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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  September 13, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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. >> breaks news out of lake county where the last hour the governor has declared a state of emergency because of a massive wildfire that's burning out of control. entire communities, including this one, middle town, have been devastated by this inferno. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 13th. here's the latest on what's being called the valley fire. the fast-moving fire quickly exploded in size to over 60,000 acres after breaking out yesterday afternoon. several structures have gone up
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in flames. hundreds more are threatened. hundreds, if not thousands, of residents have been forced to evacuate. many running as the fire came down the hill towards their homes. in the last hour the governor has declared a state of emergency for lake and napa counties. take a look at this map of where the fire is burning near cobb, a community of 1700 residents. it's burning so fast it's challenging firefighters' ability to warn residents of the danger. a photographer was allowed to stay at middletown after the mandatory evacuations took place. you see house upon house upon house burning. there's no sound except the crackling of the flames. you will the notice no firefighters. people's possessions and memories gone in an instant.
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we've received word the flames have destroyed at least one school, middletown christian school. it serves students from kindergarten through tie school. people are running from the fire stayed overnight at several evacuation centers. one is at the calistoga fairgrounds. katie utehs is there live. >> a lot of people of still screaming in. they spent the night onside roads trying to escape the fire. early estimates were about 500 people spent the night but at in point they are trying to use breakfast to get a more accurate head count as people come to enjoy a warm meal. i can show you the calistoga food and beverages cart here. people are volunteering and the red cross rock stars.
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they are serving hot meals to the people who had to evacuate last night and this morning. evacuating middle town last night, highway 29 south was backed up for miles so it does not surprise me that people are still trickling into the evacuation center. i've been talking to evacuees. one worked for the forest serve clearing forest service for years. his candid description of the fire is likely the most accurate. >> one of the worst things i've ever seen. if you want to visit heli, you were nearly in it. >> let me show you some overnight video. many houses were lost. some, we are hearing, were spared. at this point cal fire is trying to get people out and protect as many homes as they can. we have not been given any official count. gas station necessary cobb mountain and hidden valley caught fire and exploded and propane tanks in middletown.
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they are getting calls from people still in lake county and the fire path is taking many turns. >> funny how one house burned and the next one didn't and another one, just no rhyme or reason. but it was pretty brutal last night. >> again, if you need a place to go, we are here at the evacuation shelter at the napa county share grounds in calistoga. they will be serving lunch, as well, and the red cross is really trying to assess the situation. there is also a shelter in kelseyville. at this location animal and live stocks were allowed in the pastures past the beverage area. there are lots of horses that people were able to make it out with. the fire has made its way into napa county, as we said. the community is on advisoryies are listed on our website. and we also spent the night with the evacuees, and a lot of people have been approaching
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asking, you know, do you know question streets were spared? i just want to find out if my house was spared and at this point we don't know. cal fire isn't saying. they are on attack mode at this point and trying to protect as many structure as they can and protect as many people as we can, but the good news is so far we are hearing that everyone is making it out safely. we are live in calistoga and we will be back with an update in about a half-hour. >> katie, thank you. that comment about the resident is it is hell there is pretty telling. joining us on the phone is spokesperson from the cal fire daniel berlant. thanks for joining us. give us an update how many crews are there now fighting the fire. >> we have over 1,000 firefighters on the front lines battling this fire as we bring in hundreds and hundreds of additional crews from across the state. and as was mentioned, our focus right now is making sure that people that are in the evacuated
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area are evacuated. that is been a struggle all light long with making sure those who were asked to evacuate were safely done so. in some cases with the fire burning so quickly, some only had minutes to grab belongings and get out of harm's way. this fire has burned at an explosive rate, and unfortunately, even though we are seeing cooler temperatures than we did last week, the fire burning with rate of spread we would typically see in the peak of fire season. >> we know that four firefighters were injured yesterday. do you know how they are doing? are there any other injuries? >> four of our firefighters did suffer second degree burns. did suffer second degree burns when they were working to contain the fire. they were all airlifted to the medical center where they are being treated. right now they are in stable condition. today they are surround by family. but they are going to be there for some time now, undetermined as they recover from their burns. >> and any other injuries to
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speak of? >> at this point, that is all that's been reported. obviously that is a miracle as this fire has continued to grow so rapidly, threatening thousands of people throughout lake county. >> all right. daniel, thank you very much for taking time-out this morning to join us to tell us about what's going on with the fire. again, he says thousands are there on the lines. we have a list of all the areas under a mandatory evacuation order right now. bottle rocket, high valley roads, highway 175 in cobb, highway 29 at tubs lane in calistoga, and napa county. highway 29 at highway 53 in lower lake. but. tts county napa road. and cobb, siegler cannon, middletown and hidden valley lake. evacuation centers are set up at the presbyterian church and where katie was at the calistoga
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fairgrounds. bob rider is one of those evacuees to shot this video on his phone after he got out. he told abc7 news he, his wife, three young boys and a dog fled for their lives from their home in hidden valley lake. >> the sound of this fire was that of a jet plane in flight. you could see the fire advancing. it was incredible. we weren't evacuating carefully and cautiously, we were fleeing. >> and he says they only had time to grab a couple of important items before loading up and leaving. he believes his home and photography business have been destroyed. drivers will be facing delays and detours because of the fire today. the highway patrol closed northbound highway 29 at tubs lane in calistoga. 29 is also closed at highway 175 in kelseyville and at red hills road. highway 53 is closed from lower lake to highway 29. all of those lanes could be, and
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we emphasize the could be open by noon. pg&e tells abc7 news nearly 6500 customers are without power because of the fire. those without electricity are primarily in the cobb, hidden valley and middletown areas. those are the hardest-hit communities. pg&e says there's no estimated time of when power will be restored because conditions are just so precarious there. meteorologist lisa argen has been monitoring fire conditions in lake county. lisa, what do you have for us? >> carolyn, the best news was that they had some light rain earlier this morning. plenty of cloud cover. the relative humidity is up. the temperature are also on the warm side, as well. at 70 degrees right now. relative humidity 47%. of course, with the temperatures going up and the relatively humidity dropping throughout the day today, it will be a tough go. the winds will be picking up after 4:00, almost near sunset, out of the west at 20 to
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23 miles an hour and then they will be dialing back a bit. still a little moisture in the area. we will talk about what to expect for the rest of your sunday and a cool start to the work week all coming up in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you. viewers in our abc7now, community are helping capture this. many of these videos were takenover night showing some of the devastation that's happened in the last several hours. if you have any pictures or video of the fire or any news that happens where you live, share it with us by posting on social media with the #abc7now. and our fire coverage continues after the break. the bay area crews lending a hand to help fight another ferocious wildfire burning in northern california. plus, count down to the crown. we will show you all the excitement surrounding this year's miss america pageant. it's happening
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>> welcome back, everyone, to our live breaking news. it's 89:14 on this sunday morning. this is sky 7hd this morning hovering above the so-called valley fire in lake county and all you can see is that thick smoke. this is a 40,000-acre wildfire that has severely damaged homes and structures in the community of middletown. lake county and napa county are
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now under states of emergency, so ordered by the governor just a short time ago this morning. extraordinary pictures show the fire burning at will. firefighters are just now beginning to turn their full attention to trying to battle these flames and get them contained. they spent a lot of time warning residents overnight to get out. fire officials say thousands of people have evacuated. and this fire is burning in the same area where two other fires scorched hundreds of square miles near clear lake. the rocky fire and the jerusalem fire destroyed a total of 49 homes during late july and early august. crews also remain busy. they are battling another large wildfire. this one southeast of sacramento. it is the butte fire that's destroyed 86 homes since this broke out five days ago. flames threaten another 6400 homes in california's gold
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country. it's burned more than 100 square files. two strike teams from san mateo county are in gold country this morning helping out with the butte fire. the teams packed up their gear yesterday to foster city before heading out. one official said the fire conditions are brutal. >> i've been on on the job for 8 years, having worked for cal fire when i was a younger man and i've never seen conditions like this. i think you can probably and a lot of folks in similar situations. it is explosive. >> the firefighters loaded their engines with gear they will need for two weeks or longer, including emergency shelters if that fire should overtake them. the strike teams will bring the total personnel fighting the butte fire to nearly 3300. stay with abc7 news for the latest fire coverage and follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. and we will have updates throughout the morning. tonight some of the most
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beautiful women in the world will take center stage in new jersey for the miss america pageant, had her crown taken away. you can see it all right here on abc7. elizabeth herr has the preview. >> a big and fun morning already on tap for these as sparing beauty queens who are taking in this special moment just outsideboard walk hall where this all began 95 years ago. >> the glitz, the glam and the glory. >> miss new york! >> it all comes down to this, the passing of the crown. the new honor going to one of 52 beauties from across the country, competing to become the next miss america. >> i'm excited to see who the next miss america will be and pass the torch to another very deserving young lady.
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reigns miss america is proud to be part of a ceremony steeped in tradition. now in it's 95th year. she's charitable, she's beautiful, she's graceful, she's poised. >> it's what makes miss america different than all the other wannabee competitions. >> our new miss america is vanessa williams, miss new york! >> tonight vanessa williams made history in 1983 as the first african-american miss america makes history again, 34 years after she was forced to give up her crown. >> i knew once the dust would settle i would get a chance to show people who i am. >> williams telling abc's robin roberts, a new day as arrived. >> and there's a lot of people that do feel that i should return. they are inviting me back as an example of this is what can happen to you.
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>> we are told there are quite a few surprises in store for tonight, including vanessa williams taking center stage. organizers say be sure to tune in and find out what that is all about and, of course, for the crowning of the new miss america. we are live in atlantic city, new jersey. back to you. >> maybe vanessa will get her crown back. that would be something. thanks. >> the competition returns to atlantic city to the famous boardwalk hall tonight. you can experience all the glitz and glam tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc7. republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson said once he spends time with people and explains his position on the issues, they frequently agree. many of you saw the soft-spoken carson on "this. a neurosurgeon by trade and a
9:20 am
political novelist, he's now a strong second to donald trump in most policy. he was asked how he would deal with the refugee crisis. >> i would recognize that bringing in people from the middle east right now carries extra danger. we have to be extra cautious. you know, we need to tighten it up and be very careful because with he cannot put our people at risk because we are trying to be politically correct. >> responding to trump's charge he is low energy, carson said you don't have to shout to have energy. and some of that video showed him here at the commonwealth club last week with dan ashley moderating. lisa is here now with a look at the weather. >> we have a lot of cloud cover. delays of 39 minutes at sfo. the cloud cover has helped out just a little bit with some rain shower activity up to the north with the fire. but not enough and we are looking at live doppler 7hd
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where you can see a smattering of green from middle town, pope valley, mount st. helena, up through knoxville. earlier they picked up as much as a tenth of an inch of rain anywhere from just some sprinkles to .01 is possible. you see west on 101, cloverdale. but as we get into a closer inspection east of hidden valley lake you certainly have the clouds. whether or not all of this is reaching the ground, not likely. but we've had reports in napa and sonoma of rain as well too this morning. north of geyserville and kelseyville. scattered showers are going to be the exception the next couple days. the next chance on wednesday. 70 degrees around the fire with relative humidity at 47% right now. winds out of the west-northwest. they are coming in from a good direction but you know fires have their own winds, erratic winds. the next 24 hours we look at winds out of the west. and up to 14 miles an hour. then they will sort of level
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off. breezy again throughout the around. nothing like yesterday, the 40 miles per hour gusts. but still, windy conditions. we will have partly sunny skies as the cloud cover continues to thin out throughout the day today. this is sutro. 62 san francisco, 67 mountain view and san jose. 67 half moon bay and emeryville a little brighter out there. it is mild from concord to livermore. the reason the numbers are so much milder this morning is due to the direction of the wind. out of the south. so when they are out of the south they are bringing up the warmer air. the air that is ladened more with moisture. and the more moisture that the atmosphere holds, the warmer it feels. that's where we are this morning. we will be looking at the dryer conditions, as well, as the sun comes out and we begin to evaporate some of the moisture. muggy this afternoon. last day of the muggy conditions. a chance of showers each and every day but the best chance comes in on wednesday when this system drops down from the north. this one is the one that's bringing us the cloud cover now. so as this system clears that
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one out, the atmosphere will get a little bit brighter, a little bit dryer. but we are also looking at cooler temperatures. as much as 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. some thinning out of the cloud cover today, and then looking at maybe a few sprinkles here and there throughout the day tomorrow. but you can see most of the activity in the higher elevations. this would be monday afternoon. so by wednesday, though, a better chance. 84 in san jose today. 77 palo alto. look for about mid-60s san francisco. not a whole lot of clearing there. 71 in oakland. upper 70s napa. up by the fire, though, much warmer, in the upper 80s to near 90. look at 89 near antioch and the accuweather seven-day forecast showing a few possible drops tomorrow. still cooler. coolest day of the week should be tuesday with breezy winds and below average wednesday and the numbers come back up slowly thursday, friday and saturday. with brighter conditions and low relative humidity, everything is ripe for the fire spreading but at least we have some of the
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celebrity cheryl burke is closing her bay area dance studio. we were in mountain view for a farewell party. after six years, burke has lost her lease. the ballroom remains open until the end of the month for lessons. burke is hosting two more farewell events tonight and on sunday, september 27th. season 21 of "dancing with the stars" it debuts tomorrow on abc7. still ahead, a devastating wildfire destroys countless homes. overnight developments on the valley fire and new images of the destruction it's caused in one community. and heart-stopping moments from those escaping the blaze. what one lake county woman caught on camera on her drive
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>> we will start this half-hour with breaking news from lake
9:30 am
county. a fast-moving, out-of-control wildfire has burned 40,000 acres and is growing. these are pictures from the community of middletown, right in the middle of the flames. a state of emergency has been declared for lake and napa counties. drought conditions are fueling the fire. you will notice there are no firefighters there. they were all busy notifying residents to run for their lives. again, this fire has burned at least 40,000 acres after breaking out early yesterday afternoon. thousands of people have been evacuated. there still may be some trapped in their homes. it's so bad governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in both lake and napa counties. some residence are admitting they waited longer than they should have before packing up and leaving their homes. they are among those still arriving at a red cross evacuation center in calistoga at the napa county fair grounds. abc news reporter katie utehs
9:31 am
joins us live from the shelter. good morning, katie. >> good morning, carolyn. a lot of people have approached me wanting to know how they can help. the red cross is assisting with food and shelter. so if you would like to help, donating to the red cross is always a safe bet. there are a lot of pets as well, and i'm told the organization wine country animal lovers is helping feed them. they can use the donation of food and money and they say all of that will go straight toward the victim of the valley fire. the response here at the evacuation center in calistoga at the napa county fair grounds is impressive. i will step out of the way and show you there are folks walking around with blankets because many people got out with just the clothes they were wearing. they are trying to get a better head count of the people here with the morning breakfast. hot breakfast is being served by volunteers who have just been absolutely rock stars. from our experiencing, evacuating middletown last night, highway 29 south was backed up for miles.
9:32 am
it's not surprising more people are now just making their way to the shelter. we've been talking with evacuees last night and into this morning. one man worked with the forest service clearing firefighters for fierce. his description of the fire is it was hell and they were nearly in it. >> it was unbelievable the way the winds and everything was. probably in our lifetime we will never see that again. >> several people described the wind as tornado-like. the valley fire stormed across lake county with a devastating speed. we are showing you overnight video from middletown. many houses were lost. however, some are spared. at this point cal fire is trying to get people out and protect as many homes as we can. we haven't been given a latest county to structures cost. the gas stations in mound and hidden valley caught fire and exploded, as well as propane tanks across middletown.
9:33 am
people had little time to gather belongings and flee. >> it took like two hours to consume the town. it was unbelievable. >> some people had less time, and others stayed too late, as carolyn made the point at the beginning of our show. the red cross does estimate some 5 hub people stayed at the evacuation center here in napa county overnight. animals and livestock have been allowed. many people got their horses out and we are seeing lots of cats and dogs. the fire has made it into napa county at this point and there are mandatory evacuations i will let you know about, the advisory evacuation. these are areas you need to be ready to go at a moment's notice. anguin, summit lake drive and livermore road. a major relief we are hearing is people are getting calls from
9:34 am
loved ones, ones, and while mans have been lost, we are hearing most of the people have made it out safe. we have no reports at this point of injuries. the fire is still spreading so people still need to be on their toes and ready to leave as soon as cal fire or a sheriff's deputy tells you to do so. abc7 news. >> katie, thank you. our hearts go out to those folks. joining us on phone this morning is california highway patrol sergeant larry. thanks for speaking with us this morning. talk to us about the roads that are closed. which ones are still closed and how is that impacting the evacuation process that katie was talking about? >> the evacuation is going slow. highway 29 is closed from elsieville and the live oaks available to 53. it's difficult to get around lake county right now. we are doing everything that we can to get everything out of there safely. and in addition to 29 and 53,
9:35 am
175 is completely closed from middletown all the way down to where it comes out at kelseyville. it's also closed heading -- i guess it would be tubs lane also. we are still getting information. it's still coming in fresh right now. >> is it orderly chaos? do people seem like they understand and they are patient about getting out? >> [no response] >> i may have lost the officer there. it is guest to just avoid the area in general, again, this fire has burned more than 40,000 acres in lake county. governor jerry brown this morning declared states of emergency in lake county and napa county because of these wildfires that definitely have been fueled by all the dry
9:36 am
vegetation, lisa, from four years of drought. >> absolutely. we had a little bit of precip there this morning. lots of cloud cover. still, a few sprinkles in thelp area. we are expecting a little bit of sun but it's still warm out there this afternoon. with he are expecting temperatures in the 80s for highs. but the conditions now are at about 38%. relative humidity, the temperature already up to 75 degrees. and the winds are variable and they will continue to ramp up a little bit throughout the afternoon. but we have a weak weather system off the coast that is providing the cloud cover and the potential for some moisture. there you see the winds out of the south, 20 miles an hour. but we are going to look at much cooler conditions tomorrow. so here's a look at where we have some light rain showers, a few sprinkles toward cloverdale, and also mount st. helena. we will see the numbers come down. but this morning that wasn't much of a help with the firefighting efforts and we will talk more in detail about the rest of the weather for the bay area and the weekñr ahead coming
9:37 am
up. >> thank you, lisa. you know those four firefighters we talked about, they were among the first on the scene. they needed to be rescued after being trapped by the flames. that gets flown into the most dangerous areas. they suffered second degree burns. >> these events are very unusual. they don't occur often. so when they do we go in and investigate and try to figure out exactly what happened, especially in this situation so we cap prevent or create training so it would never occur again. >> when the fire is on you and you have to make life or death situations, it's very traumatic to the firefighters. >> medics rushed all four injured firefighters to u.c. davis medical center in sacramento. other firefighters have stopped by that trauma center at the state capitol to check on them and their families.
9:38 am
and look at this incredible video posted on facebook. diane carpenter is a photographer who was riding with fire crews on highway 29 when they were several explosions around a gas station. she said it was the tanks at the gas station that were exploding. viewers in our abc7now community are helping to tell the story with their video and pictures. this shows a devastating scene throughout lake county and the hard-hit community of middletown. if you have pictures or video of the fire or any news that happens where you live, and if you can take it safely, share it with us by posting on social media with the #abc7now. our coverage of the fire continues, but first we take you behind the scenes of tyra banks brand new show debuting tomorrow
9:39 am
right here on abc7. what makes "fablife" different than other talk shows. and here's live look from our exploratorium program. still socked in with fog. what's happening where you live? lisa argen along
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> a new daytime talk show begins tomorrow on abc7. it's called "fablife." it's a lifestyle show with segments on fashion, food and do-it-yourself projects. a reporter from our sister station in l.a. takes us behind the scenes. >> what excites me more than anything is this. >> executive producer tyra banks and her team of co-hosts are hoping to put a positive spin on the world of daytime television with their new show "fablife". ♪
9:42 am
>> do you think "fablife" will make us better people by watching? because you will be positive for an hour? >> you get to learn something too. it makes you better. you are walking home, taking away information you can actually utilize in your own lives. >> we are having so much fun doing it and in the process. if we can have fun with the viewers at home as much as we are having fun, we are doing our job. >> we will hook you up with the tools you need to live the best life that you can because you deserve that. >> all of the knowledge that we in have from all of our world of expertise and we get to do it in an hour, having the best time and having so much fun and we get to sit and you and you get to be part of our party every day in your living room. that's awesome. >> i like to pour like a cream on this. >> you love to cook. will you be cooking for them on a regular basis? >> yeah. >> i love to cook. i cook for maybe ten people but those people don't really exist. every night i'm cooking, but for
9:43 am
nobody. i was really excited for this, to be able to cook at home and bring it to work. >> "fablife" premieres tomorrow at 3:00 right here on abc7 before abc7 news at 4:00. but this morning at 9:43 we have lisa argen with us, a preview of her accuweather forecast. >> hopefully you have been enjoying the cool down. 62 degrees right now in san francisco. you can see the golden gate bridge socked in with the low clouds. airport delays of 39 minutes. 63sfo. still 80s in the forecast but cooler weather is on the horizon with more chances of rain come up in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. and coming up in sports, oh, so close. the giants' madison bumgarner flirts with perfection but it was ruined in the eighth
9:44 am
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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>> turtles are back at the lake. people dump off old pet turtles.
9:47 am
>> now we have an amnesty box here so people come down to the lake anticipating they can release their pet we ask them to please put it in the box instead and we will find a home for it. >> the san francisco zoo raised the pond turtles from babies. scientists are planning to refill the lake with more native species, including fish, frogs and muscles. something else that's native is the fog, which is really persistent today. >> it is. mid-level and high level clouds and smoke to add into the forecast today. so it will be hazy out there with limited sunshine. but first live doppler 7hd showing some green. not all this is reaching the ground. you did have some measurable precip about 5:00, 6:00 this morning in many parts of the north bay. right now mount st. helena you can see from cloverdale, highway 101, pope valley look at perhaps a few light showers. we look at knoxville, some returns here. and also out west with 101,
9:48 am
cloverdale looking at perhaps a few light sprinkles north of geyserville. in and around the fire the temperatures continue to warm into the mid-70s and the relative humidity down to 38%. the winds variable now and they will continue to gust throughout the afternoon. not as gusty as it was yesterday but still the erratic nature of the south winds throughout the average hours. up to 20 miles an hour. then you see overnight still pretty breezy. from the sutro tower camera we have the low clouds in front and also more mid-level clouds. it is filed, 67 mountain view and san jose 57. half-mile visibility. and emeryville is pretty gray. it felt good yesterday with the temperatures down and today even more cooling. but right now with the temperatures up, it feels mucky out there and concord and livermore 70 degrees. and the humidity is up, swell the temperatures this morning due to the south wind carrying in some more moisture in the air. and notice the relative
9:49 am
humidity. of course, this is where we see it, the least amount from concord to livermore and the dryer valleys. overall better than we've been. and from the golden gate bridge you see all the fog right here a possible shower today, more like a sprinkle. partly sunny skies and muggy. best chance of rain comes into play on wednesday when this area of low pressure from the gulf of alaska drops to the south. the one that is currently over us is the one that will bring los angeles rain tomorrow into tuesday. for us it's just cloud cover. high relative humidity. a few sprinkles. this is your sunday afternoon with more high and mid-level clouds a few sunny breaks. we will be looking at the possibility of rain in the sierra nevada, as well. really the entire state under a new regime the next couple days. cooler, more fall-like weather after today. 77 in palo alto today. >> 69 richmond, 60s in san francisco. we will call it partly to mostly cloudy today.
9:50 am
maybe a few 80s with the sunny breaks. breezy tomorrow with the weather system but at least the temperatures come down. a dryer atmosphere and then we are warming it back up to more unusual conditions for mid-september thursday and friday. >> and i like the possibility of sprinkles. >> yeah, that would be great. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. let's check out sports. let's check out sports. the raiders host the senate bengals today at it's their home opener. and madison bumgarner pitching a jewel last night at at&t park. here's shu with the morning sports. >> good morning! well, madison bumgarner on the hill last night against the padres. with everything he's achieved in his career, he has never thrown a no-hitter. last night he was trying to do it last night joining tim lincecum and jonathan sanchez. lego night at at&t. and lego-busting ballgame. can you tell the difference? giants clobber the padres. angel pagan, a solo shot in the fifth makes it 5-0. check out the two fans. they are very excited they caught that ball.
9:51 am
bumgarner took a perfect game into the eighth. austin hedges swinging. ted jurko. two of his victims. two outs in the eighth. pinch hitter melvin upton singles up the middle to break it up. bumgarner, though, gets a standing ovation. matt bum would complete a complete game. 111 pitches. the giants still 7 1/2 games back in the national league west. a's and rangers. shawn nolan on the bump. he came to oakland in the josh donaldson trade. in the second, mike napoli grooves. the curveball pushed it just over the wall in left. rangers on top 1-0. but in the fifth the a's strike back. the three-run shot to left. he's been one of the bright spots for the a's this year. a few batters later, danny valencia takes them deep for two more. a's win it 5-3 the final.
9:52 am
stanford with their home opener hosting central florida. the coach said their young team can't afford back-to-back losses, but there's no place like home. second quarter, the first touchdown of the season. barry sanders back to kevin hogan who finds michael rechter wide open. a 53-yard strike. stanford up 7-0. fourth quarter. barry sanders, the 20-yard touchdown. first since his freshman year. we should see more of this guy. stanford now 1-1. 31-7 victory in their home opener. cal hosting san diego state. second quarter, jared goff looking left, he goes right. 14-7 bears at the half. the second half. looks to the safety. he bites, leaving trevor davis all alone. 75 yards for the touchdown. 321 yards and 3 tds. he will break every cal record before he's done. the 35-7 victory. 2-0 now.
9:53 am
>> i think the main thing is defense. they came out and held them to seven points and scored on the first drive and after that scored again. and as an offense it's good to see that and good for momentum. and the lack of turnovers. that's always good for momentum. and the offense not starting at fast as we wanted to and picking it up as the game went on was really good to stay. >> san jose state. hosted by air force. early third quarter. tyler irvin has some speed. he's gone! 66 of the 121 yards rushing. the extra point blocked. 14-13 falcons. after spartan quarterback throws an interception. d.j. johnson would run it in from 13 yards out, and air force wins 37-16. spartans fall to 1-1. raiders hosting the bengals. we will have the highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, an update on the massive valley fire burning in lake county. stay with
9:54 am
are stacked with bacon, sweet these 100bourbon sauce,, and apparently my mom's fave, spicy sriracha sauce. eat it, don't tweet it mom. denny's big burger bash, with burgers starting at $6.99
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>> aú0á#:1 update open our breaking news we've been following all morning long a massive fire in lake county. cal fire says the flames now grown to 40,000 acres. these pictures are from theí(ñ fire officials say suffered substantial damage. it's right in the path of the flames. thousands of people have been evacuated. the incredible growth of this fire has caused÷db governor bron to declare a stateczuh ofy in both napa and lake counties. lisa, youathath
9:57 am
cooler weather stars:qi tomorrow. >> t2ñs is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with pictures of any news that happens where you live, share it with us by posting on social media withhp/ the #abc7 news.áq abc7 news continues at 5:00 with the latest on the fire in!ná'á÷e county.
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. (applause) well god bless you. it's always a joy to come into your homes and if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. but thanks so much for tuning in and thank you again for coming out today. i like to start with something funny. i heard about this old country farmer. he was taking his nephew camping for the first time. his nephew had 5 degrees, he was one of the smartest men alive. they set their tent up and quickly fell asleep. in the middle of the night, the farmer woke his nephew up and said, "look up! what do you see?" he said, "i see millions of stars." farmer said, "i know that, but what does it


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