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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> our breaks news is out of lake county where still another wildfire is burning out of control. this one is dangerously different. entire communities, including this one, middletown, has been devastated by fire. firefighters have been seriously hurt and thousands are forced to get out. good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 13th. here's the latest on what is being called the valley fire. the fast-moving fire quickly exploded to size to over 25,000 acres after breaking out yesterday afternoon. several structures have gone up in flames. hundreds more are threatened. hundreds, if not thousands, of
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residents have been forced to evacuate, many running as the fair came down the hill towards their homes. here's a map of where the fire is burning in the community of cobb. it's burning so fast it's challenging firefighters' ability to warn residents of the danger. we have video to share with you. an abc news cameraman was allowed to stay there after the mandatory evacuations took place. house upon house burning, no sound except for the crackling for the flames. you will also notice there are no firefighters. people with possessions and memories gone in an instant. we won't know the extent of the damage in middletown until later today, but it will definitely substantial. and we received word the flame has destroyed at least one school, that's middletown christian school, a small private school that serves children from kindergarten
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through high school. we have this report from lake county. >> people frantically pled south on highway 29 at the valley fire stormed across lake county. it looked like a silent tornado. the smoke was rolling across the plains. >> as she shot this video, she traveled to middletown. first reports of the fire came in around 1:30 near cobb. >> that the pasture was on fire. their family owned a trucking company and has chemicals up there. so that's not going to be good if a higher hits that. >> we talked to evacuees who stopped at twin pines hotel to wait for family. >> everything behind the gas station is gone. the school is gone. the store is gone. and all of the people have dogs stuck up there. >> some people barely made it out. >> we were stuck in the middle of the fire for a while and
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couldn't go either way. >> she and her husband likely lost their home of 20 years. >> as we came down, there was fire everywhere. and our houses and our neighbors house, there aren't any houses. it's awful! >> with highway 175 closed and then reopened, joyce had to set the horses and chickens free and then get out. >> there's a spring not too far up our house and i'm praying to god the animals went up there. >> cell service is spotty and people desperately wait for news from loved ones. >> my brother lives in cobb and my brother's house is gone. >> spreading from 50 to 10,000 acres in a span of five hours. many homes have likely been lost. four firefighters are being treated for second degree burns, and it's unclear if everyone has made to safety.
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>> can't seem to contact anybody on their cell phones. keep getting busy signals. >> abc7 news. >> joining us on the phone this morning is california highway patrol officer corey reynolds. thanks so much for speaking with us this morning, officer reynolds. cab you tell us what happened overnight? >> well, as you know, carolyn, fires tend to lay down at night a little bit. this one wasn't any different. but still, hike you said, more than 25,000 acres right now. >> and can you talk about how the evacuations are going? >> evacuations went very well. a w traffic issues, especially 29 oar at napa county. but other than that, with lots of debris in the road and limited visibility, we thought folks did really well. they were very patient and slowed down. it went as well as it could.
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>> you talk about the traffic issues. can you tell us more about the roads that are closed and how that might be impacting the evacuation process? >> yes. all highway 29 is closed, that's first grove road outside of the lake. 175 is closed at red hills road, and highway 53 is closed at 20. we left those roadways open to evacuate people. they are open north bound and southbound so evacuated people can get out but everything coming into the county was shut down. >> thanks for talking to us this morning. we had a little bit of difficulty hearing you, but we definitely get the impact of the situation. the fire has grown so ferociously, and we thank you for taking time to talk with us. a cal fire spokesperson talked to us about what to expect today
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in the fire zone. daniel said he hopes for the best but is cautioning against any idea of a quick result. >> we are hoping that the winds will die down just a little bit and we will continue to see cooler temperatures and we will be able to make some progress to get ahead of this fire. but as we've seen this fire after fire, it's taking days and days and days of hard, tireless work to try to slow down a fire like this. so there may be more communities in the near future and that's where we will be working with the sheriff's department to get as much notice to those residents as we can if the fire does change direction or runs toward a different community. >> katie will be live at en evacuation center at the top of our 6:00 hour. now here is a list of all the areas under a mandatory evacuation order right now. bottle rock and high valley road, highway 175 in cobb, 29 at bugs lane in calistoga, and napa county, highway 29 at highway 53
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in lower lake. bud's canyon road to the napa county line, including estates, lock low man, middletown and hidden valley lake. evacuation centers are set up at a presbyterian church and the calistoga fairgrounds. bud rider is one of those evacuees who shot this video on his phone after he got out. he told abc7 news he, his wife, three young boys and dog ran for their lives from their home in hidden valley lake. >> the sound of the fire was that of a jet plane in flight. you could see fire advancing. it was incredible. we weren't evacuating carefully and quash usually, we were fleeing. >> kneeing. he said they only had time to grab a couple important items before loading up and leaving. he believes his home and photography business has been destroyed. you heard officer reynolds talk
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about drivers probably facing delays and detours because of the fire today. the highway patrol has closed northbound highway 29 at buds lane in calistoga. at 175 in kelsey and highway 53 is closed from lower lake to highway 29. all lanes might be open by noon. and pg&e is telling abc7 news nearly 6500 customers are without power because of that fire. those without electricity are primarily in the cobb, hidden valley and middletown areas. those are the hardest-hit communities. pg&e said there's no estimated time when power will be restored because conditions are no precarious there. our meteorologist lisa argen has been monitoring fire conditions, what the the latest? >> we have good news. there's been a little bit of rain and relative humidity is
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coming up. it's only a couple points, but humidity is up to 65%. the winds are light but they will continue to be somewhat of an issue today. we are out of the south and we are looking at a warm afternoon once again with winds anywhere from 11 to 15 miles an hour throughout the morning. but we are looking at a much cooler day tomorrow so the weather hopefully helping out in the next 24 to 48 hours. carolyn. >> that would be great. thank you, lisa. we told you earlier about the four firefighters who were injured in the valley fire. they are all recovering this morning, but second degree burns at the u.c. davis burn center. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana tells us this was an incident that has a lot of firefighters rattled. >> outside u.c. davis medical center there have been cal fire crewmembers waiting for information on their firefighters. a fire captain and three members
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with a helicopter crew were among the first to be with the fire but it overtake them. the firefighters are in recovery now and when there's something traumatic like this, it's devastating for them and their families. >> the cap taken may have suffered more serious than the other three. their family members have joined them at the hospital. they are part of the helicopter team stationed at bob's mountain. very near where the fire started. >> they were transported in by the helicopter and dropped in a spot, and then the helicopter goes back up in the air with a bucket on and does the work of dropping the water like you often see. >> at one point the fast moving fire overtook the four team members so they had to be extracted by their helicopters. >> we are will go in and try to figure out exactly what happened, especially in this situation so we can prevent or train so it will never occur again. these four firefighters are
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among the best trained and equipped in the state. it's unusual for so many to be overrun like this. and no doubt troubling for them and their fellow firefighters. >> i'm sure they are physically drained after being stuck in a situation where, you know, your life is on the line doing your job. >> and unfortunately fire season may go on for a few more months n sacramento, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> viewers in our abc7 now community are helping this story with their photos and videos. look at some of the videos they have been capturing through social media. maintain overnight showing some of the devastation that's happened in the last several hours. if you have pictures or video of the fire or any news that happens where you live, share it with us by posting on social media with the #abc7now. and our coverage continues after
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>> updating our breaking news. a 25,000 fire in lake county may have destroyed the community of middletown. she's extraordinary pictures show homes and structures burning. firefighters are warning residents to run from this fast-moving fire and that's preventing them from turning their full attention to fighting the flames. hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, have been evacuated. abc7 news reporter katie utis will have a live report from an evacuation center in our 6:00 newscast. and this fire is burning in
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the same area where two other fires scorched hundreds of lakers near clear lake. those fires, the jerusalem fire and rock request fire destroyed 39 homes late july and early august. crews also remain busy battling to the large firefighters. this one southeast of sacramento. the butte fire has destroyed 86 homes since it broke out. more homes are threatened to gold country. and firefighting strike teams from the bay area are in the sierra foothills right now helping battle the giant butte fire. cornell bernard was in foster city when the firefighters headed out. >> you know the situation that's going on with the fire. it's blowing up again, a bunch of structures are going. >> two strike teams get briefed minutes before heading out to
5:16 am
battle the state's most ferocious fire. it's burning hot and fast through gold country, threatening thousands of homes. the drought has created danger zone and fire crews need help. >> i have been on the job for 28 years and working for cal fire when i was a younger man and i have never seen conditions like this and i think you can ask a lot of folks in a lot of similar situations. it's explosive. >> firefighters started loading everything with gear they will need for a work longer, including emergency shelters in the fire overtakes them. >> they will pull this out. rip the code and it will deploy. >> they claim this truck from the west point fire department. luckily firefighters escaped unharmed. >> reminds me of how dangerous this job is and how much we have to prepare for kind of any risk in any situation. >> menlo park firefighters just got word a former fire captain lost his home in the fire, but he wasn't injured. >> one of our retired employees
5:17 am
has lost a home up there. we've confirmed that through other retirees in touch with him. >> they know it will be tough to battle, but reinforcements in the firefight are now on the way. abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news with the latest on the devastating fires in lake county and follow us on twitter on abc7 news bay area. we will have updates throughout the morning and we will have a live report in our next hour. politics will once again dominate "this week." dr. ben carson, who was in san francisco last week, will talk about his campaign and his surprising numbers. carson, who has never run for elect i have office, is polling second to donald trump for the republican presidential nomination. you can see "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning here on abc7. >> tonight some of the most beautiful women in the world will take center stage in new jersey for the miss america
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pageant, including one woman who had her crown taken away. you can see it all right here on abc7. elizabeth herr has the preview. >> the glitz, the glam and the glory. >> miss new york! >> it all comes down to this, the passing of the crown. the new honor going to one of 52 beauties from across the country, compete to go become the next miss america. >> i'm excited to see who the next miss america will be and pass the torch to another very deserves young lead. >> she is proud to be part of a ceremony steeped in tradition. now in it's 95th year. >> these charitable, she's beautiful, she's graceful, she's poised. >> it's what makes miss america different than all the other wannabee competition? >> yes. >> our new miss america is vanessa williams, miss new york! >> tonight vanessa williams made
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history in 1983 as the first african-american miss america makes history gone, 34 years after she was forced to give up her crown. >> i knew once the dust would settle i would get a chance to show people who i am. >> williams tell robin roberts, a new day as arrived. >> and there's a lot of people that do feel that i should return. they are inviting me back as an example of this is what can happen to you. >> abc news, atlantic city, new jersey. >> the 2016 miss america competition returns to atlantic city's famous boardwalk. it's tonight. you cap experience the glitz and glam at 9:00 tonight right here on abc7. vanessa williams looks better than ever, i think. >> sure does. yeah. we are looking at some better weather. >> good.
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>> it will take a little time for the entire bay area to feel the effect of an area of low pressure that will cool us down significantly in the next couple days. but starting out with the fire conditions up in the north where temperatures are still on the warm side in the 60s. but we are looking at relative humidity coming up due to all the cloud cover. and right now winds are on the light side. but they will continue to shift around and we will see them out of the south through the weather system in the central area of california. unfortunately we will have some of these varying shift being winds. and you will notice throughout the latter part of the evening, as well. but still we are looking at some cloud cover this morning and also some light raindrops. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. the focus of some of the heavier rain has been from cobb mountain to middleton with anywhere from .01 to .07. that's good news. not all is reaching the ground. we are continuing to watch this as this kind of miscellaneous else out throughout the morning
5:21 am
hour. it's continuing to come up from the south w that sub tropical moisture, not everyone has seen it and it will be ehave rating but if you see a few raindrops, consider yourself lucky. 63 in oakland. and morgan hill in the 60s. our exploratorium camera you see the marine layer and the clouds with low 60s from santa rosa. the delta, look at that, 27 degrees. concord and livermore still quite warm in the upper 60s. so it is a warmer started to due to the relative humidity coming up, the moisture in the atmosphere and the cloud cover. so we are milder everywhere, but by the afternoon with a little bit of cloud cover we still should see additional cooling today. more cooling tomorrow on the order of about 15 electric degrees for the folks up in parts of the north bay. a scattered shower is possible. sunny he breaks today and more chances of rain not only tomorrow but into the middle of the week. high pressure slide to go the east. that's got news. with the humidity and the moisture out this, it's
5:22 am
certainly not cool. we will wait in the 24 hours or so until another area of low pressure pushes this one out and brings more dramatic cooling. so throughout the day today, noon, notice with eve got some clearing. so some sun is on the way for the afternoon. and then into your monday, more cloud cover and more shower chances. but still higher elevations looking more likely to see a little bit of rainfall. so in the south bay 84. san jose 81 in milpitas. temperatures right around average today. 77 redwood city, palo alto 60 and pacifica down town look for about 64 today. daly city more cloud cover newspaper the north bay but toward the fire area numbers are warm in the 80s to 90s cloverdale. 78 sonoma, and 78 fremont, 77 union city. you head inhand and we are looking at low 80s pleasanton. a little more sun and we could be pushed into the upper 80s in spots. looking forward to the next 24 to 48 hours where the
5:23 am
temperatures continue to drop another five, ten, even 15 degrees in some spots. look for below normal on wednesday, better chance of rain there and look what happens, temperatures go back up thursday, friday and saturday. so for just the short term, the weather is looking favorable for the firefighters. >> that's good, and favorable for us, too. >> that's right. >> tired of that heat. >> thanks, lisa. up next, the final dance for bait area studio of "dancing with the stars"
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abc seven news was there when east oakland was talking with the mayor. they took the mayor on a walking tour so she could see some of the tapingers of the roads. >> look. if a person was to visitor a relative or neighborhood from across the street or walk ag cross the street, she can break an ankle. >> the mayor agrees there is a lot of work to do and fair in he is is valued and it's something the city is constantly trying to improve. >> cheryl burke is closing her bay area dance studio. we were in mountain view for a farewell party.
5:27 am
after six years, burke has lost her lease. she's hosting two more farewell events tonight and on sunday, september 27th. season 21 of "dancing with the stars" it debuts tomorrow on abc7. >> and a devastating wildfire destroys countless homes. overnight developments on the valley fire and new images of the destruction it's caused in one community. and later, the bay area dancer who is not letting cancer stop him from his passion in musical theater.
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♪the bowl says ♪"come on down to the land of plenti." ♪ yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you.
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we are definitely looking at more cloud cover and the on-shore push allowing for temperatures to come down a little bit. but we are still warm in some of the delta regions and upper east bay. otherwise we are look at a warm start for everyone. even though it's just a degree or two warmer. but there is a little moisture in the atmosphere that's coming down, just a few light raindrops in the north bay right now. we are looking at some clearing in the afternoon today. so still some isolated spots in the 80s and even 90s today. we will be looking at cooler weather on the way to begin your work week. we will have the details in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. breaking news from lake county this morning. a fast-moving out of control wildfire has burned 25,000 acres and it is growing. these are pictures of middletown right in the path of the flames. drought conditions are fueling the fire. you will also notice there are no firefighters.
5:31 am
again this, fire has burned 25,000 acres after breaking out early yesterday afternoon. mandatory evacuations are in place throughout lake county. portions of northbound highway 29 are closed right outside of calistoga. they may reopen by noon. the fire and the resulting evacuations caused a massive traffic jam on highway 29. lieutenant doug pittman of the marin county sheriff's office spoke to us by phone about what he saw. >> safe to say there were thousands of cars driving south getting away from the area. how many, with he will probably never know. we have a lot of people up here for the weekend and tourists and residents, homeowners alike. all of them are being asked to leash. it's a chaotic situations. the roads themselves aren't conducive to massive evacuation at anytime so that's probably one of the biggest difficulties for us. >> and again, several portions of highway 29 remain closed. the chp is urging drivers to
5:32 am
simply avoid that area. four firefighters, among the first on the scene, they need today be rescued after being trapped by the flames. they belonged to a helicopter crew that gets flown into the most dangerous areas to try to stop the flames. all suffered second degree burns. these events don't occur often so when they do, we go in and investigate, try to figure out exactly what happened, especially in this situation. we can create a situation or training so it will never occur again. >> when the fire is on you, and you have to make life-or-death situations, it's very traumatic to the firefighters. >> medics rushed all four injured firefighters to uc david medical center in sacramento. other firefighters stopping by that trauma center near the state tap follow to check on -- capitol to check on the firefighters and their families. >> we are two towns away from
5:33 am
this. it's a firestorm. holy heck, man. pray for us! >> that man, who made it out with his family from their home in hidden valley lake tweeted this video moments after they evacuated. they are safe. they found a place to stay overnight, but now a new fear, what they may discover when they hope to head back to their home later this morning. >> i don't think there's anything left. i think my business there, my portrait studio and our home and our church, i believe it will all be a loss. >> rider described getting out as fleeing for his life. [wind noise] >> and take a look at this incredible video posted on facebook. diane carpenter is a photographer who was riding with fire crews on highway 29 when there were several explosions around a shell gas station. she said it was the tanks at
5:34 am
that station that were exploding. viewers are helping to tell the story with their videos. we've been compiling many images from overnight and they show a devastating scene throughout lake county and in the hard hit community of middletown. if you have pictures or video of the fire or any news that happens where you live, and you can take it safely, please share it with us by posting on social media with the taschner hag with the #abc7 news. >> coming up, tyra banks brand new show die beauing here tomorrow on abc7. see what makes it different from other talk shows. and a live look from the exploratorium cam. the hot temperatures from last week are something of the past. lisa argen will have your
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welcome back, earn. a new daytime talk show begins tomorrow here on abc 7. it's called "fab life." it's a segment on fashion, food and dyi projects, do it yourself. and our reporter from l.a. takes us behind the scenes. >> what excites me more than anything is -- >> executive producer tyra banks and her team of co-hosts are hoping to put a positive spin on
5:38 am
the world of daytime television with their new show "fab life." >> do you think fab life will make us better people by watching? because you are going to be positive for an hour? >> you get to learn something too. it makes you better, you are walking home, taking away information you can utilize in your own lives. >> we are having so much fun doing it, and the process. if we can just have fun with the viewers at home as much as we have fun onset, we have done our job. >> we are looking you up with tools working with the best tools you can because you deserve that. >> all all of the knowledge we e from our world of expertise and we get to do it in an hour and you guys get to be part of our party every day in your living room. that's awesome. >> and instead of just the little ones, the adult, i like to pour a cream on this. >> you love to cook. are you going to be cooking on a regular basis?
5:39 am
>> i love to cook. i cook for maybe ten people but those people don't really exist. >> every night i'm cooking, but for nobody. i'm going to be able to cook at home and bring it to work. "fab life" premieres here at 3:00 right before abc7 news at 4:00 tomorrow. an update on the destructive fire in lake county coming up, and lisa, you will have some of the weather conditions the firefighters will be facing? >> yes. right now from our east bay hills camera you can see the bay bridge there. numbers in the 60s and a few light raindrops around the bay. we will pinpoint those and talk about the week ahead next >> thank you, lisa. in sports, so close. the giants madison bumgarner
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>> an update on the breaking news we've been following all morning. the massive fire in lake county. cal fire now says the fire highlights and stats grown to 40,000 acres. these pictures are from the community of middletown, which appears to have suffered substantial damage. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. mandatory evacuations are in effect. hundreds of people are spending the night at evacuation centers. abc7 news reporter katie will join us live from one of those centers at the top of the hour. ings drivers in phoenix, arizona remain on edge as police say now a man they arrested in a string
5:43 am
of freeway shooting is knot their prime suspect. the man is in jail on an unrelated charge for marijuana possession. police questioned him and said he's a person of interest but not the main suspect. over the past two weeks at least 11 cars have been hit by bullets. oakland police pulled over an ac transit bus after getting a tip that a passenger had a gun. cell phone video captured the scene just east of lake merritt. officers asked everyone to get off the bus just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they found the man and discovered warrants had been issued for his arrest on attempted robbery and assault charges. with the vineyards and bounce of jack london state historic part is some of the finest talent in musical theater. we caught up with the 24-year-old artist who is not only lucky to be alive but may
5:44 am
have been saved by his trade. >> below the majestic but recuperating canopy of the 350-year-old oakland tree is a stage that's home to sonoma's transcendens theater. he was helping close the theater's fourth summer theater this weekend. his passion for tap started when he was just six. >> it was the sound, it was being able to use my feet to create rhythm. >> you may not notice the old oakland recently rehabilitated and the young man have a lot in common. >> i was studying at the university and my degree was musical theater. i had a pain in my right leg and we were rehearsing a show and i just thought i had hurt my leg through dancing. >> a biopsy revealed the 19-year-old was diagnosed with bone cancer. after numerous surgeries. >> and seven months down the road my cancer came back, and i
5:45 am
had to have my right leg amputated above the knee. there was one thing i said to my doctor before the amputation, i said i promise you i'm going to tap again, and i said i promise i will be there in the front row. i told him the story about a one-legged tap dancer, peg leg gates. he lost his leg in an accident. i said if he can do it, why can't i do it? i created this for us. step, hop, step. and he's so unique and he's transdescendent in what he does and it's inspirational for everyone who gets to watch him. >> for tickets go to our website leyla gulen, abc7 news. >> lisa, our weather has been much more tolerable, and it's better for the firefighters, as well? >> yeah. they have some rain up there in the valley fire. anywhere from just trace amounts
5:46 am
to a tenth of an inch. so, yeah, that is certainly some good news. the relative humidity has increased. the winds, of course, erratic around the fire, but we are looking at a little bit of light rain in here. it's not going to last but it is helping the situation out there. 64 degrees. 65% relative humidity with the wind out of the south. and right now it's not moving around too much, the wind. but it will be throughout the latter part of the morning and the evening hours. the next 24 hours you will notice -- en the next hour we will be up to 18 miles an hour and decreasing then. another burse of wind throughout the late and early morning hours of monday. so this certainly creates some problems there. but the rain and the cooler weather helping out. live doppler 7hd where you will notice right where our sweep is on top of mount st. helena. we covered in the green from cobb mountain through middle ton and down through high 101. anywhere from a couple hundred
5:47 am
hundredths to a tenth is what is falling here. overall this is still that same system moving up from the south. the subtropical moisture, that's why it's so warm out this morning. but we are looking at a colder weather system tomorrow to be cooler weather, as much as 15 degrees. 63 in san jose and morgan hill. half moon bay 57. a look outside our exploratorium camera, the marine layer is back, low 60s napa, santa rosa. still warm. higher elevations by the dealter. and upper 60s to lower 70s. 80s yesterday and those will return today but they will be out of the picture by tomorrow. all that subtropical moisture increases the humidity and temperatures so it feels muggy out there. but the humidity at sfo. the dryer conditions at 61 to
5:48 am
63% relative humidity. that's good news. a chance for a scattered showers this morning. sunny breaks today, more so than yesterday and we will see still some sprinkles possible tomorrow. moisture in the atmosphere. the water vapor imagely showing it here. this is another trough developing. it will take the humidity away, drop the temperatures and bring yet another chance of rain looks like on wednesday. highs today low 70s for oakland, 64 in san francisco. look for upper 70s from palo alto to redwood city. 84 san jose. north bay upper 70s, but to get up toward the fire community and you are well into the 80s. a warm day there. 89 ant crock. the antioch seven-day forecast, today one of the warmer days. we see the numbers drop again. a chance of showers into tomorrow. the coolest bay looks to be tuesday and below normal wednesday. we will warm up by the end of the upcoming work week. short term it's more favorable. >> yeah, better below normal than above, in my opinion.
5:49 am
>> i agree. let's check out sports. the raiders host the senate bengals today at it's their home opener. and madison bumgarner pitching a jewel last night at at&t park. here's shu with the morning sports. >> good morning! well, madison bumgarner on the hill last night against the padres. with earning he's achieved in his career, he has never thrown a no-hitter. he was trying to do it last night joining tim lincecum and jonathan sanchez. giants clobber the padres. angel pagan, a solo shot in the fifth makes it 5-0. check out the two fans. they are very excited they caught that ball. bumgarner took a perfect game into the eighth. austin hedges swinging.
5:50 am
ted jurko. he breaks it up. bumgarner, though, gets a standing ovation. matt bum would complete a complete game. the giants still 7 1/2 games back in the national league west. a's and rangers. shawn nolan on the bump. he came in a trade. and pushed it just over the wall in left. rangers on top 1-0. but in the fifth the a's strike back. the three-run shot to left. he's been one of the bright spots for the a's this year. a few batters later, danny valencia takes them deep for two more. a's win it 5-3 the final. and they can't afford back-to-back loss bus there's no place like home. second quarter, the first touchdown of the season. barry sanders back to kevin
5:51 am
hogan who finds michael recollectter wide open. stanford up 7-0. fourth quarter. barry sanders, the 20-yard touchdown. first since his freshman year. stanford now 1-1. 31-7 victory in their home opener. looks right, goes left, san jose state. 14-7 bears at the half. the second half. looks to the safety. bites, leaving trevor davis all alone. 75 yards for the touchdown. 321 yards and 3tds. he will break every cal record before he's done. the 35-7 victory. >> i this i the main thing is defense. they came out and held them to seven points and scored on the first drive and after that scored again. and as an offense it's good to see that and good for momentum. and the lack of turnovers. and the offense not starting at fast as we wanted to and picking it up as the game went on was
5:52 am
really good to stay. >> san jose state. early third quarter. tyler irvin has some speed. he's gone! 66 of the 121 yards rushing. the extra point blocked. 14-13 falcons. after spartan quarterback throws an interester accepting. dj johnson would run it in from 13 yards out and air force wins 37-16. spartans fall to 1-1. raiders hosting the bengals w he will have the highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, a rare site returns to san francisco's presidio.
5:53 am
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♪ ♪ yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. >> here are the winning numbers from last night's power ball draw. no one got all six. the jackpot jumps to $185 million on wednesday.
5:55 am
and here are the winning numbers from last night's $7 million super lotto plus. no one hit all six in this one either so wednesday's draw jumps to $8 million. young thrill seekers tried to navigate giant bubbles around a pool in mountain view during the art and wine festival. other people strolled, checking out many of the items offered at the 44th annual festival that also features live music. and the fun continues today starting at 10:00 this morning. at the presidio in san francisco visitors may notice something they haven't seen in quite a while, turtles! abc7 news was at the park assign tests released dozens of turtles in the water. the reptiles used to thrive here but over the past 30 years they have been wiped out by pollution and predators that don't be long in the lake.
5:56 am
that includes people who dump off their old pet total. >> now we have an amnesty box so if people come down to the lake anticipating them to release the pet, we ask them to put it in the box instead and we will find a home for it. >> the san francisco zoo raised the turtles from babies. they are planning to fill the lake with more native species, including fish, frogs and muscles. >> and the fur refresh us wildfire destroying countless homes. we will have a live report from an evacuation center where residents have gathered this morning. and new video from the community of middletown. witnesses tell us scores of homes, maybe hundreds, have been lost there. we will have the latest.
5:57 am
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>> breaking news out of lake county where still another wildfire is burning out of control. this one is dangerously different. entire communities, including this one, middle town, have been devastated by fire thousands have been forced to get out and firefighters have been seriously hurt. good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 13th. here's the latest on what's being called the valley fire. this fast-moving fire quickly exploded in size to over 40,000 acres after breaking out yesterday afternoon. involve structures have gone up in flames. hundreds more are threatened. hundreds, if not thousands, of residents have been forced to evacuate. many running as that


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