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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in stores now. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is amendment on thursday. it is thursday be right? >> breaking news in the east bay. seven people hurt in a devastating fire. we will go right to amy hollyfield at the scene. 15 people were hurt and four homes burned. it was huge. you can see what the firefighters were dealing with. people woke up when they heard an explosion. that was likely the sound of
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fires bursting with two vehicles involved. a woman told us of her nephew's escape the. >> he opened the door and all he saw was a bunch of smoke and the only reason he woke up is because he heard the explosion. he got out through the back window and had to kick out the window and had to kick out the air conditioning and get out. >> firefighters got the call at 1:17 and they saw the fire pole was on fire and the wires were dangling. they wait 45 minutes until pg&e got here to town off the power. 30 homes on the block are without power. of the seven people hurt three were treated at scene for smoke inhalation and the other four were taken to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation the one of the patients has
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second-degree burns on his become. residents say they think the fire must have started in a van parked outside the home. firefighters are still looking into the cause. they say two homes on anchor drive are a total loss. it is 5:02 and the burning question? >> burning is correct, we have higher fire danger because of the heat and the dry conditions. >> bay point will probably be 103 or 104 but look what has changed since yesterday: the fog is back. the marine layer will bring cooler conditions to the coast and san francisco. you are out of the heat advisory. the rest of us at look until five o'clock this evening, and here you go. the fog and the west wind at 13 miles per hour. waking up to 52 to 68 and cooler in san francisco, 72 to 96 is
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the spread and by 4:00, look at the coast at 74 and still, 102 inland and "spare the air." >> we will look at san jose, 101 near 880. traffic is empty. especially southbound. it is light in the northbound lane. traffic is not slowing. not at the moment. we can see green but we do have the slowing over the altamont pass out of tracy to dublin. that travel time is taking about 55 minutes. >> breaking news from the santa cruz mountains. firefighters are on the scene of a fire acre wildfire that destroyed one structure burning in the boulder creek area a few miles west of highway 17. the fire is burning along bear canyon road. crews have a handle on the fire and will remain on the scene through the morning and bring you updates. crews are on high alert.
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they are on the scene of a fire that crept close to homes in san jose. matt keller has more. matt? >> there are still embers burning and smoke coming off here, it is smoky in the area off oakland road and this shows the thin line between disaster and relief when it comes to fires. we are standing on the trail and as we see on this side you can see how charred the earth is at seven or eight acres bun. you can see the mobile home park right here where hundreds of people live. obviously, that fire burned dangerously close to the homes. this fire started last night at 6:45 behind oakland road near several mobile home parks. firefighters kept the flames from cross over the coyote creek trail. no veries were damaged but fire danger is a concern as wen daughter the temperatures and the mid-to-upper 90 and the low
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triple digits. another big concern is heat-related illness and emeryville is in construction and there are procedures in place. >> when the weather is 80 degrees or high are you have to have the procedures in place. that consists of water for the guys and a cool down station. we have a cool down station in the basement where it is always 63 degrees. the campbell union high school cool direct left the 7,700 students out early because of heat and outdoor activities moved inside. someone said there are 40 or 50 hopeless people would live in the area and there is a fire crew on the scene keeping an cry on hotspots. >> matt, thanks. the largest wildfire in california is only getting bigger. the rough fire is now more than
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103,000 acres and only 31 percent contained. the sheriff has issued warnings for people in the foothill communities. evacuation orders are in place evacuation orders are in place for cat haven in fun out of the fans. >> we have done inquarries and everyone is out of fans. home depot did not answer the own so we were just playing this as a wild card and they were out^. >> customers hoping to get heat relief were left hot and empty handed. >> you can see how hot it is where you live with the abc weather app for the smart phone it is free on the app store or google lay with more information at . >> the fremont unified school district is sending a strong message to developers: if you
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want to build houses you must build schools voting in favor of the message yesterday. the reason? the north fremont development recently backed out of laps to build an elementary school along with the proposed on homes leaving the burden on the school district to accommodate more students. >> the big part of what sells home is the quality of our schools. that quality only diminishes when overcrowding is an issue. >> the school direct said they are suffer from the popularity while developers are protesting from it. >> san francisco supervisor is hosting a peace in unity rally at the park with the goal of bringing the community together after discovering anti chinese extra feet spray painted in several areas reading "no more chinese," and leader are invited to attend the event. 62-year-old man was arrested in the bra feet case -- the agree
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data case. >> exclusive video from a plane that burst into flames. you could hear the engine blowing before take off tuesday with cell phone video shows smoke billowing from the engine. all 170 passengers and crew were told to evacuate much the injuries have gone up to 27 including the pilots and ntsb is trying to determine the cause of the explosion. >> it is another "spare the air" day but are you seeing signs of relief? >> started yesterday during midday. more is developing this morning. this is an area that is not going to get to, inland east bay, pittsburg is 78 degrees. brentwood and livermore at 71. walnut creek is 70. everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 60s from dublin at 64 to san ramon and pleasanton at 65 and danville at 66 and lafayette at 69. we are in the mid-to-upper 60s
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around bay sure to san jose at 68. oakland is 63. cooling is here at san francisco at 56 and napa is 63. the shallow layer of fog is creeping over san francisco. the coast and san francisco more relief, 70 to 80. minimal relief around the bay, 84 to 98. inland, 95 to 107. walnut creek is an area that could have poor air quality today. it looks like by tomorrow we will see a little bit of a break in the heat but possibly reaching 100 inland. 70s at the coast. 90 around the bay. sunday we are closer to average. now a look at the morning commute. >> at walnut creek it is eight minutes between highway 4 up to the 24 junction. if you head further to the south out of the walnut creek to dublin through the san ramon valley, 14 minutes. 101 in the north bay santa rosa to san francisco 53 minutes and
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be careful through the santa cruz mountains 24 minutes between highway one and this area. we have closures in san francisco for the dream force convention held by sales force. the closure is on howard street between 3rd and 4th with major traffic impacts from tonight at 8:00 people through september 20th, a thursday, until 8:00 p.m. plan ahead for half traffic. try to avoid the area. take mass transit. >> mcdonald's is making a major change to a breakfast roth -- project. >> apple unveils new products. they promise to change how we use television. >> this it goes, the unflattering comments donald trump has for rival, carly fiorina. fiorina. stay tuned.
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>> 5:14. hundreds gathered in dublin, ireland, to remember victims of the berkeley balcony collapse that broke off and fell in june. three of victims attempted university college in dublin.
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that is where the gather took place manning the start of classes, two seats installed on campus, for the balcony collapse victims and those students who have died while attending college. >> the republican presidential candidate donald trump is drawing more tax with his sharp continuing. this time, attacking carly fiorina over the way she looks "look at that face, would anyone for that," and questioned whether anyone would vote for a woman. fiorina is the former c.e.o. of hewlet-packard and dismissed the remarks say he is becoming desperate. he is criticized for disparaging remarks against when. >> apple fans agoer for -- eager for the newest products, put in pre-orders yesterday, including the apple watch and tv, with the iphone 6 at $119 and top
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off at $399 for, 128 the c.e.o. introduced at opinion -- pencil that lets you write or drew on documents and e-mails rolling out in two minutes. >> if you want a new phone now is the time to sell the old one. we looked at the online offers and one offered $348 for an iphone 6 and another site offered $370. >> lot of interest in the old ones because the new ones are expensive. >> to beat the heat today take a cue from these cuties at the san francisco zoo. we were at the zoo yesterday as staffers gave the otters piles of ice to play with. they loved every single cube. but they did not have to fight with the polar bears over the
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ice. >> now we will check with mike and the forecast. >> starting with a look from the east bay hills opening up the weather window and what you see is a clear bay but, jut off in the distance, if you look over the eastern span of the bay bridge, clouds are climbing bridge, clouds are climbing through san francisco east bay and all of us under the "spare the air" but look what happens the breeze is bringing the cleaner and cooler air to all of our neighbors tomorrow and through the weekend. you will be able to breathe easier. from mount tamalpais you can see it is clear from this point and just off the right side of the scene is where you will fine the fog right on the golden gate bridge. relief is near the coast and that includes san francisco. hot elsewhere again. be careful.
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it will be milder this weekend with clouds and humidity increasing and our average fall weather will return next week. half moon bay has half mile visibility and everyone else is fine. 100s in los gatos and santa cruz is my, and 95 in milpitas and sunnyvale and san jose is nbc. mid-to-upper 90 on the peninsula. you can see millbrae is cooler today at 89. same at half moon bay 5969. daly city is 76. nearly 80 in downtown and low-to-mid 80s in south san francisco and sausalito. we mid-70s for the north bay coast. 20-25 degrees warmer inland from 95 in petaluma and san rafael is 97 and napa is 101 and vallejo was 92 across the bay, hercules was 91 and mid-to-upper 80s in richmond and berkeley and oakland and another area that sees the heat released from hayward south, low-to-mid 90 and castro valley is 99. all of our inland neighborhoods,
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102 in san ramon and 107 in livermore. more cooling tonight along the coast. and the north bay. the rest of us are in the 60s again. my seven-day forecast shows cooling, some reaching more the bay and inland we are in the triple digits and we are in the 60 and 80s and find for saturday into sunday and 60s and 70s and 80s by tuesday. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. this afternoon, leyla? >> get used to traffic. it it is working to berkeley, a nice ribbon of headlights to the macarthur maze. from hercules, highway 4, to get to emeryville, the drive is only 13 minutes. it is a nice quick easy commute. in delays either, traffic is easy and we do have cars that are clock in the far last and
5:19 am
right hand lanes to pay cash. budget for that center time. into the east bay we have a closure until further notice westbound 580 do northbound 680, construction, but this is an easy get around and you request get off here and get on at dublin to connect to 680 with delays in the area. the detours are in effect until further notice. >> purdue has purchased a ranch then for humane livestock practices. the marin county farm include as network of 700 nationwide raising beef, lamb, pork and cage free eggs with high standards and no antibiotics. >> mcdonald's is going cage free. >> a transition at mcdonald's. the company will start using only cage free eggs in the united states and canada.
5:20 am
the switch is not as easy at it could seem taking up to 10 years for complete. >> starbucks if japan is getting in on the pumpkin craze with a pumpkin sandwich on the menu. boiled japanese pumpkin with lettuce and dome mate to costing $4. hmm... >> the world book of recorded is on sale and the astounding includes this chinese couple now holding the records for tallest married couple at 7' 8" and she is 6' 1" and a map in venezuela wear as size 26 shoe. that is america's money. >> stars return to the stage long after they gone a new trend coming to a famous theater. coming to a famous theater. stay tuned.
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complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. >> 15 things to know before you go. breaking news, there was an early morning fire that damned four homes in bay point. amy hollyfield will have a full report in a few minutes. two, look at what is going on as far as our temperature today. we are going to be cooler to many areas away the bay with the biggest drop around oakland and san francisco but inland, we are the same to hotter. i will tell you when the cooling will spread to your neighborhood coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> a look at san jose as the commute is easy with not one single accident. we have clear conditions along the freeways but we did have major closures in san francisco.
5:24 am
the details are ahead. >> four an electrical authority is blamed for a limousine fire on interstate 880 in san jose. six members of the red dragon cart tell band were in the limousine. everyone got out safely. >> new york police are investigating after a former tennis star was handcuffed and thrown on the ground in the case of mistaken identity the he is fewing over the incident, as he waited at a new york hotel, he was once ranked 4th in the world. >> the ferry service two be taken over between tiburon and san francisco. >> scientists say they found a new member of the human species in a south africa cave, which could be an early member of the evolutionary groups including modern people and our closest extinct relatives coming from
5:25 am
continue individuals. it is not clear how old the fossils are. >> very interesting. new york is taking on the salt shaker in another push for healthy eating has been pits and the board of health voted to require the changes to put salt shamer emblems on many items with more than the recommended daily limit of 2,300 milligrams of sodium which is a teaspoon. >> the famous apollo theater is moving into the tech age holding hole gram concerts the girth is hole gram concerts the girth is a -- the first >> these turtles were taken into protection by the san francisco zoand if they are not protected they will die because it is hard to protect themselves. saturday, they will be released into the presidio at mountain lake in the middle of a major
5:26 am
restoring phase the only native fresh water turtle. >> a new take on the moratorium in the mission, supposed to stop evictions and sky-high costs but does it in the prove that has some researchers say "not so fast." >> a look at san francisco and what you can see with the main layer from our twin peaks camera. mike has more to tell you on the weather including the heat and leyla, of course, following traffic.
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don't miss the final days of the biggest sale of the year! with the c2 queen mattress just $599.99. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:28 on friday eve. soups good, already, right? >> thanks for joining us.
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>> this friday eve is going to have some heated. mike has the forecast. >> we will start off with how friday makes you feel, does it put a smile on your face, relaxes you? if you are at the coast in san francisco i have something else that will make do you that more so, you are out out of the heat advisory. be careful, the risk heat-related illness this morning until 7:00 p.m. we start off cooler at the coast and san francisco and the rest of us are same or warmer in the mid-to-upper 60s. notice we will go from the my 90s to 100 inland from noon to 4:00 and an the bay, 84 to moot and we stay in the 70s at the coast. "spare the air" coming up. how is the traffic? >> about nine minutes between the east bay and san francisco across the bay bridge and you can see heavy traffic, we do not have the metering lights turned on and i will let you know when we do with drive time traffic at 55 minutes, tracy to dublin, highway 4, building antioch to
5:30 am
concord at 24 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco at 18 minutes easy commute. >> firefighters at the scene of a destructive fire that started as a car fire spread to several homes rutsing in injuries. amy hollyfield is at the scene in bay point. amy? >> kristen, seven people were hurt in the fire. four of them had to be taken to the hop. well get to the video. this was a huge fire. firefighters got here they say it was really going. they got the call at 1:17 this morning and they say two homes were totally destroyed, a total loss. two others were damned. when people woke up the fire was really going and they had two vehicles that were fully involved and some residents say it was an explosion that broke them up. the fire marshal explains what they heard. >> we her reports of explosions with the vehicle involved, the
5:31 am
vehicle, also, is a total loss and it was fully involved. through that process, the tires on the vehicle would have exploded and they make a big bang when they go. there is a lot of energy there. >> fires say when they got here a power pole was on near and wires were dangling and they needed to wait for pg&e to get here to town off power and they shut off the power to 30 homes and it took 45 minutes for pg&e to get here. firefighters say this fire touched four homes, two destroyed and two others damaged. of the seven people who were hurt, four were taken to the hospital, one them had second-degree buns to his back. at this point firefighters are looking into the fire's cause and the residents are say they believe it started in one of the vans parked in front of the home. protecting news from santa cruz county where evacuations are underway in the boulder
5:32 am
creek area because of a wide fire. the place break out overnight along bear canyon road and they have stopped the forward spread of the fire at five acres but crews remain on the scene all morning and one structure has been destroyed, and we will bring you updates when we learn more. >> happening now, san jose firefighters are watching for flare-ups from a grass fire that came dangerously close to a mobile home park. it broke out just before 7:00 last night, near oakland road and b street. sky 7 captured the flames and spoke-the creek between the river bend family park and the municipal golf course. you can see several people including one using a hose to try to fight the flames, firefighters contained the fire to just eight acres. >> a wildfire in c grown to 1,200 acres in the town of jackson. no structures are damaged you with there are homes in its path they are working to save. the fire is 30 percent contained. >> a burning truck may have
5:33 am
sparked a grass fire on highway 152 in the south and now is grown to 215 acres and is 70 percent contained. it was likely sparked by a truck west of the reservoir in santa clara county. cal fire closed one westbound lane for a few hours last night. >> alum rock park will be closed for a third straight day because of the fire danger. the drought has made vegetation in the park more dry than usual where no word on when the park will re-open. >> intense heat is making it hazardous for people would suffer from asthma and not just because of the increased air pollution which, yes, will be a problem again today. the heat the self can be a trigger when asthma suffers go from a cold air conditioned building to the hot outdoors. doctors say it is important for asthma suffers to recognize the early warning signs of an attack including coughing, chest pain, and trouble getting air out of
5:34 am
the lungs. you can sigh how hot it will be where you live with the abc7 weather app for the smarm phone and it is free on apple's app store or google lay and we have pore information at abc7 >> a novato family is asking for house after the house they just bought was tracked after someone threw a two night party that drew 100 kids. there was payments on the refinished floors and the kids pour beer and urinated down the fence. >> word of the party spread fast through social messaging snap and police have made one arrest, a 17-year-old. neighbors who call police feel bad for the new homeowners. >> tell. you put so work in the house and...i cannot imagine. >> someone also stole a tv. more arrests could be happening soon and the family set up a gofundme page to pay for repairs and we have a link at
5:35 am >> a new report to be released casts doubt on the impact of a moratorium open pricey housing in san francisco's mission district. the difficult's chief economist said that prepare six i on november 3 billion lot will do little to step eviction or slow the egypt fiction imposing 18 to 30 month moratorium on market race housing with no potential benefits and leads to higher housing prices across the city the advocates say proposition i would help preserve more sites for affordable housing. >> the san francisco bicyclest accused of attacking a driver's car during critical mass will appear today in court. officers arrested ian hespelt near at&t park on saturday night. the august 2 attack was captured open video. the bicyclist is seen swinging a u look at a zip card near the marina green. he was blocking the driver from leaving. >> a long awaited visitors
5:36 am
center for flight 93 is open to the public today, a day before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. family members are victims got a right tour of the facility in shanksville, pennsylvania, the center featuring artifacts and interactive displays to tell the story of the high jacked flight bound for san francisco from new jersey when commandeered by four hijackers. several bay area the flight including the flight captain. >> the san francisco fire commission will accept a grant to buy five new ambulances today but the fire department was awarded $800,000 for the new ambulances by homeland security. it is the third grant received by the department in recent weeks. they get more than $8 million to hire an additional 36 firefighters that could speed up slow response time to medicine calls. a july report by a brand jury that the fire department ambulances are not getting to
5:37 am
emergency medical calls often enough or quickly enough. >> time for a check on the weather forecast, impressive heat numbers today. mike? absolutely especially inland with the triple digits but i have been talking to francis in san francisco and she has not slept so she is happy to see the fog and very happy to feel it is nine degree cooler and temperatures in the 50s so sleep easy tonight and maybe if you can catch a couple more minutes this morning after you watch us. you can toll ten degrees warmer in fairfield and 11 in napa and the cooling is felt in san bruno at 58 and the rest of the peninsula is warm from 59 in woodside and menlo park and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60s and same along the east bay shore with oakland at 63 and san jose is 68 and also los gatos at 80 in some of the hills in los gatos. 67 right new in concord and livermore is 71, and napa, 11 degrees jump from yesterday at 36 with mill valley at 55.
5:38 am
at the golden gate bridge, the west wind at thin and fog san francisco topping out at 80 and the peninsula is 98, south bay, north bay, 99, east bay, 96 and inland east bay, 10. fog has not made it into san rafael but it will tomorrow and more is on saturday and sunday look at the cooling trend on the way. >> can you tell the metering lights have been itemed on, on the bay bridge so we have our hands full. it is 10 minutes to get between the macarthur maze and san francisco. beyond metering lights you are on your way and it is not too slow into san francisco but if you come in from, say, sfo you are going to find some slowing here all because of an accident involving a taxicab, north side 101 at 280 and it sounds line one vehicle swept into the attenuators at the construction zone. you have one lane taken away and slowing approaching 280 and the rest of the drive headed out of the city is not a problem at this hour. further into san francisco if
5:39 am
you use mass transit from the north bay, golden gate ferry delays are specific open friday at 9:00 a.m. through monday at 5:00 a.m. because of the construction work being done on the san francisco ferry terminal. kristen and eric? >> next, a hilt boy is hit by a car on his way to school in the eat bay and what he was doing for the very first time and how a community is coming together to help. >> is set back for the plan of governor brown to fight climate change. it's, it's positive thinking. and teamwork. yes. okay, so we, were going downtown... so i start thinking, parking space, parking space there was no spaces. but then one appeared, right? positive thinking really works. no it, it really does, you know, like when i need gas, i start thinking techron. mmm. techron. and before i know it, we're pulling into a chevron.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:42. parts of japan have extreme flooding caused by heavy rain, with landslides reported in the eastern part of the country and some cities like this one have been drenched in floodwaters. authorities say 15 people were injured, two seriously, when they were knocked over by strong winds. heavy rain also hit the capital city of tokyo causing problems there, as well. >> ambitious plan to address climate change is less am beneficiary this morning. governor brown is dropping a mandate so slash people use
5:43 am
petroleum use by 50 percent but is committed to aggressive climate change standards. >> the only thing different is my zeal has been intensified do a maximum degree and nothing, nothing, nothing is going to stop this state from pushing forward. >> the bill still includes efforts to boost renewable electricity use to 50 percent and to double energy efficiency in existing buildings. >> the former c.e.o. of a san francisco ad tech company convicted of domestic violence offered to pay san francisco mayor willie brown $1 million to make the charges go away. that is according to a report at the "wall street journal" which says the man led the company beat his girlfriend 100 times in one night and the discussion between them and the mayor brown
5:44 am
was facilitated by former state comptroller who was a board member of radium but it does not appear that the district attorney was influenced by any party. he is serving three years probation. >> a ten-year old boy is still in the hospital this morning recovering from major injuries after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle to school year. san leandro police say ten-year-old ben roethlisberger was hit by a chevrolet s.u.v. going 26 miles per hour as he walked his bicycle in the crosswalk at barbour street and threw orion 30' breaking his leg, arm, collar bone, ribs and pelvis. he escaped a serious head enjoy and his summer was waiting for orion at washington elementary school. >> i look down the street to the right and four blocks away this was a fire truck, ambulance, and police cars and my heart dropped. >> he was rushed to the hospital
5:45 am
for treatment. police are calling this accident the perfect example for why bicyclists should wear helmet. he did have a helmet on and escaped a serious head injury. >> special license plates can say a lot about a driver's beliefs and advocates want the message on the road by this time next your aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness and reminding women of early detection. backers need 7,500 prepaid orders by august of 2016 before the dmv will consider making the plates. they have less than 300 so far. breast cancer advocates say the pink plate is already available in 30 other states. you can find out more information on how to order one through i know you can taste the excitement, the nfl wreck season kick off with grand fanfare and the bay area hosts of the super bowl game is playing a big role in the festivities. >> the nfl will host the super bowl 50 count down concert today
5:46 am
at the plaza in san francisco featuring ellie golding and local rock ban train and is open at 2:30 this afternoon and the steelers take on the new england patriot to begin the nfl regular season. # tommy. talking about tom brady. embattled quarterback. >> the weather will be much better today for a big concert like that. >> absolutely. a breeze like we have not had the last cull days and cooler conditions. we got rid of 90s in san francisco year, for a lot of us will get rid of 80s today, topping out at 80 degrees and you can see the fog is not making much of an eastern push so dangerous heat is around for all of us and poor air quality again "spare the air" day. a few areas of cooling today the coast and san francisco and all of us will get it this weekend when the clouds and the humidity
5:47 am
and milder temperatures are rolling in. here is a look at san jose, 101, 880, starting off clear this morning and you will be close to year's high, one degree cooler at 95 and the closer you get to san francisco and oakland, redwood city will drop two but oakland will drop five and san francisco goes from 86 to 80. inland, 107 in livermore and napa with 11 degree warmer start this morning you will be even warmer. here is a look at the breezes, sfo nine, but look which way it is pointing, off to the east. that is a minimal onshore flow. here is what it will do. keep the clouds along the coast so we will call it partly cloudy to partly sunny and keep you in the 70s, 88, and 90 and 100s for for the rest of us. well hit 96 in san jose, and sunnyvale is 95 and 100 in los gatos and gilroy and 90 in santa cruz. 89 in milbrae is down
5:48 am
mid-to-upper 90 for the peninsula again with palo alto and menlo park at mix and mountain view. half moon bay is 69. mid-70s for rest of coast and sunset at 72 and low-to-mid 80s downtown and south san francisco and sauce least and low-to-mid 70s along the north bay coast but mid-90 like petaluma at 95 to 101 in napa today and vallejo at 92, and across the bay, 91 in hercules and mid-to-upper 80s burke and oakland athletics so a breeze and everyone else in the low-to-mid 90s and everyone is running in the 100s and next, the air conditioning respect doctored it off to the 70s and you cannot on open the window at night. 60s is the general rule but 50s along the coast and north bay and some parts of san francisco. my seven-day forecast shows maybe not a "spare the air" today but another day of 100s inland and 60s at coast, 70s and yesterday around the bay and 90s through sunday and we will be rid of the humidity and temperatures are back to average
5:49 am
on tuesday and wednesday. have a from day. what are you starting with? >> the accident i was telling you about in san francisco is now a sig-alert with two lanes blocked after a taxicab and another vehicle were tangled with heavy slowing as a result. northbound highway 101 approaching 2280 you will find the slowing. as you leave sfo you are going to find the delays at 3or street and the 280 freeway you can see where it stops and we are back on speed to the lower deck of the skyway and the bay bridge. 12 minutes is the commute headed away areto third street. in the east bay, walnut creek and bunching up right around main street as the traffic moves out of pleasant hill to highway 24. >> the most powerful women in the world unveiled by fortune
5:50 am
magazine and at 6:00, find out magazine and at 6:00, find out can bay area big >> our reporter, amy hollyfield, will have a report from the scene of a huge fire. >> making every last ounce of food count in the south bay to feed people in need.
5:51 am
today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing?
5:52 am
ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep.
5:53 am
>> good morning, at 5:52 with traffic in the south bay, no problems to report. it will be another hot one. mike will have the details coming up. >> a new program to cut waste and feed those in need kicks off today in the south bay. it is called feeding silicon valley, and the city of san jose is teaming up with nonprofit started by a south bay teen and the silicon valley talent partnership to make the program a reality. the goal is to get donors including levi stadium and grocery stores and restaurants to donate excess feed to feed those in need. the partnership will connect the two using a new app. >> happening today, the national oceanic & atmospheric administration the have an update on el nino will be one of the strongest events on report. even if california sees above normal rain and snow this year, the amount of precipitation will not likely be enough to erase four-years of drought
5:54 am
you can follow mike with report at midday at 11 o'clock this morning. >> some unique art pieces are on the auction block this morning feature the work of amazing artists from the oakland zoo. this is donna, an african elephant exploring her creative side for are animal art show. giraffes and lemurs are taking part. the animals or artists were given a lot of treats while painting. 32 painings will be up for action on ebay start at 10:00 a.m. with the money going to conservation program for animals in the wild. we posted the information on our website at >> it is actually a "trunk," show. >> ahhh.
5:55 am
nice. >> now a look at the forecast, mike? >> art classes is where i felt my first anxiety as a student. >> pam you who the an mas animals feel. >> our nights will be cooler than they have been because of the wind blowing off the ocean but that is tomorrow. today, we still have poor air quality, inbound east bay like walnut creek, triple digits through the central valley, 100 in small springs and scattered thunderstorms in the mountains around san diego and los angeles and above-average temperatures in lake tahoe, thunderstorms there, sunday. leyla? >> we have a sig-alert in san francisco at san bruno or sfo, that is where we are going to start to see the delays, can you see two lanes are blocked right now at 101 and 280 in the construction area. they are going to be shut down the two lanes the next hour. you can expect the lanes re-opening around 6:so the sig-alert is in effect until
5:56 am
then and 280 is loading up to king street. drive time traffic is an hour. tracy to dublin. >> there is new hope in the fight against cancer. a study found that venom in this contains a molecule that targets opportunity more cells without harming normal cells blowing gaping holes through the membrane of the tombor -- >> the next story from southern california problems firefighters are never really off duty. >> on saturday, retired captain with the orange county fire authority was proposing a toast during his son's wetting reception and a woman in the audience yelled someone was choking. the father and son, who is a rookie with the fire department jumped into action. >> want back on raping and performed the heimlich and five or six thrusts got the meat dislocalled from her throat.
5:57 am
>> the woman a relative in her 60 began breathing normally and the reception continued. the newlyweds say this unexpected incident made a big day all the more memorable. >> new at 6:00, a set back for the cal women's field hock team with a trouble spot in a big for a new field has the government taking notice. >> and the fresno firefighters who goal through a roof fighting a fire and a remarkable milestone he has reached. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is backing up, now, or the backup with leyla gulen checking this with leyla gulen checking this and other
5:58 am
5:59 am
abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> a fire in bay point leaves 15 people injured, chased from their beds in the middle of the night by flames. >> sky 7 is over the scene of four hopes damaged in the fire.
6:00 am
>> this is happening in bay point on anchor drive not far from port chicago highway north of highway four. we get to abc7 reporter amy hollyfield at sketch. amy? >> neighbors think it started in this van behind me. they say they have seen some suspicious, illegal activity going on the van that possibly someone lives in it and they think the fire started there. it spread to the home behind it and that home was destroyed. there were a total of four homes burned in this huge fire, two of them are a total loss. two vehicles were also fully involved and seven people were hurt, they all suffered from smoke inhalation, three treated at the john but they took four to the hospital and one of the victims has second-degree buns to his back. residents say they work up when they heard an explosion. firefighters say it was likely the sound the tires on the cars bursting. a man was home


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