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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> developing news. search for bay area man missing on angel island. >> live report on effort to find him. 7 news if you love shrimp like i love shrimp, red lobster's endless shrimp... kind of a big deal. it's finally back, with as much shrimp as you want, any way you want 'em. one taste of these new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites, and i already want more. they even brought back wood-grilled teriyaki shrimp! yeah, you heard me: teriyaki. and really: what's not to love about... ...buttery garlic shrimp scampi? here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever. are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble.
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talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at >> holiday weekend on angel island turned into a full scale search and rescue mission for san francisco man missing since this morning. good evening. >> we begin with that developing story in. cornell live on angel island with the latest on the search. cornell? >> the search for this sale or called off for the tonight. 7 news first reported that he went missing some time overnight on sailboat off angel island. search crew return to tiburon monday nature after long day of combing angel island. >> that's what the dog is for. she is going the tell me if see she is anybody. >> early in the day search rescue freedoms marin, san
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mateo and contra costa county were being ferry to angel island to search for missing man. >> nice labor day weekend and we are looking for him. >> 42-year-old man from san francisco was spending the weekend on board a leased sailboat with wife and several friend. both was docked overnight at this cove on angel island. >> last seen by his wife at 1:00 o'clock in the morning getting into bed. and when she woke up the 6:00 a.m. he was missing. >> sky 7 hd of head search team 17 out across the steep rugged terrain of angel island 1.2 square miles in size. >> coast guard chopper hovered over the water he was wearing gray shirt and boxer shorts. it's unknown if any other clothes were taken. that he fell for the water or early hike. nobody knows. >> he's known to be very positive person. was last seen in good spirits. we don't believe that there's any foul play involved and we don't
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believe that he was any intent to harm himself either. >> search resumes tuesday morning. in tiburon, abc 7 news. >> all right to the weather no now. more hot day ahead. taking a leif look outside from the emeryville camera to san francisco. balmy night in the city. spencer christian has look now on how long the heat will last. spencer. >> heat will last all week lon long. i'm afraid to say. let's look at the the radar. it has been slow to cool down from the heat we had this afternoon. so it's rather mild evening just quick look at some of today high pressure. oakland at 92 degrees tied the record high for this date. we had 100 inland apartment i don't care and for the week ahead we have poor air quality coming our way and look like spare the air day tomorrow and we have poor air quality remainder of the week as well as high pressure in the triple digit in the inland area so no brick for either at the change air quality or at the time heat until the weekend.
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>> if spencer thanks very much. hot weather dry conditions help california largest wildfire grow today unfortunately. the rough fire has burned in kings can i don't know national park since late july. flames charred nearly 150 square miles. firefighters is in the hospital after getting hurt while battling the flames this morning. more than 1900 firefighters continue to the battle this fire. >> there were some scary moments in san francisco union square tonight while police determine suspicious package pose no danger. we were there after officers roped off one block area around the package early this evening. members of sf pd bomb squad moved in to make surety item was safe. nearby hotel your honor the guest to stay indoors. police issued the all clear around 8:30. >> 2 people were stabbed at the santa cruz beach boardwalk tonight. happened just before 8:30 this evening. helicopter flew one victim to the trauma center. other victim suffered less serious wind. santa
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sentinel tweeted this photo taken near the crime scene. officers believed the stabbing might be gang related. they are not sure. they have taken 3 people now into custody. >> san francisco police are investigating ugly crime. several messages targeting the chinese community. spray painted in the portola neighborhood. graffiti removed as police try to find out who did it. 7 news reporter is live at police headquarters tonight with the latest on the story. melanie? >> well a lot of people started taking pictures of these images of vandalism on the cell phone and then sharing them on facebook. neighborhood web site called next door. shortly there after the im a building transformed. >> i was shocked. >> he was one of several portola resident surprised to seat word no more chinese. spray painted on fence sidewalk and buildings throughout the neighborhood. >> i'm sad i'm d sappointed that somebody can think that way about a major group of
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people. >> about the emergency line and stopped by in person. to make a report. >> i don't know what have we done to deserve this. >> the wondering. yes. >> wondering who would do it. >> yes. >> and why. >> yes. right. >> some residents believe the writing which percent to be the same in every instant somebody living in the neighborhood fight this is their way of reacting. >> anybody took to transforming the message of hate either by crossing out the no or in one case change it to a heart. >> that was amazing. it was like the message totally changed. it's love more chinese or love everyone in the neighborhood. >> employee with the department of public work scrubbed off who what was left. >> i understand this is a predominantly chinese neighborhood. it's hurtful. people shouldn't have to walk this is a school. that's a ballpark. kid shouldn't see that in the morning. >> in san francisco, abc 7 new
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news. >> the there is a special tour headed to wine country this movement in response to racially charged incident that happened on the napa valley wine train. black women book club kicked off unfairly. they have now filed a lawsuit. wine train apologized. now non-profit oakland food policy counts hosting a wine soul train tour on september 26. bus will visit black latino owned vineyard with tasteings and discussions all along the way. >> not going anywhere. >> friends neighbors of man suspected of smashing in car window during a bike rage incident say they are surprised he would be accused of being so violent. you tube video from late last month show man hitting the windy with a heavy duty bike lock during critical mass. police arrested 3 39-year-old ian saturday outside the village here. that's when officers recognized him. >> mild manner and nice guy to live around. >> how about you surprised. >> good neighbor i'm really
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shocked that that would be him. >> he could face several felony with false im probability and salt with a deadly weapon. >> tips from the public help investigators track down this woman on the run since she jumped off bait bridge last month. officers arrested sanchez edwards in oakland this morning. officers saw the vehicle crash on the bridge when they approached her she jumped 75 feet into the bay. car she crashed was reported stolen out of los angeles. >> if you plan open commuting on bart tomorrow the system says the transbay tube will reopen at 4 a.m. as scheduled. bart provided the picture she go crew rebuilding track near the oakland entrance to the tube. that work is running on schedule. bart ran dozens of bus across the bay bridge to shuttle riders between san francisco and downtown oakland over the holiday wean. >> expect a change tomorrow when you drive across the golden gate bridge during the evening rush hour. starting tuesday the bridge add as
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northbound lane for total of 4 and reduce south bound lanes to 2. zipper truck adjust the ma mavable lane barrier each day. to be in effect between 4 and 6:00 p.m. and it's designed to help deal with congestion. >> football referee says the case of unnecessary roughness. >> knocked down hard. why 2 texas high school football players are accused of targe targeting the referee and what he wants done about it. >> plus a good chance of celebrity sighting in one peninsula city. why actor james franco make frequent stop there. >> bit later. tiger cub found recommend ago california street gates new home. >> if first here's a look what's coming up tonight on about the news at 11:00. >> thanks. take a gander what's up with us after the news. >> shine shine shine. wants. >> what. >> what. >> he wants
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a. >> breaking news out of cupertino tonight. man hunt for gunman after one person shot. looking live. neighbors there have been told to stay indoors during the search. police say the gunman was dressed in all black. victim injuries are not considered life threatening. stay with us for breaking up dates and follow us on twitter at this web site. >> watch this now two high school football players in texas who laid a hit on referee during a game could face criminal charges. one slamming the referee during the game friday near san antonio. other then diving on top spearing him with the helmet. local reports say he made a call they did not like. police have open add
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criminal investigation. referee wants the players charged. >> 23 states around the countr country. that have decided to create laws that make it a criminal action to assault a referee. texas is one of those states. >> both players have been suspended from the team and the school indefinitely. itch. >> teacher and jaim franco teaming up. next week they teach fill tomorrow high school students. he announced lates teaching venture with the post on the instagram account. new at 11:00. 7 news reporter lil i don't know kim has the story from palo alto. >> i will get the big pile of gelled and you can have a nice pile of about nana. >> after james franco on location filming the next movi movie. for one sunday every month mick a trip to palo alto high school. he teaches film. already taught college students now he's ready for high school kid. >> younger. they don't have any rules yet. they can think outside the box. >> teacher is founder of the
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media arts center. program where franco is writer for the school paper when avenues student nearly 20 years ago. together they select 24 students for the 8 session work shop. junior jordan schilling is one of the many kids vying for a spot and he insist it's not because of the celebrity. >> it's not like he's a big movie star but creative in what he does. >> james franco maintained the connection to palo alto high school ever since he graduate entered 1996. he comes almost every year to speak and last year came to paint the mawral based on photo from the freshman year book. >> it's his way of getting back to a school where he considers him safely nobody. >> steve jobs daughter was in the class. hewlett grand son was in the class. there were all these like really well known people in the class. and he said and i was james franco. >> nobody turned a list actor look to go pass on the knowledge to new generation. local students have until thursday night to apply. in
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palo alto, lillian, abc 7 news. >> the controversy is brewing around a mobile party in sacramento. folk share the opinion every time the brew bike rolls through the mid town district. graffiti artist scribble objection on the pavement near the state conspire total. it provides people with new way to go pub crawling. the bartender cring cringes when it arrives. >> they take all the tables. the a lot of scream also gills and bro think they own the place. >> be respectful. swirling on the street cat calling that kind of stuff we want to eliminate that kind of stuff. >> if they add that the business help make mid town before more popular and despite the complaint he insist the group will keep on growing. >> time to turn to our weather which is really high. >> we have several triple digit temperature days. we have the full forecast. >> if it was hot. well you are in for a week of discomfort. we have mr. heat come our way.
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here's live doppler 7hd mild throughout right now under mostly clear sky and here's the view from the emeryville camera looking back to san francisco. 71 agree ins san francisco. oakland 70, 71 mountain have you and san jose. 68 morgan hill. 54 at half moon bay. thinks the view from the roof top camera along the embarcadero 66 santa rosa. cooling down a bit in the north bay. 64 napa. 70 fairfield. 74 concorde. 72 at livermore and here's the view at the golden gate bridge which is mostly clear as well. no fog i hope sight. forecast feature spare the air day tomorrow and air quality did he change and remaining poor throughout the week. triple digit heat through friday. heat begin to ease up over the weekend and we hope by then air quality will improve as well. here's satellite radar image high rim offshore and dominate all we can long and keep news the hot range. week ahead our 7 day high pressure trend in livermore look like this.
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average high this time of the year livermore 86. it's going to be well above 100 the next 4 days in livermore before it trend downward over the weekend. that's the high pressure trend that we see all around the bay area over the next 7 days. tonight mostly clear sky. mild conditions over nature low will be generally in the low 60's. might be mid upper 50's on the coast and low mid 50's in the north bay valley. tomorrow hot day in the south bay with high high ranging from 96 santa clara and 101 morgan hill. 103 gilroy on the peninsula. 96 at redwood city palo alto and mountain view 98 at los altos on the coast. low 80's from pacifica to half moon bay. downtown san francisco will top out at 87 degrees tomorrow. 78 high in the sun set district up in the north bay. if you want some cooler weather. less hot go to the coast where bodega obey high of sfaichlt stinson beach 85 inland cell of the north bay high in the mid upper 90's. 98 the at napa. 96 at santa rosa. east bay high
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tomorrow 93 at oakland. 94 in hayward. 97 at castro cell and free mont and inland east bay sizzle with all locations in the triple digit tomorrow. 101 at concord. 102 walnut creek. 103 at pleasanton. accu-weather 7 day forecast. once again spare the air day tomorrow and likely more of those as we get later natural week. certainly more triple digit tomorrow through friday inland high range from 102 to 104. with temperatures just dropping off natural upper 90's over the weekend. it's going to be hot. >> definitely thanks spencer. >> coming up next. how one cable company make sure people do not miss a minute of the upcoming visit to the u.s. by upcoming visit to the u.s. by the pope
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>> pope francis will have the very own 24 hour cable channel during the upcoming visit to america. this comes after abc news host add virtual meeting between pope francis and every day americans last week. time warner cable will offer the papal channel to 15 million american homes but unfortunately you can't see it here in the bay area. >> however i will be live in washington, d.c. the first of 3 cities pope will visit when he arrives on september 22. i hope you join me as 7 news follows pope francis on this historic trip. >> remark annual. 2 month old
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tiger cub found wandering a city in riverside county getting adjusted to the new home. cute guy. >> cub now cared for at sanctuary near san diego. caretaker are hoping that he and 2-year-old tiger will get along so this little cub can learn some proper tiger skills. also fundraising condition test to name him. i think the tiger will learn plenty of tiger skills. >> qb and the paw. >> grow that the paw. >> much better police for it. >> a lot the talk about in sports on this labor day. >> that's right. shoe is in with the latest. >> busy day. fading guys in the desert sun as d backs man handle them the man child fowler with the come become for the ages today. to win the championship over stenson.
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are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born
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>> serve them up at the u.s. open where federer and american john came in tonight round of the match feeling fresh. not dropping a game in the tournament. first set. january get to the ball. if a little overhead slamment roger dig it out. the look at the ang he. no way right. back hand cross court winner. tie break twice but couldn't get a set. federer great shot sneak in the line to win the second set. third set fed broke john. volley from the corner and l he pushes. wide. that would be it. the federer mavs on to face if in the quarter final.
11:29 pm
>> giants spending labor day in arizona. facing the d backs every game now seems to be a must win as post season chance are fading fast. this is pretty much how all giant fans are feeling right now. if a little pat on the head will do it. mike open the mound. struggle early. tall this one deep to left field. 3 run homer. d backs up 3 nothing. then bases loaded in the fourt fourth. single to left. brings him in lead to 4. league having tough day. can't get out of the sixth. solo homer toen the day. giants lose 6-one. fall 8 and a half back of the donors. if beat the angels tonight 7-5. the if labor difficult love from a's fans. tied twoot in the sixth. bases leded for cocoa crisp. off josh field and at the time score. start the 6 run inning. they are up. huh stop we have a problem but astros didn't lay
11:30 pm
down. carlos the to deep center. impressive shot. the lead is dwindling. add to the tally t.the curve ball. park it in the left field seat. up 10-6 and open to i hope witness 10-9 ending 5 game slide. pga my offs 10 at the championship cutting the field from 100 to 70 players after the event. fuller in the final group and turned out to be pretty much match play. fowler about playing as well as anyone on take your right now. down 2 and 5 to play. on 14. 40 foot putt. ricky best long distance putter on tour that's why cut the led to 1 stroke. par 3 16. tee shot. the a little fat. unlucky bounce. catches rock. drop in the water. go back to the drop zone. double bege handing foulary 1 stroke lead. tie fowler with the putt. oh.
11:31 pm
the victory. the 3 under. third win this season moving him up to no. 5 in the world. serena and venus play tomorrow night in the quarter final. grand slam kahn immanuel if your sister not too often prevented from you winning this. >> mentioned feelings. >> sometimes gets in the way of the emotion when you play a sibling. >> interesting is that abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile did he vase with the 7 news app. >> the 4:30 tomorrow with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed,
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 24-month special financing. hurry ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number. >> that's our report we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for spencer and all of us
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thanks for joining us. singer thanks for joining us. singer demi lovato >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, roseanne barr, and demi lovato. with cleto and the cletones. and now, for your information, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live >> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you for watching.


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