but the
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water. he a wind gust had hit and lifted and carried him more than 40 feet into the southbound lane. he was twisting and could not separate from his gear. others at theñi beach say the wd was great for surfing but the gusts made it dangerous. >> normally it's a very consistent wind, but very predictable. on a day like today, it's really unpredictable. which makes it somewhat dangerous. >> the kite surfer was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and it is a bit breezy out there right now. >> yeah, dan, earlier today winds were gusting near ocean beach around 40 to 45 miles an hour. take a look at the winds right now. they have relaxed quite a bit from earlier. now about 15 at sfo, fairfield, those are some of the strongest winds i can find. the wind gusts, actually, we'll start to relax overnight even more so. so pretty calm tomorrow morning and not expecting the same
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repeat of the wind that we saw today. here is a preview of your weekend from the live hd perspective. it's pretty clear. we'll have a shift with the pattern, we'll have more details coming right up. >> all right, thank you, a north bay family is in shock after a fire destroyed the house they built by hand. nbc 7 was in windsor as the flames spread burning about two acres. windsor is just north of santa rosa on highway 101. rodney menteney built the house about 30 years ago. he has no idea how it started. >> my wife yelled and said the house is on fire. i grabbed the hose, the water was off at the time. and it went fast. >> firefighters were able to keep the fires from burning neighboring homes. nobody was hurt. two bay area residents in federal custody tonight, charged with a widespread criminal investigation of child pornography. the crimes against children are
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deeply disturbing and involve victims internationally. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has more. >> reporter: the neighbor paul mansfield woke to a pre-dawn raid by the fbi, searching the home of 29-year-old patrick harvey, the center of a sting, an investigationñi that snared corey nicole ellis who is charged with production and distribution of child porn. >> it took a horrible person off the street. >> reporter: the san francisco police internet crimes against children unit assisted and found more than 600 images of children at ellis's home, even images of small children in bondage. >> and she was even able to convince a family -- a couple over in the u.k. and half of them engage in child
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pornographic acts. >> police say ellis met patrick harvey and exchanged graphic child porn images. a shock to neighbors who say the people who lived here was quiet and polite. no one answered the door. >> it was too close to me, personally, but it's also too close to the school up to the sleep. >> corey ellis has pled not guilty and will be back in federal court next week. patrick harvey could enter his plea next week. palo alto police are on the lookout tonight for a man who flashed two young girls. the 10-year-olds were crossing the intersection of ross road and ames avenue. police said the man was parked inside the navy blue honda with no pants on, he made eye contact but did not say anything. it is the third incident involving an adult disturbing a
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child. >> a security guard has been barred from working at whole foods after a violent incident. some of the images may be difficult to see. a witness who took the photos of the whole foods near lake merit said the security guard got in an argument with the man and the cashier. police are investigating it as an assault, whole foods is investigating and says it has zero tolerance for violence. and you just saw a virtual audience with pope francis, the town hall meeting connected the americans with the meeting. they asked him questions, and included in to what he may say next month, on top of the list, the immigration debate. >> we are all responsible for everyone, to help each other out as best as they can. >> experts on the priest behind the missions will watch the
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pope's visit closely. pope francis hopes to name a saint when he comes to washington. >> he was one of the first immigrants. >> he came to california with the idea of trying to convert the native peoples to christianity. >> reporter: the santa clara university professor has written extensively about sara, whose mission work started in south america then moved elsewhere. he is among others who believe the pope is trying to send a message to americans about immigration. >> what it reminds us is that the history of the united states is bicoastal and multi-racial. >> immigrants who come to the southwest today. they're not so much newcomers, they're following in the steps of others that came before them and have a place in the u.s. >> but making sara a saint is
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not without controversy, others blame sara for bringing diseases that killed 150,000 americans, those who survived were forced into the mission and tortured and beaten if they did not follow sara's orders. >> they believed we were filled with demons. >> pope francis appears to be trying to make amends, and will hold high profile meetings with latinos and immigrants on his u.s. tour. >> and i'll be live in washington when the pope arrives the 22nd, i hope you will join us as we meet pope francis on this historical trip. the effort is under way to rescue a whale caught in fishing nets off the california coast. and the unusual new vehicle that is taking students for a ride on one bay area college campus, what makes this difference. and dan and ama, i seem to
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algae in the water. a dog died most likely after licking its fur after going in the water or to the shore. a sign is posted warning pet owners. rescue crews are trying to help a whale caught in hundreds of feet of line have called off their search tonight. the whale is about 75 feet long with a line connecting to a buoy, they hope that the whale does not get too exhausted as it struggles overnight. and santa clara is ready to test out a driverless shuttle that can take students across the campus. it is operated by computers and has a laser camera with a 360 degree view. it can protect pedestrians at 200 meters. people can hail it by waving their hands.
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the test will begin september 21st. and pop culture has come to life as many gather for wizard world comic-con. sergio quintana takes us inside. >> reporter: this is a place where stars are real and approachable. that is former superman dean cain, and of course, the incredible hulk, lou ferrigno. >> you have a lot of happiness for many generations. >> reporter: it is not uncommon to see this person posing with a predator, or seeing the group of comics come together. >> you can see the cross-overs, which is fun. or you can dress up as captain american as well as others. >> reporter: this is a place where pop culture comes to life. so that star wars tom-tom toy
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you have been looking for since you were a kid, it's here. or the trench coat, it's here, too. or what you would usually see in cartoons or video games you can really pick up. this is really heavy. this is not quite as big as comic-con in san diego, but a couple of veterans in san diego gave their seal of approval. >> it's awesome, being here a short amount of time already i'm having so much fun. >> reporter: nearly everybody in costume plans to be here all weekend and love posing for pictures. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. all right, time to turn to our weather for this holiday weekend. >> dan and ama, as we head into the last unofficial end of summer, the last weekend of summer it will be absolutely beautiful with the warmer pattern setting up. live doppler hd showing you clear conditions, temperatures
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in the 50s and 60s, some of the coolest readings are around san francisco, napa, half moon bay, upper 50s with antioch. as you look at the camera, look how beautiful it is. no problem with the fog tonight as far as visibility. cool to chilly overnight tonight, warm to hot for your labor day plans. so if you do have plans to hit the coast this would be your weekend. the area of low pressure certainly kept us cooler than average. again today, temperatures in the low 60s to the low 80s in the warmest spots. santa rosa, up to 85 degrees. now the temperatures are running behind where they should be but that is because of this trough. that trough brought showers to washington and oregon, northern california. moving out. high pressure setting up for the holiday weekend and even beyond heading into next week. just in case you go to the beach for the nice warm weather, i want to warn you a beach hazard
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statement for saturday, sunday. a strong rip current possibility because of a long period southeasterly swell. so the south/southwest will have the greatest risk. just watch out as you head to the coast. quickly here, a system that will bring interesting weather. post-tropical storm ignacio. so ignacio was a hurricane in the pacific as you recall. it has fallen apart. the leftovers of ignacio will continue to move north. and eventually out towards british columbia as well as alaska. expecting rain and surf. to see a tropical storm move that far, a tropical system move that far north even after it has fallen apart is not very common here. so this is only because of the warm waters just off the coastline. and el nino continuing to develop, the systems getting sustained. so just keep an eye on that through the middle of next week. tomorrow morning, chill in the
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air. upper 40s, most other areas on the cool side so you will need jacket or a sweater as you head out the door. but for the afternoon, sunscreen and shades, 85 los gatos and sunny on the peninsula, 78 in san mateo, half moon bay, 70 degrees, in the north bay, 83 san raphael. 87 santa rosa, 79 in vallejo, 80 in oakland. 87 concord, 86 in livermore. sunny, mild, mid-60s, coming up into the mid-70s if you're going and the accuweather seven-day forecast will feature heat, sunday, monday and beyond. and mid-70s along the coast for your outdoor plans. >> perfect. just
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some morgan residents are raising pricing on californians. recently, these no californian stickers have popped up on for sale signs, one spokesperson said that buyers are getting into bidding wars and agents are asking for more than the asking price. many are dealing with out of state home buyers. and a tiger cub was found wandering in a neighborhood. the 3 month-old is now being cared for at the exotic animal sanctuary. officials say they have no idea where they came from. >> i hope someone didn't try to buy it or something. >> but better a tiger cub than a full-grown cub. >> yes. >> he looked angry --
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>> coming up in sports, feels like a freefall to oblivion to the giants, but bombs away in
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this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by. more of the same tonight in colorado, first the story about the birds and the bees and not scoring. chris heston on the mound. carlos gonzales, crushing, 1-0, rocks, very next pitch.
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oh, no! maldonado makes that ball disappear. homered in five straight games. marlon bird strikes out. double play. ends the game. seven losses in a row for the giants. they fall 2-1. the dodgers win yet again, the giants now seven and a half back. a's and m's, future mvp. josh donaldson may own that sweat shirt at the end of the year, first inning, danny valencia. turns out a grand slam would not be enough. not nearly enough. bases loaded, double logan morrmor morrison ties it. the mariners go on to win 11-8. tomorrow is cutdown day in the nfl. rosters have to be trimmed down to 53 players. the 49ers started early.
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cut former pro bowl darnell docket, a force for arizona, coming up with a torn acl for the niners. they gave him a two-year deal for $2 million up front. $2 million to leave. i, by the way, are open to that offer. linebacker moore saying good-bye to the raiders today. moore is young, only 25 years old, but was slow coming back from hip surgery and kind of limited in training camp with a coaching staff. college football tonight, fourth ranked bailey, taking on smu. five touchdown passes for the bears, 723, that is corey coleman on a 57-yard and bailylor started out with a close game.
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and tomorrow, followed by all the highlights after the game should be right around 8:30. the quest for the calendar slam continues for serena williams, dropping the first set to samson. serena won eight straight, ends it 7-5-6-6. they love her in new
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well, we hope you have a safe and happy labor day
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weekend. >> i ama dietz. thank you for joining us. >> >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, miley cyrus -- ali wentworth -- and music from andy grammer. with cleto and the cletones. and now, come a little bit closer, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. thank you. hi, i'm jimmy.


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