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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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37 seconds left when that play ended. >> mike: and smythe is hurt living off the field. they have got to get a man on for him. >> ed: oh, boy, this is tough clock management here. that's almost 20 seconds gone. >> mike: toward the end zone. touchdown! will fuller! 39 yards. what a throw by kizer. he bought time and threw a strike. holy cow. >> ed: virginia had coverage over there and they took their eyes off of fuller when kizer started moving to the side. there was a safety. and corner. canady got beat. the safety took his eyes off.
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one foot inbounds is all you need in the college game. >> mike: fuller is a star. and kizer found him. >> ed: excellent job by fuller never giving up on the play. he continued to sneak by canady. kizer as he rolled out came back. >> mike: how is that for your first touchdown pass? only 12 seconds left. >> ed: yeah. >> mike: to come back and stop the upset. >> ed: because of that screen that clock went from $2 37 to - they lost almost 20 seconds before that snap. so if you don't hit that one you're scrambling for your next play. if it's incomplete the clock stops but what a difference it would have made for virginia. what a shocker, all the momentum in the world when malik zair went down in the third quarter. he went down with a right ankle
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injury. it was gruesome looking. we don't have a report yet. deshone kizer came in who played just a touch against texas, had not played in this game. you know who to go to if you're the quarterback at notre dame now right? >> mike: before that drive he was only 1-3. 4-4 on that drive. also had a four-yard scramble. or started on that drive, 1-3. excuse me. >> ed: you go for two to make it seven. >> mike: this place is stunned. and can you blame them? to the end zone for two. wide open. tory hunter jr. >> ed: i don't know how you line up after that. you know, the bummer for virginia and mike london on the hot seat last year. they said he is coming back for 2015 but most people thinking
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it's got to be a ball game or better. they started out with two of the best defensive teams in the country athletically, ucla and notre dame. now they have to play number 20 boise state. in the first month they played three teams in the top 20. >> mike: good luck with that . 9 >> ed: this team is much better at every position deeper. the bummer is they're going to be sitting here at 0-2. can they keep it together? this team i think is good enough to win, six seven eight games but with this september what a tough start to a really important season for mike london and his future. >> mike: this game psychologically unless they can score in the next 12 seconds is we had them. >> ed: it's got to hurt. >> mike: there are no moral victories anymore. not at this level and you can say -- what can you say? we had them. we let them go.
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>> ed: you hope that guys like matt johns and the defensive tackle, you hope they can get guys going. you get a easier game next week. but for notre dame -- then you got to regroup your -- down to your third string quarterback. what you thought coming out of spring ball. with zair going down with what looked like a bad ankle injury. >> mike: wasn't it odd that mizzell would take a knee? your most dangerous runner. you got 12 seconds. give the kid a shot. >> ed: now with 10 you get two, maybe three plays. >> mike: three five-yarders. >> ed: did you happen to watch byu? >> mike: yes. >> ed: i think you would want to be closer. it's a feeling like it was a waste of time maybe. >> mike: notre dame has safety 50 yards from the line of scrim
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a age. almost intercepted. incomplete with 4 seconds left. >> ed: if you had youtube you bring up the stanford play where the ball was thrown back and forth 10 or 15 times. yeah. it's about all you have now for virginia. no way matt johns is going to be able to get this down the field far enough for a touchdown. you just pitch it around for a while and see if you can't score. but you have to think irish fans are at home and they don't really care about this win because of the injury to malik zair. they have to go 12-0 to go to the college football playoff. >> mike: here we go with the stanford band but it's over. virginia just played its heart out today. there's no way around it. >> ed: give some credit to notre
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dame for hanging in there too. you lost your starting quarterback. i think fuller is pretty big time. >> mike: give credit to kizer. i mean what a performance from that young man who didn't expect to play. comes off the bench. his team is down. being upset on the road and he finds a way. >> ed: terrific experience for that young man as well. >> mike: doc, let's go to you. >> jerry: take us back to 43 seconds on the clock. you got a backup quarterback and 50 yards away. you call the time-out. what are you thinking? >> we had a couple of plays in mind that we felt like, you know, a couple of things for deshone that he had done well. again, we're playing a quarterback that we didn't expect to play today. losing you know, malik. so we went to some things that we thought he could execute. he's a big strong kid and one was to push the ball down the field. we made a play when we needed to late. give a lot of credit to virginia
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today. they played really well. i'm proud of the way our kids played. >> jerry: you mentioned malik, we saw him carted off for x-rays. what can you tell us? >> well, i don't have exactly what happened. other than we know that it was an ankle injury and i know -- i'll talk to our team physician when we get in there. you know, it wasn't great news at the initial diagnosis but we'll find more when i get into the locker room. >> reporter: how difficult does that make it for the irish for a football team to focus on him as a leader offensively? >> you never want to lose your starting running back and quarterback. but you know, that's college football. and we'll persevere. deshone did a great job. he's going to have a lot of confidence. if malik can't go, deshone is going to be the guy we'll rally around. >> jerry: coach, thanks for your time. >> thanks. appreciate it.
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>> mike: it makes that matchup next week against georgia tech that much more difficult but off of what little we saw from deshone kizer. if they want to come out and throw the ball, he's got a gun. they can play that way. virginia, what do you do now? >> ed: got to regroup. they can get to a bowl. >> mike: once again our final score notre dame, 34, virginia 27. tonight on abc, oregon/michigan state. for our entire crew this is mike patrick. so long from charlottesville, virginia.
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and that breaking news is happening right now in lake county where four firefighters have been injured in a fire near the town of cobb. take a look at these pictures posted on twitter by jerome stratch, you can see the smoke rising here, mandatory evacuations are underway right now. we're told the fire has burned at least 400 acres and it is growing rapidly. so we're going to continue to follow this breaking news right here on abc 7 and on twitter @abc 7 news bay area. hello and thank you for joining us. let's get straight to meteorologist drew tuma with the latest on the conditions that these fire crews are facing. the firefighters are really dealing with some strong winds right now, we'll zoom into where this fire is at the moment, it's at the intersection of high valley road and boughting rock road. the winds around the region at the west, 13 miles per hour, gusting, though, to 17 miles per hour. the relative humid sit low at
4:15 pm
30% and the winds are going to be the major factor over the next couple of hours. they are not going to really sustain the 17 miles per hour gusts, they may increase over 20 miles per hour, but that west wind, look what it did to our temperatures across the bay area. numbers just completely crashed on this saturday compared to friday. we're 28 degrees cooler in livermore, 27 in antioch, 10 degrees cooler in oakland, 17 in san carlos and 20 degrees cooler in napa today compared to yesterday. so the big question, how long does refreshing air last? i will let you know with the full accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. thank goodness they are not dealing with the conditions we were seeing a few days ago. let's get an update from lake county from danielle burr plant from cal fire. he joins us on the phone. >> this fire has now grown to 400 acres, it's been a fast moving wildfire. it started just before 1:30 this afternoon and has quickly burned throughout lake county. there are mandatory evacuations for several communities. right now that includes the
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community of cobb, the community of harbin, so the springs as well as big canyon road. this is a fire like we've been seeing many others all summer long, very fast moving. even though temperatures are down it's not the weather necessarily that's handling these fires it's the extremely dry conditions from the drought that's allowing this fire like many of the others to burn so rapidly. >> we know four firefighters are in a burn center now. do we have any update on their condition? >> this afternoon four of our firefighters from one of our helicopter crews were battling the fire when they did suffer burn injuries. we do not know yet the extent of those injuries. all of them were transported to area burn centers and are now being evacuated and treated: at this point we don't have an update on their condition. obviously an example of just how dangerous the job is for our crews out there and just how quickly this fire has continued to grow. >> thank you so much, daniel. we will have an update later in the newscast. we hope those firefighters
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recover quickly. now to that massive wildfire scorching the sierra not hills, 60 miles southeast of sacramento. the fire has burned almost 101 square files here. several communities are under a mandatory evacuation orders there as well. the so-called butte fire has destroyed 15 structures. 6,400 others are still threatened. nearly 3,300 firefighters are battling those flames, including two strike teams from san mateo county. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in foster city with the latest. >> reporter: we are at fire station 28 here in foster city where two strike teams left for the butte fire just minutes ago to join that massive fire fight. >> you guys know the situation that's going on with the fire, it's blowing up again. bunch of structures are going. >> reporter: two strike teams from san mateo county get wreefd minutes before heading out to the butte fire that is burning hot and fast through gold
4:18 pm
country. the battalion chief says the drought has created a danger zone and fire crews need help. >> i've been on the job for 28 years, i even worked for cal fire when i was a younger man, i have never seen conditions like this. i think you could probably ask a lot of folks in similar situations. they are just explosive. >> reporter: firefighters started loading engines saturday morning with gear they will need for a week or longer, including emergency shelters if the fire overtakes them. >> so they will pull this out, rip this cord and then deploy. >> reporter: the butte fire claimed this truck from the west point fire department, luckily firefighters escaped unharmed. >> it just reminds me of how dangerous this job is and how much we have to prepare for kind of any risk in anyways. >> menlo park firefighters just got word a former fire captain lost his home in the fire but he wasn't injured. >> one of our retired employees has lost a home up there already, we have confirmed that through other retirees that are in touch with him. >> reporter: fire crews know this wildfire will be tough to
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battle but reinforcements in the fire fight are now on the way. in foster city, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. the search is on for a gunman after a deadly shootingover need in hayward. officers arrived at belvedere short and shepherd avenue to find the victim near a car suffering from at least one gunshot wound. neighbors say the victim lived near that crime scene. new details on a deadly shooting in east oakland. the victim has been identified as 29-year-old richard ryan of union city. police say ryan used to live in oakland and had just left a store when he was confronted by a man who shot him. it happened around 10:00 last night at 84th avenue and international boulevard. 40 bullet casings littered the scene when officers arrived. police say ryan worked as a long shore man and he leaves behind four children. dozens of neighbors in east oakland will r. demanding action to fix their streets. we were at elmhurst park today as the mayor listened to their concerns about potholes and
4:20 pm
other unsafe conditions. activists believe that east oakland is not getting a fair share of city funds to fix the road. residents walked the neighborhood with the mayor and showed her the problem. >> look, that's ankle deep. that's ankle deep. if a child was to visit a relative or a neighbor from across the street or he is accidentally, you know, just walking going across the street, he or she could slip and break an aing snool we want to make sure that we have a desirable place to live n we want a comfort. >> and we have a lot of work to do. we've got to be honest about that. but it is something that we value and something we are constantly trying to improve. >> reporter: the mayor also promised residents a community benefits agreement on the new coliseum city development in that area. listen to that. abc 7 news was at the former kaiser hospital in hayward today where this is what looked like a terrorist attack, it was just a drill. it's called urban shield, once a year first responders across the
4:21 pm
bay area undergo this training so that they are ready in case of a real large scale disaster. in simulated chaos firefighters, police and paramedics have to assess the situation quickly and figure out hot victims r those victims are played by volunteers from the community. >> it's fun. it's exciting and it helps out the community. it helps out people understanding the scenario and what goes through. >> this was just one of 58 different mock events that played out today. the san jose fire department tweeted out this picture of members of their team training in san francisco today. urban shield is taking place in five counties around the bay area through tomorrow. ahead rapper snoop dogg on the football field in richmond. we will tell you why. also, it may look like a typical touchdown in high school, but there's something very special about this game. how it's
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snoop dogg spent the afternoon on the sidelines in richmond coaching a youth football team in its season opener. he tweeted out this picture of the team. they took on the richmond steelers at kennedy high school. ddc)jjñi richmond team recentl joined the snoop youth football league started by the rapper ten years ago. and check this out, you won't see many high school football games like this one. last night's match between two teams in pennsylvania was a high scoring affair. listen to the final score.
4:25 pm
107-90. wow. that's a total of 197 points by both of those teams. the star running back for the winning team racked up over 700 yards and that's more than most players get in an entire season. according to bleacher report it's believed that this was one of the highest scoring modern era football games ever at any level. very cool. i want to turn to drew because we have had high gusting winds and even a little rain in some places. >> natasha, we just took a nose dive from blistering heat of summer into the call of fall. some lurns on our screen, most of the moisture is offshore, but we will tress breast in into the north bay locally and show you light showers that are falling right around santa rosa, right on ox dental road, pleasant hill road, lit hours at this hour. nice to see this after a hot and dry week with just experienced.
4:26 pm
a live look from our mt. tam cam. the camera is shaking, the winds are active at this hour. it's gust to go 23 miles per hour current fli oakland, 20 novato, the same in fairfield and 16 mile per hour gust right now in hayward, but those winds are making all the difference today. soak it in, it is comfortable out there, finally feeling cool and september like. 64 in san francisco, 812 concord, 70 mountain view, live doppler 7 hd along with satellite. you see this area of low pressure that's circulating, that was what was hurricane linda, it's pushing all of its remnant moisture to the north. that's why we have the cloud cover, the increased humidity and some of the showers we had at this hour, mainly in the north bay. it's not out of the question overnight tonight we could see a leftover sprinkle here or there, but the big story cloudy and schoolover night and into suchbltd overnight tonight it's going to be great sleeping
4:27 pm
weather, great air quality, comfortable temperatures, we will drop to 57 in san francisco, 60 san jose, 56 overnight in napa, 62 antioch. highs for sunday, no blistering heat out there. one of the differences we will see, the south bay will see more of the way of sunshine compared to most of the bay area. there will be -- they will see more warmth, rather. 84 san jose, 77 palo alto, 64 downtown san francisco tomorrow that will feel great, 77 vallejo, 78 santa rosa and 89 the high in fairfield. tomorrow we will call it clouds to some sunshine, that's mainly going to happen in the south bay, elsewhere it will be filtered. monday we could see some possible drops around here with our next weak weather system, it would mainly be in the morning, otherwise tuesday it's breezy, rather pleasant around here, wednesday below normal. thursday another slight chance of some showers and this would be in the north bay, thursday afternoon and into friday morning. by friday we're calling it portly cloudy. by saturday it's mild to warm. great to see the summer heat and dry conditions are out of here,
4:28 pm
nice to see the rain on live shop letter 7 hd. we may be done with the heat so to speak for the month of the september. >> those of us who don't have air conditioning all breathing a sigh of relief right now. >> right here. it was the worst sleeping weather. awful. >> we are happy for that good news. we turn to shoe now. >> i have to welcome you to the bay area. >> i grew up here. >> good to have you here. cal hosting san diego state look to go improve 2-0. memorial stadium this season but the aztecs had other ideas. given the bears all they could
4:29 pm
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4:31 pm
cal hosting saibd state at memorial stadium look to go improve to 2-0. defense fell last week, can you say busted coverage. maxwell smith to a wide open daniel run, bears 35 points in the first quarter last week, shut out today. they score in the second. gall to powell 7-7 ball game. cal starting from their own 35 and it didn't take long, derek goff to get down the field 28 yards down the middle to bryce treggs. two place later. he goes left to maurice harris. three plays, 65 yards in 52 seconds. 14-7 bears at the half. first play of the second half gough looks left, 21-7 bears. bears lead 28-7 in the third quarter. we will have updated highlights for you. ohio state looking for
4:32 pm
entertain any way possible hosting the rainbow warriors. buckeyes did not look good for the first three-quarters except ezekiel elliott. pile of bodies everywhere. ball skirts loose into the arms of vaughn bell and he is going to return it to the house. ohio state wins big, 38-0. second ranked alabama hosting cupcake middle tennessee. first quarter jay coker scene pass to robert foster, 19 yards, 7 had been 0 bama. bama up 23-3. owens punting but is locked by harris son, ball goes out of the end zone for the safety. bama up 37-3 in the third quarter. jacksonville state, poe for the five yard run gives him team the lead. auburn got to score. melvin ray, 39 seconds left they
4:33 pm
go to overtime tied at 20. tigers get the ball first. gamecocks need a touchdown. ely jeng kins to the end zone. caught by josh barge but he was out of bounds. auburn barely avoids a huge upset 27-20 that final. we will take our first time out before we head to east lansing for a warriors update. we knew a woman from italy was going to win this year's ♪
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have a huge weekend, show you the best quarterback in the country calhoun anchoring the defense. >> warriors trayvon green stopped by college game day this morning in east lansing, michigan state takes on oregon. the oregon mascot forced his hand or his head. you never see dra month wearing that head. number 10 georgia on the road against vandy. mckenzie takes it from his own 23 and this is going to be fun. weaves and bob's, finds a seam and he is gone. 77 yards. wow is right. georgia wins it big. 31-14 that final. well, after italy robert at that vinci upset serena she had to face her doubles partner
4:37 pm
flavia pennetta in the u.s. open finals. the italian prime minister on hand to watch. flavia took the first step, second step and then she recovers, great coverage to get that point and game. match point she breaks with a ninth cross court back hand winner. that would be a forehand. penneptta wins, her first and her last. >> one month ago i take a big decision on my life and this is the way i would like to say good-bye to tennis. >> wow. third round of the avian championship. yang starts her day with an eagle. finished 368 tied for fifth. later on rain started pouring, morgan pritsel was co-leader until 18th round her self in the rough. finishes with a double vogey. yang lee is the leader at ten
4:38 pm
under par. what a story book ending for flavia pennetta. render her career going out on top. up next, former tennis star james blake talks about his mic taken take down. you can see it captured on that video. what he feels should happen to that officer involved. plus, whenever moment counts, ahead on abc 7 news the story behind these dramatic images of a high wat
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an update on breaking news we brought you at the top of this newscast. there is a new fast moving wildfire burning in lake county. the valley fire broke out around 1:30 in afternoon. it has already burned 400 acres. four firefighters from a helicopter crew have been injured and they have been taken to a burn center for their injuries. this is north of santa rosa just south of clearlake. there are mandatory evacuations underway for a lot of these communities here, community of cobb, the area of high valley road and bottle rock road, harbor hot springs also big canyon road. this fire is burning in the same area where two other fires scorched hundreds of dwar miles here clearlake, those fires the rocky fire and jerusalem fire destroyed 49 homes during late july and early august. james blake may sue the city
4:42 pm
of new york after being detained by police in what officials call a case of mistaken identity. blake says his decision will hinge on what the city does to change the way officers deal with people. reporter andy rose tells us more. >> it still strikes a nerve. >> reporter: james blake says it's frustrating to watch the surveillance video. saturday the former tennis star told cnn that he has an attorney but hasn't decided fell sue the city of new york. >> if we come up with solutions then we don't need to take it to court. if we don't think they're doing enough to make this right then we may have to consider a lawsuit. >> reporter: friday new york police release this had surveillance voorks it shows blake casually standing outside a new york hotel when undercover officer james frascatore rushes him and tackles him to the g2;s authorities say it was a case of mistaken identity, cops were investigating credit card fraud. blake says it was an unnecessary use of force. >> that just doesn't make sense when you are investigating a nonviolent crime, a supposed
4:43 pm
nonviolent criminal that isn't running, isn't showing any sign of resisting, it really is completely unnecessary. >> frascatore has been placed on desk duty while the incident is being investigated. both new york city police commissioner william bratton and mayor bill deblasio apologized to blake. >> it's really nice, but this guy has five civilian complaints as well. i'm sure those people that have complained against him haven't got than same call. i think there needs to be an active apology to all those people that don't have the stature i have. we need to find a way to stop this from happening. a plane carrying crew members from a tom cruise movie crashed in the columbian mountains, two people were dead, including a stunt pilot. authorities believe bad weather caused this plane to go down on friday night. crews was on on board at the time. per win had an aerial surveillance company in l.a., he
4:44 pm
was a top notch reputation in that film industry sneefs an extent pilot, he was a good guy, he had a lot of integrity. i don't see anybody in the helicopter industry that i have ever heard of or known that has the name or reputation that he does. >> jimmy lee garland another pilot from the atlanta area is the only survivor here. cruise is filming a movie about a drug lord. authorities in southern california are trying to find out how a special needs student -- how long he was on a bus before that bus driver found his body. it happened in whittier near los angeles yesterday afternoon. today the county coroner identified the student at 19-year-old hun joon lee. there were no signs of trauma and did he not have a medical condition. police say he got on the bus on fry morning but didn't return home after school. can you imagine? his mother called the school and school officials called the bus company. >> bus driver walked to the bus yard behind me and when he -- that's where he discovered the
4:45 pm
student lying in the aisle way near the front of the bus unresponsive. >> the bus drivers and police officers tried to revive him. the coroner will determine how lee died. police body examination record add dramatic rescue in texas. ffrs had trapped a man and his grandson inside of the car, the water was rising. >> you can hear him saying i can't take off my seat belt. officers patrolling the area spot this had car just in time, they took off their radios and waded in, their body cams rolling the entire time. strong arms pulled the man from his car there as well as his grandson. the driver says that he didn't realize that that water has so deep. gamers, today is your day. coming up on abc 7 news, why you don't need to feel built r guilty about getting in a video game marathon today and some insider trivia about one of the most iconic video games of all time. also taking live look outside our emeryville cam
4:46 pm
pointing west and a cool down from our unseasonably scorching temperatures. there is also a chance for some showers in the forecast. drew will be back ahead with
4:47 pm
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today is national video game day and this weekend also happens to be the 30th anniversary of gaming's most successful franchise. can you hear it? super mario brothers featuring mario and lujy was released in the u.s. back in 1985 along with the anyone ten dough entertainment system. much of the mario brothers design was due to the technical limitations back in '85. for example, mario actually wears a hat because his creator couldn't animate hair at the time. he also wears overalls so you can see his arms when he walked. as a simple as his character is it's really just a cultural phenomenon now. young thrill seekers tried to navigate giant bubbles around a pool in mountain view today during the art and wine festival.
4:49 pm
does that look fun? other people strolled checking out many of the items being offered at the 44th annual mountain view art and wine festival. it also features music if you are not as advent trous. if n. case you miss it had today it continues tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. we had pretty strong winds, i don't know if i would like to be in a bubble tossed around on a pool today. >> i don't think anyone wants to be in a bubble. after this past week these record highs it's been unseasonably warm, today what a refreshing breeze we have had. along with that breeze we do have a little bit of wet weather to stalk about, mainly confined into the north bay right now. we will zoom in a little bit. right around highway 1 sierra grade drive, salmon creek road seeing light showers at this hour. zip up to the north around clover detail north red wood highway just light drizzle at this hour. that's about t but it's a good indication of the changes as we transition from summer to fall. outside we go, live look showing
4:50 pm
you the clouds are with us today, they are low and kept us on the comfortably cool side. san francisco right now, 64 degrees, 66 in oakland, 70 in mountain view. morgan hill 75, half-moon bay comfortable at 63 degrees. we will take you across the bay, a live look showing you the sun trying to peek out, a few breaks but otherwise a nice saturday. currently napa a cool 67, 77 novato, 77 fairfield, and 77 livermo livermore. anywhere from 28 degrees cooler today than we were yesterday in livermore, 18 san carlos and 20 degrees cooler in nap pachlt certainly feeling like september. the reason why, live doppler 7 hd along with satellite, this circulation, this is what was hurricane listened darks it's moving all of her moisture up to the north into california that's yanis varoufakis we had the clouds, higher humidity and chance of light drizzle not only this afternoon but overnight into sunday as well. future weather shows you sunday you will wake up to overcast skies into the south bay into the afternoon more in the way of
4:51 pm
sunshine, i think the clouds will linger a little longer in the north bay, as we head into monday we are going to watch as some residual moisture may try to work in from the south. there is a chance of spot shower monday morning in the south bay. overnight tonight great sleeping weather, great air quality. we will go from the mid 50s to the low 60s across the bay area. highs for your sunday starting in the south bay more in the way of sunshine 84 san jose, 81 sun vee veil, along the peninsula 77 redwood city, 78 mountain view, we will go to 60 in pacifica. sound down san francisco, 64 degrees, 59 daly city into the north bay 78 santa rosa, 79 napa, 58, though, cool for bodega bay, oakland tomorrow 71, 77 hercules, and inland 89 pittsburg, 84 concord and 82 the high in san ramone. tomorrow you do notice clouds and sunshine, possible drops on monday, but tuesday it is breezy and pleasant, stay below normal
4:52 pm
wednesday, slight chance of shower thursday, otherwise friday and saturday partly cloudy. we bounce back to mild and warm. the second half is when the warmth comes back but nothing like last week. >> you told me the first week of october can be problematic. >> we have had 90s first week of october. >> i'm counting on you to keep this steady just like it is. >> i will try my hardest. >> shoe is back with more college football. >> i think stanford wishes that heat would have been there. stanford look to go bounce back from their loss last week. northwestern hosting university of south florida in their home owner. they look to find the win column for the first time this season coming up.
4:53 pm
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cal hosting san diego state this afternoon at memorial stadium look to go improve 2-0 before they hit the road for two games. shutout today but they score in the second. late second quarter kristin chapman picked off by darius white, cal starting from their own 35, it didn't take long for gough to get down the field, 28 yards here, down the middle, bryce craig.% +3 c1 looking right, goes left, 13 yard touchdown, three plays 65 yards in 52 seconds. bears up at the half. first play of the second half
4:56 pm
gough, 75 yards for the touchdown. bears go up 21-7. later in the quarter gough hands it off to pgcklasko. easily scores. they lead 28-7 in the fourth quarter. stanford hosts university of central florida tonight. cardinal lost to northwestern in their opener and struggled ond offense. supposed strength this have stanford team. quarterback kevin hogan is hoping to make sure their team does not falter in their home opener. >> i had a lot of great things on tape h a lot of mistakes we know we can correct. they're all correctable. we're just looking forward to moving forward and have all our focus on central florida. >> tim harbaugh in a potential heart attack inducing rage back at his hometown u of michigan. hosting oregon state. oregon state punt frg the 50. snap sales over the punter's
4:57 pm
head, tackled at his 2 yard line. that lady to the second of three smith touchdown runs. michigan wins their home opener big, 35-7. jim harbaugh almost had to win this game, improving to 1-1. oregon and michigan state on deck right here on abc 7 followed by after the game with the real deal larry biel and yours truly. stick around as we break down the day in college football and look ahead to the raiders and 49ers in their season opener. going to be a lot of fun tomorrow with the pros, today we have stanford tonight and who has struggled and i'm not going to ask you who your favorite team is being you are from the bay area. >> don't do that. but we will see -- >> usc. >> that's right. >> we know your favorite college team. >> okay. guys, that does it for they had igs. thank you guys so much for making this to lovely. we will come up with those nim names, drew and shoe. >> on above of both of them i am natasha zouves. thank you for joining us, college football is next.
4:58 pm
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>> rece: welcome to saturday night football on abc, presented by wells fargo. tonight, from the banks of the red cedar, east lansing, michigan. spartan stadium, for the first top ten match-up of the season. number five and homestanding michigan state, already with a victory over western michigan, taking on number seven oregon, the ducks, of course, national runners up a year ago. glad to have youit


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