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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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out on saturday afternoon. our crews have been throughout the areas all day today, abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us in middleton. >> reporter: the scope of the tragedy is very hard to comprehend. we're here on lincoln street. this is one block away from highway 29. destruction is all too clear. the neighborhood has been reduced to ashes. firefighters are battling flames just miles away. a new fire fight south of middletown, the valley fire reared it's head over a ridge. crews need rain, but got gusty winds instead. still, they're winning the fight here. >> we're trying to get containment here to give some
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assurance to the people of middleton this is taken care of. >> reporter: saturday, a fire storm destroyed dozens of homes and neighborhoods destroyed to moon scapes. shirley just learned her home is gone. >> all i can do is just cry.fá i don't know. a lot of memories. >> reporter: it's the home they raised a family here, before living here, they owned the home across the street. it's gone, too. >> reporter: were you able to salvage anything here? >> no. no. we got stuff in the rv. so we'll be all right. >> reporter: shirley was able to salvage this, a brass door knocker. >> my friends and neighbors lost
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a lot. but we'll get it back. >> reporter: back with a shot of some children's toys and what used to be a backyard. we've seen wind here, something firefighters do not want to see. we've seen rain drops, but not enough to help. there is a lot of pg and e crews. an army of crews in the area restoring power to stores. it will be a long time before power is restored to this area. >> cornell, thank you. cal fire says it was unable to save a disabled woman from the fire saturday night. barbara mcwilliams is so far the only confirmed fatality. she suffers from multiple sclerosis and couldn't get out of her home on her own.
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wayne freedman was in the neighborhood and is live with more. wayne? >> reporter: we've been through that neighborhood and much of the fires. after the fire came through, they look the same. let us again in anderson springs. we're stopped on the top of the mountain. it's a patrol road block. a place of gathering frustration among fire victims. >> i know middletown is burnt down. there are too many people here now. we have to get through. >> reporter: they have live stock to feed. for others this is the reality they have yet to face. you're looking at the and
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testimony to heat, fury. >> they were homes, beautiful homes. >> reporter: jennifer hixon served barbara mcwilliams as a care taker. she left at 3:00 p.m. they knew there was a fire but not that it would come their way. >> she didn't understand the magnitude of it. >> reporter: barbara mcwilliams had ms. by the time jennifer called to evacuate her, the office was overwhelmed with calls. they say it was too late. >> i think they just wrote it off as another person that doesn't know where a family member is. i knew she was in the house and going to be stuck. i knew she would have no way of getting out. i told them that. i was told quite bluntly they were busy handling evacuees and
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would get through when they could. >> reporter: it's been hard on many levels. the sheriff's department expressed condolences for all of the fire victims, this one in particular, the victim was unable to self evacuate, they said. responders were not able to reach her home before fire enveloped the structure. >> wayne, thank you for that update. joining us by phone now is cal fire captain rich cordova. do you have updated figures for us? >> we're still at 5% at this time. with the same amount of acreage. we're going to have a new report at 7:00 so hopefully we'll have good news to get that percentage up. >> the weather changed a bit now. have the conditions allowed you to get any better handle on the
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fire? >> correct. the weather has been very good to us today. and we have had numerous firefighters out there, building control lines and we're trying to get this fire put out so we can get homeowners back in their homes safely. >> rich, everyone doing such great work, thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. >> we do want to turn now to abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma. drew? >> a good day for firefighters. some light showers peppering northern california. we'll zoom into the valley fire at this hour. 58 degrees, relative humidity is high at 84%. but the winds right now at nine miles per hour, gusting to 17. that will continue throughout the next 24 hours. here is the wind forecast throughout overnight hours.
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you notice winds switching but still remaining rather active. from 15 to 22 miles per hour overnight into early morning hours. we're tracking some wet weather, which is great news for firefighters in the north bay. by wednesday morning we're tracking a cold front that is going to start in the north bay. and wednesday morning will intensify just a bit. the cold front moves over to the valley fire by 5:00 wednesday afternoon and into evening. this cold front will continue to slide south wednesday night into thursday morning. more detailed rain chances for the bay area, what you should expect with the accu-weather forecast. guys? >> let's go back now to lake port. cal fire set up a new command center for the valley fire. >> abc7 news reports they're taking steps to avoid looting. >> reporter: the fire raced
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through at a terrifying speed. >> the fire didn't exist at that moment. i needed to get to my daughter. >> reporter: she had to beat the fire where her 16-year-old daughter was home alone. >> we didn't know where to go. i couldn't leave. my mom was coming for me. >> reporter: no time for sting. >> i just ran. >> reporter: now, people worry about looters. >> do they not think we're going through enough now? they're going through our properties and taking what is left over? that is not okay. >> reporter: the lake county sheriff's office says there been no confirmed reports of that happening so far. >> that is just a rumor, we have no reports of looting. we have law enforcement out there. >> reporter: smunt sent eva a picture of her property. she knows the home is gone. others are trying to get into the zone to find out. powerful, burning and dropping
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lines, it's too dangerous for people to enter. >> they get hurt. or so emotional for them, that they pum guys off the fire lines. >> we're so grateful. >> and grateful for what matters most. >> my family means more to me than anything else. i can never get them back. >> reporter: pg and e does not have an estimate. it may be days or a week before people will be allowed in. reporters are stopped at blockades. we have to show press passes because in previous fires people posed as media in order to get in and loot. >> good thing they're trying to keep a stop on that. on our website, you can find a list of evacuation centers. we have road and school closures
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there. plus, centers open for pets and livestock. that and more on >> financial contributions are the best way to help. go to to give where you live. text the word red cross to 90999. our coverage continues here in just a moment. we're going to take a look at the community where one group of fire victims escaped with their lives by jumping into a swimming pool. >> later, abc7 news reporter laura anthony will have a personal story to add to our coverage. how to deal with your insurance company if you've lost everything in the valley fire. 7 on your si
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people in lake county did whatever they had to do to save themselves, their families and pets. we are live from the community of hidden valley lake. some people took a dip to escape the flames. >> what one family member says is that fire came upon them so fast, they did not want to get trapped in their home, so their pool was the next option. when the valley fire tore through hidden valley lake, dean's neighbor came in with his two kids and told everybody to jump in the pool.
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>> he said just fast, fast, about 50 minutes but felt like over an hour. >> seven people and two dogs stayed put up to their noses. the heat was intense. >> it was hot and it just came flying right over. right over. and he said it. when it was done, he goes, it's over. >> they tried to leave but the roads were jammed up, then it was too late. now, they don't want to leave because they worry they won't be able to get back n driving through hidden valley lake is like driving through a war zone. entire homes are gone. fire continues to eat away at anything it k many animals survived, including jessica armstrong's. >> i left him because the lot is dirt. the goats eat everything. >> her animals are safe. they were moved here to escape the rocky fire, now, moving again. >> we lost our barn and stuff to
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feed them. we have a fire here. >> reporter: this team is helping people truck their livestock to volunteers in clear lake. and for those residents who did remain within the evacuation zone, they don't have any power and right now, their concern is trying to get gas to fuel generators if they have them and to get food. the security team tells me they've counted 60 homes destroyed, that doesn't include homes outside of the gated community. >> sergio, thank you. northern california animal rescue groups are doing all they can to help evacuees find, shelter and feed animals they had to leave. they're working to care for their animals. >> we're trying to help to get
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hay to those areas that have taken on the hive stock throughout the fire storm. i want to help. i've always wanted to give back. being a village, a community is the most-important thing anyone can be. >> several facebook pages have been set up to help the residents and their animals. now, another major fire is burning out of control in northern california. the butte fire is ranging in amador county. >> reporter: here on highway 26, just east of the town, and once again, reminded of the nature of wildfires. for a stretch of several miles along the highway, homes have burned to their foundations. and then, we see one completely
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untouched. >> around me, burnt. i just want to say thank you to the firefighters and law enforcement. thank you. >> reporter: the heat has been replaced by a stiff breeze, making the fire behavior less predictable. the town of west point on the northea northeast perimeter remain under a mandatory evacuation order. among the equipment on main street is the occasional resident that refuses to leave. the west point market is open, in the dark to serve them. >> we had people that would rather die where they're at. we have to be with them. >> told today to evacuate. it's kind of mandatory. they couldn't kick me out. i'm staying as long as i can, trying to find information because i don't want to stay if the fire is going to get me. >> watching the firefighting equipment roll out of west point at mid afternoon was enough to
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convince straggles as well. >> i don't know. i'm getting out of here now. >> you waited until the last minute? >> yes. my family is still here. they won't leave. >> here are some of the pictures and video you've posted with the hash tag abc7 now. they helped in knowing what is going on where you live as well. share your photos with >> abc7 news was in berkeley today. we saw umbrellas open and windshield wipers wiping. >> a little bit of weather whip lash over 48 hours, once from a summer heat wave, now clouds and
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drizzle. live doppler 7 hd showing you light showers peppering the bay area right now. much of it is going to fall part tonight. live look, this is a gorgeous shot from our emeryville camera showing you we have many levels of cloud cover. and the sun just peeking out. 66 in morgan hill. low clouds have lifted up above and right now we're at 63 in santa rosa. 66 novato. 71 concord. no extreme heat today, nice and cool. mist moved out so a chance of drizzle tonight. tomorrow, temperatures will be below normal. we'll track rain moving our way wednesday. this set up first with a cold
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front moving through now with cloud cover. spotty showers. that is a bringing cool air. so by wednesday, even santa rosa, showers developing. diving south, watch what happens. by 10:00, towards thursday morning it just falls apart. in terms of rainfall, north bay has the best chance of showers, as much as a half inch of rain by thursday morning. and about a tenth of an inch. and temperatures mainly in the 50s to low 60s across the bay area, highs for tuesday starting with a micro climate.
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73 santa clara. 71 sunnyvale. tomorrow, 67 san mateo. 61 the high in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 66. 60 for daily city. tomorrow, 73 fremont. 78 in richmond. inland, into the 70s. and here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow, breezy and cool. wednesday, scattered showers. by thursday, partly sunny. friday, look at this guy. temperatures rebounding. so this pattern is nice to see for next couple days. >> yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up here next, is the drought to blame for the severity of the fires we're
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governor brown pledged to assist people recovering from wildfires around the state. the governor met with top disaster managers during a visit to the emergency operations center outside of sacramento. brown blamed the drought and climate change. >> the southwest of america is one of the places that will experience more and more warming
6:25 pm
and dry conditions. and if you add the drought you get what we're seeing. >> one expert says the drought is not the main cause. he says we are. scott stevens blames decisions made ten years ago to create natural fires over the last 10-15 years. and he recommends thinning forests. >> you chip shrubs and start to change that 400 trees per acre, then, a fire happens, you don't have the embers. >> he says it may take 20 years of thinning to slow down the
6:26 pm
fires. >> do stay with us for more on the valley fire. she know what's it's like to be a fire victim. >> michael finney is here to tell you what you can expect from your insurance company if you become a fire victim. a comparison between the
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the valley fire burning in lake, napa and sonoma counties tonight. a woman immobilized by ms was killed on saturday on hot springs road, tragically. the fire burned at least 400 homes. 9,000 structures have been threatened, forcing 13,000 people to evacuate their homes. we've just learned firefighters had the valley fire 10% contained now, up from 5% today. >> the valley fire started saturday afternoon, with the
6:30 pm
first call to lake county authorities at 1:22 p.m. it was so close to homes, officials started evacuating communities within 30 minutes. cal fire public information officer documented the fire's growth on his twitter feed. by 3:38, it ballooned to 400 acres. and saturday we got word four firefighters had been injured. all are expected to fully recover. this photo shows one of the firefighters on the phone this morning. by 6:37 saturday evening it was a 10,000 acre fire, 25,000 acres by saturday evening. and kept growing overnight. this shows how terrifying it was for thousands of people who had to leave to find shelter. by 5:52 sunday morning
6:31 pm
firefighters were dealing with a 40,000 acre fire. this morning, estimated to be 61,000 acres with just 5% containment. >> that updated information just minutes ago. it's now 10% containment. that is a slight improvement today with 1800 firefighters now on the lines, fighting this blaze. abc7 news reporter laura anthony caught up with some of them today. and is live in lake county. >> good evening. all that is left here is another stone pillar. waits built in the late 18 huths and you can see it's been reduced to a pile of rubble. just one example of how this
6:32 pm
massive valley fire spared little in its path. >> there are still homes burning, lost to the fire that consumed so many. too many, it seems to count. temperatures did what they could, but this home was lost when the flames snuck back in and torched it. a helicopter drop couldn't save it, but hopefully saved some neighbors. containment here is still a hope. >> today, the goals are getting the fire contained. the problem is the work we're getting reburn and fire coming back through again. a lot of hot spots. >> there is devastation here.
6:33 pm
an event so big, firefighters can't protect every structure but only react, hopefully in time to save some among the many that have been lost here. down highway 175, a weary crew kept an eye on the flames. >> in this terrain, it's kind of conducive. there is a good drought situation we have been seeing. >> that is the fireplace there. much of the damage we saw today was caused by flare ups and as well as the fires sneaking back into locations where they have yet to establish a clear line.
6:34 pm
as you can see, for many, the damage is already done. in lake county, abc7 news. >> it's just overwhelming. and laura, you had personal experience. >> my family lost two homes to devastating fires once at eight years old and again in oakland hills fire. my mother's home was lost among the 3,000 there. so i can tell you that this situation brings back memories. this is all stuff. and what matters are people. and in both cases our families survived. hopefully these folks can take
6:35 pm
solace in the fact that most of them are okay. >> that is a great perspective. >> those who have survived the fire will start getting their lives, and homes rebuilt. >> it's a long road. >> it is a long road. if your house difficult. for those who don't have homes have a long road ahead of them. those with insurance are as in good a shape as can be expected. >> is there strength in numbers? >> there is strength in numbers. the larger the disaster, the
6:36 pm
stronger the recovery. there will be more resources flowing in. more coordinated responses and more clairitable dollars that you need. >> the group united policy hold yirs advocates and is handing out advice. >> you should be realistic. >> understand commercials with animated animals and friendly agents are well and good. but you're past that stage in the game. and working towards a resolution. >> an insurance claim is a business administration. you need to assert yourself and be a squeaky wheel. not just think, well, i can just be passive and my insurance company is going to do
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everything right. that doesn't happen. >> united policy holders is on your side and has a lot of resources. >> that is great information. thank you. >> a surprise verdict in the murder of an east bay paramedics. >> and burglars hit a [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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cell phone video just after 11:30 this morning. 24 people from their homes near tennison road. >> this afternoon in oakland a judge declared a mistrial for one teen in the murder of an off duty paramedic. he was shot in the head during an attempted car jacking in april, 2013. he was a paramedic in santa clara county.
6:41 pm
>> surveillance video captured thieves breaking into the nation's largest drone dealer. more manager says the popularity of drones is making it targets for thieves. >> everything would love to get their hands on them. they go on the market in less than a day. that is why they want to grab them and sell them. >> other locations have been ripped off as well. >> peer 27 says bringing tourists to the city is simply
6:42 pm
hotel. >> it's the first time any company brought in a cruise ship. >> this ship has space guests. do expect heavy traffic in the area. >> coming up next, the valley fire and one that did this damage in oakland
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. the oakland hills fire is the worst in california history in terms of lives lost, homes destroyed and economic costs that were staggering. survivors are offering advice to the victims of the valley fire now. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> you can see a few items he could find in the 1991 oakland hills fire. >> these are the most beautiful
6:46 pm
wedding presents. >> his house in the north hills neighborhood burned to the ground. 2000 cars including his, were destroyed. he and his young son jumped into a stranger's and barry made it out ahiv. >> the car behind us didn't get out. >> susan piper lost her home in the hiller-highland neighborhood and shared pictures of the devastation. she says there are lessons learned. >> first lesson is helping to create after the fire storm. >> the more you go over your plan, the more it's going to be
6:47 pm
ready when you have to use it. >> other homeowners have rebuilt but never forget. especially when another major fire erupts. >> in oakland, abc7 news. >> to help go to to find out how to give where you live. >> these pictures helped us tell the story. take new ones and share them for us. >> we certainly do. >> there is time to look at the picture behind us. the forecast.
6:48 pm
>> this is great. >> you can press into the peninsula, and just light drizzle working through the area that is about it in terms of the system on wednesday. 77 the high in sacramento. tomorrow, it's a dry day. 72 san jose. that is 69 in napa. here is the accu-weather forecast. scattered showers mid week. opening up heat by next weekend. >> nice. >> thank you. >> of course. >> monday night football is back. 49ers in action. >> lots of excitement with
6:49 pm
details. >> we have a live
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. the nation is watching 49ers and vikings on monday night football. a lot of question marks. can kaepernick carry this team? collin, nothing like monday night football. >> reporter: music of monday night football just played. we can argue there is no team going into the season with more question marks than the 49ers. they're off the field and so saying goodbye, we want to know is this team taking a step back? to take two steps forward? collin kaepernick, what better form to prove it than monday night football?
6:53 pm
>> i love playing. just takes you back back to a different vibe. >> i played in some really big games. so it's worth it. >> guess who scored one? >> looking at the end zone. you're holding a shirt. >> well, it's just been the case. so give me shoulder pads and i'll be okay.
6:54 pm
>> this going to see that tonight. they're going to -- be forced into that kind of a job. >> he'll be joined by jerry wright, ronnie lott and jimmy johnson. so this is what? week four? >> this studio is as close as i'm going to get. yesterday was a demorable yalizing loss for the raiders. they lost several key players
6:55 pm
due to injury. safety charles woodson said he had a dislocated shoulder. there was a braised hand. the news is a sigh of relief. >> showing hey, look, coach. i can hold the ball. feeling better with the swelling having gone down. >> silver and black defense could not stop the bengals. alden has parting words for his former team. >> really good and excited to be here, to have this chance. you know, with this team. be a part of a bunch of guys that work hard. an organization that looks out
6:56 pm
for their players. that is just a fresh start. >> this abc7 sports report brought to you by bank of the west. he will play. my first start, played corner came up to me and said where are you going, son? i said anywhere you want me to. >> what a thrill. >> i was a wreck. >> shaken. >> join us tonight at 11:00 we're going to continue following developments in the fire lines. >> hidden danger in fire ravaged areas in lake county. that is on abc7 news at 11:00. >> tonight it's the first of a
6:57 pm
two night season premier with dancing with the stars followed by dance battle america. then, stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is right. jimmy kimmel live, tonight's guest is "modern family"'s sofia vergara. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. >> we appreciate your
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