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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> live team coverage of the valley fire. we begin in 60 secs. abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> those first 24 hours, we were in a life saving mode. >> life saving mode, an explosive fire still out of control tonight, growing so fast. firefighter had to do all they could just to keep people safe running for their lives. >> despite the incredible effort, the associate press reports one person has been killed. we know hundreds of homes are lost, and right now, thousands more are still in danger. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> that massive fire burned at least 50,000 acres containment listed at 0, and winds are pushing it north. uv %a%9!1q%=99ññiw3ñiçñ=.iñjr
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>> those first 24 hours, we were in life saving mode. we went around fire, and there were so many looichs oives to s homes evacuated, cars on the road burned, and people trying to leave, and fire engines were working, and the law enforcement getting everyone out of homes president. >> we're just learning that governor brown will join cal fire officials tomorrow at a press conference following a private briefing at cal fire state operating center. >> well, it's been a chaotic
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terrifyi ining situation all ovs we tweeted a photograph at 8:00 p.m. of firefighters setting backfires. we are now live from lower lake with more. >> reporter: the battle against the valley fire continues. let me tell you, just beyond this roadblock, we saw the cal fire crews trying to get out ahead of this fire by setting those backfires. meanwhi meanwhile, there's thousands of residents remaining evacuated, many unsure if they have a home to go back to. as the wildfire continues to grow, fire crews are still fighting. this scene from napa valley is mobilized along the main artery connecting all the valley communities. these men are setting backfires along highway 29 so that as it goes up the hill, it actually starves the approaching fire of any fuel. in lower lake, people who live in the evacuated areas are eagerly awaiting to get back home. some have been in today, just to see how bad the neighborhoods
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are. >> it's hell basically, it's a ghost town. it's really scary. >> reporter: but these people are being told they can't stay here. >> you need to evacuate the moose lodge and clear lake elk and the center in clear lake. >> reporter: those who did not evacuate, some have taken it upon themselves to watch neighbors' properties. these residents decided to feed their neighbors animals. >> five horses, seven goats, two mules, and, you know, they didn't have the trailer for it. takes like three trucks to up load all of those. >> reporter: there is no power in the evacuated areas and may not return for a while. the crews are cutting down lines because they were damaged and laying across streets and highways. i want to show you really quick, this is where a cluster of cars are right now. these are people who are actually waiting to be able to get any kind of information or to try to get in past that
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roadblock, but i want to show you some of the activity right now. there are now fire crews that are heading into that area so that they can try to assess the advancement of the fire. a lot of people who are waiting to get in, unfortunately, may not get a word on that for a few days simply because there's so much damage to, not just the homes, but the infrastructure as well. reporting live in lower lake, abc 7 news. >> some of the images post apock lippic looking, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we have a lot of important information to share, watch the bottom of the screen. we have information about shelters, road closure, and also how to help. many schools in the area are closed tomorrow because of the fire. classes are cancelled at all public schools in lake county and yuba college in clear lake. howell mountain school district and hope valley elementary are also closed. for the latest, visit our website,
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dozens of homes and neighborhoods lost and destroyed. lillian kim is there with the latest. >> reporter: natasha, this is barnes road, and this 200-unit apartment complex, this is all that's left, a water heater, a/c unite, and a barbecue. those are recognizable, but everything else is just burned out pieces of rubble. flames lit up the night sky in middletown, the main commercial corridor in tact, although, since the fire broke out, middletown has been a virtual ghost town. harvester's market open because of a generator provided by pgne. >> we have to open the doors, but it's heart breaking to see people lose their homes. >> reporter: the destruction is overwhelming, and entire neighborhoods wiped out by the fast moving flames. residents ran for their lives, and kimberly harper escaped the home she owned for 16 years. it burned to the ground. the homes of her two sons are
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gone. >> it was a wall of fire behind us when we left. scariest thing ever. i -- i'm still in shock. >> reporter: firefighters from the bay area say what happened in middletown reminds them of the oakland hills fire 24 years ago. >> absolutely. i have not seen the whole fire, but the piece we're on, absolutely. >> reporter: yet in the middle of devastation, release for some. jose martinez thought his house burned, but instead, it's one of the few standing. >> i'm lucky. i'm lucky. that's all i can say. i mean, i don't know why, but, you know, my house still stands. >> reporter: now, there is no water or power in middletown so for the people whose homes did not burn down, no word on when they will be restored. live in middletown. >> thank you very much. >> check out the before and after picture showing the devil's station in middletown, this is jefferson court. this google earth image shows a home on street before the fire
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and now after this tragedy. nothing remains. you can see the charred cars in the driveway there. look at the difference. my goodness. the debris from what was once someone's home is all that is left. terrible. >> that so, so tough. >> really tough to see. our meteorologist has a look at the conditions now. do we have any help for the firefighters, drew? >> promising news throughout the day today. the winds have been chaotic around the fire because it's so massive, it's creating its own winds itself, but right now, encouraging news. the winds are generally less than 10 miles per hour and really calm in most locations around the fire. fast forward to the future weather into midweek this week. look at this. could see rain in the valley fire. that's great news there. we'll detail the full accuweather seven-day forecast if you will see rain where you live this week in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you very much. still to come at 11:00, more than a thousand firefighters are battling the valley fire, and
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to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at after an exhausting day, firefighters in lake county spent the night trying to tame one of the largest wildfires raging in california right now. >> on the phone now is daniel of cal fire, daniel, talk about how fast this fire is growing tonight, and what are firefighters facing as the night is falling now? >> well, while the fire comets to grow, it is not burning at the same intensity that it did just 24 hours ago. now, our firefighters are continuing to attack hot spots that continue to threaten thousands of homes in lake county as well as napa and now
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as well as parts of sonoma county. a lot of work tonight. our crews hope to take advantage of the cooler temperatures, the winds have decreased what which is a good window of opportunity. hopefully, they'll build containment line around the fire. >> daniel, should some residents and some of the areas in sonoma county, particularly napa expect to be told to get out in the night? >> caller: we're hoping that does not occur. we have a large area around the fire where we have evacuations in place so if the fire grows in whatever direction it does, already the homes have been evacuated, now, there's always a possibility if the wisconsin pick up or if this fire makes another, it could head to another community and we have to evacuate somewhere more resident. the key who lives in the general area of the fire burning, you should be prepared and make sure sha you have any belongings and items you have to evacuate with already set aside so if that
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occurs, you are ready in a moment's notice. >> daniel, i got tweets from viewers asking about the cause. >> caller: we had investigators working to determine what sparked the fire. there's been a lot of discussion of different scenarios throw social media, and through residents as well. our investigators yet have not been able to narrow down exactly what sparked the fire. it's under investigation. like many of the other fires that burned over the past couple months, it doesn't take much, once ignited it spreads rapidly because of the dry drought. >> one person confirm killed as a result of the fire. do you have anymore information about the circumstances of that death? >> caller: we don't. we know that this fire burned as a very fast pace yesterday. in fact, our crews are going to one neighborhood start evacuating residents and take a
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stand to protect the homes and slow down the fire at that location, and the fire burned right over there, the embers shot over there a quarter mile, half a mile, the path, their location, and start new homes on fire, and the crews then have to continue to move and protect more homes, get more residents evacuated. that kind of a scenario continues to allow this fire to burn at such an explosive rate, and, obviously, the reason why the fire is so destructive in just 24 hours. >> okay. daniel, thanks so much for coming on. so gracious all day long, and we know that tomorrow for all the firefighters on the line, it will be an intense day as well. dame, thank you very much. >> absolutely. tonight, firefighters in the bay area head to lake county to help the crews battling this blaze. this is a group from san francisco fire fighters leaving the fire station 37. >> 1,000 firefighters are already on the ground trying to slow the valley fire. that group is made up of 30 fire crews using 125 fire engines and four air tankers.
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>> 15 trucks with water are on scene right now, and 16 especially equipped dozers. >> there's a lot of love for firefighters in lake county working so hard tonight. michael sent us this picture, #abc7now from outside moose lodge in clear lakes oaks. >> the fire damaged building at the cal pine power plant in lake county. this is video from sky 7 hd from socrates road. we showed you this live at 5:00. everyone got out of al tine polk. no one injured here. >> tonight, 5800 customers are without power now, many under mandatory evacuations anyway. the company has a command post set up working to restore power as quickly as possible. so many of our viewers and our abc 7 news community shared photos and videos with us. take a look at this one. it is heart breaking. this was on instagram, a picture of her grandparent's home in middentown, and she countries, quote, all that's left of my
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childhood is ashes and rubble. #heartbroken. >> pictures or video of the fire? we just ask you take them safely. don't take any chances. share with us on social media using #abc7now. of course, the weather has been a factor all day and into the night tonight. >> absolutely. let's go to drew, again, precipitation around the conferencer, drew? >> we're going to watch wednesday, especially, wednesday morning into the afternoon. we could see a cold front slide through with showers to the north. live doppler 7 hd at this hour, all is calm around the bay area. temperature-wise, it's not too bad out there. 59 in san francisco, 60 this hayward, 61 in freemont and 54 in fairfield and 62 in san jose. satellite shows cloud cover overhead. that'll be a similar setup tomorrow as well. monday, we'll call sunshine out there. what we're watching, an area of low pressure diving south on tuesday for cooler temperatures, and then that chance of rain. future weather shows you
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tomorrow morning, back to work and school, waking up to overcast sky, and clouds hang with us monday afternoon as well. tuesday, show you the cooler temperatures, certainly feeling like fall out there, very september and october like. temperatures only in the mid-60s to low 70s across the region. then by wednesday, we'll see the wet weather move in wednesday morning into the early afternoon. here comes that cold front with showers in the north bay, and cloverdale and the valley fire m unfortunately, it may come with gusty winds between 30-40 miles per hour which could help to spread the fire. it doesn't look like the showers dive too far south as the wet weather stays in the north bay. overnight tonight, cloudy, temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s across the region. highs monday across the area, lots of clouds out there, perhaps a few peeks of sunshine. 57 san francisco, 70 san jose, and 80 in concord, and 75 in napa. at levi stadium tomorrow for the
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niners, cloudy and cool and temperaturing in the 60s by game time. accuweather shows you below normal tuesday, tracking the chance of showers on wednesday. thursday, it's partly cloudy, and temperatures rebound friday, saturday, into sunday, and we'll have updates on the midweek chance of wet weather tomorrow on the morning news. >> we'll watch for wednesday. >> sure are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing.
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more fire coverage tonltigh thousands of animals, wildlife, pets have died, gone missing, or are in shelters. >> many left the animals loose in hopes they'd run to safety. >> neighbor at the end of the road had to walk away from her horses, two of them, and i found out from her today that the neighbor next to her was able to open the gates to his property and let them in there so they did not die, thank god. >> we want to show you the goats in hidden valley lake.
11:25 pm
they survived the flames that destroyed their owner's home, and some good neighbors dropped off some fresh hay to feed them there. >> the driver of this old pickup truck loaded two horses in the back to escape the fire. this tweet captured, simply, where there's a will, there's a way. >> i like that. many people are desperately posting on social media about their lost pets. this facebook page called valley fire pet find is where they post photos of lost pets or animals they left behind. others are posting on the page offering free help to transport or house those animals. >> back to the fire coverage, but on a day like this, it's nice to have a distraction. >> that's right. raiders provided that. >> they did just that. [ laughter ] >> well, maybe not -- exactly. so we're just going to switch gears after a three hour rain delay, the men's final at the u.s. open got underway, and
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the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by -- highly anticipate the men's final at the u.s. open, a three hour rain delay before they faced off. these two always put on a great show. it was a joker winning the tenth major title. maybe the court was note completely dry. a hard fall, but continues despite the scrape. a little shaken he'd lose the game, but not the set. patched up, check out the point, federer tries the drop shot. joker's there, finishes with the back hand winner. it was like this all night. two sets now, match appointment, djokovic setting, federer long, and djokovic wins the third major title of the year, lost the french open or he would have had a calendar slam, but three
11:30 pm
out of four is not bad. nothing but respect for the opponet. >> i just showed my -- he's been fighting and, you know, making me play a lot of points. fortunate to come up with the serve in the last game, obviously, a huge relief in the end when i saw the return going out, and i'm going to try to, obviously, nurture and enjoy this victory as much as i can. >> well, had high hopes coming into today's home opener, but they lost they're quarterback to a hand injury, and bengals got away with the silver and black defense. five catches, 47 yards, a big hit from george, and in the second quarter, jones rips off the helmet and slams his head against it. jones was not ejected. that was the start of the bad ball. second quarter, using the hands for a stiff arm on his throwing arm. it's not broken, but could not return due to swelling, and a y andy, meanwhile, 25-34, 169 yards, and oakland demoralized
11:31 pm
with a 33-13 lost. here's cooper on his nemesis, jones. >> trying to block him. i was, you know, trying to be physical, should have so i wouldn't have had -- i just saw -- i didn't know my y head. it's football. you expect plays. >> all right. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. stick around. >> appreciate it. coming up, hundreds of people left their homes in a hurry to escape that fast moving valley fire. we'll show you how those ev evacuated are helped. >> predators are s
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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> the ferocious wildfire burning in lake, napa, and now sonoma county is raging out of control. the associated press reports one has died, awaiting confirmation from cal fire. the fire burned 50,000 acres and is at 0% containment. at least 400 homes have been destroyed. maybe more. 6400 houses are threatened, forcing 17,000 people to flee. abc 7 news reporter is live at the evacuation center at the fairgrounds. allen? >> reporter: dan, firefighters are successfully defending lake county from several wildfires, so people here say they had a false sense of security as they watched cal fire battle those flames right up until it was just too late. the evacuations in the tent city
11:36 pm
say wind direction changes, it swept in, and people had little as ten minutes to escape. most saved pets, but many of those with livestock say there was not enough time to load on trailers, so they opened the gates to the property and just let them fepd for themselves. >> when you get a fire 60 feet away from you, burning your barn down and the horses are just sweating, blowing snot, they're matt, and they don't want to go. >> we put our phone numbers on their hooves so if anybody sees them, they can call us. one of the crews reported seeing a dead horse on the site of the road, and meanwhile, a animal rescue organization are searching for stray pets and livestock, and an area set up for them at the evacuation center so people can identify and recover them. at least a thousand people are bedding down here tonight for what could be a very long stay.
11:37 pm
reporting live at the napa county fairgrounds, nbc 7 news. >> heart breaking, thank you so much. now to abc 7 news reporter live in lower lake where roads are still blocked off. >> reporter: this is the furthest south you can get on highway 29. it is shut down all the way to nearly every community in between evacuate. the valley fire active and crews hard at work tonight. for half a mile along highway 29, there were a few spot fires, and crews set backfires in hopes of preventing fuel in the blaze. the big question is, did my home survive? honest answer is officials just don't know yet because they have not had a chance to do a full assessme assessment, firefighters and police patrol just to make sure spot fires do not light up again. in hidden valley lake, a few people stayed in their homes.
11:38 pm
we talked to a few who are looking out for their neighbors' animals and survived the fire. >> bringing water up, getting it from the lake, just in the back of the truck, bringing it up here, just enough to keep them alive until the owners come back, you know, kind of thing. >> reporter: do you know the neighbors, the owners? >> no, we don't. >> reporter: unfortunately, for them, they have no power. that's because the company cut electricity to most of the evacuated areas because of so many damaged and downed power lines. it's a safety precaution to make sure that those residents who did remain don't get injured by those live wires, and tonight, there's a lot of people that i talked to here in lower lake who live in the evacuated areas, and they are trying to figure out if they should go to some of the shel shelters set up or drive for hours to get to family that live in other parts of northern california. reporting live in lower lake.
11:39 pm
>> surreal seeing them cutting power lines, thank you so much. drivers face delays and detours because of the massive fire. the highway patrol closed northbound highway 29 to 175 and highway 29 through lower lake until further notice. well, we are getting our first look at one of the first firefighters injured in the valley fire. cal fire chief kent treated this, richard reit managing to give a thumbs up despite suffering burns. cal fire says all four firefighters suffered second degree burns and are expected to make full recoveries. the fire injured dozens of other people, 27 people have been treated in hospitals in lake and sonoma counties, many suffering from smoke inhalation. >> donations are pouring into shelters in napa and lake counties. if you want to make a
11:40 pm
difference, donate to the red cross, financial donations are the quickest and best way to get help to those who need it the most. visit for more information on how to give where you live or if you want to donate $10 right away, text the word "redcross" to 90999. >> meantime, officials have an important warning for those evacuated tonight. do not post your address online. burglars are on the prowl scamming fire survivors online asking for addresses to check on their homes in effort to steal their stuff, of course, deputies are patrolling the evacuated areas. >> dispickble. we have a number of resources available for you on including information on school closures, evacuations cementer, and donations. check it out there. lake county hit hard this fire season. you can see how close the fire is to the rocky and jerusalem fires which scorched hundreds of square miles and destroyed a total of 49 homes during late
11:41 pm
july and early august. >> this is not the only fire. there is progress on another large fire southeast of sacramento tonight. the fire is 25% contained up from 20% this afternoon. a new assessment on the damage now shows 135 homes destroyed there. that's up from 86 earlier today. the fire burned more than 65,000 acres, and now 20 active fires in all burning across the state. >> meaning firefighters are stretched thin. the fire has been so devastating for residents. >> ahead, damage in middletown, and how you can get more information. >> i'm going to track a fall-like chill before wet weather tries to move into the
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11:44 pm
cal fire estimates the valley fire destroyed 1,000 homes. this is an apartment building consumed by flames, fire came fast, and embers burned structure after structure. confirms hundreds of homes burned. >> residents are stunned by how quickly the valley fire swept in and destroyed their homes. we are in the lake county town earlier today with the devastation. >> it was a wall of fire behind us when we left. scariest thing ever. i'm still in shock. >> reporter: kimberly harper feels lucky to be alive after running from the fire last night. >> all our houses are gone.
11:45 pm
>> reporter: destroying her home and long with her two sons' houses. this middletown home belonged to a friend where she planned to take refuge, but it also burned to the ground. everyone is safe, but the family pet vanished during the chaos. >> in the biggest thing, my cat, because my -- i just don't want him to suffer, you know? >> reporter: the ferocious wall of flames moved to middletown overnight like a freight train, unstoppable, dozens of homes gone, neighborhoods reduced to an eerie moon scape, and cars melted to scrap. the number of homes lost will be staggering. >> as far as an estimate for homes, pushing close to a thousand. >> reporter: the valley fire is unpredictable, breaking all the rules. >> went in every direction imaginable. fingers, solid, no consistency whatsoev whatsoever. >> reporter: what's the plan of attack? >> find a structure to protect or a block to protect. >> reporter: but that was not easy.
11:46 pm
firefighters made a stand gwen against the fire on this street and saved five houses, but when you take a look across the street, they were not so lucky. the fire was just too intense. car after car, home after home, gone. jose martinez thought his house would be gone by morning, but his place, one of the few still standing. >> i'm lucky. i'm lucky guy. that's all i can say. i don't know why, but, you know, my house still stands. >> reporter: lucky, but so many others now victims of a fire storm. as for the rest of the town, we have seen it for ourselves, the central district of middletown was not damaged including local schools, but unknown when they may be able to return home. in middletown. >> amazing job, giving us the firsthand look at this. thank you so much. a messaging system set up for people looking for realtime information on their fires in the neighborhood. go ahead and text your zip code to 888777 for updates in the area. >> fires rained down miles of
11:47 pm
away throughout the county. napa county issued an air quality advisory, and health officials say a strong sea breeze should clear the smoke we've seen overnight, and there is no serious health danger from the ash and smoke. >> caller: use common sense. you know, stay inside, if you're smelling very strongly, keep doors and windows closed, it's, obviously, not a good time to be outside exercising. we are concerned for people with respiratory conditions or children or the elderly. >> from san jose and the hills, people tweet pictures of ash on their vehicles uniting #abc7now. do not call 911 if you see smoke, only active fires. >> videos show scary flames coming from in the community since the fire started. thank you to coral for this
11:48 pm
fire. hidden valley lake, they are safe and the home standing. that is great. if you can safely share your pictures and videos with us, do so, use that #abc7now. >> you can see how hot the fire is burning in is image. the valley fire is in the light of san francisco, and that's the lights, while still burning, not as hot as the valley fire when this image was taken last night. that gives you a sense of how powerful these fire storms are. >> sometimes they create their own weather system. >> that's right, drew is following that all day for us. >> we are tracking those winds right now. thankfully, tonight, they are calm, likely ramping up tomorrow as we get underneath the heating of the day. live doppler 7 hd now is a quiet picture. widening out, what's happening in the lower 68, it's quiet across the chunk was country. a lot of sunshine, chicago, st.
11:49 pm
louis, atlanta, and new york quiet. the western half has showers in salt lake city, 73, phoenix with monsoon moisture, and california tomorrow could see some wet weather in portions of the state. widely scattered, but clouds, 72 in l.a., and 78 in chico. plenty of clouds, dry, but humid out there. 67 in san francisco, 70 in oakland, and 78 in san jose. the 7 day forecast shows below normal tuesday, a chance of showers midweek, but otherwise temperatures rebound by next week. >> thank you, drew. >> sure. your not happy to. >> no. raiders with a horrible start. we'll show you why, and we had a unique matchup with two former heisman trophy quarterbacks in this year
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
this sports report is brought to you by -- well, the jack del rio is ret retro, reverting to the old ways, losing their quarterback to hand injury. the defense like a turkey. the former raider great, kenny sailor placing flowers on the jersey. first quarter, going for it on fourth and 1 from the 3 yard line. hill, tackling by the raiders, gets in, and bengals have the 7-0 lead. cooper gets 5 welcome to the nfl
11:53 pm
hit from george. cooper held on for 47 yards. that was the start of the spiral. second quarter, carr, running, stiff armed jones, and reports are nothing's broken, but he cannot return with the swelling. meanwhile, 25-34, 269 yards, two touchdowns, six yards, and right before the half, up 24-0. third quarter, same tune, 33 points through three quarters, and mark with two late td catches, and raider fans had enough. oakland demolished, 33-13 the final. >> it was just not very good. it was not very good. we're going to have better days. i believe in the men in the room. i believe in our staff, and we'll get things corrected. >> we have the fans, we have to play well. they expect good games from us, and that's what we expect from ourselves as well. >> we can't truly be ourselves
11:54 pm
with one game. it's something we have to learn from, and, you know, i've been in the league long enough to know that, you know, you don't -- you don't reach goals in the first week. >> back to the nfl, chiefs, texans, a td wide receiver, and threw two today, 22-33, and 242 yards and 3 touchdowns, chiefs win 27-20. ravens with super winning quarterbacks today, to the other team, and pais peyton manning, and joe flacco, and 51 yards the other way, on top by three, and that was it for touchdowns in the game. 36 seconds left. baltimore down six. the tie. ripped out of the hands of gilmore by stuart. that's a game saver. broncos win 19-13 your final. two former heisman trophy
11:55 pm
winners in the top two picks squared off, mariota and winston. no interceptions, playing three quarters. the first td pass was too tight, lost air. first pass of the nfl career was a pick six, tight roll, and 42-14. great game in the nfc west. rams, seahawks. finding lance, 37 yards, tied at 31, go to o.t. pete decides to do the surprise onside kick to open the extra quarter. did not work. rams with a field goal. 4th and 1, hawks need a point to keep the game alive. rams win it 34-41 that final. monday night football. no timeouts left, giants could eat up 40 seconds by running the bag, but they throw, in complete, clock stops, they get a field goal. . way too much time for romo, fumbling the snap, but finds
11:56 pm
whiten, wow. cowboys win 27-26 your final. all right. a little bit of baseball. dodgers keep winning. sweeping the padres, but remain seven and a half back of l.a. mike lee on the hill, and like the pitcher, digs the long ball. first giants game, good day at the park. padres put up three runs in the first two innings, and the league helped the own cause in the second, three run homer, second of the year, and 4-3 san francisco, never looked back. bud's for ball games. double in the fifth scores duffy. sweeping the padres, league's first win as the giants, hosting cincinnati for a three game set starting tomorrow. a's and rangers in texas. a rough day for the pitchers. felix, fourth inning, two run shot, 3-0 texas. in the fifth, same guy, same results. three run hit shot. two for five, five rbis, giving up three home runs in four and a
11:57 pm
third inings, losing eight of the last 11, 12-4 the final. that's the sports report brought to you by xfinity. niners tomorrow on monday night football. that wraps up week one in football. >> thaeng. we want to remind you to down load our news app for the latest updates on the fire. push alerts for the latest information as it develops. >> that's all for us tonight, and abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> from all of us, we appreciate your time. your time. we'll see you tomorrow.
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