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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. it's a september scorcher. oppressive heat hitting both coasts. record temperatures, blanketing the east. triple digits in the west. the sizzling temperatures forcing schools to close and beaches to stay open. new this morning, tipping his hand. did joe biden drop the biggest hint yet that he may enter the race for president? >> you lose all their votes. i don't want to lose your -- i don't want to lose your friendship. >> he says his wife will decide about that run for the white house, as hillary clinton stumbles in the polls. breaking news for our viewers in the west. back to work. protesters shouting. as that minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion returns to his office, making his first public appearance since sparking worldwide outrage. trapped. emergency crews race to save a 4-year-old boy and his dog, more
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than 20 feet underground for hours. the terrifying ordeal brings an entire community together. what the rescuers promised that brave little boy. and we do say good morning, america. feels like the first day of school. >> it does. it does. >> and it's great to start with this happy ending in mississippi, the lucky little boy rescued after falling in that hole. also this morning, we have a big breaking story out of the vatican. there is a live look right now. the pope with a major announcement about marriage that could affect millions of people. >> making it much easier to remarry in the church. we're going to get to that. we begin with sizzling temperatures on both coasts. a smothering heat wave in the east. temperatures topping 100 in parts of california. let's get right to ginger. >> no one is getting out of this really unless you're in the northern plains so baking and broiling, the heat and humidity are on. we'll see above-average temperatures, some 10 to even 20 degrees. from dallas that could tie a record today, to new york city. there are schools closed in connecticut.
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beaches staying open. summer is just saying, hey, we're extending ourselves especially in the southwest too. heat advisories, excessive heat warnings all around the los angeles valleys and the difference out there is, it stays with us for the next three days. look at sacramento. at least 106 by the end of the week. this is a long period of heat out west and talk more about it coming up. >> in the meantime, ginger, we'll get to the breaking news from the vatican. pope francis announcing another big change this morning, making it easier for the world's more than 1 billion catholics to annul their marriages. the latest sign the pope is pushing the church to be more welcoming. and abc's linsey davis joins us with the details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right, just moments ago the vatican announcing one of pope francis' most striking reforms to date, one that will impact millions of catholics around the world. this morning, another game-changing announcement from the vatican.
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pope francis weighing in on marriage, streamlining the process of annulment for catholic couples making the often long and expensive process more accessible. dropping the church's automatic appeal when couples apply. this just one of the pope's many groundbreaking recent reforms in the church. just last week saying he'll allow priests to absolve women who have had abortions if the women ask for forgiveness during the upcoming holy year. until now abortion was considered a grave sin. the pope saying he understands the pressures many women feel, something we saw firsthand at our own town square discussion when he heard from single mother rosemary. >> i made some mistakes as a person, as a mother, i felt guilty at times and ashamed. >> rosemary -- >> reporter: the pope applauding her for having her daughters and
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persevering. bringing tears to the woman's eyes. and that change is expected to go into effect in december when the church's jubilee year of mercy begins and, of course, the people's pope expected to make many more headlines on his trip to the u.s. later this month. george? >> that is coming up. okay, linsey. thanks very much. the race for president. "your voice, your vote," and the campaign heating up on the democratic side with the vice president joe biden hustling like a candidate at a holiday parade in pittsburgh. hillary clinton trying to reboot after a tough summer. and bernie sanders climbing in the key states. jon karl tracking the moves. good morning,jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the fall campaign is here and for all the talk about republicans, it is now clear there is going to be a hard-fought race for the democratic presidential nomination, as well. >> run, joe biden, run! >> reporter: joe biden sure looked like a candidate as he ran along a labor day parade route in pittsburgh, shaking hands, kissing babies, and maybe even dropping an unintentional
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hint in a speech to union workers. >> back in delaware if you make someone stand on a hard floor for more than 15 minutes you lose all their votes. i don't want to lose your -- i don't want to lose your friendship. >> reporter: as some in the crowd called out for biden to run, he offered this response. >> you gotta talk to my wife about that. [ laughter ] i've got to talk to my wife about that. [ laughter ] >> right here, guys. >> reporter: unable to take anything for granted -- >> i need ya. >> reporter: -- hillary clinton. she crisscrossed iowa for two labor day picnics aiming her fire at republicans. >> you listen to those 17 on the other side, you hear them. their answer to everything is cut taxes on the wealthy. get out of the way of corporations. and let them do whatever they please. >> reporter: but the once prohibitive front-runner is looking more and more vulnerable. bernie sanders continues to gain ground. he's now up by 9 points in new hampshire, his widest lead yet. sanders' front-runner status in new hampshire was easy to see as he worked the crowds at a labor day parade in milford. democrats here are eating up his populist message. >> the american people are
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saying, enough is enough. we need an economy for working families, not just for billionaires. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hillary clinton is looking to regain momentum in a very different venue today. she's going to be taping "the ellen degeneres show" and the clinton campaign is about to start deploying bill clinton as well, beginning with some fund raisers next week. >> lots of changes after this labor day as they go into the new phase after labor day, hillary doing more interviews, as well. but she's drawing a line on that e-mail controversy. >> reporter: she absolutely is. she says no, she will not apologize. essentially because she has nothing to apologize for. hillary clinton in an interview with the associated press insisting that everything she did with her e-mail at the state department was permitted by state department rules. obviously there are some that hotly dispute that. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. david muir interviews hillary clinton today. that's coming up on "world news." all right, george, now to the humanitarian crisis in europe. the biggest refugee crisis since
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world war ii, violence breaking out overnight as people boarded boats to leave greece. and more people arriving there right now. the obama administration is now considering new ways to help the hashtag openheartsus, urging americans to take in some of the displaced. abc's dan harris is in greece where thousands have set up camp. good morning, dan. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. i'm standing in a port on a beautiful greek island, a place that would normally be filled with happy, high-end tourists. but it's today crammed with thousands of desperate refugees. these people have been stuck here for days. there's been mounting tension, even violence. but now, the log-jam appears to be breaking. overnight we witnessed throngs of refugees clamoring to board a boat. finally heading for the european mainland after days of being stranded here. this really is such a combustible mix of hope and chaos.
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so many people lined up clamoring to get on board this boat. an estimated 15,000 to 25,000 refugees have been marooned on this island. they pay smugglers to bring them on rickety, dangerous boats from turkey and then hope to move on to the greek mainland up through macedonia, serbia, hungary and austria and finally to germany. many traveling even further, all the way to france and great britain. but local officials here on this island of 85,000 people simply have not been able to process them all. we met this mother desperate to get her son to germany for medical care. so much misery here. everybody has a story. at times, the anger here has boiled over. but overnight a new plan, officials setting up a processing center on this soccer field, which they say will run 24 hours a day until they can decongest this island.
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and just look at the gratitude when that mom we met finally gets her papers. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: and this morning, more refugees are boarding more boats here in the port. the process appears to be going more smoothly at this point but bear in mind this is just one more step in what remains a long and arduous journey ahead for these people. george? >> it sure does. dan harris, thanks. the united states taking only about 1400 of those refugees. president obama considering opening it up a little bit right now. we move on and get the latest on the kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. attorneys for kim davis filed a request to free her. this afternoon republican presidential candidate mike huckabee leads a prayer rally outside the jail. abc's alex perez is on the scene in grayson, kentucky, good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. kim davis' attorney says she's in good spirits. mike huckabee is set to visit her in jail and lead that rally for her later this afternoon.
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this morning attorneys for embattled county clerk kim davis are fighting to get her out of jail, filing an emergency request monday, asking she be released while she appeals and fights her case in the courts. davis, now behind bars six days after a federal judge found her in contempt of court for refusing to issue same-sex couples marriage licenses. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> under god's authority. >> reporter: overnight her attorney saying in a statement davis exudes gentleness and is at peace. and her spirits remain high, after visiting her in jail. and now gop presidential candidate mike huckabee set to hold a rally this afternoon supporting davis, defending the county clerk on "this week" with george. >> doesn't she have the duty to obey a legal order from the court? >> you obey it if it's right. when is it liberals get to choose which laws they support but a county clerk in kentucky who, acting on her christian faith, is criminalized, jailed without bail, because she acted
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on her conscience and according to the only law that is in front of her. >> that's what the bible says! >> reporter: over the weekend hundreds of davis' supporters taking to the streets. but with davis in a jail cell, her deputy clerks on friday began issuing gay couples marriage licenses. >> feels like i'm a person. >> reporter: and davis' attorney says she spends a lot of her time in jail reading the bible and that at this point she has no plans to back down. robin? >> all right, alex, thank you. now to a new case of police being targeted. this time in colorado. police officers coming under fire after a threatening phone call and abc's pierre thomas has the latest and joins us from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today denver area police on alert after a threatening phone call to law enforcement and gunfire targeting police soon after. >> three shots fired. we're taking fire from the north. fire from the north. >> reporter: 9:45 sunday shots reported fired at police in aurora, colorado.
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>> just send everybody. we're taking fire. >> reporter: those shots only four hours after a threatening call came in via 911 saying police were going to be executed. this police dispatcher warning officers in the area. >> party stating he was going to shoot any police officer that he saw by themselves. >> reporter: it's unclear if the shooting is in fact related to the earlier 911 call. but authorities here are taking no chances. especially as the colorado scare came just hours after a policeman in las vegas was wounded ambush-style by a man firing at him while the officer was sitting inside his squad car. police around the country on edge after a recent spate of deadly confrontations. august 28th, houston, an officer executed, shot repeatedly in the back of the head as he pumped gas. and four days later a police officer in a northern chicago suburb was fatally shot while on routine patrol. three suspects still at large. on monday, police lieutenant joe gliniewicz mourned by thousands of police and citizens.
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the irony here is that fatal police shootings are down 21% this year compared to last. but those who lost loved ones in the line of duty will find no comfort in those statistics. and law enforcement is deeply concerned. robin? >> you're right. no comfort in that at all. all right, pierre, thank you. now amy has the morning's other top stroirs starting with new concerns about the largest wildfire in california's history? >> that's right, robin. more evacuations ordereds a the rough fire, as it's called, grows even bigger east of fresno. another 10,000 acres were consumed by the flames in just one day. nearly 150 square miles have burned, most of them in the sierra national forest. the fire sparked more than a month ago by lightning. nearly 2,000 fire personnel have been deployed to fight this fire and it's only about 30% contained. well, four more people have been charged in connection with the escape of one of the most wanted men in the world, el chapo, the notorious drug lord. two of those charged are members of mexico's intelligence agency. the other two are prison guards.
7:14 am
they failed to alert authorities that el chapo had escaped. a massive drug bust on a plane heading to mexico, a police dog sniffed out nearly two tons of cocaine in a shipment of printer cartridges leaving colombia. the cocaine had actually been dyed black and disguised as printer toner. we learned overnight that tv star martin milner has died. he became a household name in the '60s starring in "route 66," a drama about two single guys trying to find themselves. younger audiences will remember him as a police officer in "adam-12." he died of heart failure. he was 83. well, an unexpected guest interrupted these tourists having lunch during a safari in zimbabwe. whoa. they tried to stay still but the elephant crashes the party taking them out with its tusks. no one seriously injured. look at that. the elephant was not angry. he was just likely trying to feed on some nearby trees and didn't like any competition. a different kind of interruption at this football game in canada.
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a rabbit getting loose on the field and flying past the players, and taking, look at this, a giant leap into the end zone. >> wow. >> touchdown! followed by a few victory laps before the rabbit finally ran off the field. >> poor fella. >> very aerobic. and finally, archaeologists have discovered what's being called stonehenge on steroids. take a look at an artist's rendering of what it actually looks like, a giant stone monument in the shape of a "c" found two miles from stonehenge itself but five times larger with at least 100 stones. they've been buried, hidden from the world for thousands of years. one researcher said everything written previously about stonehenge will need to be rewritten since not a lot is known, that shouldn't be too hard. all jokes aside this is a serious discovery. >> that's huge. >> it is, it is. >> wow. >> that's very cool. >> good save there. you were thinking of your teachers there, i'm sure.
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>> i know. >> thank you, amy. let's take a look at the office of walter palmer, the american dentist reviled for killing cecil the lion. he's going back to work this morning. and we're back in 30 seconds with the latest on his case. walter palmer is responding to the global backlash for killing cecil the lion. getting back to work in bloomington. abc's ryan smith is there. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. it's been six weeks since dr. walter palmer walked through the doors of his dental practice. but this morning, he walked in to see this.
7:17 am
protesters holding signs, chanting about his extradition. police on the premises making sure he's safe. and dr. palmer himself hoping to get back to his normal life. this morning, dr. walter palmer back to work. passing the protesters. it's his first day back at work. two months after the killing of cecil the lion. and weeks after protesters lined the streets in front of his dental practice, virtually shutting it down. >> it's very ridiculous. i don't think he should come back and practice. >> reporter: locals monday railing against the man some called the most hated in the world for killing cecil, one of africa's most famous lions during a hunting trip in july. >> i think he should probably leave town would be a better idea. >> reporter: palmer staying out of the public eye until now. speaking to "the minneapolis star tribune" and associated press, he says -- i'm a health
7:18 am
professional. i need to get back to my staff and my patients, and they want me back." but not addressing details about the hunt. only referring back to his original statement after the incident which read in part "i relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt." >> he mentioned he's been concerned about the safety of his family, he said his wife and his daughter in particular. >> reporter: now palmer hoping to return to his way of life. >> he's had to keep a very low profile and i think he just feels like he wants to get back into some sense of normalcy. >> reporter: dr. palmer has not been charged with any crime. but his guide, facing a judge later this month on poaching charges. police, still keeping a presence in the area. saying to us recently in a press conference that they are not, at this point, concerned for dr. palmer's safety. his hope to return for a normal life not going the happen just yet as you can see from behind me. >> thank you, ryan.
7:19 am
so much ahead this tuesday morning here on "good morning america." that dentist that was murdered. a woman gunned down in her apartment garage. new details about the suspect in custody. and another could be on the loose. the investigation right now. caught on camera. those two high school football players who viciously tackled a ref now being investigated by police. is this a crime? also ahead, that amazing rescue. a 4-year-old and his dog falling down a hole more than 20 feet deep. they were stuck there for hours. how they were finally freed. crews managed to get them free. we'll hear from them this morning. and now, a special extended look at the motion picture event, "the martian" in theaters october 2nd. >> i guarantee you, that at some point, everything's going to go south on you. >> ready? >> you're going to say, this is it. >> watch out! buddy! >> this is how i end. >> commander, mark is dead. we have to go. now!
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five reported tornadoes just on monday. let's get a check now of your good morning, i'm kristen sze. the search is on for the gunman who shot two men at a bus stop in san francisco. it happened at 11:30 last night near mission and 24th. officials say one of the men may have been a bystander. both were taken to a near pby hospital. their conditions have not been released. police have a good video lead but no one is in custody. three deputies accused in the death of an inmate are scheduled to appear in court today. the three will be arraigned today. they allegedly beat michael tyree to death inside his cell last month. the deputies are onion paid leave and are being held outbail in jail. rodriguez is pro claiming his innocence, recently telling the "san jose mercury news" he never touched tyree. the county is taking steps in
7:25 am
case a lawsuit is filed in the case. let's check on the morning commute. it's been pretty difficult. >> it has but b.a.r.t. is back on time. no delays on any mass trichlt take a look at the bay bridge. it is packed as you're coming in on the western span to san francisco. we've had a couple of problems. we did have an earlier motorcycle crash near hospital curve but now we have a san francisco transit bus on fire right at cesar chavez. we'll check out your spare the air day forecast with
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possibly through friday. tonight is going to be clear, a little more comfortable but still warmer than average. the excessive heat will taper this weekend. right now it's just the coast not in the heat advisory. 11:00 this morning through 7:00 this evening, that's when you're at the greatest risk for heat illness. 80 at the coast, 90s to 100 for the rest of us. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast, we cool off at the coast thursday, bay friday and saturday inland. coming up on "good morning america," teeth whitening, do you have to go ♪ introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now.
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you are looking live at the office of that minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion angering people around the world. as walter palmer goes back to work this morning, this will be his first appearance in public since that story broke. >> we do say good morning, america. and following that big story this morning. there's another headline, as well. record temperatures possible today as that heat wave scorches the east coast, schools closing early. beaches staying open. and out west, some areas expecting triple-digit temperatures. republican presidential hopeful mike huckabee is in kentucky this morning leading a prayer rally for that county clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> that is coming up. also the big tennis showdown between venus and serena williams tonight. jesse palmer will have that from the social square in just a few minutes.
7:31 am
>> i mean, i could not imagine -- very good, jesse. i could not imagine having to face your sister. >> oh, man. >> especially so much on the line. >> yeah. we're going to begin this half hour with the latest on that murder mystery in dallas. a beloved dentist there shot dead. this morning we're learning more about the woman in custody. the alleged getaway driver. while police hunt for the suspected shooter. abc's ryan owens is in dallas with the details. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. behind me a makeshift memorial to the popular dentist on the wall of the parking garage where she was killed. as you mentioned police here have arrested a young dental assistant and charged her with murder. they won't say if she worked with or knew the victim. and her arrest is only deepening the mystery. her family says she was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. this morning, dallas police are desperate to find the man who murdered 35-year-old kendra hatcher and to figure out why anyone would want her dead.
7:32 am
the popular pediatric dentist gunned down execution-style next to her car in the garage of this luxury dallas high-rise wednesday. >> female is laying next to a silver chevrolet sedan. with the door open. >> reporter: dallas police made one arrest, 23-year-old crystal cortez. this morning, she's charged with capital murder. police say that's cortez caught on surveillance camera behind the wheel of the getaway car. >> we're looking for a black jeep cherokee. >> reporter: police say cortez, who abc news news has confirmed is a registered dental assistant in the state of texas, has confessed to her role in the murder. allegedly telling detectives the him to rob hatcher.0 to drive >> there are a number of pieces missing in this case. was this something beyond just a simple robbery? >> reporter: the parking lot is only accessible to building residents. police say surveillance video shows cortez following another car through the security gate and leaving seconds after hatcher was shot once in the back of the head and neck. >> she was so helpless, she
7:33 am
couldn't even do anything. and they shot her and just left her there. >> reporter: hatcher's family shared these pictures of the dentist in ecuador providing medical care to those who couldn't afford it. in a new statement her heartbroken family saying kendra had a huge heart. we are very proud of all of her amazing wok work. and it is our hope that justice will be served. cortez, that young dental assistant, has not yet entered a plea because of the long holiday week end. but we do expect her in court at some point this week. george? >> what a horrible crime. okay, ryan, thanks very much. we turn to those high school football players suspended for their blindside hit on a referee viciously slamming him to the ground from behind. police in texas are investigating the incident and this morning nfl referees joining the fight. abc's t.j. holmes has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, officials calling foul on this violent attack on the gridiron. police in marble falls, texas, now investigating two john jay
7:34 am
high school football players, caught on tape appearing to intentionally run into a referee during a game friday night. >> this kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: watch as the school's defensive back makes a beeline for the referee as soon the play begins. then, after the ref is slammed into the ground, another player dives into him head-first. while police have not revealed a motive for the so-called attack, the play came after a ref ejected two of the team's players earlier in the game. >> some states have decided to create laws that make it a criminal action to assault a referee. texas is one of those states, and the players could face a misdemeanor. >> reporter: this morning, while the two players in question are suspended from the team and the school, the video also grabbing the attention of officials in the professional leagues. the nfl referees' association releasing a statement condemning the players' actions saying he has never seen anything like this in all of my years of officiating at the high school, collegiate, or professional level.
7:35 am
adding these types of actions against any game official at any level are inexcusable. for "good morning america," t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. >> inexcusable is the word. now we'll see if it's a crime. >> you can't believe it when you see it. >> mm-hmm. now to that dramatic rescue of a young boy trapped in a hole, stuck more than 20 feet down in the ground with his dog. it took dozens of rescuers to get him out. abc's kendis gibson has that story for us. >> reporter: overnight an amazing rescue. after 3 1/2 hours emergency crews rescuing a 4-year-old boy trapped in a 23-foot-deep hole. the terrifying ordeal happening just after 5:00 p.m., when officials say gabe allbritton heard his missing dog outside the family home. he turned to follow the sound and fell into the hole along with the dog. first responders seen here talking to the child trying to keep him calm. the hole only a foot and a half wide, not big enough for rescuers. >> we had people show up with track hoes and equipment just to
7:36 am
come out and help. they just wanted to help get him out. >> reporter: forcing officials to call in a trench rescue crew. an hour and a half later they lowered a rope but to no avail. the rescue device, too complicated for the young boy to attach to the rope. a second attempt able to free the boy unharmed. cheers erupting among the rescuers and the gathering crowd. >> seeing him so close but so far was probably the most hardest thing about it. >> reporter: a short while later the dog was also freed. this morning a family and community breathing a sigh of relief, and as for gabe, his rescuers touting his bravery in such a scary situation promising the young boy pizza and many rides in their fire truck. for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> pizza and rides in the fire truck. that's wonderful. coming up how "gma on the money" saved this woman more than $1,000 on her prescription drugs. >> that is crazy.
7:37 am
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7:41. back now with "gma on the money" and this morning, how you can save big on prescription drugs. even with health insurance they can cost a fortune. abc's rebecca jarvis here now with ways to cut those costs. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, lara. good morning. that's right. more than half of americans take a prescription drug. but a whopping 72% say the cost of those prescription drugs is unreasonable. so we set out to help one family put some of that money back in their pocket. denise nolan is a mom of three, a small business owner and a
7:42 am
patient. diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis two years ago she takes the same anti-inflammatory every day but just last month the price of that prescription skyrocketing. >> when i first started taking hydroxychloroquine, it cost $200. $205. and now, it was over $500. >> reporter: denise and her family who, like millions of americans, don't have prescription coverage, now spending a whopping $2,200 a year at the pharmacy. >> i just about fainted. the price jump was ridiculous. >> reporter: we brought in lisa gill. >> we wanted to step in and see what we could do for you. >> reporter: first up did you know prescription prices can vary store to store? >> one of the keys to this is shopping around. >> reporter: lisa says check discount warehouse stores like costco or b.j.'s, you don't have to be a member to buy there and they consistently offer some of the lowest prices. shopping at costco saved them up to $184 on a three-month supply. >> that's awesome. >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: next up try
7:43 am
prescription apps like goodrx or lowermeds. goodrx compares prescription drug prices in your local pharmacies. type in the name and your zip code. the nolans finding denise's prescription on goodrx for $293 less than her current pharmacy. a huge savings. >> that's almost half. >> yeah, that's half. >> reporter: finally lisa says try negotiating. no price is ever set in stone. >> any other discounts? >> reporter: lisa calling four independent pharmacies in the area. and after a bit of haggling -- >> all right, i really appreciate it. >> reporter: we found one local pharmacy willing to offer denise's prescription for just $130 for a 90-day supply. that's $420 less. >> oh, my gosh. that is crazy. amazing. you don't think that you can barga
7:44 am
bargain-shop for medication. that's, like, for cars. >> reporter: saving the nolan family a staggering $1700 a year. now, even if you have prescription coverage, experts say drug prices still vary store the store. and depending on the medication, and location, it could be cheaper to pay out of pocket rather than your deductible. and you always want to ask and shop around. you shop around for everything else. shop around for those prescription drugs. >> never heard that. >> don't be high to ask. don't be shy. you'd be surprised. >> people will respond many times. >> i love it great tip, thank you, goodrx, wrote that down, as well. thanks, rebecca. you can ask our money expert your questions, tweet her using hashtag gmaonthemoney. coming up, serena and venus getting ready to face off on the court. jesse in social square right now. >> that's right, the surprising things that serena has to say about facing her sister in the big match. it's burning up "the speed feed" this morning coming up just ahead.
7:45 am
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. now to "the speed feed" and what so many people are talking about tonight, tonight. the big showdown between superstar siblings serena and venus williams at the u.s. open. jesse, come on now. >> robin, i can't wait for this. serena is on her way to tennis
7:49 am
history, winning all the grand slams in a single season. tonight she faces her sister venus. now, thai squared off 26 times, with serena coming out on top 15 of those matches. they've been dominant for so long. it's been 14 years to the day since they first went head to head at the u.s. open. the ratings for that match, 13 million viewers. beating the notre dame-nebraska football game. the u.s. open tweeting out this quote from serena overnight, "she's fast, i'm fast. she hits hard, i hit hard. she serves big, i serve big. it's like playing a mirror." in terms of championships, there's no two siblings in sport that come even close. you have to go to fashion and hollywood to find any competition. so on yahoo! compiled a list. in fak fashion, mary kate and ashley olsen empire at $1.1 billion. you go to hollywood, it's the helmsworths, liam and chris, and "hunger games: mockingjay part
7:50 am
1" and chris's "avengers: age ultron" took in more than 2.15 billion bucks. the williams sisters earned over $100 million in tennis and have 45 majors combined. singles, mixed and downs and for both tonight will be tough, of venus, serena says she knows all of my weaknesses. >> it's true. as difficult as it is for people to watch, her family, because i remember the first time at the u.s. open and her mother, they were here and she was saying she was consoling one daughter, congratulating the other and going back and forth. >> oh, it's tough. >> and going oh! >> i was at the u.s. open yesterday. even though they weren't playing there was a buzz, the fans looking towards this match and anticipating it. i cannot wait. >> what do you think, lara? what do you think? our resident tennis guru, come on. >> i don't know. i don't want one of them to lose. >> no. >> they can win doubles maybe. are they still in the doubles? >> no, they're not. >> it's going to be a big night. >> espn2 will know. check it out.
7:51 am
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welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. good morning, everybody. how about we check in on the tropics. what's left of jimena and linda still a hurricane, both bringing high surf to hawaii and southern california. grace, that is also weakening in the atlantic. should just bring some much-needed rain to the eastern caribbean. all that weather brought to you by windows 10. your local weath
7:55 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. a search effort will resume in just minutes for a san francisco man who vanished on angel island. officials say he was last seen yesterday on a sailboat which was anchored in a cove. van leer was on a camping trip with his wife and friends when he disappeared. his wife reported him missing just after 6:00 a.m. yesterday. foul play right now not suspected. it's another hot one. >> even hotter than yesterday, except for at the coast. that's the only area not in the heat advisory today and tomorrow from 11:00 this morning until 7:00 this evening. that's when you have your best chance of a heat-related illness. temperatures along the coast in the 80s, the rest of us in the 90s to 100s. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. it is a spare the air day today. it will be hot with poor air quality through friday. leyla. as we look from our south bay camera toward the western span of the bay bridge, you can see the traffic is starting to
7:57 am
move just a little bit better than it was earlier. we had a sig alert due to an sf, san francisco transit bus that was on fire but we still have heavy delays coming into the hospital curve. coming up on "good morning amer
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the stunning revelations from italy about the amanda knox murder case and what she is saying this morning. ♪ it started with a whisper under fire. a huge uproar over a video poking fun at obesity online. >> fat-shaming is not a thing. fat people made that up. >> youtube shuts her down. why the comedian is now firing back. ♪ suddenly i see "gma investigates" what is the best solution for whiter teeth? we put three different methods to the test. wait till you see the sparkling results. ♪ go big or go home and are you ready for the whole new "view"? a brand-new season kicks off this morning. and we've got the hosts here before they go live, together, for the first time, as we say --
8:01 am
>> all: good morning, america. a nice big crowd from amarillo, texas, as we say good morning, america. also saying good morning to that brand-new day on "the view." and look at the co-hosts there. they are going to join us this morning as you said, robin, the first time together before this brand-new season. >> very excited about that. we say howdy to them, too. also ahead, we're kicking off a new series that is called "breakfast rescue" and this morning, george, is all about greek yogurt. >> i'll be paying close attention to that. >> you better. one brand -- did you know one brand has more sugar than a twinkie? >> no. >> more than a twinkie. we'll break it all down. you think you're doing the right thing and then you realize -- >> i could have had a twinkie. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> that's one way of looking at it. you're right. let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> all right, good morning, everyone. and the big story this morning, pope francis making it easier for catholics to annul their marriages. he's streamlining the annulment
8:02 am
process allowing fast-track decisions when both spouses request an end to their union. the process has long been criticized as too lengthy and expensive. the pope's announcement comes amid a new report of a growing backlash among conservative vatican insiders worried about changes in the church. more chaos as thousands of refugees from the middle east make their way to europe. violence breaking out while families boarded boats to leave greece where the coast guard says it rescued nearly 500 refugees at sea. meanwhile, germany now says it could accept 500,000 refugees a year for the next several years. president obama is considering options that may include bringing more syrians to the united states. and vice president joe biden appears to be dropping hints about his possible run for president. many observers say biden looked like a candidate while running along a labor day parade route in pittsburgh. hillary clinton is hoping to reverse her slide in the polls unveiling a plan today to reform how campaigns are financed.
8:03 am
and on the republican side, mike huckabee attending a rally today in support of the kentucky clerk in jail for refusing to issue marriage certificates to gay couples. well, now to amanda knox. italy's top court has explained why it cleared her of murder once and for all slamming prosecutors for presenting a flawed case. more now from abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: this morning, the final verdict in the long saga of amanda knox, italy's highest court harshly describing prosecutors' amnesia and blameworthy omissions of investigative activity. >> she is very satisfied and happy to read this decision. >> reporter: earlier this year the court ruled that knox didn't murder her college roommate meredith kercher. this new 52-page summary is their explanation citing stunning flaws and an absolute lack of biological traces of knox ever being at the murder scene. branded foxy knoxy, the seattle college student accused of
8:04 am
brutally murdering kircher in perugia, italy, in 2007. two years later she was convicted of murder along with her former boyfriend raffaele sollecito. in 2011, a stunning reversal. the conviction overturned, knox freed. but in 2013, knox was convicted of murder all over again. only to be found innocent once and for all by italy's high court this year. in a statement this morning, knox won't say if she plans to sue writing, "i will now begin the rest of my life with one of my goals being to help others who have been wrongfully accused." for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> our thanks to neal for that. and amazon is making headlines. it is reportedly about to unveil a tablet computer that costs just $50. "the wall street journal" says the new tablet will feature a 6-inch screen and go on sale just in time for the holidays. and finally, an unusual fashion accessory on display during the big college football game last night. one of the virginia tech players
8:05 am
was wearing a gold watch. there he was outshining everyone on the field. apparently showing off that bling does not violate any rules although some thought it clashed with his helmet. he once told a reporter wearing a watch helps remind him that it's his time to shine. >> oh. that's the reason. >> well, another analyst saying at least he'll know when halftime is with the watch. >> it looks dangerous. >> yeah. spiky or something. okay. >> i can't imagine playing with -- >> that's crazy. we got a lot more coming up this morning including this video getting millions of views. a lot of backlash this morning, as well. the title might give you a clue. it says, dear fat people, but the comedian behind it is not backing down. we have the latest coming up. ♪ lately i've been i've been losing sleep ♪ i've been losing sleep ♪ from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies.
8:06 am
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your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. all right, here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." "gma investigates" teeth whitening. a set of triplets trying out three different types, so which one works best? then breakfast rescue. why that yogurt you're eating may not be quite as healthy as you think. one brand has more sugar than a twinkie. who knew? and then stealing celebs' secrets. how you can nail perfect wavy hair just like emma stone and so many others. all that and so much more coming up on "gma." look at this crowd in times square. hi, guys. we'll be right back. hi, how are you doing? multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. guess what! every time you shopped at target, or you gave to schools you might not have even known it
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[moo] how much prot18%?does your dog food have? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. welcome back to "gma." time now for the "heat index" and this morning's "hot button," youtube star under fire. the comedian feeling the backlash from her video "dear fat people" that's been shared
8:11 am
millions of times. nicole arbour says her critics shut down her account for a bit, but she's not backing down at all. and jesse has the story. hey, jesse. >> hey, george. nicole arbour gets millions of views with her videos. but the comedian's latest video has people doing anything but laughing. >> dear fat people -- >> reporter: this morning, those three words setting the internet on fire. >> some people are really mad at this video. what are you going to do, fat people? what are you going to do? are you going to chase me? >> reporter: comedian and youtube star nicole arbour posting a six-minute diatribe about obesity online, now viewed more than 20 million times and counting. >> obesity is a disease, yeah, so is being a shopalcoholic. fat-shaming is not a thing. fat people made that up. that's a race card with no race. >> reporter: youtube even shutting arbour down for awhile on sunday, telling abc news, in cases where a channel or video is incorrectly flagged by the
8:12 am
community and subsequently removed, we work quickly to reinstate it. but the comedian firing back, accusing the site of censorship. in response, online viewers posting their own reactions to arbour's so-called satire. >> fat shaming is not a thing? why don't you tell that to the teenagers that killed themselves. >> whitney thor, star of "my big fat fabulous life" also sounding off. >> fat shaming is a thing. it's a really big thing, no pun intended. it is the really nasty spawn of a larger problem called body shaming. >> reporter: the reality star telling "gma" even if arbour was trying to make a point -- >> i'm not saying all this to be an [ bleep ]. i'm saying this because your friends should be saying it to you. >> reporter: she also created some very serious problems. >> there are a lot of reasons why people are overweight or obese. this idea that shaming us will make us behave better is just ludicrous. >> reporter: but this morning, some are arguing it's arbour's right to tell it like she thinks it is. >> i'm talking about the 35% of north americans who are obese. >> reporter: and overnight the comedian not apologizing telling
8:13 am
abc news the backlash will absolutely not prevent her from discussing sensitive topics. and nicole says she's sorry if she offended kids and now has a disclaimer on her channel warning people about the content. >> just like the woman said in the piece, there are many reasons why people are overweight. and when you do something like that, i'm glad she put a disclaimer for the children. because if you're struggling with that as a kid, ooh. >> it's not helpful. >> no, not helpful at all. all right, jesse, thank you. next up on our "heat index," "gma investigates" teeth whitening. there are several ways to make those pearly whites look their best. there are strips. there are trays. on an office bleaching. so which way works the best? abc's ryan smith found out. >> reporter: everyone wants that megawatt celebrity smile, and there are countless products out there to help you get those
8:14 am
pearly whites. but which one works the best? "gma investigates" comparing over-the-counter strips, dental trays, and in-office bleaching treatments. we join up with cosmetic dentist dr. brian kantor. >> when you have a whiter smile, you have more confidence in everything you do. >> reporter: yeah, you feel better. you look better. it brightens up your face. >> exactly. >> reporter: i'm starting to feel self-conscious. who better to help us compare the products than -- >> hi, i'm katie. >> hi, i'm judy. >> hi, i'm maggie. >> reporter: -- identical triplets. the triplets grew up in minneapolis and today run a coffee shop called sisters sludge. >> i love the whole thing about coffee. i love the flavor, i love the smell. >> and there's a social aspect to it. >> reporter: and coffee also equals stained teeth. >> you know, i actually don't like myself in photographs. i like judy better in photographs. i used to carry around a picture of judy because of the three of us, she is the most photogenic and has the nicest smile. >> she is. >> reporter: to choose who will get what product, the sisters shuffle coffee cups.
8:15 am
>> i'm in the office. >> i have the strips. >> i have the trays. >> reporter: all these products will work the same way, their active bleaching ingredient, hydrogen peroxide seeps into the teeth causing a chemical reaction to remove stains. >> a majority of the time the best results will get from the in-office power whitening because of the highest percentage of hydrogen peroxide but bleaching is very unpredictable. >> reporter: dr. kantor flies the triplets to new york to visit his office, where maggie is schooled on the tricks of wearing dental strips that promise a professional grade white smile. they run under $100. next up, judy gets molds of her teeth for custom-made trays. these cost $450. judy and maggie use their whitening products at home. >> i think i've had a little bit of whitening. >> reporter: finally, katie has her in-office treatment, an average of $650. now, all three women finished all three treatments. theoretically the in-office treatment should have the best outcome, but can another expert
8:16 am
tell who's used what product? >> they started at an a2 shade which is a pretty normal shade for an adult, and they lightened up really three or four shades lighter. a definite difference. >> reporter: but can she tell who got what treatment? >> i would say -- >> reporter: she guessed the in-office whitening correctly. yes, it resulted in the whitest smile. >> take-home trays. strips. >> reporter: but check it out. she mixed up the trays and the strips. >> ah. >> reporter: she thought the less than $100 strips looked whiter than the $450 dental trays. >> if you get a noticeable result, then it's a success. >> reporter: the sisters are happy with the results, and now they can go back to drinking those giant cups of coffee. >> i feel like we should be doing this right now. >> i'm glad they're all happy about that. >> they are. >> it all worked out. right now we're going to launch a brand-new series called "breakfast rescue." it's about helping you make the
8:17 am
healthiest choices to start your day. vanilla yogurt touted as a superfood. but is it really healthy as all the hype? becky worley put it to the test. hey, becky. >> good morning, george. yogurt, we love it. americans eat an average of 13 pounds of the stuff each year. but even with greek yogurt, the brand you choose could have a significant effect on your sugar intake. vanilla greek yogurt. >> obsessively organic. purely delicious. >> reporter: it's been the darling of the dairy section. it's healthy, right? >> we think of nonfat vanilla greek yogurt as a healthy choice. >> reporter: but nutritionist maya feller says the amount of sugar varies widely between brands. >> when you take the fat out what you end up putting back in is sugar. >> reporter: to help us understand, maya offers a food visual. >> so when we look at the sugar and the protein in a yogurt, you're going to be so surprised. this is what we found. one twinkie. >> is that a twinkie? >> a twinkie, an egg white. >> reporter: greek yogurt has 12 grams of program, four egg
8:18 am
whites. which is great. and -- >> here's the probiotic because that's why we love yogurt. >> reporter: but the sugar can potentially be a big deal. >> looking at elevated lipids, diabetes, hypertension, overweight, and obesity. >> reporter: the good news across different brands of vanilla greek yogurt, the sugar numbers vary significantly. >> so the chobani has 13 grams of sugar. when you go on the upper range, the activia greek yogurt has 21 grams of sugar. >> reporter: you're saying that the difference between just the brands of vanilla greek nonfat yogurt is 7 grams of sugar. >> that's absolutely right, that's approximately one popsicle or two sugar cubes. >> reporter: just between these two brands. >> between those two. if you ate this yogurt for five days a week, that would be about 260 additional popsicles to your breakfast routine. >> reporter: 260 of these a year. >> 260 of these a year. >> reporter: we contacted the makers of activia, and
8:19 am
we're continually working to improve the nutrient profile of our yogurt and that includes reducing sugar. stoneyfield says they're responding to what their customers want. and make a point about milk sugar. about half of the sugar is most of our products is naturally occurring from the lactose and the ers of oikos also disagreed with our twinkie comparison. yogurt is a nutrient dense food and those are not benefits that confectionery sweetened baked goods contain. now no one is suggesting you chow down on a twinkie for breakfast. num-num. no, this is about making informed choices about sugar and reducing it to meet the new american heart association guidelines on sugar consumption. they say women should ideally limit their daily intake to -- of added sugar to 25 grams. so the big question, why consume an extra seven grams of sugar getting a slightly sweeter yogurt? guys, you have two yogurts in front of you. how do these taste? taste "a" first. >> we did. >> then "b."
8:20 am
>> "b" has got -- whoo. >> "b" is a lot sweeter. >> oh, gosh. >> "b" is a lot sweeter. >> oh, yeah. >> in fact, it's got seven grams more. >> you can taste it. >> the big question is sweeter better? >> you know what, i actually -- i actually liked "a" better. >> i liked them both but i liked "a" a little bit better. >> yeah, i did. you can put some things in it to kind of sweeten it up, can't you, becky? >> you can have plain or, you know, everyone's tastes are different so one other brand you may have overlooked. this is called siggi's icelandic. just nine grams of sugar. >> yes, and when you put a little cinnamon on top of that and some almonds in it, uh-huh, little berries. >> yeah. >> siggi's. thank you, becky. outside to ginger. >> i found these beautiful ladies from amarillo, texas. we figure why not on a nice and warm morning. how about we do the wave? [ cheers and applause ] we're just having too much fun. these ladies, they're the corvette club so wanted to bring you that. also you saw those frost advisories in nevada.
8:21 am
it is not hot everywhere. no, y'all, look at yellowstone, 25. jackson, subfreezing this morning and that air is moving east. chicago is not all that warm and won't stay that warm. look, mid-70s tomorrow. detroit goes from 90 to only 77 all in a span of 24 hours. so hello, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. all that sunshine is going to bring us some excessive heat and poor air quality. it will be hot and hazy through friday. not quite as hot this weekend. all right, outside of the coast all of us from 11:00 this morning until 7:00 this evening need to watch out for the heat. 80s at the coast, 90s elsewhere until you get inland east bay 100s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, finally we'll see a break in the heat this weekend. >> i found another group of ladies. you said shreveport knows how to make noise. >> shreveport knows how to make noise.
8:22 am
>> yes, they do. lara? >> i believe it. thank you, ginger. ♪ and we begin "pop news" with this. call him smith. sam smith, after months of speculation, the crooner has confirmed he is singing the new james bond theme song for the upcoming film "spectre" calling it the highlight of his career. smith beat out several other hopefuls including rita ora, radiohead and ellie goulding who was recently spotted leaving the abbey road studios which is where adele recorded "skyfall." so people assumed. no, it's called "writing's on the wall" ahead of its release september 25th. the last time a british male artist sung the james bond theme song was back in '73. can you guess the song? ♪ world in which we live in ♪ makes you give in and cry >> "live and let die." paul mccartney and wings. >> wow! >> good tune, right? >> great tune. >> come on. ♪ say live and let die yeah!
8:23 am
there you go. "spectre" hitting theaters later this fall. and sam smith, very excited about that song. so are we, sam. also in "pop news" this morning, it's a "pop news" exclusive, in fact, mindy kaling who is on fire with the brand-new book, a highly anticipated season premiere of her show, both debuting next week, well, she tells yahoo! style about her second book it's called, "why not me?" how she's become a fashion favorite on and off the red carpet and also took a minute to reflect on how far she's come. take a look. >> when i was at "the office" and was one of our eight or nine writers, it is really nice to feel part of the gang and to be able to complain about the boss. i feel like you can bond over that. when you are the boss you know that you are the person that people are bonding over and complaining about. >> she's so funny. >> she is. >> we love her. thank you very much for that exclusive. check out the full interview on yahoo! finally, it's tough getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend, don't you think?
8:24 am
this kitty certainly thinks so. he's a thirsty kitty who misses his mouth by a whisker. that's the faucet. yes, the faucet is on his eyeball. but in the end it all works out for this poor little kitty. >> he's getting a little bit there. >> it's a two for one. it's a shower and staying hydrated. >> yes. i love the video. it just goes on and on but, you know. >> oh. >> thank you for that video. we appreciate it. >> a little bit at a time. >> right. >> like the yogurt. >> moderation, moderation. >> i thought cats didn't like water. >> that's why i thought the video was strange -- was fascinating on this beautiful tuesday morning and, guys, that's all i got. that's "pop news" on this lovely day. >> thank you, lara. a lot more coming up. the new co-hosts of "the view" join us live with a sneak peek of their brand-new season. and celeb secrets revealed. the key to making your hair look just like emma stone. it involves a dance. we're going to show you that coming up. >> really?
8:25 am
what else do we have coming up? we have jason sudeikis and alison brie will be here live talking about their new movie. >> come on back. ut their new movie. >> come on back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. the search is on for the gunman who shot two men at a bus stop in san francisco. it happened at 11:30 last night near mission and 24th. officials say one of the men may have been a bystander. both were taken to the hospital, conditions have not been released. police say they have a good video lead but no one is in custody yet. your morning commute has been a challenging one driving in on transit. >> getting more and more so, kristen. we just got word from san francisco police, they just confirmed a major accident near golden gate park right at the intersection of crossover on the richmond district end right near fulton street. now, we do have several vehicles involved and a tour bus as well. b.a.r.t. is back on track, no delays here, but major delays. it will take you an hour 40 minutes from hercules to san
8:28 am
francisco due to an earlier sig alert. we'll check out the hot forecast with mete it's from virtually anywhere.rn of danger it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
8:29 am
welcome back. real serious issue to talk about today and tomorrow. from 11:00 this morning until 7:00 this evening is when you have the highest risk of heat-related illness, everywhere but the coast. the sea breeze will develop this afternoon, so 80s there. 90s for the rest of us. 100s mainly in the inland/east bay neighborhoods. some of them could develop in the santa clara valley.
8:30 am
this area in inland east bay will have the poorest air quality. we could have spare the ai [ cheers and applause ]ai what a wonderful crowd. oh, my goodness. we welcome you back to "gma." big news to share, vanessa williams will be returning to the miss america contest as a judge. competition as a judge. >> yes. >> first time since she gave up the crown 32 years ago and, robin, you sat down with her for a no holds barred interview and asked about that controversy. those nude photos that surfaced of her. take a look. >> it was two drastically different images. that was the issue. it was miss america who's really kind of untouched and not reality and then there was this woman in a picture that was exactly the polar opposite of purity and i was a normal kid in the middle.
8:31 am
that's one of the problems that i've had to deal with for my career, not only being a miss america, but being a scandalous miss america. >> that interview coming up thursday right here on "gma." >> right, and she is returning after 32 years to the miss america competition, and she talks about it all, and when you think about it, she is an incredible comeback story because people thought that was it. that was it. and look at her now and miss america 2015 airs this sunday at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc, and, again, she'll be among the judges. >> cannot wait to see that now but let's go and talk about "the view." >> a whole new "view." a brand-new season kicks off this morning. what do you say we take a look. >> hey. >> this morning the countdown is on for the return of abc's hit daytime talk show "the view." oscar award winning actress and
8:32 am
humanitarian whoopi goldberg is back as moderator. >> now, from just a sublime to the absolute ridiculous. >> joy behar, celebrated performer and one of the original "view" co-hosts returns to the table with her signature wit. >> i've met you before. you have always been very charming. scared? >> "meet the press" is easy. you guys are tough. >> "full house" actress and "dancing with the stars" alum candace cameron bure is making her "view" debut. >> i think this season is going to be super spicy and really fun and i'm just looking forward to the camaraderie. >> along with our own paula faris, "gma" weekend co-anchor and emmy winning abc news journalist. >> i think we have a great representation of the many views that our country holds dear that will be sitting at the table. >> comedian and season 18 regular michelle collins is signing on as co-host. >> this group is incredible. we work well together. it's going to be fun. i'm sure we'll disagree about things and everyone will eat that up. because they love that. >> while actor/producer
8:33 am
raven-symone is back with her fresh take on hot topics. >> there's going to be amazing this happening coming this election year and i'm excited to be a part of it. >> with live shows five days a week and more opinions than ever, season 19 promises to be the greatest one yet. and they're all here this morning. don't you all have someplace to be? >> right here right now. >> thank you for coming by here first. and i have to say, it feels like the first day of school around here. how about for you all? were you able to sleep last night. >> didn't sleep a wink. i watched "bachelor in paradise" then i dreamed -- i thought of all the amazing things that are going to happen for us in our future being in bachelor pad, paula. >> thank you. >> i just got off the plane last night at like 1:00 in the morning from atlanta, georgia. >> long time. >> ready to go. >> a lot to talk about. >> i flew in from l.a. too. >> oh, goodness. you know -- >> i was just saying talking to my daughter saying i'm not nervous, i've done this before, but i have nerves. she said, mommy, just be yourself.
8:34 am
there's only one you so i'm taking advice from an 8-year-old. >> is your daughter dr. phil? >> almost. >> okay. how is that working for you? i know you all. i have to say, 4 years old, you were 4 years old the first time i interviewed you. mike roberts in the morning, v103 in atlanta, georgia, and you're kind of like the veteran of the group named as a co-host during the summer, so what are some of the hot topics that really pique your interest and get you going, raven? >> i love social interests pieces. i really love to learn about politics because i'm not as in-depth -- inside of them as much as the other people on the panel. i love entertainment because i've been in it for so long. there's going to be some other topics that pop up a little more in the new season i'll be involved with, social media and things of that nature. we have a nice plan going on and i think it's going to cater to everybody on the panel. >> see, that's what is so wonderful about it, raven. that's what "the view" is all about, different points of view and i know you are not shy about letting your opinion be known. and that's great.
8:35 am
>> thank you. i'm not. that's why i'm really excited about being here and being a part of this. and i can't wait for us to have healthy conversations and respectful conversations and it's okay that we all have different points of view. that's what makes the world go around. >> dialogue, conversation and the way you go about it is key. you all are so busy, you all have so many things going on. last time you were here, candace, you were talking about "fuller house," so how are you able to juggle taping of that and doing this? >> my schedule is a little crazy this year so we're in six deep on our show "fuller house" and i'll commute back and forth between l.a. and new york. but i'll -- >> really close, by the way. >> i know, right. it'll be -- i mean it's definitely going to be a balancing act and a juggle but my family is super supportive. my kids are so excited and all come to the tapings of "fuller house" and then when comes for the week to do "the
8:36 am
view," my husband is a trouper. very supportive. >> we talk about that "b" word, balance and how you do it and you're still on the weekend. >> still on the weekends, yeah, they said that we were going to attempt to create an eighth day of the week so i could work eight days. no. exactly, exactly. no, i'm still doing the weekends, doing "the view" during the week so we'll try to balance that with the three kids and, you know, it'll all work out. >> i have nothing else going on. [ laughter ] >> i mean, i don't know about you. i'm listening. truly, i go to costco, you know how i am. >> but you were destined to do this. didn't you have a teacher say to your mother, she's going to be the next barbara walters. >> that's hilarious if you know me. i did have a teacher, mrs. shemmer. if she's watching >> shemmer? >> shemmer. i told my mom, she's going to call me out because i spoke in class, i sang. you know how i am and my mom sits down, she's going
8:37 am
to be the next barbara walters. >> barbara sings? >> you must hang out with her. >> i missed that. >> thank you. my mom, obviously made her day and life almost. >> you all have the joy of being with joy and whoopi. they got to sleep in a little bit. >> yeah. >> not fair. >> that is not fair. >> let the newbies -- >> exactly. get the early wake-up call. >> when we egot, we can sleep in. i think that's the rule. >> you're right. >> well, we wish you nothing but the absolute best. >> thank you. >> thank you for taking the time, each and every one of you for being here. season 19 of "the view" premieres this morning. 11:00 a.m. eastern. right here on abc. amy. >> all right, robin. now to a new series we are kicking off this week, "stealing celebrity secrets." oh, yeah, ginger, let's do it. we'll show you the tricks stars use to look their best and this morning sara haines is showing us the secrets to the hottest hairstyle in hollywood. >> what do emma stone -- >> emma. >> reporter: kate mara and die an krueger all have in common?
8:38 am
textured tousled tresses styled by this woman, mara roszal now revealing all her secrets for her hottest hirestyle in hollywood with something she's calling the wavy hairdo. we're seeing this tossled wave look on celebrities. why do you think it's so hot? >> it's perfectly casual cool, yet still really feminine and you can make it your own. >> i heard you come up with this hair dance. >> yes. >> like a bend and snap? are we doing like macarena? what's going to go down? is there music? >> arm over, arm back, kind of twisting. >> should we warm up a little? first step, pick up a volumizing or thickening spray at your local drugstore. >> now we're going to curl. >> reporter: mara says she uses a curling wand without a clip for a more natural wave. >> what i'll have you to do, you're holding it in your strong hand and you're going to take a piece and now you're going to go up and over. >> up and over. >> you got the iron behind the hair, and you're going to wrap
8:39 am
around and let it sort of twist. you're just going to hold it for a few seconds and then you're going to let it out. >> oh. >> you got it. >> up. >> yep. >> over and behind. >> yeah. >> and then we wrap. >> reporter: and for natural looking locks, switch up the direction of your curls. >> now we're on the other side and you're going to stay in the same hand but this time we're kind of getting like an elbow back. >> up and down. >> an elbow kind of back, right? ♪ dancing ooh. >> you got it. >> reporter: once you've achieved a full head of waves use a texturizing or sea salt spray to finish the look. >> spritz, scrunch, yeah. kind of just run your fingers through them. let's just finish it off with some hair spray. gorgeous. >> and courtesy and bow. >> that was so cool. amazing. >> you did it.
8:40 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> they look great but that looked like a lot of work. >> it looks like it took 20 minutes. i don't know if i have the time but i have the flip for it. >> there you go. >> i'm into it. >> you got some other photos. >> i do. should we do some social snapshots before i show you my crazy tricks of the trade? yeah, let's do it. how about we go to the gobi desert. yes. i even brought you a picture here. well, i didn't. floyd did. thank you so much from a campsite there and seeing the milky way to a campsite in idaho, the next photo in swan valley. dave took that for us, and we are so grateful. we want you to send us your social snapshots by good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. it's just the beginning inland. look at this, 100 to 103. we'll have temperatures like that through friday. 80 to 92 coast and san francisco. my accuweather seven-day forecast, poor air quality through friday.
8:41 am
>> all that weather brought to you by target. i think we just need fans out here, amy. that's what we need. >> yeah, exactly. that would be helpful. but you know who we have here? we have jason sudeikis and alison brie joining us live with the latest on their brand-new romantic comedy coming up next. [ cheers and applause welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero, loaded with three authentic italian deli meats. including our new spiced capicola, our new cracked-pepper-seasoned mortadella and our always-delicious spicy genoa salami. enjoy this amazing taste combination on freshly baked bread, toasted with melty provolone, tomatoes and oregano. the new italian hero won't be here long, so try one today.
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welcome back to "good morning america."
8:44 am
jason sudeikis, alison brie with us this morning. they both star in the romantic comedy "sleeping with other people" about two former lovers who meet by chance 12 years later and try not to get physical. take a look. >> who wants to learn a dance? >> all: me. >> yes. okay, everybody, go over there. right there. naomi, put on track 7 of my workout -- >> hey, laney, you don't have to do this. it's not your responsibility. >> okay, relax. i do this for a living. also two minutes ago i accepted my body for the first time. >> that a girl. >> looks really funny. it's really, really funny. jason, you play kind of a serial cheater but with a heart of gold. >> yes. yes, indeed, yeah. >> well said? >> yeah, very well said. very nicely put. you know, yeah, he's just a guy who has probably been maybe been hurt by someone sitting next to me, at least the character and has gone on to -- has gone on to
8:45 am
woo various other women in the attempt to never get hurt again. >> all right, so that's jake and then let's hear about laney. >> laney has the opposite problem where she's really just intensely obsessed with one guy, not this guy. >> at all. >> sort of romantically and sexually obsessed with him, and so that keeps her from having an intimate relationship with anyone else until they reconnect and decide to take sex off the table, and then they're able to really -- >> we got it out of the way. we got the sex out of the way and now we can get down to the real intimacy. >> beautiful. >> the meat and potatoes of any good relationship. >> and you both are in great relationships. congratulations. i couldn't help but notice the sparkler. >> yes, yes, this old thing? >> to dave franco. >> yes. >> so exciting. >> very exciting. >> and then taking it to the next level with that little delicious boy otis. >> yes, yeah, olivia and i made a baby. >> you made a beautiful baby. >> delicious. he tastes great. >> he does taste great. we slept with one another. he does taste great. >> can we see that video? >> yeah, please.
8:46 am
i brought -- >> the kid's got moves. >> yeah, this is him dancing to bob marley. just standing in front of a speaker working i guess a little bit. i'm not quite sure. >> is that twerking? >> yeah, but he's -- baby playlist dancing his little brains out. there he is. >> how great is fatherhood? >> it's pretty great. i mean, you'd have to ask him. i'm having a blast. i don't know if he -- if he likes me. he doesn't know english yet so we're getting there. he's learning. >> seems very happy. >> seems very happy. >> the physicality of it. we loved you on "saturday night live." you had a great impersonation of joe biden. >> thank you. >> in fact, 2009 we found a clip talking about the stimulus package. take a look. >> i'm sure. >> i said it once and i'll say it again, the stimulus is working. now, i know that might be tough to swallow if you're unemployed but look at me, the stimulus is working. >> what am i trying to do, jedi mind tricks. >> would you like to see him run? >> sure. the more the merrier, i think.
8:47 am
you know, if i was only 35, i would run myself. >> exactly. >> i'm well over. i could probably run now. in 2024. i'm not going to step on kanye's thunder. >> please. >> is that the term, step on his thunder? >> yeah. >> yeah, yeah, 2020, it's a done deal. we've been walking around -- this whole weekend just screaming kanye 2020. >> kanye, yes. >> when you're not promoting the film. >> yeah. >> like it's always written on my body underneath the clothes. >> yeah, it's always there. a little secret. >> just in case. >> it's been for years now. >>for years. finally it's coming to fruition so -- >> that'll be your impersonation. >> the tattoo is not going anywhere. >> great to see you. >> great seeing you. >> our love to olivia please and congratulations again and the movie is really, really great. everybody, it's called "sleeping with other people." it opens nationwide -- it really is a romantic comedy and opens nationwide on friday. thank you, guys. and coming up here, former nypd commissioner ray kelly is with us opening up about his most challenging moments and his
8:48 am
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8:50 am
ray kelly is the longest serving police commissioner in america's biggest city, more than 40 years fighting crime and terrorism in new york city. and he writes all about it in his brand-new memoir "vigilance." so once a cop always a cop. ray kelly has walked this beat his entire life. from new york street kid to two terms as the city's police commissioner. his first precinct right here on the upper west side. this was your precinct. >> i used to work here as a police officer, yes. >> after 25 different commands, kelly first became police commissioner in october 1992. just a few months later -- ♪ >> in new york city a massive explosion beneath the twin towers of the world trade center. >> it appears that the explosion that occurred was in all likelihood the result of some type of explosive device.
8:51 am
>> the first terrorist attack, the first series one on the world trade center, tell us about that? >> it was a real jolt. nobody anticipated it. should we have? probably. >> could have been so much worse too. >> indeed, the goal was to have one building go into the other building, and obviously that didn't happen then, but something much more horrific happened in 2001. >> that's your second tour as commissioner. you come in a few months after. >> correct. >> 9/11 and everything has changed here because of that event. >> yes. things have changed throughout the world. >> he helped transform the nypd to a counterterrorism force tracking at least 16 different plots against the city under his watch. new york's crime rate fell. but critics have taken aim at his controversial stop and frisk policy. not just new york, it seems to be a crisis of policing and race relations all across america right now.
8:52 am
but just this spring polls show that the confidence in police overall in the country, lowest level they've been in 23 years. what do we do about it? >> it's a real problem. policing has come a long way certainly since i started many years ago. but when you have incidents such as the horrific events that happened in north charleston, south carolina, where walter scott was gunned down by a police officer, these high-profile events set us back quite a ways. no question about it. >> and when you see these protests all across the country saying black lives matter, and african-americans say to you, i'm sorry, i just don't believe the police have our best interests at heart, what do you say? >> well, i think you have to work with the community, it's no easy task. we have police officers now in the nypd born in 106 countries. that was the result of a lot of aggressive proactive recruitment. it makes the department better. no question about it. you have to strive to reflect
8:53 am
the community that you serve. >> a lifetime spent in policing. would you do it all over again? >> yeah, i wouldn't trade it for anything. >> what a career. ray kelly's memoir "vigilance" is on sale now and we'
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by volvo. >> i think our first day of school went really well. >> i do too. >> number 2 pencils and everything. >> steven tyler tomorrow. how about that. he's going country. >> uh-huh. have a great day.
8:57 am
8:58 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. let's head right to leyla with a troubled commute this morning. >> let's take a look from sky 7 hd, live pictures overhead of the bay bridge toll plaza and it is packed in there like sardines. boy, it's been a mess this morning. right now if you are heading away from hercules to emeryville, the drive will take you one hour and 30 minutes. it is packed. you can see there very slow conditions. only 16 miles per hour will be your top speed down to the single digits as you head into albany. but mass transit, everything is running on time. mike. that's good because it's a spare the air day. we have a heat advisory from 11:00 this morning to 7:00 this evening. that's when you're at the greatest risk of heat-related illnesses. coastal sea breeze cooling you
9:00 am
to the 80s, 90s and 100s for the rest of >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, supermodel, producer, and talk show host tyra banks. and film, broadway and television star, hank azaria. plus, why are the co-hosts handling live chickens? because we're kicking off "live"'s "we said whaaat?" week. that's why. and go to the head of the class as we get ready to play "live"'s pop quiz trivia. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are your emmy winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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