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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> breaking news in southern california. dramatic hostage situation. gunman run noose a crowded restaurant where family are having dinner. good evening. amma is off tonight. terrifying crisis is over this evening. the hostage situation happened at the chris and pit barbecue restaurant in downey. officers stormed inside about 9:00 o'clock tonight. witness heard a barrage of gunfire and flash bang grenade all terrifying. the sheriff's department just held a briefing to say the suspect is dead. authorities don't know yet whether a sheriff's deputy fired the fatal shot or if the gunman shot himself. now shor shortly before that scene we saw this. customers with families were brought out with the hands in the aired you see here from the helicopter pictures. the man told them he didn't want to hurt them. this all started with a hay speed
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chase. officers chased the carjacking suspect for nearly an hour. weaving through freeway and side street. at one point the man crashed the vehicle. jumped out. and watch here now. he fired his handgun that the air before racing into the restaurant. there he goes. hostage stand off is now over nobody else hurt. gunman is dead. developments during the newscast if things changed and follow us on these sites. >> now to another bizarre chase this one in san francisco. sky 7 hd was over the fourth street bridge near at&t park as officers negotiated with a man hiding underneath a pier. it began when chp officers tried to pull him over for riding his motorcycle on the shoulder of interstate 2 yichlt he then hit a car. ran away prosecute the scene and jumped into the bay. after 2 hours police broke some of the board on the pier to get him out and put him into custody. >> people in san francisco neighborhood are worried tonight about a series of fires
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started at homelessen comement. . one literally flared when news crew there working on the story. it happening in san francisco portrero hill neighborhood. as katie explains, some homeowners are now afraid to leave. >> perched on san francisco important trier 0hill between highway 101 and san bruno avenue. >> became 0pwlit righted i couldn't see past her house of smoke. >> row of houses constantly threat and by fire. >> i said get your shoes on we might have to leaf. >> flames battle with garden hose yesterday afternoon. >> my neighbor came out of her house and we sat here with hos hose. >> it sparked at the location of a homeless encampment and far from the first time. neighbors tally some 9 fires in the last two years. >> because of all the activity downtown everything more and more people come out this way. so we have more and more of these issues. >> cal-trans own the property.
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occasionally pushes people out. chp jurisdiction. but firefighters know it best. interviewing neighbors we notice smoke tonight. san francisco fire department responded promptly. it's the third time within two days that they have been to this location. >> frustration trying to get all the entity together to do something about it. >> we are getting the run around. >>reporter: he wrote a letter to the mayor. >> homeless situation isn't going away only getting worse. it involves real people real lives like homeless people i don't have anything against them. >>reporter: he's hoping for fix that helps everyone. in san francisco, katie, abc news. >> let's turn now to the weather and this steaming heat. another hot one today around the bay area but as kahn see fog is starting to roll in and that's going to bring us some relief. sandhya is here with first look at the weather. >> you will not have to sweat much longer. i'm happy to report. show you live doppler 7hd and as you showed from the
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sutro tower cam are fog is back in and it is going to have a little more of an influence on the bay side community tomorro tomorrow. today it many packe packeted the coastal temperatures 68 in half machine bay. still a record setting 99 in san rafael. that was actual lay tie. 104 in gilroy. new record for today. 108 degree ins livermore. one 06 fairfield. 105 in concord. 88 oakland. you look at the time lapse from our sutro camera even though today we had our fourth day of the heat wave that fog is rolling in over san francisco welcome sight. let you know if the cooling will spread to the inland 80's for upcoming weekend. >> those triple digit made for uncomfortable difficult for just about everyone. but just immanuel what it was like for 2 teams playing football in the east bay tonight in this heat. alan live in livermore tonight. that must have been pretty tough. >> wow! dan what a difference it made when the sun went down here in livermore. mercury
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dropped almost 30 degrees since then. but earlier today people were doing everything they could the to stay high grate created. it was 110 degrees at 5:30 when the high school freshman kicked off walnut creek if high. >> it's pretty indescribable. just is. >>reporter: fans were sweltering in the sun. but it was even hotter on this synthetic turf said to add 10 to 15 degrees of heat. paul was monitoring his son from the stand. >> we told him to drink plenty of fluids and keep head cool and come off the field and at that time helmet off. >> playing in full pad like running around in your own personal oven. >> super super hot especially wearing all black. >> really fp drink water very hot. >> other players were using the cooling towels that activate when damp and snapped. >> make sure they sweat. if
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they are not sweating and high activity chances are they are not high detroited properly. get the cramp it's usually too late. >> coaches out here realize that hydration is a key factor that could we know a game. which 80's they are getting players to start hi greating as early as two days before a game like this. in livermore, abc 7 news. >> needless to say in this heat the threat of wildfires continue to be a problem. more than a dozen fires are burning across the state right now. the butte fire in am door and el dorado county destroyed 6 structures and 2 outbuildings so are if a. jumped to more than 14,000 acres and now 10% contained. fire burning east of fresno is now threatening ancient grove of giant sequoia a.firefighters are clearing lines around grant grove to protect the tremendous and tourists. being turned away. this fire has burned more than 10,000 acres since it started on july 31. >> tonight news producer spoke
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to one of the 3 prison guards charged with beating to death inmate michael tyree at the santa clara county jail. rafael rodriguez talked tonight at the jail in dublin where he's being held. this is joyed from the guard first court appearance yesterday. now rodriguez told us the inmate he worked with liked and respected him and he did what he could to help them. he also told us quote people who know me know i am not the type of person who could do something like that. they know i have a heart. santa clara county officials are calling for a review of jail operations now while these jailers face charges. >> 2 protest forced whole food store in oakland to close early tonight. >> i'm trying to buy my food and the people won't let me through to buy my food. >> 7 news was at the store near lake merit as both labor group and black lives matter group stood in front of the check outlines. one group calling for better working conditions. the other protestors want more accountability. that's after
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security guard was accused of beating autopsy black customer who got into a fight with cashier last week. whole foods fired the guard and hired a new security company. neighbors in san francisco are showing love after an act of hate. we were in san francisco portola neighborhood as does he says of people rally to support the chinese community. over the past two months graffiti calling for quote no more chinese appeared in 5 different locations. activist say tonight rally is about ending racism against old people. >> sometimes directed against african americans. sometimes directing it transgender people. there's a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric rate now. so in some way for me i think these incidents are all connected. >>reporter: yesterday police arrested john for vandalism and hate crimes. members of a rock band are telling really harrowing story about how they escaped from a burning limousine. hummer limo just picked up red drag on
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cartel at san jose international before 6:00 o'clock last night. suddenly band member smelled something electrical burning and then smoke. >> we tried to get out only one side door opened so we all just climbed out. then we could see the smoke happening under the hood. then bang huge pop we ran like little girls and we ran away and then in a matter of 3 minutes whether he will front end is on fire. >>reporter: well thank goodness everyone got out including the driver. as for the prize guit they were able to pop open the trunk before they burned. band leaves tomorrow for japan for the start of international tour after performing a gig in san jose tonight. still to come 7 news at 11:00. big party to celebrate all things football and superbowl. remember the big game will be held right here in the bay area. >> plus gearing up for traffic mess at san francisco. we show you what is already happening tonight and why. and lights out for popular dance studio made famous by a
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"dancing with the stars"alum. all that coming up but first here's a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks dan. here's a bit of what we have on tap for tonigh tonight. him if down citizens down. i got him. read him his
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today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep. >> 43 concert was held today in san francisco as the bay area prepares to host superbowl 50 in santa clara. the. that's
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british singer and bay area rock band train took the stage. before the concert there were a lot of activities for fans of all ages. today was part of a two day event to kick off the nfl season and hype the upcoming superbowl 50 to be played here. >> get ready for traffic tie newspaper san francisco. klesh for the dream force conference which begins next week are already under way. howard street between third and fourth street is closed through sunday september 20. 45,000 people are expected to attend this event at the moscone center. >> well known and much loved dance studio in the south bay getting ready to cholesterol the doors. business made even mr. famous by the hit show dance with the stars. tell janet is in mountain view to explain why the music is stopping for the cheryl burke dance studio. >>reporter: come her to let go and let loose. >> fantasy world but yet it's reality. >>reporter: most of the dancers as cheryl burke dance studio happen to be engineers. looking for a creative outlet.
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michael wright has been hooked since day one. >> there's a science and art behind it. >>reporter: this couple says the steps they take on the dance floor has actually strengthen their marriage. >> we learn to work things out which is really great because at home when you have issues and disagreement you find out you are diagnose the same thing on the dance floor working things out. >>reporter: but things no longer working out for the dance studio co-owned by if cheryl burke and her mom. >> it is bitter sweet but we have to face reality that they need the space. >>reporter: linked in owns the building and now the professional networking company is taking back the space. burke says they had kuwait a run and a lot of support over the years. >> little did we know we would build a community. >>reporter: the studio has been open for seven years in the heart of silicon valley. for thus of feet dancing across the floors. l saturday will be the biggest event ever. 300
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people are expected to show up for the farewell party. cheryl burke will be making a guest appearance. in mustn't view, janet 7 news. >> too bad to see it close. season 21 debut right here on abc 7. >> let's refocus on this heat. a little bit morris come but maybe some relief too. sandhya is here with the forecast. sand why. >> yes. people have spoken and majority on social media saying enough is enough. all right. yes. relief is coming. will already started at the coast. live doppler 7hd showing you the fog. i'm with you there. quarter mile visibility right now in half machine bay watch out during the morning commute. temperatures rate now most areas actually quite comfortable. concord still holding at 80 degrees. 57 in half machine bay and here's morning commute look like if you have to cross the golden gate bridge. watch out bit on the murky side. fog at the coast one mr. difficult of
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triple digit and cooler weekend with higher humidity so may not feel so good. with the stick iness in the air. tell you what is going to come in. as far as bringing up the hummed ty ridge remains strong for one more day which is why we see the triple digit then weaken and the remnant low left of hurricane lipped a pulls up moisture in our direction. tomorrow some high cloud. southern california may get some rain over the weekend because of that low. but for us it's going to mean more clouds and certainly muggy conditions both saturday and sunday so the dew point will be coming up. wondering about rain we won't get any rain out of linda but we keep an eye on el nino continue to strengthen near the equator in the pacific and now class fight by the climate at prediction center as strong. 95 percent chance of it lasting through the upcoming winter. remember, just because we have a strong el nino doesn't mean we have a guarantee of rain but at this point here's what it looks like for winter. the pacific
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northwest, northern rockies below normal precipitation. same thing midwest but southern tier of states above rain fall including southern california. in the bay area equal chance of wet or dry this upcoming winter. keep you posted tomorrow morning mild readings. low mid 60's but certainly cooler than today in our inland area along the coast line. mid upper 50's watch out for the fog during the commute tom afternoon. still need sun screen not as hot. 103 south bay gilroy. 91 milpitas. sunny vail on the peninsula low 90's menlo park. 87 san mateo o. near the coast fog will linger 68 in half machine bay. 69 daly city. this is what you are used to. 79 downtown san francisco. north bay still see the sizzle conditions around ukiah clover dale and triple digit. 90 vallejo and 85 oakland and 89 free mochbility inland 80's 104 in livermore.
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101 concord. 103 around the pittsburg area. accu-weather 7 day forecast triple digit listening gone over the weekend in the 90's. 60's coast side. humidity will go up and you will feel it next week look at that. 82 on wednesday. what? it's going to be one extreme to the other we will cool it down quite a bit. >> like it. thanks very much. >> out of the blue. what crashed through the roof of the central valley home. what in the world? 7 news at 11
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>> running in the district 3 san francisco supervisor race held public forum here at the abc 7 broadcast center this evening. incumbent julie wilma and former supervisor aaron answered question from his
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voters. christensen appointed by san francisco mayor lee back in 2015 district 3 covers china town, north beach and knob hill. >> well chilly surprise for modest to family. chunk of ice about the size of a basketball came crashing through the ceiling in the garage and on to the bumper of a car. most of the ice melted away but one neighbor hung on to chunk just in case the faa says they not received any reports about ice from planes but they are investigating. hate to tell them sometimes the ice can come from the bathroom of some mraechbility i wouldn't be hand length them. i'm just saying. larry has awe the sports. >> tmi. is that that's it. >> information. what fell tonight on the steelers was the wrath of tom brady. tom carves up
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>> good evening. after months of tee plate gate controversy and suspension that was ultimately overturned tom brady took to the field tonight in the nfl season opener finally chance for brady to take out frustration on the field and the steelers would pay the price. robert craft she go off the superbowl hardware. stee steelers wish brady was suspended 4 games. 4 minutes n.e. gets rob for the touch down. i have the p si rate here. that's tommy. brady completed 19 stlait passes look at the touch. to bronx. spik spike. patriots led 14-3 at the half. 25 of that for 2 88 and 4 touch downs all the time in the world for ben to sling it. pass for 351 yards touch
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down there the laser strike to marcus set autopsyfeld goal. stop with the line of jim annual. plan b. unknown. rob with 3 touch downs and a little shimy. patriots win the season opener 28-21 the final. >> pretty special night so i was excited. our whole team excited. we haven't had one of the games in a long time. always fun to be out there and get the opportunity to good play and we take advantage of it. gwynn. our guys played hard. >> if injured doesn't play in the forty-niner season opener against minnesota will it cause an international incident. one reporter jebingd about that today. niners want say if the former rugby star will actually suit up on monday night but everybody down under wants to know mate. >> realize australia would declare war if if he doesn't
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play. >> i'm aware of that i'm aware of that. no jared is a heck of a player. very talented. young player. mature a little bit as far as getting experience but tell he's good. >> classy generous manufacture by warrior star green donating 3.1 million dollars to michigan state university athletic department. largest student athlete donation in school history. just ems out previous donation by magic johnson and steve smith. that's yes added the point 1 to the 3 million. now that he has money he's excited to give back to alma mater. >> be in the ption where i am able to give back to the university no brainer for me. obviously growing up in the city i know how important scholarship and grants are the total the success of kids. >>reporter: fabulous. convenient a williams quest for a consolidateen darr grand slam has to wait until tomorrow.
11:31 pm
today semifinal against robert a was postponed due to rain. traffic weather together on the 7. ladies final set to be played on saturday so not going to have a day off to rest. play tomorrow and then come rate back on saturday weather permitting. 7 sports brought to you by exfinity. >> exit to go watch. >> serena is amazing. thanks very much. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device was our 7 news app. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning but
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>> all right that is our report we appreciate your time as always. for sandhya, all of us i'm dan ashley right now open
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