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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> all i can do is just cry. a lot of memories. >> so many memories. a heartbreaking return home for some who lost everything to a wildfire burning out of control in lake sonoma and napa counties. it's already killed one person and left behind a path of utter destruction. now firefighters are on the attack trying to contain it before anyone loses another home good afternoon i'm dan ashley. >> its destroyed hundreds of homes. cal fire estimates 400 homes are gone with a total of about a thousa buildings burned to the ground. >> amazingly only one person has died. a disabled woman who was found in her home. this fire is massive, too. more than 60,000 acres.
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and it's just 5% contained. >> what's really striking is just how quickly it grew. this map shows where it is right now. the fire was just 400 acres at 3:38 p.m. on saturday. >> now three hours later it was up to 10,000 acres and the next morning up to 40,000. we have six crews on the fire lines for you this afternoon. >> we begin our team coverage with abc 7 news reporter cornell be barnard who is live in middletown. >> reporter: this is a nightmare that's become all too real for the people of middletown. you have to see it to believe it. we are on lincoln street just one block away from busy -- normally busy highway 29 that's shut down to the public, though. the destruction done by this fi firestorm all too clear here. this neighborhood was reduced to ashes. we were with one family when they returned home for the first time. firefighters still battling
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flames just miles away. a new fire fight for crews south of middletown where overnight the valley fire reared its head over a ridge. >> looking forward to some moisture. >> cal fire crews need rain but got gusty winds instead. still, they are winning the fight here. >> we're just trying to get containment here so we can give some assurance to the people of middletown that this side is taken care of over here. >> reporter: but on saturday a firestorm destroyed dozens of homes in middletown. neighborhoods reduced to moonscapes. shirley lauzinger just discovered her home is gone. >> all i could do is just cry. you know. i don't know. a lot of memories. >> reporter: it's the home shirley and husband walter raised a family in. before living here they owned the house across the street. it's gone, too.
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are you able to salvage anything here? >> no. no. but, like i said, we got stuff in the rv, so we'll be all right. >> reporter: shirley was able to salvage this. a brass door knocker. melted but intact. >> a lot of my friends and neighbors lost a lot. but we'll get it back. >> reporter: and shirley and walter told me they vow to rebuild. they say this is their home. you know, those winds firefighters were so concerned have kicked up once again. we've seen a few raindrops here today but certainly not enough to help. we want to show you what's going on here in the background. there is an army of pg&e crews working to restore power to middletown. the power has been off since saturday. so far they have restored power to nearby gas station and the local supermarket. so at least crews working up
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here and those folks who have returned can get what they need. it is unclear when evacuees, all the evacuees will be allowed to return home. we're live in middletown. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. firefighters are urging the public to heed the evacuation notices and stay away so they can do their jobs. crews thought they had saved several homes on cobb mountain but the flames kicked up again today. they spent this afternoon trying to contain the latest outbreak. the weather has both helped and hurt crews. >> this morning it helped a little bit. but today is a turnaround day when we're predicted for winds out of the south-southwest. that's going to push the fire in the direction it hasn't burned. we're trying to get this back end buttoned up here on the cobb mountain. >> right now there are 1500 firefighters battling this blaze. more help from across the country is on the way. now, take a look at this. the flames completely destroyed
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the hoberg resort and spa gone. you can see there's almost nothing left. thankfully everyone got away in time. but this is one of the many buildings completely destroyed by these fer oeocious flames. >> reporter: the efforts today to slow this massive valley fire. what can you tell us about the latest? >> good afternoon. we're seeing about the same on the acre age and 5% containment. the firefighters are out there working very hard. a lot have been on the line for over 36 hours. so they're trying their best to construct the fire lines and try to make sure the public's safe. >> rich, let's talk a little bit more -- i know they must be incredibly exhausted, they're working so hard and doing such heroic work. let's talk about the changing weather on this turnaround day when the fire is moving in a slightly different direction. can you describe the challenge that creates? >> every day we keep track of
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the weather seeing what it's going to do the next day. right now we have an area that's helping the firefighters out a little bit on making those containment lines, but it's still the terrain, the dry vegetation out there is extremely difficult work for them right now. >> ok, rich. thanks very much. >> we talked about firefighters from around the country coming out to help with this. how big of a relieve will that be for your firefighters out there now? >> it would help them out tremendously. we have firefighters coming out not only from the state but throughout the country. we're just waiting for them to arrive. the firefighters are doing a great job right now, but the thing right here in northern california at this point, we're getting multiple fires breaking througut the state, so it's making it difficult for us. >> rich, project ahead the next couple of days, two, three, four days, if you can. what do you happy happening on the fire lines? where will we be by the end of
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the week? >> we have a great partnership with pg&e. they're out there, they're a great company, restoring that power to them. once the lines are out of the road and we have power restored and hopefully get some of the residents back into their homes. >> we just heard, in fact, 7100 customers are without power right now. thank you, rich. rich cordova with calfire. thanks for coming on, rich. >> and they are doing the best they can right now. the weather is cooperating with the fire effort. >> spotty, light showers fell in the north bay this afternoon. abc 7 news photographer was driving northbound on highway 175 and the windshield wipers, as you can see, were on. >> meteorologist is here with our accuweather update. >> we're seeing something we haven't seen in quite some time. mist and light drizzle happening right here in san francisco. this is the kind of sky you want to see if you're fighting a fire. we have clouds, cool temperatures. high relative humidity.
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take you and show you what's happening. we have light showers really dotting much of the bay area. just light in nature and spotty. we'll zoom in to the valley fire right now. cool there at 62 degrees. relative humidity is high. 75%. but the winds, like cornell just mentioned, are becoming gusty out of the southwest at 17 miles per hour. the past hour they have seen some light showers, some drizzle, but nothing significant. what will hurt the firefighters, unfortunately, the next 24 hours, look at these winds. out of the southwest. and they're going to be gusting frequently over 20 miles per hour at least through tomorrow morning. let's talk about encouraging news. future weather we'll fast forward into wednesday. we're tracking a cold front that will bring spotty to scattered showers across the north bay even into the afternoon. they could see some more steadier showers that will likely help the firefighters efforts. we'll let you know more coming
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up in the full accuweather forecast. there are several evacuation centers about. the largest at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. >> leigh ann melendez. >> this you can basically call tent city, dan. some people brought their belongings or they also got donations like sleeping bags, tents. they were fortunate, many of them brought their dogs and animals. and that's a good thing. but today many of the displaced residents were disappointed after hearing about the progress of this fire even though right now it's drizzling quite a bit. >> my daughter lost her home. my other daughter lost their home. >> what you see in that truck is what rich egger managed to take out of his home in middletown. three of the four homes on his
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land are now gone, consumed by the fire. his son-in-law took these pictures as the flames were coming towards them. >> up by the hill, just come right on down. >> how fast was it? >> we barely got out. and we were watching it. >> adella drove here to search for her estranged husband. he has not been found. david leery was fortunate. he used his tractor and his skills to cut a huge firebreak around his property. >> every house was on fire except mine and the two i saved on the way out of town. >> people are definitely hungry for information in terms of a timeline. you know, the fire dictates that. the red cross messages we're going to be here. >> at 2:30 in the afternoon displaced residents heard from cal fire officials on the progress. >> the fire is more active today than yesterday. 61,000 acres. that's a lot of fire and fire line that we have to put in to contain this fire. >> people here know that means they won't be going home soon. >> it got cold last night.
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but other than that, it's been pretty nice. the bathrooms are real clean. they've got all the volunteer supplies. >> meanwhile, this place they reluctantly call home away from home has a place to sleep. showers, more than enough food and even charging stations to keep connected. and there was so much donated food and goods that there's a sign outside that says, please no more donations. the red cross telling us that they need money, financial donations instead of goods. just they say to keep this operation going and start helping people find homes. i'm live in calistoga lyanne melendez. several fires continue to scorch california right now and one is burning in the sierra foothills where bay area residents have vacation homes. >> so far the butte fire has charged 71,000 acres in
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calaveras. it's 30% contained. the fire has destroyed 135 homes while threatening another 6400. >> yesterday aircraft was able to fly that fire again because of the smoegs inversion had lifted. they provided a significant number of aerial fire fighting drops to support the firefighters on the ground and are cautiously optimist imthey're working towards better containment. >> the cause has not been determined. thousands of residents face evacuation orders because of the butte fire. governor brown visited the people overseeing fire fights efforts across california at the state's emergency operations center in sacramento county. that's where the governor vowed to devote every possible resource to fight the valley fire and others burning across california. >> and these fires will take lives, and they will cause injuries and we have to do the best we can because we are really in a battle with nature, that nature is more powerful than we are.
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>> the governor believed climate change has played a role in making wildfires worse. the governor also renewed his call for california to be a leader in fighting global warming. you can download the app for the latest updates. allow push alerts to get the latest information as it develops. the abc 7 app is available for smartphones, tablets and the apple watch. >> coverage doesn't end here. still ahead, what we're learning about the woman who died and why a friend says she could have been saved. also neighborhoods left in rubble. michael finney with a warning about price gouging as victims of the fire look for help. and a new app. kentucky clerk kim davis returns to work today. what happened with marriage licenses today? and were they valid? you're looking at highway 101 in san jose. it's moving a bit slowly in that direction. and it will move more slowly still.
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the 49ers play a monday night football kickoff about 7:00 tonight.
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all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> this is such a tough time for so many people displaced from their homes by the fire and now may be looking to book a hotel. >> michael finney has a warning tonight about price gouging, which is just awful. >> we've been getting some complaints about this. we've had a hard time tracking it down. if you think you've been the victim of price gouging, i want
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to know about it. it's against the law here in the state of california to increase a hotel or motel to regularly advertised room rates by more than 10%. now, the law kicks in once a state of emergency during a natural disaster is declared by the governor or the president. price increases about 10% are not unlawful if, of course, they're caused by increases in prices of goods like labor or something weird happens like that. if you have evidence of price gouging contact me at abc 7 it includes ice, drinks, food, anything, that's just a complaint that we've received are about hotels and we're still trying to track that down. if you have homeowners insurance and a fire forces you from your home, the insurance company picks up the tab for increased living expenses. they pay for rent, food, gasoline. this fire is causing a lot of additional expenses.
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still, you might want to stay away from a luxury hotel. there is a limit to what your insurance company will pay. usually it's 10% of the amount the structure is insured for. now, remember, that money has to last until you get back in your home. that's generally a year or two away. now, one final thought -- you have to keep paying your mortgage, house or no, unless you negotiate or default, the monthly payment continues. a lot of people forget that and end up in some big problem. there is concern tonight that many who lost their homes were not insured. why? concerns over increased losses because of global weather change has spooked some insurance. some homeowners in wildfire areas are being charged a third more than similar homes, sometimes up to 40%. and some homeowners are actually uninsurable at all and must go with an expensive state plan. because of that, some who own their own homes outright, they don't have a mortgage, choose not to carry homeowners
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insurance policies. and those will be the people most hurt by these fires. we'll get a more accurate accounting in the coming weeks on how many of those folks are around. now, tonight at 5:00, i'll look at an ultra-easy way for you to take a home inventory tonight in case a fire strikes your home, you'll be protected. >> thank you, michael. >> we'll have more fire coverage but let's move on to another matter. the dream force invasion has begun in san francisco. the annual sales force mega conference gets under way at the muss coney center. traffic is already hectic in that area if you've been driving around in that part of town. that's because howard street is shut down at third where a stage is replacing traffic this week. hotel rooms are at such a premium that they even rented out a cruise ship for added lodging. all thousand cabins are sold out. >> drew tum ma is checking on weather today. a little drizzly. >> cloud cover actually a nice
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change but remarkably different than a couple days ago. >> what a difference it makes, two days coming off the heat wave. these overcast skies, the very fall-like cool temperatures now light mist and drizzle across the region. show you much of the bay area is dealing with clouds right now a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. the windshield wipers getting a look at the evening rush. 62 in san francisco. 66 san jose, we'll take you across the bay, a live look from our emeryville camera. it isn't an ominous sky but a welcome sky with this light rain falling through there. no extreme heat, thankfully. 66 in napa. the same in movado.
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sfo showing overcast skies. spotty drizzle, clouds this evening. for tuesday we're going to see a brighter sky, but it will be breezy with cooler temperature, then on wednesday we'll track that chance of scattered showers. if you are headed to levi's stadium, overcast skies. there is the chance of spot drizzle, but i think most areas are dry. temperatures will be falling through the 60s. showing you system number one, an area of low pressure riding along the cold front bring us spotty showers right now. what we're really watching following this system, system number two, this one diving on the gulf of alaska and will bring rain by wednesday. wednesday morning start off with generally overcast skies. the rain moves in from north to south. by the afternoon, evening it's north of the golden gate. the front really sizzles as it moves to the south. not out of the question to see spot drizzles in the south bay
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and east bay. but much of the rain will be focused in the north. most areas less than a tenth of an inch, but the north bay could be as much as a half inch of rain. good news there. we'll continue to track this for you. overnight tonight mid-50s to low 60s. kind of muggy out there. highs for your tuesday. brighter in the south bay. normally crowds in the north bay but otherwise temperatures below normal for this time of the year. 72 san jose. accuweather, seven-day forecast. scattered showers for wednesday. then after that, dan and ama it looks like the heat comes back. we're mild to warm, then hot and sunny on sunday. but right now we're focusing on wednesday. a half inch of wet weather. >> that's great, drew. up next, it's a big night on abc 7 with the premiere of the latest season of "dancing with the stars."
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a preview coming up. some who know what it's like to survive a firestorm. oakland hills fire victims with
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"dancing with the stars" is back. a new cast will put on their dancing shoes. >> behind the scenes in los angeles. >> after a brutal dancing boot camp, the cast of season 21's "dancing with the stars" is ready to kick up their heels. wildlife warrior bindi irwin is competing against triple crown winning jockey victor espinoza and alek skarlatos who took down a terrorist on a train. >> put on the sequins. >> chaka khan is also taking on back street boy nick carter and
4:26 pm
singer andy grammer. >> i'm surprised how difficult it is to do. >> but actor gary busey is promising chemistry. >> our dancing in this show is going to be beyond electric. it's going to be cosmic. >> social media star hayes grier is up against kim zolcia zolciak biermann. and then there's paula deen. >> he glides. >> and a dancing first, husband and wife, are competing against each other. >> we were just talking about how this show has consumed our life. >> completely. >> 13 stars but only one will take home the mirrorball trophy. no one is on the chopping block this first week as rehearsals continue behind that big door behind me. but tonight someone will be missing from the cast. judge len goodman is out. he said he just couldn't make it work with his busy schedule. well, it is a two-night
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premiere of "dancing with the stars." it starts at 8:00 p.m. here on abc 7. coming up next, the valley fire has claimed at least one life. you're going to hear from one of her friends and see what's left of the neighborhood where she got trapped. also, kim davis back on the job. but are marriage licenses being handed out? and later a new independent report on the michael brown shooting getting to the core of the problems in ferguson, missouri.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. here are the headlines at 4:30. right now firefighters are setting up fire lines to stop the explosive valley fire. it started saturday and grew quickly. it's now at 61,000 acres and just 5% contained. cal fire says some 400 homes and hundreds of other buildings have been destroyed. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez tweeted this photo here of rich egger. he lost everything in the fire except what you see in this picture. it isn't just humans that are affected. there's missing livestock and other animals. he's been in contact with the owner of these horses. he was happy to say they're okay. more including the residents who were forced into a pool to escape the flames.
4:31 pm
tonight 9,000 structures remain threatened by the fire. all schools are closed, the second day in a row. about 13,000 people left their homes, many at evacuation shelters. an elderly disabled woman died in her home. the command center for the response is set up in lakeport at the lake county fairgrounds. wayne freedman joins us live. >> reporter: driving through the fire zone today, this is not just a disaster. this is a catastrophe. yes, it has claimed its first victim. let's look at the area where it happened. anderson springs in lake county. hard to imagine now this tranquil place had burned on saturday or that when the fire bore down anyone could get out. now we know a 72-year-old woman with m.s., barbara mcwilliams, did not. this afternoon her caretaker wants to know why. >> i knew she was in the house. i knew she was going to be stuck. and i knew that she would have
4:32 pm
no way of getting out. >> reporter: which is what jennifer says she told the lake county sheriff's department. by then they were inundated with calls. >> i think they kind of just wrote it off as another person that doesn't know where their family member is. >> reporter: imagine all of this ablaze, trying to get up a steep road inside to make a rescue. the sheriff's department said in a statement today they responded in 17 minutes. but it was too late. jennifer says that when she left barbara mcwilliams, no one, including the victim, had any idea what was coming or what would remain. >> she's like, no, i'm fine. i'm going to be fine. she didn't understand the magnitude of it. >> reporter: no one understood the magnitude of it or expected it. this just surprised everyone. we did talk to lake county sheriff's office this afternoon. today that office expressed condolences for all the victims of this fire to, quote, the victim was unable to self-evacuate and responders were not able to reach her home before fire engulfed the structure.
4:33 pm
live from lake county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. thanks very much. northern california animal rescue groups are doing all they can to help evacuees find shelter and feed the hundreds of animals they had to leave behind. many residents only had time to let their horses, cows and other farm animals loose, open the gates and hope they would escape on their own. local feed stores are working with animal protection to care for the now homeless animals. >> these people taking on these recued animals will have them for probably up to a year. so we're here to try to help out. >> i knew that my property could be valuable. so i started to post on facebook anyone who needed to bring their dogs down, i would make space for them. >> several facebook pages have been set up to help valley fire evacuees find their pets or animals or find temporary housing for them at the least. >> we're not just seeing
4:34 pm
pictures of destruction but also pictures showing the good will of others. one sent this pic showing the barbecue equipment they've set up to help feed evacuees of the fire. if you can see the fire and want to share photos or video, we ask that you do take those pictures safely. you can share with yous with # abc 7now. drew tuma has some of the pictures and will share those at 5:00. the red cross says financial donations are the best way to help people who need it most. you can go to abc to get more information. or if you want to give $10 right away text the word "red cross" to 90999. our live coverage continues at 5:00 including our interview with a man who jumped into his pool in order to escape the flames. we'll show you that and a lot more on abc 7 news at 5:00. fire crews hope cooler weather today and tomorrow will
4:35 pm
help them gain ground against california's largest wildfire. the rough fire the now 40% contained. it burned more than 138,000 acres since breaking out in july. more than 240 firefighters remain on the front lines east of fresno. >> this drought is making the fire conditions even worse. we have new information about how bad it really is. new research this afternoon shows it's been 500 years since california has been this dry. the paper from the university of arizona analyzed oak tree rings in the state's central valley to find weather conditions have not been this dry since the 1500s. researchers say they knew the drought was bad, but boy, they didn't expect it to be this bad. they also cautioned it's going to happen more often in the future. a fire broke out early this morning at santa rosa junior college. reports of smoke coming from the swim center came in around 2:15. firefighters arrived on scene in minutes and saw heavy smoke and fire coming from the utility room.
4:36 pm
the cause of the fire is under investigation. officials estimate the flames caused $500,000 worth of damage. classes at the swim center were canceled today and maybe tomorrow. a history professor was shot and killed in his office in mississippi. police are calling another campus employee a person of interest. it forced the school to go into lockdown for much of the day. investigators believe the shooter has left the campus after s.w.a.t. teams searched buildings going literally from room to room. all sides appear to be satisfied with the way the clerk's office is handling same-sex marriage licenses in kentucky. today clerk kim davis returned to work for the first time since spending five days in jail for refusing to grant licenses. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: controversial county clerk kim davis back on the job. the work she still refuses to do carried out instead today by one of her deputies.
4:37 pm
brian mason issuing this marriage license to shannon and carmen collins while davis, who despite being sent to jail for denying marriage certificates to same-sex couples, still refuses, saying her religious convictions leave her with what she calls an impossible choice. >> my conscience or my freedom. my conscience or my ability to serve the people that i love. >> reporter: the license given today doesn't include davis' name and she refuses to authorize it. her attorney therefore questioning its validity. >> kim davis has made it clear that she cannot and does not authorize the issuance of any marriage license out of her office. her deputy clerks have no authority therefore to issue any marriage license. >> reporter: her supporters gathered outside.
4:38 pm
alongside those celebrating. >> this is about love. we love each other. >> reporter: calling on davis to do the job she was elected and court ordered to do. kentucky's governor and attorney general have said the licenses issued today and while davis was in jail are valid. davis meanwhile, still has several appeals pending. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. stay here with us on abc 7 as we continue to lighten things up a bit. absolutely. we'll talk about the guest who checked into a mom and pop hotel and how the owner got him out. i'm meteorolist drew tuma. the system that brought us clouds today will bring us a cool september day tomorrow. the numbers ahead. take a look live at the san mateo bridge on this monday. as you can see, traffic's moving along quite nicely in both directions. look at the clouds. a little bit of rain and drizzle around the bay area today.
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hungry people or animals sometimes resort to drastic measuresp this deer in nebraska recently crashed through the window of a breakfast room of a hotel. you can see it run around the hotel in panic. the owner was eventually able to
4:42 pm
close the laundry room it entered until authorities arrived. the deer was uninjured and released back into the wild. i've seen it happen before, where a deer can crash through a window. they're so panicked. >> they are, crazy. our weather's a little bit crazy as well. >> it is. nice change, anyway. meteorologist drew tuma is here. strange to see all the clouds out there. >> i don't know about you guys, but i'm loving this window. clouds, drizzle, a nice change from the thot and dry summer we've been having. show you what's happening out there. the majority of the bay area right now, generally overcast skies. we're going to press in a little bit locally to the south bay and inland east bay. showers south of livermore. we'll press to the north a little bit right around the valley fire. they are seeing some partial clearing right now in terms of cloud cover, but lyanne melendez says there's somewhere she is right now. high for tuesday, east of the
4:43 pm
rockies, quiet as can be. west of the rockies it's a bit unsettled. four corners tealing with moisture. into california for your tuesday. we'll see this system die to the south. so l.a. tomorrow likely seeing some showers at 79 yosemite at 74, tahoe 60, sacramento 70, monterey at 66 degrees. in the wake of this front that's bringing us the clouds today, it will be on the cool side for san francisco. up to 70 in oakland and 72 san jose. more on the way of sunshine. it will be brighter and breezier and cooler the next 24 hours. >> thank you so much, drew. hundreds of things owned by beatle ringo starr and his wife actress barbara bach are going to auction. >> an unprecedented number of objects owned by the beatles including a ludwig drum kit used by starr in over 200
4:44 pm
performances. >> the memorabilia will go up for auction this december in beverly hills. the total value could reach about $10 million. history has been made on a fashion week runway. 18-year-old madeline stewart is the second woman ever with down syndrome to model on a new york fashion week catwalk. >> that is fabulous. the australian teenager took part in a show for the label ftl mota. she started a campaign to end the stigma around the disability. good for her. >> wonderful. >> that's great. still ahead here, the niners kick off their season tonight, but you might not recognize the red and gold. >> plus, new research is in. find out if smaller plates make a big diffe
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this is abc 7 news. a new independent report is out on the unrest in ferguson, missouri. the commission found excessive force and racial bias played a role in the violent protests that broke out after the police killing of 18-year-old michael brown, that unarmed black teen.
4:48 pm
officer darren wilson's root chuting was ruled justified but the commission says relations are strained between officers and residents. >> if we are clear about accountability, if we're serious about racial equity, and if we really do want all to have an opportunity to thrive, it gets tough, but it's worth it. >> several of the commission's recommendations to help the social and economic divisions include consolidating st. louis county's police departments and municipal court, increasing minimum wage and improving disparities in the educational system. overseas the migrant crisis halfway around the world is reaching a boiling point this afternoon. in hungary today, dozens of police have blocked a rail line that had been the major crossing point for hundreds of moi graig. the plan to move a shipping container to block the last gap in the country's border fence is in the works. police are telling migrants to head to hungary's nearest approved border crossing. the european union is asking for help to stop human
4:49 pm
trafficking in the mediterranean. the eu is looking for countries to contribute military ships and planes to prevent ships from illegally bringing people into the mediterranean countries. if the program is approved, the ships could have permission to seize those carrying no national flags. embattled fifa president sepp blatter accepts more indictments in international soccer. in may the department of juz indicted 1 soccer and marketing officials and six guilty pleas in a massive bribery and racketeering conspiracy. in just a couple of hours, the 49ers kick off their season in santa clara. if you're in the area expect major traffic delays. officials are urging people to leave work early to avoid getting stuck. the team will review its alternate black uniform against the vikings. they're calling for a blackout and are asking fans to wear all
4:50 pm
black. kickoff is set for 7:20 on espn. looking to lose weight? you may want to start with eating from a smaller plate. a review shows that people who eat from stronger plates and drink from smaller glasses ate and drank less. the study found simply cutting the size of a plate or a bowl reduces food intake by 159 calories a day. researchers believe people use plate size to determine what amount to eat. a new study finds that eating a specific kind of food may headacmake you feel less de >> here's the health and wellness report. >> protein, vitamins, minerals which are in fish may cut the risk of depregz. researchers say it's unclear if the fish helps people or if healthier people are more likely to include fish in their diets. not just little kids who avoid fruits and veggies. they set out to see what states have the worse consumption and
4:51 pm
there's substantial variation by state. southern states has the smallest population meeting the recommended intake. oregon researchers say a food revolution could cure chronic diseases. organizers say they figured out how to stop the increase in chronic disease in future and current generation by providing healthy diets based on whole foods before consumption and infancy and early childhood. a woman's nutrition during pregnancy combined with her infant's nutrition not only affects that child's lifelong health but the health of his future children. the effects of honey and high fructose corn syrup have nound no significant difference. one measure of one key blood fat rose with honey, corn syrup and cane sugar. just ahead on abc 7 news at
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4, what is ahead for the victims of the valley fire? survivors offer some advice and perspective. coming up next an off-duty paramedic was killed a year ago. the dancing baby and the court ruling.
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in prime time tonight here on abc 7, it's the first of a two-night season premiere of "dancing with the stars" followed by dance battle america, a one-hour special. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. iphone presales are soaring ahead of the release of the latest model. iphone sales are on pace to exceed last week's sales of 10 million units. according to the apple store website, some models of the 6-s and 6-s plus have a shipment wait time for as long as four
4:56 pm
weeks. the devices go on sale september 25th. the valley fire and the site of so many homes destroyed is rekindling painful memories for people who survived the oakland hills firestorm back in 1991. that fire destroyed more than 3,000 homes, making it the worst urban fire in u.s. history. abc 7 news reporter tyler reports. >> reporter: i'm at an unusual exhibit that's a symbol of the destruction but, yes, also renewal. >> these are some mugs. i think these were wedding presents. >> reporter: howard matis lost everything but these charred mementos in the 1991 oakland hills fire. his house in the north hills neighborhood, like nearly 4,000 other homes and apartments, burned to the ground. 2,000 cars including his were destroyed.
4:57 pm
he and his young son jumped into a stranger's and barely made it out alive. >> she drove through the flames. she couldn't see what she was doing. the car behind us didn't get out. >> it's been 24 years. you never forget. >> reporter: susan piper lost his home and shared pictures of the devastation. she says there are lessons learned that could help all of us. and this demonstration project, born from the oakland hills tragedy, has reminders. >> my advice to people, get out your disaster plan. the more you go over it, the more it's going o be in your brain when you have to use it. many things you can do ahead of time. you can make copies of all your important documents and send them up into the cloud. >> reporter: she and other homeowners have rebuilt with insurance money, but they never forget. especially when another major fire erupts. >> i'm still grieving. i still every once in a while miss things. >> reporter: in oakland, carolyn
4:58 pm
tyler, abc 7 news. and thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. the news begins now with cheryl and dan. they were all blowing up, each house to house. >> the most destructive fire of the summer shows no sign of slowing. the valley fire has claimed one life and hundreds of homes. >> we're really trying to get the back end buttoned up up here. >> firefighters are giving it everything they can, making gut wrenching decisions about what to save. >> evacuees reluctantly call the napa valley fairgrounds their home away from home. we're live with complete team coverage. i'll have the latest on the fire conditions but tracking showers. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. there are cars burned out on the highway. very clear that folks were waiting till the last minute. many are losing everything they own. homes burned to the ground with
4:59 pm
just fireplaces like this one left standing. tricycles chard and melted sitting in the rubble. disturbing images of lives shattered and futures very troubled. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. thanks so much for joining us. this fire in the north bay is out of control tonight. firefighters are setting back fires. so far 400 homes and hundreds of other buildings have gone up in flames. one person has been killed. >> now, as you can see on this map, the valley fire is spread out in several directions in three counties. it's this hydra-headed monster going in every direction. it's now 61,000 acres and just 5% contained. that size, keep in mind, would cover all of san francisco and much of oakland if the equivalent fire was in that area right here in the bay area. >> we have live team coverage tonight. >> you can see in this map where
5:00 pm
the community is in relation to the fire. let's get to laura right now to begin. >> well, hi, dan, i'm actually standing high atop cobb mountain. this is what's left of the hoberg resort. just a pile of rubble. a huge pile of rubble. this is emblematic really of what this massive fire has done to this area. it's a fire that is far from finished. while firefighters worked on the ground, this helicopter came in from above. with a big assist high atop cobb mountain. a home that was saved just hours earlier is now gone thanks to the winds of the relentless valley fire. it's called reburn. >> had this is a perfect


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