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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the investigation on the scene is preliminary because all of the witnesses, at least three them were taken to the hospital starting with a solo crash and two other vehicles crashed into that vehicle or the vehicle that crashed into the first vehicle. there were three vehicles involved and another vehicle came back to the scene and it was also involved in the accident. they had two females who were in one vehicle taken to the hospital. they had serious injuries. another male, also, taken to the hospital from another vehicle. right now they are not sure if one of the vehicles got on the road and was it by another vehicle they trying to figure out how that person was injured. it did appear at time they did have serious injuries but they are all dison the sketch they blocked east freeway for an hour. they opened up one lane. now, all lanes on finish 680 are back open so that is good news for the commute at 4:30 in the
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morning. back to the studio. >> at 4:3 is break news in san francisco, police are looking for the shooter who up worked two men at a bus stop and when pay have been innocent bystander. amy hollyfield is at the mission district. >> police do not know the motive behind the shooting. there was glass flying everywhere shattering. this is from the puss station shelter. it is now just a shell with no glass left because of the bullets flying through the air the this happened at 11:30 last night. there were would people at the bus stop. both were shop. one was shot in the chest, the other in the foot. they taken to the hospital and their condition sun known. at the time when transported it appears they were in stable condition. this happened at mission and 24th at 11:30 last night. officers say they have a good video lead so they are feeling
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good about that and hope it leads to arrest. no one is in custody. reporting live from san francisco for abc7. >> sheriff deputies usually quiet in cupertino are search now for a gunman who shot a man prompting a shelter in place last night after responding to a call at 9:30. they found a man with non-life threatening injuries. residents were asked to stay inside while officers searched if the gun man who slipped away. >> santa cruz police are trying to put together what led to a stabbing at the boardwalk with two men stabbed open beach street at 8:30 the one was take were by helicopter to a trauma center and the other suffered less serious wounds. this photo was taken, and it could be gang related. three people were taken for custody. >> throw correctional deputies accused in the death of a santa clara inmate are scheduled for the first court appear an
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they have arraignment hearings this afternoon after being arrested open suspicion of murder acan youd of bet inmate michael tyree to death inside his cell. the deputies are on unpaid leave and being held without pale in the jail. rafael rodriguez said he never touched michael tyree. steps are being taken to republic itself in case a lawsuit is filed in his case. the board of supervisors will meet this morning to discuss what it called "significant exposure to hit dangerous e legal counsel will family the meeting. it will be closed to the public. abc reporter will have more on the story at the top of the hour. >> bart's tube was closed for rail replacement repair work trains are still experiencing a 30-minute delay because a man actually took a selfie while lay on the tracks at 930 and posted it to his family who contacted bart miss out of concern the map was still in danger after all
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train activity was halted, though, the cell phone was traced and showed he was no longer in the bart system. >> a special tour is headed to wayne country this month, in response to a racially chapped incident that happened on the napa valley wipe train. a black woman's book club was kickoff unfairly so, and the wipe train apologized and now a nonprofit food policy council is hosting a wine soul train tour on september 26. the bus will visit black and latino owned june wards with tastings and discussions along the route. >> new the growing humanitarian crisis overseas, the passion is opening the door to the possibility of allowing more syrian refugees into the united states, with a change reflecting the seriousness of the situation in europe where procedure is mounting to provide more shelter by other cups. >> as refugees stagger across borders volunteers are helping
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them get to shelter, with the influx outpacing places for shelter and hungary resisted pressure to take in more have seen clashes between the police and refugees. germany has been accepting the largest number of arrivals expecting to take 800,000 refugees by the end of the year. the chancellor said her country cannot sustain this. france and great britain have now pledged to take tens of thousands more. but prime minister cam reason is assessing the need for a comprehensive approach. >> helping to stabilize countries where the refugees are coming from, seeking a solution to the crisis in syria. >> and lawmakers are pushing the obama administration to allow more syrian refugees into the united states increasing the number to 65,000 next year. the obama administration is reportedly considering a number of options, no time line has of options, no time line has been given for a decision.
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>> this week, it is time to check the weather forecast. >> mike? >> good morning. temperatures are up to six or seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday which will spring period us to high temperatures. here is the heat advisory as promised, it is today and tomorrow, and it started at 11 o'clock until 7:00 in the evening. that is when it will be hottest and when the risk of heat-related illness starts to ramp up, whether it is the santa clara valley or santa cruz mountains, the entire bay area, into the east bay valleys, north bay valley, the only place not in this is the peninsula coast in the north by coast. now, what are the temperatures going to be? no breeze again this morning. 92 in san francisco, which is warmer than year, peninsula will
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top out at 99 and south by topping out at 100 and east bay top out at 99 and inland another bay, 102 and the north bay topping out at 99. we will flirt with 100? map areas and it is the first of possible four consecutive "spare the air" days. so, try to limit driving if you can. the they day forecast, 103, 104, inland, my 90 at the bay and 80s at the coast. you can see cooling at the coast on friday and i have the weekend forecast. coming up. leyla? >> you can eliminate driving now that bart is on track with good news. we have trains starting to roll but expect the 20-minute delays as they continue to do track inspection at the morning commute starts. we take you to the south bay where we have an accident with aing is alert and all lanes are re-opened. at capital avenue, still purple which has not been removed. we do have all lanes in the northbound direction that have
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re-opened. here is a look at the golden gate bridge and travels here are looking nice as you come in from marin to san francisco and northbound not going to be a problem at this hour, and we will check the drive time traffic over the altamont pass, it is the holiday being over and 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard south is 14 minutes and highway 85 northbound from 101 to cupertino is 18 minutes for the nfl super bowl committee will host a kickoff even ahead of the regular football season. we were there for some of the prepares with the celebration introducing the events for have been week but leading up to the big game, the mayor lee wants the homeless people in the area to get off the streets. his plan is to place them in 500 units of supportive heading during the festivities. >> next, an ugly crime targeting members of san francisco's chinese community. the search now for the person behind the messages of hate.
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>> the little known california oversite board that has gone years without a system meeting and what will happen today after claims that your taxpayer dollars have been wasted. dollars have been wasted. stay tuned.
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 4:41. a board created in 2012 to oversee clean energy jobs projects meets for the first time, ever. california voters approved proposition 39, raising corporate taxes to generate billions for energy efficiency projects at schools. the citizen board wasn't expected to meet until october or november but that was move up to today after an associated press investigation found that
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it had never met, generate own a fraction of the jobs promised and the state had no proof of any work being done. >> spray painted messages of hate in san francisco are being scrubbed away while officers search if the person responsible targeting the chinese in portola neighborhood. >> i was shocked. >> one of several portola residents surprised it see the words "no more chinese," spray painted on fences, sidewalks, and buildings throughout the neighborhood. >> i am sad and disappointed someone two think that way about a major group of people. >> the police were called and they stopped by had person to make a report. >> i don't know what have we done to deserve this. >> wondering who who did it. >> wondering. and why. >> some believe the writing which appears to be the same in every instance may have been done by someone who lives in the
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neighborhood. >> people are being squeezed out of the neighborhood in the city and this is how they react. >> neighbors crossed out "no," and in one case change it to a heart. >> amazing. the message has totally changed. love more chinese. or love everyone in the neighborhood. >> employees with the public of public works scrubbed off what was left. i understand this is a predominantly chinese neighborhood but it and hurt will. people should not have to walk by this. this is a school, a ballpark, kids should not see that in the morning. >> it is 4:43. retaining a federal ban on exports of fossil fuel is the focus of a rally in san francisco. more than 20 environmental and justice and indigenous groups are expected to gather in front of the federal building at noon. the ban on oil exports is
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underfire by the oil industry. the groups believing more crude oil will encourage more fracking causing health and environmental problems. >> republican presidential candidate ben carson, dr. carson, will be in san francisco today speaking as a guests of the common wealth club. he has been a surprise in the presidential campaign, emerging at the second choice of republican voters in many of the latest polls, a preeminent surgeon advocates a not tax, is opposed to the iran income deal and wants to replace obamacare with health savings accounts. dan ashley will oversee the event. >> people returning home from burning man are spending a pretty penny to get the grime off their cars. cars are lined up for the burning man special, it costs $100 for the center effort to scrub east desert ash because it
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takes three times as long as the normal car wash. >> another effect of burning man we did not thing about. >> really dusty. >> hot and dusty at the baseball stadium. >> today, it will be a harder day to deal with. be careful and drink plenty of fluids often and don't wait until you are thirsty of the 70 through the ferry building and sunny side at 68, and mission and west portal, 67, presidio, 66, crissy field and bayview, and ocean bench, 59 for good sleeping weather. already 11 degree microclimate across san francisco. we have richmond at 61, union city at 62, check out beaumont at 66 degrees. parka is -- pacifica is 68. petaluma is 53, american canyon
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is 52. warm inland at 63 in walnut creek and tracy at 61. this is how it looks from the camera, and it is looking quiet. dangerous heat. poor air quality. what more do you need to know? stay inside. warmer than average temperatures, a hot like this morning, and excessive heat will taper this weekend and it will be hot but not this hot. here is a look at live doppler hd withing in out there the form of parent layer or cooling clouds. we will be in the upper 90 to low 100s sunnyvale and milpitas at 98 and san jose 99, and triple digits morgan hill and gilroy and in the mid-to-upper 90s today on the peninsula and redwood city and los altos at 99, 88 at pacifica, and 80 in the such set and low 90s around downtown to 90 in south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 90 through most of the north bay and triple digits in calistoga and low-to-mid 90 for the east
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bay, oakland at 95 and upper 90s, 98 in union city and castro valley and fremont at 99 and 100 degree temperatures across our inland east bay neighborhoods. going to the game, it will be warmer than normal, first pitch at 80, and down to 7, and in the 50s and 60s, again, tomorrow, and it looks like the policy of a "spare the air" day through friday and 70s at the coast, 80s at the bay and 90s this weekend inland, still warm. >> we have 25 bart trains running and we could see a 20-minute delay until further notice because they are doing traffic repair or traffic inspection. holding back over to the accident that has been cleared and now back to normal in the south bay, northbound 680 at capital avenue, everything is clear on 680, northbound and southbound, we have top speeds running through again after nasty overnight accident. the rest of the south bay, you are at continue speed headed along 101 beyond the 280 and 680
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split to get to the airport, 280 to cupertino, no delays, and highways 85, 17, 87, all looking clear. move over to the bay bridge toll plaza we have traffic, now, again, the labor day holiday is over, you can see from our east bay camera, emeryville to the eastern span, clear and no delays this morning. >> 4:48. a new tablet will hit the market and it costs only $50. >> here is the tech bytes. >> how does a $50 tablet from amazon sound? the "wall street journal" said it will be half the price of the cheapest program done fire tablet. >> the device has 6" screen but not stare yes sound and go on sale just in time for the holidays. >> of course. the back-to-school frenzy is in actual swing. cozy is an app to help families keep on top of their schedules so no one misses important recitals or practices.
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>> a digital organizer helps students stay on task with the assignments. how about combating motion sickness with an app tested on volunteers using a chair from a carnival ride. >> it sends a jolt of electricity to the skull and treatment is still five or 10 years away. >> whatever works. >> if it works. >> a different stimulation for rain, free online and mobile access to movies and music and e-books at the san jose library starting tomorrow a partnership between the library and digital streaming service called hoopla. movie tilings include the "walking dead," and "dark knight." >> the anger brewing over the mobile party bikes and locals in
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a california city want them off the streets permanently. >> the owner of chip the chicken offers an explanation open why the bird tried to cross the bay the bird tried to cross the bay bridge.
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>> welcome back at 4:52. the italian court has issued the explanation for overturning the murder conviction of amanda knox and her former boyfriend in a legal document issued today they said there was no biological prof the pair was at the scene of the roommate's 2007 murder. knox and her boyfriend were first found guilty of killing the roommate in 2009 and then acquitted. in 2013 a court found them
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guilty again and this march the high court overturned the cop victims for the final time. >> a controversy brewing around a mobile party in sacramento, folks sharing opinions when the brew bike rolls through the midtown district. a bra feet artist has scribbles objections on the pavement near the capital providing people with a way to go pub crawling. a local bartender cringes when it arrives. >> they go in, take all the tables, screaming girls and a lot of bros think they earn the place. >> disrespectful, swearing and cat calling that kind of stuff, we want to eliminate that stuff. >> the brew bike owner aulos it makes the midtown bars more popular and insists the brew bikes will keep on rolling. >> maybe the weather will cooperate with walking. >> whatever you can get, if you get shade that is the better
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advise today. walking is not a bad idea on the "spare the air" day with temperatures at 15 to 21 degrees warmer than average, in oakland and san francisco, and the biggest jump from our average temperatures and walnut creek is one of the areas that can have more air quality today, tomorrow, thursday and friday. along with the santa clara valley and possibly, even parts of the bay tomorrow and thursday. temperatures around the state, triple digits through the central valley and palm springs 93 in los angeles, and 83 with hazy sunshine in lake tahoe. laying has the update. >> i showed the golden gate bridge but now it is about to make its way to the marin side to expand southbound lanes, so stay in the far right hand lanes. berkeley is a look at i-80 headed in the west direction with plenty of traffic building past university avenue. i promise, it is right there, when you get to the macarthur maze it trickles in and it is lice. in the south bay, 101 near the
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mineta san jose international airport, a clear commute. >> archaeologists in the united kingdom have discovered the hidden remains of a monument that could dwarf stone hedge found buried under a grassy bank to miles from stonehenge. archaeologists at the university of birmingham say it is likely dates back to 4,500 years ago. it was discovered using sensing tens, not through excavation. >> surfers were outstyled by dolphins in australia. they hit the waves language side the surfers and the beachgoers cheer them on as they jump out of the water and splash back in. the videos with shot and entered in the surfing world film competition right before the deadline. >> they are hard to beat. >> boeing announced the name of the new spacecraft called the star liner with the first launch
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set for 2017. nasa released this video showing animation of the new spacecraft and boeing is one of two private companies hired to transport astronauts to the international space station. spacex is the other from elon musk. >> an oakland man claimed ownership of a chicken that sopped traffic on the bay bridge. c.h.p. tweeted this picture of the chicken caught at the toll plaza. it was one of two chickens going to the first edible school yard in oakland. a contractor was donating them and stopped off at a work site near the bridge and both escaped. the other had not been seen since. he has proved the chick were belonged to him, it is still going to the space edible school yard and teach children about gardens and animals. how can you blame the chicken for trying to escape with that title "edible."
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>> scorching temperatures add fuel to oust control california wildfire. >> and more on the kentucky county clerk would refused to marry gay couples. marry gay couples. stay tuned.
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a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, time to get back to it, the holiday over. >> labor day is supposed to be the end of summer but we are intensify the heat. >> we are intensifying the heat. >> don't wear pants. shorts are a good idea. live doppler hd shows no clouds, though marine layer, and we are looking at walnut creek, an area that will hit triple digits today. warmer this morning, mid-50s to mid-60s but, still, comfortable and a quick warming, 80 to moot and staying at 80s at the coast and low 100s at the bay and inhappened by


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