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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> victims are starting to process this has happened and realize they have to start thinking about recovery. when you look at a john like this, one of the damned homes is heartbreaking you think of family who lived here, the stories and realize that there are 585 homes, 585 stories like this. it is so sad to think about. they still have 9,000 structures that are threatened. people are being kept away. some of the home were destroyed, they are gone, and the homeowners were allowed to come back. a lot of them knew what they were about to see it was tough to take it all in. all i can do is cry. just cry. i don't know...a lost
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of memories. >> firefighters made progress getting it 10 percent contained yesterday. the weather is helping them out. it is cool. there is high humidity. the fire now is pushing most responsely north of cobb mountain and in napa county. authorities plan to escort homeowners into to property to feed their animals or retrieve them. a lot of them were left behind during the frantic evacuation. that process will start at 10:00 this morning. this morning, evacuees in calistoga wake up that the napa valley fairgrounds could their homosexual for week or months. many have lost their homes and are worried about loved ones. message boards have been put up with note asking people to call other people, freeways and family, and it has been called camp calistoga and has what many consider a live saver a place to recharge cell phones and
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computers. >> get in the car. go. >> the house is on fire. hopefully she makes it out. >> go, go. >> a teen recorded the family's escape from the valley fire on saturday night. flames surrounded the car as the family drove away from middletown. the teen said there was black smoke blowing through the air conditioning into the car because the incaught fire. it was is bad his brother who was drive said he could feel the heat through the pedals. necessity made it out and are camp now calistoga. >> 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams is identified as the fatality in the valley fire with m.s. but when the caretaker called the sheriff it was too late. >> i knew she would be stuck and i knew she would have in way of getting out. >> you told the sheriff that?
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>> i if. i was told bluntly that they were busy handling evacuees and they would get to her when they could. >> the sheriff said they responded in 17 minutes but it was too late. >> there is destruction at every turn in the fire zone. look at this video with the massive valley where it began, the only light is from hotspots and the only sounds are from trees crackling and smoldering fires with down power lines and shuttered businesses and this quiet mountain town has been turned into a ghost town where no power, cell self, no wi-fi, basically no communication. >> a way people are communicating is through social media. authorities are wanting evacuees not to post the address online because other people may see them and loot empty homes. >> do they not think wherever going through enough now? they are going to take whatever
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is left overst that is not okay. >> the lake county sheriff said there have been no confirmed reports of looting and many who stayed behind said they stayed behind to protect their home. >> all public schools in lake county are closed today as is pope valley elementary school in northern napa, and closed for the rest of the week, together, up more lake hive, and upper lake elementary and lucerne are expected to re-open but no word on when middletown will re-open. >> many had to abandon pets and animals and deputies will escort residents to their home to retrieve their four-legged friends and given 15 minutes to sound everyone up and many people have volunteered their trucks to help get the animals out. >> concerned family and friend what want to make sure loved ones are okay and can visit
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website of the red cross and evacuees can register as safe and well and post a brief message and let family know they are safe. go to www. we have a linken donation for the red cross. you can text red cross to >> you will find a list of evacuation centers and all of the road and school closures in the fire area and centers that are open for pets and livestock at >> now the other major wildfire burning in northern california, the butte fire grows in calaveras destroy 72,000 acres and 166 hopes southeast of
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sacramento. flames are still threatening 6,400 structures. in california, gold country, many from the bay area go to vacation and get away. officials say it is 35 percent contained, several roads are still closed, but some mandatory evacuations have been lifted. >> firefighters are making progress partly because of the cooler weather which dropped rain open parts of the bay area and katie marzullo said it is something that we have not seen in a lot time. >> this is a precarious position, with the yard in this neighborhood flooding. >> i got 3" of water in the pant when it happened. >> and this summer is left with dirt. ought grass we had, it has dried up and it was piles of brush. >> it was removed for fear of fire but mother nature found little ground. >> little bit of moisture will not make a huge difference but it is better than nothing. >> it was enough to give cars a well deserved rinse and dark
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clouds loom. the golden gate bridge was shrouded in heavy fug and in san francisco, the three-year-old wore a raincoat the. >> he does not like the water, even though these is a retriever. >> and another was represented if her yellow slicker. >> i love the rain. a good rain is a really good thing. celebrate. >> for those in california there is no greater cause for celebration. >> now, will we continue the cooler winter patton today? >> absolutely. the drizzle were lock it in. although we will see sunshine this afternoon, maybe we will see more than yesterday, waking up in san francisco, good morning, west port a.m. is cool spot at 55, and sunny side is 56, and the 57s at ocean beach, crissy field, mission district, downtown, bayview and coming through the ferry
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building, 58 at glen park and good sleeping weather. we have low 60s around union city, santa clara, pleasanton, walnut creek, fairfield, american canyon, you will need windshield wipers about everywhere, you are plaintiffing around this morning and i was coming through the maze and had the windshield wipers on. as we head into the afternoon, you top out at 66 and the peninsula is 69, south bay is 72, and east bay is 73, and inland east bay, 78 for the warm spot and north bay is 69. more sunshine as you travel south and into san jose but it will be tempered by the cool air mass, and it will warm tomorrow, and maybe a degree or two with showers rolling in the north bay and look at the warming trend and we are not stopping in the 80s, i will have the weekend forecast coming up. here is the morning commute. >> hello, everyone, a couple of issues as mike mentioned slick roads and bay bridge toll plaza and no problem here but be careful, we have a solo spinout on the san francisco sides westbound 80 at fremont. that is probably due to slick
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roads. we may hopefully not but may see more solo spinouts. now to the valley fire, 29 at 175 at middletown, remain closed and several road closures in the area, best to avoid 128 at ida clayton is closed. 29 at intersection of 29 and 53, remains closed. we will update you through the morning. >> breaking overnight, abc has learned a 15-year-old boy is under arrest for amedly threatening to launch an isis inspired attack against pope francis. the boy was arrested last month outside philadelphia. according to a joint intelligence bull tip by the f.b.i. and department of homeland security, the suspect tried to carry out an attack during the pope's upcoming visit to the united states when he was planning for it. sources say that the threat was not imminent. "good morning america" will have
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more on the story at 7:00 right here. another bay area city is ready to raise its minimum wage and next, what will make the plan so different from other hikes. >> also, a flash flood hits a small town in utah and a family's moment of terror cut open video. >> a look outside showing you the bay bridge toll plaza early on this tuesday morning, where things are light and moving along, and we are watching along, and we are watching weather and traffic where hey mom, i could use some basil. along, and we are watching weather and traffic where oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert!
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♪the bowl says ♪"come on down to the land of plenti." ♪ yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we are seeing amazing photos from the front line of the valley fire showing total devastation with smoky fires and firefighters bravely tackling the flames. thank you to those who have shared pictures. if you captured them safely, share them on social media with # abc7now.
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eight people are dead and five others are mission after a flash flood barreled how a southern utah town. >> witnesses say a wall of water swept away the cars and carried a total of 16 women and children. these are pictures from hillandale, utah, with the heavyiment there, a very grim search for for bodies that could be trapped in the mud. it is grim duty but it has to be done. now, showing you the video of a driver trapped by water being rescued, one of the survivors was actually found downstream in a bank. this happened in hillandale, the whom base of a mormon group. >> berkeley is considering raising the minimum wage to the highest level of any bay area city. it is a give year plan that is a bit of a surprise to the city council members. our reporter, janet o is in the newsroom. >> what described the labor commission report as
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"unsolicited." berkeley is on track to increase the minimum wage through 2016 although city leaders say they have their hands full. tonight, the city council will consider the labor commission's request to continue to increase minimum wage to $19 by 2020. the commission explained that it is higher than what other cities are proposing pus it aims to help employees cover future medical costs. here is a look at where minimum wage stands right now cross the bay area. oakland and emeryville is at $9, berkeley is at $10 an hour, and in the south bay many cities offer $10.0 an hour, and in san francisco it has the highest minimum wage right new at $11.05 city officials mail thousands of lot businesses to let them necessity about the proposal and open up the discussions. some of the businesses have already voiced their opposition saying that move would hurt their bottom line. critics want further review before anything is adopted.
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this afternoon, san jose city council will vote to approve the proposed minimum wage study. >> thanks, janet. what do you think of the proposal to raise the minimum wage to $19 an hour? let us know by sounding off on twitter and facebook with # #abc7getup. >> 100 family members friends and supporters of a man who died in jail will hold a rally in march in oakland today. officials say that martinez died in july after suffering an asthma attack inside his cell. guards allegedly ignored screams for help from inmates and did not call for emergency medical support. protesters are now demanding an investigation into the death of martinez and more accountability and transparency in the local criminal justice system. >> the santa clara meet to terminate
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is two years behind schedule which has cost a hospital $36 million in yearly revenue. the property is now 930 percent complete and the turner construction workers have been kicked off the site. >> now a check on the weather forecast. we talked about a change in the weather helping the firefighters. >> absolutely. tomorrow is the best day when the rain will come to the north bay possibly up to .5" of much needed rain. breezy today but this will be moisture. they will keep the temperatures down. you can see on live doppler hd clouds from the bay to the peninsula and moving through most of our neighbors and drizzle for the morning commute. you can see most of the wind barbs pointing east and double digits hayward at 10 miles per hour, and concord and napa at 12 and livermore at 14 miles per hour and oakland at 13 miles per hour so that is onshore breeze. golden gate bridge west wind at 11 to 13 miles per hour and this is where you will find some of
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the best chances of drizzle and slick driving conditions this morning. cool this afternoon. cold front comes tomorrow and bring as chance of rain and summer he will the return this weekend. now a look at what happened emifs are below average just barely in 70 at milpitas and cupertino is 72. gilroy is the warm spot at 74 degrees. only 68 in santa cruz. peninsula, today, we squeak into the low 70s around palo alto and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 60s, and 63 today at half moon bay and that is a reminder warmer spot along the coast, daly city, colma, and pacifica around 60. south san francisco is 68. sausalito is 64. we will hit 68 to 72 across the north bay until you get to napa at 73 and thick are clouds are across the north bay. upper 60s in richmond and berkeley, and low-to-mid 70's and upper 70s, refreshing and
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clean and comfortable air inland neighborhood. tonight you can see more drizzle in the higher elevations where we are see green. we will have diesel along the coast, too, low-to-mid 50s great sleep weather of the tomorrow morning at 5:00, and here is the wall of water come and the north bay at noon. hanging out this for the better part of the afternoon, and it move into our neighborhood during the evening rush and by thursday morning it is gone. it can leave up to half an inch across the northwest bay and the south bay will be left out. our temperatures are 20 degrees warmer by sunday. >> hello, everyone, we take a looks outside of the san mateo bridge where traffic is flowing nicely from foster city or, pardon me, hayward to foster city with slick roads. drizzle. windshield wipers are needed. maybe slow it down a bit where road work southbound 101 link condition to 580 will be picked up here shortly and an accident in pittsburg, bay point area and
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that is the non-commute direction at bailey now pushed out of lanes and i am not seeing any slow traffic but it is early. more road work, eastbound 580, that be picked up at 6:00 this morning. and down the peninsula, southbound, 280, to alpine road you down to a couple of lane of traffic pus of the road work. >> here for leyla, and the next generation iphone appears to be on track to the previous or beating apple's previous record. >> today, a strong start for apple's new iphone. the company said that advance orders for the new devices are on pace to beat previous versions as sales to china are included. it ships on september 25 and facebook wents to put virtual reality on the phone buying a company that is behind the
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virtue reality headsets and facebook is developing an app to provide 360 degree video. >> users change the viewing perspective by tilting the phone. >> check out the new competition for tesla in electric tarmac coat from porsche with 600 horse spouse we are engine going from 0-60 in 3 1/2 second hitting streets in 2019. those are the tech bytes. >> coming up, the bay area schools that are not meeting the grid for p.e. and the role a medical group said aspirin can play in fighting cancer and a controversy it is -- its controversy it is -- its recommendation is creating.
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>> the abc7 news app, news that lives without live. >> it is 4:53 with a look at the golden gate bridge. they are putting up the divider to leave the traffic into san francisco from the north bay. do not know of trouble spots but sue hall is here for leyla and she is checking. >> a judge declared a mistrial for a teen in a murder of an off-duty paramedic but a second was found guilty. boyer was shot in the head during an attempted carjacking. the convicted 17-year-old could face life in prison without the chance of parole. boyer was a paramedic. >> a brown is looking to force several peninsula school districts to comply with physical education mandates according to the san jose mercury news, which requires at least 200 minutes of p.e. every
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ten days. the group filed a petition in the san francisco court last week to make schools follow that law. palo alto unified and los altos and menlo park city and mountain view schools were listed. >> turning to meteorologist, meteorologist mike nicco, they got wet during p.e. yesterday? >> a sprinkle. >> were they familiar with what was going on? >> unlawful all of it evaporated which could be the case today. a random sprinkle is possible. nothing falling over the valley fire today but the possibility tomorrow, with gusts up to ten miles per hour. temperature is 56 and humidity is 89 percent account last sure or so, the breeze is keeping them rather mild. as we head over the next 24 hours, winds are going to taper through the morning and with the cold front coming in, we have exists from 20 to 25 miles per hour again tomorrow. at the game this evening, reds and giants 62 at 7:15 dropping
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to 59 and plenty is possible around los angeles, and 70s through the that will stream and thunderstorms in the sierra, as well. mike? >> checking outside right now, in san jose at 101 at 880, it looks like traffic is flowing smoothly, there are clouds in the sky and we have slick road conditions and the oil surfaces caused major problems so slow it down a little bit. eastbound has been issued a sig-alert with all lanes closed as they clear the accident. importantly sit a non-commute direction with delays eastbound and we will have an update on that condition in a couple of minutes and it is clearing. road work eastbound richmond-san rafael bridge, one lane is open here so you can expect delays in the eastbound direction and, also, road work westbound 580 from 35th into the maze will be picked up at 530.
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>> thank you, a hero at the police department jumped and action to save a woman's life and the 91-year-old was choking on food at the red lobster and the officer arrived less than a minute after the call was placed and he quickly performed the heimlich maneuver and successfully dislodged the food. >> today, racing fans can enjoy the ride of a lifetime and save lives. the race ais posting a high speed blood drive today. you can have a hot lap around the 12 turn course before donating blood. they will ride with the professional driving instructor in an official with the camry partnering with blood centers of the pacific for the event running from 1:00 o'clock p.m. to five o'clock p.m. at raceway. a major united states medical organization has become the first to recommend the use of aspirin to help fight a follow of cancer. the united states preventive services task force said a growing body of evidence shows that aspirin could be a weapon
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in the war against cancer that has been overlooked so far. the move is controversial, with some doctors wandering if the cancer fighting properties outweigh the risk of 12078 action upset and internal pleading that aspirin can cause. >> new study shows aspirin can fight colon cancer in the united states as you mentioned. >> move open, now, after reading that story, a hungry bear looking for a snack decided pizza was a good idea. >> the colorado spends police department posted photos of the pair calling her not your ordinary pizza customer and made her way and a local pie shop looking for food yesterday. officials showed up, put the bear did sleep and safely took her away. >> i suppose it beats going through the cars or garbage can. >> unless you are inside. >> next at 5 o'clock a.m., saving the animals a chance homeowners evacuated by the
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valley fire have today to care for the pets and lib stock they left behind. >> you what to expect from your insurance company if you become insurance company if you become a fire victim.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. thank you for the company. >> now a check on the weather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is back and, again, we have the drizzle and damp weather back. >> absolutely. this time of the year we get a touch of fall and the next three hours we will have drizzle through the neighbors. i used the red windshield for 20 minutes on


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