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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. looking at the 9/11 memorial in new york city. the reflecting pool and the wall around it with the names of victims. today the nation is preparing to remember the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center. it is one of several tributes happening throughout the morning and throughout the nation. >> thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> the events will happen in shanksville, pennsylvania, in washington, dc, with local eventses here. now a look at the weather forecast. >> we start with live doppler 7 hd, good morning, everyone.
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now, the cloud cover is pushing into san francisco, so the sea breeze is developing and like yesterday it will have a minimal effect on the temperatures. effect on the temperatures. you can see upper 80s around the bay and low 90ss to upper 90s inland from noon to 4:00. >> an accident in san francisco according to c.h.p., a solo vehicle crash blocking southbound highway 101 at 9th. we are seeing a little bit of slowing. we are seeing backing up of van ness to the 101 extension. walnut creek 680 southbound moving along find out of pleasant hill to highway >> america contained forever 14 years ago this morning with the deadly terror attacken united states soil.
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events are taking place all day today in new york city, washington, dc, and pennsylvania. at 5:30, the biggest ceremony will begin at the 9/11 memorial where the original world trade center, the twin towers stood in new york city. this is a look at lower manhattan, the freedom tower and the twin reflecting pools at the memorial, a time to reflect name and friends of the fall were gathering to hear the names rode outloud a tradition that began with the first anniversary in 2002. a moment of silence will be held at 5:46 this morning our time when the first plane flew into the world trade center. we will is complete coverage including a special report from abc news. if you head out the door we will be streaming it live on or news app you can get free in your app store for your smartphone or tablet. >> this will be remembrances here in the bay area the 10:00 a.m., union city will honor the passengers would died fighting
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the terrorists on united flight 93, and matt keller is in drawn city with our story. matt? >> the flight 93 memorial here in union city is lit up this morning, each of the large stones, the 40 large stones have been named, age and hometown of each person who lost their lives on 9/11 back in someone someone. the flight was coming to the bay area from newark, new jersey, but thattor never made it. the event is held in union city like one held on 9/11 since the memorial was completed seven years ago. the mayor will give opening remarks in the union city police department will do an honorary presentation of the colors and the names of all 40 hero whose died. flight 93 crash site? pennsylvania, new visitors center opened telling the story of the people on the flight including the los gatos man and berkeley graduate who with other passengers stormed the cockpit to stop the terrorists from reaching the intended target,
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possibly the united states capitol building. a man would was inside the capitol building on lend credits the remain if on flight 93 with saving his life. >> he was one of the last persons out of the building when he got the call that another plane was coming from pennsylvania toward washington, dc. >> can you not forget something like this as a major piece of everything that happened on 9/11 >> families and neighbors gathered in shanksville, person, to remember those lost on flight 93 with candles under the name of each person on wall of names. it starts at 10:00 a.m. and the public is invited to attend. >> other ceremonies today include a flag raising at martinez police headquarters at 8:00 a.m., and the livermore fire department will host a special tribute at station one in livermore at 9:00 a.m. and
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raiders players and cheerleaders will visit police and fire stations across oakland to honor first responders. >> count on abc7 for complete coverage throughout the day streaming several evens on our app so you do not is to miss a moment if you are ambassador from the tv. if you do not have it, you can get it free on the crap store on at >> they men are accused of breaking and cars at shopping center. 22-year-old dawson, 29-year-old faucet, 24-year-old kenny faucet and 22-year-old suspects targeted cars at strip malls in present and milpitas. detectives arrested them if the last two weeks during a special operation. >> clean up at the scene of a large payment spill -- large paint spill will continue today. we brought this hive to you at
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midday. a big rig overturned dumping around 300 gallons of paint. the cleanup will close a lane of the two lane road from 7:30 to 1:30 this afternoon with both lanes closed from 1:30 to 3:30. >> whole foods store in oakland will be open after a noisy protest. >> i am trying to buy food and people will not health me through to buy my food. >> we were at the store near lake merritt as the labor group and a black lives matter group stood at check outline yesterday. a group is calling for better working conditions and the others want more accountability after security guard was accused of beating up a black customer who got into a fight with a cashier. woke foods fired the guard and hired a new security company. >> neighbors in spokesperson are hing love after an act of hate. dozens of people rallied to support the chinese community in san francisco's portola neighborhood. over the past two months, great feet reading "no more chinese,"
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appeared in five different locations. activists say the rally is about ending racism against all people. >> sometimes directed against african-americans, sometimes against transgender people. a lost antiimmigrant rhetoric right now. in some ways, for me, these incidents are all connected. >> police arrested 62-year-old for the vandalism. he faces a hate crime charge. >> students have a shooter school day in the unified school district in santa cruz because of heat in the forecast. campbell union high school district shortened day because many classrooms lack air conditioning. we share the challenges that the high school athletes face. >> it was 110 degrees at 530 when the while freshman kicked off.
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>> pretty indescribable. >> fans were sweltering in the sun but it was even hotter on the sin note ice turf which is said to add 10- or 15-degrees of heat. i told my son to take plenty of fluids. >> it was like running around in >> it was like running around in your own personal >> super duper hot. >> other players were using the cooling towels that activate when dampened and snapped. >> make sure they sweat. if you see them not sweating, chance are they are not hydrated. if you get cramps it is too late. >> copes realize hydration is the key that could win a game. that is why they getting accomplishes to start hydrate as early as two days before a game like this.
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cannot hydrate too much with the pads. >> hopefully today it will be easier. mike? we had to hydrate last night for back-to-school night because a wing of my son moves high school did not have air conditioning. we hydrateed. i felt so bad for the teacher dealing with the kids. 47 in rohnert park, 50 in petaluma. we still have 60s, 62 in napa and american canyon, 55 and vallejo is 64 and tiburon around...that is warm when you see san francisco is 55. half moon bay is 55. lafayette is 69. brentwood 70. san ramon, cupertino 64. san jose is 67. sfo shows the clouds have not encroached upon? so keep your fingers crossed. we do not is flight delays. 92 to 104th last day of over
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100. most refreshing is coast and san francisco 68 to 80. slow relief around the bay from 82 to 92 into san jose. walnut creek shows topping the century mark, and 80s by monday, and 80s take over the bay tomorrow and last through monday and 60 continue at the coast. a slight chance after storm on sunday and mop. that is ahead. >> now san jose, 87 near julian street and downtown san jose and folks, they are hitting "snooze," and we do not see traffic with friday light condition so for but we have an accident in san francisco. this is southbound highway 101 coming up to 9th and now we are starting to see delays as folks head off of the bay bridge and into to city you can see the slowing here. this could be a little bit further to where we see the slowing originally reported at 9th but a solo spin identity and one was out of the vehicle blocking a lane and now we are seeing the delays. northbound direction along 101
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the skyway and headed to the lower deck of the bay bridge everything is green. drive time traffic right now highway 4 antioch to hercules is 28 minutes and i-80 from highway 4 to the maze, 17 minutes. 87, you saw how clear it was, highway 85 to the san jose airplane, only taking you eight minutes. >> the company that invented blue jeans is looking to get more women. >> the super bowl will be right here in the bay area. >> out of the blue what crab through the roof -- crashed through the roof of a central valley home. valley home. stay tuned.
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> looking at a picture of a new flag flying at the pentagon this morning and they just unfurled it over an hour ago and 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and this autopsies the 184 lives lost when american airlines
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flight 77 slammed into the pentagon building in 2001. >> parts from the british awares jet that burst and flames indicate a rare catastrophic failure. investigators say parts of the engine compressor were found on the las vegas runway and occurred where the engine was under the highest pressure. engineers now plan to dismantle the engine compartment to figure what caused the failure the pilot was to retire after one more night but he decided to call it quits now, instead. >> a chilling surprise for a name, a chunk of ice the size of a basketball came through their garage. the far if said they have not receive reports of ice falling from planes but they are investigating. >> if you video showing police officers saving a man from a burning car in georgia, the police department posted this
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dash camera video on facebook showing two officers arriving running to help a man trapped inside the burning car. it takes a minute to pull the driver out. the victim was taken to the hospital. there is no word were his condition. the police chief said he could not be more proud of his officers for their heroic efforts. >> bay area celebration of super bowl 50 in clear is off and -- in santa clara is off and running. >> that is singer ellie performing and a bay area rock ban taking the stage. super bowl 50 is played at levi stadium on sunday february 7th. >> it was from kickoff. >> i visited a couple days ago and they put out the raiders super bowl lombardi trophies and it is special to see that.
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>> did you touch it. >> didn't do that. >> it will be continued cooler or cooling. mike? yes, the trend, always kind of shudder or don't want to use "cool," talking about 90s and 100s but not so hot as yesterday. beautiful picture of downtown san francisco. it will feel better than it did yesterday. most of the comforts here and at the coast where it will be hot everywhere today and less sunshine and less heat this weekend and next week, it is going to feel like fall. here is a look at fog, right around half moon bay as you head off to the link or to the coast or just driving around heading to school and work, that is our lowest visibility and we are doing okay although we have low clouds encroaching on san francisco and coast but it will pull back to the coast early. 91 in milpitas and sunnyvale and 93 in san jose and los gatos is 98 but triple digits in morgan hill gilroy and 90 at the
5:18 am
boardwalk, up the peninsula we start at 93 at los altos and menlo park is 90s and mid-to-upper knights around millbrae and upper 60s to 70 at the coast and flirting with 80 in downtown and south san francisco and 78 in sausalito and around 70 along the north bay coast but, low-to-mid 90 for most of us across the north bay with novato and napa at low-to-mid 90s. oakland at 85. 90 in union city and fremont and castro valley and around 100 to 104 inland east bay again. here is a look at deeper marine layer tonight and more comfort, mid-50 to lower 60. if you are going to the mountain view wine festival, 44th annual, 60 in the morning, 81 in the afternoon. if you like chocolate, we have the 20th annual chocolate festival, upper mid-60s
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temperatures are dropping and humidity is uncomfortable saturday and slight chance of a thunderstorm sunday and monday and it goes away and temperatures are back to normal, if not below, next week. will the commute start off well? >> yes, i want to show you how clear traffic is, we have light conditions on this friday and we do have a 50-minute commute el cerrito to emeryville so clear conditions, indeed, with a couple of minutes tacked on because of an accident ahead when you get into san francisco but, right now, we have decent conditions out of the east bay toward san francisco. we are going to look at saratoga with an accident at highway nine at highway 35 and it sounds like it is nasty with a vehicle
5:20 am
airbag deployed with possibly injuries and c.h.p. is headed scout no delays. it is early in the commute. >> thank you, it is 5:20 a major car makers is recalling 1.5 million vehicles. >> here is america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money fiat recalling 1.7 million trucks and the rams had a steering wheel problem that could make the driver side airbags deflate. >> levi strauss that indevelopped blue jeans is looking to revise their business with the launch of a new women's line saying that line will feature jeans that stretch more, with sales in decline for years. >> and hoping to best sales with chicken soup after a coffee company and campbells teamed up. there are pods of noodles but
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how you make sure it does not taste lake coffee and chicken soup is beyond me. >> maybe those are the two players. >> that sounds very interesting. >> "interesting" is a word for it. >> the resource people in the bay area have to find housing that is affordable. >> something schools can do to help students eat stay tuned. mmmm yoplait hello, everybody. milk cow here with an important announcement about how yoplait original now has 25% less of the sugar. less sugar?? yes. but don't worry it still tastes good. oh that is great news, milk cow.
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5:24 am
york city at ground zero, also the white house, pennsylvania, and cross the bay area. the main event at the national memorial begins in a few minutes. >> a ceremony will honor the passengers and crew of unitedded airline flight 93 in union city this morning. some of the heroes stormed hijacked jetliner moments before it crashed in pennsylvania. it is believed terrorists intended to flight the plane into the united states capitol. >> three, a man is in custody after a bizarre chase in san francisco. we were over the 4th street bridge at at&t park as officers tried to arrest a motorcycle rider who hit a car. the man jumped in and out of the water, swam away, and under a pier before police arrested him. >> for news when you step outside, cooler this morning, the beach hazards have common and it is not a "spare the air" day and the heat advisory is over. this is still heat left and i will show you where it falls apart and chance of a stray
5:25 am
thunderstorm. >> a look at the san mateo bridge, pretty much how we are expensing the morning commute, but for san francisco if you head out of east bay into san francisco there is delay because of an accident with details coming up. >> starting on monday, expect big chains on bart, more trains will run during rush hour on the pittsburg day point line to ease recovery crowding with weekday service stepped on and lines and train times could be different so check the schedule ahead of time. >> a reason not to make your bed today leaving it messy could kill off bed mites which can only live by absorbing moisture and leaving the bed unmade can dry it out killing off the bugs this could infast your sleeping space. >> mountain view based google is helping residents find an affordable place to live on www.
5:26 am
onehome. this is, on available housing that is affordable by selecting a city, the people and your monthly income. the fund profit said their mission is to make it easier for families to fine the most accurate and reliable affordable housing information in the bay area. >> getting kids to east healthy school lunch could depend on adding the time to eat the midday meal. researchers looked at 3rd to 8-grader in low income urban, if they had more than 25 minutes to eat they ate healthy options come paired it those who had 20 minutes of eating time. this suggests that school districts should allow a evening althougher amount of sometime for students to eat lunch. >> next at 5:30 a prison guard on the record talking to abc7 about the deadly attacks he is accused of involving a south bay jail inmate. his side of the story is next. >> here is a look at embarcadero
5:27 am
in san francisco and the ferry building, a hot day with weather and traffic for you and, also, a look at new york as the 14th anniversary of the world trade center attacks, 9/11 attacks, center attacks, 9/11 attacks, being
5:28 am
5:29 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the nation is preparing to mark the darkest days in its history, you are looking at the 9/11 memorial in new york city where, until 14 years ago, stood the world trade center. the twin towers were brought down in a series of attacks killing 3,000 people. mourners and family members, are walking to the site where a new memorial just opened, a year ago to this day, to remember and commemorate and think about we
5:30 am
have been through and where we are now. >> it is friday, 9/11 and i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> we will check our forecast. mike? >> hard to believe it is 14 years. i remember like it was yesterday, remembering where i was when it happened. >> now to the weather, we have positive news if you do not lick the heat you can see the low clouds along the coast and the high clouds that are the mainstay of our afternoon forecast with fog at the golden gate bridge and west wind at 13 miles per hour. cooler this morning in the day planner at 54 to 68 and by noon, 70 at the coast to 92 with the high clouds taking over and 70 at the coast and 100, 30 degree summer spread and comfortable this evening but for inland we are at 88 at 7:00. >> if a mat of minutes our traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza has been built. 12 minutes between the east bay and san francisco and a few minutes were tacked on to that
5:31 am
because of the accident and it is cleared off the freeway and look at slowing at ten miles per hour, and a lot of folks are trying to inch their way into san francisco. as we take you into the north by, one way traffic lucas county lucas valley road s looking good. >> this morning is the 14th anniversary of the most deadly terror attack on american soil with events happening right new across the united states and in the bay area to mark the tragedy of september 11, 2001. this is the national memorial in new york city where the names of those lost will be read allowed. you can see a large crowd of people including former mayor muriel bloomberg have gathered holding flowers and photos of their loved one. there is the predome tower. we saw current new york city and
5:32 am
mr. bloomberg walking in the crowd with 3,000 people dying in the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon and aboard unite flight 93 which crashed in southwestern pennsylvania. that flight was bound for van. >> a large american flag there. it hangs from the pentagon in virginia this morning. the military will hold a sermon today honoring the 184 live lost when americans airline flight 77 slammed into the building. also, today, president obama will meet with united states service men and women at fort meade outside washington, dc. >> land terms shined at dusk in shanksville, pennsylvania to honor the passengers and crew of the flight holded to san francisco international airport. a group of passengers led by bay area residents stormed the congress pill surprising the hijackers moments before 9 jet crashed. it is believes the hijackers wanted to fly the jet into the united states capitol.
5:33 am
a new visitors center opened at the flight 93 memorial. >> in an hour and 15 minutes, san francisco mayor lee and fire chief hayes-white will lead a ceremony to honor fallen first responders at fire station 7 in the mission. events will take place at other stations across the city. at the same time, san mateo police will hold a ceremony at their headquarters on franklin parkway and at 8:00, volunteers gather in san jose city hall before taking part in a day of service. there are events in other cities, as well, with a federal lifted open our website at abc7 news. you can see a special report in 12 minutes coming to us from the national 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan where america observes a moment silence. if you are headed out the door we will stream it live. if you do not have it you can get it free in theup december for the smartphone or your tablet. >> in sacramento, a parade will
5:34 am
pay tribute to the victims and heroes and three friends who disarmed a suspected terrorist aboard a train in europe, anthony sadler, spencer stone, alek skarlatos all advantage into action on amsterdam to paris plane. the parade ends at noon with a rally outside the state capital. moving on to other news now, locally, tiburon ferry commuters are average about a meet that could determine whether the privately run rides could be cut. a district will consider stepping in to provide the physically snapped fleet and amy hollyfield has the details in tiburon. >> behind me the 5:30 ferry is about to depart and head to san francisco. the commuters do enjoy the ride. they rely on it. they would not like to see it go away. we have only seen a dozen people climb on period. can you see what a large ferry
5:35 am
it is. it is early so that could illustrate the problem. it is a very expensive ride to main tape. the ferry company may need to make a big cut. the talk is to go from seven daily round trips to one. the ride is beautiful. 20 minutes on the san francisco bay, a night way to commute and the commuters say they love it. the blue and gold fleet said they cannot afford to do it and is asking for help. they might get it the gonna golden gate bridge will discuss taking over the service. this is a first step. they will look into what this involves if they take it over. there is still a ways to go before deciding whether it happened but it is something to watch. it would make 225,000 people happy this is how many they estimate make the trip each year.
5:36 am
>> new details on a hostage situation that lasted late into the night in los angeles. deputies shot and killed an armed suspect holding at least four people inside a restaurant. this video show as swat team rushing inside just before the shooting. no one also was injured. shortly before that, the diners ran out of the restaurant with their hands in the air. they told authorities the suspect said he did not want to hurt them. this starts hours earlier with the suspect leading police in a high speed chase. he crashed and carjacked another vehicle. c.h.p. officers tried to maneuver to stop him but he bailed, fire shots into the air and ran into to restaurant. >> a map is if custody after a bizarre end to a police chase in san francisco. we were over the 4th street bridge near at&t park as officers negotiate idea 50 motorcyclist hide under the pier. the man hit a car, and ran from
5:37 am
the scene and, finally, gypped into the bay. he ended up on the bi. police broke some of the boards on the bito get him out. >> a producer has spoken to one of the three prison guards charged with beating to death the inmate michael tyree. this is video from the first court appearance of the guard on wednesday. rafael rodriguez said the inmates he be worked for like and respected him and he did what he could to help them and told us and i quote, "people would know me know i am not the type of person would could do something like that, they know i have a heart." officials are calling for a review of jail operations. >> the state of california is getting financial help to battle a massive wildfire in northern california. more than a dozen fires are burn across the state. fema authorized the use of federal funds to tackle the fire in calaveras which destroyed six structures and two outbuildings
5:38 am
and charred 14,000 acres and is just 10 percent contained. >> fire burning east of fresno is threat being a grove of giant sequoias with firefighters clearing the lines to protect the trees and tourists are turned away. the rough fire has burped -- burped 10,000 acres since july 3179. >> the warm theys do not help but we will bring in the cooler temperatures, okay, mike? >> i work on that. temperatures are from one to eight degrees cooler so we are slowly letting the heat out of the air mass. to the south, 67 to san jose and los gatos and 80s in the hills around los gatos and 72 in los altos, and sunnyvale is 63 and santa clara and saratoga and cupertino at 64 with campbell from 64 to 63 degrees. 69 in brentwood. 50s at half moon bay at 55 and same in san francisco and who
5:39 am
day ago bay is 48 and san pablo at 62. from sutro tower you can see the finger of fog encroaching on san francisco where it will be 9, warmer-than-average. peninsula is 92, south bay, 94, east bay, 92, inland east bay, 104 and north bay, 96, and you will notice more high clouds than yesterday. the temperature drops and the humidity rises so it is not going to be completely comfortable and i will update the chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow and monday. >> here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights which have been turned on. we are looking at slower conditions leaving the macarthur maze to head into san francisco. on the western span of the bay bridge you will be met with traffic pause of a crash that cleared. this accident, highway 9 at highway 35, possible injuries with some airbags deployed but everything has been pulled over
5:40 am
to the shoulder and not finding any delays. here is a look at the south bay, 87, 2ator, into cupertino, no delays and we are at 40 miles per hour on 101 as you make the drive between the 280/680 split to the nimitz and you are good to go to the mineta san jose international airport with a clear view of the east bay commute at hayward and union city and fremont and 880 is a breeze. >> next, lawmakers reach a deal to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries across the state with the rules they are forced to follow. >> changes coming to bart to speed up your commute and what you need to know.
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5:44 am
three different bills would be the first to regulate marijuana from where it is green to the clubs where users by it. >> members of a rock band have the story of how they escaped from bong limousine that picked up red dragon cartel on wednesday and the band member smelled something electrical burning and then blinding smoke. >> we tried to get out and only one side door opens so we climb out and we could see the smoke happening at the hood and, bang, a huge pop and we ran like little girls and in a matter of three minutes the whole front end was on near. >> everyone got out including the driver. the prized guitars? they popped on the truck before they were burned. >> today the nation is making one of the darkest days in its history, it all began when a high jacked plane hit the north tower of the world trade center at 5:46 a.m. our time 14 years
5:45 am
ago. the commemoration event is underway in new york city in lower manhattan. we will listen in as thousands gather today for the annual tradition with the moment of silence and reading the names of the 3,000 people killed. ♪ oh, say ♪ can you see ♪ and the rockets ♪ red glare ♪ the bombs ♪ bursting in air ♪ bursting in air ♪ gave truth to the night 14 years ago 9/11, the first strike on a day when 3,000 would die in new york city, at the
5:46 am
pentagon, and in the fields of vacaville, pennsylvania, the first attacks since world war ii on american soil, and now, a moment of silence to remember moment of silence to remember those we lost. [ taps ]
5:47 am
5:48 am
[ bagpipes ] >> rebound and mrs. obama leading the moment of silence and marking a moment at the world trade center, the pentagon, shanksville, person, where the heroes prevented a greater tragedy, with plane heading to the capitol, the white house, as the nation remembers 14 years ago when nearly 3,000 gave their lives. the names are being read at the pentagon in shanksville at world trade center.
5:49 am
we all remember and honor their sacrifice. >> have been watching the commemorations in washington, dc and in new york, mostly new york but the 9/11 anniversary commemoration got underway in new york city yesterday in a very poignant way. >> we will look at the photographer snapping the photos showing a rainbow coming from the site of the world trade center towers posted to social media and want viral. you can see why. a closer look at the photos on abc7 news instagram and post director own pictures with # #abc7now. you can she us how you are honoring 9/11.
5:50 am
>> i don't know about rainbows but we will take the fact it will be cooler. meteorologist mike nicco is joining us with more. >> just a little bit. that is the key. we will look at what is going on. opening up the weather window you can see still no thick marine layer so the cooling is minimal like it was yesterday with high clouds above average and a slight chance of a thunderstorm because of weekend clouds. 6 at half moon bay, and 79 in san francisco, and 80s for the rest of bay until you get to the south bay and north bay and my seven-day forecast shows nearly 20 degrees cooler by tuesday. >> most the remark in the bay area is over the altamont pass and we had slowing as you make it across the bay bridge because of an accident in san francisco that is cleared. we have a brand new so-called vehicle in oakland calls delays at the interchange between westbound 580 and 980 with
5:51 am
slowing here. at emeryville it is sluggish and beyond treasure island you will fine the delays pause of that. >> thank you, starting on mop, major changes are coming to part with more rush hour trains are added to the pittsburg to bay point to sfo line with week service extended to 9:00 p.m. and train cars are added to all transbay routes with though more three car trains with better service to the oakland athletics with six minute -- to oakland airport with train all day long the neighbors in portrero hill want the city and caltran to stop fires that keep breaking out in a homeless encampment. won broke out last night on a dry hillside above 101. the highway patrol removes homeless people from the area. neighbors believe the city officials are driving more homeless people their way.
5:52 am
>> everyone hands it off to the other. the homeless situation is big, it is not -- removing them, taking their stuff away, that does not solve the problem. >> a man keeps a garden hose on his deck to fight off the flames, the residents have counted nine similar fires in the last two years. >> honoring the victims of 9/11 at 6:00, the simple steps to take in your community today to make a difference. >> the warriors player rebounds he is as power will off the he is as power will off the court as he is on it.
5:53 am
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>> before you win an nba championship with the warriors draymond green started at michigan state and now he is saying thank you donated $3 million to michigan state's athletic department marking the largest donation by a former spartans student athlete in michigan state history. green's gift edges donations of magic donation and steve smith. kudos. >> new a check on the weather. >> because magic had to bay billions for the dodgers. apadres are take on the giants with increasing clouds, comfortable at 68 at 17 and dropping to 63. football game on sunday pentagonals take -- bengals ta on the raiders. we will have temperatures
5:56 am
running mild there with high clouds and sun and triple digits central valley down to palm springs and yosemite. >> we have 44 bart trains run on time with no delays on muni or a.c. transit. if you do take golden gate bridge ferry, until be delays starting today because there is going to be construction on the san francisco ferry terminal today at 9:00 a.m. running through monday at 5 o'clock a.m. so plan ahead for the morning commute. now in the east bay we have a stalled vehicle causing delays as you make the transition between westbound 580 and 980 certainly slow through emeryville. >> a but study suggests publicity and policing are effective at cutting pedestrian accidents if san francisco. more surprise beneficial ross walks, wider sidewalks and new traffic signals are part of the vision zero plan. but city leaders say ad campaigns on buses and billboards along with the police presence are equally as effective. the study focus on four of the
5:57 am
most dangerous intersections. >> heroic act by cal fire that has two men lucky to be alive. >> new trouble for detergent pods with another warning ahead of the holiday. of the holiday. >> stay tuned.
5:58 am
how do you start the day brighter? of the holiday. >> stay tuned. make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life! ♪ in stores now.
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6:00 am
anniversary of the terror attack. >> mashing the bay area ties to 9/11 and union city plans to honor those on board flight 93 and the acts of heroism as some try to stop the hijackers. >> at home a take over planned for the tiburon ferry and what may force some service to be phased." >> thank you for joining us today on friday, 9/11. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we have a lot of evens. mike? >> cooler this morning. we have low clouds along the coast in san francisco and our coast. here are the high clouds later this afternoon. you can see the fog at the golden gate bridge west wind at 13 miles per hour. it will bring a slight bit of relief like it did year. the coast is going to be the most comfortable hanging around 70 today. we are going to hit 92 at noon inland to 98 at, with a lot of areas inland east bay over 100 but this is the last day in and around bay going from 88


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