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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a monster fire burning right now in lake county has grown by thousand of acres in hours. thousand are evacuated right now. and because of road closures they're having trouble getting out of town. >> several buildings have been destroyed. and hundreds more are threatened. four firefighters are in the hospital after getting hurt in an absolutely massive blaze. good evening, everybody. i'm larry deal. >> the fire is burning near the town of cobb in lake county. from 50 acres at 2:00 p.m. to 25,000. we have team coverage tonight on the monster fire. we begin live with lake county at the evacuation center near cal stow ga.
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kati -- calistoga. katie. >> it is evacuation mode. they left with a few items and pets if they had time to grab them. people are streaming in by the hundred. thousand. red cross shelter, napa county fairground in calistoga. red cross, offering food, water, pets can stay for the night. that will be reassessed in the morning. best in foep wefo from evacuees. cal fire is simply trying to save homes and get people out. >> people drive frantically on 29 as the valley fire stormed across lake county. >> looked like a side ways tornado. the smoke was rolling across the flames. >> first reports of the fire came in at 1. 30. in high valley. near cobb. >> the pastures, their family owns the trucking company has lots of chemicals up on socrates
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knight road. >> we talked to evacuees at twin pines casino to wait for family. >> behind the gas station, everything is gone. the school is gone. the store is gone. i mean, a lot of people have dogs stuck up there. >> reporter: some people barely made it out. >> we were stuck in the middle of the fire for a while. joyce and her husband likely lost their home of 20 years. >> we came down. fire everywhere. and our, our houses, our neighbor houses, friend houses, everybody's houses are burning up. it's awful. >> reporter: with highway 185 closed, reopened. joyce had to set the horses and chickens free and get out. >> there is a spring by our house. praying the animals went up there. >> cell service is spotty.
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people wait for news from loved ones. >> my dad lives in hidden valley. they won't let him come this way. they will let him go towards wal-mart, clear lake. he is trying to get out. my brother's house is gone. >> reporter: spreading from 50,000 to 10,000 acres in the span of five hours many homes have likely been lost. four firefighters are being treated for second degree burns. and it is unclear if everyone has made it to safety. >> can't seem to contact anyone on our cell phone or anything. taking a live look at one of the buildings at napa county fairground. evacuees can sleep. many have taken them outside. want to sleep by their cars and belongings. at this point many people are walking up asking, do you know which areas have burned. how many houses have gone. at this point. cal fire is really just battling to get people out. to save what structures they can. they have not updated how many
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places have burned. we do not have those numbers. but we are working to get them. there is another evacuation center in kelseyville, for folks trapped north of the fire. this is southern evacuation point. red cross has no idea how many people are here yet. they expect many more and they are prepared to take people on. so if you need a safe place to stay. napa county fairground. in, calistoga. we will work to get you updates as far as which areas have damage. live in calistoga. abc 7 news. >> katie. thank you. such a difficult situation for all the people. >> displaced by this acht m. daniel berland with cal fire. joining us live. can you address the question, katy posed moments again. how many homes? how many structures have gone up flames to night? >> we know this has been a very destructive fire, very fast-moving fire.
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we do not have an exact count of destruction left in the path of this fire. you can hear from emotion. earlier interview. residents did not have much time or notice to get out of harm's way. this has been an incredibly fast moving wildfire. 28,000 acres burned by the fire. continues to rage throughout the evening hours. we are doing our best here. working with the sheriff's department. both in lake and napa counties to get residents out of the area. get in there. do the job. protect the structures we can. do everything we can to slow down the fire. unfortunately, gusty wind. the dry conditions. all working against us. this is one of the fastest, most explosive fires this season. cooler temperatures. very strong wind. is that what contributed to this? despite the cooler temperatures. you would think a helpful piece. enough with the gusty wind. because conditions are so
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critically dry from the drought. similar to the rocky fire. jerusalem fire. many of the other smaller fires we have had throughout lake county over the last month or so. the fires are burning at explosive rates. unfortunately, fire people are nowhere near in sight. we talked several months until we get to what is traditionally in the end of fire season. is that a question of when the rain comes. when substantial rain to slow down the drought conditions. we have been experiencing. >> daniel, how many people have been evacuate sewed far. how many more are you expecting tomorrow. once day break comes? there are thousand of residents across lake and the counties evacuated from the fire. all the way from southern clear lake down to highway 29 corridor, lake county. done to the top portion of calistoga. not evacuated. everything up to it is from cobb. western side where the fire started.
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burning down to the east. and going down to the southeast nooch into napa county. and, middletown, all, hidden valley lakelakes. all in between the areas. under mandatory evacuation. what is tomorrow going to bring. we are hoping wind will die down a little bit. we continue to see cooler temperatures. be able to really make progress to get ahead of fire. but as we have seen the fire after fire. it's taking days and days and days of hard, tireless work to try to slow down a fire like this. there may be more communities. working with the sheriff's department to do as much, notice as we can to the residents. if this fire does change direction, or does grow in a different, toward a different community. >> daniel, thank you for the time. long night ahead for firefighters. and residents in that area. daniel berland with cal fire. >> well want to barareak down t list. under mandatory evacuation order. bottle rock. high valley road.
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highway 175 in cobb. highway 29. in calistoga. highway, 29, and highway 53. in lower lake. buck's canyon road to napa county line including the estates. cobb, siegler, loch lomand and hidden valley lake. evacuation centers are set up at the presbyterian church. also the calistoga fairground right now. bob ryder is one of the evacuees shot the video on his hope after he got out. he told abc 7 news. he his wife, three young boys and dogs fled for their lives from their home in hidden lake valley. the sound of the fire was that of a jet plane in flight. you could see fire advancing. it was incredible. we were evacuating cautiously. we were fleeing. >> you can see the video. they really had time to grab a couple of important items before
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loading up and leaving. e believed his home and photography business have been destroyed tonight. they're staying with friend now in clear lake. >> four firefighters were injured. taken to the burn unit at uc davis medical center. abc 7 news reporter, there with the latest on the conditions tonight. sergio. we are told the firefighters were air lifted here with second degree burns. their identities not yet released. we do know they were part of an elite team of fire fighters that was, helicopter in to the initial attack of the valley fire. that they were injured. has a lot of their fellow firefighters rattled. there have been crew members waiting on information. fire catch. tin and three members of his team called a crew were first to take on valley fire in lake county. but it overtook them. >> the firefighters are in
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recovery right now. whenever something traumatic like this, something that is very devastating for them and their families. >> mike lopez, cal fire union president. he visited with four team members this evening. . he said the cam tin main have suffered more serious injuries than the other three. their family members have joined them at the hospital. they are part of a helicopter team stationed at bogg mountain near where the valley fire started. >> they're transported by the helicopter. dropped by a spot. then the helicopter -- goes back up with the bucket dropping the water. >> at some point, the fast moving fire overtook the four team members. they had to be extracted by their helicopter. cal fire has begun their inquiry about the incident. >> we investigate. try to figure out what happened in this situation. so we can prevent or create training better so it would never occur again. >> f >> four fire fight ears among the best in the state.
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unusual for so many to be overrun like this. no doubt troubling for them and their fellow fire fighters. >> sure they're emotionally drained. physically drain after being stuck in a situation, your life is on the line, doing your job. >> unfortunately, fire season may go on a few months. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> stay with abc 7 news for the very latest on this wildfire. we'll continue to bring you updates through out this newscast. >> also, follow on twitter at abc 7 news, bay area. incredible ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> captured the images of the huge flame from a wildfire.
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it burned 25,000 acres near middletown in lake county. flames destroyed several buildings so far. evacuations have been ordered for several communities there. cal fire rushed crews from across california. several hundred firefighters are battling this right now. this massive wildfire. >> joining us on the phone is lieutenant doug pitman with marin county sheriff's department. helping wit d ining with disast efforts. can you till us about road closures, what drivers can expect. this is horrifying where you see a wall of fire that is seemingly off in the distance. trying to get away. then all the roads are closed. >> yeah, very traumatic san for everybody involved up here. as far as road closures. biggest one impacted. highway 29 itself. lead from calistoga. towards the community of lower lake. as of right now. that road is mainly open between, middletown, and
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calistoga. primarily for the purpose of helping people evacuate to the south. from the middletown area. all communities impacted here. south toward calistoga. evacuating the town and community. as far as highway 29, leading north toward lower lake. there are intermitent times when chp officers. and groups, caravans of cars out of the area. intermitent. no one should plan on trying to travel on the highway 29 tonight. >> lieutenant. give us an idea how many people, how many vehicles we are talking about trying to get out of this area? >> wish i could tell you. i did respond from marin to napa valley. there were thousand of cars. and tourists and residents and
11:18 pm
homeowners alike. all being asked to leave. it is chaotic situation. the roads themselves aren't conducive to massive evacuation at any time. so that's created probably one of the biggest difficulties tonight. >> next thing i was going to ask you, lieutenant. what's the visibility look. we are looking at some of the shots viewers have tweeted to us. it's tough to see. >> yeah. there is a -- variety of reasons having such a problem here. obviously. darkness has fall in upon us. most of the power outages here in town. most of the light if any actually is being produced by the fire itself. even where i am located at our field command post here in middletown. we are running off the generator. and we are going to be in the dark. >> lieutenant. thank you for your time. i know this is going to bea long, busy night. we really appreciate you spending a few minutes to updapt -- update us and audience. word that flames destroyed one school, middletown christian
11:19 pm
school. small private school serves students kindergarten through high school. >> all of these photos, videos. continue to come in tonight. and drew, i think none of us saw this cupping. fin -- this coming. cooler weather finally. >> yesterday, cool out there. wind whipping so much near the fire. why it expanded rapidly. right now, relative humidity. bone dry. 16%. wind right now out of west-northwest. continuing to gust between 15 and 20 miles per hour. take it to the next 24 hours in the vicinity of the fire, the winds are going to be kay yoting yoting -- chaotic. peak gusts. 20 miles an hour. likely that the fire is going to spread overnight tonight. unfortunately. live doppler seven day. so you right now. we have moisture overhead. some tropical moisture, moving in from the south. unfortunately the surface is so dry. that this moisture is
11:20 pm
evaporating. called verga. and a lot is not reaching the ground. live look outside from the explo explore-torium. low clouds and fog. soon of changes over the past 24 hours. not so hot. finally. despite limited sunshine. antioch. 21 degree. oakland much better today. and muggy. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 73 in concord. calling it 67, san jose. san ramon and napa. along with satellites showing you the setup. this is what was hurricane linda. the leftover. so to speak. moving in from the south. increased cloud cover. moisture overhead. tomorrow start with cloudy sky. peaks of sunshine by the afternoon. overnight.
11:21 pm
lows. humid out there. fall into the mid 50s. low 60s across the bay area. 57, san francisco t 60, san jose. 66, napa. odot code. see the radars take on the bengals. and 70 degrees. and, we'll like lly see afterno sunshine. 71 degrees. across the bay area. highs for sunday. start off with overcast skies. it will feel cool once again. sunshine. south bay. north bay. 84, concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow. cloud. sunshine. tuesday. breezy, pleasant. below normal. wednesday. slight chance by thursday. the wind are going to still be a factor overnight tonight. and lik
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lots of people are tweeting photos from the fire now. take a look. see the smoke in the pictures. viewers in our community are helping tell stories with photos, videos many taken right after or during their evacuation. if you have pictures or video of this fire or any news that happens where you live. share it with us by posting on social media with the hash tag, abc 7 now. >> we'll have more updates on the fire coming up later in the newscast. for now, we are joined with sports. that's right. refuse to go away in the playoff race. at at & t park. a perfect game. one hit away. and in the
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>> on the hill tonight with the padres. he has never thrown a no hitter. trying to third giants pitcher. and the padres. solo shot. makes it 5-0, these two fans very excited. that they caught it. and a perfect game. into the eighth. and melvin upton. bumgartner, a standing ovation.
11:30 pm
complete guame shutout. win it 8-0. dodgers. 7 1/2 games back. national league west. a curveball. over the wall in left. rangers on top. 1-0. in the fifth. strike back. and, three run shot to left. and it has been a bright spot for the as this year. batters later. two more. win it five three. and knows his young team cannot afford back to back losses. but there is no place like home. second quarter. first touchdown of season. and fourth quarter. barry sanders junior.
11:31 pm
break free. 20-yard touchdown. first of the freshman year. love to see more. 31-7 victory in the home opener. hosting san diego state. looking right. 13 yard touchdown. three plays. san jose state, how did that get in there. tyler irving there. throws an interception. dj johnson. air force didn't. 37-16. and the sports report brought to you by xfinity. and tonight. rocky maciano's record without a loss. says he is going to retire. why not go for 50? even 50. >> money will bring him back. >> ahead, following breaking news out of lack countuof lake . a wildfire is exploding at this hour. thousand are
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>> we continue to update our top story. thousand trying to escape a wildfire burning in lake county tonight. it began around 1:30. in only a few hours grew to 25,000 acres. the fire forced evacuation. people living along state route 29. >> heartbreaking. abc 7 news reporter. live at one of the evacuation centers in calistoga tonight. katie. i'm not sure if the viewers at home can see it. raining here.
11:36 pm
started falling. while that may be good news for the fire fighting efforts. a little concerning here. many are taking cots. sleeping by their cars. sleeping outside tonight. i did speak with a sheriff's deputy through middletown. he tells me the power is out. many people are still trying to evacuate. he says the worst he has ever seen. there are many people pouring into the shelter tonight. here at the fairground in calistoga. pets. live stock. fine for tonight. the red cross wants everyone to have a safe place to sleep. the sky seven video of the valley fire is just devastating. people who live in lake county. today the coolest all week. one factor that caught people off-guard. did not have much time to evacuate. but as everyone knows, so dry.
11:37 pm
the wind was whipping as we neared lake county. the breeze covered the roadways. the fire went from 50 acres to 10 acres in five hours. and 25,000 with no signs of slowing. hear the panic in people's voices as they recount fleeing. it was fire everywhere. our houses. neighbor's houses. friends houses. it is awful. not long. and it was evacuated. i say around 6:00. southern end of middletown. highway 29. it's jammed. windy. construction. pinch point where traffic is alloweden one direction.
11:38 pm
i would imagine we will see people here at the red cross shelter. a second shelter in kelseyville. we keep having people approach asking for any information. wanting to know what areas have burned. which homes have been lost. at this point cal fire is just trying to do what they can. we will likely have a better idea as they assess the situation under day light. it is just heartbreaking as people struggle to find out where their loved ones are and if their homes survived. live in calistoga. abc 7 news. >> heartbreaker. thank you, katie. pray for us. a man who made it out alive with his family from hidden valley lake. tweeted this video. can you imanything in. moments after they evacuated. we are happy,000 to say they'r safe. found a place to stay. a new fear what they'll find out come morning. >> don't think there will be
11:39 pm
anything left to go back to. my business there. my portrait studio. our home. our home, church. believe it all to be a wash. >> described getting out. fleeing for his life. >> the fires forced highway patrol to close roads in the area. jind by officer cory reynolds. officer reynolds works in the clear lake area. can you conform for us reports that we have on twitter indicating that there are cars stuck. vehicles abandoned on highway 29. they're just burning up in the night. >> yeah, i haven't heard any reports on any vehicle fires. i got the status of road that are closed. don't have any information on vehicles burning. >> can you give advice to people stuck and trying to got out. we heard katie talking about a pinch point. it is slowing everything down.
11:40 pm
it is dark and you have all the smoke. >> yes. construction areas on highway 29. going over unfortunately. it's reduced to one lane in the area because of construction. main thing we are asking is that, please if you don't need to be in the area for one. stay out of the area. the other is to just drive safely. we have to slow down. the smoke -- causes limited visibility. we have four lines in the area. it's slow process. people have to be patient. >> officer reynolds. seeing the tweet. retweeted right now. seeing so many like this. one person saying we are stuck inside the fire. and i am just in a loon ine of not moving. what's the recommendation for people in the situation. get out. ab abandon their cars. try to leave on foot. >> not at all. be patient.
11:41 pm
we are going to try to get the situation belter undtter under . cory rendynolds. >> four firefighters had to be rescued. trapped by the flames. a helitech crew, tries to stop the flames. all suffered second degree burns. >> these events are unusual. they don't occur often. when they do obviously we go in and investigate. try to figuree what happened. we can prevent, so the would never owe care again. >> when the fire is on you. and you have to make life or death situations. it is very traumatic to the firefighters. >> medics rushed all four injured firefighters to uc davis in sacramento. other firefighters stopped by the trauma center near the state capital to check on them and their families.
11:42 pm
bring you some details on the wildfire. it burned 25,000 acres. and breaking out just before 1:30 this afternoon. incredible spread. hundred of firefighters on the scene. cal fire rushed them in from across northern california. a total of five aircraft battled the flames so far. take a look at incredible video on facebook tonight. diane carpenter, a photographer who was riding with fire crews on highway 29 when there were several explosions around a shell gas station. she says, it was the tanks at the gas station were explodinex. many viewers in the community took photos, videos after or during their evacuations. scary scenes all over lake county. >> if you have pictures or video of the fire or any news that happens where you live. you can take it safely. that's important.
11:43 pm
share it with us. >> crews are busy, battling a large wildfire. southeast of sack r mramento. the butte fire destroyed 86 homes. 6400 homes threatened in gold country. burned more than 100 square miles so far. >> stay with abc 7 news for the latest on the wildfirement both of us are tweeting now.
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11:46 pm
>> going to take a break from fire coverage. bringing you news on the lighter side. miss america crowned tomorrow night on abc 7. our sister station, kabc sat down with miss california and tells us why she loves the pageant community. >> miss orange coast. >> by the end of this night in june, miss orange coast would become miss california. she is on her way to atlantic city hoping to be crowned new miss america. the girl who grew up in garden grove, is now living the dream. >> i definitely wasn't raised in an extremely wealthy family. my favorite stores are t.j.maxx and nordstrom rack. if that tells you anything. you borrow dresses. you lend people dresses. even so everything that we win isn't money. we win scholarships to go to
11:47 pm
school the so, instead of having to take out lens i have been able to pay for my education with the scholarship money. >> of course the evening gown for miss am cherica' america ha a wow factor. >> i think my gown is a good reflection of the state. it's very simple in that i let the beauty stand for itself. the state itself, you go to the beach, just this gorgeous view. really just sand and water. so, that's kind of a, a hint of what my gown is. >> she hopes it helps her tap dance her way to the title. all contestants also come to the competition with a platform. hers is alapecia awareness. two years ago when she started losing more and more hair on the side of her head she was diagnosed. today she lobbies for people living with alapecia and silent
11:48 pm
diseases. >> as a title holder, we're suppose to be put together all the time. be on the stage. look pretty. but i am a real person too. i go to the grocery store. you know? i'm, i have alapecia. tomorrow i could wake up and be missing a couple patches of hair. you never know. that's okay. >> well, 2016 miss america competition returns to at lkt city famous boardwalk hall sunday night. the glitz. glam, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. on abc 7. your dvr is set, larry. >> no question. >> so excited. >> that and sunday night football. let's get to the forecast. the latest on the weather conditions in lake county with the fire. >> yeah, saw we saw katie in calistoga. saw a few drops. we see light showers.
11:49 pm
near cobb. seeing light returns now of light rainfall. over the area. but what is over there right now in terms of wet weather. quickly moving out in the next hour or so. unfortunately not looking at soaking rain. widely scattered light drizzle. at this hour. 86, l.a. and palm springs. zoom into the bay area tomorrow. 84, san jose. 71, oakland. accuweather forecast. cloud, some sun tomorrow. possible drop monday. otherwise, breezy, pleasant on tuesday. >> sound good. on a tuesday. >> yes. exactly. >> proosh iappreciate it. check of the sports. college football. stanford. some offense, huh? >> finally. our two sport star, larry biehl,
11:50 pm
doing news and sports. and, hosting central florida. found offense as larry said. from unusual places.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
one final update. the huge wildfire consumed 25,000 acres in and around middletown. about 1300 residents there. also cobb where there is 1700
11:53 pm
people living. they have been evacuated. >> flames destroyed several structures so far including a school. people face evacuation orders in several of the communities there. and hundred of firefighters are on scene right now. more on the way. as we speak. and four fur fighters are treated for burns. they got burns on the front lines there. >> be sure to follow us for all of the latest breaking news and updates on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> all right, after losing from a year ago. defense supposed to be stanford's weak link. tell that to central florida. failed to score a point in the first 58 1/2 minutes. passing on the game and the ground. worse. cardinals defense. 30 yard. second quarter. team tackle. stand back. the turnover led to the first points of the game. the flea flicker. back to kevin hogan.
11:54 pm
got a lot of speed. wide open. 53-yard touchdown. up 7-0. clinging to a 10-0 lead. hogan. seven yards untouched. now in the fourth. third and 20. stanford hoping to improve field position. screen. bryce love. patience. waiting for his block. then he explode down the side line. hits the 50. he's gone. 93 yard. to the house. and late td run. over a minute left. even their record at 1 and 1. home cooking. won two in a row. today's win over san diego state. much improved cal football team. third year on the defensive side. 25 points. last quarter. shut out. 7-7 ball game. late second quarter. picked off. darius white. starting from their own 35. didn't take long for him to get down the field. 2 yard here down the middle.
11:55 pm
two plays later. looks right. goes left. and, harris. 13-yard touchdown. 14-7. first play of the second half. takes the quick screen. trevor davis. gets behind his man. 75 yards for the touchdown. bears up, 21-7. improve to 2-0. 35-7 victory. texas long horns next week. on the road. here its head coach. >> walk around. look in the players eyes. think we had a great resolve. go out, play well. lot of confidence. good to see that. haven't always had that. so, it was kind of an ugly start. drove down the score. hard time get going offensively. at the beginning. once we settled in. played good solid football. good to got get a win. tyler irvng has some speed. 66 yards. it is 121 on the night sxchlt tra point block. and the quarterback.
11:56 pm
throws a pick. johnson run it in from 13 yard out. goes on to win. 37-16. oregon. hosted by michigan state. showing off their new helmets. fourth quarter. of three. lj scott. 3 yard touchdown. run. second of the game. spartans go up. 31-21. 1:30. ducks down three. and, misses a wide open. byron marshal. this could have won the game. michigan state hangs on for a 31-2 victory. well, after italy's roberta vinci upset serena. had to face, pennetta. the u.s. open final. some one from italy winning this year's open. and prime minister, on hand to watch. obviously the first set. tiebreaker second set. nice drop shot. recovers. get the point. match point. breaks in. nice forehand winner. wins the u.s. open. straight sets.
11:57 pm
first career grand slam. and her last. one month ago. made a decision on my life. this is the way i would look to say good-bye to tennis. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. going out on top. >> imagine how serena feels losing to vinci. thank you. >> that will do it. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 a.m. with the latest on the lake county fire. up to 25,000 acres. >> thank you for spending your weekend with us. hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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regnant. what? previously on "scandal"... i want to tell the world what he did. amanda. i want them all to burn for this. you don't have to worry about that sex tape, because who needs a sex tape when you've got a fetus full of presidential d.n.a.? that's not my baby. i'm out. i'm gonna tell them the truth. she's not our problem. she's a kid. our real problem is olivia pope. president fitzgerald thomas grant iii has declared war on you, olivia.


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