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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> breaking news out of lake county where still another wildfire is burning out of control. this one is dangerously different. entire communities, including this one, middle town, have been devastated by fire thousands have been forced to get out and firefighters have been seriously hurt. good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 13th. here's the latest on what's being called the valley fire. this fast-moving fire quickly exploded in size to over 40,000 acres after breaking out yesterday afternoon. involve structures have gone up in flames. hundreds more are threatened. hundreds, if not thousands, of residents have been forced to evacuate. many running as that fire came down the hill toward their
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homes. here's a map now of where the fire is burning in the community of cobb. it's burning so fast it's challenging firefighters' ability to warn residents of the danger. we have some extraordinary video to share with you some morning from the community of middletown. an abc7 news photographer was allowed to stay there after the mandatory evacuations took place. house upon house is burning. there's no sound. you just hear the crackling there of the flames. you will also notice there are no firefighters. people's possessions, their memories gone in an instant. with he won't know the extent of the damage in middletown until later today. but it is definitely substantial.
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we received word the fire destroyed a school. a school that serves kindergarten through high school. a small private school. we have this report. katie is going to join us live now. good morning, katie. >> good morning. we are live at the napa county fair grounds in calistoga where the red cross shelter is in place for the thousands of people who have been evacuated. at this point some 500 people spent the night here, we got to highway 29 to the twin pines casino and at that point a wall of fire appeared to be approaching highway 29. we turned around with evacuees and headed south to calistoga and spent the night here. many are sleeping in cotts, others are sleeping in their cars and in tense. there are mandatory evacuations of that now spread to napa county in the area ofetna spring
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road, all of pope valley and pope valley to the garage. the fire has not load many i want to show you video from overnight taken in middletown. fire has consumed many houses, businesses and abandoned cars. you see firefighters are just trying to get people out and protect as many homes as possible. they have not given us any specific numbers for buildings lost, and that is part of the heartbreak here. many people just curious in their home has made it, if their loved ones are out and there really aren't those answers for them this morning. much. information we are getting comes from evacuees, and the communities of cobb, middle value have suffered extensive damn. sue came down highway 29 within the last hour. >> nothing but fire and ash many the ash is so thick, you can't even imagine. it's like a movie. a horrible movie.
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>> sue is 65 years old. she and her husband fled with their dog. she said she's never been without a home, and this is devastating for her. the destruction of the fire cannot be overemphasized. there are several areas on advisory here in napa county that should be readdy to leave at any minute. summit lake drive and river lake road all on advisory. meanwhile at the red cross shelter, local chefs and restaurant are helping the red cross prepare from 500 to 800 meals for the people. cal fire tells us they expect an update at 7:00 a.m. when the sun comes up. that's when they will be able to get a better assessment of the damage and maybe be able to let people know when they can get back to their homes. but that doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon because, as we've said, the fire continues to grow and we've heard nothing about containment. live in calistoga, abc7 news.
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>> katie, thank you for that very comprehensive report. cal fire spokesperson daniel talked by phone with us about what to expect today in the fire zone. >> we are hoping that the winds will die down a little bit. that we continue to see cooler temperatures and we will be able to make progress to get ahead of this fire. but as we've seen with fire after fire, it's taken days and days and days of hard, tireless work to slow down a fire like this. there may be more communities in the near future and question will be working with the sheriff's department to do as much notice as we can to those residents if the fire does change direction or goes toward a different community. >> he cautioned against any expectations of a quick result. on the phone is corey reynolds. thanks for speaking with us, officer reynolds. we is eit's grown overnight from
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25,000 acres to 45,000 ache. can you tell us about the challenges you are facing? >> the biggest challenge is keeping the roadways open and keeping them safe and making sure people can get out of that area. we are asking people not to abandon their cars. you know, we've had that issue between middletown and hidden valley lake. those residents, you know, we can get you out of there, but you need to be patient and take it slow. >> so you were telling us before about the roads that are closed. how is that -- which ones are still closed? how is that impacting the evacuation process? >> it's gone fairly smooth except for the on struck that is we've run into. we've had powerlines down, trees are falling down, things of that nature. but highway 29 is closed from tubs lane in napa county, northbound closed, southbound open so people can get out.
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highway 29 is closed. 175 at red hills is closed. and 53 at highway 20 is closed. south bound is closed. and northbound is open again so evacuees can get out. >> people should just be trying to avoid those areas. thank you very much, officer, for talking with us this morning. with have a list of all the areas under a mandatory evacuation order right now. bottle rock and high valley roads, highway 175 and con, highway 29 at tubs lane in calistoga and napa county, highway 29 at highway 53 in lower lake, buds canyon road to the napa county line. including estates, middleton and hidden valley lake. evacuation centers are set up at the kelseyville presbyterian church and you saw katie reporting from the calistoga fairgrounds.
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mr. rider is one evacuee who shot this video on his phone after he got out. he tells abc7 news he, his wife, three young boys and dog ran for their lives from their home in hidden valley lake. >> the sound of the fire was that of a jet plane in flight. you could see fire advancing. it was incredible. we weren't evacuating carefully and cautiously, we were fleeing. >> rider said they only had time to grab a couple important items and then they had to load up and get out. he believes his home and photography business have been destroyed. and pg&e is telling abc7 news nearly 6500 customers are without power because of that fire. those without electricity are primarily in the cobb, hidden valley and middletown areas. those are the hardest-hit communities. pg&e said there's no estimated time when power will be restored because conditions are no -- are so precarious there.
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our meteorologist lisa argen has, of course, been monitoring the fire conditions in lake county. lisa, what's the latest? >> we have temperatures in the 60s. the winds erratic but they are light right now. relative humidity has come up because we have a little light rain many throughout the day the winds will continue to be a problem as they shift out of the south up to, perhaps, into the northwest, as well. 20 to 25 miles an hour. and then you will see them drop off throughout the afternoon. but the rain, it is ending in parts of the north bay. we've seen anywhere from a couple hundredth to a tenth of an inch of rain right here up on mount st. helena. we will continue to monitor this as it begins to dissipate. we will still see the warm temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s today but as much as a 15-degree temperature drop tomorrow where the fire is. we will detail that and the rest of the forecast coming up. care lip. >> thank you. we told you earlier about
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firefighters who were injured in the valley fire. all four of them are recovering from second degree burns at the u.c. davis burn center this morning. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana tells us this was an incident that has a lot of their fellow firefighters rattled. >> outside u.c. davis medical center there have been cal fire crewmembers waiting for information on their firefighters. a fire captain and three members with a helicopter crew were among the first to be with the fire but it overtake them. the firefighters are in recovery now and when there's something traumatic like this, it's devastating for them and their families. mike lopez is the cal fire president. he visited with the team members. he said the captain may have suffered nor serious injuries than the other three. their family members have joined them at the hospital. they are part of a helicopter team stationed at boggs mountain.
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>> they are transported in and dropped in a spot and the helicopter goes back up in the air with the bucket on and does the work with dropping the water like you often see. >> at some point the fast-moving fire overtook the four team members so they had to be extracted by their helicopter. cal fire has just gun their inquiry about this incident. >> we go in and investigate and try to figure out exactly what happened, especially in this situation so we can prevent or create training so it would never occur again. >> these four firefighters are among the best trained and well-equipped in the state. it's unusual for so many to be overrun like this. that's no doubt troubling for them and their fellow firefighters. >> i'm sure they are emotionally drained, physically drained after being stuck in a situation where your life is on the line doing your job. >> and unfortunately fire season may go on for a few more months. in sacramento, certainly devastating. >> viewers are helping to tell
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the story with their photos and video. you can look at some of the images they have been tap during through social media. many were taken overnight, showing some of the devastation that's happened in the last several hours. if you have pictures or video of the fire or any news that happens where you live, share it with us by posting on social media with the #abc7now. and our fire coverage continues after the break. the bay area crews lending a hand to fight another ferocious fire burning in northern california. and count down to the crown. we will show you all the excitement surrounding this year's miss
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>> updating our breaking news a 40000-acre wildfire may have destroyed the town of middletown. firefighters are unable to respond because they are warning residents to run from the fast-moving fire, and that's preventing them from attacking the flames. hundreds, maybe thousands of people, have been evacuated. and this fire is burning in the same area where two other fires scorched hundreds of square miles near clear lake. those fires, the rocky fire and the jerusalem fire, destroyed a total of 49 homes during late july and early august. crews also remain busy
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battling to the large wildfire. this one southeast of sacramento. the butte fire has destroyed 86 homes since it broke out. it broke out five days ago. more homes are threatened in gold country. and firefighting strike teams are in the bay area right now to help battle the butte firefighter. >> you guys know the situation going on with the fire. it's blowing up again, a bunch of structures are going. >> two strike teams get briefed minutes before heading out to battle the state's most ferocious fire. the butte fire is burning hot and fast through gold country. threatening thousands of homes. the drought has created danger zone and fire crews need help. >> i have been on the job for 28 years and working for cal fire when i was a younger man and i
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have never seen conditions like this. and i think you can ask a lot of folks in a lot of similar situations. it's explosive. >> firefighters started loading saturday morning with gear they will need for a week or longer, including emergency shelters in the fire overtakes them. >> they will pull this out. rip the cord and it will deploy. >> they claim this truck from the west point fire department. luckily firefighters escaped unharmed. >> reminds me of how dangerous this job is and how much we have to prepare for kind of any risk in any situation. >> menlo park firefighters just got word a former fire captain lost his home in the fire, but he wasn't injured. >> one of our retired employees has lost a home up there. we've confirmed that through other retirees in touch with him. fire crews know this wildfire will be tough to battle, but reinforcements in the firefight are now on the way. in foster city, abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news with the latest on the devastating fires in lake county and follow us on
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twitter on abc7 news bay area. we will have updates throughout the morning and we will have a updates throughout the morning. >> tonight some of the most beautiful women in the world will take center stage in new jersey for the miss america pageant, including one woman who had her crown taken away. you can see it all right here on abc7. elizabeth herr has the preview. >> the glitz, the glam and the glory. >> miss new york! >> it all comes down to this, the passing of the crown. the new honor going to one of 52 beauties from across the country, competing to become the next miss america. >> i'm excited to see who the next miss america will be and pass the torch to another very deserving young lady. >> she is proud to be part of a ceremony steeped in tradition. now in it's 95th year. >> these charitable, she's beautiful, she's graceful, she's poised. >> it's what makes miss america
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different than all the other wannabee competitions. >> yes. >> our new miss america is vanessa williams, miss new york! >> tonight vanessa williams made history in 1983 as the first african-american miss america makes history again, 34 years after she was forced to give up her crown. >> i knew once the dust would settle i would get a chance to show people who i am. >> williams telling abc's robin roberts, a new day as arrived. >> and there's a lot of people that do feel that i should return. they are inviting me back as an example of this is what can happen to you. >> abc news, atlantic city, new jersey. >> the 2016 miss america competition returns to atlantic city's famous boardwalk. that's tonight. you can experience all the glitz
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and glam at 9:00 p.m. here on abc7. and right here right now we have lisa argen with your accuweather forecast. >> feels mild out there due to the south winds, but we have a few light rain showers around the area. that is certainly a bonus, especially in the north bay. here's a look at the fire conditions up in the north where we are looking at temperatures in the 60s. relative humidity about 65%. right now the winds are light but they are picking up because we have our strongest winds at sunrise and around sunset. so unfortunately with the erratic conditions they will be getting stronger, these winds. up to 20 and 25 miles an hour. but then look how quickly it drops throughout the afternoon. then we get closer to sunset and it's breezy again. but we are looking at the cloud cover, the higher relative humidity. the temperatures are up, as well. and the green representing some of that rain. anywhere from just mist and drizzle to sprinkles to .07 to a tenth reported from hidden
6:21 am
valley and cobb mountain. and further north toward clear lake you see all the conditions here from kelseyville, lake port and niese. temperatures mild but at least we have the relative humidity and moisture to speak of. offshore, not much. it is kind of evaporating. that will be the trend toward the morning hours. 62 oakland, 63 san jose and morgan hill with half moon bay 57. we have cloudy skies and numbers are quite mild from the delta, up through concord and livermore. the higher up you go the relative humidity drops. the lower elevations looking at the benefit of some of that higher moisture content out there. the south winds bringing up the warm air. 9 degrees warmer from fire field. 6 degrees warm he in concord. here's a look at the relative humidity. you notice 60 to 61% around concord. and elsewhere we are doing pretty good now but, of course, it dries out throughout the
6:22 am
afternoon as the temperatures increase and the sun comes out and we get dryer conditions. scattered showers are possible, but that's really beginning to wane throughout the morning hours. a chance of light rain, but it's better than nothing through tomorrow. this system is the one that's bringing up the south winds, the moisture, the high relative humidity. this one takes over tomorrow. that will drop temperatures as much as 15 degrees. numbers today up toward the fire in the upper 80s to near 90. tomorrow 15 degrees cooler. 71 oakland, 74 san mateo, 84 in san jose andç livermore. and the accuweather seven day forecast so cooler conditions tomorrow. still the clouds. still the possible drops. and then we are getting breezier and much, much cooler tuesday and wednesday. behind the next low and we are warming up thursday, friday and saturday. conditions are a little bit favorable in terms of the cloud cover and the moisture but not the winds, of course. >> yeah. all right. thank you, lisa. up next, a final dance for the
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studio. we were in mountain view for a farewell party. after six years, burke has lost her lease. she's hosting two more farewell events tonight and on sunday, september 27th. season 21 of "dancing with the stars" it debuts tomorrow on abc7. still ahead, ahead, break news. valley fire and new images of the destruction it's caused in one community. and later, the bay area dance who are is not letting cancer stop him from his passion in
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6:30 am
precip. the winds very gusty at sunrise and sunset. so right now we are in the gusty time frame. the moisture is going to evaporate, the temperatures warm again today. but tomorrow we are talking a 10 to 15-degree drop up here. for the rest of the bay area numbers still very comfortable today and more sun. a detailed look coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. breaking news from lake county. a fast-moving, out of control wildfire has burned 40,000 acres and it's growing. these are pictures from the community of middletown, right in the path of the flames. drought conditions are fueling the fire. you will also notice there are no firefighters. they are busy notifying residents to run for their lives. again, this fire has burned 40,000 acres after breaking out early yesterday afternoon. mandatory evacuations are in place throughout lake county.
6:31 am
northbound highway 29 is closed right outside calistoga. it may reopen by noon. one evacuationter is in calistoga at the napa county fair grounds. people are still arriving. some admitted they stayed in their homes too long before decide to go pack up and leave. a bat c7 news reporter katie joins us live from the red cross shelter at the fairgrounds with the latest. katie, what a frightening ordeal. >> carolyn, i can tell you the condition here this morning are drastically different than those we encountered last night. it's cool and rained overnight. as we approached lake county last night on highway 29 we made it as far as the southern middletown to the twin pines casino and it was april credibly windy, it was warm, and a wall of fire appeared to be approaching highway 29. we turned around with many of the evacuees who are now
6:32 am
staying, as you see behind me, at the napa county fair grounds. the are he had cross has set up a shelter. some 500 or so people here are in cotts, in their cars. we stayed in our live struck overnight. fire is so intense. seeing really is believing. let he show you some video from overnight. you are looking at video taken in middletown as propane tanks explode. there's nothing firefighters can do to prevent it. they are trying to get people out and save as many buildings as they can. cal fire stretched very thin. we saw continuous resources coming up highway 29 as we were heading south. much of what we are hearing about damage comes from evacuees who say cobb, middletown and hidden valley have suffered great losses. one woman described middletown as nothing but ash and fire. she waited until the last minute to leave wishes is absolutely not advisable.
6:33 am
but sue and her husband safely evacuated from their home on west road in middleton about two hours ago. >> we aren't coming back. we said we aren't going to leave until we see the fire because they thought it was going to die down, but all of a sudden it jumped up. it jumped up and blazed over. >> and it is cooler than it was yesterday. people describe driving through fire, being trapped it it on all sides and doing whatever they could with getting out with the clothes they were wearing and hopefully some pets. here at the local shelter, local chefs and restaurants are helping them to prepare meals. they are expect to go serve between 500 to 800 meals for breakfast this morning. overnight red cross did allow pets and livestock. they will be assessing the situation going forward and the high school may be used a as an additional shelter.
6:34 am
there are several areas on advisory in napa county that people need to be aware they could be under mandatory evacuations at any point. cal fire tells us they expect an update at 7:00 this morning, but as we've heard all morning the fire is progressing. many communities are on mandatory evacuation and advisory evacuation. if you are told to get out, please do so quickly. it is imperative. we are live in calistoga, katie utehs, abc7 news. >> hard to leave behind your home and all your possessions but you do have to think about your life. thank you, katie. joining us on the phone is cal fire spokesperson daniel. thanks for speaking with us this morning. talk to us a little bit about what is happening right now in terms of how many crews you have on scene and what is going open. we have well over 1,000 firefighters battling this fire. up like a normal fire, we've
6:35 am
really had to concentrate not on just being able to fight the fire, suppress the fire, but on life safety. getting people out of their homes and getting this emevacuated from the area. that's been our priority and doing our best to save as many homes as possible. i can tell you firefighters worked tirelessly through the night to try to save as many homes as possible. this has been an incredibly fast moving fire. 40,000 acres already burned? just twelve hours of this fire burning is an incredible rate. this morning we are seeing the winds die down. that's helping somewhat. we are seeing light rain over parts of the fire. that too is helping. but despite those two factors, we are still seeing a very difficult firefight for us. >> so, yeah, i thought it was quite unusual that firefighters were having to devote so much attention of having to get folks out rather than getting in there and fighting the fire. are you now able to do some of that? have people gotten the message that they need to leave?
6:36 am
>> absolutely. with many of the residents now evacuated, our firefighters can continue to focus on structure protection, saving homes and property and building a containment line around the fire. over 1,000 firefighters battling the fire. we have continued to bring in hundreds and hundreds of additional crews from across the state to help us battle the fire. but this fire is burning similar to what we saw with the rocky fire last month, as well as the jerusalem fire. the difference here yesterday is gusty winds out of the west and that did not help. but today while the winds are died down, they are forecasting winds will pick up again and not something we are looking forward to but one of the reasons we continue to bring in so many additional resource toss make sure we have as many firefighters as we can to battle and take a stand against this fire. >> daniel berlant. thanks for joining us from cal fire to give us the latest on
6:37 am
the situation there. four firefighters, among the first on the scene, needed to be rescued themselves after being trapped by the flames. they belonged to a heletact crew. they get flown into the most dangerous areas to try to stop the flames. all suffered second degree burns. >> these events are very unusual. they don't occur very often so when this he do, we go in and investigate and try to figure out exactly what happened, especially in this situation so we can prevent and create training so it will never occur again. >> when the fire is on you, and you have to make life or death decisions, it's very traumatic. >> they rushed all four firefighters to u.c. davis medical center in sack member toe. other firefighters have been stopping by the trauma center to check on them and their families. viewers in our abc7 now community are helping tell this story with their photos and
6:38 am
videos. we've been compiling many of the images from overnight and they show that devastating scene throughout lake county and in the hard-hit community of middletown. if you have pictures or video of the fire or any news that happens where you live, you can take it safely, share it with us by posting on social media with the #abc7now. our coverage of the fire continues later in the newscast, but first we will take you behind the scenes of the tyra banks show debuting tomorrow here on amount bc7. see what makes "fab life" different from other daytime talk shows. ears a live look from the emeryville camera. showing you a peek of the new bay bridge there. seems like we are still socked in with the clouds, fog, overcast. it's going to lift. lisa argen along shortly with the full accuweather ♪
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>> a new daytime talk show begins tomorrow on abc7. it's called "fablife." it's a lifestyle show with segments on fashion, food and do-it-yourself projects. our sister station in los angeles takes us behind the scenes. >> what excites me more than anything is this. >> executive producer tyra banks and her team of co-hosts are hoping to put a positive spin on the world of daytime television
6:42 am
with their new show "fablife". >> do you think "fablife" will make us better people by watching? because you will be positive for an hour? >> you get to learn something too. >> we are having so much fun doing it and in the process. if we can have fun with the viewers at home as much as we are having fun, we are doing our job. >> we will hook you up with the best life that you can because you deserve that. >> all of the knowledge that we have from all of our world of expertise and we get to do it in an hour, having the best time and having so much fun and we get to sit and you and you get to be with us. that's awesome. >> instead of the adults, i like to pour a cream on here. >> you love to cook. will you be cooking for them on a regular basis? >> yeah. >> i love to cook. i cook for maybe ten people but
6:43 am
those people don't really exist. every night i'm cooking, but for nobody. i was really excited to be able to cook at home and bring it to work. >> "fablife" premieres tomorrow at 3:00 right here on abc7 before abc7 news at 4:00. lisa is here. i hear a crackling microphone here. >> is that right? maybe because of the changes in the weather. light rain and look at the clouds. pretty picture here. temperatures are well into the 60s. our east bay hills. i'll tell what you it means for the rest of the weekend and a hint at a much cooler start to the work week. that's all coming up. >> thank you. also coming up in sports, oh, so close. the giants madison bumgarner flirts with perfection, but it was ruined in the eighth.
6:44 am
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>> amid the vineyards and ruins of jack london historic park, is this musical theater.
6:47 am
we caught up with the 24-year-old artist who is not only lucky to be alive but may have been saved by his trade. >> below the majestic but recuperating canopy of the 350-year-old oakland tree is a stage that's home to sonoma's transcendens theater. he was helping close the theater's fourth summer theater this weekend. his passion for tap started when he was just six. >> it was the sound, it was being able to use my feet to create rhythm. >> you may not realize old oak recently rehabilitated and the young man have a lot in common. >> i was studying at the university and my degree was musical theater. i had a pain in my right leg and we were rehearsing a show and i just thought i had hurt my leg through dancing. >> a biopsy at the new york cancer center revealed the 19-year-old was diagnosed with bone cancer. after numerous surgeries. >> and seven months down the road my cancer came back, and i had to have my right leg amputated above the knee. there was one thing i said to my doctor before the amputation, i
6:48 am
said i promise you i'm going to tap again, and i said i promise tap again, and he said i promise i will be there in the front row. i told him the story about a one-legged tap dancer, peg leg bates. he lost his leg in a cotton gin accident. i said if he can do it, why can't i do it? i created this for us. step, hop, step. step, hop, step. and he's so unique and he's transdescendent in what he does and it's inspirational for everyone who gets to watch him. >> for tickets go to our website. leyla gulen, abc7 news. >> a cool trend is upon us. >> yes. still modest pour some of the outlining areas tomorrow. we are looking at not only cloud cover, but check it out. moisture, lake sonoma, and parts of marin county have seen some
6:49 am
sprinkles. this is very good news. the temperatures are very, very mild due to the south wind. as we go into highway 29, middle town, hidden valley lake. you had the showers, the cloud cover w he go further north up to clear lake and still some wet pavement for you, kelseyville. but as we widen it out, it is evaporating and sunshine and warmth open the way. they have been light overnight but at sunrise and sunset, they begin to pick up. and the first create their own winds. and about 55, 60%. that's good news but it will get dryer throughout the day as the temperatures increase. right here we are looking at upper 80s and near 90s again with a big cool down tomorrow. here's the wind profile with most of the winds from 15 to 20 miles an hour throughout the day before they settle down throughout the overnight hours. here's a look at the fog outside. the marine layer is with us. temperatures are warm. from the cool spot half moon bay
6:50 am
to 63 san jose and mountain view and mt. tam. all the cloud cover right here with the relative humidity up now. but still a muggy day on the way due to the subtropical moisture. 70 by the delta, 67 in livermore. 24 hour temperature change. check it out. it is warm out there. and the reason being, the system off the coast is still going to be with us throughout the day today. but more sunny breaks. another chance of rain tomorrow with a colder system. this is the one now bringing the warm weather and shower. this one is on the way to drop temperatures and bring another chance of rain headed our way. so the coolest start to the week for tomorrow, and then after that we will look for warmer numbers. 77 today palo alto. 74 san mateo, 63 half moon bay, 79 napa, 89 in antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast, more cooling tomorrow and then look for possible drops throughout the middle of the week, mainly into monday and wednesday. and then notice after that we
6:51 am
warm up. but it shouldn't be too warm. we don't need the warmth, we need cooler weather and we have sort of that with the rain. >> all right, thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. let's check out sports. the raiders host the senate bengals today at it's their home opener. and madison bumgarner pitching a jewel last night at at&t park. here's shu with the morning sports. >> good morning! well, madison bumgarner on the hill last night against the padres. with everything he's achieved in his career, he has never thrown a no-hitter. he was trying to do it last night joining tim lincecum and jonathan sanchez. lego night at at&t. and lego-busting ballgame. can you tell the difference? giants clobber the padres. angel pagan, a solo shot in the fifth makes it 5-0. check out the two fans. they are very excited they caught that ball. bumgarner took a perfect game into the eighth. austin hedges swinging.
6:52 am
ted jurko. two of his victims. two outs in the eighth. pinch hitter melvin upton singles. he breaks it up. bumgarner, though, gets a standing ovation. matt bum would complete a complete game. 111 pitches. the giants still 7 1/2 games back in the national league west. a's and rangers. shawn nolan on the bump. he came to oakland in the josh donaldson trade. and pushed it just over the wall in left. rangers on top 1-0. but in the fifth the a's strike back. the three-run shot to left. he's been one of the bright spots for the a's this year. a few batters later, danny valencia takes them deep for two more. a's win it 5-3 the final. fanning ford with their home opener hosting central florida. the coach said their young team
6:53 am
can't afford back-to-back losses, but there's no place like home. second quarter, the first touchdown of the season. barry sanders back to kevin hogan who finds michael rechter wide open. stanford up 7-0. fourth quarter. barry sanders, the 20-yard touchdown. first since his freshman year. we should see more of this guy. stanford now 1-1. 31-7 victory in their home opener. cal hosting san diego state. he looks left, goes right. 14-7 bears at the half. the second half. looks to the safety. he bites, leaving trevor davis all alone. 75 yards for the touchdown. 321 yards and 3 tds. he will break every cal record before he's done. the 35-7 victory. you i think the main thing is defense. they came out and held them to seven points and scored on the first drive and after that scored again. and as an offense it's good to see that and good for momentum. and the lack of turnovers.
6:54 am
that's always good for momentum. and the offense not starting at fast as we wanted to and picking it up as the game went on was really good to stay. >> san jose state. hosted by air force. early third quarter. tyler irvin has some speed. he's gone! 66 of the 121 yards rushing. the extra point blocked. 14-13 falcons. after spartan quarterback throws an interception. d.j. johnson would run it in from 13 yards out, and air force wins 37-16. spartans fall to 1-1. raiders hosting the bengals. we will have the highl
6:55 am
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i know. yoplait! >> let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> we've had some light rain where we need it up in the north bay from hidden valley lake to lower lake there. highway 29 very light shower activity. anywhere from just .01 to a tenth has been recorded here. it will be sunnier in warm today. right now 60 by the fire with the relative humidity up to 60%. still a few degrees cooler and more chances of rain throughout the week. >> all right. thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues online with our abc7 news app. we will see you again at 9:00.
6:58 am
"good morning america" is next.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight -- up in flames. wildfires exploding in california. this school engulfed, many homes destroyed. >> let's go! >> thousands of people ordered to get out. >> everybody's houses are going up. it's awful. >> almost 4,000 firefighters on the front lines, four seriously hurt trying to beat back the flames. the latest on the intense round-the-clock efforts. trump tackles the heartland. >> all: donald trump! >> the presidential candidate spreading his message to football fans in iowa. meanwhile, opponents taking their shots. >> donald trump, you're a fake. >> it's all happening just days before the next big republican debate.


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