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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 12, 2015 1:07am-1:31am PDT

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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> new accusations of
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mistreatment of inmates at the santa clara county jail. inmates say officers are making threats trying to get them to keep quiet. i'm dan ashley. ama daetz has the night off. these are stunning new allegations and they are coping after -- they are coming after the beating death last month. janet is live with the story. >> and dan those supposed threats forced a lock down at the main jail. the correctional officers on that floor were immediately moved elsewhere. and now an investigation is underway to find out if any of this is true and who all would be responsible. >> detectives is internal affairs are taking a close look as deputies are threatening inmates that say they witnessed the beating death of another inmate. the bay area news group reports that today the sheriff investigators formed the cell brock where tyree died last month. >> you can't discount these
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stores. >> robert powell is representing rueben garcia who saw three correctional officers assault tyree. he himself has been a victim and two other correctional officers banged his head to the ground breaking his jaw in july. >> if you want this to stop you need to say i am a [bleep]. >> they say it is time for the sheriff's office to weed out the bad apples. sources close to the investigation say problems at the jail have been on going for quite some time. they added it took the death of an inmate to spark public outrage. they vowed to investigate each complaint. >> i think part of it probably is better training. >> christine has been a criminal defense attorney for dozens of mentally ill inmates for the past several decades. >> the attitude is they are crazy. we don't believe crazy people. >> finally their stories are being heard.
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in the south bay, abc7 news. >> early next week the construction company working on the valley medical center expansion is expected to be fired from that job. today the gates to the facility in san jose were locked. officials suspended turner construction's contract. when workers show up on monday, apparently they will be turned away. the $300 million facility was supposed to open next week, but it is three years behind schedule. >> they were suspended from the project and will terminate on tuesday. we will look for a contractor. >> turner construction said they delivered a revised time line this afternoon, but the county still announced the suspension shortly afterward. well, governor brown declared a state of emergency because of the massive fire in the sierra foothills. it has doubled in size since this morning and it continues
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to grow right now. it has consumed nearly 65,000 acres at this point. sergio has new information on this very fast moving fire. >> the boutte fire is burning about 50 miles southeast of sacramento. it has exploded in size in the last three days. right now it is burning in all directions. earlier today it was threatening san san -- san andreas. >> a helicopter dumps water on flames advancing on a home. entire hillsides are burning and some people are in a panic. >> right now i am upset. >> for residents in and around the burn area it is touch and go. the hollis family evacuated to the bay area, but returned to the burn area only to be turned around again. >> my son is at my mom's house. we came back up to get more
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personal belongings and now they have evacuated avery. we don't know what is going to happen at this point. >> convoys continue to stream out of the community surrounding the fire and the fire crews from around the state continue to come in to help including this team from the san francisco fire department. the good news is winds are not a factor right now. desert dry conditions have created plenty of parched forest area. >> the fuels are ripe and ready to burn. we are pretty helpless. >> about 3,000 residents have been evacuated so far because of the boutte fire. abc7 news. new evacuations issued today as a fire burning east of fresno continueses to grow. mandatory evacuation measures are in affect in grant grove in sequoia national park and dunlap in fresno county. the lightning-caused fire started on july 31st and has burned 172 square miles.
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abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with howow bad the smoke is getting in parts of the state. >> it is getting pretty bad. look at this nasa satellite imagery and it will spell out how bad it is. when you look at the extension of the smoke it stretches a good 200 -- more than 200 miles as the two fires are burning. some of the smoke actually made its way across and into the east bay, contra costa county. it was sent to me via twitter and it was in the concord clayton area. watching live doppler 7hd and those clouds to our southwest and along with that moisture. we will see a cool down over the weekend, but will you see more out of the clouds. i'll be back to let you know. we'll -- it will help the firefighters. >> see you shortly. the chp recovered a stolen hundred thousand dollar race car tonight. the 1967 mustang fast back was found in a storage yard near
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the railroad tracks in east oakland. mike chadwick said his truck with the prize winning car in a trailer on the back was parked in front of his home in san ramon on tuesday when someone stole it. >> the victim believes when he took the car out racing the other day that he actually was being watched and followed home. when they stole the trailer they knew exactly what was in the trailer. >> officers found the peck up truck that was towing it a few blocks away this morning. police are still looking for the car thief. california could be the fifth state to allow doctors help terminally ill people end their lives. the assisted suicide bill was approved in the final day of the legislation. the governor has not said if he will sign it. lawmakers also approved a bill to automatically enroll voters when they receive driver's licenses. and four bills to reform the state public utilities commission because of what lawmakers call failures after
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the 2010 san bruno explosion and firestorm. and a bill to allow the kangaroo hydes used in soccer cleats and gloves has failed to reach a vote. a state ban takes affect once again at the end of the year. this comes two days after the i-team questioned the assembly member behind the bill. a performer kicked out of outside lands played a free make up concert tonight. >> abc sech news was at the -- abc7 news was at the independent independent -- was at the independence. he missed the performance last month after police cited him and two colleagues for illegally scalping the artist wrist bands. >> had a little misunderstand and we decided to do a free concert for the people. without the people what is there? there is no outside line.
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>> 1500 people rsvp-ed, but only the first 500 were allowed inside. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, a movie stunt goes horribly wrong on the set of the latest tom cruise movie. and the latest in the search for a serial freeway sniper. first, a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks, dan. here is a sneak peek at our latest tv masterpiece. >> why does he have the white stuff around his eyes? >> it is not that he has white stuff around his eyes. it is that the rest of his face is orange.
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in the case that has been terrorizing people in phoenix. 11 shootings in 12 days along an 8-mile stretch of highway. a mother and son were taken into custody. here is the latest. >> tonight they are questioning a person of interest in the freeway shootings. authorities saying it was a mother and son taken into custody in a dramatic scene just two miles from i of -- i-10. it was the site of eight of the 11 shootings. >> all we could see was cops
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coming in and coming right there . >> the witnesses are telling us that several police cars surrounded a white tahoe, but this truck was one of them. there are several officers involved in the operation and the white tahoe was driven from the scene. >> the mother was quickly released. this exeunt -- community was under siege for two weeks. people were taking alternate routes. the school bus drivers were under order to avoid highways. >> this whole town is in chaos right now. >> they say it is likely the shooter lives nearby. >> the reason they chit these acts is it is power. it is a power grab in control over others because they feel powerless in their life. >> police are still telling people not to let their guard down. >> make sure you are doing your best to keep vigilant. >> that mother and son being taken into custody at this gas station. there is still caution tape. the clerk inside is saying the man being questioned is a regular here.
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and right behind that shopping center witnesses say police were stabling their scene -- staging their scene for three hours before they went in. phoenix, arizona. well, a deadly crash on the set of a new tom cruise film. two people were killed and a third injured after a small plane assigned to the movie crashed in columbia. tom cruz was not on the plane at the time. the american pilot was killed. local authorities say the crash was like looy due to bad weather. was likely due to bad weather. 14 years after the september 11th attacks there are memorial ceremonies to make sure we never forget what happened. the treb beaut -- the tribute and light shined brightly. 88 bulbs projected the twin towers four miles into the night sky. and at ground zero this morning on this 14th anniversary, the bells marked the moment when two hijacked
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planes crashed into the world trade center. the family members read more than 3,000 names of those who died. and the last surviving rescue dog to work on 9/11 returned from texas. britney, the golden retriever, helped find survivors in the rubble. >> mark bingham. >> in shanksville, pennsylvania mark bingham what was remembered. he was one of the passengers who stormed the cockpit of flight 93. a memorial stands 40 feet high to honor the 40 people who died when the united plane crashed into the field when they fought back against those terrorists. and at the pentagon a huge american flag unfurled at dawn to mark the exact spot where the plane crashed killing 188 people. you can honor the 9/11 anniversary on social media. visit our instagram page to share this badge.
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an estimated 10,000 people lined the streets to honor three men with northern california ties and who helped stop a potential masacre on a european train. they received their own ticker tape parade in sacking is a. the trio received france's highest award for their heroic efforts, but today's honor may have been more meaningful to them because it was among their hometown folks. well deserved. the weekend finally arrived and so has a little cooling. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> a well deserved break for the bay area after five days of hot weather. we will finally cool off inland. live doppler-d ---d is showing the high clouds. you will see the high clouds that made for a gorgeous sunset tonight. clouds will be on the increase and it is courtesey of a
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former hurricane famed -- named linda. 102 in concord. it wasn't as hot in places like san jose where it cooled. 89 degrees degrees and 93 in oakland. 96 in san rafael. the temperatures did come down 68 in san francisco. 65 in half moon bay. you aren't feeling the relief? just wait. you will get the relief. the temperatures are quite comfortable in the upper 50s from santa rosa and novato and half moon bay. we'll go with fog and high clouds and not so hot, but humid weekend there is a slight chance of drops on sunday and monday. i will show you why. the satellite-radar showing the area of high pressure. it is finally starting to head east. the heat is going with it. low pressure, what is left of linda. the moisture is already showing up to the southwest. we are seeing high clouds
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today. more of this will lift toward the bay area. this is what it will mean. over the weekend you will notice it turns muggier and cloudier especially as we head into sunday morning. there is a possibility the south bay may pick up a few sprinkles. the heat wave ends tomorrow afternoon. inland areas in the low 90s. coastal spots 60s and 70s. the on shore flow begins and it will be quite comfortable on sunday as well. on monday, the on shore flow, the cooler marine influence strengthens and the temperatures are in the warmest inland valleys and only in the 80s. for many who have been dealing with the hot weather it will be better. fog not morning around the bay and the coast. most other areas will see high clouds. 50s coast and bay and 60s inland. highs for your saturday are humid in the south bay. 94 in gilroy and say the 5 in san jose. 84 santa clara. also a muggy one.
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low 80s redwood city and 79 in san mateo. 64 pacifica. downtown sphrask 70 degrees -- san francisco 70 degrees. 85 napa and 89 santa rosa. filtered sun in the east bay. 76 oakland. 84 castro valley. inland will be on the warm and humid side. 92 concord and 94 livermore. we will lose the heat and gain some humidity and maybe even a few drops on sunday and monday. cooler this weekend and we drop you into the 80s next week, dan. we will go below normal. there is a slight chance next thursday actual showers. >> i know i have a blanket somewhere. >> cover up. >> just ahead, the google maps glitch that has people wondering if the company is trying to make a statement about climate change. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gun shot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save.
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through sunday, during mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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thousands of dollars from people who want to see the pope in new york, dc or philly this month. 30,000 tickets -- free tickets were snatched up on-line and now showing up on craigslist. the most expensive in new york for $5,000. new york's mayor promised to make all of those listings, to have them all removed. ama lats will be live -- ama daetz will be live in washington, d.c. when the pope arrives on september 22nd. join her as abc7 news follows pope francis on this historic trip. be sure to tune if. a glitch in google maps changed the look of the southern california coastline. users saw streets and highways under water. in malibu you can see the pacific coast water logged. they said it was not a political statement about rising sea levels. there was a technical problem with the mapping system and it is now nexted.
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now nexted. >> when you start to search for beach front property in las vegas we know it has gone too far. in sports another out teelder goes down -- outfielder goes down, but the giants refuse to quit. have no fear, angel
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brought to you by xfinity. >> the march to the trainer's room continues for the giants. greg orblanco is out with a concussion he believes he suffered against the dodgers. at this rate lucille could be in center field next week. the giants are back home against the padres. the irish piper's band performed before the game honoring those lost in 9/11. the hit streak now at 11:00. they scored 2-1 giants.


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