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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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she told them that she got a good look at him. she later identified him through a photo spread. officers recognized ian hesfelt because of his handlebar mustache. he was riding his bicycle outside at&t park saturday night during a billy joel concert when the officers identified him. he was arrested without incident. the violent youtube video posted by another cyclist has gone viral. it was during critical mass in late august when a group of bicyclists rode on the wrong side of the boat in the marina district. around 20 second into the video, the cyclist moved into opposing traffic. one of them blocks the zip car. he stares down the driver. the cyclists swarm around the car. the vehicle inches closer and appears to hit a bike. tempers flair and bicyclists yell at the female driver as a car tries to slowly bypass the
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group. you see a cyclist strike the car several times finally smashing the side window. the 39-year-old suspect works at macy's and is said to be active in his union. his roommate, who did not want to be identified, told abc 7 news she was shocked to hear about his arrest. >> i've always known him to have a lot of integrity and respect. i can't imagine that he would go as far as to be violent. >> reporter: he lives in this three-unit apartment on howard street. other tenants told us they, too, were surprised. >> very mild mannered and a nice guy to live around. >> reporter: how about you? were you surprised? >> he's a good neighbor. i'm shocked that would be him. >> reporter: investigators interviewed the female victim late today. vic lee, abc 7 news. and now to a developing story on angel island. there is an all-out search under way right now for a missing man. here is what we know. both marin county fire and sheriff are looking. a command post is being set up in tiberon. it started this afternoon. we have a reporter on the way
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and we'll bring you any new information as it develops. public tips helped authorities track down a woman who has been on the run since she jumped off the bay bridge last month. investigators arrested erlynn sanchez-edwards in oakland this morning without incident. no more problems. on august 12 chp officers saw her vehicle crash on the bridge. when they approached her, they say she jumped 75 feet into the bay. the car she crashed was reported stole nen los angeles. sanchez-edwards faces several charges including hit-and-run, causing injury and resisting arrest. some gas station employees and customers wrestled an armed robber to the ground helping save another victim who had been kidnapped just before midnight in watsonville at the arco. a 15 and 17 carjacked a man driving a jetta. one held a gun to the victim's held. the other held a gun to his throat. the suspects ordered him to drive to the store. that's when one of them entered
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and demanded money. a man died after being hit by a truck while crossing a busy street in alameda. police believe the victim was in the cross walk at constitution way and marina village parkway near the exit of the webster tube. investigators have interviewed people who witnessed this afternoon's tragedy. terrible to see, of course, trying to determine who is at fault. the victim's name has not yet been released. a viewer tweet this had picture from the scene using th the #abc7now. remember, if you have pictures or video, share it with us by posting on social media with the #abc7now. a restaurant may be without power for more than a week because of two electrical fires in two days. smoke billowed from the building yesterday and today in two separate fires. the fire sparked in the electrical unit. pg&e has to repair the boxes and cable that can take up to two weeks. the restaurant owner says he had to turn away at least 50 customers today because the restaurant doesn't have any power.
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>> september is one of our busier times, people going back to school, hot weather. losing this business is terrible for us. >> the owner and one of his neighbors went to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation but are okay. a 2.9 earthquake shook the wine country. it hit just after 7:30. no damage. one woman called it a nice labor day jolt. obviously a very small quake. in napa county, meantime, the vineyard and winery industry -- it takes labor day very seriously as they worked all day long. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live tonight. weather played a role in this, didn't it, wayne? >> reporter: dan, weather continues to play a role in it especially if this heat wave continues. the problem this year is that we have not as many grapes and the grapes we have are smaller. take a look at this bunch. these grapes are not as hearty as in previous years. the upside, the wines will be
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bolder. the down side, grape growers are in a hurry. welcome to labor day napa county style where in the wine business it's usually just another monday. >> i've always worked labor day. >> reporter: but they happen to be working harder on this one. 2015 even more so apparently. across the valley today where winemaker brooks painter watched a near record number of trucks arriving with grapes, a near record for this date at least. most years the harvest would only be starting now. this one the valley is roughly one-third finished. it's a race against time in a season with much smaller grapes in smaller bunches. >> it ranges from 10% to as much as 50%. we had one vineyard 55% off. >> reporter: blame a cold snap combined with an extremely dry summer. winery president tom davies compares this year with 2004 and now he's worried about a heat wave. >> we're going to be picking like crazy because we have a light crop this year, the
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berries are tiny. there's not a lot of moisture in the berries. perhaps the drought has caught up a little bit with us this summer because the berries never really sized up. >> reporter: the eternally optimistic wine business, that's not all that bad. small grapes yield intense wines but we'll be paying more for them. >> we'll have less wine to sell, and i think the whole industry is in the same boat. >> reporter: those would be nuances average buyers may not have noticed. louis and cheryl kramer came here after dropping their son off freshman year at san francisco state. >> we're willing to pay more for it, a little bit more. >> reporter: when that son graduates, this year's grapes will be hitting the shelves. from the napa valley, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the state's biggest wildfire is getting even bigger. the fire has now burned 149 square miles in kings canyon national park. it's been burning for more than a month. officials say it was sparked by lightning on july 31st. right now the fire is only 31% contained and several
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campgrounds remain closed. just to give you a sense of the size of that fire, it's a little bit bigger than the city of bakersfield. and that is big enough to be seen from outer space. well, it is supposed to be hot this week. just a reminder that labor day doesn't always signal the end of summer. laura anthony is live in walnut creek to show you how people plan to keep their cool. laura? >> reporter: well, hi, dan. thanks to the drought it's not longer as easy as it used to be to beat the heat. for instance, the water feature at parks like this all over the bay area no longer have water. this will be a good week to stay hydrated with temperatures expected in the triple digits in many east bay cities for several days in a row. love it or hate it, residents are getting ready any way they can. >> we got ice cream and just, like, stayed in the shade. we didn't want to be out in the sun. >> something about hot weather, starts to get warm, you think in
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terms of ice cream? >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: it's the kind of weather that makes a water park an attractive option except this one in danville isn't running. and won't be anytime soon thanks to the drought. >> they love it. they come from all over to be in the water. >> reporter: maybe next summer? firefighters will keep a close eye on the weather, too, though heat without wind isn't as dangerous as when the two come in together. >> well, it's very dry. the fuels are considered extreme and critical. when they do ignite we expect and we've seen rapid rates of spread and heat releases that are above normal. >> reporter: this alameda county crew just finished a ten-day stint south of fresno. it's an increasingly common practice as bay area districts send wild land crews to far away incidents, an effort to supplement cal fire resources stretched to the brink.
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>> so how hot is it going to get? >> abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian is outside with that. it sounds pretty steamy. >> it is pretty steamy. it's hot already starting today and it's going to get hotter later in the week. live doppler 7 hd, sunny skies prevail all across the bay area now. a look at our high temperature so far. san francisco 91 degrees, the high so far. that makes today the hottest day of the year so far in san francisco. we've also seen highs so far of 99 degrees at antioch. 98 at livermore. numerous locations have hit 97 and lots of low to mid-90s around the bay. we have a beach hazard statement for south and southwest facing beaches. there's a possibility of strong rip currents and large shore breaks. and here is the view at santa cruz beach where people are obviously still enjoying this sunny and warm day. but check out the air quality report. tomorrow will be a spare the air day that looks like poor air quality will be with us through friday as will triple digit inland temperatures with us through friday.
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it's going to be a hot week ahead and we're going to have poor air quality with no break in sight until perhaps the weekend. and even that's questionable right now. the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. dan and cheryl? >> spencer, thank you. all right. picnics and politics. >> just ahead, how a labor day picnic is turning into a referendum on the state of the union. b.a.r.t. station right here. >> bussing it across the bay. why low ridership is putting a smile on b.a.r.t.'s face. the top-notch riders taking over part of san francisco. also, the chicken that crossed the bay bridge. it appears the custody battle may be over. and what fans are expected to see for the first time when the 49ers take the field tonight. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues
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lots of folks in the south bay are enjoying the annual labor day picnic in san jose today. they have a lot to celebrate. the tech strong silicon valley is enjoying a rapid growth in jobs. abc 7 news reporter sergio qu n quintana joins us with more. sergio? >> reporter: cheryl, actually the biggest challenge today was the ongoing drought because fires and barbecues are not allowed at that camp se, so the carpenter's union had to cook all the food offsite and driver it there. other than that, the day went off without a hitch. this picnic is not just a commemoration of labor day. it's a celebration of organized labor in the south bay. >> we appreciate everything people have done in the past. >> unions fight for a living wage. they fight for housing. they fight for health care. >> reporter: this event is in its third year and continues to grow. there's more work to be done. >> to call on high-tech companies to treat all of their workers including their contract
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workers fairly. and that effort is really gaining momentum. >> reporter: one of the major victories this year is the decision by tech shuttle bus drivers to join the teamsters union that met little opposition from tech giants. >> they have, in some cases, encouraged the contract agencies to up the pay, provide at least some health care benefits and the like, and none of them have tried to oppose the union. >> reporter: that win has helped highlight a growing gap in the bay area between some of the richest companies in the world and some of their poorest workers. these unions say their mission is to push for labor laws benefiting everyone. labor experts say that effort is getting more complicated in part because bay area companies also keep churning out apps that expand the so-called sharing economy. in san jose, sergio quintana, abc 7 news. union members and supporters also attended the annual labor day picnic today in alameda point park. abc 7 news was at the event
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organized by the alameda labor council with support from a broad coalition of affiliated unions. the event is not only a time to honor labor and enjoy good food but it's also a fund-raiser for the alameda labor council's hardship fund that helps those in great need. now one of america's most famous labor leaders cesar chavez began as a union organizer at a small meeting hall in san jose. and now that building, mcconnell hall, is one step closer to being named a national historic landmark. it currently stands on the grounds of our lady of guadeloupe catholic church and recently became a historic landmark. this is the last day after long holiday weekend without b.a.r.t. service from san francisco to oakland. workers are racing to finish rebuilding a section of track near the transbay tube. the chp says the closure did not have an effect on area roadways. the bay bridge looking good there. amy hollyfield talked to riders.
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>> reporter: taking the bus over the bridge this weekend instead of b.a.r.t. threw commuters off their game a bit, but they say it wasn't as bad as they expected. >> okay. it was a little weird but it was okay. it was kind of confusing. >> it was easy, yeah. it was better than i thought. they're coming every couple minutes. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. has 77 buses shuttling rideers this weekend while the transbay tube is closed. they have b.a.r.t. employees volunteering their time to guide people once they step off the bus and b.a.r.t. says it has been a successful weekend. ridership was down saturday but only by 38% compared to this time last year. and it was down 48% on sunday. comparing that to last month, they see it as a positive. the august closure had half ridership. actually more people are relying on b.a.r.t. they've heard the bus bridge works. >> reporter: the work being done this weekend is historic and b.a.r.t. officials say it is going perfectly. they do expect to open for tuesday morning's commute. >> this is the single largest
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track replacement project in b.a.r.t.'s history. we're replacing over 13,000 feet of rail. >> reporter: riders tell us though the buses have been easy, they still want their trains back. they are feeling very understanding about the shutdown. >> i feel like let's get it done so we can ride safe. b.a.r.t. says because of the work you can expect a smoother, more efficient ride tomorrow and, yes, they are saying with certainty the tube will be open for tomorrow morning's commute. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. an oakland man has claimed owner shship of a chicken that stopped traffic on the bay bridge last week. chp tweeted out this picture of the chicken caught safe at the toll plaza, one of two chickens going to the edible schoolyard of oakland apparently. ken houston, a contractor, was donating them. he stopped off at a work site near the bridge and both chickens escaped. the other one has not been seen since. houston has proof the chicken belonged to him. it's still going to go to the
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edible schoolyard and be used to help teach children about gardens and animals. >> some of america's top cyclists took to the streets today. abc 7 news was along for the bike race today. the first race started at 8:00 this morning. the final race took off at 3:00. the course went through levi plaza including battery street. bicyclists are hoping this race can inspire others to ride. >> the owners of mike's bikes want to promote racing. they feel like it's the best way to get people excited about riding bikes. and so that's our mission just to come out here, race hard, race clean. >> this year's race was the 41st annual in san francisco. >> an exciting day. nearly 130 professional and amateur tennis players are competing this labor day weekend in the 114th annual city open tennis tournament at the golden gate park tennis complex in san francisco. the recreation and park department hosts this event at the 21 court facility.
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>> a lot of d-1 collegiate athletes out over the weekend as well as hometown heroes and recreational players from not only the city, from across the country, northern california, bay area. it's been a great weekend, a lot of fun. >> san francisco recreation and park officials say this event is one of the longest standing tennis tournaments in the country. >> and preparations under way for this week's super bowl 50 kickoff event in san francisco. abc 7 news was at justin herman plaza today for the setup. the nfl and the super bowl committee are hosting wednesday's celebration to introduce the events during super bowl week. just last month mayor ed lee said there will be a focused effort to get the homeless off the street leading up to the game. he wants to place them into 500 units of supporting housing during the festivities. the 49ers will debut their new black uniforms during the first regular season game against the vikings at levi stadium. instead of the classic red and gold ensemble they will wear
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black pants and jerseys with red numbers as you can see here. it's the first alternate uniform in niners history. we'll see how people like it. they can be worn for two games per season. they say the players were involved in the design. lots of excitement in oakland as the raiders opened the regular season at home this sunday against the cincinnati bengals. the game was already sold out. it is the 32nd sellout in the last 33 games for the raiders. in fact, owner mark davis and the raiders have sold 41,000 season tickets this year, the most since the team returned from los angeles back in 1995. >> really exciting. there's a lot of buzz this year about the raiders. we'll have to see. let's update the forecast one last time for you. >> spencer christian outside with a look at that. spencer? cheryl and dan, i've been trying to tackle this heat all day. it's got me feeling a little out of bounds. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny all across the bay area as it has been all day. the heat is beginning to recede
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a little bit close to the coast and around the bay. the view from emeryville. it's currently 82 degrees in san francisco after a high here in the city of 91 today. oakland at 90 degrees right now. 92 at mountain view and san jose. 73 at half moon bay. here's a look at blue sky from our rooftop camera. 92 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield 94. 96 concord. 98 at livermore. and we've got clear skies at the golden gate bridge. it will be a spare the air day tomorrow. air quality is declining and will remain in decline for much of the week. triple digit heat especially in our inland areas through friday. the heat will finally ease, we believe, this weekend. satellite radar composite image shows a massive area of high pressure. it is also a hot air mass that will bring us hot weather all weeklong. so don't look for any breaks for a while. here is a look at the seven-day high temperature trend in san
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jose. notice the average high this time of year in san jose is 83 degrees. highs of 97. 96 the next three days in san jose. 95 on friday. we won't see temperatures tapering off significantly until the weekend. and that's indicative of what all of our inland areas can expect, the kind of pattern. we'll see higher temperatures in many other inland areas, lots of triple digits especially in our east bay valleys. overnight look for clear skies, high temperatures mainly in the low 60s. we'll see mid to upper 50s on the coast and low to mid-50s in the north bay valleys. down in the south bay tomorrow highs of 100 los gatos. 101 morgan hill. mid to upper 90s from san mateo to mountain view. low 80s on the coast tomorrow at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco will top out at 87 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay we'll see numerous mid to upper 90s. over on the east bay it will be
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sizzling once again with highs of 90. 94 hayward and san leandro. 97 at castro valley and fremont. and the inland will have all triple digits tomorrow, 102 the high at walnut creek. san ramon 103 at pleasanton. a mere 100 at fairfield. it will be a spare the air day tomorrow, poor air quality in most regions of the bay area and we'll probably have that spare the air alert for wednesday, thursday and friday as well because we'll have triple digit heat inland wednesday, thursday and friday with no significant drop-off in temperatures until the weekend and we're hoping as the temperatures fall the air quality will also improve. dan and cheryl? >> all right, spencer, thank you so much. well, going for the gold. how some bay area
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a boat off the mexican coast has spotted a massive blue whale entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line. rescuers have been searching for the 80-foot-long mammal since
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first spotting it friday near los angeles. noaa says it will spotted again today near the coronado islands off tijuana trailing line and a red buoy. rescuers cannot work those waters but they have contacted their mexican counterparts. well, kids in an east bay soccer tournament went for the gold today. it wasn't a medal they were after. the gold informs thewas in thei. the money will go to provide psychological help for cancer patients and their families. >> family structures are disrupted and school and work and sibling interaction and it can very quickly and easily lead to depression and dysfunction. >> the goal is to raise at least $50,000 for the supportive services. the fund-raiser doesn't end today either. go for the will continue selling gold shoelaces at other soccer tournaments.
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>> a good idea. you may never think about the golden gate bridge the same way again. coming up, you'll see the bridge undergo an artistic makeover.
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[extracurricular activitiessands help provide a sense of identity and a path to success.
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joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6:00, they're now safe from isis but tonight the heartache that remains for an iraqi family now living in the bay area.
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also -- wow. >> that is incredible. the inspirational story after one-legged artist who refuses to give up his favorite thing to do. all that coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. astronaut scott kelly send out this vine video showing the aurora borealis from the international space station. he calls it his labor day gift. wow. beautiful and pretty cool. >> that really is stunning. a stanford ph.d. student has incredible pictures thanks to a computer algorithm. >> a picture of the golden gate bridge. it creates instagram-like filters in the style of famous artists. >> artists like frieda callows. here is the bridge in the style of a woman with a hat. >> and let's show you another one inspired by hand with reflecting sphere. >> that's really creative. >> that's going to do it for us.
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i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. welcome to "world news tonight." making his case. a turbo-charged joe biden showing his passion. >> i'm mad. i'm angry. >> is he getting ready to run? as a new poll shows hillary clinton weakening. now second to bernie sanders in a key state and losing ground in another. is this race about to change? tipping point. hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from syria. now triggering a global crisis, as they crush european borders. many tonight are now asking, what role will the u.s. play? officer ambushed. another attack on police, this time in las vegas. a man shooting at two officers stopped at a traffic light. blindsided. two high school football players in texas, caught on video, suddenly tackling a referee. why police are now looking into this penalty play.


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