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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, time to get back to it, the holiday over. >> labor day is supposed to be the end of summer but we are intensify the heat. >> we are intensifying the heat. >> don't wear pants. shorts are a good idea. live doppler hd shows no clouds, though marine layer, and we are looking at walnut creek, an area that will hit triple digits today. warmer this morning, mid-50s to mid-60s but, still, comfortable and a quick warming, 80 to moot and staying at 80s at the coast and low 100s at the bay and inhappened by 4:00.
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>> excellence news for folks waiting for bart to come backs it is back and we have 33 bart trains running but there is a major delay system wide for system restoration so be aware they are picketing 20-minute delays expected at the start of the service. we will keep you updated if that changes. here is a look at the toll plaza where we have plenty of traffic sticking up in the far right happened lane to pay cash and the rest of the fast trackers are moving. >> 5:01 and breaking news in san jose all lanes are open on northbound 680 at north capital after a major accident. it happened before 3:00 this morning, and at least three vehicles were involved. you can see some of them there now. two women and a man were rubbed to a hospital. there are reports that one of the women was hit after she get out of her vehicle after the accident. all lanes were shut down for an hour.
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>> in san francisco, police are looking for the shooter who opened fire on two men at a bus opened fire on two men at a bus stop in the mission. >> police have not determined a motive but the violence is upsetting and they do not want it here in this neighbor. this happened at 11:30 last night in the mission at 24th and mission. at a bus stop. two men were shock at the bus stop, one in the chest and one this the foot. they were taken to the hospital in stable condition. residents wonder if this is gang violence and think it is time the community did more to suspect it. >> it is sad. for us, if we have more responsibility because we have the opportunity, we are giving that and we should have more of a responsible to say, no, that is not the life we should live. >> police say they have good
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video evidence from surveillance videos and hope it will lead to arant no one is in custody. several shots were fired. the glass at the bus shelter is shattered with crime tape around it. residents say it is upsetting to see this and to know this time see this and to know this time of violence is happening >> a search resumes at 8:00 this morning for san francisco man who vanished on angel island. the marin, sheriff said 42-year-old wouter van lier was last seen early yesterday morning. here is our reporter, cornell barnard. >> crews returned to tiburon after a day of combing angel island. >> that is what the dog is for, she will tell me if she sees anyone. >> early in the day resolution -- search-and-rescue teams were
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ferried to angel island to sent for a missing man. >> supposed to be a nice labor day weekend but we are looking. >> wouter van lier, 42, was spending the weekend on a leased sailboat with his wife and several friends. the get was docked at the cove on angel island. >> he was last seen at 1:00 o'clock in the morning getting and bed. when she work up at 6:00 a.m. he was missing. >> sky 7 was overhead as teams fanned out across the rugged terrain which is 1.2 square miles. >> helicopter hovered over the water for any sign of wouter van lier wearing a gray shirt and boxer shorts. it is not then if any other clothes were taken. no one knows where he is. >> he is a positive person and last seen in good spirits. we do not believe there is foul play offed so or he was
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intending to harm himself. >> scary moments in san francisco's union square while police determined a suspicious package posed no danger. officers proposed off a one block area around the package and members of the bomb squad moved in to make sure the item was safe and hotels urged the gifts to stay indoors. police issued the all clear an hour and a half later. >>ment weather and dry conditions helped the largest wildfire grow over the labor day weekend with the rough fire growing since late july and flames have charred 150 square miles. a firefighter is in the hospital after, hurt while battling the flames. more than 1,900 firefighters continue to president el the rough fire. >> today, fire investigators will take another look at the marin city school district before unsealing the site according to the independent journal after a fire protect out
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and grew to two-alarm fire. it is not appearing to be arson. it hows office space for the staff of willow creek academy. >> tips from the public helped vest gays traffic accident down this woman who has been on the run since she jumped off the bay bridge last month. officers arrested sanchez edward in oakland on monday. august 12, c.h.p. saw her vehicle crash on the bridge and they approached her he jumped 75' into the bay. the car she crashed was reported stolen in los angeles. >> in kentucky the latest on the county clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. kim davis remains in jail with attorneys filing an emergency motion to get her out. at none today, republican presidential candidate >>governor huckabee: hung will join a prayer rally on behalf of davis would said she could not obey court orders to issue licensing for same-sex marriages because of her
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religious beliefs. >> where will the temperatures hand on this tuesday morning? mike? >> are you sure you went to know? >> i better. >> you should necessity because it will be dangerous for some of us out there. as we hit 90s to 100s in all areas and the heat is lurking above the valleys but we are 56 right new in danville and san ramon and dublin and leften, easy to hit triple digits so a 40-45 degree warming today from the lows. 63 in pittsburg and brentwood and livermore at 61 and conquer at 65 and walnut creek 62 and 61 right new in san jose and, also, los gatos, and half moon bay is 48 degrees on the way to 80 and napa and novato at 57, san francisco is 66 and oakland is 62. from the exploritorium there are no clouds to speak of and the temperatures inland east bay,
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100 to 103 and downtown san francisco, 94 to 100 around the bay. it just stays put. we talked about this year, the longest period of hot temperatures we have had all year and it goes through friday. the weekend forecast is coming up. >> we start by looking at the dumbarton and san mateo bridges, i will show you a live picture in a moment with the friend an indication that we have top speeds as you head out of the east bay toward the peninsula, and if you make the drive from east palo alto to new action, again, a nice drive and 880, everything is clear through union city, fremont, and to the north. the a spas a difficulty story. it is quite busy, one hour, to get you from tracy to dublin at 32 miles per hour speed. passing by 205, 580 you get to the pass and you are slow and go continuing the westbound direction. here is the picture of the san mateo bridge, you have company
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because the labor day holiday is over and everyone is heading back to work and school and a buildup of traffic. as we look at drive time traffic, mostly green and we are in good shape. highway 4 westbound antioch to hercules is 31 minutes and south by, no accidents. >> jittery investors hope a wall street tradition continues when trading resumes after the holiday break. >> good chance of a celebrity sighting and frames franco will be making some stops. >> the pope opens up the we delicate issue of annulments in delicate issue of annulments in the church with
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton by bay. >> happening today, tennis in mountain view, worried about a place to live because of skyrocketing events will rally in mountain view like elsewhere, demand for rent is far greater than the supply. according to the mercury news 630 percent in mountain view are
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renters and three bedroom apartments go for $2,900 and ten amountses are asking for protection from eviction. >> walnut creek city council will consider a plan to shelter homeless people at a national guard armoury this winter. the land by trinity center calls for housing up to 30 people a night from december 12-march 12 and will help the resolution departments find permanent housing during the stay. according to our news partner neighbors say the homeless people are causing problems and believe a new shelter will attract more homeless. >> lufthansa canceled 84 flights weapon the might samed a strike in protest of the airline plan to containing retirement benefits. the cancellations include flights between frankfurt and san francisco. the airlines pilot union wanted the public yesterday they would strike today. it is just the latest in several walk outs in a long stalemate
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over contract talks. happening now, new rules for ending marriages in the catholic church, pope francis released new reforms today aimed at speeding up annulments when the marriage is said not for example, for example, a partner did not want it to last or refused to have children. divorce is beened in the church. new rules say the fast track process handled quickly by bishops say the old process is outdated and dragged on for years. >> ama daetz is in washington, dc, the first of three cities the pope will visit mean he arrives september 22. join her when we follow pope francis on this historic trip. >> james franco will teach film to high school students. he announced the venture with this post on instagram and we
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have the story from palo alto. >> james franco is on location filming the next movie and for one sunday a month he will make a trip to appeal high school teaching film. he has taught college students now he is ready for high school kids. >> they are younger with in rules yet, and they can think outside the box. >> a teacher is founder of the media arts center where he was a writer when a student 20 years ago. together, they will be selecting 24 students for the workshop. a junior is one of the many looking to get a spot and not because of his celebrity. >> he is creative in what he does, i like that. >> james franco has maintained his connection to appeal sin graduating in 1996 and comes each year to speak and last year, came to paint these murals based on photos from the
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freshman year book. >> it is his way of giving back to a school where he considered himself a nobody. >> steve jobs daughter was in the class, the h.p. grandson was in the class, well-known people and he said, and i was james franco. our he is turned "a" list actor looking to pass on the knowledge to a new generation. students have until thursday to apply. will he be a tough grader? >> he is taking a lot of college courts post graduate so he may have gotten tough grades but he may give out tough grades like mike when he is griding our papers. >> exactly. someone who thought he was a nobody in high school turns out to be something and is not bitter about being in the shadow and not being with the we crowd. >> fantastic message for all kids. >> the message is, trick a lot of water. >> absolutely.
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water, sunscreen, shade, you name it, you need to find it. today, tomorrow, 11 o'clock a.m. to 7:00 p.m. when the heat is going to be excessive and we have the heat advisory, the risk of heat-related illnesses everywhere but the coast where we are in the 80s and the rest of us are in the 90s and 100. from the east by hill notice how clear and calm it is this morning and we have excessive heat and we have "spare the air" today and it will be hot and hazy all the way through friday and we could lose the excessive heat tomorrow and it will -- technically it will be as hot, but not so hot this weekend warmer than agency but not so hot today and tomorrow and friday. the wind are light and variable in a place like walnut creek an area where we can see the worst air quality inland east bay santa clara valley, today, tomorrow, thursday and friday, also, we can slow in the heart of bay temperature and thursday. something to keep an eye on.
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the temperatures are 98 and those are cool spots and milpitas and santa clara and sunnyvale and 99 in san jose, everyone else sun to 105. mid-to-upper needs on the peninsula, the car thermometer could hit 100 easy when you drive on asphalt. half moon bay, 80, daly city, 85 and 90s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and mid-to-upper 90s through most of the north pay and novato to sonoma 97 and vallejo was 96 and 100 cloverdale. east bay shore, 95 in oakland to 99 in fremont, castro valley, and richmond will be hot today, 93 degrees and look the at triple digits everyone is inland east bay and open the window if you can, just for an hour while you are ready with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. dropping to 74 at 9:30. we are in the 50s and 60s
5:19 am
tonight and the area of high pressure wednesday, thursday, friday it never moves. this extended heat behave is the long of the one we have had all year and we will keep us in triple digits through friday and 90 around the pay through friday and 80s at coast on thursday, and 70s at the coast and 80s around the bay and 90s inland for the weekend. have a great day. >> we have 42 bart trips running but system wide restoration is all normal so keep patience in reach because we have at least 20-30-minute delays and that could change the way you get to work this morning. we will look at what is happening in tray is if you travel eastbound 205, as you approach i-5 we have a new accident which is not causing ad in the center divider, right now, most of the traffic is in the westbound direction and when it look like 205 meets i-80 you are on the brakes and it is will so it to livermore avenue and you will see clear and full steam ahead.
5:20 am
that is tack on plenty of time to the cot mute and take you an hour to get you from tracy to dublin and walnut creek 80 southbound, we are still move along fine and to the south, in the san ramon valley, 14 minutes. >> oakland's online music service is celebrating the 10th anniversary and getting users an ad free experience to celebrate with all music, all free, ad free, for 24 hours in celebration of a milestone saying that the listeners love day estimating they see 80 million listeners each month about $74 billion listen hours. >> and wall street needed the holiday and a fan favorite runs at starbucks location. >> topping america's money, mixed signaling the markets usually do well after labor day
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weekend but asian markets were mixed and disappointing trade data from china wondering if the fed will rate interest rates next week. >> getting your medicines without breaking the bang be the price of prince drugs are on the rise even with health insurance. >> a there are ways to save money on your medication. an expert gives tips on how to fine the lowest prescription prices. finally, it is here, a fall favorite arrived at starbucks, the pumpkin spice latte is back adding rear pumpkin to the favorite repolitician the artificial flavors and colors that have been removed. >> it will fantastic. >> with added >> i thought they took out the calories. >> say cheese, you can turn a
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5:25 am
average. summer may get hotter the next couple of days with a heat advisory. i show you are we have a "spare the air" day. i will show you where and how long. >> search teams heading to angel island to look for a miss man from san francisco, 42-year-old wouter van lier disappeared yesterday while on a sailboat with family and friends crews search but did you that pick up clues. >> three jail guards accused in the death of michael tyree will be arraigned. matthew farris and jereh lubrin and ready rod were arrested on suspicion of murder and are held without bail and on unpaid leave. >> the minnesota dentist who killed lynn line will re-open the practice after spending weeks in hiding. he created international controversy in july for killing the beloved lion. the practice has been closed since he became the target of
5:26 am
profits and threats. >> a four-year-old boy and his dog are safe after being rescued from a well in southern mississippi. they were trapped on mop, 25' below the surface nor sever frightening hours. crews sent down water to keep the boy and the dog hydrated. >> starting today, masser card users will be able to verify on-line purchases with a selfie. the first technical federal credit union in mountain view will become the first financial institution in the united states to testify the new app that uses facial and finger print recognition to verify transactions. 200 employees will kickoff the testing and if all goes with technology could roll out to customers later this year. mastercard said using facial recognition technology would improve credit card security online. >> a two mole other tiger found wandering is getting adjusted at the new home, a sanctuary near san diego.
5:27 am
they hopeful he and the tiger will get along so he can use tiger skills. there will be a fundraising contest to name him. what are tiger skills? >> sparring? >> maybe mom would know. tiger mom. >> 5:27 taking a stand for equal rights, the mission prompting an east pay group to hit the roads after a wine train controversy. >> new details in the deadly boat crash that claimed the life of a bay area man and the heart wrenching battle facing a survivor this morning. >> high definition rooftop picture of the embarcadero, empty at this point in the morning and that will change. it is back do work after the it is back do work after the labor day it is back do work after the labor day with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. don't miss the final days of the biggest sale of the year! with the c2 queen mattress just $599.99. ends sunday!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 5:29. thanks for joining us i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas, mike? >> it will be hot. no fog. no clouds. no relief from the heat. but for possibly at the coast. that is the only area that is cooler than yesterday. look at our winds, they are nonexistent. almost like glass. a look at the 12 hour day planner, a "spare the air" day, 60 to 64, comfortable and warmer than year. by noon we are at 80 to 92, 80 at coast at 4:00, and 100 inland with reports near oakland and san jose. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is 5:30 and we usually see the muni lights turned on but not yet. traffic is stacking up to the maze. i will let you when the metering lights are turned on, drive time traffic headed southbound 680
5:31 am
from highway 4 to walnut creek, it will take you six short minutes on highway 24 to led you through lafayette and orinda to the caldecott tunnel and 580 a bear, tracy to dublin, now, an hour and ten minutes. >> todays three santa clara county correctional deputies make first court appear an since being charged murder in the death inmate, so serious that the county supervisors taking action. janet o is in the newsroom with the story. >> they are expected to be arraigns at 1:30 this morning. math i fair ritz, and jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez all held without bail and the correction officers have been booked unsuspicion of murder, conspiracy, and assault. rafael rodriguez recently told reporter he is innocent and that he never touched michael tyree. august 27, 31 year old mike tyree was found dead in the jail cell and reportedly beaten to
5:32 am
death while awaiting to be transferred to a mental facility. he was serving time for petty theft and drug possession. his death has promised many to protest this san jose and many people include his family members are calling for change. there will be a special meeting held by the santa clara county board of supervisors at 10:00 to discuss possible litigation and there will be open comment period for people to speak before they head into close session. >> 5:32. although part's transbay tube was closed last knit for rail replacement, repair work, trains city experienced a 30-minute delay because a man actually took a selfie while lay on the tracks at 9:30 and posted it to the families who contacted man who said he was not in danger because he what no longer in the bart system. >> sheriffs in quiet cupertino
5:33 am
are sending for a gunman with shot a man prompting a shelter in place last night. deputies responded to wonder at 9:30 and found a map who had non-life threatening injuries. and residents were asked to stay inside. the gun mass is -- gunman is believed to have slipped away. >> two men were stopped last night at 80. one victim want by helicopter to a trauma center and the or victim suffered less serious wounds. the santa cruz sentinel tweeted this, officers believe the attack could be gang-represented and they took three people into custody. >> new details about a san francisco woman seriously injured in a boating accident after catalina island that claimed the life of her boyfriend, the son of a former 49er c.e.o. family member say the 25-year-old kelly wells is in a coma injure on sunday when the
5:34 am
dinghy she was in collided with a boat. her boyfriends with killed. she has no idea her boyfriend died. >> it is hard to tell her that michael's life is over and hers isn't and she has to move on. >> michael harris is the son of former 49ers c.e.o. peter harris and help froms say the couple had been dating for two years and had plans to move in today in san francisco. the senator for the missing friend and the investigation and the crash is on going. >> there is a special tour headed to wine country this month. it is in response to a racially charged incident that happened on the napa valley wine train. a black women's book club was kickoff. 9 wine train apologized and oakland food policy council is hosting a wine soul train tour on september 26 visiting black and latino owned vineyards with stating and discussions along the way.
5:35 am
>> the obama administration is responding to the rough yankee crisis overseas. the president is opening the door to the possibility of allowing more syrian refugees into the up. it is a response to i manns like these showing rest yankees and -- refugees fighting and great bin is pledging support and germany and france are taking in refugees. >> we need to stabilize the countries where the refugees are coming from, seeking a solution to the crisis in syria. >> the lawmakers are pushing the obama administration to accept 65,000 syrian refugees next year, which is one option being considered in the face of what are calling a biblical exodus of refugees. >> we will see just how warm it is going to be. will it be triple triple digits? >> in a lot of areas in the south bay and north bay triple digits are possible and we have the heat advisory at 11 o'clock
5:36 am
today, to five o'clock this evening, that is when you are at greatest risk for heat-related illness and that is fatigue, constant 30's, just feeling run down overheated. you know the signs. only the cost is not in our heat advisory today and tomorrow. here is a look from sutro tower, a "spare the air" day, and poor air quality limits any burning of fossil fuel if you can that will keep the hughes down and we will top out at knight in san francisco and the person larks east bay, and north bay, all around, 99 degrees, south bay is 100, and inland east bay, the warmest, 102 and from mount stand tan, 76 degrees with a three miles per hour wind on mount tamalpais so you know we have high pressure and stagnant air and hot temperatures. they will last today, tomorrow, thursday, friday, more cooling at the coast and we will see if it extends to the rest of the neighborhood in the weekend forecast. leyla has an update on the
5:37 am
commute. >> a lot to get to now labor day is over with an hour and 18 minutes to get from tracy to dublin with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are turned on if you wonder how long it will take from the maze may to get to san francisco i tell you, it is going to build. by contrast, in san jose, it is clear and we are disaster free making the commute in the northbound direction near 80 and highway 17 southbound traffic. certainly very light. the tube has re-opened and we do have system-wide delays, major delays, as a matter of fact while traffic is not affected so make sure the trip is safe from the east bay toward san francisco so do expect 20-30-minute delays making your commute to work. >> the nfl and super bowl 50 committee will host a kickoff event in san francisco aide of the regular football season.
5:38 am
>> we are at plaza for preparations introducing the events for super bowl week and the mayor lee wants the homeless in the area to get off the street placing them into 500 units of supportive housing during the festivities. >> next, an ugly crime targeting members of the san francisco's chinese community with is search for the person behind the messages of hate. >> the board that has again years without a single meeting and what will happen today, after claims that your taxpayer dollars have gone to west. stay tuned. ♪ welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero, loaded with three authentic italian deli meats. including our new spiced capicola, our new cracked-pepper-seasoned mortadella and our always-delicious spicy genoa salami.
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a look out here from the sutro tower camera looking down on san francisco and across the bay. fairly clear morning on way do another hot day and you have to watch the air adequate again. mike will have more in a moment. >> happening today, a citizens board created in 2012 to oversee clean energy jobs projects will meet for the first time ever. california voters approved proposition 39, three years ago
5:42 am
that raised corporate taxes to generate billions for projects at schools for energy. the board was not expected to meet until obtains or november but that was moved up to today after an associated press investigation found it had never met, generated only a fraction of the jobs promised and the state had no proof that any work had been done. >> police are trying track down the person would spray painted race messages in pore dole neighborhood with signs saying "no more chinese," painted on fences, sidewalks and streets throughout the neighbor. some believe it was written by a person who feels squeezed out in the portola. >> it is probably someone in the neighborhood because of the fact that the writing is the same at every election and mostly it is in the neighbor, not outside the neighborhood, not other parts of the city. >> neighbors transform the emergencies by crossing out "no," or in when case changing
5:43 am
it to a heart. employees with the department of public works scrubbed off what was left. >> retaining a federal ban on all exports of fossil fuel and demand for the action on climate change is the focus of a rally in san francisco. more than 20 environmental and community and indigenous groups will gather at anyone. the pan on oil exports is unfire from the oil industry according to the group. they believe export more crude oil will encourage more tracking -- fracking. >> dr. ben carson will be in san francisco today speaking as a guest at the common wealth club. carson has been a vice in the presidential campaign and emerged as the second choice of republican voter in many of the latest polls. a neurosurgeon he advocates a flat tax, is opposed to the iran nuclear agreement and wants to replace obama care with health savings account. dan ashley will emcee the event
5:44 am
at the mark hopkins hotel. >> people will return home from burning man and spending a pretty penny to get the grim off the car. cars were line up for the burning man special. it costs $100 for the center effort to scrub after the desert ash east vehicles, and takes let times as long as a normal cash wash. the t-shirts will be forever stipulated. >> but washing your car will not help with rain. fill -- it will generate more heat. >> it is a "spare the air" day and one of possible four in a row days. now a look at what is congress on, right now in novato, and antioch, the same temperature as yesterday. everyone else is around 3-8 degrees warmer. it is still comfortable. we are at 58 in cupertino. santa clara is 59. en you get in the hills, that is
5:45 am
where the sheet in los gatos at 73 and los altos hills is 76 and right now, 61 in san jose, and we have 59 if lafayette and danville at 55 degrees. and with a high degree of 102, that is a 47-degree jump. that is very desert like conditions. you get the requested of what a drought will do to the temperature that makes the video greater. 53 in novato, and 46 right new at half moon bay. alameda is a warm spot at 68. sfo has no clouds and 66 degrees right now, the last time sfo hit 100 degrees was 1993. we will yacht quite make that. this will last a couple of days, good news, clear nights, comfortable and excessive heat were pay step and be hot. winds are variable to nonexistent and 87, san jose, one of the areas this has poor air quality through friday and
5:46 am
joining tomorrow, thursday, the heart of the bay. so keep an cry on that. here is a look at our temperatures, upper 90 to low 100s in the south bay with san jose at 99 degrees. that is as warm as the peninsula gets, redwood city and lows altos, everyone else in the mid-to-upper movements and the cost could be coolerred to with a bit of a sea breeze to afternoon, low-to-mid 80 and it doesn't look like it wrote get to downtown and south san francisco in the 90 and mid-to-upper 90 through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 90 along the east by more and oakland is 95 and we could hit the upper 90, castro valley, union city, newark, fremont, and triple digits across with no one safe from the trillion deaths inland east bay. at the game, warmer than normal at 7:00 first pitch and 80 drop down to 74 by 9:35. my seven-day outlook is showing cooling hit the coast and bringing you into the 70's by friday, and it will bring you into to 80s around the bay by saturday and back into the 90s
5:47 am
this weekend inland and until then be came. >> as we look from our san rafael camera to highway we oh a gentle roll and you see the cars going up and down the hill and everyone is moving at a steady pace. in the northbound direction, no delays, moving over to the golden gate bridge it and clear. we have an extra lane in the southbound direction. near at&t park 4th and king was closed but it has re-opened. ifer withs for traffic in this spot. the rest of the drive headed in and out of san francisco along 280 is at top speed and around hospital curve and the skyway, 101, moving along nice and clear. bart transbay tube re-opened but not without testing the patience. >> more on that right now as we
5:48 am
have been saying, we just her from leyla and bart is back in business but riders facing major delays. >> matt keller has more at the embarcadero station with what he has seen. >> it is good news and bad news. the transbay tube is now open. we have seen people coming up from bart at the embarcadero station. the bad news is leyla has been talking about it, we have big delay which is frustrating. bart repaired the tracks during the holiday and this is the single largest track replacement project in history. bart said this will be a smoother ride through the transbay tube. because of the closure over the holiday weekend buses shut emed people pack and forth over the bay bridge and ridership was down 38 percent compared to yesterday and 48 percent down on sunday m expect some
5:49 am
long as 45 minutes. poe are frustrated they will be late for work. can you follow leyla gulen for the updates. >> seeing complaints on social media. >> how would you like free online and mobile access to movies and music through the san jose public library? a partnership between the library system and on-demand streaming service. you just need a library card and download the device. movie tilings include "walking dead," and "dark knight." >> tragedy strikes an american teacher overseas and how her quest to do good took a turn in the fight for justice underway. >> braking anger over the part
5:50 am
bikes. locals want them off the street permanently. >> 18-wheeler, the owner of chip the chicken offered an explanation on why the bird tried to cross the road on the tried to cross the road on the bay bridge. well mainly in traffic. i'm serious. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business, you know, i'd take him here, i'd take him there. everywhere. and over the years, we've really bonded. sure. why else would you always buy me chevron with techron? 'cause we need gas. i think it's more than that. i think that you care about me. you're a good friend. best friends? um, uh, yes, best friends. yeah. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you. care for it.
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chevron with techron. care for your car. ow.
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>> italys pop court issued the final explanation for overturning the case of amanda knox and her former boyfriend saying this was no biological proof they were at the scene of murder. they were first found guilty of
5:53 am
killing kercher in 2009 and then they were acquitted. in 2013 an appeals court found them guilty and then in march, the highest court overturned the conviction for the final time. >> a controversy brewing around a mobile party in sacramento. folks share the opinions when the brew bike relatives law, a graffiti artist scribbled objections near the state capitol provide people with a new way to go public crawling. a local bar tender cringes when it arrives. >> they take all of the tables much screaming girls and bros thing they own the place. >> disrespectful. swearing, cat calling, that kennels of stuff. we want to eliminate that. >> the owner adds the business made the midtown bars more popular and insists they will keep on rolling. >> they better roll in the shade
5:54 am
today. aand lay off the alcohol because that will dehydrate you. you want war. >> the ferry ride is gorgeous with the bay like glass and temperatures in the 50s and 60s and the ride home is going to be hot under the sunshine. we are anywhere from 15 to 21 degrees warmer-than-average. oakland airport and san jose is the best chance of record highs. 92 if los angeles, 84 in lake tahoe, look at the area of high pressure today, tomorrow, thursday, friday, doesn't go anywhere and neither does the heat. starting off in walnut creek checking out the drive on 680 filling in as you head away from pleasanton hill as you make the drive away from highway 4 to highway 24, it will take you approximately seven minutes so traffic is going particularly closer to many street, north many street and you are tapping on the breaks as you head up to highway 24.
5:55 am
on highway 24 it is clear through lafayette and orinda. continuing 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin at 15 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco at 55 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains northbound is minutes. >> 5:55, archaeologists in the united kingdom discovered hidden remains of a stone monument that could dwarf stone hedge. the 90 stone structure was found buried under a grassy bank less than two miles from stone hench. archaeologists say it likely dates back to 4,500 years ago. >> oakland man claims ownership of a chicken that stopped traffic on the bay bridge. it was caught sat the toll plaza after causing a come most, one of two chickens going to the
5:56 am
edible school yard in oakland. a contractor was donating they will stopping off at a work site and both chickens escaped the other has not been seen. he has prove the chick bees belong to him and it is still going to the edible school yard to teach children about guardens and animals. >> your chance to witness left and what you need to do this morning to take part of the pope's visit to the united states. >> a creepy crawly problems in the northwest this time year and what you need to know to keep the spiders out of your home. bay bridge toll plaza back up here and meters lights are reasonable open. are they on? >> they are on. back with more news and weather back with more news and weather and traffic.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, bart back on track but not without delays. leyla has the latest on the troubles after the transbay tube re-opened. >> if san francisco, a shooting leaves to people hurt. a gunman is on run. what police are revealing about this. >> san francisco man missing on angel island. the serve efforts will come together this morning.
6:00 am
it is tuesday at 6:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. this is "hot," tuesday. >> we will be four for thursday, five for friday, six for saturday. live doppler 7 hd shows a lack of clouds and you can see it from mount tamalpais it is 76 degrees. mid-50s to mid-60s at 7:00. we will be 80 at the coast and 86 around the bay and 92 inland by noon and 4:00 temperatures are 80 at the coast and nbc an the bay and 100 inland. today is the first of many hot days and "spare the air" day. leyla has the issues. traffic has issues. >> indeed. indeed. hope everyone sitting down will get a load of had there is a 45 point delay on mill bring to -- on millbrae to get on


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