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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 fuse. >> feeling the heat. >> yes, it is a struggle to say cool as temperatures in the bay area sore to record highs. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we begin tonight with live team coverage on our heat wave with even hotter temperatures coming tomorrow. >> let's first check in with abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with a warning about the heat to come. >> as we take a look at the heat advisory that is going up tomorrow, we are expecting another repeat of today. the heat advisory runs from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. there is a risk of heat related illness. if you are outside take it easy. drink plenty of water and don't forget the kids as they head off to school needing the extra water. record setting temperature, 95 degrees and the previous record was 93. monterey 95.
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broke its record by a brie. salinas 98. triple digits in antioch and livermore. gilroy got up to 100 in santa rosa, fairfield, concord. 95 san francisco and 96 in san jose. live doppler 7hd shows you what's missing. it is the fog. without the fog and without the breeze we are going into another day of hot weather of the -- hot weather. we'll be back with a look at the temperatures. >> in the east bay today's heat is still having an affect on people tonight. alan wang joins us live from an ice cream parlor in berkeley with more. hi, alan. >> hi, ama. when it is still too hot in your dorm room at cal you go out for a little late night ice cream. one student tells me it was so hot in his classroom that his professor ended class early. this is one of those days people living along the bay wish they had an air
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conditioner. >> the breeze was absent along the bay as the temperatures soared near 100 degrees. practicing on synthetic turf added 10 to 15 degrees making the football team feel like they were on a frying pan. >> need gatorade and water. sometimes even trainers suggest pedialyte. having bananas and lots of potassium. >> life indoors was equally unbearable. >> it was hotter in the apartment. >> we need to get out and let it cool off. >> many small businesses without air conditioning saw fewer customers unless there was incentive to sit in the heat. >> i don't know. it got hot. >> it was so hot these students say the air conditioned library turned foo a popular hangout -- into a popular hangout. even the dogs why too hot to play. >> i noticed he was trying to
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get under the benches so he could get some shade. >> despite the temperatures that hit 100 in berkeley, the fire department said there was no significant increase in heat-related calls. alan wang, abc7 fuse. abc7 news. >> and it has caused the district to shorten class hour tomorrow and thursday. that's because the schools don't have air conditioning and they banned out -- outdoor activities . cal train is being forced to run at lower speeds. we go to the hills dale station in san mateo to find out what is happening on the rails. they are taking the rare precaution because heat can damage the tracks. now you can see how hot it is going to get where you live with the abc7 weather app for your smartphone. it is free on apple's app store or google play. we have more information at a raging fire forces dozens of families from their
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home firefighters responded quickly and kept it to 80 acres. they say it burned the light brush and grass. they were allowed to grow back into their homes. they forced several places to evacuate. it started this afternoon near sonora and quickly spread to 100 acres. they were worried about how quickly it grew, but they managed to keep it under control. it is now 20% contained. san francisco firefighters also endured the heat while battling a fire along the embarcadero. this evening's blaze started in a chimney. crews face delays getting to the fires because they say the fire was at pier seven next door. crews were searching for a missing man who may have been stuck in a drainage canal along a freeway in san jose. abc7 news reporter lilian kim joins us live with what
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happened. >> dozens of emergency personnel came here looking for the man they believe was trapped somewhere in this drainage canal. they say three men were worried when their friend never came out of a tunnel. all four were taking a walk when they decided to see how far they could go. three turned back while the fourth continued. after what they say was a thorough search in waist high water san jose fire believes the young man made it out to the other side and is likely walking home as we speak. >> anybody can climb and jump over. that's what they did. it is young guys being young guys and exploring. i think the moral of the story is stick together. don't leave a guy behind. >> they did try calling him, but no answer. they believe it may have been disabled from the waist high water. lilian kim, abc7 news.
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>> thank you so much. newly released court documents found a man killed in a jail cell after he refused to take his medication. three officers accused of killing michael tyree made their first appearances in court. the statement said a nurse told the officers that tyree didn't take his evening medication. when confronted tyree called her a liar and a rapist. he eventually took the drugs. later this night the officers went into the cell. screaming and thumping could be heard. he bled to death and officers did not enter a plea today. the marin county sheriff's department says the body of a missing man, a san francisco man found near angel island. sky 7hd was overhead as search crews made the discovery this morning. he was last seen on a leased boat at the cove. he was on a sailing trip with his wife and friends. his family released a statement, quote, we want to thank everyone involved, and
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we are still in a state of shock and sadenned by our sudden lost as he will be so dearly missed. santa cruz big wave surfer was injured it -- while surfing. he was riding a wave in rough conditions and broke his neck in four places. he has set world records for paddling into and surfing 60-foot waves. he said today even with his severe injury he expects to make a full recovery. >> so fortunate. pilots call for help when part of a passenger plane burst into planes. >> may day. may day. request fire services. >> hear the terrifying moments passengers captured on their phones. >> it has been shaw rowedded in miss -- shrouded in mystery and rumors. we are hours from apple's big event. what predictions and what products can be revealed. a live report coming up.
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>> and a way ward chicken that ran wild is home and we finally know how it ended up on p road. here is a look at "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks, dan and ama, take a look at what we made just for you tonight. >> i was doing the best i could not to stand next to mccon pho hey in that courtroom and go all right, all right, all right. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see
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gatos and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> cell tone video captures smoke rising from a british airways jumbo jet in las vegas.
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159 passengers evacuated safely after an engine fire broke out after takeoff. they suffered injuries from using the inflatable slides. passengers tweeted this picture taken from another plane at mccarron international airport. passengers immediately -- pilots immediately aborted the takeoff. >> may day, may day. request fire services. >> heavy fire services on the way. >> we are evacuating. we have a fire. i repeat. we are evacuating. >> a team will arrive tomorrow. they were headed to london. new products and upgrades are expected to be rolled out for all to see and in true apple form it has been super secret. but the tech experts are weighing in with their predictions. cornell bernard is live. they make it seem like christmas eve for the apple fans. >> you got that right.
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no one creates a buzz like apple , dan, and they have done it again. we are hours away from apple's newest reveal. the security is very tight. the rumors are flying, but the tech insiders are making some predictions tonight. >> the anticipation is so big. there is a countdown clock. outside the auditorium there is a buzz. that's where apple's special event was happening. we saw people standing with their iphones and buses coming and going, but not a word about what is happening inside. >> i any chance we could get a few shots inside and see what was going on? the answer was no. but he expects to see a new iphone 6 and 6s plus rolled out. >> better camerases, better optics, longer battery life is always a key selling point. >> apple tv is no longer a pop be project -- hobby project.
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it is expected to have a slimmer design and touch base remote. >> this applen tuesday gist has his own youtube channel devoted to new products. he expects apple tv will get a big upgrade. >> a set top box that will allow us to watch television shows using siri and searching. >> a new ipad pro could be unveiled. rumors say it may come with a 12-inch display geared for business users. customers were hoping something else will be announced. >> sales. >> we went back to siri for a clue. >> siri, can you give me a hint now? >> don't tell anyone i told you, but i have on good authority that -- oops, tim just gave me a look. the big reveal happens at 10:00 a.m. cornell better thard, abc7 news. >> california could become the first state to inform consumers about privacy concerns with new internet connected televisions. the tv's can record people's
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conversations. the bill would block the voice recognition feature unless consumers are informed during the set up. it puts limits on the use of recordings for advertising purposes. it advanced to the assembly on a final vote. >> and a story that lead people to ask why did the chicken cross the road? two checkens escaped from a box. they were on their way to donate the birds to a school's urban farming program. highway patrol patrol rescued the bird and it is named chip in their honor. >> i want to thank the chp. i want to thank cal trans and the oakland animal shelter. everybody has been so, so great. >> after picking up chip, houston delivered the hen to stone crest elementary school. chip's companion is still
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missing. the u.s. airman who helped stop a gunman on a train is the guest on jimmy kimmle. and there was a big surprise for the sacramento man. >> i heard are you a big golden state warriors fan. >> i am. >> warriors fan spencer stone got to meet one of his heros, klay thompson. he got a championship hat and jersey and that's thought all. check out jimmy tonight to see the big surprise he received and his joyous response. catch him at 11:35 right here on abc7. sphie the weather, is it worth sticking around for? it is hot. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. still a few more days of this. >> dan and ama, it is pretty steamy. matter of fact this week with the triple digit heat the hottest temperatures of 2015 so far. there are nothing but clear
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skies and when you take a look at the temperatures it is not exactly great sleeping weather. it is still close to 80 degrees. it is 57 and cooled off quite a bit. good luck sleeping. i know many homes don't. it is calm as far as wind is concerned. 2* will cool you -- it will cool you off. you can leave your extra layer behind. visibility is terrific and looking across the bay. the fog is missing and with the wind not being a big factor here, it will make for poor air quality. a spare the air alert. you will have to wait until saturday before we see a little improvement in the air quality. and this is what your more than will look like, clear. triple digit heat you.
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records are possible as we head for the next few days. satellite and radar showing us what is bringing the hot weather. therefore we get the compression of the marine layer and the fog is long gone. and you don't have much of a breeze to help you out. we do want to take you off the baja california coast to show you linda. there was a distinct eye on the storm. here is what we will watch. the moisture will move into southern california. they will be seeing some showers and for us we won't see the moisture in the form of rain, and we will see a few high clouds for the upcoming weekend. most of you are in the 50s and 60s. you don't have to worry about bundling up the little ones. get ready for another day of scorching heat. 106 in gilroy and 99 san jose
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and 98 sunnyvale and santa clara and milpitas,100 cupertino. 98 in redwood city and 96 in san mateo. 82 in half moon bay. this is a warm spot, but one of the cooler ones in comparison to the bay area. 85 in daly city. you will see them across the region except near the immediate coast. 95 in oakland and hayward and 98 fremont and inland spots, it is one of those days you will need to try to limit your outdoor activity. 106 in livermore. accu-weather seven-day forecast, this is dangerous heat. we will repeat it for three days, but the coast will cool especially by friday. 60s and 70s coast side. low to mid-nineties inland. we can handle the microclimates. no microclimates tomorrow. it is hot all over. coming up next, you could
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say it is on hold. >> why a dad has closed off his daughter's closet.
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father upset about his daughter's $500 phone bill locked up her stuff in a closet as punish meant. >> wow. he said she is an honor student with strong ethics, but like any kid she needs to know there are consequences. >> she said, dad, i know you love me and i know i missed up. i will work this off. >> well, she can get back her phone, perfume and top label clothes when she works off the bill doing chores. >> he got support from other parents who understand it is
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brought to you by xfinity. serena williams may go down as the best tennis player in history and adding to her amazing resume at the open. facing her best friend and long-time -- life-long rival, sister venus.
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kim kardashian was around so there must be cameras around. oprah and the donald was there. the best point, serena drops shop. 35-year-old venus with a return and serena with the lob off one foot for the winner and she took the first set. big sis dominated. venus with a big slice and she would break serena twice to win the set. on to the third and serena regains focus ripping a backhand down the line. we move to ma of point and serena finishes with the ace. a hug between the sisters at the net. serena's quest for the calendar slam continues on to the semifinals. >> it is going against your best friend and at the same time going against the greatest competitor for me in women's tennis. it was really difficult today. >> in the late match, that is the top seed novak djokovic after dropping the second
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set. gets rid of the shirt and anger management. the joker would roll to another semifinal. he is like a machine when he gets rolling. the giants have gone from high expectations of a september stretch run to, well, if everybody hadn't gone hurt we would be in there with the dodgers. tim hudson picks it up in arizona. the most unlikely of giants going back to back. the umps said it was a triple and then they said no that was a homerun. next up it is huddy high and deep and aloha means goodbye. that's a 40-year-old man. did that really happen? hudson's fourth homer in his entire career. he pitched a gem. he gets his 7th win of the
11:31 pm
year a's and astros and sonny gray going for win number they are teen. he gets him swenging for -- swinging for the fences. he takes his old teammate up and out. a's get on the board and there it goes. if it stays fair it is gone. it does and it is gone. three-run shot and his 14th. the a's win it against the stros. abc7 sports brought to you by xfinity. excited to
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for joining us. right now on jimmy kimmle, a a big surprise from klay thompson. >> good night. >> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, emily blunt, american hero, u.s. airman spencer stone, and music from rita ora featuring chris brown with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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