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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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battle the flames. >> of.
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>> hold on. >> mements of panic chaos and loss. tonight the brave fighting the flames. >> resilience dealing with the destruction. good evening thanks for joining us. >> we begin with the latest on the valley fire. tonight we have learned that roughly 1800 fire crew fighting the flames northeast of santa rosa. >> fire has been raging since saturday. as you can see here it is explode in size and now at 97 square miles. >> flames scorched 585 homes another 9,000 buildings are threatened. tomorrow lake county sheriff's deputy will escort people to the home to pick up animal left behind. schools in lake county remain closed. many for the rest of the week. >> as you can see from the map the valley fire has spread out in several direction and 3
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counties lake sonoma and napa. it's now 10% contained. >> alan begins our team coverage live tonight in the evacuation center in calistoga. alan? >> at this point the thought of this fairground becoming the home for the next few weeks or even months really hasn't sunk in yet probably because a lot of people are still walking around in a state of shock after barely escaping that wildfire with their lives. >> get if the car. good go. >> 15-year-old eric mark recorded his family escape as fire storm swept through middletown saturday night. his brother was behind the wheel as they drove through the flames. >> the black smoke coming because the engine was on fire and ac on fire and he said that he could feel the flames coming through the foot pedal. >> eric grand mother lost her house. but she is more concerned about his 2 uncle who lost their homes and their job
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jobs. now everyone is staying at eric's house. >> me and my 2 kid over 20 people. >> friends family who were split apart in the chaos of the fire this board served as means of finding each other because cell phones and computers have run out of power. >> it's. >> school in middletown and cobb suspended until further notice including friday homecoming football game. >> i know for a fact that my padres are gone. game pants i have my home jeertsy. >> justin knows of at least 5 other football players who lost their equipment when the homes burned down. live in lake county turned upside down. at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga alan abc 7 news. >> 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams has been identified as the one fatality in the valley fire. she was a multiple sclerosis patient by the time her caretaker realize
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the danger and call the county sheriff it was too late. >> i knew she would be stuchblingt i knew that she would have in which of getting out. >> you told the shave that. >> i told him that. i was told quite bluntly that they were busy handling evacuee and get to her when they could. >> sheriff's deputy say had he reresponsible entered 17 minutes. >> intense destruction left behind by the valley fire is slowly coming that focus throughout the hard hit community of middletown where fair danger isn't over. the cornell talked with residents there. >> new fir fight for craw south of middle town. overnight the valley fire reared its head across a ridge toward highway 29. cal fire crew need rain but got gusty wind instead. still they willing to fight here. just trying to get containment to get some assurance to the people of middleton that this side is
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taken care of over here. >> fire storm destroyed dozens of homes in middletown. neighborhoods reduced to moon escape. shirley just discovered her home is gone. fight all i could do is just cry. i don't know. if a lot of memory. it's the home shirley and husband walter raised a family in before living here they own the house across the street. it's gone too. >> are you able to salvage anything here. >> no. about no. but lake i said we have stuff in the rv so we'll be all right. >>reporter: this is what the home looked like before the fire. roads outside of middletown resemble war zone. surreal landscape. down the road mike jones putting out hot spots on the neighbor property which burned. his home was saved. after he defy orders to get out. >> we start bucketing out of
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the pool and keep the hot spots out an judges lucky. >>reporter: dangerous they. >> yes very. not the smartest thing to doyshtion connor and domestic physical deliver hawaii hay from the local vet hungry ghost left hyped. >> we are getting bailout to the live stochblingt most people got the dog out. >>reporter: shirley able to save one thing. brass door knocker. melted but intact. >> a the of my friends and neighbors lost a lot. we'll get it back. we'll get it bac back. >>reporter: wind kicked up again. also seen a few rain drops but certainly not enough to help. pg&e craw in the area trying to rae store power to local gas station and grocery stores. it's some time before all the power is back on. in middle town cornell, abc 7 nichlts at you can clearly see at every turn destruction is overwhelming in the fir zone where tonight several highway
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are cholesteroled. >> 7 news reporter lil i don't know along highway one 75 with a look at what she saw there. >> dan and amma this is where the chp blocked off highway 175 only certain people are allowed to good through. such as pg&e crew. firefighters. law enforcement and the media. almost immediately you can see down power lines. one after the other. some still burning. lines that haven't fallen to the ground are hanging precariously low. highway 175 the road to cobb mountain where the fir began saturday afternoon. there's no cell service here no. which tie. zero communication due to burped out infrastructure. as for cobb the buildings intact but business remain empty. quiet mount now quieter than ever. sound of burning free about the only thing you will hear. along highway 175 in lake county. abc 7 news. >> and we are seeing some amazing photo and video from the front line. devastation.
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smokey sky and first tackle flames. thank you to those with have shared your pictures. if you can capture the image safely share them on social media with the hash-tag abc 7 now. >> now to the butte fire still remaining in these county. 4500 firefighters are battling the fire. east of jackson since wednesday. the fire has destroyed nearly 72,000 acres and 135 homes. still threatening 6400 structures. the fair officials still have road close in the area but have lifted some evacuation. >> finally after couple of very tough days the weather beginning to cooperate now somewhat on the fire line. about sandhya is here with a look at the impact the weather has on fire fighting effort. >> included cover has i hope cressed some more as you take a look at the current conditions. humidity has come up. biggest thing and cool out there. 56 degrees. 89 percent relative humidity. winds have dropped off now gusting just about 10
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miles an hour that should help the firefighters. does get breezy over tonight tonight and the wind dial back at noon tomorrow. only to pick up again but here is encouraging news. there is a storm that is developing in the gulf of alaska and this one is going to bring us some more rain which should help the crew on the fire lines. i'll be back to let you know when the rain is coming straight ahead. dan. >> thanks very much. the rain really will help. didn't take much rain to generate a lot of excitement in the bay area from simply cooling off a bit to actual relief for perched earth around here. this little bit of wet weather very much appreciated with more on the way as mentioned. tlt katie is live on the embarcadero in san francisco with story katie every drop counts when it's this dry. >> dry right now but a little bit breezy and definitely cloudy. of course earlier today some lucky people saw real rain. others just drizzle but either way it was a sight for sore eyes.
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>> paul is in pre-carry us position. last wirpt his yard in the neighborhood flooded. >> i have three inches of water in my apartment when it happened. >> this summer left with most hi dirt. >> all of the grass we did have had all dried up and it was piled of brush. >> had it removed for fear of fire but financialally mother nature found some middle ground. >> i don't think a little bit of moisture is going to make a huge difference but i do think that it is better than none certainly. >> it was enough to give them a well deserved rinse and dark clouds loom over emeryville. the bridge was shrouded in heavy fog and san francisco marina district 3-year-old if has a rain coy. he doesn't like the water so golden reretriever he hates it so definitely need to it get out here. >> the lynn also prepared in the yellow slicker. >> i love the written i'm from fe but good rain is a really good thing. so celebrate it. >> for california app there's no gritter cause for celebration. >> in san francisco, katie abc
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7 news. >> back now to the valley fire which has wiped out piece of northern california history. >> look at this. come up. story hyped this popular spot that attracted politician and celebrity alike. >> plus advice from insurance experts on the best way you can prepare for difficult saturday tivrment all that coming. first what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"after 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks dan and am machlt here's what's waiting for you after the news. always a highlight to have you here. really like christmas right now for me. >> that's why i wore red for you. >> thank you. >> you feel like tom wearing christma
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>> we have more now on the valley fire. cal-trans crew out today checking out the daniel to highway 1 sfichlt you can see guard rails denied power lines in the middle of the road. craw do more inspection to make sure other roads are safe. >> this is all that is left of the historic l resort. we were in cobb this afternoon and you see barely anything is left. the lodge was popular vacation spot for a line of california governors and celebrity like clark gable and merv griffen. the valley fire also destroyed a hot spring. >> you never know of course when disaster lake this the one that happened in like county will strike so it pays to be prepared. insurance experts say to make a list of everything you own from aplain aplainss to check i believe and electronic. there are app that can help you do that. you select what room you are in. take pictures and make notes on purchase information. >> god forbid you have a loss
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you have got this record and then at least that's one less thing you have to worry about. >> the and when you hit save the information will be stored in the cloud so it can be access anywhere any time. new if you have homeowners insurance fire destroys your home the company will pick up the tab on the increased living expense. that men hotel expense temporary rent food gasoline if you have a longer commute. however there is a limit to what insurance company will pay usually 10% of what the home is worth. you have to live off that until you get back into your home and keep in mind that can take one or sometimes two years. >> red cross says financial donation quick heest best way to get help to the people this need it most. if use more information on how you can give where you live. or if you want to do tonight 10 dollars right away. text red cross to this number. the. >> let's talk about the weather forecast which is really changing dr. matcly. talk
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about real rain. >> certainly has. sandhya is here with what's ahead. san yaichlt just to think that last week we talked about hot weather and this week we are talking about another rain opportunity middle of the work week. if we look at just some cloud cover and some fog. here's a look at the temperatures mostly 60's along the coast. starting to see the 50's here so hopefully good slipping weather for you and life look from the exploratorium camera. over cast sky over the financial district. foggy morning with patchy drizzle below normal tomorrow afternoon and there is more rain coming on wednesday as i mention which is a welcome sight. sfo camera showing you the low ceiling sow may encounter delay to. all right let's take a look at the high tomorrow compared to afternoon. it's still going to be cooler than normal by good 13 agree ins santa rosa. him if 5 degrees below in san francisco. you see the trend hear 4 below in oakland. livermore red wad city. 11 degrees cooler. 75 the high tomorrow in livermore san jose 9 degrees lower than where you should be of
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yuchbility you are at 72 degrees. hopefully no xlipt here. spotty showers. a little bit of drizzle today and that cold front is moving out another system developing in the gulf of alaska. that one brings us rain on wednesday. best chance is going to be in the north by so take a look at the computer animation. 5:00 a.m. wednesday fog cloud cover as we head towards 1:00 p.m. north by starts to get the beginning signs of some wet weather hear wednesday afternn. 3:00 p.m. it is getting wet in the north bay. the rain where the fire fights definitely need it and the higher humidity there. 7:00 p.m. around dinner time. the cold front slaysing right across the heart of the bay area so it look like the east bay start to get it with exploratorium 11:00 p.m. still lacking at damp roadway. keep the showers in the forecast and thursday morning it's all done. this is definitely something we need. tenth inch to half inch for the north bay. healthy dose of rain. most other 80's trace to continueth inch by thursday morning.
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tomorrow morning allow a little more time. it's on the fogy side and still some spotty drizzle so may slow you down. mid 50's to low 60's when you yet going then tomorrow afternoon i would have the extra layer handy. this is a day where you just maybe using it especially when the high only 63 in half machine bay and breezy 66 san francisco. 70 oakland. skin santa rosa. 75 in livermore and 74 concord. sf san jose. 70 palo alto. cloud cover inning willer hour in the north by less in the south bay. 7 day forecast showing you scattered showers for your wednesday. temperatures still below normal then the numbers start to rebound on thursday. gets a little warmer for friday. just in time for your weekend. you'll be switching out the sweaters and the coats for short and short sleeves. low 70's to mid to upper 90's over the weekend. so we definitely are not done with enter yet but until then definitely nice weather for the fire fighting effort.
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>> big swing. >> page swing. >> thanks sandhya. >> well if you are out to di dipper and you have a medical emergency it is nice to have this guy around. >> yes find out why when 7 news at 11:00 continues. at 11:00 continues. >> it happens where you live
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>> judge declared a miss australia for one of the teens in the murder of off duty paramedic while the jury found the second teenager guilty.
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boy shot in the head while driving in the oakland hill. happened during the attempted carjacking in april of 2013. convicted 17-year-old could face life in prison without the chance of parole. boy was pair immediate nick santa clara county. >> hear 0at the pittsburgh police department saved a woman apartments life today. the 91-year-old was choking on piece of food at the red lobster on century boulevard. officer if arrived less than a minute after call was placed performed the heimlich maneuver successfully dislodged the fad. >> all right way to go. good job. >> heather talk about tell 49ers. >> big night. >> big win. the the era began with a rough start but ended with a bang and the bang name. touch doups in the second most rushing yard in the season. the high
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♪ st. >> week one of the nfl season with new head coach all you want to do is get a victory inform matter how ugly. 49ers did just that in frim time behind running back hyde and the defense. niners showing off the new black uniform wearing them twice this year. the expect this. if bam. smith lights them up. bush would not. midway through the first. tackle. grab the left calf. left on a cart out for awhile. no worries mate. if nfl football in the regular season and first career punt return. 49ers led gore go for 43 agency because of this guy.
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if 10 yard touch down rate before the half. 10 fog niners after 2 quarters. 168 yards. on 26 carries most rushing yard in the season opener franchise history sec most that is. 17 yard run. scored td and they lead. in fact bridge water 5 times they also held peterson to 31 yards. niners win the opener 20-3 and career nature out dueling peterson. >> also in the back of my head. if i would do the guy leading the nfl in rushes. that's tremendous. the to out do a guy like that. the peterson can't take anything away from him. he's a guy watches highlights. be able to out rush him that's great. is that eagle falcon monday tonight double header. 100 yards
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receiving 2 td in the first half. the pass to ryan. hold on to win. 26-to 24. hudson opening the series at at&t night against cincinnati. early lead against sampson in the first. duffy right field line. the score 2 nothing giants in the third is the score on that. and giants up 4 nothing and go on to win 5-3 as did the dodgers. still 7 and a half back in the national league west. the rate field hear and in the third against gray. 2 run to center. they would take a 7-2 lead. a's rally to tie it in the 9th. hours in cocoa crisp. in the 14th. >> cabrera single to right. l come around and he's in there.
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win tonight 14 8-7 the final. sports report is brought to you by exfinity and we talked about earlier fashion police here uniform tonight. if. >> somebody pointed out maybe the helmet don't match with the new look. >> numbers were hard. >> they do looked more menacing red number hard to see for the announcer but had you an idea. >> out lane them in gold. >> that will tie in the helmet. >> i like that they wore them on monday night football. big statement. >> going to win if them keep wearing them. >> maybe. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and mobile device with the 7 news
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situation. we are out of. >> thanks for joining us right now. now. >> good night and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sofia vergara. from "abc world news," david muir. and music from kacey musgraves with cleto and the cletones. and now, today's the day -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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