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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, a massive inferno raging in california right now. state of emergency one of the worst wildfires in decades. hundreds of homes and structures destroyed. thousands forced to flee. >> we've lost all of our homes and some pets. and we're just devastated. >> entire neighborhoods up in flames. cars completely charred. this dashcam video capturing one person's desperate attempt to escape. trapped by walls of flames in every direction. >> a state trooper killed during a traffic stop. the killer firing several shots into the car hitting the trooper multiple times. ready for battle. donald trump in camouflage, his new poll numbers show him surging to his highest numbers yet. just days before they face-off
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in the big republican debate. and there she is. the new miss america. miss georgia crowned overnight. wowing the crowd with her performance. was it what she said about tom brady that helped her win the title? and vanessa williams is back. the emotional apology more than 30 years in the making. and good morning, america. here's a look at what you're waking up to this morning. frightening images from the wildfires in california, nearly 50,000 acres scorched by one of those fires. >> 1,000 homes and structures, gone. thousands of people trying to escape. look at the incredible images. one man escaping the flames, broadcasting it live to many on the internet. >> california's head of emergency services says these are the worst fires he's seen in 30 years.
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we have full team coverage this morning starting with matt gutman on the front lines. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. you can call this the epi center of that fire which came in here like a collegehammer. insin rating cars. you can smell the acrid smell in the appear. this goes on for block after block after block. those flames were 200 feet in the air. this was all about getting these people out of here to safety. this morning, deadly wildfires racing through northern california. the valley fire, 100 miles north of san francisco, threatening napa county. fueled by 30 mile per hour winds. exploding from a small fire over the weekend to a 50,000-acre monster.
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up to 1,000 homes destroyed. 20,000 people evacuated. so many unprepared for its speed, trying desperately to outrun it. this man driving through the worst of it. these time-lapsed videos capturing the panicked exodus. watch as this driver struggles to find a way out. fire everywhere he turns. you can hear the fire's jet engine roar. [ roaring noise ] others cornered by the flames and smoke. watch as flames consume this home. just minutes. >> scariest thing i have ever been through in my life. we've lost all of our homes. and some pets. we're just devastated. >> reporter: cars, gas stations, garages, nothing spared. whole towns reduced to cinders. governor jerry brown declaring a state of emergency sunday.
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on twitter a woman posting the moment she realized she had to evacuate. >> it's in the backyard. >> i know, i know. >> let's go. >> we have two fires. structured threatened. >> they're putting water on this particular house because it's in a corner and they don't want to lose this corner. >> reporter: farther east, more than 4500 firefighters battling the butte fire. this morning, chewing through 65,000 acres. only 25% contained. >> extreme fire behavior. it burned everything in its path. >> reporter: hundreds of people who used to live in neighbors like this are in a red cross shelter about 20 miles aware from here. no word when they will return. i want to show you how hot this fire got. this is aluminum. it almost looks like mercury and given how hot and how much destruction it's almost miraculous that 20,000 people
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managed to evacuate. almost all uninjured. robin. >> thank you, matt. thousands of firefighters are battling the fires. vacations have been canceled. clayton sandell is on the ground in kelseyville. inside the inferno. >> reporter: good morning, robin. nearly 1500 firefighters on the front lines this morning. they're working around the clock. all vacations and timoff cancelled. they are trying to save the homes that are still standing. firefighters are putting in grueling shifts. technically lasting 24 hours. >> it's not safe. >> reporter: when we met captain wes day and his crew overnight, they had been going nonstop for 30-plus hours. how many houses? >> two right here. >> reporter: they used fire to burn a protective barrier around the homes, saving them. as the fire turned an entire town into hell on earth, overwhelmed firefighters did what they could. >> every engine has got multiple
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structures to try to protect and you just can't save everything. >> reporter: former firefighter todd sudmeier puts this on periscope. >> they're putting water on this particular house because it's on a corner. they don't want to lose the corner. >> in addition to the structures that were burning, the cars that were burning, the trees, the cars that were burning, there's a lot going on. it's chaotic. >> reporter: with the smoky haze grounding all aircraft, winning this firefight is up to the boots on the ground. >> this is the dangerous stuff, because it's so fast. >> reporter: four firefighters burned over the weekend are now recovering. one giving a thumbs up from the hospital. many of the firefighters also live in this community. we have talked to at least two who have watched their own houses burn to the ground. george. >> such a devastating situation, okay, clayton, thank you very much. let's get more from battalion chief scott mclean.
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thank you so much for joining us. we know how difficult this is. what's your biggest challenge right now? >> biggest challenge, as you can imagine, is the weather. when the fire started, there were 20-mile-per-hour winds behind it pushing it. >> what are your firefighters facing on the front line right now? >> the fire went in so many different directions. so many areas to take care of. access is poor in most places. it takes time to get in these things. yesterday, for example, we had an inversion layer holding the smoke to almost ground level. so the aircraft couldn't get engaged. the ground forces, dozers, hand crews, engine crews, made significant process. >> some of your firefighters losing their own homes. how are they holding up? >> they're all tired, as you can imagine. especially, yes, losing some of their own homes. they understand that. >> the biggest challenge is the wind. what is your major job right now?
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>> major job is to get containment on this. provide safety and well being for the citizens. >> and we have heard, we know there's at least one fatality so far. as you go through the areas that have been hit so hard, any sense that the death toll will climb? >> not really. we still have a lot of work to do. because that fire basically exploded. it went in several directions. we need to get a handle on it. >> ever had to deal with a fire like this before? >> not as severe, no. we're looking at over several hundred homes or businesses and structures of any type destroyed in just a few hours. >> chief mclean, thank you so much for your service. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> everything conspiring to make this so damaging. >> every time you see the video, george. now to a new report being released this morning shining a spotlight on the racial divide in st. louis following michael
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brown's killing and the violent protests in ferguson. it calls for major changes. pierre thomas is in washington with that. >> reporter: good morning, robin. critics will say this new report by missouri state commission lays out a disturbing picture of inequality. according to a state government website, among the findings of the ferguson commission, blacks were 75% more likely to be pulled over in missouri than whites. the findings similar to those of a blistering justice department review that also found african-americans much more likely to be targeted in traffic enforcement than whites. the dlj report found that police and local officials were using traffic stops not so much for public safety but as a means of collecting revenue. from taxpayers. the report says bluntly this is about race. they suggest that blacks, at least some of them in missouri, are not living the american dream. robin? >> all right, pierre, thank you. the race for president now. "your voice, your vote."
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and our brand-new abc news/"washington post" poll. showing a surge for donald trump and ben carson dominating. the republican side. hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck. abc's tom llamas tracking it all. >> reporter: we're just two days away from the next big republican debate. a new poll this morning shows trump and carson's highest numbers yet. in any national poll this cycle. you can see right there. trump, 33%. carson, 20%. jeb bush, single digits for the first time in any abc news/"washington post" poll this cycle. this morning, donald trump is stronger than ever in the polls. and in iowa over the weekend, with the new camouflage hat, but keeping the same tough talk strategy. saying he would hire ruthless negotiators if elected. >> if i'm elected, i know the smartest. i know the toughest. i know the meanest. some are just horrible human beings.
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>> reporter: the donald turning his rivals into political punchlines. >> here's the headline. carly is surging. she's got 3%. i hear ben, he's surging. but he's way behind me. i don't think ben has the energy. >> reporter: but dr. ben carson on "this week" trying not to take the bait. >> it doesn't bother me because i recognize i have plenty of energy. >> reporter: either way, voters are listening to the anti-politicians in the race. trump and carson with more than 50% of the combined vote in the latest abc news/"washington post" poll. a sliding jeb bush is trying to show voters he's the real conservative superhero. opening his white button-down to show a vintage campaign shirt. a reminder, he says, of what leadership looks like. this week before the debate all the candidates are busy. today, donald trump is in the home of the dallas mavericks. 20,000 seats sold out. some people are scalping tickets to a presidential political speech.
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george. >> 20,000 seats and probably new ratings records on wednesday night. >> now to breaking news for our viewers in the west. the kentucky county clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples returns to work. abc's t.j. holmes is on the scene. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. and the question this morning is what will kim davis do? we got our answer not too long ago when she stepped out to address reporters. and her decision could land her back in jail. nearly a week after kim davis and her supporters celebrated her release from jail, the controversial county clerk headed back to work this morning with a statement. >> i'm here before you this morning with an impossible choice that i do not wish on any of my fellow americans. my conscious or freedom.
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>> refusing to authorize rise marriage licenses. >> will not be issued or authorized by me. >> one of her deputy clerks says he will continue to issue them even though davis says they should not be issued in her name. >> they will not have my name, title or authority on it. instead, the license will state they are issued pursuant to a federal court order. >> davis was held in contempt and sent to jail after refusing to issue marriage licenses. >> you should whose authority? >> under god's. >> citing her religious objection. she was released with strict orders from a judge not to interfere with her deputy clerks who have been issuing the licenses in her absence. davis was released from jail after six days with strict rules, do not interfere with your deputies.
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>> t.j. thank you. >> we'll see if there's a showdown today. police have made several arrests in the hunt for the serial shooter in phoenix. the latest in just 30 seconds. police in phoenix arrested three copycats sunday night. one person of interest in custody this morning. kayna whitworth is on the scene in phoenix. >> reporter: good morning. as we get set for this busy monday morning, authorities are monitoring some 200 traffic cameras overlooking the phoenix
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area alone. that's i-10. this is all happening as the shooter or shooters are still at large. this morning, the police searching for the person or persons responsible for the 11 reported shootings along arizona highways in the last two weeks. late sunday, authorities arresting three 18-year-old men they say are copycats who used a slingshot to shoot at drivers and pedestrians on saturday night. charging them with assault, endangerment. and criminal damage. >> these are kids out thinking maybe they come up with good ideas. none of this is fun and games. >> reporter: police say these copycats are unrelated to the 11 other incidents across this eight-mile stretch of highway. on friday, police taking oscar munoz into custody. calling him a person of interest. now saying the real shooter or shooters is still out there. he's been held on unrelated charges. the city on edge. thousands of football fans heading to the cardinals game on
7:16 am
sunday avoiding the highway. >> hopefully, whoever this is is caught soon. >> reporter: mark spicer, a former sniper and expert witness in the 2003 d.c. sniper trial, says this is far from over. >> ultimately, the goal for him or her will be to say to the police, i'm still here. >> reporter: that's a scary mentality for parents that are putting their kids on school buses this morning. many district drivers ordered to avoid highways until the all-clear is given. robin. now, ginger, you have incredible images you want to share. >> we had a volatile weekend. here in the northeast. it displayed like this in long beach, new york. that's a water spout. the water kicking up. no one injured there. we don't see them as much as they do in miami. miami had a beautiful water spout. stayed far away from shore. that's where we like to keep them. here's the other headline. i mentioned a cold front. we're just coming off the heels of the record heat last week.
7:17 am
this morning, record low temperature in jacksonville, florida, the low 60s. we're feeling 40s, 30s. this touch of fall won't last long. there's warmup behind it. i'll have that coming up. and now amy with top stories. the state trooper killed overnight. >> authorities say they have captured the man who shot and killed a kentucky state trooper. they say 31-year-old trooper joseph cameron ponder was conducting a traffic stop when the suspect took off and opened fire, hitting ponder several times. he died at the hospital. the suspect, joseph shanks fled on foot and was arrested this morning. overseas right now, germany is enforcing new border restrictions to slow the wave of syrian refugees streaming into that country, which could present new legal challenges. germany expects 1 million refugees and migrants this year 13,000 arrived in one city on saturday.
7:18 am
european leaders have called an emergency meeting on the crisis. also breaking right now. the first images coming in from a major prison break. in afghanistan. the taliban storming the facility, freeing 350 more dangerous criminals. highlighting more security concerns in that country. a massive volcano is erupting in southern japan taking tourists by surprise. spewing smoke and ash into the air. no injuries reported. finally, an incredible finish at the u.s. open. djokovic pulling off a victory over federer. he bypassed the crowd to get to his friends and family after clenching his third grand slam title of the year. the tept of his career. look who helped to give out the trophy to the u.s. women's winner. there she is robin, roberts, such a special moment for pennetta. she surprised everyone by
7:19 am
announcing her retirement. >> flavia, you just won the u.s. open. what are you going to do? retire. so gracious both of them. to be there on the court, as close as i'm going to get to a grand slam. more to come this monday morning. a new twist in the kayak murder mystery. incredible new interrogation tapes of the woman accused of killing her fiance. >> i wanted him dead and now he's gone. and i'm okay with it. and i'm okay with it. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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your local news and weather coming up next. good morning. i'm eric thomas. governor jerry brown plans to meet with local authorities today about the mali fire, burned 61,000 acres and is 5% contained. flames spread through napa, sonoma and lake counties. 400 houses destroyed. more than 17,000 people forced out of their homes. meantime, cal fire is investigating reports of at least one fatality. opposed to a proposed luxury tower in oakland, unveiling plan for the property later today. the city, which owns the land, wants to build a 300-unit luxury apartment tower. opponents protested claiming it violated state law not offering enough affordable housing. those opponents are expected to reveal their own plan including affordable housing. the morning commute.
7:25 am
a couple trouble spots. the peninsula. pardon me, go north just past hercules. westbound 80 at willow. motorcycle down. very slow traffic. then from an earlier accident, the grind, all the way into golden gate field. about a 30-minute ride there. and we have just a nasty commute all morning long and a new accident now westbound 580 near 680 just in the clearing phasing, bust just under two hours from tracy to the doublet interchange. take h train if you can.
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just about anytime, more so in the afternoon. 60 at mountain view, hour delays at sfo. highs today, upper 60s, 70. oakland 73. san jose, same. breezier wends tomorrow. better chance of rain on wednesday. eric? coming up next on gma, the hidden cash in your closet. how much money do your old clothes put
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good morning, america. you're looking live at the utter devastation from the inferno in california. some of the worst wildfires ever. the government declares a state of emergency. 1,000 homes and structures destroyed. thousands forced to flee. more than 50,000 acres now scorched. >> we do say good morning, america. we're following the big story all morning. here are other headlines we're following. the investigation into an accident at l.a.x. last night. a united airlines flight clipped the wing of a departing alaska airlines flight. both planes damaged. thankfully, no injuries reported. and the kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to process same-sex marriage returns to work this morning. she's filed an emergency appeal
7:31 am
asking the court to delay the mandate that she issue marriage licenses. also right now, a new miss america has been crowned. last night. jesse is here. he'll in the social square. all the excitement from last night's big pageant. and what tom brady has to do with all that. >> there were some really interesting questions asked last night. >> miss georgia. >> you must be pleased. >> very excited. we begin with the new york woman accused of killing her fiance while kayaking on the hudson river. the newly released interrogation tape says she wanted him dead. her lawyer says that is not a confession. abc's linzie janis is here with that story. >> reporter: they call it the mighty hudson for its strong currents and rough waters. that is why angelika graswald says her fiance's kayak capsized. just a tragic accident. this morning, the interrogation tapes revealing what she told
7:32 am
police in the days after he went missing. and why her own words are being used against her. this morning, abc news obtaining this footage of angelika graswald being questioned by investigators. the 35-year-old denying she intentionally removed a plug from 46-year-old vincent viafore's kayak so he would drown. >> you wanted him to be dead. you wanted to be free. >> reporter: but after hours of interrogation, appearing to change her tune. >> all right, i'll give you a [ bleep ] statement. >> what is it? >> i wanted him dead. and now he's gone. and i'm okay with it. >> reporter: at one point, admitting she removed the plug before they went kayaking. saying she thought she had given it back to him. before they went out on the water that night. >> right? by taking that plug out, you killed vinnie, correct? >> correct. >> and you wanted that to happen, correct? >> correct. >> reporter: the interrogation lasting more than 11 hours.
7:33 am
overnight. graswald even practicing yoga, something her lawyers said she did to calm her nerves. >> my fiance flipped over. he's in the water right now. >> reporter: just days earlier, graswald making this desperate call from her kayak to 911. >> he's had a little, like a floating thing. he didn't have a vest. >> it wasn't a vest, but he had something to hold? >> reporter: prosecutors say it was an act. claiming the woman who posted these images on facebook while her fiance was still missing stood to gain $250,000 in life insurance benefits. graswald has pleaded not guilty. her attorney says she never admitted to killing viafore. >> she denies killing him. it's important to distinguish between what they're saying is a confession and an interrogation.
7:34 am
>> reporter: kay yack -- kayaking experts say removing that plug would not cause to it capsize. police say viafore was not wearing a life vest. graswald is charged with second-degree murder. she's being held on $3 million cash bail. that's a $9 million bond. >> thank you, linzie. we're going to talk to dan abrams. he joins us now with more on the case. in your legal opinion, was that a confession? >> no. a confession would be, i killed him. here's how i did it. here's why i did it. she didn't say i killed him. she said, you want a confession? okay. you want a statement, she says, okay? you want a statement? she seems exasperated. she's been in there many, many hours. she says, i wanted him dead, now he's gone. i'm fine with it. is that an incriminating statement? absolutely. is that helpful to her case? absolutely not. but it's not a confession. this is a reminder as to why lawyers tell their clients, don't talk to the police unless
7:35 am
i'm there. this is the textbook example of that. >> what are we hearing from the medical examiner from the autopsy? >> the medical examiner here has gone well beyond what we hear. they usually look at the body and say, this is the cause of death. this medical examiner has determined, according to "the new york times," that the removal of the plug is the cause of death. it's kind of odd. what do we have, "quincy m.d.?" considering what the kayaking experts are saying about how difficult that would be as a method to kill someone, it's an odd result. this is not an easy case for prosecutors. >> thank you, dan. we get the hunt now for the thief who robbed three jewelry stores in three states. the fbi's prime suspect, the woman captured in these photos is the prime suspect. >> reporter: in florida, a female robber captured on
7:36 am
surveillance camera as she steals nearly $500,000 in merchandise. ? georgia a woman donning a hat and robbing a zales. just last week, this robber wore a striped skirt as she stole from the store. this morning, the fbi is on the hunt. trying to find out if they're the same person. >> these are brazen robberies. these are not in the central business area. these are more on the outskirts. >> reporter: the spree starting in august, in dawsonville, georgia. the female suspect walking away with an estimated $13,000 in valuables. next, moving on to panama beach, florida. this time, allegedly armed with a gun. the suspect, forcing employees into a back room. getting away in this car with more than $400,000 worth of jewels. >> they were terrified. fear in their face. >> reporter: then, earlier this month, striking again at a crowded outlet mall in south
7:37 am
carolina. though the unidentified woman is the only suspect caught by surveillance cameras, authorities say she may not be working alone. >> there's definitely accomplices. they're going to do it again. and they're going to get caught. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. we're on the money. helping you turn old clothes into cash. coming up, we're showing you how to make tons of money on the things you don't want in your closet. how much is in this bag? we'll show you next. your closet. how much is in this bag? we'll show you next. at's that y? it's trop50. it's fine. it tastes delicious and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. but... it can't taste this good... read the label. ...and have 50% less calories? exactly, now you drop... and give me the 50. trop50.
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cold cash right in their pockets. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, lower gwynedd, pennsylvania. >> and with thred up, if they can't sell it, they donate it. >> fantastic. everybody wins. and you guys can find all of those tips on coming up, the new miss america. jesse standing by with this morning's "speed feed." >> miss georgia wasn't the only one walking away a big winner last night. it was a huge emotional night for former miss america vanessa williams, too. we'll tell you why coming up. we'll tell you why coming up. at, the bloating, diarrhea; i've dealt with it for years. all you can think about is where is the closest bathroom and how can i avoid embarrassing myself? a gastroenterologist told me that my symptoms were irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, ibs-d. it may be caused by changes in my gut. and that i can
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♪ ♪ time n time now for "the speed feed." all about miss america this morning. jesse has it all. >> that's right. it was a great night for breakthroughs and comebacks. the new miss america is miss georgia, betty cantrell. there's her first selfie. after capturing the crown. maybe the one with the whitest smiles ever. now, she said she thought she almost lost it all when she was asked that all-important question and hers was about deflategate. the nfl took months to come up
7:49 am
with an answer. she had just 20 seconds. here's what she said. >> did he cheat? that's a good question. i'm not sure. i think i would have to be there to see the ball, feel it, make sure if it was deflated or not. if there was question there, then yes, i think he cheated. if there was any question to be had, i think he definitely cheated and he should have been suspended for that. that's not fair. >> and then the big drama of the night. the welcome back to vanessa williams. with an emotional apology from sam haskell on behalf of the pageant. here's what he said. to williams and her mother who was sitting in the audience. >> i want to apologize. to you. [ cheers and applause ] i want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less the miss america you are and the miss america you always will be! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much.
7:50 am
sam, so unexpected, but so beautiful. >> and as you said, jesse. also apologizing to her mother there in the audience. when i did the interview with her, i said, is all forgiven? she said for her part, yes. but for her mother? you might want to interview her. >> she was all smiles last night. >> it was a moment. she sang, "oh, how the years go by." it was beautiful. >> really well done. >> and congratulations to miss georgia. >> that's right. >> yes! when we come back, the former olympic athlete and mother leading a double life as a las vegas call girl. she's here speaking live for the first time. come on back. for the first time. come on back. coming up, "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. the whole day to sell to the their old cart aside and buy a new one...
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. a massive valley fire continues to rage on. only 5% karened around burned more than 61,000 acres, spread through three counties. 400 houses destroyed more than 17,000 people forced out of their homes. cal fire investigating reports of one fatality. governor brown plans to meet today. and weather conditions for the entire bay area, but looking at live doppler 7hd, showers in the vicinity of the fire. mist and drizzle around the bay. 63 heyward. wet pavement. 60s, 70s around the bay. 74 fremont. 71 santa rosa. and nasty drive times out there from the central valley. a couple earlier problems this
7:57 am
morning. still looking at ant hour and 42 minutes from tracy and the dublin. ace train may be the way to go. moderate drive on highway 4 positive walnut creek, about 30 minutes. eric? >> thank you. coming up on "gma," an
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. wildfires burning out of control out west. families fleeing. firefighters race to save homes. the latest from the front lines. shocking double life. the olympic superstar, wife, and mother, turned high-price las vegas escort. >> i kind of felt like, why isn't everybody else doing this? >> this morning, suzy favor hamilton. here in times square for her first live interview. what sparked her dramatic life change. how she finally turned her life around. one on one with victoria beckham. we're behind the scenes as she prepares her blockbuster new collection. >> i'm very passionate about what i do. i want to make women feel empowered. and like the best version of themselves. >> a rare interview with the posh designer whose style reigns
8:01 am
supreme, only on "gma." ♪ dance with me and are you ready for the hottest season of "dancing with the stars" yet? we're behind the scenes with derek and bindi. val and tamar. and all the stars racing to get ready. for tonight's big premier as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> g'day, america. >> and wow. look at that right there. "dancing with the stars" cast thousands of fans shutting down hollywood boulevard. filming tonight's season opener. a lot more of them behind the scenes in just a little bit. >> that looks awesome. >> look at that. also ahead this morning, kicking off a brand-new series all about erasing your pain. more than 100 million americans suffer every day. we're going to show you how this device, placed on your head, could help finally end it. dr. jen ashton will be along.
8:02 am
>> help for a lot of people right there. let's get the morning rundown from amy. we begin with breaking news. the kentucky clerk who went to jail because she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is back at work this morning but remains defiant. davis was released from jail with orders not the interfere with her deputy clerks, ho have been issuing those licenses. she filed an emergency appeal. she just spoke, getting emotional as she discussed her dilemma. >> i'm here before you this morning with a seemingly impossible choice. that i don't wish on any of my fellow americans. my conscience or my freedom. my conscience or the ability to serve the people i love. i have thought and prayed hard about what to do. the decisions i made in this case and the decisions i will continue to make in this case are mine and mine alone. >> she's asking her name be removed from any marriage licenses issued to gay couples. raising questions about whether those licenses will then be valid. she urged state lawmakers
8:03 am
accommodate her request that she be allowed to do her job without violating her religious beliefs. ask. >> a manhunt is over in kentucky after a state trooper was shot and killed during a traffic stop and chase. police say the driver, who was pulled over, fled and then suddenly stopped his car, firing into trooper joseph ponder's cruiser, hitting him several times. he was just 31. that suspect has now been captured. to the fast-moving flames racing across california. the wildfire is engulfing entire neighborhoods north of san francisco and gutting everything in its path. driving 20,000 people from their homes. prompting a state of emergency. some residents barely made it out in time. matt gutman is on the front lines with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: those numbers are horrifying, amy. the reality here on the ground is apocalyptic. that was someone's garage door.
8:04 am
right here, those flames burning so hot, they melted the aluminum off the rim of the car. this scene goes on for block after block. firefighters are telling me the blames were 200 feet in the air. they were simply trying to evacuate people and even once this area has been cleared for them to go home, only then will hazmat teams come in. it could be a long time for these people to see their houses again. >> thank you, matt, for that. and overseas, germany is imposing emergency border patrols to stem the massive tide of refugees coming into the country. the european union holding emergency talks on the crisis today. germany now expects 1 million refugees and migrants this year alone. and finally, some might consider this the stuff of nightmares. check out this incredible or terrifying video of a salt water crocodile launching its body in
8:05 am
australia. it was recorded by a wildlife photographer. the tails can propel them like torpedos. i love this. one observer said the croc appeared to levitate by the invisible hand of a diabolical conjurer. no, it has a really strong tail. >> so nothing was pulling it up? >> no. >> it look like synchronized swimming. >> i would like to see two of those. >> i would hate to see any of them. >> i'm not going anywhere near it. a lot more ahead. an abc news exclusive. the former olympian and mother living a double life as a las vegas escort. speaking out here for the first time live, only on "gma."
8:06 am
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>> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." more than 100 million americans suffer from pain. this morning, the new devices and treatments that could help them. only on "gma," one on one with victoria beckham. in a rare and revealing interview, talking about her struggles to make it as a designer. her family life with david beckham. and we're backstage with "dancing with the stars." as they get ready for tonight's huge premier. we're counting down to "monday night football" here on "gma." don't go anywhere. hi, guys. to the used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect...
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8:11 am
called "fast girl, a life spent running from madness." that's out this morning. suzy joins us live in just a moment. but first, her story. >> reporter: she was the golden girl of the running world. olympian suzy favor hamilton seemed to have it all. >> i won nine ncaa titles. >> reporter: until her olympic dreams began diminishing in barcelona and then again in atlanta. in 2000 in sydney, hamilton doing the unthinkable. >> suzy favor hamilton has fallen down! >> reporter: sabotaging her last chance at gold. >> when i got to the starting line, i just wanted to vanish. i told myself just fall. i fell immediately. it happened like that. >> reporter: married to her college sweetheart, mark. she started a real estate business and a family. the darkness loomed. eventually leading to a night in vegas with a call girl. >> i kind of felt like, why isn't everybody else doing this?
8:12 am
>> reporter: then decided to become an escort herself. >> that lightbulb moment, why shouldn't i get paid for sex? >> reporter: her double life came crashing down when she was outed by the smoking gun. and suzy is joining us. welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you so much for having me here. >> of course. i want to get right to the smoking gun. so they out you. did you think you could have gone on with this? had you not gotten caught, would you have just continued? >> absolutely. i hadn't been diagnosed as bipolar yet. so, without a doubt, you know, why would i want to leave this manic high? that i was in? it was a fabulous high that i'm feeling. >> you talk about that manic high in such great detail in the book. and, the book deals with difficult subject matter. not just the contrast between your incredible running career and your life as a high-priced escort. but also, the bipolar disorder
8:13 am
that was driving you to it. >> right. it's a disease that you can't see. and, for me, i -- i honestly was shocked when i was diagnosed with it. i didn't see myself as being supertalkative. i didn't see myself with this high energy. i didn't see the signs of it. >> did your husband see the signs? >> in looking back now, obviously he can put everything together. and it makes sense. >> but when you were in it and spiraling? >> not at all. not at all. >> you're so candid about your brother, dan, who died from suicide, also suffered from bipolar disorder. what is your hope for readers of the book? what is the message? >> i want people to understand mental illness. we can't see it like a broken arm. but everybody has issues in their life. mental illness can destroy lives. it can destroy relationships. i think we need to speak out. there's help available.
8:14 am
but more people have to reach for that help. and i want to show also, that, we should not feel shame for our bizarre behaviors that stem from this illness. >> absolutely. in the book, you talk about your, the pressures of being one of the most celebrated runners in ncaa history. three times at the olympics. you're a real estate agent. you're a mom. madison, wisconsin. and yet you have this other life that all started with an anniversary trip. your 20th anniversary. you and your husband go to vegas and you made a decision that really changed everything. >> right. you know, i -- i hadn't been diagnosed at this time. and, when we made a decision to go to vegas, and the risky, the crazy things that we did, jumping out of an airplane, the sexual experience that we had in
8:15 am
vegas, after that, my bipolar really started to develop, which i didn't know i had. it brought on this hypersexuality that was a six-month process to take me to being an escort in vegas. >> all the while, your husband knew about it. >> yes. >> why do you think he let you do it? >> you know, it's not that he let me do it. it was something i started to explore. and once i started exploring, i couldn't get out. i liked the high too much. he tried, desperately. he also protected me. he wanted to keep my reputation. and, an amazing -- an amazing man. i see him as a hero. he doesn't see himself as a hero. but i totally see him as a hero. >> and still with you today. >> absolutely. >> by your side. what gives you your high today? >> you know, that's a great question, because, when you are bipolar, you miss those highs. i was first of all misdiagnosed. that brought on the hypersexuality. >> and taking zoloft, the exact wrong thing to take.
8:16 am
>> right, for somebody who is bipolar. i call myself more level. i don't know what level is because i've always been used to this high. it's hard. so my vices to keep me sane and happy are yoga. working out. i need an intense workout. running hard. racing people on the streets. when i'm in california. so something that really helps to bring out that high. i think it's crucial for somebody with bipolar. >> the book is fascinating. and very brave. >> thank you. >> just unflinching in how honest you are. >> it was difficult. because i share everything. i know this is a difficult book for my family and the people i have hurt with my behavior in vegas. and, that hurts me still. it's something i will have to live with for the rest of my life. >> but something to remember, christine brennan said, of all of your achievements on the track, this might be the
8:17 am
greatest one for all the people that this could help. >> you know, with the "20/20" interview, when i heard that, i started crying. what a great statement she gave me. >> one to keep in your heart and remember. >> that gives me the strength to keep fighting. and hopefully, my story will give people with mental illness the strength to reach out, and to get help. and not be shamed of mental illness. our society needs to change. we need to help. >> yeah. suzy, thank you so much. the name of the book is "fast girl, a life spent running from madness." it's available now. >> i gotta tell you. it's not easy to share a story like that. she's done it so elegantly. and with such grace. no doubt it will help a lot of people. >> absolutely. september is pain awareness month. and with that in mind, we're launching a brand-new series to help you erase your pain. more than 100 million americans suffer from pain on a regular basis at a cost of $635 billion
8:18 am
every year. now, there's a new technique that may help sufferers say good-bye to their pain for good. pain is a debilitating disorder that over one-third of americans battle with every day. >> i have had this pain for 53 years. >> it turned to chronic. my migraines about ten years ago. >> reporter: the medical community defines pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. an experience that is often subjective. making it so difficult to diagnose and treat. >> we spend about half a trillion dollars a year in the management of pain. >> reporter: over the weekend, dr. sean mackey led the back pain education day to a sold-out crowd. >> the focus is on more mind-body approaches to pain. things such as mindfulness meditation.
8:19 am
physical therapy approaches. a better understanding of what their pain is and what it represents and how they can learn to take control of it. >> reporter: on the forefront of chronic pain treatments, showing us a new technique being used. transcranial magnetic stimulation. >> our interest is stimulating or inhibiting brain regions associated with pain. we've been seeing dramatic reductions in chronic pain and improvements in function. >> reporter: it works by setting a set of coils on the head. sending magnetic pulses to the brain. the mechanism is still unknown. but it's believed that the repeated stimulation of the brain may help decrease the body's response to pain signals in the nervous system. >> as i stimulate this, we can see twitching. of his hand. it's his brain entirely doing that. >> reporter: cutting edge technology. with promises for a pain-free future. and joining us now, dr. jennifer
8:20 am
ashton. okay, you're a patient. you go to see your doctor. you tell them that you are in pain. how do they determine what is going on with you? >> i'm going to take you inside the doctor brain and tell you how doctors think about pain. we think in terms of categories and anatomy. so if you look here, musculoskeletal. a common source of pain. it would be a sports injury or a condition like fibromyalgia. and this, visceral pains. this could be kidney, liver, bladder. interstitial sis tight 'tis. heart attack. and then neuropathic pain. so this is pain caused by nerves. phantom limb pain. the pain following shingles. because the brain is part, it can be psychological pain or emotional pain. it's important not to forget about that, too. >> pain can be different for everyone.
8:21 am
we hear about chronic versus acute. why the difference? >> a different category here. we're not sure what leads to chronic pain. one big theory that came out of the '80s is that everyone gets exposed to an injury or pain. the people that deal with it in a positive way, by no choice of their own, by the way. they approach it, confront it, and they recover. the people with chronic pain with the same painful stimulus, they develop this catastrophic worry. they avoid this fear. they avoid the confrontation. they get caught in a loop of dysfunction, depression, and actually more pain. this is the theory. >> is that why we saw the new treatment about dealing with the brain and changing? and there are several ones. how do you determine what's right for you? >> whether you're dealing top down or bottom up. we'll talk about treatments all week. it's hard to cover it all in a 2:00 segment. medical management of pain.
8:22 am
we write a prescription for narcotics or opioids, which have a role. but they can cause problems. or non-opioids. nonsteroid dahl therapy. the complementary therapies. so important. this could be massage, physical therapy. acupuncture by a licensed therapist. chiropractors. they all have they roles in conjunction with the other stuff. >> this is just the tip of the iceberg. you'll be back. let's get outside to ginger. it's downright chilly out here this morning. relatively, compared to where we have been. where it's been chilly and now warming up? right there in the midwest. i want to show you some numbers. summer is back. with full force from kansas city, who have a hot debut of their team this thursday night, 90 for a high. good monday morning. i'm lisa argen. plenty offing which clk eastern
8:23 am
mist and drizzle. wet pavement. hazy. cooler, chance of showers and better chance of rain for everyone on wednesday. so our satellite picture shows the moisture in and around the bay, but we need that dynamic, that lift, to have the rain around here. looks like we'll see that on wednesday. 74 in fremont. 68 richmond today with 69 in santa cruz. cooler through the middle of the week. warmer towards the weekend. >> all these ladies in for fashion week. i said, have you gone to some shows? they said, oh, no, we're in shows. some models with us this morning, lara. >> schooled you. >> yeah. >> all right. "pop news" time, everybody. we begin with a controversial comeback for late music superstar whitney houston. who can be seen via hologram next year. through what is being billed as a world tour. it's being organized by hologram usa and by the late singer's sister-in-law and the president of her estate. the tour promises to be interactive.
8:24 am
it will feature performances of her greatest hits, alongside some unannounced special guests. there are critics needless to say. i think some in the studio. as we look around that think this is a stunt to cash in on the superstar singer's voice. but many fans are ecstatic and have voiced so on the internet to see her music live. three years after her death. you will always love hearing that voice. >> love that voice. >> an amazing voice. >> unmistakable. >> love that voice. the next story could lead to an awesome pairing on the big screen. matt damon currently filming the latest edition of the bourne franchise. doing some serious trash talking. he says jason bourne would kick the, you know what, out of batman. who happens to be his buddy, ben affleck. >> oh, no, he didn't. >> e news caught up with the superstar to get the scoop. before we could think about the epic showdown, damon says batman has to get through superman first. if he beats him, maybe he can
8:25 am
take on jason bourne. we'll be able to judge for ourselves when the movies come out in 2016. >> as jesse said, oh, no, he didn't. >> jason bourne is a bad man. but bayne broke batman's back. he hung on a rope. 50 days later, he was fixed. i'm just saying. i am a batman connoisseur. that's why i say, oh, no, he didn't. >> no he didn't. >> i had no idea the passion. >> the encyclopedic knowledge. >> you're a conundrum wrapped in a riddle. and finally, everybody -- >> i don't know if that's a compliment or not. >> -- we know halloween is a bit away. when it comes to costume shopping, the early bird gets the worm. or the early chihuahua gets the giraffe. >> hello, it's me, tico. please don't laugh. my mommy went to the store to buy my halloween costume and came home with this.
8:26 am
can you believe it? >> can you believe it? she picked the giraffe. he wanted to be cujo. i wanted to show you the video that i found on the internet, because duh, it proves my theory. >> that dog can talk. >> very well, too. and very clear. >> thank you. we're done with that. drop the mike moment on the talking animals. coming up, amy has an exclusive with victoria beckham, behind the scenes of fashion week. how would you like the chance to fly to new york city, stay in a hotel, get 500 bucks spending money, and get to see one of music's biggest acts live on "gma"? go to on yahoo!. enter the fall concert sweepstakes. presented by carmax. sweepstakes. presented by carmax.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. governor brown plans to meet with authorities about the valley fire now burned 61,000 acres and is only 5% contained. pla flames spread through four counties. 400 houses destroyed. 17,000 forced from their homes. caltrans investigating reports of one fatality. a couple iffy areas. 80 westbound. off to the side of the road an early accident around powell street approaching macarthur bridge. stacking up beyond golden gate field. willow and hercules, an accident cleared. traffic about 55 minutes from there into the macarthur maze.
8:28 am
kristen? >> thank you. cooler temperatures, though. how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life! ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now. good monday morning. looking at much cooler temperatures around the bay today, and the added cloud cover. moisture headed north of the north bay, but some of this could drop in the form of showers throughout the afternoon. 64 in oakland now. 63 in heyward. looking at much cooler highs today. just 60s and 70s. less humidity.
8:30 am
81 in antioch. cool through the middle of the week. better chance of showers wednesday and much warmer through the end of the week. [ cheers and applause ]week. good morning, america. are you ready to make your life fabulous? tyra banks, chrissy teigen, joe zee, and a superstar cast kick off their show, "the fab life," today. beauty secrets. check your local listings for more information. in the meantime, stay tuned to this, because it's our exclusive interview with victoria beckham. her meteoric rise from spice girl to fashion mogul. i sat down with her in london and on the runway moments after her debut at fashion week. she opened up about her growing empire, raising her four kids with her husband, david beckham
8:31 am
to the importance of giving back. from the poshest spice girl to it girl, she reigns supreme. with her chic eye, she's built a global brand since launching seven years ago. he collections can be found in over 60 countries. >> i love the collection. i think it feels liberating and fun. and fresh. and upbeat. >> reporter: the multiaward-winning designer debuting her spring/summer 2016 collection. at new york fashion week. what do you do waiting to hear from the critics? >> you know, i do care about what people think. a lot of people say, they don't care. i do care. i'm nervous waiting to hear what people think. i couldn't have done any more. i love the collection. i want to wear the collection. i think my customer are going to love collection. i wouldn't have changed anything. >> reporter: it seems, neither would the critics. the collection garnering rave reviews. a growing trend, beckham's designs are in over 500 stores. she opened the victoria beckham
8:32 am
flag ship location in london last year. >> i'm passionate about what i do. i want to make women feel empowered. and the best version of themselves. >> how do you emplower women? >> i want to make them look beautiful. feel sexy and confident. and that's exciting for me. when people say i feel so great if your clothes. i love that. >> reporter: do you think when you entered into the fashion world there were those that expected you to fall flat on your face? >> absolutely. people did have preconceptions. i expected that. i wasn't out to prove anybody wrong. i just wanted to prove to myself that i could do it. i didn't want it to be about me. as a celebrity. me that was in the spice girls. it was about the product. >> reporter: sitting front and center at all of her shows, her husband of 16 years, former soccer star and fellow style icon david beckham. together, they're raising four
8:33 am
children. brooklyn, romeo, cruz, and harper. you're a "vogue" alum. you have graced the cover. but your son brooklyn, no. now. >> i was so proud. my baby on the cover of "vogue." very exciting. he loves photography. he wants to be a photographer. >> reporter: what's the most important values you want to them to possess? >> we have always been strict. they have great manners. they always say please and thank you. it's important. but at the same time, they're still fun. they run and the house. they're singing, dancing, kicking footballs around, which i don't allow them to do. that seems to be the one area i can't discipline them with. they will not stop playing football in the house. >> reporter: do you see harper following in your footsteps in the fashion world? >> she loves fashion. as all little girls do. she loves putting makeup on and playing with my shoes. she loves sports. she's a tomboy. because she has three brothers. she said to me the other days i think i want to play football.
8:34 am
soccer, sorry. dagger through the heart. i have three boys that want to play football. come on, let one of them want to be in fashion or dance. >> reporter: do you ever style david? >> not really. he has really great style. he has great taste. so no, i don't. >> reporter: do you ever say, you sure you're going to wear that? >> you know what? i don't. >> reporter: you're a better wife than me. i tell him, you cannot leave the house like that. >> does andrew listen? >> reporter: yes. >> well, there you go. >> reporter: would you ever collaborate with david? >> we work together. we share the business, myself and david. >> reporter: how is that working with your husband? >> he's the best business partner anybody could have. he's a really incredible person. he inspires me every day. >> reporter: another love the couple shares, giving back. >> it took me getting to 40 to realize that the most valuable thing you get when you are, say, famous, for want of a better
8:35 am
word. you have a voice. and people will listen to you. on the leadup to my 40th birthday, anna wintour invited me to go overseas to vogue. and the charity. as a mother, i have a voice that people will listen to. i'm taking that responsibility seriously. that was when the u.n. invited me to be a global goodwill ambassador. which was very exciting. i found another passion. >> reporter: a power house at the top of her game. always dreaming bigger. what should ever woman have in her closet this fall? >> a great coat. a great handbag. a great pair of sun glasses. >> reporter: you can get away with anything else as long as you have those three things. >> 100%. >> reporter: she said she would love the go into beauty and collaborate with another brand to give women who don't want to pay the designer prices a more affordable option.
8:36 am
we're looking forward to that. >> your new bff. look over there. look over there. >> oh, yeah. >> you see the back. >> courtesy of miss beckham. let's head over to ginger. she's got kids who are ready for some football. >> time for the "gma" football countdown. i'm here with the memorial high school tigers of west new york, new jersey. let's hear you roar. they're here to help us kick off the "monday night football" season. tonight's games are in atlanta and san francisco. let's check out the weather forecasts for those matchups. all sponsored by nationwide. it's a dome in atlanta. if you're tailgating, nice conditions. a few passing showers in the bay air. good morning. plenty of cloud cover and the chance of showers around the bay today. temperatures are coming down, and with added month is cher, we
8:37 am
could see a little bit of wet pavement throughout the afternoon. highs today, are 60s and 70s. cooler through mid-week. >> we're flipping into the forecast, jesse. >> oh. >> you okay? >> everybody okay? we're all right? >> they're both all right. >> we have some troopers. >> you have more on the football. >> football season coming up. it will kick off "monday night football" just hours away on espn. no better team to give us the lowdown on tonight's big games, i'm talking about mike tirico and jon gruden. >> philadelphia is excited as always about the eagles. this is a team that could go all the way. >> they have to rely on sam bradford to do it. their quarterback. he's had a lot of injuries. if there's one guy you have to root for, it's sam. he's finally in a situation where he has the supporting cast. the system that suits his skill set. i would love to see him take the
8:38 am
eagles to the super bowl. and win it for the first time. >> quick. just quick. want to check. are you okay? >> yeah. >> everything's all right. >> yeah. >> thank you so much for that. >> way more athletic than i'll ever be. a super bowl prediction from jon gruden. if philly wins it all, he'll get free cheese steaks. there's a lot of excitement for all you fantasy footballers out there. he said quarterback sam bradford will have a big night tonight. we watch for that. "monday night football" action. the eagles versus the falcons followed by the vikes versus the 49ers. all starting at 6:55 eastern. on espn. amy, inside to you. coming up, we go behind the scenes with "dancing with the stars." bindi irwin, nick carter, all the starts getting ready for tonight's huge premier. stay with us.
8:39 am
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the stars." the new season kicks off tonight. rachel smith wept behind the scenes for the last rehearsal. ♪ >> reporter: dancing stars and thousands of their fans shutting down hollywood boulevard. to tape tonight's season opener. >> i feel more comfortable with a giant snake than out here.
8:42 am
>> reporter: here is the ballroom. we spotted bindi's mom and brother watching her last minute rehearsal. and chaka khan. you get one chance, one dance. >> one dance. >> one time. >> i'm so happy. ♪ i think i love you >> reporter: some of the stars overwhelmed. >> my first time here. it's unreal. this is crazy. i mean, the lighting. and the spot lights and -- all the chairs. >> reporter: the 13 couples have spent weeks rehearsing tonights a one dance. >> you commit yourself 100%. i believe this that. >> that's why we get along. >> reporter: alexa and carlos penavega are the first couple to take on the challenge at the same time. they admit that at rehearsals, they compare notes with their pro dance partners. >> we have pow wows where he'll
8:43 am
come in and see our routine. we'll check out his. >> reporter: back street boy nick carter says how it keeps his body and mind in shape. you've been open with your fans. >> i'm doing this show to show our fans who i am and you can be proud of me on this journey on "dancing with the stars." >> reporter: paula deen lost 40 pounds before agreeing to dance. >> i just want to do the best i can for everyone that i love. >> my mom passed away six year ago. doing something like this show, where i'm thinking about her every single day has been really sweet for me. >> reporter: dance lessons turning into life lessons. >> she's got a great heart. >> aw. only because i cried. >> reporter: already? kim, bring it in. >> okay, i need it. >> reporter: triple crown winner victor espinoza is learning to give up the reins to the dance teacher. she's the jockey.
8:44 am
>> she treats me like the horse. >> reporter: are we going to see a different gary busey on the dance floor? >> every ten minutes there's a different gary. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> gary busey will make it interesting. >> must see tv. >> who else are you watching? >> bindi and derek. i'm so pumped for them. ritz -- it's going to be a big competition. >> i'm rooting for my fellow greek, skarlatos. coming up, leona lewis is performing live. ♪ keep bleeding keep keep bleeding ♪ ♪ you cut me open
8:45 am
8:46 am
[bell chime] ting leona lewis back with us this morning. [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
yes, she was just singing bleeding love. she's back with a brand-new album called "i am." it's wonderful to see you. this music, you said, it's very, very personal this new music. >> very personal album. the message throughout it is quite uplifting and empowering. if you have been through things and hard times, it's about what you learn going through that and, it's a very affirming album. so i'm really excited to share it. >> you dedicate it to your many, many fans who have stood by you. this is your fifth studio album. that's really saying something. i'm empowered, it's a campaign online. people shared what they have gone through. that meant a lot to you. >> i shared an open letter with my fans. i got lots of letters back. i started sharing them. it started this campaign. it's called i am empowered. it's just about empowering people and connecting with people.
8:48 am
it's been amazing so far. >> and this new single is all about that. thunder. i agree with stevie nicks. she saw you and said, thank you, we need you and we need your music. it must have meant a lot. >> she was amazing. gave me the pep talk of my life. >> we heard the sound check earlier. we know we're in store for a treat. leona lewis. kicking off our fall concert series. her brand-new single. it's called "thunder." ♪ ♪ mm, mm, mm, mm ♪ first it was heaven everything roses and fire ♪ ♪ you and i were golden now it's
8:49 am
armageddon and i woke up like a fighter putting up a legion ♪ ♪ you were rising like a star reigning like a king while i was waiting in the wings ♪ ♪ no i won't wait any longer when you left me down i got stronger ♪ ♪ if you want to talk about lightning i'm on the horizon well i'm coming back with the thunder ♪ ♪ with the thunder with the thunder ♪ ♪ i'm coming back with the thunder ♪ ♪ whoo with the thunder whoo with the thunder ♪
8:50 am
♪ well i'm coming back with the thunder ♪ ♪ scared that you're a missile scared that i would shine without you so you held me down down ♪ ♪ but this voice was getting loud and it just wouldn't give in cause i was made to sing ♪ ♪ and i won't wait any longer no when you left me down i got stronger ♪ ♪ if you want to fight for lightning out on the horizon i'm coming back with the thunder ♪ ♪ whoo with the thunder, whoo, with the thunder ♪ ♪ well i'm coming back with the thunder ♪ ♪ whoo with an empty heart i am free again ♪
8:51 am
♪ some things to start some have to end ♪ ♪ with an empty heart i am free again ♪ ♪ but some things to start some have to end ♪ ♪ and i won't wait any longer no when you left me down i got stronger ♪ ♪ if you want to fight the lightning i'm on the horizon, i'm coming back with the thunder ♪ ♪ whoo with the thunder whoo with the thunder ♪ ♪ well i'm coming back with the thunder whoo with the thunder, ooh, with the thunder well i'm coming back with the thunder ♪ ♪ ah, mm, mm, mm, mm
8:52 am
thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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8:55 am
they brought out all the stars to help us kick it off. >> you're going to see behind the scenes of the muppets. >> i think you stepped on kermit's line. >> well he stepped on my dreams. >> oh, tough breakup? >> kind of. >> that's your scene. >> do you have this memorized already? >> morning. so good. >> we couldn't think of a better way to kick off our fall concert series than with this woman right here. leona lewis. thank you for starting our week off the right way. i am is the name of the album. >> have a great monday, everybody. >> have a great monday, everybody.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the massive valley fire continues to rage on at 61,000 acres. 5% contained, and spread through napa, sonoma and lake counties. 400 homes destroyed. more than 17,000 people forced from their homes. cal fire is invef gating reports of at least one fatality. and lisa argen has more. >> mid-70s today up by the fire. plenty cloud cover here and maybe a shower. particularly in the north bay late other than today. 63 by the delta. it's been damp this morning with wet pavement. this afternoon, limited sun. see highs in the 60s and 70s. down another ten degrees and cooler tomorrow. a problem just before the san mateo bridge toll splaz. problem is on the eastern side.
9:00 am
expect delays drive times heading out. believe it or not, improving from tracy t >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, film, television, and broadway star, neil patrick harris. and the new host of "who wants to be a millionaire?," chris harrison. plus, nba all-star russell westbrook challenges the co-hosts with shut-up showdown. and the men's winner of the u.s. open. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] [cheers and applause] >> now, here are emmy winners, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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