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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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here is what is left of the vehicle. the limo picked up the band from the airport just before 6:00 last night. four minutes later the driver noticed something wrong. >> the driver noticed mechanical issues with the car which concerned him enough to pull him on the shoulder. >> we tried to get out and only one side door opened so we climbed out and then we climbed out. >> everyone got out. >> a huge pop and then ran like little girls. >> and their guitars were in the trunk in the back. >> it's locked. the driver is trying to do it. by that point it had burned. >> reporter: a band member was able to save their valuable
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instruments. >> well, the band is on international tour. they leave for tokyo tomorrow morning. imagine they are leaving without their guitars. it would be a bad. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> certainly would. thank you so much. the big business for people. >> abc 7 news was in campbell where the phones are ringing off the hook at an air conditioning repair company. 150 calls a day. the technician can only respond to 50 calls a day. >> actually come out to their house right that minute. >> some appointments have to be scheduled as far as two weeks out. >> the heat is once again effecting caltrain. the agency is under level one
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heat restriction. that means trains are not allowed to go faster than 60 miles per hour in case the heat causes problems with the tracks. minor delays are likely. let's bring in abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. temperatures in the triple digits in some spots. >> it's 108 degrees. take a look at the numbers. we have triple digits inland. 106 in antioch. 105 concord. napa 103. record in gilroy. 104 degrees and that is a degree higher than the previous record of 103 setback in 1976. 88 in oakland. 84 san francisco. you are feeling some cooling there. 95 san jose. san rafael 96 so far. heat advisory still up until 7 p.m. san francisco and the coast. the only exclusion be careful out there. a lot of high clouds and the air
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quality will be improving. it is a spare the air today. we are looking at moderate air quality friday through sunday and monday we will see some good air quality just a hint of what's to come. i will be back to let you know when inland areas are going to get relief from the hot summer weather. >> thank you. good looking day for the nfl season kicking off tonight. san francisco is enjoying its status as the host city of super bowl 50. happening now there are events all along. including a concert at justin herman plaza. lyanne melendez is there. >> reporter: what a celebration. earlier we had the band train from san francisco, of course. nfl making a big deal of the start of the season and rightfully so. and throughout san francisco the super bowl 50 celebrations
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unofficially started today. for nfl fans it was a day in paradise. the golden football and the next super bowl trophy on display at pier 35. a reminder that san francisco will host the 50th super bowl in february in santa clara. >> doesn't happen very often that something this exciting happens in your own city. >> reporter: the nfl season kicks off tonight but renee galloway, a true raiders fan is paying more attention to the weekend. >> i'm looking more forward to sunday when we are going against the bengals being a season ticket holder in section 313. >> reporter: many activities to engage future 49ers fans. >> they are my home team. >> reporter: there was something for everyone including news reporters who happen to show up to play in heels, off they came. give me your best shot. wow, that was fast. missed it.
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one more try. glory days. while the bay area is preparing for super bowl 50 san francisco is also trying to highlight the beauty of this city by trying to get the homeless off the streets. a goal of the mayor. >> jail is not the alternative or we have never offered that as an alternative. we offer our services. now i'm backing it up with serious numbers of housing units. >> reporter: city officials showed off this navigation center located in the mission district. it is a place intended for transients to seek services and move out of their current homeless status. the city wants to allocate more funds to the project and is urging private donors to help them open more centers like this one. and meanwhile we are back live at justin herman plaza in san francisco. you are listening to ellie golding from london. teenagers love her. i love her. parts of the concert were recorded earlier and will be shown across the country all to
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kick off the start of the nfl. did you see that pass? live from san francisco, lyanne melendez. >> you got skills. there is no question. i hope a scout for the nfl saw that. very impressive. the dream force conference starts next week in san francisco but traffic closures begin tonight. setup is underway. about 45,000 people are expected to attend the event. howard street will be shut down at 8:00 tonight through 8:00 p.m. sunday september 20th. several routes will also be affected. the cleanup at the scene of a large paint spill is expected to last into the day tomorrow. sky 7 hd was over the spill on the way to sky walker ranch. big rigoverturned. the road is still closed but should reopen by 10:00 tonight. that is not the end of the
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cleanup. one lane will be closed tomorrow between 7:30 a.m. and 1:30 in the afternoon and then both lanes closed from 1:30 until 3:30 in the afternoon for the final cleanup. a cyclist accused of attacking a zip car in san francisco went before a judge for the first time today. he walked into court wearing an orange jump suit supporting his signature handleber mustache. the attack came during the critical mass cycling event. police say he blocked a driver from leaving. >> it was a terrifying moment for the victim and the reason why we are taking the stance that we are. >> my client is deeply saddened and shocked that what began as a traditional cycle ride resulted in this. >> a judge set bail at $90,000. city attorneys have asked for
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higher bail saying he is a danger to the public. his next court date is monday. new revelations in the officer-involved shooting death. during a confrontation on july 5th at luxury car show room. police say he was acting aggressively and refused to comply with commands. the family's attorney says tests show he was not on drugs at the time. police searched his home after the shooting looking for controlled substances that may cause psychotic behavior. a claim was filed and calling on u.s. justice department to investigate. an early morning fire injured seven. neighbors say they warned authorities it could happen. fire officials say drug activity inside a van outside the home caused the fire. abc 7 news reporter melanie
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woodrow has more. >> reporter: in the light of day the damage is easier to see but overnight the pain wasn't any less vivid. fire investigators say the blaze started in this van. investigators uncovered drug paraphernalia. >> we called the police many times and they say you cannot be around here. >> reporter: of the four homes burned his sustained the least damage which is hard to believe standing inside. >> working for a long time for my house and then lost everything. >> reporter: neighbors reported hearing explosions and grabbed what was most important. >> my kids. >> i thought i was going to lose my life. >> reporter: 19-year-old gonzalez was treated for smoke inhalation. >> i saw friends coming out of the windows. my car on fire, everything on
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fire. >> reporter: he said he wasn't surprised to learn the source of the fire. >> automatically i knew it was them. >> reporter: with the cause determined the next phase of the investigation is underway. >> we know what. now the trick is find out exactly who. that may not be something we are able to prove. >> reporter: in bay point, abc 7 news. a big change at the oakland police department. new offices, new paint and a new neighbor. the crime solving effort underway. >> a year long show down is now over. the fbi targets silicon valley. what the agency is demanding from the top high tech firms. >> the partnership to solve the problem of wasting food. >> and keeping your food safe. what one official says is the fda's biggest change in more than 100
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the fbi is offering a big reward. the bureau is joining forces with the oakland police department to find cornell barnard joins us live. >> reporter: this was the last place visited before his murder in 2013, the sports facility on the cal campus. tonight his family encouraged that new crime fighters are on the unsolved case. >> i want nothing more than giving him the justice he deserves. >> reporter: renewing her plea to find her son's killer. now the fbi is standing with her. it is joining forces with the oakland police department to solve the cold case killing.
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>> our effort to help solve this case is a part of a broader fbi strategy and collaboration with the oakland police department with the goal of targeting the most violent crime in the city of oakland. >> reporter: the fbi now offering a $25,000 reward which can be seen on its website and a digital billboard on interstate 880. all information leading to the arrest of two suspects who shot him the night of june 12, 2013 after a minor fender bender in oakland. a blurry surveillance picture of a silver sedan driven by the suspects remains the only clue. >> we continue to talk about this case that we can't stand for, that we have to keep the memory alive. >> one of the people that no matter what always had a positive attitude. >> reporter: the fbi assisted before with cold cases but now
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agents will be sharing office space hoping to solve several thousand crimes dating back to 1960s. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. one of the highest profile gender discrimination cases has come to a close. ellen powell has decided not to appeal the loss of her gender discrimination suit against perkins. a jury denied the claims that the firm discriminated against her. fbi director calling for greater cooperation to fight terrorism and cyber crime. told the intelligence committee he wants to create a walk around that would give the government access to data without a warrant. said everyone needs to admit there is a problem and work towards a solution. >> we are going to continue talking about it to try to demystify it and blow away the
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nonsense. there shouldn't be venom. >> leaders from top tech firms told lawmakers last week they want to see proposals from the government before they do anything. he said innovation is something the government doesn't do well. governor brown has vetoed a bill meant to rein in the use of drones over private property and says the bill is well intentioned but critics subject drone users to burdensome litigation. the bill would have made it a crime to operate within 350 feet without the property owner's permission. >> from food safety to mortgage rates a lot of consumer news. >> michael finney is tracking it all for us. >> mortgage rates inched up this week as financial markets wait for the federal reserve's crucial decision. freddie mac says the average
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rate on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage edged up to 3.9%. the rate on 15 year is now 3.1. u.s. airlines posting better results for on time performance. complaints are still climbing. the depermanent of transportation says just more than 78% of flights on the leading airlines arrived on time in july. cancellations are down to around 1%. now, that is the best the airlines have done in 21 years. still consumers filed more than 2,000 airline-related complaints which is about 30% more than the year before. the federal government today announced strict new standards aimed at keeping food safer. the food and drug administration is reacting to several outbreaks like the one at this peanut butter plant in new mexico. salmonella sickened dozens of people. you may recall blue bell ice cream recently was recalled due
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to listeria contamination. the fda will require all food processing plants to submit food safety plans and must show they use proper techniques for handling food. >> san jose is launching a food drive unlike anything you have seen. abc 7 news was in san jose as the city announced it was teaming up with waste no food. the website and app were founded by teenager. waste no food lets businesses and restaurants donate unwanted food to charity. >> donors can post food in under a minute. they can take a picture of the food. charities in their area will get push notification alerts that excess food is available and can claim it. >> so clever. the app has been used by san jose companies to donate 10,000 meals that otherwise would have been thrown away. the need is so big in silicon
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valley. just brutal. let's talk about the weather. >> it has been brutal. palm springs high so far 100 degrees when we are at 108 in livermore. fairfield 105. way too hot. the signs of relief for inland areas getting a bit of a breeze moving across the bay right now. we are seeing high clouds. over the weekend we will notice that the inland areas will finally get a break. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. that's going down as the fog is sitting along the coast and heading down towards the monterey bay. we have a beach hazard through this evening. south and southwest facing beaches have greater risk of rip currents. if you want to cool down not a bat idea just watch out. compared to 24 hours ago temperatures are going in the right direction and that is
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down. a live picture showing you high clouds moving across the bay area. 71 in san francisco. it's in the low 80s in oakland. san jose 90 degrees. morgan hill at 100. half moon bay at 66 degrees. san jose camera showing sunshine. santa rosa in the upper 90s. 88 in napa. not too bad. triple digits fairfield, concord, livermore. santa cruz camera showing how some people are beating the heat. the high 88. one more day of triple digits. partly cloudy and muggy weekend and back to normal conditions next week. satellite radar showing you high pressure ridge does not want to budge. remnant low of linda. this was once a hurricane off the california coast is going to make its way up into southern california, the moisture that is. we will see some cloudiness and
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will notice with the dew point coming up. it is partly cloudy, cooler and muggier. want to throw this out there. i wouldn't cancel plans but one model keeps hinting at slight chance of showers on sunday. right now we are not putting it in. stay tuned. tomorrow morning fog at the coast line. clear and mild inland. temperatures warmest inland in the low to upper 60s. we are looking at mid to upper 50s in the coolest coastal communities. hopefully you get a good night sleep in and tomorrow afternoon gilroy 103 degrees. 93 in san jose in the south bay. 91 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula in palo alto 92 in red wood city. half moon bay 68 degrees. 70 in pacifica. downtown san francisco 80s to 79 tomorrow. 69 in daly city with fog. north bay 92. 96 santa rosa. east bay mid 80s berkeley,
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oakland. 92 free mont. inland triple digits. 104 in livermore. 103 in brentwood. a look at the accuweather seven day forecast inland areas still hot tomorrow. coastal and bay side communities you come down a few degrees. over the weekend we cool some more but the mugginess will increase. you might not feel so comfortable. mid to upper 60s coast side. low to mid 90s inland. next week you are just all happy campers. we have 80s for warmest inland valley. hopefully you won't have to fan off or turn up the ac. >> that will be nice. thank you. and still ahead scientists shock the world. how facebook plays a small role in the discovery. that is next. at 5:30 -- >> coming up the breaking news from the white house late today when it comes to the refugees we are on the scene tonight.
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what should america do during this moment of crisis? the debate on world news tonight. a new wrinkle about sun damage and why you may have to protect yourself indoors and even in the dark. we will hav ♪ ♪
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a new species discovered in south africa. tonight some dispel that find. stephen tucker needed to find other scientists able to sift through the seven inch crack to get to the area where the fossil bones were. advertised for research assistance on facebook for thin scientists who were not claustrophobic. they communicated. the scientists found more than 1,000 bones. a prominent professor and researcher believes the discovery may not be a new
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species, however. tucker and his team say they only excavated a small section of the cave and there are more bones in it. to caves to outer space. up close and in high resolution, nasa released a new set of images this afternoon of the planet. this shows pluto's region covered in ice. all of the pictures taken by new horizons in july. the craft took more than 9 years to reach pluto. the last look back at the dark side as it jetted off into the solar system. it is currently 43 million miles past pluto. >> wow. a well known chef honored at the white house. >> alice waters. >> the owner of the famous restaurant was one of 21 people awarded the national arts and humanities medal.
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she is an activist. the white house says she was a champion of a holistic approach to eating and health. also honored author and stanford professor. >> congratulations. warriors forward draymond green is giving back to his alma mater in a big way. the team announced the star donating just over $3 million to michigan state university. the largest student athlete donation in the university's history and says he hopes he inspires others to donate. >> the leftovers at the oakland
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introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now. [female announcer] through susave up to $400 on train's beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> coming up new at 6:00 the beating death of an inmate prompts changes at the santa clara county jail. the new steps being taken to
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ensure it won't happen again. and a kitchen nightmare. it took 7 on your side to find their missing parts. were they able to piece it all together? that is all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thanks so much. welcome aboard. >> absolutely. great job. the animals at the oakland zoo. >> created works of art and are being auctioned off. >> the painting sessions were conducted by zoo keepers who use plenty of treats to keep interest. >> elephants held paint brushes with trunks. >> ebay bidding will end september 20th. money raised will benefit conservation partners. >> bids start at $200. we posted the information at goats with manicures. >> they can look pretty if they want to.
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>> world news tonight is next. >> and i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, michael finney, all of us here tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from hungary. the exodus -- moment of crisis. the worst refugee crisis in europe since the second world war. tonight, the breaking development. the white house now says it is preparing to accept thousands of syrian refugees in the u.s. here in europe, the wall being built to halt the exodus. but can they really stop the refugees risking their lives to escape war? the raging debate. our team along the entire route tonight, as we also go back to find the little syrian girl who moved so many of you at home to act, one year ago this week. also tonight, the possible highway sniper taking aim at new targets. new incidents under investigation. the narrow escape. new images of that british airways plane on fire. passengers scrambling down the chutes. and, the police apology. former tennis star james blake,


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