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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm dan ashley in for larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. let's look at the beach by the santa cruz boardwalk. look at all those people. they've been enjoying the sand and water all day despite a hazard warning issued for dangerous currents and waves along the entire coastline. >> abc 7 news reporter janet oh is live. janet? >> reporter: dan, lifeguards call a day like today deceptively beautiful. the sun is shining. people are enjoying a nice day at the beach. suddenly the water can sweep you off your feet if you're not careful. a high-surf advisory is in effect until tonight at beaches lining sonoma to monterey
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county, ocean beach included. >> a lot of big waves. big waves. i wouldn't venture out there. >> we'll keep a close eye on the kids. they're not allowed to go in the water without us. >> reporter: surfers enjoyed the larger swells but even they were worried if they could handle the conditions. >> it's been a little smaller this week and then today it's kind of doubled in size. >> reporter: fun but dangerous. a year ago this month a father and son were swimming at ocean beach when they were swept out. fortunately they were rescued, but that's not always the case. shawn, who has been a lifeguard for 17 years, has witnessed the not so fortunate cases one too many times. >> it can happen really fast along the coast of california when we have these long interval swells that build and creep up out of nowhere. >> reporter: ocean beach has been called the most dangerous city beach for strong rip tides. signs out here are a constant reminder of that. lifeguards on duty still catch people testing the waters and have this message for them. >> keep it knee deep. if it goes past your knees, run
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back towards shore. >> reporter: and lifeguards will keep repeating the safety warning as many times as it takes. especially this holiday weekend. in san francisco, janet oh, abc 7 news. all right. and tomorrow is actually a spare the air day. >> spencer christian has a look at how hot the temperatures are. spencer? it's hot already but it's going to be even hot they are week, and i'm sorry to say the air quality will be declining so, yes, spare the air tomorrow. a look at live doppler 7 hd. as you know we have sunny skies and warm conditions, warm to hot all across the bay area. here is a look at our high temperatures so far. we have seen upper 90s in santa rosa, antioch, livermore, gilroy. low 90s around the bay. 93 the high so far in richmond. san francisco has topped out at 90 degrees and the high so far 73 in half moon bay. let's talk about the beach hazard because it's very important. it's in effect through this evening for our south and southwest facing beaches.
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there's the possibility of strong rip currents, large shore breaks. and once again, if you don't need to wade out into the water, just don't do it. it's too risky. stay safe and stay healthy. here is the live view. folks enjoying the weather. air quality will be declining tomorrow and it will remain poor for the remainder of the week just as high temperatures are going to remain above 100 degrees inland for the rest of the week. it's going to be a hot week, uncomfortable conditions and poor air quality. a look at when we can expect a break later. fresno county wildfire burning in kings county national park has grown to more than 95,000 acres. fire officials have closed all campgrounds in the area. the fire is getting closer to cedar grove, a small development with a lodge, restaurant and store. the lightning sparked blaze broke out july 31, the largest wildfire in the state this year and is only 31% contained. san francisco police are investigating a hate crime and
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asking for help catching whoever is behind it. racist graffiti with the words no more chinese has been spray painted on at least five locations across the neighborhood including an abandoned grocery store and playground. officers are asking people with surveillance cameras perhaps to check their footage and see if it shows the culprits. and, remember, when you see news where you live, take a photo or video using #abc7now. we're going to show it on the air or today authorities arrested a woman who jumped off the bay bridge last month to escape from officers. erlynn sanchez-edwards was taken into custody in oakland on several charges including vehicle theft, resisting arrest, and hit-and-run causing injury. on august 12 investigators said she was driving a stolen vehicle when she hit a guardrail. when the chp tried to question her, she jumped 75 feet into the bay. investigators received tips that helped them track her down. in los gatos residents and city officials have a request for folks who are trying to
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bypass beach traffic on highway 17 to santa cruz. don't cut through the town. abc 7 news reporters matt keller has the story. >> reporter: guess what. you're not the only one with the great idea to head to the beach in santa cruz on a holiday weekend. southbound traffic on highway 17 is notorious for backing up during the summer months through los gatos, campbell, even all the way to stevens creek boulevard in san jose. to avoid it people are cutting through los gatos trying to beat the backup. this time lapse video shows you a popular route from lark avenue north on santa cruz avenue through downtown and back on 17. the problem, you're freaking out the locals. >> it takes forever to get anywhere, so a lot of times i'll have to change where i'm driving with everything. so i'm freaking out. >> reporter: during the prime beach drive hours getting through the santa cruz avenue intersection can take 20 minutes. in response los gatos city officials put up signs throughout town telling shortcut seeking drivers to head back to the highway.
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police are also out making sure drivers aren't blocking intersections and diverting traffic from usually quiet neighborhoods. the town council will look at the traffic mitigation measures and see what works and what doesn't because all it takes is a hot day on the weekend to get the blood boiling in the streets of los gatos. >> because everyone is frustrated. the drivers themselves, they're just following directions from the navigation system and they're just sitting there. it's a tense moment for everyone. >> reporter: the busiest times on highway 17 and through town according to locals is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 in the afternoon. of course the best way to avoid traffic is to leave early or start late. in los gatos, matt keller, abc 7 news. well, b.a.r.t. crews are right on schedule rebuilding a section of track near the transbay tube that forced a closure this labor day weekend. the transit agency has 77 buses shuttling riders across the bay bridge and employees helping to guide riders once they step off the bus.
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passengers say the commute hasn't been as bad as expected. >> okay. it was a little weird but it was okay. it was kind of confusing. >> it was easy, yeah. it was better than i thought. they're coming every couple minutes. >> actually see more people relying on b.a.r.t. they've heard the bus bridge works. >> now b.a.r.t. says this weekend's closure has been a success. ridership was down by only 38% saturday and 48% sunday compared to this time last year. the transbay tube is expected to reopen at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. now download our free abc 7 news app to get the latest information on the closure of the transbay tube. just enable the push alerts for instant updates the moment the tube reopens. and san leandro traffic on southbound 880 the corrector to 238 is moving again after an all-day shutdown. pg&e crews repaired a downed power pole. this suv with a family of six inside crashed into the pole along the washington street off ramp just after midnight.
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that ramp is still closed and expected to reopen by 6:00 tonight. the two adults and four children inside the suv are expected to be okay. well, overseas tens of thousands of desperate families are flooding into europe from the middle east this week. >> some countries are welcoming the refugees, but not everyone is happy about it. abc news reporter molly hunter is in austria with details. >> reporter: it's a dangerous fight to safety at every step of the way. we neat this person on the border to vienna. how did you get here? i'm listening. [ inaudible ] nabil is headed for hamburg, germany, where he has family just two more train rides to go. what was the hardest part?
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>> from turkey to greece was the hardest ever in my whole life. >> reporter: after greece came macedonia then serbia and hungary. i can't even hear. we arrived to celebration, what awaits nabil in germany. 18,000 refugees crossed into germany to jubilation, cheers, and welcome signs. germany expects to take 800,000 refugees by the end of the year, a rate angela amerimerkel says can't sustain. french president hollande says france will accept 24,000. but tonight if all goes according to plan, nabil will step off that train platform in germany and into his new life. molly hunter, abc news, vienna, austria. well, coming up at 4:30, abc 7 news reporter david louie
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talks to a family granted asylum in the bay area. they're now separated from the father after isis attacked their hometown in iraq. the challenges they're facing here in the u.s. coming up at 4:30. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the democratic presidential race tightens up and vice president joe biden looking more and more like a guy ready to run. plus -- around the clock labor in wine country. we're going to take you there for a look at harvest in high gear. >> and then new at 4:30, watch this. the two high school football players in big trouble for their vicious hits on an unsuspecting official. and at 4:10 on this labor day as we take a look at your drive, wow. the skyway moving. this never happens except on a holiday like today. on the right-hand side that is your traffic heading southbound to 101 south peninsula and beyond. >> that's nice. >> i know. trying to get on the lower deck of the bay bridge and on over to
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side effects can lead to dehydration... ...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. 50 years ago this week, cesar chavez would help launch a great boycott and nationwide battle for farm worker rights. chavez first learned the craft of community organizing at this meeting hall in san jose and now the building stands one step closer to being named a national historic landmark. it sits on the grounds of our lady of guadeloupe catholic church on east san antonio street. it recently earned status as a california historic landmark. about 200 people enjoy the
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south bay labor council's labor day picnic. leaders joined the members. labor leaders organized today's picnic to celebrate the contributions working families make across silicon valley, but they stress more work needs to be done to raise wages for contract workers like cleaning people at tech companies. president obama marked labor day by making a move that will help an estimated 300,000 u.s. workers. >> i signed a new executive order requiring federal contractors to allow employees who work on our contracts to earn up to seven paid sick days a year. >> the president made that announcement today during a union rally in boston. the executive order is expected to affect low wage workers the most because they're less likely to have paid sick leave. the u.s. chamber of commerce is threatening to sue saying the president has overstepped his community. an estimated 44 million americans still work without paid sick leave. well, now to your voice,
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your vote. presidential candidates hit the campaign trail hard. vice president joe biden says he hasn't made a decision on whether he'll run, but he really worked the crowd along a parade route in pittsburgh today. some were even cheering, run, joe, run. hillary clinton may be in trouble. abc news reporter kenneth mole ton is in washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton laboring for votes in iowa. new poll numbers have her percentage dropping in that state and in new hampshire where bernie sanders is now leading by nine points. >> i think the secretary's people are getting very nervous about the energy our campaign is bringing forth. >> reporter: in the nbc/maris poll, joe biden is at 20% in iowa. biden was on the ground in pittsburgh at a labor day parade getting that all too familiar question from the crowd. are you going to run? >> i'm going to run part of the parade.
4:16 pm
>> reporter: speaking to the united steelworkers the vp jokingly said the media would compare his pro-union labor remarks to something bernie sanders would say. >> the press will say, populist biden got up today -- or they'll say competing with bernie sanders, you're doing a hell of a job, by the way, with bernie sanders. >> reporter: gop candidates were also busy monday. over the weekend several were in new hampshire where donald trump has a 16-point lead. trump, who is seven points ahead in iowa, spent the holiday off the campaign trail. in a hypothetical general election matchup with clinton for the first time that new nbc poll has trump beating clinton by five points in iowa. if you can't beat him, invite him. donald trump has accepted an invite from ted cruz to speak at a tea party protest against the iran nuclear deal on capitol hill wednesday. kenneth motten, abc news, washington. well, there is no day off for labor day in napa valley. it is crunch time in wine
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country. the crush is under way as the harvest is coming in. >> and weather is always a factor in the valley. remember, this is the fourth year of drought. wayne freedman is where things are really heating up. wayne? >> reporter: the hot is adding to the urgency here. i hate the cliche but a double-edged sword is a good way of explaining it. the heat has all the grapes ripe much earlier than usual but look at the size of this bunch. it might look terrific but it's much smaller than usual and you can blame the drought. we expect scenes like this in the napa valley come september. most seasons we could set our clocks by them. but this year it's maybe not such a good idea. >> we're earlier than normal. in some cases a month earlier. >> reporter: in napa this morning a winemaker watched as a record number of trucks dropped off grapes at least for the date where the harvest would usually just be starting valley dwroegr
4:18 pm
are about one-third of the way through and yield are much lower. >> it ranges from 10% to as much as 50%. we had one vineyard came in 55% off. >> reporter: blame the cold snap last may combined with an extremely dry summer. those are nuances the average buyers may not notice as they spent this day tasting, but they may feel differently in a few years as supply pushes up demand. louis kramer and his wife cheryl came here after dropping off their son for freshman year at san francisco state. >> we're willing to pay more for it, a little bit more. >> reporter: the upside, less fruit on the vine means better grapes, or so we're told. meantime, there is a heat wave coming this week that smaller grapes are more sensitive he especially when already ripened. so there's no rest on labor day. if grapes could talk, what would they be saying? >> get me off the vine now. >> reporter: from the napa valley, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> pick me. pick me. >> it's time to check on our
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weather here. >> it is steamy around the bay area. spencer christian is outside with the forecast. yes, it is so warm right now. it's going to get hotter later in the week and remain that way for several days, i'm afraid to say. live doppler 7 hd, sunny skies all across the bay area right now and it is really warm. let's take a look at a live view of the western sky from our emeryville camera. it's currently 86 degrees in san francisco after a high so far in san francisco of 90. 90 right now in oakland. 92, 95 at morgan hill. 73 at half moon bay. a view of blue sky from our rooftop camera here at abc 7. it's 94 in santa rosa. 93 novato. concord at 97 and livermore. clear at golden gate. traffic is moving smoothly. a spare the air day tomorrow. declining air quality may be with us all weeklong. triple digit heat will continue through friday, and the heat will probably not ease until the weekend. satellite radar composite picture shows this huge, massive
4:20 pm
ridge of high pressure. hot air as well and hot weather will be with us, as i mentioned, all weeklong. we'll use downtown san jose as our hot weather indicator for the week ahead. the average high for san jose is only 83 degrees but the next three days we'll see highs in san jose about 13 to 14 degrees above the average. dropping off to about 90 on saturday and then into the 80s on sunday and monday. it's pretty much a pattern we'll see all across the bay area. in fact, many of our inland locations will have highs in the triple digits for the remainder of this week. overnight look for clear skies. we'll see low temperatures mainly in the low 60s, although we'll see some mid and upper 50s on coastal locations and up in the north bay valley. now tomorrow sunny and hot in the south bay. highs of 96 in santa clara. 97 san jose. 101 morgan hill. 103 gilroy. on the peninsula highs ranging from 94 san mateo to 96 at redwood city.
4:21 pm
palo alto and mountain view low 80s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 87 tomorrow. up in the north bay we'll see highs of 96 at santa rosa, 100 at clover dale. 98 at napa. check out the east bay. 93 oakland. 94 hayward and san leandro. 97 at fremont and castro valley. the inland east bay will have all triple digits, 100 at fair field. 102 at livermore, antioch and san ramone. 103 at pleasanton. a spare the air day tomorrow. it's likely to be a spare the air days, i should say, for the remainder of the week. we're going to see triple digits inland the remainder of the week. mid to upper 90s around the bay and low 80s on the coast. the temperatures will ease off just a couple degrees over the weekend, but it's not going to be a sharp cooldown. we'll have mid to upper 90s inland over the weekend. mid to upper 80s around the bay and low to mid-70s on the coast.
4:22 pm
this qualifies as a heat wave and even into the weekend it's going to be much warmer than average. dan and ama? >> thank you very much. up next, hundreds of young people lace up for a soccer game in the east bay today. what's behind their gold laces? and new after 4:30, riding the waves. the unexpected show some surfers got in australia. and at 4:22 we want to check your traffic. there it is. the 101 going through san rafael on the right-hand side. southbound traffic -- a little freeze there. trust me, it is actually moving in both directions. heavier on the right. that's your southbound towards
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4:24 pm
all right. check this out. some of the country's top cyclists took to the streets of san francisco today. abc 7 news was along front street as bicyclists zoomed by for the bike race. the final race of the day started about an hour and a half
4:25 pm
ago. this is the 41st annual race around san francisco, and it goes right by the front of our station. >> and they are flying. >> i know. i caught a glimpse of them today. >> me, too. take a look at the kids taking part in this labor day soccer tournament in berkeley. many are wearing gold shoelaces, as you can see. not a fashion statement. they are taking part in fund-raisers for children's hospital in oakland. the money will go to help those being treated for cancer. >> specifically it will be supporting psychological services to help support kids and their families through treatment. >> the ongoing fundraise certificate being organized by a pediatric oncologist at the hospital who is teaming up with go for the they hope to raise $50,000 to pay for the supportive services for cancer patients and their families. great. well, a familiar obstacle now stands in the way of serena williams and her shot at tennis history. her older sister, venus. >> the two practiced together ahead of their quarterfinal match tomorrow at the u.s. open. serena, who is 33 years old, is trying to become the first
4:26 pm
player, male or female, to win the grand slam since stef graf in 1988. >> she says playing her older sister is more fun than it used to be but she's expecting an intense match. >> we're excited to be involved and getting so far and it's still super intense. she's doing well and she wants to -- she wants to win this. so do i. >> they are competing hard. steffi graf in 1988 the last time it happened. venus is ranked 23rd. this will be the 27th time the sisters have played each other with serena winning 15 of those matches. >> all right. well, this critter, not serena, was the star at the open yesterday. it made its way on the court during a match. neither player seemed to mind the interruption all that much. as you can see he scurried around for a while eventually making his way into the stands and out of sight. that's funny. >> that is funny. well, starting a new life in america. just ahead here on abc 7 news at
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4:00, the difficult times for an iraqi family who escaped isis and the heartache they're feeling though they're now safe in the bay area. the penalties facing two high school football players for an unprecedented attack on an official. >> and later, what do you think -- what do you do with this valuable vacant lot? the school district has a big the school district has a big id mmmm yoplait hello, everybody. milk cow here with an important announcement about how yoplait original now has 25% less of the sugar. less sugar?? yes. but don't worry it still tastes good. oh that is great news, milk cow. enjoy! i will. mmmmmmmm! it tastes good! i know. yoplait!
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in news making headlines where you live today at 4:30, a cyclist accused of attacking a car during critical mass will appear in court tomorrow. in this video you can see the cyclist, ian, swinging a metal lock at a car smashing the driver's window. officers arrested him saturday night. abc 7 news has learned he's wanted in washington state on a drug charge. reporter vic lee will have it all at 5:00. even though it's hot in the bay area a water park is closed because of the drought. at 5:00, abc 7 news reporter will tell us what the hot streak means for the fire season. governments are scrambling to deal with the surge of refugees moving into europe, many of them fleeing war and chaos in the middle east. one family granted asylum here in the bay area is struggling with the separation from the husband and father.
4:31 pm
abc 7 news reporter david louie is live now in san jose with their story. david? >> reporter: well, the number of refugees streaming into europe is staggering. an estimated 20,000 alone today have reached germany. a family that formerly lived in iraq shares their story with us. they were helped by the fact they have relatives here in the south bay. even with asylum granted, this family wants to shield their identities from isis. a mother of three teenagers, her husband is still living in mosul where isis has taken control. >> it's very difficult for me with my children. i take all responsibility on myself. >> reporter: like many living in syria and iraq, they decided it was no longer safe to stay. while visiting the bay area to attend a relative's wedding, they decided to stay and apply for asylum. it was granted. now they must wait for approval for their father to come. 18-year-old nivea, a sued
4:32 pm
anymo pseudonym cried as she worried about her father's safety. these are the tough decisions and sacrifices made by this family and thousands now trying to resettle in europe. 16-year-old ninor says he has never known safety in mosul. >> when you are outside you never know what time you will die. maybe you get off from school and get shot. you don't know. >> reporter: they're getting comfortable speaking english. they feel safe from isis prosecution but know they are more fortunate than others seeking a safe haven in europe risking their lives to achieve that. >> that's the only way to survive. they are not able to live that life anymore. i just don't think they would escape in the way they are escaping as we're watching it, but they don't have any other option. >> reporter: in santa clara, david louie, abc 7 news. the dentist who killed cecil the lion in africa is breaking
4:33 pm
his silence about the incident that has caused worldwide outrage. palmer told "the minneapolis star tribune" and associated press he hasn't been in hiding since the incident two months ago. he says he's just been keeping a low profile because his family has received death threats. >> he talked about it with some level of agitation that people close to him had been vilified because they knew dr. palmer, this lion hunter. he's a very intense individual. he had this locked in look the whole time. he was fidgety at times but he didn't want to get into the core details of how this lion was killed. >> palmer says he had no idea cecil was a famous lion, but he believes the hunt was legal. two people who assisted palmer in the hunt have been charged criminally. he has not been charged. palmer plans to reopen his dental practice tomorrow. law enforcement officers around the country gave a final salute to the illinois police officer fatally shot last week. thousands attended a funeral
4:34 pm
service for fox lake police lieutenant joe gliniewicz. the veteran officer was shot and killed while responding to a report of three men acting suspiciously in a suburb north of chicago. there have been no arrests in the case. the 52-year-old officer was just weeks from retirement. a formal hearing will take place tomorrow in san antonio, texas, in a disturbing hit during a high school football game. you're going to see it. the target was not a player but a game official. the video of the incident that has two players in very serious trouble. >> reporter: this texas referee blind sided, hit not once but twice. first you see a jon jay high school defensive back take him down, then a second player dives into him. >> they deliberately did it and it was targeted. >> reporter: last friday night's game still the talk on espn. >> nobody con dopdones it. this is something we've never seen. >> reporter: two of their teammates were ejected from the game against marble falls high
4:35 pm
school. the jon jay players involved are suspended from the team and school, and according to the us a it continue association, the referee is want to go press charges. >> there are 23 states around the country that have decided to create laws that make it a criminal action to assault a referee. texas is one of those states. >> reporter: in 2011 a florida youth football ref filed a lawsuit after being tackled on the field by players and fans unhappy with the call. he settled this case for more than a quarter million dollars. in texas, the north side independent school district investigating this incident tells abc news the video is extremely disturbing. it is not the good sportsmanlike behavior that we teach students, and it will not tolerate this kind of behavior. police are investigating whether that hit was a criminal act. the austin football officials association wants to make sure those students never play football again. abc news, los angeles.
4:36 pm
pope francis is getting his own channel. time warner cable has announced they're launching a 24-hour channel devoted entirely to pope francis' u.s. tour. it will be available september 20 to the 27th to subscribeers in new york and two dozen other markets around the country. 15 million households in all. unfortunately, it's not available here in the bay area. i, however, will be traveling to washington, d.c., so you'll be able to see coverage of pope francis' advice frit thervisit . well, coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, stonehenge's big brother. >> and a spectacular show down under. but it wasn't the surfers putting on the show. i'm spencer christian. look at that. clear western sky. no clouds around. no cooling around. it will be hot for a while. i'll have the accuweather
4:37 pm
forecast coming up. >> take a look at walnut creek, 680 heading through the walnut creek area. as you can see like it's been everywhere else on this holiday we've checked, flowing beautifully to ♪ hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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a mystery fireball. it was caught blazing across the sky in bangkok. people were going to work this morning when they spotted that bright light.
4:40 pm
some scientists say it could be a meteorite crashing or space junk. there's been no official comment from thailand officials. well, archaeologists in the united kingdom say they've found the hidden remains of a stone monument that could dwarf stonehenge found in wilshire less than two miles away. arc jhaeologists say it likely dates back to 4,500 years ago. they discovered it using remote sensing technologies not through excavati excavation. surfers, they were outstyled, oh, yeah, clearly outfiled by a pod of dolphins at a beach in australia. check this out. this is amazing video that shows the dolphins hitting the waves alongside the surfers. beachgoers at byron bay cheered them on as they jumped out of the water and splashed back in. the photographer shot the video earlier this year but entered into the surf and world short film competition last week.
4:41 pm
right before the deadline. we are glad shawn did because how cool is that. >> totally. they look so playful. >> oh, you think you got moves? check us out. >> we can surf. >> let's update the forecast as you get ready to head back to work. >> spencer christian is here with what's ahead. hi, spencer. the week is off to a hot start as you know, and it's going to get hotter. here is live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies and very warm to hot conditions across the bay area right now. here is a live view at the golden gate as i show you some of today's highs compared with the records for this date, as hot as it was only one location this even came anywhere near a record, oakland with a high of 92. the record high for this date is 93. look at all the other locations that were ten degrees or more below the record. so we're not at record territory yet but the week also isn't over yet. let's travel down through the tropical pacific where it's pretty hot and we've seen system
4:42 pm
after system, tropical storms, hurricanes developing down here the last couple of weeks. right now we have hurricane linda, a category two storm well off the west coast of mexico but still close enough to kick up some rainfall and thunderstorms around baja, california. but over the next several days it's expected to move northward, weaken, and turn westward away from populated areas so that's good news. across the state tomorrow look for highs inland, interior sections, i should say, of 102 at fresno. 109 palm springs. and here in the bay area, it's going to be a hot one. we'll see highs up to and above 80 degrees at the coast tomorrow. mid to upper 90s around the bay. and we'll see 101 to 103 in some of our inland valleys tomorrow. and the heat goes on for the remainder of the week. we can expect -- by the way, tomorrow is a spare the air day. air quality will be poor most locations. for the rest of the week look for triple digit highs in our inland areas all the way through friday. we may not get any relief from the heat or the declining air
4:43 pm
quality until the weekend. dan and ama? >> spencer, thank you very much. well, still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, these car washes weren't cheap today. why some people were willing to pay $100 for a cleaning. plus, pool safety. a toddler gets stuck in the filtering system. you'll find out how crews got him out. and there are so many brands to choose from. 7 on your side's michael finney reveals which toilet paper brand wipes out the competition.
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$100 for a car wash? that's the price. abc 7 news was at the touchless car wash in san francisco where cars were lined up for the $100 special. it cost that much because vehicles that went to the desert festival come by really grimy and it's not just sand, desert ash, really sticks to cars and gets in hard to clean places. despite effort to keep dust out. >> we use industrial plastic wrapping and just go around the car 15, 20 times to protect it
4:47 pm
from the dust. >> the $100 price does not include any special treatment either. it is just to run the vehicle through the wash three times to get all of the grime out. well, the rescue of a little boy in southern california over the weekend is raising the issue of safety around the family pool. in this case the child became stuck in the pool filter. abc news reporter matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: a family's holiday weekend in their backyard turned into a terrifying emergency. california firefighters tried to pull a 3-year-old boy from a pool inground filtering system on saturday. rescuers shocked by what they saw. >> up to his waist in a pool skimmer or filter. >> reporter: they are used to suck debris like leaves from the water collecting them in a basket which is typically removed by hand leaving clean water behind. but after somehow falling into this pool side skimming system, the toddler got wedge d. his family using this bottle of dish soap trying to get him out, but nothing worked.
4:48 pm
>> the crews took an electric drill chipping away the concrete. he was given water. we tried to calm him. >> reporter: for 45 minutes they chipped away at finally freeing the little boy, crying in his family member's arms. from 2009 to 2013 33 people got trapped in pool filtration systems. and 21 of those cases children were injured. but this boy, unhurt. >> he was absolutely elated when he finally got out. >> reporter: and his parents deeply grateful. well, a new survey says the number of teenagers using ecigarette to smoke marijuana is rising. they found 27% of high schoolers used the devices to vaporize cannab cannabis. it gives kids a better way to hide what they're inhaling because it doesn't give out the characteristic marijuana smell. the study was published in the journal "pediatrics."
4:49 pm
infants are more likely to catch whooping cough from their siblings than their mothers as previously thought. the researchers examined data from 1,300 infants with whooping cough. of the cases where the source of the infection could be identified, siblings were linked to more than a third of them. moms only about a fifth. experts say it's probably due to an increased frequency of whooping cough among school-aged children generally. well, toilet paper manufacturers make lots of claims about the strength and the softness of their product, but which brand is the best? >> 7 on your side's michael finney has partnered with "consumer reports" to find some answers for you. >> reporter: "consumer reports" tested a wide variety of toilet paper and can tell you which is the softest and which are the strongest. it's all science at "consumer reports" when it's time to test toilet paper. once out of their packaging, they didn't always live up to their claims. take this scott which says it's
4:50 pm
extra soft. in this special room trained sensory panelists feel each sheet. the area is controlled for temperature and humidity, so each product is tested under the same conditions. it turns out the scott extra soft wasn't one of the softest, but it did the best in this test which measures how fast toilet paper disintegrates. >> that's important if you have trouble with plumbing that clogs or with your septic system. >> reporter: how about quilted northern which says it's ultra soft and strong? >> it's pretty soft, but our test found that it wasn't particularly strong. >> reporter: engineers used this machine to test just how strong toilet paper is by measuring how much force it takes to tear it. this checks how easy it is to rip off a sheet. in the end white cloud ultra soft and thick from walmart earned top ratings earning high scores on all the tests. don't confuse it with white cloud ultra strong and soft.
4:51 pm
it was soft but not strong. and walmart's great value bathroom tissue wound up at the bottom of the ratings. >> well, it costs less than any of the other toilet papers we tested, but it wasn't strong, it wasn't soft, and it didn't disintegrate very quickly. >> reporter: while "consumer reports" found the best all-around toilet paper was white cloud ultra soft and thick, it isn't the very softest. for that they recommend walgreens nice premium ultra. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. san jose-based ebay is celebrating a big milestone. the online sales giant launched 20 years ago this week, the first item sold on what was original originally called auction web was a broken laser pointer for $14.83. auction web became ebay in 1997. today ebay says it has 157 million active users and at least 800 million eye it thames for sale at any given time. that's a lot of stuff. >> it really is. well, abc 7 news at 4:00 does
4:52 pm
continue. why this empty lot in oakland may become very valuable to the school district. and cheryl jennings is in the newsroom with what's ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. cheryl? >> thank you so much. up next another smoky electrical fire hits a business area. several shops and restaurants are now shut down, but it has nothing to do with the fire. plus, the chicken who crossed the bay bridge. it seems the custody battle may be over. those stories and more when dan and i join you for a
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it is "shark tank" followed by "bachelor in paradise." then stay tuned because it's "bachelor in paradise after paradise." then, of course, join dan and me for abc 7 news at 11:00. well, oakland unified school district is working on a plan to create more affordable housing for teachers. in recent years many teachers have moved to other cities because of the high cost of
4:56 pm
living. now the district is looking at changing that, hoping to build new property. abc 7 news education reporter lyanne melendez is live at the site with our story on 12th street. >> reporter: well, you know, following the lake merit improvement plan that you see, the project all around here, well, the city of oakland was left with that lot, one acres. now a developer was ready to build luxury units but the community protested. the community said absolutely not. and that plan was axed giving the opportunity to others including the school district to develop it. >> i live in san leandro because i can't afford to live in oakland. >> reporter: the high rental and real estate prices in oakland have pushed them out of the city. >> and there's something to be said about living in the same neighborhood as where you work. and being involved with the community. >> reporter: the oakland unified
4:57 pm
school district wants to see more affordable housing for teachers on this plot of land across from lake merit owned by the city of oakland n. july city hall invited school district official officials to throw their name in the hat along with other potential organizations and developers. the mayor spoke to us at the labor day celebration in alameda. >> we'll have to give full and fair consideration to everything that comes in at that time, but in general we recognize that there is an affordability crisis in oakland. >> reporter: oakland unified has 90 days to submit a formal plan. board members say they will have to be creative because the district has no funds for this kind of development. >> the city if it was interested could say go work with the school district. we want to make sure there's housing here for teachers and school district employees. there's a lot of different ways this could come out. >> reporter: the teachers union says any affordable housing should include other district employees.
4:58 pm
>> we have a lot of displaced personnel in oakland. we need to provide a place for them, also. >> reporter: housing advocates will be competing for this valuable piece of land. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. and that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00 on this labor day. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with dan and cheryl. you're not going anywhere. >> what are you doing? >> that video of a cyclist spinning out of control went viral and now social media is his undoing. >> and it's the end of the road for a woman who jumped from the bay bridge to avoid arrest. how police finally nabbed her. the great harvest shifts into high gear. why growers are counting hours not just the days. >> and cooling off. a water war is heating up. i'm spencer christian on the roof, abc 7, on this hot labor day. the rest of the week will be even hotter. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up.
4:59 pm
hey! >> one bicycle rider's violent attack on a driver and now san francisco police arrested a man they say is the one you're seeing in that video. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. there are serious charges facing a 39-year-old man in san francisco tonight. police say he is the guy seen slamming a bike lock against a car during a ride. he's wanted in another state on a drug charge. vic lee is live at the hall of justice tonight with the story. vic? >> reporter: well, dan, the man is being held in custody in county jail tonight. abc 7 news has learned that he has a felony warrant out of washington state on drug charges. we have also learned tonight that late today the female victim met with investigators. she told them what happened, and
5:00 pm
she told them that she got a good look at him. she later identified him through a photo spread. officers recognized ian hesfelt because of his handlebar mustache. he was riding his bicycle outside at&t park saturday night during a billy joel concert when the officers identified him. he was arrested without incident. the violent youtube video posted by another cyclist has gone viral. it was during critical mass in late august when a group of bicyclists rode on the wrong side of the boat in the marina district. around 20 second into the video, the cyclist moved into opposing traffic. one of them blocks the zip car. he stares down the driver. the cyclists swarm around the car. the vehicle inches closer and appears to hit a bike. tempers flair and bicyclists yell at the female driver as a car tries to slowly


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