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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 10, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> abc7 news at 11 starts now with breaking news. >> the breaking news we will show new a few moments is sky 7 where a big rig has overturned in the north bay spilling paint, the orange flow, in a creek in marin county. you can see the big rig has been uprighted and moved but not
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before the truck spilled up to 2,000 gallons of paint into miller creek west of san rafael on lucas valley road. the accident is on the way to sky walker ranch. haz-mat team is en route to the spill right now to assess the situation and clean up the mess. they got the big rig out of the way but the paint is spilled. it could be there for quite some time. we will stay on tonight news for new developments and push out an alert on twitter when it re-opens. >> morning, i am eric thomas here for cheryl jennings. >> sky 7 is showing bump bump traffic after a motorcycle accident caused a major backup at 8:00 this morning. at one point, it was taking more than an hour to cross the bridge from the toll plaza interest san rafael. the accident happened westbound 80 on the eastern span incline.
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the c.h.p. said a motorcycle and car collided. there is no word on injuries. the motorcycle did not appear to be too badly damaged but it took crews an hour to clear the lanes. >> we have several votes from abc7 viewers stuck in the mess. this shows how bad the commute was approach the maze, an hour after the crash and you can see it backed upcoming off the 880 into the toll plaza and a reminder, if you sigh news happening, share it using # #abc7now. you could see the video on air or online. >> many hours later drivers are still feeling the pain. leyla gulen? >> east bay traffic is plagued with problems. now there is a brand new motorcycle crash that just happened moments ago. the bay bridge toll plaza is at a solid standstill. if you are headed in from emeryville, the macarthur maze, 33 minutes interest san francisco.
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we will look from emeryville camera, the traffic is slow headed into treasure island not because you have left the troubles behind you but because we have an accident that clears in san francisco. now a look at some of the east bay commutes, you can see i-80, seven miles per hour right around university avenue, the feeder freeways along 580 and highway 24, also, backing up again, because of the nasty delays. if you are taking the drive out of berkeley, making it into san francisco, you have at least 53 minute drive on your hands this happened earlier. it gummed up the commute into san francisco, a crash that now has cleared at caesar chavez but the traffic is slow to dissipate. >> fire investigators are revealing new details in the destructive fire in bay point. a surprising cause of the blaze that injures seven people and burned four homes. our reporter is at the scene with the latest.
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amy? >> illegal drug use is the cause of to. you have heard of a drug house, how about a drug van? you can see the burned out van? firefighters say a neighbor has been telling police that drug activity has been going on inside the van and firefighters say they found pipes and lighters inside and they believe that started the fire that caused $1 million in damage. a 19-year-old bay point man woke up at 1:15 this morning and found himself in the middle of this, a huge fire burning. his e three others. to cars. >> i woke up i looked out the window and i thought, what the hell is happening? when he opened the door the smoke hit hard and he could not go through it so he went to the when at the back of house blocked by air conditioning and wood. he managed to push it out only to find he was still surrounded by fire. >> a man came in with a his from the maybe and i jumped. >> he was one of seven treated for smoke inhalation.
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four were taken to the hospital. gonzalez is okay. but look at his mother's emotion and relief says it all. >> i made it out. >> gonzalez said there was in doubt in his mind his neighbors were to blame. his mother knew it, too, telling firefighters to focus on the van, that it is always parked in their drive. >> they always smoke in there, they always...i don't know how many guys are there every single day. many, many gays. >> it did not take long to figure this out. >> fire was caused through the use of illegal drugs in that van. >> gonzalez mother said there are though words to describe haranguer. -- her anger. >> it could have take were the life of my son.
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>> look at her home. it is gone. she is relieved that is all. she still has her son. she was at work at the time. her son was here. firefighters say they may never catch the people who caused this fire. neighbor say the van was always unlocked and people were coming and going and they may never figure out who was inside at the time the fire started. for the third time this week a minor earthquake has rattled the bay area and this morning 2.5 magnitude earthquake hit berkeley according to the u.s. geological survey it happened at 7:42 and centered west of the uc berkeley clark campus with no reports of dam or injury. >> we are seeing extreme heat for some. the much anticipated cooling trip has pick. relief is on the way. meteorologist mike nicco is on the roof with the latest. >> we have smiles on people's faces around san francisco this morning. we wanted it yesterday at this time, developing over the ocean, and now a look at how far it is
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progressing through the golden gate bridge and all the way over to emeryville and the sea breeze, the marine layer, and most of us are outside, inland, east bay, up to 4-degrees -- 4-7 degrees cooler than yesterday. this is the third date heat. everywhere but the coast and san francisco from now until 7:00, it will be very hot. and heat-related illness is still possible. we talk about weapon t cooling trend reaches our neighbors and the latest on el nino coming up. >> this heat wave has everyone looking for ways to cool cool, local cooling businesses have phones ringing off the hook. our reporter is at campbell with more on this part of the story. matt? >> yes, a lot less busy here at campbell park than just an hour ago. a lot of people are getting their exercise in early before it becomes too dangerous this
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afternoon. >> campbell park is the starting point for many people's day in the south bay, a run on the los gatos creek trail, a pickup basketball or little margo a skip on the morery go round. >> do you like the hot? >> no. >> when it is cooler? >> yes. >> do you like to play on the lay group. >> yes. >> in the afternoon it is dangerous with the equipment scorching hot. as always, mom knows best. >> mason at school burned himself on the slide in three places. yes, we don't want it to get tooment. you would not be able to go on these in the afternoon. >> staying indoors is a good idea with temperatures expected to reach the mid-90 to triple digits across the south bay. what if the air conditioning goes out? >> jerry does not normally answer the phone in campbell but the regular dispatch, sabrina, was getting understooded with calls. this weekend has been extremely
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busy, averaging about 150 call as day. the company service technicians can handle about 50 call as day. some appointments are scheduled two weeks out. >> how desperate do they sound? >> desperate. they want us to service them then and there come tout their house right that minute. >> obviously, lay grounds are not air conditioned and the safety commission said hot playground equipment can cause serious burns in children two and younger especially are the vulnerable children. parents should check the equipment with their hands first before allowing the children to play. >> hit the beach from the santa cruz sky camera, you can show us how you are dealing with the temperatures by #abc7now. well use your video and photos and see how hot it gets by
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downloading our weather app, apple app and google play. >> new revelations in the officer-involved shooting death of a san jose plan by pleasanton police. the 19-year-old john demming jr. was shot at the luxury show room. he was not on drugs according to the tests. police searched his home after the shooting looking for controlled substances that could cause psychotic behavior. the family filed a claim and is calling on the justice department to investigate. >> authorities in san mateo county are searching for the person would smashed in the front window of a t.j. maxx store leaving a legal in the front entrance on industrial road in san carlos. authorities were called to the store before 5:00 a.m. but could not locate a suspect and anyone
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with information about the crime is asked to call the san mateo county sheriff. >> donald trump takes on the ladies of "the view," and the hosts try to educate the popular presidential candidate on women's issue and hear how he responded. >> the reason governor brown has vetoed a bill that would regulate drones flying over anyone's house. what do a nasca comedian...
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>> republican presidential candidate donald trump appeared on "the view," and the host spent the phone interview trying to educate him on women's health issues. >> donald what we want to you do, as we go into the rest of this run, you got to get a little bit more informed on what is going on in women's issues. i don't say this with --. >> are you a democrat, really, donald? >> i do have a big heart and i want to take care of people and that is a very important of leading especially when you are talking about leading the country. i used to be a democrat and ronald reagan used to be a democrat and he switched and i switched. >> the interview covered immigration, and how he is doing against his rivals. >> governor brown has veto add
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bill to bring in the use of drones saying it is well intentioned but could expose hobbyist and drone users to burdensome litigation. the bill would have made eight crime to operate a drone 350' above a private property without permission. >> menlo park is considering a new transportation system to add new path for electric bicycles. our media partner, the mercury news, reported the transportation commission voted to recommend the city council take up the issue and consider creating an ordinance to open new lanes for motorized scooters. the goal is to get more cars off the road by offering commuters and students a different way to get around. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with our warm forecast. >> it is still going to be warm for some of us but not all of us. i will tell you when the cooling gets to the neighborhood with poor air quality to talk about and it is official, strong el nino, the third strongest ever, and i will have the dates coming
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up. >> plus the effort to put pink plates on california roads and you can help raise breast cancer awareness on your morning commute. >> get out and enjoy wipe and explore where you live this
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> all right. look at this picture in san francisco, things are starting to cool down. >> along the coast, but if you live inward -- mike? >> oh, well,there is nothing you
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can do. the temperature in san francisco is ten degrees cooler than yesterday with 70's back and a few 80s and the 90s and 200s -- 100s are behind me. el nino is warmer-than-average ocean water the huge area of red. a is happening now, officially, a strangle nino, the third strongest we have ever had going back to 1997 and possibly 1982 and 1983. we do have warm water in the gulf of alaska. that brought us the high pressure that has created the drought. now, that warm water is starting to fade away. that is good news. we also have something else,
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warm war from hawaii to southern california. we have a strong el nino but because the water is so storm it could turn the snowstorms into rainstorm so we get more rain, the snow pack is not so good and the rain that falls creates flooding with the greatest chance in southern california. right there you can see the warm problem over the gulf of alaska changing from red to yellow. from what was supposed to be sutro tower at sfo, instead, we have relief near the coast, mild weekend, with more clouds and more humidity and i can feel the extra humidity in the air in san francisco and average weather will return next week so milder temperatures and lower humidity. here is a look at our air quality. it is the poorest possibly inland east bay and that is why we are under a "spare the air" but it continues tomorrow. winds are mainly quiet elsewhere but language the coast and
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shooting right through the golden gate bridge heading over to oakland and everything else is offshore. you can see the marine layer is diffused. you will not sunshine but not so much with roar temperatures in the 60 and 70s. in the south bay, mid-90s but los gatos and gilroy could make it to the 100s, and money 90 for the peninsula. 80 in downtown and 70s for most of san francisco and mid-to-upper 90s through the north bay and mid-80s to 90s in the north bay, and when the 100s break inland, possibly on saturday, more in the 80s around the bay tomorrow, and more 70s at the coast tomorrow and 60s over the weekend and by tuesday and wednesday our temperatures are finally back to average. more or el nino on facebook and on my twitter if you have some questions. >> grandparents day is sunday so treat grandma and grandparent to
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something fun. our reporter has a look at the ever develops to explore where you live. >> september is california wine month and what better way to celebrate than clinking glasses with friends at the art and wine festival by cooling off in the last days of summer with delicious beverages and food and shopping and plenty of fun for the kids. the weather is perfect to dive into hot fudge ice cream sundays at the chocolate festival in san francisco. head down for a cocoa lovers dream with proceeds going to project open hand that provides meals to home-bound critically ill. a week from today the center for asian american media put on the festival celebrating asian innovation, art, and media known as cam fest in san jose. the lineup stars with a fresh twist, opening film about the popular new sitcom "fresh off the boat," with the executive
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producer there. check out for more ever develops. >> breaking news in san francisco, a major backup on highway 101 heading north and the city. sky 7 is over the scene. this is south of the old candlestick where c.h.p. reports a car went off a highway and is about in the water, the white car, it is pulled out so it was in the water and now is out but no wore on the condition of the driver. you can see fire and ambulance on the scene there. hopefully, it will be cleared up. the fire and ambulance is just leaving but you can see the traffic is moving along slowly passing the accident
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>> those in california who want "breast cancer awareness organization to be on their cars they need prepaid orders by august of next year before the dmv will consider making the late and they have fewer than 300 orders with more information on how to order one through our website at >> that will be the latest specialty plate if though get it going. >> i see you have your pink tie
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on. >> that time of the year. >> i would like to take it off after running down from upstairs, yes. >> the temperature outside? >> in san francisco, feels like the mid-70s but it is the 90s and the 100s i am worried about elsewhere.
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