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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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dead, hundreds of homes gone, thousands more threatened. flames are burning out of control across three counties. our coverage begins right now. thanks for joining us. it is monday, september 14. we have the fire which is still at zero percent containment and has been unpredictable burning in all directions sending thousands fleeing from their homes and giving fire as tough test. >> we have teen coverage at an evacuation center and the heart of the devastation. our reporter picks up the coverage from middletown. amy? >> this entire block just wiped out, we are standing in front of one of the 400 homes the fire has destroyed, a footprint only now, with no walls at all. there is a garage next to it. we can tell that because of truck parked inside of it and the almost unrecognizable exercise equipment right here in the corner, just stuff that is usually filling the garage and
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fill the home with lives now, just shared and abs. here is -- and ashes. it is smoky her this morning a sign that there is still fire here. but the firefighters say this morning that it has slowed down significantly from what they first saw in the first 12 hours. the focus has been, though, saving lives and protecting property, not the firefight. some homeowners say they are feeling grateful for that and there are some homes still standing among the ruins. >> i am lucky. lucky. had all i can say. i don't know why, but my house is still up. >> residents say this fire is a beast and running from it was terrifying. it has destroyed 400 homes, two apartment complexes and ten businesses. firefighters say they are expecting a brief at 7:00 a.m. and they do expect to hear good news of containment. at this point they have been saying they have zero
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containment but they say they have been working hard to establish a line around it and they do fell like they have made good progress. day with us to get you the update as soon as we get it. >> the valley fire is generating a ton smoke which is hanging over the area like a haze and sky 7 captured this video yesterday over lake county. our viewers wrote to us reporting ash raining down on cars in the bay area. for a look at how the conditions will be today, we will check with our meteorologist, lisa, here for mike. >> the ceilings are so low because of the low cloud and fog we cannot get the chopper up. we are look at marine layer providing clouds and moisture and the winds are light around the area right now, in the 60 relative humidity is 55 percent and the winds should be out of west today at 10 or 15 miles per hour but the temperatures are anywhere from 10-15 degrees
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cooler and we were in the upper 80s not only looking at 70s today but, notice, there is moisture around the area and better chance of rain during the afternoon and cooler highs on the way for toll. >> couple of spot hots for the commute on monday. just nasty commute. 80 westbound is jammed before highway 4 because an early accident and that now is out of the roadway but you are looking at a good 25 minute drive into the berkeley area. westbound 580 continues toen nasty this morning, very slow from tracy all way to dublin/pleasanton interchange with a few minor breaks. a two hour commute. maybe ace train is the way to go this morning to avoid that. >> here is a look at how fast the valley fire has grown. the red area on the map show scope of the fire open saturday night and, now, look at it, the latest map estimating the bun
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area this morning you can see how it stretches into middle town and to the south past the reservoir area to the southeast the fire moves into hidden valley lake. >> the lit of mandatory evacuations has also grown and now includes north of calistoga in napa county, if lake county, lower lake, as well as butte canyon road to the napa county lane including berryessa estate and cobb and middle town and hidden valley lakes with advisory evacuations in healdsburg including road and you can see the specific streets included in the evacuation orders throughout the morning at bottom of the scene. >> our reporter picks up the coverage right new at the place where many of the evacuees are waiting for word open their homes. she is at napa county fair groups in calistoga.
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janet? >> that is right, most of people are inside the tent at the fairground trying to get rest after surviving this, fierce fast moving fire moved through the town. some people are walking out early this morning because they say they are restless and cannot sleep wondering if their home is still there. for many of them they are all friends and neighbors from middle town. we talked to people who said despite the chaos they are concern about each other and help each other. they are lucky to be alive but devastated by the losses you have been see as they have also been seeing the images on tv and pictures online on social media, horrifying immaps of what their town now looks like. >> i used to live on the c road and it caught on fire and i had to go through this, as well. we had to evacuate but nothing
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like this. >> i saw a bunch of stuff from people helping each other to people crying on their knees is hard to go back into that. >> i am told that it will be at least a few days before people can head back and survey the damage for the first time since the devastating fire broke, 17,000 people in all, impacting and evacuated from the veal fire at 6:30, though, we will have a live report and update with the chief from cal near. >> many people are posting open social media about their lost pets. this facebook page called valley fire pet behind is where over evacuees have been posting photo of animals they had to leave and others are post on the payment offering free help to transport or house those animals. >> the fire has caused major power outages and pg&e said
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5,800 customers are without power under mandatory evacuation orders. the utility has a command post north of middletown and hopes to restore power hopefully by today or tomorrow. donations are pouring in to shelters if you would like to help the red cross ahead financial donations are needed most. if you want to donate $10 text red cross 90999, with >> if you are out of the fire area you want to help but a if you website is set up to get the donations into the hands of those who need them called but way love lake . it is easy to use. select the item you need or would like to donate, such as blankets. we select "blankets." we yuk on "supply," and it shows you a list of organizations and they would like to have
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blankets, about seven agencies are hoping for donations of blankets. with have a link on but the rest of our donation information is included. >> we have other news right now to get to a two alarm fire break out at santa rosa junior college reports of smoke from the swim center at 2:15 am and firefighters saw heavy smoke and fire coming from the utility room. fire started from the gas line and crews were able to stop the fire from spreading after the gas was turned off. right now, the extent of the damage is unknown. >> a man is recovering this morning after being seriously hurt in a hit-and-run accident. he was hit in san francisco near san jose avenue and rice street before 11 o'clock. police say the man was found unconscious, in the street, with debris around him likely from the car that hit him and rushed to the hospital but his condition is not known at this time. >> take a look at thissen --
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this incredible video from two burglars getting through a small window at the drone star. they took several bags of items inside the store and both burglars slide back out of the window and get into a car and drive off. police are standing watch out the store until the manager can do a full inventory ought i. >> now a check on the weather forecast, both here and in the fire area. >> if we can bring up humidity the form of moisture, that would help. >> yes, we are doing that with reports of smoke, though, already in santa rosa and winds this afternoon are out of the south at 10-20 miles per hour drifting the smoke into the northern sacramento valley and there is already smoke from the fires an the state. we have clouds. moisture in place. temperatures are mainly in the 60s and a better chance of rain comes our way through the afternoon and the moisture is to sacramento offshore and we are this between systems. temperatures as you head out are cool, upper 50s to 60s and
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you may need the wipers and we have clouds today and numbers coming up, just a little bit from 10- or 15-degrees cooler than yesterday, cooler to start this morning and looking for 70 today in oakland, 76 in san jose. sue? good morning, it is monday and we off to a checkered start for some folksant bay area. we will look at metering light on at 5:35 at the bay bridge and an early accident with a car in the lanes is why we have very slow traffic from highway 4 all the way into the golden gate field and 25 minute commute. early accident on westbound 580 and a nasty commute out of the central valley at to hours between tracy to dublin and ace train is the way to go. road closures because of the valley fire and we will look at a couple of them now and a couple more in a few minutes. highway 9 at tubbs lane is closed and highway 128 both
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directions, that remains closed, as well, at ida clayton road. >> bats trains should feel less crowded this morning with big changes today. starting today, extra trains will be added to the pittsburg bay point line in the morning and evening, and trains will be up to ten cars long with supplemental rains turn around at pleasanton hill rather than conditioning cord to allow for extra trips. dublin/pleasanton route will run nine car trains on richmond fremont all trains are lengthened to four and oakland every 11 minutes until 11 o'clock. >> woman with ties to a technical giant could change your child's future. >> who is slumping and who is tripping in the new poll out today in the race for 2015. >> if you have pictures or video of the massive valley fire, we with like to see them and you can share them using #
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>> help is coming for crews on the front lines of the valley fire. this is a group of san mateo county and san francisco fires leaching fire station 37 in millbrae. they are among the thousand firefighters on the ground. crews are getting support from 125 fire engines, four air tanker and 15 water tenders and 16 specially equipped dozers. >> so many views have shared photos of the valley fire. on ingraham this photo was posted in middletown, all this is left of my childhood is abs. -- is ashes. heartbroken. >> hillary clinton has a slight lead of donald trump and they run evenly among registered voters in a head to head matchup for president in a new abc poll
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and trump's number are rising and hillary clinton are dropping. the contest stands at 46-43 percent in favor of clinton and the poll indicates who would happen again in the election were held today. new funding to rethink high school is coming to light according to the "new york times", the widow of apple cofounder is donating $50 million to cigarette new high schools across the country. the super school project hopes to inspire teachers and students to come up with new plans like changing school schedules, come up where a new curriculum and new technology to be used in class. by next fall a team of judges will pick up to ten ideas to invest in. >> there are new details this morning about google's plans for self driving cars, saying the cars will be ready to hit the road by 2020. google is this talks with major ought tore manufacturing to mass produce the vehicles with testing happening now in
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mountain view and in austin, texas. >> now, lisa is here with the wet forecast. cooler for us but firefighters that is cooperating. >> we had the patrol will cooling trend over the weekend but it was muggy and now we have moisture and marine layer over 2,000 foot toot deep but blowing hard by the delta and live doppler hd showing where the moisture is, and it is just north of cloverdale and ukiah with mist and drizzle and the windshield could be wet, the pavement on the jacket. the main activity is in southern california. a cool trough off the cost brings in what we need: cooler air. 60 in san francisco. 61 in fremont. right now the winds are light. by the afternoon, they will prevail from the south so well look nor the smoke to continue to drift to the north 9 northern sacramento valley. mist and drizzle, and lazy and cool ask slight chance of a
6:18 am
shower around the bay and a couple hundredths and more widespread shower activity wednesday. here is why it is the upper trough and the secret stream is sagging to the south ask what this means is tim give us a best shot of rain and butt in some fall-like air into the atmosphere. we will have the breezy winds tomorrow, and we could see winds up to 30 miles per hour into tuesday. we have that to deal with and as for today, with the cloud cover in place, and the moisture here, 10:00, 11 o'clock, can you see around cloverdale, santa rosa, shower activity,, perhaps, through the east bay, vallejo, 680 and 580 corridor and spotty showers and a if dilate of cloud cover and our clearing trend into tuesday so had terms of high temperatures today we are down at least ten degrees around livermore and the north bay from ukiah to clear lake and santa rosa and san francisco is 60s and 70 in oakland and 71 in san
6:19 am
mateo and fix in san jose. we are still cool and breezy tomorrow with more sun and better chance of rain for everyone on wednesday. on thursday and friday, back to low-to-mid 90 inland over the weekend. >> we have a couple of changes with bart as we mentioned a couple of minutes ago longer trains, the oakland airport shuttle is run are more frequent trains during the commute hours for everyone and everyone is off to a great start, ace train from the central valley a great way to go if you travel 580, that is the route 20 tracy and the central valley to dublin/pleasanton jammed because of early accident and a two hour drive time so use ace if you can and we have the bay bridge backup to the maze and metering lights were on at 5 35 and before the canyon, a fire was in the road and a car hit it and we have very slow traffic from hercules, highway 4, all
6:20 am
the way into the richmond area because of an early accident at 25 minutes from highway 4, southbound, and a new accident north 101 at millbrae, lane four, blocked here at peninsula. >> tonight is the premiere of the 21st season of "dancing with the stars" with all thin stars can partners announced two weeks ago with the cohosts returning including julianne hough and all the action of the two night season premiere starting tonight at 8:00 on abc7 and coming up on "good morning america" you can get a look at the stars' last rehearsal before the big show tonight. >> premiering, "fab life," at 3:00, led by tyra banks, the panel clouds a food
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>> many schools in the area devastated by the valley fire will be closed today because of the place it will ongoing. classes are canceled in all public schools in lake county and college in clear lake. >> howell mountain school district and pope valley elementary are also closed with the closures on >> viewers like you are helping our coverage of the valley fire, with the picture or our instagram page right there shows a garden ambassador way -- garden arch way is the only thing left of a home, "this is where i belong," tom garrett, we
6:25 am
interviewed earlier, this was his home. post with #abc7now. check out our photo gallery on instagram. >> for the latest updates on the valley fire download the news app to get information as it develops. >> now a check with a preview of "good morning america" next at 7:00 a.m. amy? >> good monday morning. next on america mc, "good morning america" clothing retail is a multimillion dollar business you can make big business on used clothes. how a family made hundreds on "good morning america" next. >> see you at 7:00. >> a new miss america and he is pretty as a georgia peach. >> miss georgia, bet difficult -- betty cantrell beat 51 others
6:26 am
winning despite tripping twice in the evening gown segment and she thought tom brady cheated although she doesn't really know and has to hole the ball to typed out. for her talent she sang from "bad dam butter fly," adding up to the >> vanessa williams the first ever black miss america in 1984 received an apology from officials. >> though no one currently in the organization were involved then, on behalf of today's organization i want to apologize to you of the. >> williams was forced to resign after nude photos were taken years earlier surfaced in a magazine after the contest without her concept. >> very classy.
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>> monday means back to work but did you rest and recover this week like you should have? >> no. if you are still feeling shrub issue are not alone a study by harvard finds half of american employees say they are everworked and those surveyed admit to lacking creativity and fining it did i to focus on more than one thing. take note when you feel video too thin because recovery time is a key to performing your best. >> next at 6:30 continuing come of the valley wildfire and back to the hard hit community of middle town to show you the effort under way to keep people going as they wait to hear the fate of their homes. >> the danger lurking for tricycles and those most at risk for landing in the emergency room. >> speaking of landing and take offs a look at san francisco international airport on this monday morning with and high clouds, thin, and we do not know
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of any problems here, but we of any problems here, but we will continue to
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breaking news. the valley wildfire now reportedly blamed for a death continues to burn out of control. >> the numbers are staggering. 50,000 acres are burned, the latest. 400 homes are gone. thousands are threatened and our coverage continues. it is monday, and i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> the vietnam fire has zero containment, and moved into napa, sonoma and lake. hidden valley lake is the hardest hit community and the governor has declared a "state of emergency," in lake and napa counties. many more homes are threatened, in addition to the 400 destroyed. 17,000 people have been forced in their homes. several evacuation centers are open and many schools are closed. but video coverage going right now and the crew at the evacuation center in calistoga but, first, we go to amy hollyfield amid the damage in
6:32 am
middletown. amy? >> yes, this block has wiped out. our jaws dropped when we got here. look at this home. one of the 400 homes that has been destroyed. just a footprint, now, remaining and this is a garage next to it and we know that only because of the truck that is park inside of it. is closer look and you are reminded of the light that fill the home. look at the unrecognizable exercise equipment right here in the corner of where the garage was. now, just a burned frame surrounded by ash. the fire is moving law and the residents say it is a beast. they saw it and know third they were fine and they realized it was racing to them at an unprecedented pace. middletown was hit heart. this is not a rural hillside area, this is the heart of a town and fire tore right through it. >> from what you and i have seen
6:33 am
we are look at middletown the third to half of the structures destroyed and looking at bucks canyon road multiple structures and cobb communities, devastated. hidden valley behind us, the gated community, miles per anywm 90 homes destroyed. pockets everywhere destroyed. >> fires say they what to focus on saving lives and recollecting property so they were not focused on firefighting when it hit. this is still raging and they have zero contain president at this time and say 50,000 acres have burned. we are standing at jefferson and young street but look at the street sign. we had to look at g.p.s. to figure out where we were the sign is so charred you don't know where you are. they have a briefing set for 7:00 this morning and we do expect good news about containment and fires say they did make good progress yesterday
6:34 am
afternoon and overnight in establishing a lane an the fire and say it has slow down significantly compared to what they saw in first 12 hours. stay with us when we get the updated information. as we mentioned, governor group has declared a state of emergency for napa and lake county, which devotes extra resources to the fire and officials say the fires are spreading faster than they have in 30 years this summer. >> valley fire exploded it was hot and dry and now we have open conditions. >> absolutely. we have clouds. we have moisture. temperatures are in the 60, the relative humidity of 55 percent, and better chance of rain this afternoon. the winds are an issue tomorrow. today, we are counting on a few light showers to add to the moisture content. a will dear start for everyone and soviet by oakland and nearly
6:35 am
80 in morgue will hit and a better chance of rain coming up on wednesday. sue? >> on the bay bridge west of treasure island we have a shot with traffic moving fairly smoothly here, and it is jammed behind the metering lights which began at 5:35 this morning and we will look at slow traffic, with south 680 an early accident starting to pile up here and westbound 80, that has trafficked backed to highway 4 from an early accident and overturned north 101 from millbrae is slowing now from before burlingame. >> the latest cal fire estimate of the fire shows how large the valley fire is, starting saturday south of town of glen brook and spread east toward the adam area south through pine grove and all the way past middletown and in southeast through hidden valley lake.
6:36 am
>> the fire has forced 17,000 people out of their homes and hundreds are setting up camp at the napa county fairgrounds where janet o continues live coverage. janet? >> yes, erie, this is the second night people have spent at fair groups, people would had birdly my time to escape and grab their personal blockings from their home. a community next to middletown, and adele said her husband is missing. >> i have not talked to him since saturday at 6:50 people and i have been talking to him all afternoon and i am in sacramento and he, i told him to make sure, pack up the car and get ready to leave and i tried all afternoon to get him to leave and the last time i talked he said he did not thing he was going to be able to get out and he wrote try to hike out but i told him to try to get out and...i tried calling him 10
6:37 am
minutes santa clara there was no more phone service. no more. >> you make a three if anyone has seen him or come across him? >> ly name -- his name is leonard, he is 69, and i hope the fire did not get to the house and he just is hang out there until he can get out because i was told there is a lot downed trees and power lines and they have fought been able to get in there to check and my daughter and i saw on-line a video of a couple escape on saturday night out of anderson springs and it was on fire. >> we are sure hoping for the best and we hope leonard is safe. people are sharing the stories of hour lake county is if stranger to fires ripping through their area but they say the valley fire is by far the worst and he say the devastation is so widespread they cannot
6:38 am
believe what is happening. they are seeing a lot of the images online on social media so they do say thankfully they are alive and they are here safe and sound and relying on the generosity of a lot of volunteers and red cross who have been helping them out. >> just as you were doing your report, we got new word in from cal fire, the lake, napa and sonoma county fire have now burned 61,000 acres and is a percent contained so the ache rap has grown to 61,000 acres but they did get some containment. it was industry and now it is at 5 percent. a warning: do not put your address online, burglars are on the prowl. asking fire survivors asking for addresses to check on their homes in an effort to steal your belongings. the sheriffs are patrolling the evacuated areas. >> a troubled toy that many kids
6:39 am
love and teaching your little ones to right a tricycle could cost you more than you bargained for. stay tuned.
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>> good morning, live doppler hd show clouds and moisture and chance of rain coming into the north bay painly in the afternoon but you have seen some moisture and we are, looking at temperatures from ten-15 degrees cooler. upper 50s to let 60s and plenty of clouds and everyone is cooling down today, and the winds are light and variable and the delta, though, is where we will see the cooler air transported into the inland east bay. through the afternoon, yes, we have green here and a better chance of rain anywhere. it should be light through the afternoon. with highs in the 60s and 70s. good morning, sue. we going we san rafael, southbound 101 camera, on toward the parkway, we have reports of a couple of cars tangling up near lincoln avenue off to the right hand shoulder with traffic looking like it is budged up but moving fairly well.
6:43 am
a look out there southbound 101 above the canyon, an early tire in the road is cleared from the lanes. a car hit it and the car is out of the lanes of the a terrible commute out of the central valley, two hours and 20 minutes. you may want to take ace train for a great alternative and an accident back to 92. sue? >> doctors are sounding the alarm about the dangers of tricycles for kids. they san thousands children to the e.l. -- e.r. and are helpinged to a handful of deaths with 9,000 treated in emergency rooms in 2012 and 20 thin. two -- 2013 and most common in boys.
6:44 am
most children do not have the balance or coordination to ride a bicycle physical age three, and those that are low to the drowned with big wheels are safest and always have your little one wear a helmet. a devastating wildfire continues to scorch through northern california counties with the latest on the fire. using technology to fight california's wildfires and how apps can be a firefighter's greatest tool on the ground. you can stay in the know with weather and traffic during the break with traffic moving slowly on the san mateo and a picture of vietnam fire, middletown right here, with many home destroy. we. we. have the l
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but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. ash from the valley fire rained down yesterday with a light dusting covering a black car in danville. a strong sea breeze should clear some of the smoke we have been seeing overnight and this is no serious health danger from the ash and smoke. >> most of the attention could be on the valley fire but there is another big fire southeast of sacramento, butte fire is now 25 percent contained. a new assessment on the damage shows 135 homes have been destroyed and more than 65,000 acres have burned. >> as it rages on technology is playing a big role fighting
6:48 am
wildfires and jane king has that story and more from the nasdaq with the pup report. >> good morning, to you. lower start here today with the dow down 90 and s&p and nasdaq lower and big meeting at the federal reserve wednesday and thursday is the big event. big data using to predict wildfires with drones helping to share the information. delta and american have a program that allows them to send passengers to each other in case of bad weather or mechanical problems. delta wants more money from american and american is not willing to pay more. the agreement does under tomorrow between the two but tickets already sold for trips beyond that date will be honored. it is 6:4. we were talking about how the smoke should not be so much a
6:49 am
factor with a warning for folks in the we specific areas. >> winds are drifting across from the south to the prevailing winds from the south at 10 to 20 machine but the winds around the fire are erratic and tomorrow we have the gusty wind so southwest wind you can see some of that smoke drifting over the bay but, over all, we are looking at more clouds, more moisture, and the marin layer is ramping up and the sea breeze later today on the coast so live doppler hd show the moisture here and it continues to stream up and this is what has been if place from over the weekend. most of the energy is down here in southern california where they look at more widespread showers south but we have a better chan on wednesday. 60 in san francisco and san jose and 59 in morgan hill and clouds and we not going to scour out the cloud cover teach, 61 bit delta, wind up to 21 miles per
6:50 am
hour. everyone waking up to cooler numbers, 4-in6 degrees cooler in the north by. mist and drizzle and smoke by santa rosa and cloverdale and middletown and a possible shower this and anywhere throughout the bay area today with a better chance of rain on wednesday but ten now and then the winds will kick up and it could be an issue. low pressure is dropping down from the gulf alaska and allowing for the cooler trend at 8-13 degrees cooler an the fire and the humidity is keeping it 10 percent to 10 percent wetter in general. by 11 o'clock, there is moisture in place, and by 2:00, spotty showers and by tuesday we see the clearer conditions and breezy winds and we cloud up overnight and a better can coming in open when, and maybe anywhere from quarterrible of rain at 67 in san francisco, and 75 if napa, and 76 in san jose
6:51 am
and upper 70s inland east bay and cooler tomorrow, better chance of rains on wednesday and 80s and 90s return through next week. sue, what is going on? >> heavy traffic from the central valley and we will look at our drive times, 680 from highway 4 to walnut creek looking at 15 minutes and 24 in the westbound direction toward the tunnel from walnut creek, moderate commute at under 15 minutes and here is the bear, 580 westbound from tracy to dublin, an hour and a half so ace train could be best alternate from the central valley this morning with a couple of early accidents. to the peninsula, overturned vehicle where traffic now stacked up before highway 92 and we look at those valley fire closures highway 29 as 175, and highway 29 at 53 and lower lake and other road closures, best to avoid the area if at all
6:52 am
possible. >> thank you, sue, we are pack with seven things to know before you go, but, first, weather and traffic during the commercial break looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and the valley fire toll plaza and the valley fire on that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
6:53 am
unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. >> seven things to know before you go, the valley fire has charred 61,000 acres the it is only 5 percent contained.
6:54 am
the numbers just released by cal fire, 400 structures are destroyed. the fire is still burning in all directions. >> 17,000 people have been evacuated so far and many are trying to get information on whether the home was impacted by the fire with centers set up in several locations and all centers are on the web site. >> new numbers show minor progress in the butte fire and officials say that fire burning east of jackson is 30 percent contained at over 71,000 acres. 135 homes have been destroyed and mandatory evacuations are in place for several communities. >> we have cloud cover. we have moisture right now. better chance of showers throughout the afternoon today. anywhere, really, away the bay. temperatures are anywhere from 8-10 degrees cooler today. with about 70 in oakland and look for 60 in san francisco and mid-70s in san jose and 75 in napa and cooler through wednesday.
6:55 am
>> the monday morning commute off to a nasty start out of the central valley with a couple of early accidents and an hour and a half between tracy and the dublin pleasanton interchange. also, fought is good on the peninsula with overturn the car, and traffic is stacked up from highway 92. kim davis is stand her ground as she returned to work. she said show will take her name off any marriage licenses issued to same-sex couple and make a most saying they are issued by order of the court. dream force opens tomorrow in san francisco and traffic will be a problem. howard street is closed near the moscone center with hotel troops at a premium and officials have rent add therery yacht to give 1,100 attendees a panted place to stay. >> traffic a problem if san francisco? especially for a convention? >> we continue on-line and twitter, facebook and all
6:56 am
mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes. we will continue our come of the valley fire burning in 9 these counties in the north bay. just destroying hundreds of homes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, a massive inferno raging in california right now. state of emergency one of the worst wildfires in decades. hundreds of homes and structures destroyed. thousands forced to flee. >> we've lost all of our homes and some pets. and we're just devastated. >> entire neighborhoods up in flames. cars completely charred. this dashcam video capturing one person's desperate attempt to escape. trapped by walls of flames in every direction. >> a state trooper killed during a traffic stop. the killer firing several shots into the car hitting the trooper multiple times. ready for battle. donald trump in camouflage, his new poll numbers show him surging to his highest numbers yet. just days before they face-off


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