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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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tires on the cars bursting in the heat. firefighters did have to take defensive stance because the fire was so huge and because a power pole was on fire and a wire was dangling. they had to wait 45 minutes for pg&e to town off power to make it safer. it took a while to get it out, more than an hour. it is out now. they will try and figure out what start the fire and how to run people to their homes. they blocked off half the street so some people are wandering, how bad it is inside this barricade and are anxious to get back home. we do know that two homes are a total loss, a third has moderate damage. a fourth has minor >> 4:30. breaking news from santa cruz county where evacuations are
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underway in the boulder creek area because of a wildfire. the place broke out overnight along bear can corner road. the forward spread of the fire was stopped at five acres but crews are on the scene all morning. a structure is destroyed. we will bring you updates. >> san jose firefighters are watching for flare-ups from a grass fire that came dangerously close to a mobile home park. it broke out before 7:00 last night near oakland road and b street. flames and spoke were captured on the video between the park and the golf course. several people including one used a hose to try to fight the fire from the roof of the home. firefighters contained the place to eight acres. >> wildfire in calaveras has grown do 1,200 acres burning in the sierra foothill town of jackson. no structure are damaged but there are homes in the path that need to be saved.
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>> a burning truck may sparked a grass fire on highway 152 in the south bay now at 2:15 acres green gilroy and los gatos at 70 percent contained. it was likely sparked by a truck west of the reservoir in santa clara county. cal fire had to enclose a westbound lane of 152 for a few hours. >> much of the bay area faces another day of scorching temperatures. we are urged to take precautions. classes are expected to be shorten again today in campbell school district because of the heat. they were sent home before the midday heat yesterday. half the classrooms do not have air conditioning. leaders hope to have a bond on the ballot to fund air conditioning for classes that do not have them. and a fire danger posed by the high temperatures has closed another school district with vegetation in one par more dry
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than normal. >> the heat is making it hazardous if you suffer from asthma. it is not just because of the increased air pollution which will be a problem today. the heat itself can be a trigger especially when asthma surfers go from cold air conditioning to the hot outdoors. it is important for those who suffer from asthma to recognize the early morning signs of attack including coughing, check pain and trouble getting oxygen out of the longs. you -- out of the lungs. you can see how hot it will be with apple app and google play. we have more information at >> a group broke into a newly renovated home throwing a party before the owners moved in and they trashed the house a 17-year-old has been arrested and the principal of a nearby high school will see if he was one of their students.
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melanie woodrow has the story. melanie woodrow has the story. >> payment on stores, beer >> any invasion of personal resident like that is particularly unnerving. >> through snapchat local teens invited others to a two night party at abandoned house on vineyard road. this house is not abandoned. the home owners recently purchased and renovated it and in the process of moving in. >> it is horrible. you put so work in your house and...i cannot imagine. >> the neighbors say their son heard the party on sunday night. >> he thought they were super loud. >> police receive add call at 10:30 for a large group of juveniles in the area. they arrived there was no one there. the teens broke in through a bathroom window and in addition to vandalism they stole a tv. >> it is out of con text for
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novato. the police arrested a male 17-year-old for possess of stolen property but have not recovered the stolen tv and say there could be more arrests because of social media. neighbors set up a go fund me page to help the new homeowners. >> if you would like to help the family we have a link on our website at >> a new report to be released today casts doubt on the impact of a more inform on pricey housing in the mission district. the city's chief economist said that proposition i-on the november ballot will do limit to november ballot will do limit to stem eviction or housing prices. advocates say proposition i will preserve more room for affordable housing.
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>> a visitors center for united flight 93 is open for the public a day before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. family members of the victims got a private tour of the facility in pennsylvania yesterday. the center features artifacts and displays to tell the stow of the hijacked flight bound for van from new jersey when it was commandeered by four hijackers of the 37 passengers and crew died when it crashed into a pennsylvania field. >> the san francisco bicyclist accused attacking a driver's car during critical mass will appear in court today. officers arrested the attack was caught on video. he swings a u look at the zipcar. investigators say hespelt blocked the driver from leaving. >> electrical authority is blamed for a fire in a limousine carrying six people. vehicle was going down interstate 880 in san jose and
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it burst interest flames at 6:00 last night. the c.h.p. said the driver saw the flames and immediately pulled over. sky 7 captured video of the charred vehicle on the side of the road. six members of the band much riding in the vehicle. they and the driver get out safely. this is a chilling reminder of a 2013 limousine fire on the san mateo bridge that killed five women. >> 4:37. san francisco's fire commission is expected to accept a federal grant to buy five new ambulances today much the fire department was awarded nearly $800,000 for the new equipment by homeland security, the third grant received by the department in recent peeks. they will get $8 million to hire an additional 36 firefighters that could speed up slow response time to medical calls. a july report by a brand jury said fire department plans are not getting to emergency medical
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calls often or quickly enough. >> the heat wave will woulds on. mike, as least we are seeing relief. >> behind me. san francisco is nine degrees cooler. hopefully everyone slept better last night. oakland, san carlos, novato, two degrees cooler. hayward, three, santa rosa one, everyone else is warmer even the coast with clouds at half moon bay the temperatures are up at night. crissy field, presaid eye, ocean beach, sunny side, 56 degrees along with bayview, west portal at 58. 60 in the mission. glen park is 63. same in the ferry building and 62 in palo alto and walnut creek, 70 and petaluma is 54. the flags are not moving much and it will be a localized cooling today. san francisco, 80, and the peninsula will continue out at 98, south bay, 99, east bay toking out at 96 and 107 and not
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bay 99. the golden gate bridge shows fog to contend with this morning and west wind at 13 miles per hour. we will see more of that cooling hit the bay tomorrow and we will hit inland on saturday and we will keep dropping open sunday with more cooler weather in the seven-day forecast. now, we will find out about the commute. any hotspots? >> not so far but to the north of the golden gate bridge you can see that san rafael dry, 101 commute up to 580 is looking clear and no accidents here. traffic is thin at this hour. drive time traffic 580 over the altamont pass, not the same situation, 36 minutes to get between tracy to dublin and 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard is 15 minutes. 17 men on highway 85 from 101 to cupertino and in good shape. if you travel between the north bay and san francisco, ferry delays at gonna are expected tomorrow through monday until 5 o'clock a.m. because of the
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construction being done on the san francisco ferry terminal. land ahead. >> thank you, a little boy is hit by a car on way to school. what he was doing for the very first time and a community is coming together to help him. >> a set back for governor brown's plan to fight climate change a provision he is forced to abandon. >> this is the bay bridge toll plaza with weather and traffic plaza with weather and traffic up through the commercial break.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> parts of japan are seeing extreme flooding because of heavy rain. landslides have been reported in the eastern part of the country. some cities have been drenched in floodwaters. 15 people have been injured, two seriously, when knocked over by strong winds.
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heavy rains hit the capital city of tokyo causing problems this. >> a plan to address climate change is less ambitious this morning. governor brown said he is dropping a mandate to slash people use by 50 percent in 15 years after facing a held out by degrees would believe the cut leads it sky rocketing gas, utility and grocery prices. the reversal, he vowed he is committed to aggressive standards. >> the difference is my zeal is intensified to a maximum degree and nothing, nothing, nothing is going do stop this state from pushing forward. >> the bill still includes efforts to basketball renewable electricity use to 50 percent and double energy efficiency in existing buildings. >> ten-year-old boy is recovering from major injuries this morning after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle to school. alan wang has the story from san leandro. >> the joy of riding his bike to school for the first time this year changed in an instant.
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ten-year-old orion benson was rushed to the hospital after being struck by a chevrolet. his mother was waiting for him to arrive. >> i looked to my right and four blocks away there was fire trucks, ambulance and police cars and my heart dropped. >> s.u.v. going 25 miles per hour struck orion benson while rocking his bicycle in the crosswalk and knock imunconscious. police were told it was a fatality. >> i saw his tennis shoe in the middle of the street. the impact broke his leg, arm, collar bone, ribs and pelvis. he escaped a serious head enjoy. >> if he wasn't wearing a helmet i would be landing a funeral. >> police went's and beyond paying a visit to orion in the hospital. the officer bought him a new outfit after cutting off his
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colleagues. >> a history us are fathers, the sports coaches, these are things we can relate to. >> his mother calls them her heros and police are calling this accident the perfect example of why bicyclives should wear a helmet. if san leandro for the nfl rogue season kicks -- the nfl regular season kicks off with fanfare. the nfl will host a super bowl 50 country down concerted at the plaza in san francisco featuring local rock band and ellie. tonight, the steelers take on the new england patriot. >> a last people are going to be here so, thankfully, san francisco, mike, will be cooler. >> do not take the embarcadero home after work.
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>> it temperatures me the footballs will be checked for air pressure. >> the new rules go into affect. it will be from, at 80 downtown it will be from, at 80 downtown after 8 80 you can see barely in the distance is where the marine layer is, the clouds and cooler weather. cannot let your car down, dangerous heat and poor air quality fans and few areas of cooling, the coast and san francisco are the main areas. if you do not lake the heat, the clouds and humidity and milder all across the board this weekend. we will look at the winds you can see we have an onshore flow half moon bay at 8 and sfo at ten and everyone else is three to six miles per hour and the winds are the key. in the cloud cover in san francisco trying to reach over to oakland, i don't think they
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will quite make it that far but the breeze will and that means these two areas are ones that will see cooler conditions. 90s and 100s the further away you are from the golden gate bridge. that is the symbol right there. >> mid-to-upper 90 through the south bay and san jose is 96 and 100 at least in los gatos and gilroy and 90 in santa cruz and 89 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 90s for the peninsula. half moon bay is 69 and pacifica is 76 and low 70s around sunset and nearly 80 in downtown to low-to-mid 80s in south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 90s through the north bay and 101 today in napa and loan the east bay shore, 86 at berkeley, and 88 in richmond and everyone else in the low-to-mid 90 and triple digit heat inland east bay neighborhoods. my seven-day forecast shows another "spare the air" and heat advisory again inland areas and
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we are finally back to average but we have to wait until tuesday. leyla, how are we going? great. we do have 27 bart trains running on time with no delays report open ace train and muni, we are not expensing any delays. we do not have any accidents. as we look at the san mateo bridge, it and a breeze heading across the water from 880 up to highway 101 so no delay. eastbound traffic is nice and smooth. heading into the south bay, all the freeways here are looking clear at 70 miles per hour moving beyond san jose airport and 80 and 63 miles per hour making it into cupertino and highway 85, 17, 87, all now back to eric thomas and kristen sze. >> apple unveiled new products including new phones and tablets. >> here is the tech bytes. >> apple unveiling the latest products with the new iphone
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61 have a new special feature including new color choice on presail on saturday and hit the stores september 25. apple updated the tablet lineup with the new inpan pro with a big 12.9" screen and option of a new part keyboard and a new stylist. it is on sale in november. >> apple has a luxury apple watch designed by a fresh fashion maker. >> new version of apple tv has a starting >> they are ready to jump into action at a m's notice, the firefighter would helped save the life in the middle of the most special day of his life. >> making every last ounce of food couple a partnership
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launched to help feed people in need in the south bay. need in the south bay. >> stay tuned.
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>> the abc news app news that lives where you live. >> 4:52 on the morning news a look from the east bay hills camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge and the bay. we will tell you in a few minutes how warm it will be today right now, kristen has more news. >> a new program to cut waste and feed those in need kick off called "feeding silicon valley,"
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with san jose teaming up with a nonprofit started by a south bay teen. the silicon valley town partnership will make the program a reality with a goal to get levee stadium and grocery stores and restaurants with excess food to donate to feed those in need by connecting the two with new apps. >> thethe national oceanic & atmospheric administration will s an ongate on el nino which continues to build strength and is open track to be the largest and strongest on report. experts say if california sees above formal rain and snow this year it will not be enough to erase four careers of drought. mike will report on the update of el nino. there will be a full report at midday at 11 o'clock this morning. >> unique art pieces are on the auction block featuring the work
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of amazing artists from the oakland zoo. donna, an african elephant has the second annual art show and giraffes and a cockroach are taking part. the animals were given a last treats while painting and 32 paintings are up for auction on ebay starting at 10:00 a.m. and the money goes to conservation programs for animals in the wild with the information at >> can you call that "trunk," art. >> lemur art. >> love it. >> fall lores in -- colors in there, too. breeze easy but for possibly inland east bay the trigger for our 7th "spare the air" this summer season and the third consecutive this week. 84 in monterey.
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increasing clouds. 100 through the central valley, yosemite, and 100 in palm springs and scattered thunderstorms and flooding again, lake tahoe is 86 and the welcome forecast if you are headed up there, 88 tomorrow, a chance of thunderstorms and 80 by sunday. now a look at the commute. >> look at fog, it is cooling down around the bay area and it is evident here at the golden gate bridge if you travel between marin and san francisco, use the low beams. you are going to need them. as we look at drive time traffic, i-80 westbound from albany to the maze along east shore freeway a four minute commute 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes. 280 northbound from highway 101 to cupertino is ten minutes. 45 minute now between address and dublin so 30 miles per hour is the top speed over the altamont pass. >> a study fines airplanes are
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breeding wounds for germs and bacteria. a website sent a biologist to find out how dirty airports and airplanes are taking 26 samples from four flights and airplanes. researchers found that trays were the most dirty surface air travelers will encounter. buttons the water faucets were next and then the overhead air vents. >> the next story from southern california proves firefighters are never really off duty. >> saturday a retired captain with the orange county firefighter authority was proposing a toast during his son's wedding reception and a woman in the audience yelled someone was choking. >> the pair and the son, a rookie with the los angeles fire department jumped into action. >> went back on the training and just performed heimlich and was able to get the meat dislodged from her throat. >> the woman, a relative, in her
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60, breathed normally and the reception continues. the unexpected incident made their big day all the more memorable. >> next, community frustration, leaders sending a message to developers would want to build new homes in their community. >> new video of a terrifying close call at the las vegas airport with the terrifying moment inside a plane as the moment inside a plane as the engine explodes into
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♪ in stores now. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is amendment on thursday. it is thursday be right? >> breaking news in the east bay. seven people hurt in a devastating fire. we will go right to amy hollyfield at the scene. 15 people were hurt and four homes burned. it was huge. you can see what the firefighters were dealing with. people woke up when they heard an explosion. that was likely the soun


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