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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. good afternoon and thank you for joining us today i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. our sizzling september continues today. a live picture from our camera here in san francisco. it is another day of clear skies, light winds and very high temperatures all across the bay area. >> and not just people are trying to stay cool. check this out. abc 7 news at the san francisco zoo as animals tried to beat the heat. that's cute. >> we have live tem coverage of the heat wave. spencer christian volunteered to dive into ice with the otters. >> those critters otter share their ice because it is hot
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where i am. it is hot everywhere. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. i should qualify by saying it is cooler near the coast because as you can see there is a shallow layer of fog near the coast line. a little bit of relief is being felt near the coast. we have highs so far 101 degrees so far. 102 the high so far at concord. 106 at antioch. and highs so far are in the mid to upper 90s in some locations around the bay. we have a heat advisory in effect for the entire san francisco bay area until 7:00 this evening. the risk of heat related illness increases. tomorrow heat advisory for all of the bay area with the exception of the coast and the city of san francisco. on the go to look at air quality as we view from our emeryville
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camera. tomorrow our third consecutive one. friday, saturday and sunday air quality medium or moderate. we have an improvement coming our way along with the cooling trend which begins this weekend. there is relief in sight. we have to hold on but have to survive the heat for a couple more days. i better toss it back. >> thank you, spencer. want to continue our coverage of all of the hot weather in the bay area. >> laura anthony is at shadow cliff lake where people are trying to stay cool there. >> reporter: hi, they certainly as the temperatures heat up out here in the east bay. this spot here at shadow cliff starts to fill up here at the lake. folks looking to cool off. for others here in the east bay it's not quite this easy. doing this kind of work can be
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hot enough even in the coolest of conditions. on this day in the east bay working construction can be hazardous to one's health. >> stay hydrated. keep a nice cool rag. if you don't have water keep you cool. >> that's why at this site in emeryville there is a special area for taking breaks inside of buildings. >> anytime the weather gets 80 degrees or higher you have to have procedures in place which consist of water for the guys and cool down station. we have a cool down station in the basement where it's almost always 63 degrees. >> reporter: in oakland the main way to cool off is closed off thanks to an algae bloom that made swimming here offlimits. >> can't go swimming here. >> too bad. used to be able to swim around here. >> reporter: now you can go swimming here at shadow cliff but as you can see the shady
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spots are at a premium. last time i checked it is a balmy 105 degrees out here. it is supposed to be a tad warmer tomorrow so i want all these shady spots will be taken here tomorrow. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> 105 is rather balmy. >> thank you so much. the scorching weather is apparently too much to bear for thousands of students in the south bay. >> in an unusual move one school district cut classes short today and will do the same thing tomorrow. matt keller in san jose with the story. >> reporter: the morning drop off in front of del mar high school in san jose is a matter of routine. parents say good bye, kids head off to class. today it is different because today it's unusually hot. temperatures are forecasted for the upper 90s to low 100s, about 20 degrees above average for this time of year so classes are ending early. >> some of the schools have some
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rooms with air conditioning. some schools do not have air conditioning. we are concerned about that so in order to have a consistent plan we needed to give a day to all of the schools in the district. >> the classes are way too hot. you just want to leave home. it's not cool. >> reporter: the schools in the district on minimum days today and tomorrow. most students get out around noon. practices for football, field hockey, across country, tennis and sports teams are being cancelled or moved indoors. if it is too hot to be in class it is too hot to be outside practicing. >> i was waiting to go to the pool or take a shower. >> reporter: district officials are looking to put air conditioning in there classrooms. they are hoping to have a bond measure on the ballot by next june. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> we want to see how you are
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dealing with the hot weather. take a photo or video and share with us using the hashtag abc7now. a garage fire in newark sends one person to the hospital with major burns. sky 7 hd was over the scene a short time ago. the flames broke out just before 3:00. don't know why just yet. officials tell us the victim was burned over about one-third of his or her body. a massive fire is burning in phoenix this afternoon. look at that. officials say multiple tanks filled with motor oil exploded sending some shooting into the air like projectiles. this is south of downtown phoenix. at least 100 people have evacuated the area. there are no reports of injuries at this time. the cause of the fire still under investigation. three brothers ages 8 to 12 years old were found stabbed to death inside an suv parked outside an elementary school.
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l.a.p.d. said a man believed to be their father had stab wounds to the chest and recovered a knife from the front passenger seat. detectives believe they have a suspect in custody. an arraignment scheduled for edwards, the woman authorities say jumped off the bay bridge last month to avoid arrest. it's believed a truck driver picked her up after she swam to shore. edwards is facing dui, car theft, hit-and-run. san francisco police arrested a suspect in connection to the racist graffiti in the city's district over the weekend. accused of spray painting the words no more chinese or six locations in the neighborhood. he is charged with felony hate crime and vandalism. san francisco police shut down a section of market street around the civic center because of a suspicious backpack hanging
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in a tree. this is video from sky 7 hd. market was closed between eighth and ninth street until a member of the bomb squad could remove the backpack. nothing suspicious was found inside. now to the big apple announcement. abc 7 news was at the bill graham civic auditorium as tim cook took to the stage to announce a slate of new and updated products to new phones and ipads and a new pencil. david louie attended today's apple event joining us live from the newsroom. >> you might remember late steve jobs said he finally figured out the future of tv. tim cook delivered on that today. it will deliver more than tv shows and movies and its remote control is quite different. >> we believe the future of television is apps. >> reporter: apple is taking what it learned from the iphone ask is awaiting to see what app
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developers will do for big screen tvs. the apple tv is a set top box with siri built in to ask for assistance and will have an app store of its own and for many that will mean games. >> a lot of people do not self-identify as gamers. the mobile phone space absolutely created a whole new group of gamers that never would have materialized if it wasn't for the iphone. to me apple tv is another platform for people to start playing games that never would have brought a consol into the live room. >> reporter: going to create entertainment that will be appealing. >> apple advanced that concept by bringing the new remote so search is easy and i can get to my content what content i want when i want it. i think the millennials will jump on this. >> apple introduced new models of the watch. the largest ipad ever just over
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12 inches called the ipad pro. it's going to appeal the graphic artist who needed the power of a desktop and apple introduced two new iphones 6 s and 6 s plus. they have brand new features including ability to animate still photos and new ways to use touchscreen. apple started taking orders for the new iphones this weekend. the new apple tv will be coming out in october. the iphone is still at the center of apple sales and profit but the new apple tv could become a major driver in the years ahead. david louie, abc 7 news. >> i was following your tweets this morning and all of these new gadgets and gismos and upgrades y. saw the larger ipad and then the pencil and all of that looked suspiciously like the microsoft surface. we know what the surface is. what does apple have that is different? >> certainly the ipad pro has a
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much more powerful chip in it. it has a lot more capability and has the ability to use the pencil to create brush strokes if you are doing calligraphy or trying to fill in art work. that is something artists will find useful in this particular ipad pro. it's not for everybody and on the pricey side. >> thank you. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00, the san francisco man who travelled all the way to kentucky to protest the county clerk at the center of the newest fight over same-sex marriage. >> california lawmakers make a decision over controversial right to die legislation. abc 7 news talks with the brother of the woman killed at san francisco's pier 14. what he wants the public to know about his family's new lawsuit. michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live in a few minutes. search for michael finney on facebook or twitter to "ask
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finney." if you are looking for traffic we found it southbound lanes of 101 through san jose. northbound traffic looking good as usual. 880 appears to be moving smoothly across the top in both what do a nasca comedian...
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do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. the county clerk in kentucky who is now free from jail after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses will return to work monday when it is unlikely she will issue the licenses. people from across the nation including a man who travelled
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from san francisco are still signing up to get married in kentucky. elizabeth herr has the latest. >> reporter: with supporters and opponents still clashing outside the courthouse. >> you need to get a life. >> i got one. one in jesus christ. can't beat that. >> reporter: same-sex couples are getting marriage licenses inside the county clerk's office in kentucky. this man travelled from san francisco just to get married here after learning about county clerk kim davis refusing to issue gay couples marriage licenses. >> not because she was released but because she is being made a martyr for the cause, a cause that isn't a cause. ♪ >> reporter: the emotional davis in the meantime thanks her supporters at a rally celebrating her release from jail. >> i love you all so very much! i just want to give god the glory. his people have rallied and you
4:16 pm
are a strong people! >> reporter: davis spent six days behind bars for contempt and now as a condition of her release the judge ordered she shall not interfere in any way with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples. whether or not she complies remains to be seen with her attorney giving just one answer. >> kim davis will not violate her conscience. >> reporter: according to her lawyer she plans to return to work next monday. so far at least one deputy clerk made it clear she may be the boss but they will be obeying the judge's ruling. abc news, new york. lieutenant governor is telling mike huckabee to get his facts straight when it comes to comparing him to kim davis. offered a lengthy criticism. the former san francisco mayor is taking offense to comments the republican presidential candidate made sunday on this
4:17 pm
week. >> you have democrats who ignore the law when it was the law to have traditional marriage in san francisco performed same-sex weddings even though it was illegal. did he get put in jail? >> calls the comparison absurd writing she was in jail because she was in contempt of court, defied the ruling of a federal judge, was given ample room to comply and was thrown in jail. newsome says he would have been thrown in jail if he defied the state supreme court but followed the order. >> california lawmakers approved legislation that would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives. this is the second effort to allow doctors to prescribe life ending medication. this time the state assembly by passed the committee. brittany moved from the east bay to oregon to legally end her
4:18 pm
battle with terminal brain cancer. the senate is expected to endorse the bill soon. the first california standardized test score report in two years is out this afternoon. the results are not that great. just one third of the state's public school students tested were tested as proficient for third grade levels in math. numbers were down from two years ago. this is the first time students have taken the assessment online and educators warned to expect lower results. a hearing is underway to possibly slash retirement benefits from a former fire chief. retired from the fire department in 2009 just three days after renegotiating the compensation. that allowed him to turn his $194,000 salary into a $241,000 year pension. >> it was granted retroactively for work that was already performed under his existing contract.
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>> he testified he earned those benefits and made his retirement decision on the spur of the moment. the retirement board could cut the pension by $68,000 a year and would save estimated $1.3 million. the sweltering heat continues. >> spencer christian is here with how hot it got. >> reporter: heat wave continues. a little bit of cooling coming to areas along the coast and here in san francisco. it is sizzling inland. here is live doppler 7 hd. notice that shallow layer of fog near the coast line. i should mention we have a beach hazard statement through this evening for south to southwest facing beaches. strong rip currents are possible as are large shore breaks. let's take a look at current conditions looking over the bay it is 84 degrees in san francisco. it was 95 this time yesterday. 89 oakland. 94 san jose.
4:20 pm
102 morgan hill. 66 at half moon bay. here is a live view from our roof top camera looking at blue sky. it is 101 degrees in santa rosa. 102 a piece at fairfield and concord. 105 at livermore. with the clear skies over the golden gate here is a look at our forecast features. triple digit heat for two more days inland. we have another spare the air day tomorrow. it will be cooler in all areas this weekend with improved air quality. here is the satellite and radar composite image. continuing to bring hot weather to the bay and inland but there is relief at the coast and that will continue as we look at the forecast animation. overnight you see the shallow fog layer will be just enough to keep temperatures in a more comfortable range along the coast line but it will still be hot inland. for the week ahead the temperature range in san jose looks like this.
4:21 pm
san jose 83. tomorrow 99. friday 96. weekend relief goes to the south bay with temperatures dropping back to the average range. we see highs below average by mid week next week. tonight's low temperatures mainly low to mid 60s. we see mid 50s at the coast. tomorrow highs range from upper 90s to about 104 at morgan hill. 106 at gilroy. mid to upper 90s on the peninsula and mid 70s on the coast at pacifica. downtown san francisco a high of 83 tomorrow. we see 76 in the sunset district. in the north bay 98. 96 at napa. 102 at clover dale. east bay highs 88 berkeley. 96 at castro valley and inland east bay all triple digits tomorrow from 102 at walnut creek to 105 at pittsburgh and 106 at antioch and livermore. here is the seven day forecast once again spare the air tomorrow. will improve on friday and over
4:22 pm
the weekend. the heat in our inland areas will not diminish until the weekend. no more triple digits after friday. no more for a while that is. >> that will be welcome. >> super bowl 50 may be months away but the fun is starting. the kickoff celebration in san francisco. >> donald trump, ted cruz and sarah palin. the event ♪ introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now.
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but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the 2016 nfl season will get underway this week. the kickoff is thursday night. san francisco is taking center stage. >> it is the host committee of super bowl 50 getting things started with a two day event called the kickoff to 50 celebration. >> among those on hand super bowl mvp's jim plunkt of the
4:25 pm
raiders and steve young of the 49ers. >> this committee worked like no other to make it the finest somebody event ever. i'm just grateful to have been a part of it and to be a part of this, as well. >> fans attending could dress like a raider or 49er today posing for pictures with super bowl legends like rickey waters and had a chance to get a look at the hall of famers. the event wraps up with a free concert tomorrow afternoon at justin herman plaza. the accolades keep coming for a u.s. airman. >> spencer stone was a special guest on jimmy kimmal live last night. the sacramento man and two friends stopped a terrorist attack last month. jimmy had a surprise for stone who is a huge warriors fan. >> we have a visitor who wanted to say hello to you.
4:26 pm
let's see. you see that gentleman right there? that is clay thompson. you have what else here? >> a jersey for you. >> we saw you had no shirt so brought you a jersey. >> that's not all. klay thompson gave stone the keys to a brand new car, that convertible chevy convertible. that looks nice. >> sweet ride. stone was very surprised and grateful. he and his con rads will receive tickets to the warriors home opener at oracle arena on october 27th. >> imagine the ovation those guys get. the crowd will go wild for them. >> you can catch jimmy kimmal live here after abc 7 news at 11:00. tonight's guests susan saranden and music from darius rucker.
4:27 pm
the first time since winning nba title. training camp starts on october 27th and the team announced the first 10,000 fans at the first preseason game at oracle on october 13th will receive a steph curry bobble head. >> fans attending the next game will receive an andre iguedala bobble head. >> that is the big one, the larry o'brien championship trophy. we are just going to keep him right over here. in the care of the sports department. let's put it that way. >> you think i would take it from him? >> i'm sure he will be safe where he is right now. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. airport troubles coast to coast. what led to a hanger collapse?
4:28 pm
new details on the plane fire that forced passengers to flee. >> the brother of the woman killed on san francisco's pier 14 sits down with abc news. and today marks five years since that pipeline blast devastated one bay area neighborhood. abc 7 news is back in san b
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. checking headlines where you live at 4:30 the heat wave intensifies. several high schools in the south bay closed by noon today and are doing the same tomorrow because half the classrooms aren't air conditioned. practices for football, tennis and other sports teams are being cancelled or moved indoors. spencer christian says cooler air is approaching the coast but he holds on near the bay and inland. spencer gives us the forecast in a few minutes. thousands of people gathered for apple's big product announcement. at 5:00 david louie will show us what the new products are and when you can get your hands on them. the brother of kate steinle who was shot and killed on san francisco's pier 14 shared his thoughts on the suspect accused of killing his sister and the memorial planned for her.
4:32 pm
abc 7 news reporter joins us live in san jose with a story only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: the family has been very resilient throughout this process. for them the day to day struggle is very real but they continue to press forward saying that they feel kate's love in everything that they do. for brad steinle the past 2 1/2 months following his sister's death have been hard to handle. >> you have your moments where it's a break down and it's sad times every morning you wake up and you can't believe it is real. >> reporter: kate steinle was shot and killed while walking with her father. convicted felon will stand trial for murder. the steinle family says they are not against sanctuary city policies but says san francisco sheriff is to blame for his interpretation. >> the largest mistake is the memorandum not to cooperate with ice and not to communicate that
4:33 pm
we are about to release a seven-time convicted felon on to the reets that should be deported. >> reporter: the family filed a lawsuit against the federal and federal authorities saying something needs to change. >> he has overstepped his boundaries as far as sheriff and has put the community in harm's way and it resulted in kate's death. >> reporter: last week brad and his parents came to san francisco to reflect on all that has happened. >> we love going to giants games but it's sad to see the place that she fell and took her last breath. >> reporter: the family says the port authority has plans to put up a memorial bench at the pier in honor of kate and on it one of her favorite quotes, whatever is good for your soul do that. a message her brother hopes will resonate with those who visit. >> no matter what tragedy or obstacles you face in life that you can overcome it and make sure you live and love the best
4:34 pm
you can. >> reporter: a family now turning their grief and sorrow into a call for change. we reached out to the san francisco sheriff's office earlier today. they have not returned our request for comment. reporting live this afternoon abc 7 news. one person is in custody in connection with several suspicious fires in san jose. one fire broke out near south winchester boulevard around 10:30 last night and two other fires followed in roughly the same area. at one point flames on a burning tree looked like they were going to jump to a nearby structure but crews managed to knock them down. a hangar partially collapsed. workers were demolishing the old hangar when it fell. four of the nine workers inside were injured. everyone is believed to have gotten out safely. the manufacturer of the engine that burst into flames on
4:35 pm
a las vegas run way said other planes powered by that same engine are safe to fly. one day later the charred british airways plane remains on the run way. the team of investigators are on the scene trying to figure out the exact cause of the fire. flight 2276 was leaving las vegas. 172 people were on board and there were no serious injuries. on capitol hill two contenders for republican presidential nomination joined forces to oppose the iran nuclear deal. ted cruz invited donald trump to join them. the candidates denoins the accord. trump blasted president obama calling it an incompetently negotiated deal. he went on using a favorite line saying we are led by very stupid people. hillary clinton is on an apology tour over her use of a private e-mail account while secretary of state. she is calling it, quote, a
4:36 pm
mistake. abc news reporter karen traverse has more in washington. >> reporter: two apologies. the farthest hillary clinton has gone when it comes to her use of a personal e-mail account and private server. >> that was mistake. i take responsibility. >> reporter: clinton acknowledging she thinks she should have used two separate e-mail accounts. >> i'm sorry that it has raised all of these questions. i do take responsibility for having made what is clearly not the best decision. >> reporter: the e-mail and personal server controversy has been dogging clinton on the campaign trail for weeks. she is losing ground in the polls now down nine points to bernie sanders. >> when voters are asked the first word when you think of hillary clinton words like liar, dishonest, untrustworthy were at the top of the list. >> david, obviously i don't like hearing that. i am confident by the end of this campaign people will know
4:37 pm
they can trust me. >> reporter: the one solid front runner now vulnerable which sparked calls for vice president joe biden to jump into the race. >> i like joe biden a lot. i think he is a great vice president. i think he could be a good president. there is no doubt about that. >> reporter: in a rare emotional moment clinton choked up speaking about her late mother. >> i think about her a lot. >> reporter: hillary clinton e-mailed her supporters last night reiterating her apology and telling them that going forward she wants to be as transparent as possible. google has search engines and e-mails and driverless cars. still ahead the next frontier for the tech giant. while we deal with dry heat in the bay area southern california warning about flash flooding and it has already turned deadly. i'm michael finney.
4:38 pm
"ask finney" is just ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney. ♪ hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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firefighters recovered the body of a hiker caught in a flash flood yesterday in the national forest. the man in his 20s got caught up in the debris flow and got swept away. rescue crews found his body about two miles down stream. other hikers say the thunderstorm came in so quickly
4:41 pm
with heavy bursts of rain, lightning and some hail. >> definitely. we are reacting to hot weather outside. >> spencer christian is upstairs and in the sunshine. >> the heat is definitely sticking around but we are just beginning to see the beginning of a cool down at the coast. here is live doppler 7 hd, a shallow layer of fog approaching the coast line. here in san francisco today as it was yesterday but inland areas have a couple more days of heat coming their way. in southern california from santa barbara county we have scattered thunderstorms this afternoon with strong gusty winds in some spots. active weather there. speaking of winds we have tropical storm linda which this time yesterday was a category three hurricane weakening and continues to move westward and weaken over the next couple of days. it will pose no threat to land areas. some of its clouds and humidity will travel in our direction and
4:42 pm
could make for some muggy conditions here on saturday. tomorrow across the state look for highs of 107 at fresno. 108 sacramento. and here in the bay area we will have triple digits inland in many inland areas from the north bay to east bay to south bay. look for highs mainly in the low to mid 90s. on the coast not so bad. low to mid 70s for the most part and a high of 83 tomorrow here in san francisco. >> thank you, spencer. macy's just closed its coop coopertino store. more closures we just learned about. >> google wants to bring groceries to your door. is the tech giant too late to the delivery game. >> you are at the store and want to buy something with a bill larger than $20 bill. the store refuses.
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. president obama and the first lady will welcome the pope personally. the moment he arrived in the u.s. for a historic visit the white house said the obamas will
4:46 pm
welcome the pope when he touches down september 22. pope francis will meet privately with the president becoming the third pope to ever visit the white house. the pontiff will stop in new york city and philadelphia. i will be heading to washington, d.c. when he arrived in the u.s. watch for my reports that week and join me as abc 7 news follows pope francis on the historic trip. another company is getting into the grocery delivery business. google says it plans to start testing service for fresh food and groceries in san francisco. as abc 7 news reporter tells us the mountain view based company has plenty competition. >> a grocery revolution announcing they will begin testing delivery for fresh food and greshryes as part of the google express service. the trial will start rolling out only in san francisco and one other yet to be determined city and won't begin until later this
4:47 pm
year. the move is a clear sign of the increasing shift towards digital shopping. now a little over 2% of grocery shoppers are using those virtual carts. the industry is expected to earn $13.1 billion this year alone. >> it's a lucrative market. more and more consumers are wanting this option of pressing a button and having food delivered to their door. >> the home delivered grocery market is saturated with major competitors. they are amazon fresh, fresh direct, instacart and now google is beefing up the competition telling us they want to help customers get the full store delivered to them. >> kind of a race to see who can provide the best service for the least amount of money. time now for "ask finney." michael finney here answering questions sent in my facebook, twitter and e-mail. i got a new pay pal terms via
4:48 pm
e-mail. they state they will share my information with others including my social security number. is this legal? >> look, you probably have heard or maybe you haven't but there is a lot of information out there that ebay and pay pal have a divorce. so there is a lot of new terms and conditions floating around. what you have sounds like a phishing scam. they are not going to take your information and throw them out there. they would be getting sued for that. when you get an e-mail like this and everybody is just now hearing about this be very, very careful. if you have questions go to their website. you contact them. >> don't click on the link on the e-mail? >> kill the e-mail. gill e-mails more and more stores refuse to take a bill larger than a 20. are they required to take any denomination? >> they don't have to take anything at all. a while back we looked into this.
4:49 pm
it turns out by law everybody goes i'm going to pay with pennies. they don't have to take money at all. they can say i'm only going to deal with a credit card. that is what online companies do. they can do whatever they want just be aware of what the rules are. >> i still take bills larger than 20. if you want to give me 100s i will take 100s. >> i try to be consumer friendly. >> i want to buy an electric car but i'm concerned my lectracity rates will go up too much. >> contact your electric company. they have a way to figure out how much your car is going to use and charge you a different rate for that. a lower rate for that. so what you need to do is contact your electric company. most of us have pg&e. they have these programs in place. i suggest you do that before you buy the car. it will be cheaper than gas. they charge you a lower rate. you know commercials industry pays different rates.
4:50 pm
that's what they set up for you at home. >> interesting. thank you. macy's is about to close dozens of stores nationwide. the retail giant says it will close 35 to 40 under performing stores throughout 5% of the total locations. macy's says the stores will close early next year but did not identify the locations. macy's has 770 stores in 45 states. it's now closed 52 stores including one in fashion park last january. in health news americans believe a cure for cancer will happen sooner than later. >> stress is apparently as harmful as smoking. jane king with those stories and more. >> work place stress is as harmful as second hand smoke. high job demands increase risk of illness by 35%. two powerful new drugs that can lower cholesterol are overpriced
4:51 pm
based on the value they provide according to a new analysis that evaluates costs. they say the price should be about a third of the level set by manufacturers. americans believe scientists will find a cure for cancer before seinfeld reruns go off the air. the poll found 41% of respondents believe that will happen. they chose a cure for cancer also over soccer overtaking football in the u.s. and peace on earth. i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> "seinfeld" is never going off the air. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. today marked five years since the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the frustration some families say they are dealing with today. >> thanks so much. out of business. why a tourist attraction in san francisco has cracked its last quack. plus the moment that did not
4:52 pm
go over well. those stories and more when we [female announcer] through susave up to $400 on train's beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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authorities are looking for the owner of two dogs responsible for a fatal attack. >> the dogs killed a 65-year-old man yesterday. a woman was attacked. she is in the hospital with major injuries. animal control officers captured the dogs described as pit bull boxer mixes. >> today marks the anniversary of the deadly explosion that devastated a san bruno neighborhood. >> the explosion killed people. five years later the city and neighbors are marking their recovery today. >> and the work that remains, as well. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live in san bruno. >> reporter: the mayor and the residents say there is still a lot of work to be done in this
4:56 pm
neighborhood that was almost oblit rated by the explosion and fire. five years later what about pg&e? they are fighting state regulators and in the courts over their role in what happened right here. the home sits across the street from the epicenter. his home is about 150 feet from where the 30 inch gas line burst. the explosion awakened him from his nap. >> my roof falling down. i almost died that day. >> reporter: all that was left was the garage. he rebuilt his home. this home on the other side was saved. lucky for bob mcnickel firefighters took a stand in front of his house. >> it was amazing. they managed to stop it here. >> reporter: it has been five years. time passes. he wants to get on with his life. >> i think i would rather focus on positive.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: you can see the scars here in the neighborhood. the empty lots, construction equipment and time leads to frustration. >> to have new lighting, new sidewalk. >> reporter: for the most part the families who sued have settled their claims. the giant utility has legal troubles and slapped with a $1.6 billion fine from state regulators and faces criminal charges for safety violations and obstructing justice. pg&e says it has modernized gas operations, taken out hundreds of miles of old pipes and complied with almost all recommendations still san bruno mayor says pg&e has yet to accept full responsibility. >> this was not an accident. in my mind somebody should do some jail time for this. >> reporter: pg&e declined
4:58 pm
interviews out of respect for the victims. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> still amazing to see the images. thank you for joining us today for abc 7 news at 4:00 i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with dan and cheryl. it was kind of miserable. >> scorching temperatures force a south bay school district to do something it has never done before. i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. days of hateful graffiti are apparently over. >> california moves a big step closer to legalizing assisted suicide. >> why a popular tourist attraction quacked its last quake. some schools do not have air
4:59 pm
conditioning. we are concerned about that. >> the heat proves too much sending students home early. >> a cool down station. >> working construction is always tough in the east bay. it was practically hazardous. >> little critters try to keep cool as best they can. >> thanks for joining us. taking a look outside from our camyou can see a picture of ocean beach. you just want to dive right in there. good place to be. >> that is the place to be. let's go to sandhya patel for a look at how hot it is as we speak. >> way too hot but the coast is the place to be and that's because as you will notice behind me the breeze is coming in. spots near the coast line have started to come down. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and you will see what is going on. fog is starting to come in closer. we have noticed that the
5:00 pm
temperatures have dropped. half moon bay yesterday in the 80s. 73 the high so far today. 86 in san francisco. look at how steamy it is in antioch. 107 degrees. 105 in livermore. gilroy tied the record setback in 1976. it's 104. close to previous record of 100 degrees. oakland airport 91 and approaching the record. 101 in santa rosa. 99 in red wood city. heat advisory until 7:00 tonight. the entire bay area risk of heat related illness. be careful tomorrow. the coast and san francisco are excluded from the heat advisory which runs from 11:00 to 7:00 because the fog and the cooler air will continue to reach the coastal spots. i'll let you know when inland areas will let off steam coming up. >> the heat is affecting caltrain right now. the agency is under what it calls a level one heat restriction. that means trains are not


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