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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm tiffany wilson in for chris nguyen. saturday, september 12th. we want to start off with a quick look at the weather. >> good morning to you. you may have noticed high clouds streaming up from the south. that subtropical moisture making it feel muggy and humid throughout the day. you can see the high clouds. if i step out of the way, look at all the moisture here offshore. it's all due to an old hurricane that is going to focus on central and southern california, but for the bay area, a combination of that onshore push, the low clouds, the high clouds. it's going to be cooler today. right now in the mid 50s in san francisco.
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southwest wind over 25 miles per hour. despite these 60s, your afternoon highs will only be in the 80s today in san jose. we'll talk about highs that come down even further into the week ahead. when maybe we'll see some of that moisture out of the clouds. >> thank you. a state of emergency in the sierra foot hills this morning. governor brown issuing the decoration for the masses bute fire. right now it's already consumed 65,000 acres and it's only 10% contained. abc 7 news reporter has new information on the fast-moving fire. >> the butte fire is burning about 50 miles southeast of sacramento. right now it is burning in all direction. a helicopter dumps water on flames advancing on a home,
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entire hillsides are burning, and some people are in a panic. >> i'm upset. we are going to lose everything we own. been here 28 years. >> for residents, it's touch-and-go. they were turned around again. >> we came back up to try to get more personal belongings and now they evacuated avery. we don't know what's going to happen at this point. >> conveys of live stock trailers stream out of the communities surrounding the fire. fire crews from around the state continue to come into help, including this team from the san francisco fire department. winds aren't a factor right now desert dry conditions created plenty of parched forest area. >> we are helpless as humans when conditions are like this. >> about 3,000 residents have been evacuated so far because of the butte fire.
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>> evacuations orders are in effect in grant grove and sequoia national park. the fire burned 172 square miles. in developing news, at least one person is dead after a reported shooting in hayward overnight. officers arrived at belvedere court and found the victim near a car suffering from at least one gun shot wound. authorities are trying to uncover a motive and find a suspect. >> another shooting overnight left one person dead in oakland. shots broke out around 10:00 at 84th avenue and international boulevard. whatever happened there was intense. 40 bullet casings littered the scene when officers arrived, no suspect is in custody and an investigation is under way. today marks five years since
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chilean national bravo was shot and killed during a robbery in berkeley. it was his 35th birthday and his fiancee was with him he he died. she is trying to keep his memory alive. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for his death. new allegations this morning of inmate mistreatment at the santa clara county jail. inmates say officers are making threats, trying to get them to keep quiet about the beating death of a mentally ill man. a criminal investigation is under way to find out if any of the allegations are true and who should be held responsible. abc 7 news reporter janet oh has the details. >> reporter: detectives and internal affairs are taking a close look at allegations that deputies are threatening inmates who say they witnessed the beating death of another inmate, 31-year-old michael tyree.
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the bay area news group reports sheriffs' investigators informed the cell block. >> you can't discount these people's stories. >> reporter: robert powell is representing rubin garcia one of the inmates who says he saw three correctional officers assau assault tyree. he says two other correctional officers banged his head to the ground breaking his jaw in july. >> they tell him, if you want this to stop, you need to say [ bleep ]. >> attorneys say it's time for the sheriff's office to weed out the bad apples. sources say problems at the jail have been ongoing for quite some time. add it took the death of an inmate to spark public outrage and for officials to take action. the sheriff vows to investigate each complaint. >> i think part of it probably is better training. >> christine has been a criminal defense attorney for dozens of mentally ill inmates for the
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past several decades. >> the attitude was kind of, well, we don't believe crazy people. >> she says finally their stories are being heard. >> happening now the ninth annual urban shield, training exercises for first responders and police on how to handle a terrorist or other large-scale incident. this year's event includes training in real-life scenarios including an exercise how to hand al possible terrorist incident during the upcoming super bowl at levi stadium. they see this as the increased militarization of police. >> host of a major event in the bay area we want to have our teams onboard with what the plan is going to be in case something bad should happen. >> we want oakland agencies as the fire department and emts to start participating in urban
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shield and have more face-to-face conversations with the community about what we actually need instead. >> urban shield exercises are taking place all over the bay area until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. or monday rather. the chp recovered a stolen $100,000 race car last night. the 1967 mustang fastback was found inside a storage yard near the railroad tracks in east oakland. mike chadwick says his truck with the prize-winning car and trailer on the back was parked in front of his home on tuesday when someone stole it. >> the victim believes that when he took the car out racing the other day, that he actually was being watched, followed home and when they stole this trailer, they knew exactly what was inside the trailer. >> officers found the pick-up truck that was towing the trailer a few blocks away this morning. police are still looking for the car thief. california could become just the fifth state to allow doctors to help terminally ill people end their lives. the senate approved the assisted
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suicide bill during the final day of the legislative session. governor brown has not said if he'll sign that legislation. in this late-night session yesterday, law makers approved a bill to automatically enroll voters when they receive their drivers' licensees. four bills to reform the state public utility commission because of what law makers call failures after the 2010 san bruno explosion. and a bill to allow the import of kangaroo hide failed to reach a boat. a state ban on kangaroo products takes effect the end of the year. this comes a few days after the abc 7 i team questioned the assembly member behind that kangaroo bill. law makers also pushed through a package of legislation that would create some of the first rules for marijuana. voters are likely to consider legalizing the recreational use of pot next year and the state wants to be ready, laying down the framework for regulating growers, sellers and buys.
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the package contains some of the most comprehensive rules governing recreational marijuana in the nation. it now goes to governor jerry brown for consideration. >> apple fanatics, the time has come to put in your orders for the very newest iphones. check it out. apple's online store is now allowing customers to put in preorders for the iphone 6 and 6s plus. by preordering, you can skip the line at stores when they officially hit the shelves september 25th. in the past, iphones have sold out quickly. the iphone 6s will begin at $199 for a 16 gigabyte version then top out at $399 for a 128 gigabyte device. that's a lot of storage. the upgraded device was unveiled wednesday in san francisco. other products that will go on sale in the next two months include the biggest ipad ever, the apple pencil and a brand-new
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apple tv. a lot of excitement in the tech world. i think a lot of excitement in the bay area that we are finally starting to see some relief. >> yes. all of california looking different and feeling different this morning with the cloud cover and the moisture with relative humidity. does it mean any rain? more importantly the temperatures coming down. we'll look ahead in a few minutes. >> thank you. and a cafe conversation between cops go public. what was so graphic that an investigation is now under way. plus, some grand fanfare for northern california heroes who stopped a rampage on a plane. the ce
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8:13. san francisco's police chief ordered an investigation into two of his officers who joked about body cams showing officer-involved shootings. conversations posted on social media here is vic lee. >> we're police officers so we're public figures. we are expected to maintain a decorum.
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>> reporter: police chief does not see decorum in this cell phone video which someone secretly posted on instagram. two of his officers are chatting in a coffee shop about body cams, talking graphically what they want the cameras to show and not show during an officer-involved shooting. >> in the second clip the two talk about the body cam recordings, what might happen when the gunman is shot. >> the chief ordered an investigation. >> this is not the kind of graphic conversation officers should be having, let alone in a public place. >> in my opinion, this is much ado about nothing. >> martin is president of the
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police officers union. >> two officers having a conversation at a cafe they thought was private, i don't see as a big issue. 0. >> reporter: and doesn't see it as a violation ofç police policies. >> some of the language as far as blood splatter, that's graphic. this is what police officers deal with on a daily basis. it's unpleasant sometimes what we are forced to encounter. >> reporter: body kams, he says, is a popular topic among officers they could soon be wearing them if the police commission approves it. vic lee, abc 7 news. a deadly crash on the set of a new tom cruise film. two people were killed and a third injured after a small plane assigned to the movie "menna" crashed in columbia. tom cruise was not on the plane at the time. american pilot died. the crash was likely due to bad weather. a performer who was kicked out of outside land played a free make-up concert last night.
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abc 7 news was at the independent in san francisco as he took the stage. the oakland native missed his outside performance last month after police cited him and two colleagues for illegally scalping artist wrist bands. >> had a little misunderstanding at the outside land concert and decided to do a free concert for the people. without the people, what is there? there is no fantastic greek, no outsideland. >> 1,500 people rsvp but the first 500 were allowed inside. fire fighting is a tough but rewarding profession. if you think you've got what it takes, a firefighter expo in livermore can help you get started. it runs 10:00 to 1:00 on commerce way. everyone is welcome. women and transitioning military personnel in particular are
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urged to apply. the mayor of sacramento symbolically chose yesterday, september 11th, to honor the three men who stopped a terrorist attack in france last month. all three men grew up in the sacramento area and they considered local heroes. >> hundreds of people on the parade route, some standing on downtown roof top buildings to catch a glimpse of a sacramento hometown hero. >> we are just excited to be here to celebrate what is good about america and these young boys. >> patriotism was on full display to proudly receive the three men who helped thwart a terrorist attack on a paris-bound train last month. >> it's a proud thing to have these men from our area do something so magnificent. it's a worldly thing. it's wonderful. >> this mom and daughter duo came with a homemade sign. >> welcome home and we are
8:18 am
grateful to them doing what they did. they made america proud. >> the parade featured local marching bands and military personnel. the final float had heroes. the procession moved family members to tears. >> he's a hero. he made his family so proud. i cry because i love him so much. >> emotional for you right now? >> yeah. it could have turned out so much worse. i'm so happy that he's here and they're heroes. >> a giant rally waited the heroes on the front steps of the state capitol complete with an air force flyover. civic leaders and stay law makers presented the three men with much deserved accolades. it was the heroes' speeches that stole the show. >> i want to appreciate and thank everybody in sacramento coming out today. thank you. >> we've never got a reception like this. this is unreal. >> this support is amazing and we all love you.
8:19 am
we love sacramento. >> so great to see them. they are such humble young men. they deserve all the best. they do such a great job. >> the parade and rally lasted for 1 1/2 hours. the hometown heroes were treated like rock stars out here. an overwhelming experience for the childhood friends now heroes. 8:19. turning to our weather. a mixed bag. a break from the heat but the humidity is on the rise. >> exactly. you probably noticed the high level and mid level clouds and low clouds in the marine layer. that brought temperatures down in sacramento yesterday. 69 degrees. still at least half dozen over 100 degrees. we've got some 90s, a few upper 80s. it will feel better for everyone. what is this? subtropical moisture just offshore of the energy from this
8:20 am
will impact parts of monterey counties southward, point conception, st. louis, also down through los angeles. unfortunately, we may get a few sprinkles out of it. that's about it. lightning strikes are possible in the next several days. here's the track of that low. was a hurricane, but really you'll feel the humidity and the dew points will go up. it's going to feel uncomfortable. any trade-off from that triple digit heat is probably doable, right? as we look outside right now from mt. tam you notice low clouds. high clouds. gray out there 7:00 san francisco. up one degree from the last hour. 61 in san jose. half moon bay, a chilly 7:00. we had interesting pictures with the high clouds. unfortunately, the moisture from the clouds really not going to amount to much for us. maybe some sprinkles along the kwoes that drizzle. 63 concord. higher elevations are looking at
8:21 am
winds anywhere from 20 to 25 miles per hour. mt. diablo, mt. tam. a big switch if you're bike riding or running, walking the dog. pretty nice. we are getting shielded from that sun with the extra cloud cover. fog and high clouds not a problem. we have the humidity. slight chance of showers in the south bay. maybe mist and drizzle at the coast. we are looking at not only this pattern for the weekend, but further changes into the week ahead. here is a look at yesterday's reading. 69 in san francisco. 07 today. everyone else anywhere from six to 11 degrees cooler for one day. out of the upper 90s for you in concord, about 87 today. redwood city down 10 degrees in santa rosa. at least six. we'll look for high pressure to move out of town, but the flow around that brings up the subtropical moisture. this low here allowing for the possibility of a light shower, mainly south of us. it's another low to the north of us that could make things
8:22 am
interesting say late next week. 85 in san jose. 82 sunnyvale. 82 menlo park. 70s for millbrae. 64 pacifica. notice all the cloud cover. 70 downtown. up in the north bay, 81 for petaluma. 83 sonoma. novato mid 70s. tomorrow humidity with cloud cover. cooler for everyone. then 80s with that lower dew point feeling very much like fall and maybe even a sprinkle by the middle of next week. all signs point to just behind us. >> thank goodness for that. thank you. still ahead, authorities intensify their crackdown on those trying to profit from the pope's historic visit to the united states.
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dazzling brighter than ever during the diamond celebration! visit "trick or treat." scalpers hope to get thousands of dollars from people in new york. tickets are showing up on craigslist. the most expensive, a pair of tickets in new york going for $5,000. new york's mayor promised to have all their listings removed. >> abc news anchors will be live in washington, d.c. the first of
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three cities the pope will visit when he arrived in the u.s. september 22nd. join her as abc 7 news follows pope francis on this historic trip. we finally know more about that sticky goo that spilled into san francisco bay last january and killed hundreds of birds. a team of scientists analyze the mysterious substance that showed up along the san leandro coast. they determined the goo was not petroleum based but similar to vegetable oil. scientists still can't determine where it came from, but the substance was thick and sticky and that made it difficult to remove some bird feathers. >> a glitch in google maps drastically changed the look of the southern california coastline. take a look. users saw streets and highways all under water. in malibu you can see the pacific coast highway waterlogged. the mountain view company says it wasn't a political statement about rising sea levels, rather google says there was a technical problem with its
8:27 am
mapping system and it's now fixed. 8:27. still ahead, anxiety on arizona highways after a string of freeway shootings. what authorities revealed about who may be responsible. and courage under fire. how two officers waded through hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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good morning and welcome back. we are starting off this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa average eve argent. >> a little sun glimpse on the water, but overall you'll notice more cloud cover, more humidity, sticky out there but temperatures coming down. 64 in livermore. you're much cooler. eight degrees cooler in the livermore valley but 1 for your afternoon highs. we will look at the partly to mostly cloudy skies not only day, but tonight and tomorrow. maybe squeezing out a few sprinkles, light shower. we'll talk more in detail about that and much cooler outlook for next week. >> thank you. we are now getting our first look at a man called a person of interest in the flurry of freeway shootings in arizona. police say he could be the first of several people involved in
8:31 am
the incidents that had the city on edge. >> overnight police identifying a man arrested at this arizona gas station as a person of interest in a string of highway shootings rattling the phoenix area. >> our criminal investigation as well as s.w.a.t. >> officers swarming this white suv and taking 19-year-old oscar munoz into custody. >> all we could see was cops coming in and then after that, they disappeared. >> this morning, investigators tell abc news munoz has been charged with marijuana possession but confirm he is still a person of interest in the shooting. questioning him for hours friday night. >> whether or not it's one or two, i can't confirm that. >> may be looking for more than one shooter.
8:32 am
august 29th, a gun shot shattering a driver's windshield. a tour bus hit less than ten miles away and nine more reported shootings in the area since then. police say some may even be the work of a copycat. >> flash floods trapped a man and grandson inside their car and the water was rising. officers took off their radios and waded in. body cams rolling the entire time. strong arms pulled the man from the car as well as his grandson. the driver didn't realize the water was so deep. authorities say drivers need to remember, turn around, don't drown. not to take changes when they don't need to.
8:33 am
>> police in new york have released surveillance footage that shows the mistaken takedown of former tennis star james blake. blake was minding his own business outside a manhattan hotel when a plain clothed officer wrestled him to the ground. he mistook him for an identity theft. blake offers no resistance as he his handcuffed and led away. he's been questioned and the officer has been placed on desk duty. >> president obama used his weekly radio address this morning to announce a new program for college students and their families. the's called college scoreboards. the program is meant to help students and parents identify which schools provide the biggest bang for their buck. >> americans will now have access to reliable data on every institution of higher education. you'll be able to see how much
8:34 am
these school graduates earn, how much debt they graduate with and what percentage of a school students can pay back loans which will help all of us see which schools do the best job preparing america for success. >> the president added some form of higher education is the surest ticket to the middle class. the young pakistani woman who won a nobel prize for standing up to the taliban wants to go to stanford but getting in won't be easy. malala yousafzai has to compete against other students who have already taken the s.a.t. >> it is official. guinness confirmed a world record was set in richmond august 15th. that is when 1,084 women put on
8:35 am
coveralls, work boots and bandannas to dress up as rosy the riveter in the marina bay park. rosy the riveter was the character on posters during world war ii. she summoned american women to work, many in factories, while men battled overseas. >> 8:35. coming up, an east bay couple's ikea kitchen nightmare. it took 7 on your side to find their missing parts. were they able to piece it all together? >> and here is a live look from our camera on top of mt. tam. you can see a lot of cloud cover over the bay.
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berkeley couple to talk on the daunting task building a kitchen from ikea. they ran into trouble right away. 7 on your side stepped in to help and shows how it turned out. >> this amazingly is the entire kitchen. >> the last time we saw tess, her kitchen was this pile on the floor. they got it from ikea. you know what that means. >> it's like, you know, assemble. >> before they even started, a catch. >> i got like 90% of the kitchen and then there's this other 10%. >> key pieces missing, impossible to get. >> to build ikea, you have to
8:39 am
have the whole. you can't just have some of the parts. >> she contacted 7 on your side. we got ikea to dig up the missing pieces. now their kitchen was a done deal, right? >> obviously, we have a lot of work to do. >> getting the parts was just the beginning. >> this next step -- >> she works on matching the pieces. >> i hate reading manuals. >> 20 minutes later, the cabinet starts to take shape. her husband patrick makes drawers. thea puts them in. >> organizing the parts. >> there are setbacks like when patrick builds the wrong size cabinets. >> i walk into the room and i'm like, oh, no that's the cabinet we don't need. >> he had to start all over. >> we are still married. >> after weeks of a simply required aggregation, the big
8:40 am
reward. >> ta-da! >> here is how it looked before. here is now. thea says assembling an entire kitchen isn't for everyone, but satisfying. >> i can't believe it's real. >> all that hard work did pay off. the whole kitchen cost about $4,200. a fraction of a contractor's price. if you try this on your own, thea says make sure you have good tools, a lot of patience and maybe a marriage counselor getting through those rough patches. >> we needed some patience to get through this past week of hot, hot weather. >> today it's here for everyone in the form of cloud cover, cooler temperatures. yes, you're going to feel that humid. i'll tell you how much we'll cool down when we return. >> thank you. >> another outfielder goes down but the san francisco giants refuse to quit.
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just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at a strong earthquake hit tokyo overnight rattling nerves, but not causing any significant damage. the magnitude 5.2 quake hit near tokyo's airport. the epicenter was about 35 miles down in tokyo bay. japanese broadcasters report some people were briefly trapped in elevators. others suffered minor injuries after losing their balance during the shaking. there was no tsunami threat and no reports of major damage. we are just one day away from the crowning of the next miss america right here on abc 7. reporter george penakeo from los angeles sat down with miss california and tells us why she is very fond of the bay area.
8:44 am
>> miss orange coast. >> she's been miss garden grove, miss north county. with four pageant titles, miss orange coast became miss california. bree who grew up in garden grove and attended long beach state had her parents' support every step of the way. >> they've been the most amazing people. my dad was a truck driver and owned a trucking company. my mom was pta president and always there with us. we grew up really as a tight knit family. they've been there since day one. >> mom and dad do have competition though. bree says her cat stanley is her number one fan. bree's number one talent is tap dancing. if she makes it through the interview portion of the pageant, she says being politically correct is key. >> they want you to state your opinion but to do so in a graceful way. it's important. it's empowering we as women have
8:45 am
opinions and can say them openly, on a stage in front of millions of people, but what's more important than that is to say it in a way that is graceful, intelligent and poised. so that people don't get offended too much. >> bree looks forward to having a pageant friend in every state, but she is most proud of representing her home state. >> i grew up in southern california, going to huntington beach on the weekends. i'm familiar with the coastal kind of surfer, surf city usa, california. going up north and seeing all the trees and the different weather and just the richness and cultural diversity that is san francisco and those other places makes me feel so lucky and feel like i have a step up on the competition when i go to miss america. i know what it's like to live in such a diverse place. it's like a small scale america. >> here is what bree's fans will be using to cheer her on.
8:46 am
the 2016 miss america competition returns to atlantic city's famous boardwalk tomorrow. you can experience all sunday at 9:00 p.m. here on abc 7. >> time is 8:46. if we talk about our weather today, a mixed bag. lower temperatures, more humidity. >> you can see that with the extra cloud cover this morning. it's going to continue to stream up from south, the high clouds and the mid level clouds. we still have a few 90s. some temperatures will be certainly on the warm and muggy side, but nothing like we've had. live doppler 7hd picking up the cloud cover and green on the screen representing that moisture that will interact and also has been providing lightning strikes around point conception. the best chance of rain will be southern california. unfortunately, we sort of missed that but maybe some drizzle on the coast.
8:47 am
mostly you'll notice the cloud cover and dew points creeping up to give us more sticky feel out there san jose. the clouds and temperatures from the 50s. 7:00 in san francisco and half moon bay. it is 63 in morgan hill and mountain view with 60 oakland. 61 in san jose. we've been enjoying the high clouds and low clouds and in between a little sun here and there. 7:00 santa rosa and novato. even with the 50s, you're a little bit milder in the north bay. elsewhere much cooler. the southwest winds alive for a little bit of a breeze in higher elevations. sfo, you can see the deck of low clouds there. high clouds this morning. that will continue through the afternoon. tonight into tomorrow, as well. won't be as hot. we will have the humidity and a slight chance maybe some sprinkles. can't rule out a shower, but doesn't look likely. most of the moisture will be far south. as high pressure continues to
8:48 am
drift to the east, clockwise flow around the high brings up that subtropical moisture. allows for the instability and the possibility of some of that moisture reaching the ground. we'll take you through tomorrow. notice high clouds will thin out from time to time. into saturday sunday to monday, looks like we are trying to get a few sprinkles, but activity in the higher elevations with the northern and southern sierra. it's been hazy there with the fires. that will continue today with all the smoky conditions. bad air quality from tahoe through yosemite. temperatures in san jose will come out of the 80s after the weekend, but how about mid 70s for highs tuesday and wednesday? a couple of areas of low pressure working their way into the bay area, allowing for the cooldown to continue into next week. 83 for you today in fremont. 87 in concord. the evening game today, padres
8:49 am
in town with the cloudy skies and temperatures at about 68 dropping to 62. accuweather seven-day forecast, humid tomorrow. possible drops on monday, below average tuesday. little change mid week and maybe a few sprinkles by the end of the week. that is more like it. >> we certainly hope those sprinkles do arrive. >> it would be nice. >> thank you, lisa. >> turning to sports, injuries keep stacking up for the san francisco giants. alden smith finds himself in a if you role with silver and black. here is larry beil with this morning's sports report. good morning. the march to the trainer's room continues for the giants. gregor blanco out with a concussion he believes he suffered last week against the dodgers. at this week, lucille could be in center feet next week. the irish pipers band performed in a ceremony before the first pitch. 1-1 game in the third. buster posey extending his hit
8:50 am
streak to 11 games. it's 2-1 giants. here is the play in the seventh inning. angel leaps at the wall. pegan is here. what a catch. giants 9-1. 21 to play. a's and rangers in the arlington. a double off jesse chavez to right field. colby lewis had a perfect game he took into the eighth. top sixth. look at second baseman make the catch. he was shifted out into shallow right otherwise that would have been a clean base hit. danny valencia broke up with a double to left. a's get shut out 4-0. >> two days before kicking off a brand-new season, raiders stunned everybody signing former
8:51 am
niner all-alden smith. he was wearing his number 99 at practice yesterday. it's been five weeks since smith was cut by the niners after his fifth arrest in three years. will he go to jail? will he be suspended by the nfl? both unknown at this point. meantime raiders coach suddenly gets an all pro linebacker for his defense. >> we are very thorough what we do and how we do it. so we feel confident about the addition and about our football team going forward. >> roberta vinci was so sure she would lose to venus williams, she called her travel agent to book an early flight back home that. has to change after the biggest upset in tennis history. serena became more and more frustrated. serena just cannot put vinci away. the 32-year-old italian was a 300-1 underdog in this match. with a drop shot there.
8:52 am
are you not entertained? leading 5-4, triple match points. and another pure gutsy drop shot. the unseeded italian upsets maybe the best female player ever. >> the number one seed djokovic won. >> college football on abc 7. oregon and michigan state at 5:00. we'll see you right after that. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. still ahead, a huge treat for local football fans. where you can find yourself surrounded by all the lombardi trophies brought home by the niners and raiders.
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here are the winning numbers from the $106 million straw. 5-11-31-50-67 with mega ball 14. there was a winner. check your tickets. tuesday's draw is $15 million. today is national video games day. this weekend happens to be the 30th anniversary of gaming's most successful franchise. super mario brothers was released in the u.s. in 1985.
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along with nintendo entertainment system. much of the mario brothers design was due to the technical limitations in 1985. mario wear as hat because his creator couldn't animate hair. and wears overalls so you can see his arms when he walks. as simple as he is, he's become a cultural phenomenon. art, food and music all take center stage in mountain view this weekend. there's also a one of a kind display for bay area football fans. the 44th annual art and wine festival includes a super bowl 50 exhibit featuring all eight lombardi super bowl trophies won by the 49ers and raiders. the bay area has more super bowl wins than any other region. five for the niners, three for the raiders. runs from 10:00 to 6:00 today and tomorrow. >> more cooling, five to ten degrees cooler across the bay. 83 fremont.
8:57 am
75 richmond. 70 san francisco. a look ahead, about the same tomorrow but the cooldown continues into next week. maybe mist and drizzle on the coast and possibility of a light shower mid week. >> we are looking forward to that cooldown. thank you. thank you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. remember, if you have pictures or video of any news that happens where you live, share it with us by posting on social media with the hashtag abc 7 now. abc 7 news continues at 4:00 followed by college football at 5:00.
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